Scott Porter at “The To Do List” Premiere

Posted on July 24, 2013

Scott Porter attends the premiere of “The To Do List” in Los Angeles.



[Photo Credit: Andrew Evans, David Gabber/]

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  • Jessica Freeman

    Is this the guy from Hart of Dixie? I think he’s precious in that. I like the shirt and tie…not so much on the shiny suit….

    • ashtangajunkie

      And Friday Night Lights!

      • Linda LaPaz

        Who was he on FNL? I don’t remember him.

        • Linda LaPaz

          Never mind, Jason Street. He looks totally different. His face is much rounder.

      • H2olovngrl

        The Good Wife. His character was terrible.

    • conniemd

      Yes, but it’s a said state of men’s red carpet fashion when I get excited about seeing a plain blue tie.

    • elemspbee

      omg i was just thinking this question in my head.

  • ampg

    “Neckbeard is a NO.” — TLo

    • decormaven

      To- do list: Shave neckbeard, STAT.

  • Veronica Kim

    What happened to you, Jason Street?

    • He looks like a strip mall preacher!

    • MauveSF

      He looks like a chubby Wil Wheaton. I’m so confused.

  • He looks a damn sight better than Aubrey Plaza, that’s for sure.

    • demidaemon

      Wouldn’t take much, sadly.

  • Youth Pastor realness.

    • mmebam

      I know, right? At confirmation…

    • Just Me

      Youth Pastor trying (too) hard to appeal to the “kids” in his shiny suit and “cool tie” realness.

  • Clueless_Jock

    Just curious why you don’t feature male fashion designers on the red carpet? I’d love to see what Tom Ford, Zac Posen, Isaac Mizrahi, and others wear on their nights out.

    • They don’t feature female fashion designers all that often either.

    • MilaXX

      We see them at the Met Gala and when they do chat shows to pimp a new project.

    • In_Stitches

      I think I recall hearing them comment on how boring and hum drum the clothes designers wear are compared to the designs they send down the runways/the backs of stars. They all seem to have a uniform of basics…look at Kors! The one exception is whatshisface with the tattoos…he used to be fat…posed near nude in his perfume commercial. He’s been featured here a few times.

      • stellamaris73

        For one brief insane moment, I thought “designer who used to be fat” and went with Unkle Karl….

  • hughman

    “So tell me Hughman, do you have kids?”
    “No. I’m not married.”
    “Cause this little mini-van right here is perfect for kids.”
    “I don’t have kids.”
    “The wife and I just had a beautiful baby girl and let me tell you, girls are WAY more trouble than boys.”
    “I will not have kids.”
    “Ok, ok, I got ya. Well do you ever pick up hobos?”

  • Hedge fund manager.

  • barbarienne

    The suit is a skitch too large and I wonder how shiny it is in person. The color is nice, though, and I like that he went with a blue tie on a white shirt, which evokes the colors of the movie’s title logo.

    Don’t like the beard, though. He’s got a soft, round face, which to me clashes with the scruff of a full stubble-beard. He should either be shaping the beard to a specific line that gives him a more manly jaw, or he should own his round face and go cleanshaven. This is doing him no favors at all.

  • MilaXX

    Fit is off a little on the suit, but I love the colors. I wish he had cleaned his neck up a bit more because his beard is looking sexy.

  • demidaemon

    This outfit and person irrtates me, but I can’t put my finger on why. He (and his suit) just bugs.

  • Meh. But it still makes me happy to see Jason Street standing up.

  • marlie


    He’s generically cute, but the neck needs to be groomed. The suit’s… fine.

  • Emily Giovanni

    Jason? Jason Street?

    • Sobaika

      I believe you mean ‘Six’

  • largishbearishAtlish

    Yah! Facial Hair on the R/C…

    Boo! The Sears near you is having a going out of business suit sale…

  • Oh, hey, Six!

  • alyce1213

    I have no idea who he is.

  • Jacqueline Wessel

    Looks like John-Boy Walton needs a shave to me.

  • Trisha26

    Neck beard. Guys need something to do with their hands on the RC, like sunglasses…or a kitten.

  • Pennymac

    Looks like a Men’s Warehouse suit. He’s cute, though. Too bad about the neckbeard.

  • ShaoLinKitten

    Nice tough guy face in the fifth picture down.

  • clairellis

    Texas forever.

  • kolokOlchik


  • prettybigkitty

    What did Jason Street do to his face?

  • queen b*tch

    shiny middle management appraisal suit. snore