Jason Sudeikis at the “We’re the Millers” London Premiere

Posted on August 15, 2013

He seems to be somewhat inconsistent in his poledance styles. He can go from surprisingly hot and polished to looking like a sloppy blowhard in the space of hours, it seems. This look seems to fall somewhere in the middle.


Jason Sudeikis attends the European premiere of “We’re The Millers” at Odeon West End, Leicester Square, London.

Never point on the red carpet, Jason. There’s no pointing on the red carpet. There are also no:

  • Finger guns
  • Thumbs up
  • Peace signs
  • Gang signs
  • Vulgar gestures
  • Blowing of kisses

We’ve been over this many times.

We’ll never understand why male movie stars want to stand on the red carpet at the premiere of their movie, looking like they work for an international bank. Style-wise, this is fine, but it sure lacks pizzazz. And we don’t mean he needs to wear skinny pants or high-waters or shocking pink shirts or anything too out-there. If a suit is your comfort zone; fine. But you can pick suits, shirts and ties that look a bit sharper and a bit less business-like than this.

The hem, of course, makes us weep and his hair is a bit too high. And the whiskers just make us laugh. He’s an international banker who’s been up all night securing a very important deal!

Le sigh. Hem the pants and you’re fine, Jason. Boring, but fine.

[Photo Credit: Landmark/PR Photos.com]

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    • LauraAgain

      I like the suit … and the shirt … and especially the tie. Very all-American. Two things, though; he forgot to shave, and he left his best accessory at home: Fiancee Olivia Wilde.

      • MK03

        But when she’s not there, it makes is so much easier to pretend he’s single.

      • drdarke

        The Return of Lt. Sudeikis, NYPD!

        Tonight’s Thrilling Episode – “A Meeting With The Commissioner!”

      • Louise Bryan

        Did he forget to shave, or is he growing a beard? I think he looks quite businesslike, and the facial hair is just at that unfortunate stage. My sons are lucky; they are both blond. My younger son’s facial hair is pretty much transparent; it is visible when it catches and reflects bright light.

    • Meg0GayGuys6

      Blue suits and red ties always make me think Presidential Debate.

      But he’s on my irrational LOVE list so I’m totally fine with the presidential vibe.

      Sudeikis ’16 :)

      • Jessica Freeman

        I thought the same thing. Politician.

      • Glam Dixie

        Exactly my thoughts. I expect him to go over and kiss some babies next.

        • Eric Stott

          The whiskers would make then cry.

      • marlie

        Agree about the clothes. But he’s on my irrational hate list, so I can’t get excited about this look. 😛

    • kimmeister

      Too bad straight guys can’t get away with filling in their brows a bit, some could really use it.

    • ‘Becca’lise Deveaux

      I love his face.

    • PastryGoddess

      Maybe brown shoes instead of black?

      otherwise this is a big ole meh

    • suzinrva

      I feel his sincere brow is insincere.

    • elemspbee

      he can go from “hot”? huh?

    • Karen Belgrad

      Too bad he’s busy pole dancing… I was hoping he could help me secure an awesome refinance rate!

    • http://dontmakeitlikeimdumb.blogspot.com/ annabelle archer

      The suit is fresh and clean, but the rest is an all night bender of a mess.

    • Lilak

      Photographic proof of how MUCH better a guy in a suit can look when he keeps his hands out of his damn pockets . . . (my own “le sigh”).

    • nannypoo

      The pants are definitely too long, but this is what he looks like. I don’t think he has much more to give us stylewise, and if he tries too hard he’s going to look silly.

    • Inspector_Gidget

      Game show host.

    • StellaZafella

      Ray Milland in the comedy hit: “Lost Weekend” The Musical.

      • formerlyAnon


    • conniemd

      Suit looks cheap to me. Tie also.

    • crash1212

      I love how he mixed patterns here. To my eye, it’s what takes it away from boring. He’s adorable…full stop.

    • OrigamiRose

      Ever since I found out George Wendt is his uncle, I can’t stop seeing the “Norm!” in Sudeikis’ face.

      • Eric Stott

        I’ve got a feeling he’ll go from Hunk to Chunk pretty suddenly

    • Eric Stott

      Either shave for an event like this or grow a proper beard. I have spoken.

    • teensmom99

      Sometimes banker is the best alternative.

    • formerlyAnon

      That looks a little heavier than the standard (gah) artful stubble. I hope he’s not growing a beard. The line of his chin/jaw/cheeks is one of the better things about his face.

    • HVM

      He’ll always be Floyd to me.

      • charlotte

        I hear Cleveland is nice.

        • HVM

          Let’s flee to the Cleve and have lunch with Little Richard :)

    • Nondescript

      I can’t disagree with a single critique up there, and yet… somehow the sum is very appealing to me.

      • demidaemon

        Hahahaha. Banker, sum, I get it!

    • Qitkat

      Apparently I’m out of the loop. I have No Idea who this man is. But he could play a cute banker in a film.

    • Rand Ortega

      I trust these helpful guidelines are outlined in the upcoming book, “Everyone Wants to Be Me or Do Me: Tom and Lorenzo’s Fabulous and Opinionated Guide to Celebrity Life and Style”?

      Sudeikis is completely unremarkable until you look at the eyes, then he smiles & I’m imagining him saying something really funny only we get & what do you know? My pants are missing.

      • formerlyAnon


    • marlie

      A tie with a little more personality than the one he’s wearing could have made a world of difference.

    • John Bascomb Witt

      Maybe they point because they don’t what to else to do with your hands aside from that and put them in their pockets. It’s not like (most of them) can clasp their waist with their hands and pooch for the cameras like their female co-stars…

    • MilaXX

      Don’t forget the ever so annoying hands making a heart sign. Now go away Jason, you’re boring me.

    • Molly

      I like the suit a lot, but hate the blue stripe shirt with it and the tie is pretty but clownish. White shirt, darker tie, tape the hem up a bit, shave. Also someone should’ve hit him with a lint brush on the way out.

    • NoveltyRocker

      What pained facial expressions. I think he really hates this part of the job.

      • Getoverit

        In the 5th pic he has the “Britney Spears cringe” in his eyes.

    • Donyelle

      Jason why are you dressed like the production accountant and not the star?

      • Rand Ortega

        The Production accountants I know dress way better than this– Armani, Gucci & (my lady accountant pal) Donna Karan. You get to dress really well when you cook books as big as movie budgets.

    • Just Me

      Lawyer. Banker. Businessman…wouldn’t turn around if I saw him on the street. But, I would be happy to let him do my taxes.

    • Jennifer Peters-Ahnberg

      Maybe it’s the hair, but I get more televangelist than banker. A televangelist that has been up all night, praying for your immortal soul.

    • clairellis

      After seeing the movie, I understand Olivia Wilde’s choice. You go Olivia, you go.

    • DilettanteDeconstructed

      Someone’s got a case of the crazy eyes.

    • Imasewsure

      “He’s an international banker who’s been up all night securing a very important deal!”

      Yes.. very dull, very competent

    • CeeQ

      I always love when politicians point at people at rallies/after speeches. I always wish there was a thought bubble to go with the pointing.

      “Vote for me, lady!”
      “WOW ugly shirt! Is that really my face?!”
      “Whoa. That’s a lot of bling! Vote anyways! FOR ME!”
      “MOM! What the hell?!? You said you had a thing!”

      I also kinda love it when movie stars point….and otherwise gesture on the red carpet….I’m a cheerleader for silliness like that =)

    • mhleta

      This reads International Banker Who ended up on a booty call and couldn’t find a razor. To me the stubble is the worst part of this. Otherwise, he looks handsome, if a bit conservative.

    • NBG

      Shave. For the love of god, shave. And the sleeves on his jacket are driving me insane. This is not an RC suit. This is a signing a shitload of mortgage documents suit.

    • RuthGo

      Why are the arms of his suit so wrinkly? What’s making that happen? It’s distracting. And I agree, a sharper suit, a more interesting tie and he would look fantastic.

    • kim bunchalastnames

      he always looks so damned happy about his new work-out routine.

    • Kikishua

      His hair looks surprised.

    • Kaitlyn

      He’s so cute! And I wish he was single):