Jamie Bell for Esquire Korea Magazine

Posted on August 16, 2013

Jamie Bell gets to brood in plaid, which is pretty much the state of the guyditorial in 2013; brooding in plaid alternating with brooding in undershirts. We suppose we should be happy they no longer have every male star brooding in an abandoned roadside diner or brooding in a classic muscle car. Those got to be pretty stale after a while.


“Snowpiercer” star Jamie Bell covers the August 2013 issue of Esquire Korea magazine photographed by Eric Guillemain.

Anyway, we seem to have wandered a bit but Jamie can brood all he wants because he looks cute here.





[Photo Credit: Eric Guillemain for Esquire Korea Magazine – Video Credit: Esquire Korea via YouTube.com]

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  • Diego!

    He does look great indeed! I love plaid pants! 😀

    • Edward Thomas-Herrera

      The plaid pants are awesome, but… are they part of a plaid suit buried underneath that brown jacket?

      • formerlyAnon

        Yes. And I wonder if the jacket of that suit is not so wonderful on him, that they covered it up.

        • Diego!

          If you are both referring to the second pic, I have to say I love that jacket too. The whole ensemble looks amazing! I don’t like very much the jacket he is wearing on the cover tough.

          • fursa_saida

            Those colors are excellent on him.

  • Karen Belgrad

    They should remake “A Separate Peace” and he should play Gene. (I just get a very boarding school vibe from this guyditorial)

  • formerlyAnon

    I think he’s very, very attractive in a way not uncommon among a whole cadre of not-yet-middle-aged English actors & have hopes his looks will hold up as he ages.

    Which kind of sums up my interest in these perfectly wearable, uninteresting clothes. Except for the plaid suit, which I’d like to see all of.

  • Clueless_Jock

    He’s always stylish. I’d love to see him in Hedi Slimane.

  • jonnyf8

    Hahahahaha. I still remember that guyditorial critique of a Shia LeBeouf that read like soft-core Gay porn. One of my all-time favorites T-Lo!

  • MzzPants


  • Jessica Freeman

    Love me some Billy Elliott. The English lads sure do grow into handsome men….

    • Beardslee

      I wondered who he was. Thanks for the edification!

  • charlotte

    Those Korean magazines seem to have it figured out. Even a basic guyditorial looks better than the ones in American/European/you name it magazines.

  • MilaXX

    I like these. That plaid suit is great

  • alyce1213

    He was made to wear these gorgeous plaids, especially the black & white glen plaid jacket in the video.
    He’s grown up so nicely.

  • marlie

    “Brooding in Plaid” needs to be the next boy band name.

  • Zorkness

    And I missed THAT? Where was I? That was like the last good thing that LeBeouf did- and that includes the stupid Transformer movies.

    • fursa_saida

      I thought he was actually decent in Lawless, which is to say that I was not overly bothered by him. But it helped that everyone else was great and I was mostly there for Tom Hardy with a thick old-school Virginia accent and brass knuckles.

      • jonnyf8

        Oh I forgot about Lawless. I meant to see that. I’ll see anything with Tom Hardy’s lips in it. The only thing wrong with him as Bane in that Batman movie is that they covered that gorgeous mouth!

        • fursa_saida

          Covering up Tom Hardy’s face was definitely their first mistake, since if I’d been distracted by it I might not have noticed all the other things deeply wrong with that movie. (I will probably never stop being bitter about TDKR and all the ways it disappointed me.)

          • jonnyf8

            Really!?! It’s actually my favorite of the trilogy! But I’ll admit I prefer the goofiness of the Keaton years. And I didn’t think I could love a catwoman more than Michelle Pfeiffer but I thought Hathaway was really cool.

          • fursa_saida

            I love the first two, and I agree that Anne Hathaway made an excellent Catwoman. I really liked JGL in it too! (I also acknowledge that anything would have a hard time following The Dark Knight.) Feel free to not read the following because it may have gotten a bit out of hand.

            I have two problems with TDKR: plot and politics. Plot: there were basically two movies, and the one dealing with Catwoman, Commissioner Gordon, and John Blake was good and made sense, while the one focusing on Talia al-Ghul didn’t make any sense at all. If she hated her father so much, why was she trying to fulfill his legacy? What exactly the hell went on with the financial boardroom crap? (It’s possible I understood that more or less while I was watching the movie, but I didn’t care and so it all ran straight out of my memory. It just seems like a waste of story time.) That half also had a ton of plotholes–where exactly is this pit prison and how did Bruce get back to Gotham so fast? I know, I know, it’s a superhero movie, but movies that don’t take place in our reality still have to have their own internal logic, and issues like that one didn’t fit and completely took me out of the story.

            Politics: the message I got was that the great unwashed is coming to get you and consists mainly of criminals, anyone with a populist message is a bomber with a hidden agenda, and only our rich and tortured elites can save us with their noble self-sacrifice. Oh, and I’m background-mad about the continuous whitewashing of the al-Ghuls, but since that happened in the first movie it’s not like I was expecting anything else for this one.

          • jonnyf8

            I read it and I get it and I think I agree with you although I never thought much about the politics.

            My main problem with the Dark Night was Maggie-not-as-pretty-as-your-brother. I kinda hated that movie.

            I felt like they really wanted Marion Cotillard in this last movie so they had to concoct some plot for her. Seemed like a lot of the casting was done before there was a script.

            Finally, I’m wondering how you felt about Man of Steel? I HATED it. The whole thing made me long for Brandon Routh and I still don’t understand if they wanted to do a new Superman movie why they just didn’t put Tom Welling in the part.

          • fursa_saida

            [This got really long, I’m sorry–concision really isn’t my strength.] I’m feeling very positive toward Maggie G lately because I just watched Hysteria, in which she is incredibly charming, and which I loved to a near-unhealthy degree. (It’s a rom-com set in the Victorian era about the invention of the vibrator. Hugh Dancy has to invent it because he’s getting hand cramps from curing so many women’s hysteria through handjobs. I am not joking.)

            Nolan seems to me to be gradually constructing his perfect ensemble movie by movie. At this point it contains Christian Bale, Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, Marion Cotillard, Tom Hardy, and JGL. (Am I missing anybody?) Other actors in his movies are basically auditioning to be in every movie he ever makes in the future. So of course Marion Cotillard was in TDKR. Of course her character was an elegant sexy cipher with a tragic backstory, because the only women Nolan can write are those (find me a substantive difference between Mal from Inception and Talia al Ghul and I will be very surprised), imps (Hathaway’s Catwoman), and waifs (Ariadne from Inception), although the line between the last two is thin. But most of his characters are like that, to be honest–big outlines with a few broad traits filled in with a lot of portentous dialogue that sort of dissolves into “…what?” when you sit down and think about it. (You’re waiting for a train. You don’t know where this train will take you. You don’t know what this means but it sounds important.) Don’t get me wrong, I think the guy makes incredible movies, but he’s got patterns.

            As for Man of Steel: I have almost literally no feelings about the movie itself. I know that I watched it and I feel vaguely positive about Amy Adams’ Lois Lane, but I neither like nor dislike it. It popped like a soap bubble for me. At this point I’m just so tired from this era we seem to be living in in which all speculative fiction has to be not only dark (which I’m fine with–my new favorite show is Hannibal, for god’s sake) but also sad, grindingly cynical, and self-importantly ~gritty~. An age which The Dark Knight did a lot to usher in, ironically. The formula now is for everything to be terrible all the time, for all heroes to be full of tortured white manpain (heaven forbid they not be men or white), for victories to be not victories but only pushing back the dark for a moment, and for everything onscreen to be gray. Man of Steel was transparently trying to make this formula work for Superman, which tells you just how far the pendulum has swung in this direction: when you are trying to make freaking Superman morally grey and somber, something is going on and it doesn’t make sense. That didn’t elicit much of a reaction in me personally just because I’m not that attached to Superman.

            By contrast, Hannibal is incredibly dark, but it’s also rich and lush and colorful and gothic, and it has a goddamn sense of humor. (Sorry, I’m a little bitter.) This is why I’m really looking forward to Pacific Rim, it’s why my favorite superhero movies are Hancock and the Iron Man and Thor franchises, and it’s why I think Snow White and the Huntsman is a better movie than most people give it credit for: I need a little room for color and victory (and diversity, good lord) in my spec fic. IS THAT SO WRONG, HOLLYWOOD?

  • TJo

    Am I the only one thinking he looks like Henry Francis here?

    • Lilak

      Oh no, you have company! 😀

  • Eric Stott

    Cast of GLEE Wannabe

  • Nancer

    Love the plaid pants in the second picture!

  • homespunner

    Talk about droppin’ eggs!

  • KateM

    So glad he’s finally old enough to admit how attractive I find him.

  • Qitkat

    He’s so young for me that it is wildly inappropriate how sexy I find him. Especially in the glasses as he reminds me of a very early boyfriend who Broke. My. Heart.

    [goes and sits quietly reflecting upon her life in the nearest corner, the *what might have beens*]

    • Qitkat

      Ahhh, I think I missed the point of the clothes. Love the first look, not everyone can wear that fawn color suede jacket but it works on him.

    • KateM

      He reminds me of my “one who got away”, as well!

  • quiltrx

    Love the plaid pants picture. The Jamie Bell version of Blue Steel. :)

  • guest2visits

    He looks so handsome and grown up. Usually such a wild youngster in appearance. Heck – he’s probably going to look anywhere from 15 to 20 for the next 20 years.

  • Imasewsure

    Brooding in plaid is ok because I love plaid… boring editorial but plaid yeah

  • DamH

    He is very handsome, plaid do work very well on him.