Mariah Carey in Tom Ford at “The Butler” New York Premiere

Posted on August 06, 2013

We’ve not been known to pay Mariah much in the way of style-based compliments over the years, but we have to say, the lady does know how to work an injury.


Mariah Carey attends the premiere of “The Butler” in New York City in a Tom Ford dress paired with Valentino couture platform pumps.

Valentino Couture Lace Platform Pump

Just about everything here except the sling is what you’d expect from Mariah Carey for a public appearance. A tight, plunging, mini-skirted neutral dress with little in the way of detailing and a pair of lace stilettoes with bows on them. There are not enough “OF COURSE”s in the world to cover it. But she’s been rocking the shit out of that busted wing this summer. Maybe cheap studded leather isn’t the chicest way of going about it, but we can’t deny she’s bringing a smile with her style, and there’s nothing wrong with that.



[Photo Credit: ACE/, Jennifer Graylock/,]

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  • marlie

    DAYUM that rock on her finger is huge. Who needs accessories when she has that?

    • Morgendorffer

      It kind of bugs me when I see these female celebrities wearing those giant rings, but the ring is sliding around. You have a ring worth millions of dollars: just get the damned thing sized correctly!

      • KayEmWhy

        Nope I have the same problem with rings the knuckle is larger than the base of the finger and the rings twist around.

  • She is cracking me up, in all the best ways! Bless. She is giving boudoir shoes, a painful smile and diamonds. What more could we ask of her?

  • Laurieandclaire

    This woman bugs me. I just want to yell ” you’re a grown-ass woman! Act like it” but all her slings may indicate a previously undetected sense of humor…

  • Louise Bryan

    Love the coordinated sling. Makes me wonder if she is developing a whole new line of injury wear.

    • Qitkat

      She should. It’s a real opportunity. I got tired of my boring black brace last summer when I broke my wrist.

  • filmcricket

    I do not care for Mariah’s style or her music, but I have to say she is aging beautifully. She looks older than she did when she first broke, obviously, but she still looks way younger than her actual age, without looking like she’s been “done.”

    Lurrrrve the sling. That’s what I’d do if given the reason and the opportunity.

  • Nikko Viquiera

    DIVA! and her face is pretty!

  • shopgirl716

    I have grown to love her over the years. She’s over the top, kinda crazy and totally owns it. I have always gone out of my way to seem sane and pulled together. Maybe it’s time to let the whack hang out a little more and adopt Mariah as my role model.

  • MilaXX

    Bless her.

  • Glam Dixie

    One thing positive I can say is that at least that strap is covering some of that acres of boob she can’t ever seem to put away.

    • Nicole C


    • MandyM

      I wrote the same thing before reading the comments. She’s just gross.

  • Nicole C

    I find this whole look refreshing, probably because of the sling. She just doesn’t look like she’s trying to hard for once. All her smiles look natural and actually cute!

  • Nancer

    The shoes are cute!

    • Linda LaPaz

      Hey, they’re on sale – marked down from $895 to $398!

  • Kristin McNamara

    That neckline would be downright VULGAR if that strap wasn’t obscuring the view…

    • RebeccaKW

      I was thinking ‘I can’t believe she let the strap cover the cleavage.’

  • mmebam

    That strap is like a guard rail for the escaping baby heads. We can’t have that.

  • HILAR!

    • Isabel

      If someone annoys her, she can swing her arm and cause serious damage.

  • AmeliaEve

    Those Minnie Mouse shoes are adorable and nobody is better suited to them than Mariah.

  • formerlyAnon

    She wins. In Mariah Carey Universe, it’s a WERQ.

  • TonyGo

    The leather crafting almost looks DIY. With all her money, could Miss Thang not find a competent leather shop in NYC to fashion a well made sling? Or did she Google New York-Leather shop-Sling and only get NSFW responses?

  • barbarienne

    I would love to have something akin to “designed studded leather sling for Mariah Carey” on my resume. If I were a fashion designer of some sort, I mean.

  • desi_girl

    Getting a manicure while your hand is in a cast. Now THAT is commitment to looking fabulous!

  • Chaiaiai

    Oh god, I LOVE this woman. She’s totally in on the joke and crazy at the same time. Also, she’s close personal friends with Joan Boyce and that EXPLAINS SO MUCH. Lambs, indeed.

  • decormaven

    Somebody needs to work that studded sling into Kill Bill, Vol. 3.

  • lilyvonschtupp

    How did she hurt herself? Trying to use a can opener?

    Besides that, her makeup’s great.

    • SKS

      She was filming a music video for another remix of “#Beautiful” when she apparently fell off a platform, on her shoulder. It resulted in a chipped and dislocated shoulder along with a cracked rib or two.

      • Heather


  • alyce1213

    Mimi fabulousness. She looks adorable.

  • ChelseaNH

    I like how the sling strap provides a little bonus modesty for the plunging neckline. Possibly not what was intended.

  • colleenjanel

    This is actually quite demure for Mimi. The dress is snug, but not super tight. She’s not busting out at the seams, like she has in the past. With the exception of the cleavage and the rock, everything is very understated, speaking in Mimi-terms.

  • Imasewsure

    Not a huge fan of the little girlie/slutty girl look in general but… Oh Mariah…. you go gurl…. the cast is awesome

  • Bless her heart.

  • LadyLuck777

    Her makeup is the best I have seen it. Fresh, pretty and not overdone.

  • I long for her to bring back the “Dreamlover” curly hair. Come on, Mimi. It’s gotta be exhausting straightening your hair every day. Wait…Come on, Mimi. It’s gotta be boring sitting there while minions straighten your hair every day.

  • SpillinTea

    Mariah WOULD get a Stella Barbarella studded leather arm holster. I love this crazy bitch. lol

  • nannypoo

    I love it. She’s fabulous in her own special way.

  • DCSheehan

    Ever since Whitney and Donna died I can’t hate on Mariah no matter how bad her shoes are (and those are horrid). Gotta hang onto the divas we got, people.

  • Candigirl1968

    If the dress hadn’t been cut to her navel and she threw a belt and some better shoes into the mix, it might have been progress. But then it wouldn’t have been Mariah.

  • julnyes

    I enjoy the heck out of this koo koo bananas lady diva. I always try and convince people to watch Glitter for the sheer joy of watching Mariah Carey try (and hilariously fail) to act like a normal person.

  • Agador Spartacus

    It looks like they put her self-tanner on after she was dressed. (I say “they” because you know she has people to do that for her.) Her face/makeup looks fabulous though!

  • Getoverit

    What did I read yesterday? It takes a lot of money to look this cheap.

    • That’s Dolly Parton’s line.

      • Heather

        Love me some Dolly. I just saw this great video from 1980, made while she was filming ‘9 to 5,’ of her giving a tour of her Park Avenue apartment. She was so house-proud in a lovely way, and was making biscuits!! Reminded me of my Tennessee grandmother.

    • So true…

  • MandyM

    Cheap JLo/Whitney Houston wannabe. Ugh. Best thing about this is that the strap covers up the baby heads a little.

    • jangma

      *Mariah Carey* is a JLo wannabe? Now, sis…

  • OrigamiRose

    I totally love Mariah – she’s goofy and she owns her goofiness. And I think she and Nick are an adorable couple.