Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade at the Venice International Film Festival

Posted on August 30, 2013

This makes us sad. They’re both gorgeous here, but that is so very not her dress and he is so very in need of some hemming.


Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade attend the Miu Miu’s “Women’s Tales” premiere during the 70th Venice International Film Festival at the Palazzo del Cinema in Venice, Italy in Miu Miu.

The rest of the look’s so beautiful on him that we can let his puddling pants slide.

But HER. Oh, girl. Miu Miu just isn’t for everybody. Granted, this could’ve easily been saved by a well-deployed belt, but we suspect the Miu Miu people were exerting tight control over the looks here and belted dresses are just not a Miu Miu kind of thing. A shame, because the color scheme really works for her and if the dress just followed her natural shape a little more closely, this could’ve been a knockout.


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    • Karen Belgrad

      That looks more like a muumuu than a Miu Miu

      • tinyredlocks

        You win :-)

        • Judih1

          LOL. That is SO right. And those shoes a hideous

    • kirkyo

      Her dress reminds me of my acolyte days

      • sojourneryouth

        Yeah. The first thing I thought of was a choir robe, attempting to be fashionable. She looks good in almost anything, and is aging like she froze herself at 25, so this is a shame.

        • Louise Bryan

          My first thought was bathrobe, but, yeah. Choir or acolyte cassock, minus sleeves, works too.

    • annabelle archer

      Ouch. You gotta work hard to make a woman as beautiful as she look that bad.

    • DTLAFamilies

      This is size issue, no? As in two sizes too big

      • tereliz

        That’s what I was thinking. It shouldn’t blouse out at the waist so much—farther than her unsupported rack. What does the back of this thing look like that she couldn’t wear a bra? Same as the front?

    • foodycatAlicia

      I applaud the blue pedicure.

    • teensmom99

      Dress is big in general. Kind of refreshing to see someone in too big rather than too skimpy.

    • Trickytrisha

      Just no on the dress. Wonder if this was her only choice? Sad that she had to do a big event wearing my Aunt Evelyn’s choir robe with the sleeves chopped off. On the good side… he’s purty, huh? Aside from the pants length.

    • KayEmWhy

      Somebody at Miu Miu doesn’t like her.

    • marlie

      Why is she wearing a dress that’s three sizes too big?! The dress itself isn’t bad, but it was deployed terribly. And aside from the length of the pants, he looks really good.

    • MilaXX

      That dress looks easily 2 sizes too big. He takes some questionable fashion chances so I can forgive the hem.

    • Denise Alden

      Those two are such knockouts, aren’t they?

    • Vivi N

      I’m serious. I think I can fit into that dress…and I’m a 16/18. Jokes aside, THAT’S how big that dress looks on Gabby. The dress is easily a couple sizes too big on her.

    • jmorino08

      You could practically fit two of her in that dress! Maybe just going down a size would have helped?

    • kat89

      Looks like she borrowed that dress from Queen Latifah (who would look awesome in it!).

      • Tobey

        Oh, I get it! Queen Latifah is fat, and also Black. I know you think you’re being cute, but you aren’t.

    • Jacquelyn

      Fully agree TLo. That dress needs a belt or taken in or gone down in a size (probably two). I’m ignoring him altogether.

    • Vera

      She is one of my girl crushes, but she cannot be serious about that ill fitting dress. Looks like she’s playing dress up in big sister’s clothes.

    • understateddiva

      After a lifetime of pants that are too short, Dwayne Wade may have a deep-seated fear of hemming his pants. I picture him on a therapist’s couch somewhere – “It’s all my friends from school, and they keep saying, ‘where’s the flood, Dwayne?’ I wake up in a cold sweat!”

    • sagecreek

      Who puts on that dress, looks in the mirror, and says, “hey, this is the look for me!”

      Who, I ask you?

    • Adriana_Paula

      Sigh; with a belt I would have really liked it.

    • poggi

      I have to attend graduation ceremonies, long and hot ceremonies in academic regalia. Do they make this with the trim in blue and a matching tam?

    • Fanny_Trollope

      It’s like an elastic waistband that just quietly gave up and gave out. Sagging and sad.

    • quiltrx

      Good heavens, that dress might fit me. And let’s just say I’m MUCH larger that the lovely Ms. Union.
      Maybe she arrived last and got the only dress left LOL.

    • Sara Leigh Merrey

      Bucking the red mini dress trend, but not in a good way.

    • MoHub

      That is no one’s dress. However, it might be someone’s nightie.

    • lilyvonschtupp

      Possibly hiding a baby bump?

    • Pterodactyl111

      I do really like her blue toenail polish, though.

    • guest2visits

      Beautiful girl, great shoes…tatty housecoat. He looks terrific, too long pant aside.

    • Erica_Vuitton

      Mui Mui is clearly not a Gabby fan. That is NO ONE’S dress wow hideous.

    • lilyvonschtupp

      I don’t care about the dress, just the arm candy. She got herself a baller! Suki, suki now!