Rihanna in Gareth Pugh in London

Posted on July 15, 2013

At first we were going to do some sort of “Guess the Weather” joke revolving around what particular conditions would result in an outfit consisting of a wool cap and a bra with delusions of grandeur.


Rihanna seen leaving the London Hotel.

Gareth Pugh Suspender Skirt. Lanvin Crystallized Snake-Print Sunglasses. Superbia “S” Beanie Grey. Balenciaga Giant Stud Leather Bracelet. Balenciaga Arena Sneakers.

But then we realized she was also wearing a leather skirt with a built-in harness and racer back and we realized that there’s just no point, darlings; not in joking about or criticizing, or really, examining it in any way. Rihanna’s style choices are not something that can be discussed. They can only be.

And by that we mean they’re usually so ridiculous they leave right-thinking people everywhere speechless. Girl is smoking some fashion-crack, that’s for sure.



[Photo Credit: Palace Lee, PacificCoastNews.com, bergdorfgoodman.com, farfetch,com, superbiashop.com, barneys.com]

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    • Little_Olive

      Something for everyone: skater, sporty, prude (skirt lenght), trashy, goth, and even geriatric!

      • bassfemme

        Except no nipples! So no Cinemax Starlet. Miley 1, RiRi, 0. And that’s a good thing.

      • drdarke

        Great Merciful Goddess – WTF am I looking at?

        I can usually sort of understand the idea behind a look even if it doesn’t work out – but in this case, BKs? I got nothing….

        • TheAmericaness

          I think an Amber alert needs to be put out for some obviously missing fashion gays.

      • MoHub

        “Something for everyone”

        A comedy tonight!

    • Annarosa

      the only thing I don’t really like are the sneakers. but I have no suggestion about an option, so…

      • Little_Olive

        I think this is the rare (only, really) occasion where I could accept wedged sneakers.

        • Annarosa

          yes but cleaned, at least.

    • IAmJ

      If one could feel sympathy pain for boobs in distress, that’s what I’d be feeling right now.

    • lobsterlen

      In way I cannot explain the whole outfit is frumpy. Long Island diner waitress … at least from the waist down.

    • http://www.champagnerising.com/ heather adair

      the handler-guy’s face in the 3rd picture pretty much sums it up.

    • kimmeister

      That cleavage chain looks immensely uncomfortable. The shoes bother me even more than the harness-skirt and bra-top. The shades are awesome on her, though, and the hair looks rather pretty.

    • Anniebet

      I mean… sneakers? Oh well, at least she wore a bra. The outfit’s not bad, except for the shoes and skirt length.

    • Glam Dixie

      That chain going all under those ‘bra’ straps looks really awkward and uncomfortable, plus it looks like it needs to go up a size, those are some smushed girls. And also, I hate this whole outfit.

    • everest19

      These posts always make me sad because I start thinking about how I would dress if I had the kind of money Rihanna has…

    • queeniethebold

      i know, i know, i KNOW that celebs wear outrageously expensive things.

      But her sunglasses alone are $650.

      i think she looks ridick.

      • Jen

        The suspender skirt was on sale 40% off, making it only $1,749.60 so it’s okay she spent (…or was given) $650 sunglasses…. Right?!

        • nancymae

          Whoa! That fugly piece of hot leather, on sale, still costs more than my SF Bay area rent! Ridic!

        • NC_Meg

          Holy crap, so that thing was $2900 before the sale?! I am speechless.

    • cowper

      Suspender skirt. That’s a new one.

    • ashtangajunkie

      It must be exhausting. I mean, really, imagine how tired you would be after putting on all of that business. I wouldn’t have the energy to leave the London Hotel at all.

    • Miss WKS

      LOVE this look. And while the 80’s Reeboks are at first shocking I think they and she look AWESOME!

    • kmk05

      For the past week, it has hit 30C. 30C in a country where they don’t even know the meaning of the word ‘air conditioning’. This is a case of stank skirt.

      • http://dorothydamage.wordpress.com/ Dorothy Damage

        That’s what I was thinking. I’ve been sweating in light cotton sundresses, I can only imagine how gross she felt at the end of the day.

    • gabbilevy

      I thought Ri dressed crazy until I moved to downtown DC and saw various versions of this (and her other) outfits on real-life actual human people. I guess this is what passes for urban fashion in certain corners. Beyond me.

    • makeityourself

      To me, it’s good fashion crack. I generally like her personal style very much.

    • nannypoo

      It’s hard to find a bra that fits, and when you do there’s always the temptation to wear it out and show it off. She needs to go up a cup size before she has anything to gloat about.

    • MilaXX

      I have no words….

    • Barbara Thomas

      Miley Cyrus will be wearing something similar in 3…2….

      • Rand Ortega

        Ha! She’s really become RiRi Jr., huh?

    • http://dontmakeitlikeimdumb.blogspot.com/ annabelle archer

      Amazingly, my issues are the too tight fit and black tennis shoes. “Smoking the fashion crack.” Snort.

    • marlie

      I imagine that she must have gotten really tangled up in all of those straps and chains while getting dressed/undressed. That alone makes this outfit not worth the effort.

    • VictoriaDiNardo

      Well, a wool cap is ONE way to deal with aggressively grown-in dark roots!

    • prettybigkitty

      Her boobs must hurt. That is one crushing bra top.

    • LadyCelia

      Balenciaga and sneakers should never be uttered in the same breath.

      • decormaven

        Like minds!

      • Rand Ortega


    • decormaven

      Balenciaga manufactures sneakers? This site is so educational! As for her look, she’s working it in her own signature style.

    • anotherkate

      God, I just love how few effs she gives. She always looks like she’s having fun with her fashion, and she’s a pop star, so why not, right? She probably shouldn’t show up to, say, the opera in it, but she looks totally appropriate for what she does and who she is. Love it.

    • BrooklynBomber

      Who is she again?

      Just kidding. But that’s how I’ve come to feel about her. Seems like all she does is walk around getting photographed in outlandish get ups.

    • PeaceBang

      As much as I hate the shoes, I hate the oh-so-artfully placed-too-many hot bracelets even more. I just hear Tim Gunn saying, “Edit” in my mind. Which is nice because I love Tim Gunn.

      • YourBaloneyDontGotNoSecondName

        Dearest, one must be cautious when pleading for Rihanna to remove one article of fashion from her body.

        • Tatiana Luján

          She would remove whatever is covering her crotch.

    • unbornfawn

      You could never accuse her of being elegant.

    • conniemd

      She looks like she is going to an S & M party. But then, I think that’s her fashion style?

    • mmebam

      Cocaine is one hell of a drug…

    • paginatrix

      Trying way too hard. She’s so pretty. Why does she do this?

    • http://marshmallowjane.com/ marshmallowjane

      I think she is put together nicely. I like everything but the silly cap.

    • Rand Ortega

      Trussed like a turkey on Thanksgiving. (sorry if someone’s already written that)

    • demidaemon

      I think she put that on backwards. Rihanna, you’re drunk. Go back inside and try for some properly put on fashion crack.

    • nancymae

      Well, her hair extensions look nice so there’s that.

    • Daenyx

      … I like everything except the hat.

    • rougeort

      I would say something as to how I feel about this look, but I just can’t get over how much those skirt straps (!!!) look like a fucking backpack from the front. I find this a personal offense. Go home, Ri. For everyone’s sake.

    • PastryGoddess

      She’s wearing a body chain. I hear the 90’s calling

    • jmorino08

      At the pool this weekend, while I was getting sunburnt a suburban teenage girl sat at the snack bar in a swimming suit and cover up with a wool cap perched stupidly upon her head. No role model, eh? Whatever you say RiRi…

    • frumpybiscuits

      Aside from the too small bra top this has a certain charm. Weirdly I like this from the front, but the back looks lame to me. No logic.

      Her matte red lip is also perfect.

      Regarding the logic of a wool cap and a bra top and what type of weather pattern this is made for: this is a unique weather pattern of whatf**kery that also gives rise to the Malibu Uniform. In that case Uggs (lined with sheepskin!) are paired with a denim skirt (alternative cutoffs) a white wifebeater and a scarf. See also the lesser but also perplexing example of hipster wool cap paired with tshirt and cutoffs with flipflops on the male beast.

    • a_liking

      Why don’t people like this?? it’s unusual, sure, but that’s Rihanna. she has so much style and fashion charisma imo that it totally works for me. though the chains /under/ the bra do seem exceptionally uncomfortable…

    • queen b*tch

      I wish she would get over herself.

    • Diego!

      Oh Gosh… Miss Tackyness 2013… This is awful!

    • http://kingderella.tumblr.com/ kingderella

      woah, i LOVE that skirt-harness monstrosity. unironically, completely, utterly.

      her top (or bra?) is a pretty good choice, too.

    • NoveltyRocker

      Beanies with warm-weather clothing has been going on since 90’s grudge. It doesn’t bother me so much because they instantly make a lot of regular guys look suddenly foxy. There are looser knits that seem to trap about as much heat as a ball cap. Rihanna’s looks like a full on winter hat though.

    • http://robot-heart.tumblr.com heartbot

      It is ridiculous, but I actually kind of love it. It’s completely her, and she’s wearing the crap out of it.