Carey Mulligan in Miu Miu at the Venice International Film Festival

Posted on August 30, 2013

Well, this all appears to be in order. You say “Carey Mulligan at the Venice Film Festival” and this is pretty much the picture that springs to mind. Well. To our minds, anyway.


Carey Mulligan attends the Miu Miu’s “Women’s Tales” premiere during the 70th Venice International Film Festival at the Palazzo del Cinema in Venice, Italy in a Miu Miu dress paired with Miu Miu shoes and Prada sunglasses.

Prada Pilot 2013 Tortoise Sunglasses

We don’t know… it’s not terrible, but we get the impression she’s fallen out of love with fashion. She never quite seems to make the effort like she used to when she first hit the scene. There’s just no ooomph here. And if you’re standing on a Venetian red carpet wearing borrowed clothes from a top Italian designer and you can’t manage ooomph? Something’s gone wrong.

Those shades don’t go with that dress at all, by the way. She don’t care.




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  • Vtg Fashion Library

    Love the shoes. Those shades leave me flummoxed.

  • marlie

    Is the collar supposed to be uneven like that? Because it’s making my eye twitch.

    • alyce1213

      I think it just needs a tug.

  • Erica_Vuitton

    OMG I need those sunglasses. Like won’t pay my rent to have them level of need.

    The dress is very basic she does look over it. Or jet lagged and too tired to put in effort. Also she needs a new RC hairstyle.

    • Introspective

      loving the glasses my damn self!!! but HATING them with this outfit. unless she was going for bored socialite school marm. cause if so, spot on carey!

    • ballerinawithagun

      Love those glasses! So happy that large glasses are back in style. The little glasses did nothing for my face.

  • Its kinda nerd girl cute in a way. But I agree that some more effort was in order.

  • SewingSiren

    She is so cute. And I absolutely love the glasses. I personally would love a pair , except without the additional bridge which reminds me of The Jerk.

  • Jenn B

    I often wonder why people grow their short hair out if they wear it back all the time? Or maybe my impression of “all the time” is really only on the red carpet.

    • I can’t speak to the red carpet, but for me it is because having my hair falling into my face sends me into a homicidal rage, but properly short hair takes too much maintenance.

    • mlle

      I grew out my short hair because it still took a while to style, and I missed being able to wear it back. Now that it’s long, I never wear it down.

  • Jacquelyn

    Those glasses are not helping her situation. They are cute but pairing with that dress is ugh. The dress itself looks a little school teacher.

  • NYCGlamourpuss

    You’re right, I think she don’t care at all.

  • Emily Giovanni

    Those sunglasses are hideous! They are distracting me from the rest of her outfit.

  • NBG

    I have the long-sleeved version of this dress. I wear it to funerals and wakes. That’s the truth!

  • What did a bitter kitten call these the other day? Was it “status creases”?

  • KikiAvocado

    it is a bit “Wednesday Addams” – and the glasses are ugh!

  • teensmom99

    I think the glasses are the element that make it her.

  • Diego!

    This looks like a school uniform… it doesn’t say anything.

  • CT14

    I hate her hair. She looks awful with it pulled back like that, and she looks washed out.

    I know she can be a pretty blonde, but she needs some more color. If not a darker hair, darker lips.

    She makes me sad.

  • HVM

    I really hope there is some good sausage Friday posts on the way because these pictures have really harshed my weekend buzz.

    • In_Stitches

      I hope they feature Aaron Taylor Johnson. He did a feature for Men’s Health…or fitness…or some Men’s boondoggle. Either way, the results were decidedly sausage-y.

  • decormaven

    Bless her! The poledance for The Great Gatsby was a tough one, I’m afraid. This look would have been better with no glasses, or the glasses paired with another outfit.

  • Chuck Barthelme

    Yeah, the shades just don’t look like her. Too big, and too tortoise shell. A solid color would have worked better. Some solid red Ray-Ban wayfarer would have been cooler. Also not in love with the dress, even if she does look okay in it.

  • Phoning it in.

  • Lilithcat

    Take a letter, Miss Mulligan. And, by the way, open-toed shoes violate the office dress code.

  • SylviaFowler

    She looks about 55 years old without the sunglasses — with them, a solid 67.

  • Andsheewas

    Oh Sally Sparrow, I cannot sign off on those glasses.

  • Tatiana Luján

    I like it, but she should have had her dress ironed.

  • mlle

    Steam your dress, lady.

  • Monzerrat Ontiveros

    hate hate hate that pose, leave that to selena…

  • eowyn_of_rohan

    It’s the same dress Lena Dunham wore in that Marie-Claire shoot, right? She brought some nice oomph to it. Carey just makes it look listless.

  • Latin Buddy

    I’m still mad that she (along with Leo and McGuire RUINED Gatsby)

    • housefulofboys

      i think the Gatsby book is cursed, there has never been a decent movie adaptation. Even Robert Redford was dreadful in it.

  • AnniNoone

    When I first saw this, I imagined her saying “Gatsby flop? What Gatsby flop?” She could certainly have done anything-but-20s-drag with more flair, though, for sure.

    I still can’t decide whether I hate her because of her husband or whether I’m chill because he’s too young for me anyway. (And because I will never meet these people, but you know.)

  • Sara Brams-Miller

    I think she looks adorable.

  • halleygee

    Looks odd, like the sunglasses cost more than the rest of the outfit. Agree they don’t go at all.

  • vahtel

    Is anyone else getting Kirsten Dunst vibes off of her?

    • Carleenml

      I’m starting to feel a Gwyneth tic whenever she appears.

  • LaSylphide

    WHY oh why does she always strike that arms- hot-glued-to-her-side pose? It just ruins everything she puts on. Clothes are meant to move, not just hang there. Having said that, I like the dress, and it seems like a good cut and fit for here, but she’s undermining all the good stuff. Grrrrrrrr…..

  • elemspbee

    I was going to say this is cute–the dress, wrinkled as it may be, and the shoe combo. But then TLo said the obvious–she’s in Italy. How disappointing.

  • lobsterlen

    Carey is wearing my school uniform with very interesting sunglasses. Well except I ironed my uniform before school everyday.

  • Poeta Paz

    A dress for a modern Catholic nun.

  • MilaXX

    I think she would look great in that outfit Emily Rossbuam had on the other day. LOVE those Prada sunglasses.

  • alyce1213

    There’s a strong similarity to Lena Dunham’s dress and shoes yesterday. I think she looks fine, needs different sunglasses (send these to me immediately), and a little something with the hair. (And an iron)

    • housefulofboys

      I love me some tortoise glasses.

  • joancarol

    Those glasses make her look like John Malkovich.

  • Imasewsure

    She’s an “old” married lady now so maybe she has more perspective on the poledance… or maybe she never really was a fashionista but knew that the effort was crucial at the beginning of her career. Too bad… this is dull

  • JP

    Is she working a Catholic school girl fetish? Because change that collar to a Peter Pan and you have my old uniform almost.

  • Jennifer Karin

    Those glasses are fabu! Please hand them to Tilda immediately.

  • I completely hate those sunglasses.

  • kimmeister

    The shades are interesting, but completely wrong for her face.

  • Trickytrisha

    She has the *prim and proper* trademark in the bag. Wearing quirky shades doesn’t take it to “cool and hip”.

  • conniemd

    I keep thinking of one of those gadgets they used to advertise for television sale where you just held up the steamer to suits, clothes, curtains and they instantly became unwrinkled. Maybe they should have a little curtained area in the red carpet where people can go to get an instant “press” on their clothes. LOL

  • Shawn EH

    Definitely wrong shades. Or wrong hair. But nice shades and maybe some jewels would fix everything.

  • SorayaS

    I’d say the sunglasses go with the dress just because the dress is the plainest item of clothing in existence and wouldn’t clash with anything. I’m glad she wore the sunnies just as a point of interest! They are literally the only accessory and the only thing that stopped me falling asleep.

  • berkeleygirl

    She may have fallen out of love with fashion but, damn, marriage agrees with her.

  • littlemac8

    The dress fabric looks cheap. The glasses are unflattering on her face and inappropriate for the occasion but the HAIR!! How can you appear at a big event like this with your hair lumpy and bumpy like you just pulled it back at the gym. Phoning it in!