Hayden Panettiere in Alexander McQueen on the Late Show with David Letterman

Posted on August 29, 2013

WHAT the…?


Hayden Panettiere makes an appearance on the “Late Show with David Letterman” in New York City in an Alexander McQueen dress paired with Saint Laurent boots.

Alexander McQueen Stained Glass-print Stretch-jersey Dress

Saint Laurent Paris Pointed Toe Ankle Boot

Oh, this is SO wrong.

We like the dress. We’d never knock a starlet for working the bod every now and then to get some attention (there’s a reason we call it a poledance, after all). And we’d certainly never fault a gal for choosing to wear McQueen, when given an array of options. But you don’t wear the tight, short, flashy dress AND the lipstick-colored pointy-toed booties AND model #147A (“Malibu Breeze”) from the Suzanne Somers wig collection, all at the same time. It speaks of desperation and poor instincts.

Come on, honey. You’ve got a hit show. Don’t pull this Britney shit now. Class it up a little.


[Photo Credit: Wolff/INFphoto.com, net-a-porter.com, barneys.com]

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  • Karen Belgrad

    When the first thing that springs to mind is “Traci Lords lookalike”, you’re doing it wrong.

    • Diego!

      At least Tracy Lords outside her “filming locations” wears something chic-er than this shitty look. It’s awful!!

    • sagecreek

      Hee! I’m so old that my first thought when someone mentions “Traci Lord” is Katharine Hepburn.

      Don’t worry, I caught up.

      • Kate Andrews

        Traci Lord is a fine model to emulate.

        • sagecreek

          I quote her often!

  • dalgirl

    We had a broom factory in my hometown that manufactured similar wigs.

  • tonibaloney

    Lindsay Bluth: Best Hair

    • Imasewsure

      You are absolutely right. I couldn’t figure out who she looked like and there you go… now go away (the “look” that is, not YOU!)

  • tereliz

    Oy, that wig! if the boots weren’t so heinous I’d say it was the worst part of this look. Isn’t she known for having amazing freaking hair? Is this what comes of working in such close proximity to Connie “Tammy Taylor” Britton? You’re better than this, Hayden!

    • Bridget Smith

      And her hair looks so great on Nashville! Come on, girl. The hair is so terrible that it’s distracting me from how much I like this dress on her.

  • Diego!

    Nicky Minaj’s twin lost sister!!!!!!!!! WHAT THE F???? OH girl, no, another Amanda Bynes / Lindsay Lohan? Oh no… She looks trashy/slutty/dreadful! I can’t look at the pictures for a second time. Ugh

  • mlle

    The red in her dress clashes, at least when lit by flash, with the red in her shoes. And she looks like an unholy mashup of Christina Aguilera and Demi Lovato.

    • kimmeister

      The clashing reds are killing me. The red of the dress is clearly more in the rust end of the spectrum, while the boots are blue-red.

      • mlle

        And the lipstick is berry hued. Yet she managed to match her nails to her dress.

        • decormaven

          Truly! I cackled when I caught a glimpse of that nail polish. Girl, that is so wrong!

    • Kate Andrews

      With a dash of Amanda Bynes.

  • Darren Nesbitt

    Today seems to be Heroes character day. Also she looks a fool.

    • kimmeister

      If so, I BEG for Sendhil Ramamurthy to be featured!!!

      • Rand Ortega

        SQUEEEE!!! I love him SOOOO much!

        • kimmeister

          After his character was offed in Covert Affairs, I have had an appalling lack of Sendhil on my TV screen.

          • Rand Ortega


          • fursa_saida

            My parents fervently believe he’s not really dead, which I have adopted because PLEASE COME BACK, JAY.

          • Badgirlsgoeverywhere

            He was on the last season of Beauty and the Beast (don’t judge!). I’m assuming his character will be back this season….and yes, he’s still amazingly beautiful.

  • RussellH88

    Oh God. That’s not even borderline tolerable Three’s Company Suzanne Somers hair, that’s modern “I’m in my 60’s but I tell women how to look like they’re in their 20’s while looking like a botoxed version of Chaka from Land of the Lost” hair.

    • Rand Ortega

      No, you di- int just invoke Chaka! O. M. GEEEE! I’m crying.

  • Wow, that wig is a disastrous mistake. The bangs, especially. I love the McQueen dress really hard, but the booties overplay it. Something simpler and more down played with such a va va voom dress.

  • Kent Roby

    Wow, she really managed to make that McQueen Stained-Glass dress look cheap!

    • housefulofboys

      I really love that dress, but when it’s so tight that it scoops up in the back it looks like streetwalker wear. Add the hair, the clashing shoes, the sparkly blue polish and you have a hot mess!

      • Sarah

        Yes, the riding up over the rump is bad news. That pose with her looking over her shoulder is the WORST. I cringed. It’s a combo of “would you like to pay for this” and “I really have to pee” and “I am just a widdle sexy girl” that grosses me the heck out.

    • GSMSF

      Poor Alexander rolling in his grave. Why would you wear such a magnificent dress when a spandex one from Forever 21 would do for your purposes just fine?

    • twigg

      she’s also had it shortened.

      • wisdomy

        A LOT. Girl’s like four and a half feet tall, they must have hacked 24 inches off of that dress.

  • Tanya Wade

    I sense a bit of Seka in this look, too. Oy.

  • NYCGlamourpuss

    I love the dress, and I don’t really mind the bootie shoes. It’s the Xtina hair and makeup that are giving me the twitches. And this is coming from someone who has a drag queen as their avatar.

    • Getoverit

      I am not a fan of the dress but I love the booties. First thought was she looks awful bangs. Second thought was why is her hair so fried and I hope that is a wig.

  • SugarSnap108

    I love the way the dress looks without a human in it — With the wide cuffs on the sleeves and longer skirt. I don’t think it was actually intended to be worn as a mini that rides dangerously high in the back.

    • conniemd

      Looking at the picture of the dress, below the waist there are 2 1/2 of those circle designs. She only has two, so she’s cut off maybe 4 to 6 inches off the dress. Not to mention, are there any pictures of her seated? That dress must ride up to her crotch.

      • RebeccaKW

        I watched a bit of her on the show, until I couldn’t take it any more, and there were a couple of times she had to lean over slightly to tug at the ass of the skirt.

  • Virginia McMurdo

    WTF. That is all.

  • Heather

    A wig with roots???

    She should look to Kristin Chenowith for how to dress a very petite body. Those booties are seriously stumpifying.

  • Just Me

    ok, I WANT the boots. They are perfect for my Autumn killer bag-hot shoe tour of my local parking lot. HOWEVER, she has got to burn that wig. Honey, that is Nicki Minaj’s wig…you want no part of this. None.

    • ballerinawithagun

      I love the boots, just not with that dress or the hair. Where is this horrible yellow hair coming from??? Who thinks lemon yellow should be a hair color. I love shades of fuchsia, purple and burgundy, everyone knows that you’re going for a look. But this lemon yellow that looks like straw has to go, not to mention that they’re spending a fortune for their stylist. I’m talking to you Gwyneth, since you seem to have started it all.

      • Just Me

        Oh, I am thinking the boots with a pair of perfect jeans, casual – yet fabulous sweater – and a bag so hot it should be illegal…at my price point, of course. I totally agree about the boots paired with the dress and that hair. At best, she looks like she lost her sense of style and decency on the way to the show. At worst, she looks like she is planning an overnight working a street corner somewhere in deepest, darkest Manhattan.

        • Gabriel

          One of the best comments here.

          • Just Me

            Thank you! That is quite the compliment considering this esteemed crowd.

  • kimmeister

    Man, the Late Show has the worst photo op locations. Usually we get dumpsters, today we get scaffolding covered by plastic.

    Her pose in the first picture after the closeup is disturbing. It feels like the body isn’t supposed to bend that way.

  • sagecreek

    Please tell me that such a young woman didn’t have some work done…she’s almost unrecognizable here.

  • Emily Smith

    Oh sweet jesus.

    • sagecreek

      Probably the best comment so far 🙂

  • From some angles her face looks more like Lecy Goranson than Hayden Panettiere! I love the dress but I don’t like the way it sits higher in the back. Surely they know how to cut for a bum? Not mentioning the wig, not mentioning the wig…

  • filmcricket

    The sad thing is, Dave probably ate this up with a spoon. Sigh.

  • Trisha26

    This is Hayden pulling a Minaj.

    • Just Me

      About as successfully as Miley pulls a Rihanna.

  • formerlyAnon

    I do pray that that IS a wig. If not, tragic. Also: ugly & leg stumpifying booties.

  • tresfabuleux

    It’s like she decided this morning that she was going to put on her Nicki Minaj costume

  • Tamara Hogan

    Oh honey. No.

  • newleaf1

    Channelling Chrissie Aguilera.

    • HomeOfficeGirl

      And poorly. Like dressing up as Xtina for Halloween.

  • Glam Dixie

    This is probably some drag queen impersonating Hayden, possibly Kenya Michaels or some other tiny queen. This hot mess couldn’t possibly be Hayden Panettiere.

    • NYCGlamourpuss

      Now that you mention it, the wig *is* suspiciously of the Kenya Michaels/PhiPhi O’Hara variety…

      • Glam Dixie

        Isn’t it though?

  • anotherkate

    I love those boots and that dress, but agree that they should not have been paired. I can’t even discuss what’s going on north of her neck. GIRL. STOP.

  • Donyelle

    Donatella Versace Then

  • crash1212

    Have we sunk so low that wigs now come complete with dark roots? The horror.

    I can live with the dress paired with the boots – it’s the hair that kills it. Kills it dead.

    • Gabriel

      That was a major fail of Hayden. Before beautiful, now It-girl/barbie doll combo

  • Janet B

    Oh, hahahhahahahaa

  • Miss WKS

    and the peace sign. tired, tired, tired.

  • MilaXX

    This looked worse on tv. When she initially walked out, I thought she was Betsey Johnson. I mistook Hayden for someone nearly 3x”s her age.

  • Classic “don’t look at my plastic surgery, diversion” hair. I don’t know what she’s had done, but that hair that bad can only be because it is an attempt misdirection. That’s what I’m telling myself anyway.

  • Rand Ortega

    So this is how you make McQueen look like garbage.

    • Gabriel

      I totally love Hayden but sometimes she does things where you only can shake your had. In this cases I think, how can such a beatiful and intelligent girl make such stupid decisions? If I were Alexander McQueen I would complain about this outfit.

      • tereliz

        Sarah Burton, rather. 😉

  • Jacquelyn

    Oh man. That wig should be burned in fire, post haste. The dress is gorgeous but man does she need to restyle herself.

  • mhlmh

    I’d like to see how she manages to sit down to to talk to Dave in that skirt.

  • John TheFame Woody

    Two words: HOT MESS. and why is she wearing Besty Johnsons wig?

  • Stella Zawistowski

    What the HELL is happening on her head?

  • alyce1213

    “Look at me having fun in my great wig! Isn’t it great? Isn’t it????”

  • PaperPusher2

    My eyes hurt. She has seriously tacky-fied that dress to hell. That is one awesome dress and on someone like say, Kristen Stewart or Cate Blanchett, we would all be bowing down. Once again proving that money + fame + access to stylists and designer duds does not = class or style. This one really hurts.

    • marlie

      I don’t see Cate in this dress, but I bet that KStew could rock this dress in her own special way.

    • Gabriel

      The really sad thing is that normally she has style. It’s absolutely unusual for her to do that. It was surely the Idea of some hair stylist and she hadn’t the confidence to say no.

  • marlie

    WHOA. Honey, this is not your look. At all. The wig is by far the worst part of it all.

  • LuisaNL

    she looks like the drag queen version of herself.

  • Gabriel

    This is the best example how ugly you can get by trying to improve
    your look. Hayden totally can’t suit bangs especially not that blond.
    It’s by far the most awful and trashy outfit and hairstyle she ever
    wore. She has nothing from the sympathic and beautiful girl she actually
    is. She looks like some It-callgirl/Nicki Minaj combo. It also have
    somethig of the sixties barbie dolls. I really hope it’s a wig.But
    if it’s her real hair she should immediately stop dying it so blond and
    sporting it with waves. This would repair some of the harm she caused
    to her beatiful hair.

  • Shawn EH

    Very poor instincts.

  • stephbellard

    Nikki Minaj?

  • boweryboy

    It’s like she’s Suzanne Somers poledancing for her upcoming Lifetime biopic, “Splits On The Catwalk: The Betsey Johnson Story.”

  • Adrianna Grężak

    I had no clue who this was. Looks a bit like Christina Aguilera

  • bertkeeter

    Another case of a STYLIST with zero style – along with a starlett that needs to get more involved in her wardrobe choices!

  • lehen

    This lady turned 24 last week. 24!

  • bellafigura1

    Yah, ugh, cray cray.

  • LaSylphide

    I’d love to know how she managed to sit down in that dress.

  • ChelseaNH

    That last picture made me think “Xtina cleans up pretty nicely.” Probably not what she was going for…

  • Qitkat

    Oh, lord, NO. And what a perfectly dreadful area to be photographed in.

  • E. D.

    How the hell is she going to sit in that dress?

  • Julia McLean

    Credit goes to her boyfriend — she looks like 90% girls walking down the street in any major Ukrainian city. Shoes, dress, hair…everything. Just returned from three months living there and the resemblance made my head spin!

  • CommentsByKatie

    It’s like she was hit with a Christina Aguilara ray gun. There’s a new supervillain out there zapping beautiful young starlets in to hot messes.

  • 1carmelita

    I saw her on the show last night and the thing that really made my eye twitch was that the lipstick and shoe colors were so far off from the dress color—I hate clashing reds! Matching would not have been better, a quieter color for the shoes/lip would have really looked better. Love the dress, hate the hair and accessories—really a bad call.

  • BrooklynBomber

    There’s no accounting for taste.

  • Julia

    FIrst glance, I thought it was Betsey Johnson.

  • My first thought was, “You are not Nicki Minaj, and stop it.”

    • anyalama

      My first thought was, “Looking good, Nicki Minaj!”

  • NoveltyRocker

    I LOVE the print but why is it on jersey???

  • Jasmine Gonzalez

    She looks like Betsey Johnson. NOT a compliment.

  • KikiAvocado

    whats with celeb-u-stars and cheap lookin wigs! Cant light a match near her or gaga!

    • Gabriel

      I don’t think this is a wig. I think she got clip-on bangs

  • She was doing so well…what happened? It’s an assault on my senses. Even the dress is too short and small for her – it’s hiking up in the back.

  • Imasewsure

    Maybe a Three’s Company movie is in the works? Worst Dressed nominee here for sure!

  • Did she steal Xtina Aguilera’s hair and makeup gays?

  • She looks like Betsy Johnson! BJ should sue!

  • She lost a bet. Yes, yes, that’s what this is.

  • Trickytrisha

    Scroll down… oooh she’s so cute with the new hair. Oh.. wait – eww, too short and hoochy. Omg, those booties, double hoochy.

  • D J H

    Note for my Wig Barn shop: Blond wigs with dark roots are a thing.

  • MrsAtaxxia

    Baby Betsy Johnson.

  • largishbearishAtlish

    I had to pull up another pic of her to tell who it was…it so doesn’t look like her, and thank is not a compliment dear.
    Drop the peace sign.

  • Sarah Caponigro

    I thought this was Heidi Klum when I saw it on my phone screen.

  • A Shiny O’Connor

    Hookiddy Hooker

  • Gabriel

    Thank god this was only wig! Look to her twitter she posted a new photo of herself where she has her old hairstyle back.

  • Barbara Affolter

    If she had to wear a wig, at least she chose to wear it in New York, which (so sayeth the Weather Channel) isn’t as ungodly hot & humid as Nashvegas in August. I just wish she hadn’t bought her wig in a gas station.

  • Phyllis Craine

    Britney?? Hell no. Betsy Johnson.

  • amber.

    Nicki Minaj literally wore this outfit (with better shoes) like two days ago.

  • It’s like Hayden is trying to be Betsey Johnson for Halloween but couldn’t commit to the full-cray.

  • nicole seligman

    i thought this was nicki minaj in the thumbnail. i’m still not convinced it isn’t.

  • DamH

    Girl stole Rita Ora’s look.

  • Alloy Jane

    Between the boots and that awful wig, she’s looking quite like a crazed My Little Pony. My Little Psychedelic Pony, I suppose. Love the print, but not really loving the dress.

  • H2olovngrl

    Slave. To. Fashion.

  • HVM

    I thought it was Hannah Montana from the thumbnail. Wtf?!

  • Zeeshan Ali

    Put her in a sleek pony tail, wash off the war paint and do a clean-almost-no-make look + nude lip and light turquoise (least dominant shade from her dress) shoe – then she’s good to go. The dress commands so much attention that the rest must be minimal or neutral to let it shine.
    Also the ridic blue nail polish has to go.
    And the bracelet. God she/stylist didn’t get a single thing right in this look. Except the dress.

  • fuchaforeva

    Omg sacrilege! Congratulations Hayden! Somehow you’ve (or your team) made a beautiful McQueen dress look ultra cheap and tacky like some of the stuff you find at Strawberry NYC. 🙁

  • fuchaforeva

    Suzanne Sommers wig- LOL!!!! Genius! hahaha

  • shorty j

    it took me forever to figure out what was familiar about this, and finally it hit me: she’s in Nicki Minaj drag. But it looks much better on Nicki Minaj.

  • CJ Michalak

    Hayden, Lea Michelle called. She wants her look AND her pose back. OF course.

  • calimon

    Fashion Victim!

  • Danielle

    I LOVE the print of the dress, HATE everything else.

  • JP

    I think another starlet recently wore this dress — I want to say Niki Minaj? I like it, but that hair HAS to go.

  • LauraAgain

    My eyes are bleeding!

  • andreawey

    beautiful dress though maybe add an inch to the hem

  • I’m thinking the ‘do is for the show. Maybe they’re taping right now…

  • demidaemon

    This is eye assault.

  • Gabriel

    Man guys, this was only a wig or maybe clip-on bangs. She’s now in Miami with friends. One of her friends posted lots of photos and videos of Hayden on Instagram. There she has her normal hair as always. The only funny thing is that Hayden fooled the half press with this false hair. She wanted to have fun and put on a wig or clip-on bangs, that’s it.