Amber Heard in Osman at the 2013 Hollywood Foreign Press Association Installation Luncheon

Posted on August 14, 2013

Amber Heard attends the 2013 Hollywood Foreign Press Association Annual Luncheon in Beverly Hills, California in an Osman top and skirt paired with Casadei ‘Blade’ pumps and EF Collection jewelry.

Osman Resort 2014 Collection



[Photo Credit: Andrew Evans/, Jennifer Graylock/,]

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  • Karen Belgrad

    Did Project Runway have a celebrity challenge where they were limited to Brawny Paper Towels for material?

    • TonyGo

      Amber Heard, the Quicker Picker-Upper.

      • Karen Belgrad

        Wait… didn’t she “picker-upper” the human wind chime?

        • flamingoNW

          the elderly gay wind chime? Yes. Yes she did

          • TonyGo

            A lady wearing paper towel garments should not be dating Edward Scissorhands.

          • flamingoNW

            this is a good point

          • Lily-Rygh

            And with that, I have spit the water that was in my mouth straight onto my monitor.

    • drdarke

      No, because Brawny’s owned by The Koch Brothers of ALEC infamy – and they’re about as anti-gay and -womens rights as you can get, @Karen Belgrad! I don’t think Tim or Heidi would have a thing to do with them….

      Now Bounty is owned by Procter & Gamble – who have publicly supported gay rights. They make better paper towels, too – and that looks more like it was made out of Quilted Bounty paper towels, anyway. Completely just and proper for a Make It Work moment!

      • drdarke

        Now, having established my p.c. bona fides – I’d just like to give Ms. Heard a Nice Big YAWWNNN on this outfit.

        My first impression, looking at this ensemble on my iPad, was, “Five A.M., John Book – time for milking.” The outfit, the styling, the (what is that color, anyway? “Off-peach”?) shoes, all combine to create an outfit that’s not fashionable, not sexy, not even especially interesting – it’s just all kind of…there.

        The way she’s dressing lately, all I can think is that she’s hoping to convince Depp (or somebody) that despite her reputation as Bisexual Wild Girl, she’s really Suitable Wife and Stepmother To His Children material….

      • Karen Belgrad

        I was woefully uninformed (hangs head in shame)… Having never eaten a Chic-Fil-A propaganda sandwich, I will concur with all you said above!

      • LauraAgain


        Oh brother. Bringing politics into fashion? Really?

    • barbarienne

      Paper towel materials challenge, designing new patient wear for a hospital.

  • lexilexi

    What an unfortunate skirt. Gives her toddler belly.

    • Random Compliments

      Nailed it. This is exactly what my twin toddlers’ bellies look like!

  • iseeshesaid

    Can we just do something about everyone’s shoes?!

    I’m not going to even touch the dress. *see above comments

  • Lilyana_F

    What is that fabric, I don’t even…

    • 3boysful

      I get the Brawny jokes, but I love the fabric. The garment is a tragedy. And I cannot even go there with the shoes.

  • flamingoNW

    For this challenge, you will have to craft an outfit using only this hospital gown. Use the Belk accessories wall thoughtfully….

    • twigg

      “and you have 20 minutes to complete this challenge”

  • sagecreek

    Oh, dear, it’s a Simplicity Learn to Sew project!

  • IamNOToneofyourFANS

    I just can’t with that dress. It is even less than the sum of its many terrible parts.

    I kind of like the braided hair, but how does she keep from going nuts with those little pieces of hair in her face?

  • charlotte

    The lovechild of Emily Blunt and Olivia Munn at her first communion.

  • Teresa

    She reminds of Scarlett J, especially the arm on hip photo.

  • Squareface

    Hey I just made one of these at a bridal shower!

  • Glam Dixie

    Wait, you mean you also have a skirt that adds volume and is unflattering, not just a top? I’ll take both pieces so I can wear them together and look bigger and less attractive!

  • alyce1213

    From the front it’s bad enough, but what on earth is going on in the back? Is the top fully open? Is that a little skirt tail hitting the back of her ankle?
    Ditto on all the paper towel comments.

    • conniemd

      I think that looking at the first model’s version, it is actually a dress with a cape over it. Looks like the black is sewn to the skirt. Appears she liked the cape with the long skirt, despite an open back.

  • Trisha26

    Sad, unflattering, and god-awful shoes. It doesn’t get much worse.

  • kimmeister

    Her face is stunningly gorgeous. I like the hair too. Everything else, not so much. Does the back of the top gape open?

    • MilaXX

      Yup, it does and that’s not helping matters.

  • E. D.


  • quiltrx

    More kitchen toweling dresses? WHAT is the DEAL?

  • susan6

    She looks like a little kid playing dress up with a couple towels and mommy’s shoes.

    • TigerLaverada

      My thought exactly.

  • TigerLaverada

    Is fashion going through an ugly pique phase or something? Also, this looks like it simply doesn’t fit at all.

    • makeityourself

      It appears to be so. Piqué with a tail.
      I have sewn piqué many times, and never once did I consider adding a tail.

  • H2olovngrl

    Why on Earth would somene pick those shoes to go with that dress?

  • MandyM

    This looks like the same fabric Lily Collins was wearing the other day. It had a funny shape too. Not funny, ha ha. Funny BAD. She should have at least gone with the shorter skirt.

  • Imasewsure

    “I’m Liesel…I’m 16 years old and I DON’T need a governess!!”

  • MilaXX

    Nope, that skirt does not work with that top. It just looks like her clothes are ill fitted.

  • Anniebet

    Beautifully done face and hair. Badly done clothes. Horribly done shoes. Love the delicate jewelry.

  • KingCrazy

    Makeup is great. Go home and start over with everything else.

  • That top really only goes with the runway/editorial skirt. Or at least some sort of high-waisted skirt. This is just floopy.

  • MiriamMc75


  • HVM

    She’s pulling a Jolie.

  • Diego!

    Towel Dress. NO.

  • sweet_potato

    That’s a bullshit dress.

  • MannahattaMamma

    just because she’s shtupping Johnny Depp now we have to look at her all the time?

  • librarygrrl64


  • LauraAgain

    Okay, I love everything from the neck up. Otherwise, NO NO NO!!!

  • LauraAgain

    She’s gorgeous. Reminds me of a (very) young Sharon Stone.