Jodie Foster in Roland Mouret at the “Elysium” Premiere

Posted on August 08, 2013

Well, this all seems to be in order.


Jodie Foster attends the premiere of “Elysium” in Los Angeles in a Roland Mouret dress paired with a jimmy Choo ‘Cayla’ clutch.

Roland Mouret Breccia Fold-Detail Dress

Simple, form-fitting blue dress? Silver accents? Neither muss nor fuss? This must be Jodie Foster. The lady’s got a very consistent look; you’ve got to give her that. What’s interesting is that, because it’s pretty much a classic and because it’s somewhat safe and sedate, she hasn’t really had to do anything to update it in the last 20 years. If any of this sounds like criticism, it’s not meant to. Sure, it’s not flashy or even particularly interesting, but it gets the job done and that’s pretty much what Jodie’s all about in her career: showing up and getting the job done. Look at the closeups of her very posed  hands. “I am presenting my jewels and accessories so you can get a good shot of them because that’s how the bread gets buttered in this job now.” Trained from birth to be on camera, she always knows exactly what’s expected of her and delivers, even if it seems a bit against her nature.  No silly hip- or head-cocking, no crossed legs, no “LOVE ME FOR GOD’S SAKE PLEASE LOVE ME” mugging.   She’s never been the most personable or easy-to-like celebrity, but she’s definitely easy to respect. Kristen Stewart should take notes. This is how you stand and pose when you don’t really want to but know it’s part of your job. Hell, half of young Hollywood should take notes.

And we appreciate that she went with a modern designer and chose a dress with a few slight details to it. Also, that shade of blue looks great on her. Then again, all shades of blue look great on her, which is why she wears it so much.  And it’s refreshing to see such a simple, delicate pair of shoes on a ladystar, no?



[Photo Credit: Jennifer Graylock/,]

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  • charlotte

    Love her!

  • newleaf1

    This is really lovely. I would wear this dress in a heartbeat. And I love those shoes. This is pretty much a werq for Jodie, as far as I’m concerned…

  • Flavia Pantoja

    Yep. Ok. Nothing to say.
    Sometimes it is even better this way.
    But only sometimes…

  • That shade of blue is PHENOMENAL on her!

    • Meg0GayGuys6

      It makes her eyes just POP off the screen!

  • PlethoraofBooks

    Love the shoes. Love her as an actress. Love her wearing blue – but in something not Armani and something different from her, while still being a consistent look.

  • Kathy_Marlow

    PEDICURE lady..those HEELS!!

    The rest of her looks great though. Love that dress.

    • Heather

      Yes, some Aquaphor ointment, applied before bedtime, and a pair of cotton socks will take care of those.

      Miss Jodie, please don’t have me killed for saying so.

      • rajf

        Truth. I did that just last night.

      • Louise Bryan

        I swear by Avon’s Foot Works cracked heel cream. It worked wonders for me.

        • Tanya Wade

          Bag balm works as well. We are only trying to help her!

    • Montavilla

      To be perfectly honest, I love that her heels are rough and that there is a cat scratch on her leg.

      • marlie

        I hate the rough heels (that’s the #1 thing that will send me to get a pedi), but I didn’t give the scratch on her leg a second thought. Stuff happens.

        • boweryboy

          Yeah. I agree with you. I didn’t even notice the scratch, and had to go back and look for it.

          Those heels, on the other hand…

    • kryten8

      I recently went to get my first real pedicure. My heels looked pretty normal before, but even so when it came time to pumice the heels, it was like it was snowing. I can only imagine what Foster’s would look like.

      • IMNAngryLiberal

        I didn’t have a “real” pedicure until I was 50 — the little manicurist waved a pumice stone in my face and said “Do you even KNOW what this is?”

        • CT14

          My pedicurist uses a razor. Scary, but a complete difference.

          • TLJezebel

            I use a razor myself. Screw pumice stones and scrapers.

          • Danielle

            The razor is so much better than the pumice stone. Unfortunately it’s illegal in my state now.

          • PeaceBang

            The last pedicure I had, they used a cheese grater. I speak truth.

          • IMNAngryLiberal

            My mom and gramma used razors on their corns and calluses waaaay back in the day. I tried to imitate them as a 3 year old and almost cut my big toe off … which may be why it took me 47 more years to get a pedicure.

          • kryten8

            Good lord! Did you get it sewed back on?

          • IMNAngryLiberal

            I was too little to get past the bone. My gramma just dunked my foot in a pan of rubbing alcohol and taped it up, We were tougher then 🙂

          • ItsDicey

            Oooooh, no. I do my own pedis thank you very much.

    • Terri Ellis

      I have heels that chronically look like that. Get a pedicure, have them spend extra time on those calluses, and still three days later they look flaky and cracked. So I have sympathy.

      • majorbedhead

        I have the same problem. It’s really annoying.

        • Kerasal slathered liberally, cotton socks, go to bed. Works great. Especially if done regularly after they nice pedi ladies hook you up.

          • majorbedhead

            I’ve tried all that. As soon as I fall asleep, I kick the socks off, so it doesn’t really help. I just pumice the hell out of them in the shower every day.

          • housefulofboys

            I found a neat tool a few years ago from Crabtree & Evelyn (they don’t sell it anymore, alas), a ceramic scraper with rough sides that you use in the shower, works much better for me than pumice stones ever did. I follow it up with whatever cream I have around and they look mahvelous.

      • patticake1601

        You probably have some sort of fungus. I had the same problem. I Would scrub those feet every night, used O’Keefe’s Healthy feet twice a day and still I had dry cracked heels. I pumiced those feet so much I am amazed I didn’t lose a couple of inches off my height.

        Anyway, went to doctor got some fungal cream and a couple of weeks later all gone.

    • ItsDicey

      M’kay, you’ve got a point. Didn’t notice at first.

  • capybara_cafe

    I adore her, seriously, but I am kind of appalled by her heels.

  • Telperion

    I just love this dress on her, looks smashing, and somehow it even goes with the movie, and its futuristic nature for me. The whole look is great.

    • MilaXX

      Her look in this movie is how I imagine Coin in Hunger Games looking.

      • hmariec19

        Ohhhh I like that idea!

  • MilaXX

    I only have the most minor of quibbles; a smidge of leave in conditioner would help the slightly frizzy hair and a bit of lotion on those heels. Nonetheless, she looks better than a good 90% of what we will see today.

    • decormaven

      Yes! I will even cut slack on the unpedi’d feet because I’m not sure she realizes (or maybe cares) that close-ups on the RC now focus on the feet as well. That dress color is amazing on her; I look forward to seeing her performance in this flick.

      • marlie

        Real life appearances focus on the feet nowadays too. Last week my sister called me out for having less-than-perfect feet when I went to drop off my car at the mechanic. That was like the first thing she looked at.

  • teensmom99

    Really don’t want to criticize but I wish she had done something better with her hair. It looks so limp and lifeless. I’m not saying an updo just a hair cut and a blow out. The outfit deserves it.

    • SugarSnap108

      Agree completely. It looks like every part of this look got close attention, and then she forgot about her hair. Otherwise, I think she looks fab.

  • The lady knows her business. I have been on record here multiple times about stars not doing their jobs on the RC. THIS is how one does one’s job on the RC without looking annoyed, stoned, of unprepared.

    • StellaZafella

      A first class , top flight, ‘A’ list international star gets a respectful, “of course” because she knows what’s expected of her and she delivers…Hepburn could be, in my opinion, her role model…either Kate or Audrey. Jodie Foster will be a legend when all the others are still campaigning for tabloid covers.

      And her figure in this dress is dead smokin’!

    • AnaRoW

      You don’t think she looks annoyed? She does to me.

  • MartyBellerMask

    I dislike the naked shoes.

  • Some things are just reassuring. This is one of those things.

  • gsk241

    This is Jodie Foster being who she is, and there’s not a thing wrong with that.

    • random_poster

      This is an “of course” in the best sense of the word and that anyone can get behind.

      • MikeW_Vegas

        Lea Michele should take notes..

  • Rhonda Shore

    Ladies with perfect bodies who lunch!

  • Karen Belgrad

    Jodie looks awesome and classic (and I can see her in a first lady biopic any day now), but sistah… you need a new razor!

    • greyhoundgirl

      As someone else mentioned–this reads “cat scratch” to me. I you ever had a young cat wait around the corner for you so it can pounce on your legs, then you know this pattern of claw punctures!

      • DonnaL

        That’s what I immediately thought, too. I’ve seen marks like that on my own legs too often. They might even be cat bite marks.

        • twocee

          Jodie Foster IS The Crazy Cat Lady. Coming to a theater near you.

          • gsk241

            I’d watch that.

  • understateddiva

    I know that this is her look, but I long for a one big accessory, like earrings, to interrupt the Bland.

    • Candigirl1968

      Probably ain’t gonna happen with Jodie.

  • Catiline

    Gatdamn I think she looks amazing. The color is bright and beautiful and the dress perfectly suits her figure. As she reminded us in her GG speech, she’s fifty.

    I don’t know if her public persona can be attributed 100% to her nature. To be sure that’s probably part of it, but I’d have trouble leaving the house again if I had been stalked the way Hinckley stalked her when she was 18. That she went on to carve out a remarkably public career after that happened is a testament to her.

    • Heather

      True, this. I always forget about Hinckley.

  • MightyMarshal

    I think her shoes look cheap and she looks about as interesting as dried mud. She just seems so boring and borderline annoying.

  • Bakerlooline

    OK, am I the only one who thinks she needs to either have the (admittedly great) dress altered just a little, to avoid the weirdness around the waist? Or does she need better/different foundation garments? There’s a waistband somewhere under there that is pulling all the wrong kinds of focus.

    • Amy Norten

      I think it’s a combination of the dress being a wee bit too small, and her foundation garments ending at an odd place in relation to the waistband of the dress. Still, she’s turning it out.

    • Valdri8

      Whoops, I did not see your comment earlier. I totally agree

  • Aurumgirl

    She looks great, always. Everything fits perfectly, everything is accentuated subtly yet unmistakably, and she exudes poise and polish. But she’s always been a fantastic photographer’s model, so it’s no surprise, and she has been doing this all her life.

    One quibble, and it’s a small one because it has always been one of my fears when I wear sandals: her heels are chapped! Which only goes to show she doesn’t spend hours being pedicured.

  • ChaquitaPhilly

    Yep! Good job Jodie. Thanks.

  • Phyllis Craine

    Cracked heels and mosquito bites on her legs?? No time for Dermablend and a pedi?

  • schadenfreudelicious

    Dry heels, and a very obvious self tanner stripe on her calf, minor quibbles though

  • Lisa M. (ReVoir) Kramp

    I am not liking the limp hair trend in styling. Her hair looks like it’s a day past its wash date. But that’s my only quibble here. Women of any age (and I am Jodie’s) would do well to use this look as a template for how to be simply fabulous.

  • jmorino08

    I covet that dress!

  • kmk05

    She has so much POISE. Like, she exudes it! I didn’t know you could exude poise on the RC. guess Angelina would be the closest for me, but she never looks as good: maybe because she favours black?

    Her posing is exquisite. The shot of her fingers in phenomenal.

  • I love how she looks here. Great makeup, soft hair, dress brings out the color of her eyes. Maybe the clutch could be more exciting. But a great look nevertheless.

  • MaggieMae

    Love it. It’s very flattering, and the styling is true to who she is. No quibbles here.

  • Lilak

    Refreshing . . . a welcome quiet break from the usual noise of the RC.

  • mjude

    always been a fan & always fascinated by her.

  • Lilithcat

    I do not like those shoes with this dress. They are so delicate that she looks barefoot, which doesn’t work with such a covered-up look.

    • filmcricket

      Agreed, although Anna Wintour would probably love it. Shape aside, this is pretty much right out of the A.W. playbook.

      That colour is stunning on her.

  • mlle

    That dress is so stunning, and it fits her perfectly.

  • Tess Danesi

    The dry heels are comforting to me. She’s like the rest of us. Sort of.

    I think she looks fabulous. She knows who she is and she’s confident in it. She doesn’t need gimmicky clothes to sell herself; her outstanding body and a fitted dress in a color that works so well for her is all she needs. I love her a little more after this one.

    • alyce1213

      Like times 100.

  • Tatiana Luján

    I like her because I respect her..

  • Getoverit

    Lord have mercy those feet are awful. I would expect that on a regular day for anyone who goes barefoot, but for an event? Exfoliate those heels and apply some clear polish if you aren’t going to spring for a pedi. PLEASE!

  • Fordzo

    Did she get a spray tan on only the front of her legs? Or is it my computer?

    • bunnieteeth

      looks like that to me as well…!

    • MaggieMae

      Could be. Although, (confession time!) I have a very similar tan line from sitting out in the sun reading in one of those zero gravity lounge chairs. Tan from the front, ghostly white from the back. I don’t care.

  • ashtangajunkie

    So nice not to see hoof shoes or crazy platforms! Love the blue on her.

  • Ashley Ellen Wilson

    She is so classy. I love how unfussy the whole look is–she’s always been interested in letting her work speak for itself, instead of showboating, and I respect the hell out of her.

  • Judy_S

    Just to say, yes. It’s so simple and yet so perfect, she makes it look easy. If everybody dressed like this, in fact, TLo might be out of a job .

  • NYCGlamourpuss

    OMG!! YES – exactly what you said, YES! K-Stew and her recent dust-up (i.e., the “You don’t deserve to breathe the same air as me” comment) should totally take heed. This is how you do it when you really don’t like Hollywood, but Hollywood is your job.

    As for the outfit, yes, she does have a very consistent look, but she looks fine. It’s not fancy, and maybe it should be more dressed up for a premiere, but she looks fine.

  • Cindy Claussen

    There is a teeny bit of a problem with the spray tan at the lower leg.

  • Sara Brams-Miller

    1)beautiful dress, beautiful shoes, beautiful accessories 2) horrible hair 3) needs a pedicure like woah.

  • HM3

    Flea bites! A sign of an outdoorsy suburban/countryside summer. They made me smile, since the rest of her presentation is so straightforward and unassuming. Those have got to be itchy.

    • alyce1213

      I think mosquito bites.

      • Fordzo

        I think vampires.

  • Carla_Charlton

    She looks fantastic! The dress, while snug, fits quite well and is very flattering, both in style and color. The shoes are accents, rather than attention-stealers, and I have to point out how great her manicure looks.

  • frannyprof

    Love her. She looks classic and chic.

  • Dhammadina

    Those eyes. So clear, so blue, so beautiful.

  • alyce1213

    This woman knows who she is.

  • YourBaloneyDontGotNoSecondName

    Classy, elegant, and look at her perfect posture.

  • That dress looks amazing on her. I’ve always loved Jodie Foster.

  • twocee

    If I had the kind of money required to buy these clothes, I would own that outfit from head to toe. Love it.

  • CT14

    Her hair is not good, and she should at least put some lotion on those heels.

    Dress is great.

  • I love this dress, especially the neckline and sleeves, and the COLOR.

    Is there a touch of spandex in this fabric? The dress is sure tight, and it’s ill-fitting. Or her under garments are wrong. She has a beautiful shape but there’s a muffin top happening at her waistline. I think she’s wearing something underneath that is too tight and it cuts off in the wrong place.

    Jodi made all great choices. Her hair needs a little something, maybe just a brush. She has class no matter what the back story is.

  • ConnieBV

    The only thing that would have made this perfect is a pedicure. Those heels are ashtonishing.

  • Nonmercisansfacon

    Stewart and half of young Hollywood should also take note about posture from Jodie Foster. Lovely, graceful woman.

  • seelebrennt

    i want to die at the scaly feet. surely she can afford a decent pedicure and lotion. she looks gorgeous otherwise.

    • Shawn EH

      Agreed, girlfriend needs to indulge herself a little bit in a spa day! You’ve earned it, Jodie!

  • Joe Schmartin

    Jodi, gurl: Spanx.

  • Dagney

    Bonus: She obviously works out and looks super fit and healthy.

  • TLJezebel

    She looks fantastic. Love the shoes. Must have.

  • Valdri8

    Sorry, Adore her; adore the dress; pass on the heels, but her undergarment choice is horrible! She has a roll of flab that detracts, and she is as skinny as a rail.

    • Not applicable

      yes- i believe she’s having a spanx fail…. it happens to the best of us when the power panty rolls down from the waist (likely happened after sitting in the car and you can’ just jack that shit back up with the paps all there)

      Sigh… I feel for her- cuz her body is slammin’


    Love Jodie but painful looking flea bites on her legs.

    • Gloriana Reginata

      Heh, my guess is an enthusiastic cat: that classic “let me run my claw down your leg, digging in harder every inch or so, just like a sewing machine”. I’ve had me a few of those.

  • HobbitGirl

    Is it just me, or are the fronts of her legs a completely different colour than the backs?

    • altissima

      Not just you. WTF is going on there??

  • JauntyJohn

    The minor imperfections somehow elevate this, for me. The super closeups are not easy for anybody — or any body. She is not an “army of stylists days of primp constant maintenance” kind of gal. She is healthy and athletic and that shines through and to me that becomes the style.
    Also: Poise.

  • Morales Mike

    I think she looks wonderful. She’s not ridiculously underweight. She’s mixing a bit of gray in the hair because she realizes she should. Her face isn’t messed with. As for her heels, well jesus christ, if someone took a shot that close of anyone’s feet it would not be cute.

  • NoveltyRocker

    So well said! She does have a way of pulling herself together in look and posture, even when getting all dressed up doesn’t seem to be her thing. All of that contradiction kind of becomes her style.

  • kim bunchalastnames

    i love the length of the hem on this. it’s perfect. it emphasizes her great legs.

  • Matthew Davie

    Perfection. Only quibble – looks like the poor girl nicked the hell out of her legs while shaving.

    • housefulofboys

      Yeah, I thought maybe she spent the morning working in the yard clearing brambles.

  • formerlyAnon

    Well, I love her. Love the dress. But she did, apparently, draw the line on the ‘conform to expectations’ at beefing up her hair.

  • jen

    Well played, lady.

  • Respect.

  • LaSylphide

    Great look for a mature actor who knows she doesn’t need to prove anything anymore.

  • marlie

    I think she looks fabulous here! LOVE the dress. Though… as one who generally supports the ladystars who choose to go without the pedicures… Jodie needs one here. Le sigh.

    Maybe she can take her on-screen daughter Kristen Stewart out for a mani-pedi/heart-to-heart about being a child star.

    • Fordzo

      I hate when my heels get dry, because they feel icky against the sheets when I get in bed at night. When I see people with heels like this, I wonder how they can stand it. Maybe they wear socks to bed.

  • unbornfawn

    Great assessment TLo, The step and repeat is part of the job!

  • Contralto

    I love her. So elegant, and so much character to her look.

  • Judy_J

    As far as I’m concerned, she looks perfect.

  • Anniebet

    For me, this is simple and unpretentious, but oh so elegant. The dress is a skosh too tight though.

    I find the rough heels kinda charming and proof that this celeb at least, is human. The fingernails are short (the same length as mine are – and will be for some time – after an awful experience with gel nail polish), but they look polished and utilitarian.

    She’s a great blend of practical and glamour, IMO.

  • ‘Becca’lise Deveaux

    I just rewatched “Contact” over the weekend…love her in that.

  • quiltrx

    Love this–so perfectly Jodie. I really like that the dress is uncomplicated overall, but has *just* enough in the details to keep the eye interested and moving around.

  • Blythe Irish

    Did she put self tanner on just the tops of her legs? There seems to be a distinct line of tanner on her legs in these pics, but I’m not sure if its just the light….

  • boweryboy

    I love her.

    I love her whole look.

    I love her simple, delicate pair of shoes.


    What I can’t forgive are those dry, crusty heels. You’re celebrity royalty, for Pete’s sake. You’re wearing delicate, high heeled sandals. You couldn’t afford to have someone pumice and moisture your situation? In your home? On your terms?


  • ItsDicey

    Love her to death, and I think she looks fantastic. She knows who she is and looks simple and chic, as usual. I wish she’s update/soften her hair a bit, but it’s a minor quibble.

  • PeaceBang

    Eternal poise. I have so much respect for this woman. And that dress rocks. Also: Jodie, if that jewelry seems beneath you, I would be so happy to have it. Just the ring.

  • carolie_king

    She is stunning. Her cheekbones could do the step and repeat all by themselves.

  • loopy

    love you, Jodie. But what in the sam hell is going on with your self-tanner?

  • melanie0866

    She must have a new kitten at home that scratched up her legs. Or she was working in the rose garden. And sweetie, get a pedicure or invest in a pumice stone for those heels. Hugs and kisses! I’ve loved her since forever.

  • guest2visits

    This is a perfect dress for her, I think it all looks very pretty, very polished. I was wishing for slightly sexier shoes or sandals -but these work fine. Love the ring!

  • I love this! She looks great.

  • librarygrrl64

    Professional, put-together, age-appropriate loveliness. Well done. 🙂

  • Allison Moon

    Jesus, that body! How old is she? She looks phenomenal.

  • alice20c

    “She’s never been the most personable or easy-to-like celebrity…”
    Huh? I’ve heard other people say that before, and it always makes me wonder what memo I didn’t get, since I find her very likeable. The synthetic pandering that passes for likeablity these days is what I find off-putting.

  • She is an incredibly down-to-earth woman.

  • LuisaNL

    Hair looks a little drab and those heels need some TLC but overall she looks great.

  • Style into Action

    The Mouret is too tight on her. You can see the line of her underwire, waist muffins and fabric pulling around her hips. I would have preferred if she went up a size & had it taken in.

  • She’s so very very cool.

  • fred handy

    I like her angular features. Not pictured here but she has some killer calves.