Zuhair Murad Fall 2013 Couture Collection

Posted on July 16, 2013

Zuhair Murad Fall 2013 Couture Collection




[Photo Credit: IMAXtree]

    • rosie5215

      Waiting for J.Lo. to make an appearance in the black-and-sheer catsuit in 3…2…

      • Jen

        Oh! I was thinking K. Stew, but JLo would look a lot cleaner in it I imagine…

        • Emily

          I totally said K. Stew to my computer when I saw all of the lace pants/jumpsuit things.

          • Jacqueline Wessel

            me too!

        • veleri

          well we can leave the black-and-sheer catsuit to Kstew and give the other catsuit with the fur coat to our jenny.

        • rosie5215

          One of the spooky tree dresses might make for a good ‘Snow White and the Huntsman 2′ red carpet dress.

        • Danielle L

          I shouted K.Stew at about the fourth picture in.

        • kim bunchalastnames

          k stew here too … which sounds like the beginning of a really bad rap tune.

          • kim bunchalastnames

            and the sixth one up from the bridal gown, the one right above the pale, wan bondage wrap: charlize theron.

          • Airkisses

            Totally thought that! And Kristen Bell would look AMAZING in the dress right before it.

        • Ugly

          I thought the same thing!

      •  Cαrlσs Quiñσnes ♐

        hahaha I just thought the same when i saw that one!!!

      • frannyprof

        Was just thinking the same thing!!

      • ConnieBV


        • MoHub

          Nope. Not seeing Heidi in any of these. She goes for a different style of tacky.

      • Rand Ortega

        Funny, I was thinking Gaga for her CD pole dance. But you’re prolly right.

      • Kent Roby

        Are you kidding; Stephi will wear that to the grocery store to “buy eggs” before anyone else has a chance to be seen in it.

      • kim bunchalastnames

        i see j.lo. in the 14th — the black lace over fleshpot suit — when she’s staging a grocery shopping photo op.

      • joything

        Original Broadway production of “Nine.”

      • rosie5215

        Annnnd…she wore it to perform at the Premios Juventud. Oh, J.Lo.

    • Nancer

      So beautiful. Love it.

    • veleri

      I can see Catherine Zeta Jones in most of them.

      • Annarosa

        I can see ME in most of them.

        • veleri

          you can be my Zeta Jones if you want.

          • Annarosa

            I do.

            • Winter_White

              Lol, veleri & Annarosa. Whatever you two just committed to here, please invite me to the formal ceremony. :)

            • veleri

              <3 we'll keep you posted!

            • Annarosa


    • Annarosa

      I love EVERYTHING except for the bridal.
      Why I’m not rich and famous? Why?

      • veleri

        yeah. let’s forget about the bridal and focus on the first part of your sentence, darling : why I’m not rich?

        • Annarosa

          damn it.

      • GiraffeCat

        I wish the bridal had the same twiggy motif as the rest of the collection.

      • demidaemon

        I am concerned about your taste level.

    • Diego!

      GORGEOUS!!! What a stunning collection! I can see many “stars” wearing several of these dresses. It´s a beautiful collection!

    • http://dontmakeitlikeimdumb.blogspot.com/ annabelle archer

      Pasty, fungal, and wholly unflattering to breasts everywhere.

      • veleri

        yeah, I see a lot of boobs issues. however some garments are really beautiful

        • http://dontmakeitlikeimdumb.blogspot.com/ annabelle archer

          I’ve been back several times, and even if there are a couple that I like, I still want to make little adjustments or there’s an element that doesn’t work for me. I want to like the idea of some of these, it is just not happening.

          • veleri

            I have problems with some garments and with some waistlines (hope it is the right word)

      • MoHub

        I do rather like the greens.

      • Domo_Konnichiwa

        At least I can hide my spider veins with the blues!

      • makeityourself

        Yes. The first dress was a Valentino ripoff and it went downhill from there.

        I’ll add “overworked, contrived and gauche” to your “pasty, fungal and wholly unflattering to breasts everywhere.”

    • teensmom99

      There was something off to me about all of these even though the dresses are interesting and often beautiful. At first I thought it was using white models for dresses that would work well with dark skin but look washed out. And then I realized that the real problem is that the models are too young. These are dresses for women with curves and a little mileage–sophisitcated in an old school way. They don’t work for me on these 90 lb 17 year olds–but some would be great on an older woman with curves (and by older, I don’t mean old–this is fashion of course). Others have mentioned JLo or Catherine ZT. I’m also thinking ScarJo.

      • Sunraya

        I just said the same thing – the gowns are wearing the girls, rather than the girls wearing the gowns.

        • teensmom99

          Yup–and girls is the operative word.

      • oohsparkley!

        I was also thinking most of these dresses need women with more curves (esp. boobs).

    • blogless

      The one that’s used in the thumbnail is breathtaking. (5th from the top.)

    • http://joyouslifesf.wordpress.com Kiltdntiltd

      Can someone explain what about a stretch chiffon embellished body stocking says Fall?
      This collection is all over the place.

      • rosie5215

        Agree with the all over the place – you have lingerie, spooky tree, art deco jewel box, and ice skating costume all rolled into one surprisingly unflattering collection.

        • Lisa Hager

          YES. These were the things I was trying to sort out in my head.

      • StellaZafella

        Costumes for “The Queen, the Witch and the Temptress” my new movie project…now we just need a cast.
        Start with Charleze Theron

        • http://joyouslifesf.wordpress.com Kiltdntiltd

          Awwwww, I thought you were going to do all three roles. So sad now.

        • barbarienne

          Yeah, my reaction to this was, “I want to dress a million fantasy novel heroines in this stuff.”

    • IngerMereteH

      Several beautiful and intricate pieces, for instance the last, strapless grey gown, but for others the proportions strike me as odd and unflattering, and some of them are going to look downright vulgar on anybody who is not built like a straw. I wonder if this is going to be the beginning of a “murdered partygirl found afloat in the swamps on CSI Miami” chic trend.

      • gabbilevy

        That grey gown is a show-stealer. Going to look amazing on somebody on the RC.

        I really do love the vein/root design, although I hope when it is deployed on the back of some starlet, she wears it lined. Would be a shame to let that striking design get ruined by panties or nipples

        • MissAmynae

          I’d love to see it on Rooney Mara. Her pale pale skin, dark hair/lips combo…would be gorgeous. And a departure for her. Could be a real “moment”

          but it’ll probably go to chastain or Amy Adams. bleh.

    • veleri

      Second to last: Britney Spears. Toxic.

    • Emily Giovanni

      That first dress is a gorgeous tease that the rest of the collection totally failed to live up to.

    • NOLA_gal

      Hahahahaha *snort*. Oh my god, can we please just NOT do this? Can we NOT with the sheers, and the nudes, and the illusion netting, and the Big Bird dismemberment? Can women please wear clothes again that actually don’t have any gaps or holes in them? *gasp, expire*

      • MoHub

        Well, it is couture, so it’s not meant to be worn as it appears on the runway. However, I don’t really see how some of these will translate to ready-to-wear.

        • NOLA_gal

          I know, but this is what’s out there as the best of the best. It’s aspirational, and damn me if it’s not further hooch-ification of women everywhere. Well, not Helen Mirren.

        • demidaemon

          Yes, but because it is couture, these are all one of a kind dresses, so any that appear on the red carpet will probably have minimal alterations (hopefully lots and lots of flattering linings).

    • Angela_the_Librarian

      The branch details almost look too much like veins, but for some reason I find most of these dresses to be quite beautiful and striking. The 28th one down (icy blue, long dress with sheer sleeve things) just screams ice princess to me. Actually my overall impression of the collection was Evil fairy tale queen.

    • bertkeeter

      A JLO wet dream!

    • Observer

      Nothing quite says haute couture like outlining your circulatory system (vein view in blue) over your entire body.

      • kimmeister

        I think he was going for trees/roots but I saw veins and arteries as well.

        • Observer

          Maybe no one on the design team ever dissected a frog in high school.

    • queen b*tch

      I feel like I’ve seen this all before…

    • mjude

      some of it i like but others looks “itchy” to me

    • Kayceed

      This is a bit as if Elie Saab had a vulgar streak and lacked restraint. Some of these are straining towards elegance but come off as too theatrical – in fact some actually look like stagewear to me.

      • AmandaCathleen

        My thoughts exactly. More than a few of these look like costumes to me, and they’re surprisingly cheap-looking as well.

    • Tracy_Flick

      Tacky see-through stuff for Kristen Stewart, with a few pageant gowns thrown in. YAWN.

    • MilaXX

      Ugh This ranges from boring to tacky. I dislike all the dresses in that old bra beige color,. The jumpsuits all look like a cross between Dr. Good body & mold. Numbers 10, 16 & I think 26 (blue version of 16) are particularly buddy. The shiny material & body hugging shapes pretty much guarantees we’ll see JLo, Sofia Vergara, Blake Lively & post baby Halle Berry in them come awards season.

      • demidaemon

        Your thoughts on the jumpsuits (as well as anything in here that consists of a sheer base with embellishments) = my thoughts exactly.

    • Tatiana Luján

      Some are gorgeous, some are extremely tacky, and some look like costumes for witches in a movie.

    • kimmeister

      Some of these complicated bodices and terribly unflattering, like the black one that is 6 below the black lace bodysuit.

    • AmeliaEve

      The lace catsuits strike me as refreshingly honest. Sort of a reductio ad absurdum of this whole sheer lingerie look. Just go there already.

    • save_the_hobbit

      All I can think of is spider veins for the blue ones. But some are really gorgeous.

    • Fifi LaRoux

      Some of these are absolutely stunning, and some of these I shudder to think of who will wear them on the red carpet.

      • demidaemon

        I don’t shudder; I cringe.

    • nannypoo

      Sometimes there’s a great sale on shoes and I will buy more than one pair, but I don’t wear them with everything.

    • MK03

      Okay, who do I need to blow to get that gorgeous ice-blue number??

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QFW22QV426LUOEPGASPZJWJMDE MishaFoomin

      Couture for circus performers, most of them.

    • Imasewsure

      Wow hate all of this except for the simple Ginger Grant dresses and maybe the wedding dress

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1180174329 Elizabeth Phillips

      Oy. The Anita Morris catsuits made my eyes hurt…

    • Meg0GayGuys6

      The blue branches (?) on the bodices look… vein-y.

      • DarkWillow

        I’m with you – all I see are spider veins.

    • PeggyOC

      Are you the Gatekeeper? There’s some really “Zool” outfits in there.

    • frannyprof

      Not feeling it.

    • nycfan

      Black cat suit = K Stew 100%
      Ice blue tree dress = January Jones or Nicole Kidman
      blue branches on champagne chiffon (or whatever that is) = Jennifer Lawrence

      But who could pull off the pewter dress?

      Love the jewel tones and the branch/limb/tree theme. Hope the drab champagne ones are the only ones to see the red carpet.

    • plinkiedoodle

      Love every single one!

    • TheAmericaness

      I remember rolling my eyes at Sanji in Season 10 of PR when she said that she felt that male designers made what they wanted to see women wear and it was all chiffons and ephemeral lacy things. My main thought at the time was that aside from Dimitry, who I wasn’t sure about, the designers she was with in particular were gay and so were not making things they wanted to see women in, but what they wished they could have worn when they were little. I think she was speaking of designers in general and that women were much edgier which is another discussion.

      My whole point here is that I’m not sure whether Murad here is gay or not. However, it made me think of what Sanji said and unroll my eyes because THAT collection proves her point to a T.

      • demidaemon

        I agree. But when it comes to male designers sexuality, I always assume gay unless proven otherwise. It makes more sense that way.

      • http://www.tomandlorenzo.com/ Tom and Lorenzo

        “My main thought at the time was that aside from Dimitry, who I wasn’t
        sure about, the designers she was with in particular were gay and so
        were not making things they wanted to see women in, but what they wished
        they could have worn when they were little.”

        This is stupid and offensive. Learn the difference between gay people and transgender people.

        • TheAmericaness

          1. I get the diff between gay and transgender – you don’t live in the land of Dan Savage, march in Gay Pride, and not know.

          2. My joke was predicated on the fact that Sanji worked with Fabio. Go back and watch the show boys and look at how he dresses. I should have narrowed my joke down or explained it in context instead of leaving it so broad and for that, and that alone, I apologize. Even Christopher was offering to come over and design him some dresses to wear.

          • http://www.tomandlorenzo.com/ Tom and Lorenzo

            You said that gay men make the kind of clothes for women they wanted to wear when they were little. You clearly don’t know the difference as well as you think.

    • padma sallah

      I do not understand why in the world, any one other thank Kstew would want glittery body-stockings. They are so unflattering it hurts. I was watching this collection on TV and I cringed at the body-stocking and the blue dress with pants and a full skirt. I am also kind of put off by the sheer number of sheer panels. Heh.

    • Rebecca Clifford

      Some of those branches remind me of veins. I’m getting a real vibe of the finale to “All That Jazz” here.

    • http://gabyrippling.tumblr.com/ Gaby

      If I don’t see some of these on the red carpet during awards season or at the Met Gala, I’m going to be severely disappointed in a lot of stylists/celebs. Though knowing them, we’ll probably start seeing these gowns in August (and look miserably hot) and wearing the spring looks during awards season.

    • LesYeuxHiboux

      A lot of this is capital C, Crazy (or capital B, Booby)…but I’d love the see Kristen Stewart in the 4th look for a Huntsman-related appearance.

    • ConnieBV

      It’s like gorg, gorg, gorg, Dynasty dress, gorg gorg catsuit wtf. gorg.

    • MightyMarshal

      This is walking down a relevant runway like 7 years after her season ended and somewhere in the world, Laura Bennett is PISSED 10 times over that she didn’t win. Deservedly.

    • crash1212

      Not feeling the glittery veins or really anything else in this collection.

    • http://bringbackjack43.blogspot.com/ Lindsay Rose

      Black Swan meets Cirque du Soleil meets Bob Mackie. Loves it.

    • Ediths_Head

      Now we know where old bras – of all colors and including Cher’s – go to die.

    • fiestyfashionfem

      No. Done with the sheer/lacy/tights/bandage-y stuff. Seems like the same old same old. Stop trying to make this stuff look good – designers. It doesn’t belong on the red carpet but could kick ass on the ice. Celebrities aren’t living on an ice-rink getting ready to do a salchow, triple, sit spin. Wait – maybe they are in some ways.

    • Qitkat

      What a stunning, interesting collection. It’s certainly head-turning. The viney treatment is especially spectacular. Some of the obvious people will be wearing these, but I’d like to see some women we’d never imagine going for these looks on the red carpet. And the color palette is luscious.

    • Blair Sylvester

      is it just me or are most couture labels stuck in a rut. they just seem to trot out the same things year after year. Tulle explosions, sheers, peplums, cutouts. I’m sure its hard to come up with stuff that seems fresh year after year but I feel like you could plop most of these garments in any show from the last five seasons and it would fit right in

    • conniemd

      I have mixed feelings because too much sheer, cutout and boobs, but the color palette is beautiful as are some of the pieces. The thumbnail dress, the blue and silver dress right below the first cat suit and the ice blue dress are breathtaking. I also feel like several other pieces could have been amazing as well with less sheer or boobs or the waist cutouts. So it’s kinda sad for what could have been.

    • Ashley Ellen Wilson

      Lord these are beautiful, but the first one and the first blue one are just breathtaking. Love these…

    • Kathryn Tewson

      Over/under on how long it takes Kristin Stewart to show up in one of those body stockings?

    • Kent Roby

      The cropped thumbnail made me expect a completely “been done before” intricately-detailed collection, but this has lots of nice surprises.

    • elemspbee

      luv the play on flesh and vein!

    • kim bunchalastnames

      and here’s hoping helen of fanfuckingtastica wears dress #6 to ANYTHING. and EVERYTHING.

    • Anniebet

      The celebrity stylists must have been going berserk trying to secure these for their clients. Talk about a red carpet collection. Virtually every piece here seems tailor-made (heh) for at least one celeb, for instance – Christina Hendricks in the dark green strapless number? So much glamour, so much gorgeous. The only dud for me is the bride, and it’s because the model looks like she’d rather be in Cleveland.

    • LibrarianLizy

      The sheer lace trend is never going to die. Sigh.

      However, I need someone to show up in that spangled bodysuit ASAP.

    • Jeff Warhurst

      Applique city…

    • Josefina Madariaga Suárez

      All I want to do is touch those dresses, they look so exquisite and textural and ethereal.

    • Airkisses

      A few of these were Xena Warrior Princess Couture

    • Lisa M. (ReVoir) Kramp

      I want to see Queen Helen in one of the tree dresses!

    • Shawn EH

      Star Trek couture, but I like some of the short dresses.

    • Levedi

      EDIT!! This collection desperately needs editing. I love the ideas behind these dresses, especially the tree branch motif, but every single one is overwrought, poorly fitted (esp. around the breasts) and over embellished. This is why people need editors.

    • a_liking

      oh, I LOVE those spooky tree dresses. Those are amazing. Also adore the shorter green geometrical beaded dress – stunning.

    • Raymond Dnomyar

      The only piece I didn’t have an issue with was the fourth to last. Did NOT like the catsuits, the blues got tiring, and much of the beading/pleated skirts made the dresses scream “prom” to me. Plus, ugh, lace + illusion netting + that icky nude that will always look like undergarments to me? No, thanks. I think the branch theme is interesting but I’m not a big fan of how it was deployed.

    • LadyJazzmine

      This collection just screams Frederick’s of Hollywood – slutty lingerie.

    • pippitypup

      Now we know what all the best-dressed evil elf queens will be wearing this year.

    • http://piblet.tumblr.com/ Anastasia

      Zuhair Murad meets Elie Saab meets Marchesa’s scrap fabric…. and they all crash into J.Lo’s closet.

    • LaSylphide

      Pretty bad. With a few (very few) exceptions, I shudder to think of any of these on the RC.

    • Synnamin

      I love it. Admittedly, it’s because a great many of these would fit perfectly into my goth wardrobe.

    • Sunraya

      I adore that 5th gown down! I wonder who will wear it! I die!!

      So many of these gowns are too much for the models – they are wearing the models as opposed to the models wearing that.

    • Pudgy Possum

      Can’t wait to see how these appear on the red carpet of love and hate!

    • annrr

      The blood vessel textile is hideous in every color and everything else I feel like i have seen already.

    • formerlyAnon

      I love the ones some see as “veiny.” Except the blue-on-transparent-black dress. I despise the bodysuits.

    • jmorino08

      Is it me or does this collection embody everything we’re hating right now in TLo’s Cult of Fashion Bitchery? Overused sheer? Check. Black lace? Check. Washout-ready colors? Check. Unflattering optical illusions caused by overembellishment? Check. Pageant-adjacent? Check. Stiff, heavy-looking bodices? Check. Ill-conceived cut outs? Check. I daresay, this is the Perfect TLo Storm!

      • demidaemon

        Yes, and with a new season of PR on the way, we’ll get to see more of it, except 7 times out of ten, it will be heinously executed.

    • Garcia Loca

      How does a man put together a collection that alternates between “f u” and “that’s magical”, but on the balance, ends up at “f u”?

    • demidaemon

      Beige, sheer, and lace–three of my favorite things! (not!). Also, many of these look like a fungus growing on a lining, and the jumpsuits are all kinds of tacky. I think the only ones I responded positively to were the blue dresses, and I think I responded more to the color than the actual design.

    • hailtree

      how many muppets had to be sacrificed for that black dress (15th photo…)?

    • hailtree

      love the emerald green electricpleated dress. Florence Welch just might look good in it.

    • sekushinonyanko

      This is glam as all hell and get out. I’m into it.

    • HeatherMcIlrath

      k. stew’s body is ready.

    • Therese Bohn

      Some of these are are really fab, but that sheer with black lace bodysuit (#10) looks a little too much like a plague infection to me (shudder!)

    • Ugly

      I really like #12

      there is no way in hell that TSwift is not going to wear the fourth one

    • http://www.tomandlorenzo.com/ Tom and Lorenzo

      Wow. You really are arguing with two gay fashion writers that there’s nothing offensive or stupid or weird about claiming that gay male fashion designers grew up wanting to wear women’s clothing.

      Newsflash: Just because you read Dan Savage doesn’t mean you understand queer people better than they do.

    • rage_on_the_page

      I’m seeing: Tay Swift, Zoe Saldana, Nicole Kidman.

    • http://cheekypinky.wordpress.com cheekypinky

      Those first two cream-and-blue branch motif dresses are giving me LIFE.

      Also, JLaw should wear the gunmetal grey gown (4th from the bottom), and would someone please talk Angelina Jolie into wearing the strapless dark green gown?

    • Roza

      Plum longsleeved gown is HALLE BERRY. The black lace on nude lace is Duchess of Cambridge from the FRONT. From the back…JLO. Cher would rock those catsuits! The beadwork is exquisite.

    • librarygrrl64

      So bored with the sheer panels trend. So. Bored.

    • lilazander

      RC Paradise!

    • Stacy Feng

      Really liked the beginning color transition (if not the color scheme) of the nude dress that began to bleed blue, before unveiling a blue dress.

      Nude dresses must die.

    • ellatheingenue

      seems like wanna-be elie saab