Emmy Rossum in Brentwood

Posted on August 22, 2013

We need a palate-cleanser after that last post, darlings. Miss Emmy shall be our amuse-bouche of the day.


Emmy Rossum stops for a drink at Starbucks while out and about in Brentwood, California.

Attagirl. Way to do the chic, clean, cazh thing to perfection. Love the blouse and the jacket (even if the sloppy tuck is making our eyelids twitch).

Celebs are always slightly off the season. She’s dressed like it’s October. In October, she’ll be dressing like it’s February. In February, she’ll be dressing like it’s June. Such is stardom. Part of it has to do with stylists and stars wanting to be seen in the very latest clothing, fresh off the runways, which then fuels a this-is-the-way-it’s-done conformity among them. To them, it’s perfectly normal to dress like it’s fall in summer and like it’s summer in winter.

Not that this looks so weird or anything. We’re sure it was weather-appropriate for Brentwood, but it definitely feels like more of a fall look, especially with the boots. Still, she looks super-cute.



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    • PlethoraofBooks

      J’adore the movement pictures where the sloppy tuck is much easier to ignore. She is adorable and chic.

    • Jacquelyn

      Her hair in the second photo is so lovely!

      • Karen Belgrad

        I love the fact that celebrities come equipped with personal wind machines!

      • Rand Ortega

        Bouncin’ & behavin’!

    • http://angrynerdgirl.net/ Jessi03

      She looks gorgeous. I hated her for a long time b/c of the atrocity that was the Phantom of the Opera movie. However, I finally watched Shameless, and she is divine.

      • JasmineAM

        I loved that movie when I was a kid. However, I didn’t like Gerard Butler as Erik/Phantom.

        • Nicole C

          OMG, isn’t he terribly awesome??? If you haven’t, check out Will Farrell as the Phantom on Letterman. I’d love if they could somehow cut him into that version because it wouldn’t take anything away.

      • Stacy Feng

        I cannot watch that movie, I hurl things at the TV. It’s my favorite musical, and they butchered it. Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber was involved, and he let them butcher it.

        • http://angrynerdgirl.net/ Jessi03

          Exactly. My friends and I were so excited when we heard it was coming out. Then we were nearly kicked out of the theater because we were laughing so hard at the trainwreck on the screen.

    • Monzerrat Ontiveros

      from the wast up classy and chic, and from the waist down a little kardashian don’t you think?

      • mlle

        Nah, needs more leopard print or unflattering-but-trendy detailing to be Kardashian. They don’t have a monopoly on jeans tucked into boots.

        • marlie

          And the jeans would have to be 1 or 2 sizes smaller and bedazzled to fall into Kardashian territory.

          • mlle

            I think you mean enKrusted with jewels…

            • Jacob Bowen

              OH MY GOD. I almost peed…that was PERFECT.

        • Monzerrat Ontiveros

          you’re right, Emily is doing the boots-over-jeans classier than the Kardashian way…. Still this is their signature look…

    • mlle

      This is adorable. I want all of it.

      • Rhonda Shore

        I want that shirt!!!

    • LongTall_Sally

      Awwww! She lost her purse somewhere! I hope she finds it!

      • mlle

        Good catch!

      • tereliz

        I stole it. :)

    • Emily Smith

      My feet are sweating just looking at those boots but where I am it’s 85 and 90% humidity right now…

    • Adrianna Grężak

      wind in the hair! wind in the hair!

    • NYCGlamourpuss

      Oh, just adorable! Seriously cute, even if it is out of season.

    • http://dontmakeitlikeimdumb.blogspot.com/ annabelle archer

      Pantene commercial.

    • marlie

      I know that the weather changes from region to region, but this still reads as “FALL” to me. Still… I’m going to rock this look SO hard in about 2 months. (She looks fabulous, and I want those boots.)

      • mlle

        Looking at California stars baffles me sometimes, so I’ve just decided that the lack of distinct seasons means it’s every season all at once.

      • getouttadodge

        Agreed. I purposely pack away all my fantastic boots until Sept. As much as I am dying to wear them, I must adhere to seasonal dressing! (Mainly because it gives me something to look forward to, and who like stank boot in August?)

      • elizonthelam

        It’s still in the high 80s/low 90s her in SoCal. I frequently defend the wearing of scarves and other warming clothes here, but i’m melting at the thought of that much clothes in this weather. Totally a great look—that should be put back in the closet until November.

        • marlie

          As someone who works in an office with the AC thermostat set to “arctic,” I understand sweaters and scarves and even light jackets even in the summer, but I still try to pair those items with clothes that seem “summery” otherwise.

    • tereliz

      Love the jacket! Perfect with those boots. She does casual so well.

    • Meg0GayGuys6

      “Ya know, I had a grape 4 hours ago, so I better split this with you.”… “Well, it is amoooosing”

      Man! Two Friends references in two days! We’re on a roll!

      She looks fanfuckingfastic, btw :)

    • MilaXX

      That will look really cute in 2 mths

      • mjude

        exactly, not in the hot & humid conditions in my city.

    • Jessica Freeman

      I think I’d like it better without the blazer. It looks just a bit heavy for me in late August.

    • filmcricket

      Very chic. She’s making me long for orange leaves, crisp air, and the smell of wood smoke.

    • SugarSnap108

      Yes, it’s a weird choice for August. But she looks so fabulous. I want everything she’s wearing (and also her face, hair and body).

    • gubblebumm

      once school starts, its fall, except of course in san francisco, where its summer….

    • elemspbee

      Depending on what time this was, and it if was yesterday, it was in the low 90s in LA.

      • DTLAFamilies

        I was about to say I’m in Los Angeles and it’s been freakin’ hot all week. This outfit is insane.

    • stubbornthoughts

      Girl crush. Also, this solidifies the fact that I’m gonna need to get me some blazers for the fall.

    • lehen

      it is freaking 90 outside on my side of the country. this is ridiculous.

    • AnnaleighBelle

      Amuse-bouche? You just made me miss Hannibal. Next season can come quickly enough!

    • kimmeister

      I love the blazer EXCEPT for the fact that it has no closure on it. I’ve declined to buy several cute ones lately for that very reason.

    • ErmengardeGreen

      It’s true about celebrities and weather, but also the “seasons” are different out here — the summer is often colder than the fall, even in LA.

    • Jacqueline Wessel

      She looks so cute and comfortable that I’m inspired to go out and have a look at the Fall fashions.

    • Angela_the_Librarian

      This reminds me of wanting to wear my new fall clothes as soon as school started back…in 90+ degree August. I was always so sad that I couldn’t wear the cute new sweater for another month or two.

      As for this outfit, very cute, but I don’t like the lapel thing just hanging there. Makes it look a bit like a chic ringmaster coat.

    • Joan Wilder

      Funny thing is, it’s been cold all summer here and now it’s beach days. She could have warn this in July and I would have understood.

    • Imasewsure

      Brentwood is just as hot as the rest of LA but she still looks cute. Plus I’m assuming that people with zero body fat need layers year round (or at least they don’t cook like the rest of us)

    • Heather

      LIke October in NY, specifically. I can’t imagine those boots with jeans in LA any time of the year.

    • Ashley Ellen Wilson

      Uh I want that jacket!!

    • Victoria Anzalone

      Daytime WERQ, if you ask me. She looks the way I feel when I’m having an awesome hair day and wearing a new outfit. I bet she has her own soundtrack following her around.

    • fungstyle

      Must have those boots! Anyone know who makes them?

    • flamingoNW

      Well, it’s pretty hot this week in So Cal, so I’m sure those boots were nice and sweaty….

    • Brittany Knupper

      Those boots are gorgeous, but I live in LA and it is still too damn hot. My feet are sweating just looking at them.

    • newleaf1

      Is anyone else hearing the theme music from the “Charlie” commercial from the 70’s upon seeing these shots?

    • Stella Zawistowski


    • Just Me

      Look at that Kate Middleton before she was Cathy Cambridge realness!

    • http://twitter.com/#!/Space_Kitty Space Kitty

      She looks completely adorable, and if that really is weather appropriate in LA right now I’m sick with envy.

    • decormaven

      She looks cool and confident, which must be a heck of a task in August weather, no matter the geographic location.

    • Florence Whytingale


    • formerlyAnon

      She does look “super-cute.” And it’s not [all] riding on her personal good looks.

    • Trisha26

      Unless celebs don’t perspire (and knowing them, they don’t) this is totally inappropriate for August in LA. We’re just getting to our warm weather – it was at least 70 F if not 80 when this was taken. Cute though.

    • Pterodactyl111

      This outfit makes me wish it was fall. Too bad I live in the South.

    • bingo

      she looks super cute, because she is. what a gamine smile.

    • PeaceBang

      Love this! Blue and black, so chic. And I love when she steps off the harsh lippy.

    • Aaminah Khan

      This looks a lot like the outfits I wear out during fall and winter, so naturally, I love it.

    • kathrineb

      Not very exciting but it’s clean and pretty.

    • siao

      I’ll have what she’s having.

    • MissHellDial

      I want this outfit and I’m pretty sure it wants me back.