Project Runway: Ohmigod, Becky. Look at her butt.

Posted on July 26, 2013

Couple of rent-a-cops, if you ask us. They couldn’t even smell all the crack smoke that was clearly in the air last night.


We had to laugh, because true to form, Project Runway had a fun season premiere that got everyone’s hopes up for a good season, and then quickly let the audience know that the first date is over and it’s time to take its makeup off. What sounded like fun twists in the show’s longstanding format last week suddenly got revealed to be pretty lame. For instance, despite all the “The judges don’t know who made what” declarations, we found out this week there’s a little footnote to that; namely that Heidi does know. So what’s the point, really? Heidi and Tim sit on either end of the judging panel, both of them knowing who made what. The only ones who don’t know are Nina and Zac. What real difference does that make?

And we saw what happens to the show’s format when you put Tim in a chair for the runway show. INCREDIBLY awkwardly staged vignettes ending in hugs RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RUNWAY SHOW. “Tim, would you like to go over there and say something?” UGH. Bitches, PLEASE.

Also: the Tim Gunn Save thing is getting to be a little obnoxious, as we’re treated to Tim twisting the knife a little as a disappointed designer leaves. “I decided not to use my save this week because I agree with the judges! Kahindo really sucked!”


Sustainicorn showed us all just what a little snowflake child he is this week, as he practically started cutting himself upon receiving some highly well-deserved criticism from Tim and then openly asking for hugs and reassurances from all the people he’s competing against. And his whole “philosophy,” if you can call it that, is totally incoherent. He’s ridiculous and he’s a child. He needs to GO.



We just want Heidi to twist her hair, pop her gum, and say in her best ohmigod-Becky voice, “You’re just … so … BLACK!

Cut the bullshit, judges. Twelve seasons. IT’S A PROBLEM.




So congratulations, Kate! We’re clearly being treated to some form of redemption story with you, which is odd, because we’re pretty sure most viewers had no lasting impression of you after your season ended. But they’re really pushing the “Kate is a competitor with a second chance” storyline, so we suppose that means flaccid Westwood knockoffs (by way of Posen) are the kinds of things the judges love now.



And it’s a sad Auf Wiedersehen to Kahindo, who, if she’d stayed, might have won some sort of lifetime Most Versatile Hair on Project Runway award or something. This was, of course, pure bullshit. A relatively tasteful, low-key dress was treated like an offense unto fashion, while stripper clothes and Frankenstein gowns were either excused or praised. Pure crack-smoking nonsense. We can’t even get worked up because this is what the show has always done; removed the quiet ones so the loudmouths can stay longer.

Not that we love this dress or anything, but it was quite obviously nowhere near the worst thing on the runway. Boring, yes; but we wouldn’t even say it was the most boring of the lot either.




Ridiculous. The acrobatics, contortions, and assaults on logic those judges had to commit in order to praise this was embarrassing to watch. She’s a tacky-ass ho, judges. You know it and we know it.




This surprised us, and we think it surprised the judges. It’s a little bedsheet-y, and the finishing leaves a lot to be desired, but it’s unique and pretty. If she can step up her execution, Philly Girl might be a contender.



Afterschool Special should’ve gotten raked over the coals for this, but it’s hard to yell at someone you just watched weeping in Tim Gunn’s arms. It’s an utterly horrible garment, from concept to execution.



We’re loath to do this, but Sustainicorn’s dress isn’t the worst of the lot. His concept of a jewelry box had a lot of charm to it and even though the bust on this thing is one of the weirdest we’ve ever seen, the dress as a whole isn’t such an assault on the eyes. With some better execution and a more conventional bodice, this would have been perfectly fine. You can’t say that about Afterschool Special and Freddie Mercuryovich.



We kind of love Drag Brows for his low-level bitchery. We want to sit next to him.

The dress has a sort of Studio 54-ness in its DNA that could’ve been chic, but it tips over into drag clothes too easily. He needs to tone down his more grandiose tendencies.



This is fine, and we did like the way he subtly used the blue amongst the black, but it’s a pretty dull design. Certainly no more exciting than Kahindo’s. Not that we’re suggesting this is auf’able; just that hers clearly wasn’t either.



Dull design; poorly made prom dress.



Clear and obvious winner, but the judges don’t want to be too open about which one they’ve already crowned. It’s a gorgeous look and the jacket was truly eye-catching and unusual. He’s so obviously the front-runner, not least because he’s charming, adorable, stylish, and has a sophisticated backstory. The judges are so moist for him it’s not even funny, but for once, we don’t blame them.

Two words of advice, Bradon: Daniel and Vosovic. Nothing’s written in stone.




Shyeah. Kahindo’s dress was tacky and dull, right judges? Pass that pipe this way. That sounds like some primo shit.



Unexciting, but very tasteful and surprisingly well done. With one good design, she could leap to the top of the judges’ favorite list because she also has the perfect backstory (Euro, former model, kind of a bitch).



She looks like she just climbed out of a swimming pool and is now standing in front of a wind machine.


Bitches, please. Even a stripper would cock an eyebrow at this dress.




Pure drag eleganza. While that’s a compliment over on RuPaul’s set, it’s decidedly not one on this set.



Sweetie, we don’t mean to alarm you, but there is smoke positively pouring out of your vagina.



[Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke for Lifetime – Stills:]

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  • Victoria Anzalone

    My mom and I were appalled by that judging. Kahindo’s dress was nothing spectacular but there were SO many awful designs that skated by. I think it’s ridiculous that Bradon wasn’t even in the top 3. And I thought Alexander and Jeremy’s gowns looked great on screen, if not so much in these stills.

    • Victoria Anzalone

      And I couldn’t agree more about how awkward the Tim Gunn Rescue check-in is. Very cartoonish. They shouldn’t show it until he actually deploys it.

      • CozyCat

        Tim has been losing his charm over the past few seasons. If you watch the early seasons, he was straight forward but with a teacher’s flair for dishing out criticism with encouragement. But once he started getting in on the big money he’s become kind of sanctimonious and fake. These little segments are a perfect example.

        I also thought it was a cheap shot to take credit for suggesting that Kahindo cover the print with the sheer black fabric.

        • blogless

          Well he was the one who suggested it, but I agree there was a cheap shot there but I thought it was when Tim pulled up the hem for the judges and rolled his eyes at her fabric choice – HE told her it was okay when she asked him at Mood.

          • CozyCat

            I guess what bothers me is that he is supposed to be a mentor, and mentors are supposed to work for the benefit of the protege. But he went OUT OF HIS WAY to show the judges how bad the print would have been without his input. So, it was about Tim making Tim look good, not about helping the designer.

            I teach, and I used to enjoy watching how Tim brought his skills as an educator into the workroom. But he has abandoned that role. And it makes me sad.

          • Maybe I’m naive, or I still like Tim, but I thought that Tim was merely sharing Kahindo’s mistake in fabric selecting. I don’t think he was tooting his own horn at her expense. I don’t think he’d do that. I guess we’ll see if Tim saves someone deserving this season. I do think that the wrong person went home. Maybe the judges are seeing something that we aren’t seeing.

          • Ed

            How the fabric choice was a mistake? Isn’t the basic premise of most challenges something along the lines of, it doesn’t matter the material for the garment but what you do with it? The big mistake was listening to anything Tim Gunn had to say. After this performance I’d imagine giving him the two finger salute. I see exactly what the judges see in full colour; I could see with a black and white telly as well.

          • d4divine

            He told her it was ok BEFORE he knew what she was going to do with it…Brandon used cheap curtain fabric and managed to produce a nice gown…so…

          • blogless

            Oh I know, but the implication (at least the way I saw it) was that when he showed the judges the lining, he was showing them just how awful the material was, not her use of it.

            And this is the problem I see with Tim being with the judges and I think there’s going to be more awkward moments when it feels like Tim is betraying (well that’s maybe too strong a word) the same people he’s advising. I love Tim and I hate seeing him compromised in any way.

          • d4divine

            I think Tim being there during deliberation may work in some designer’s favor at some point. I really don’t see where all the ire towards Tim is coming from…now that the judges are scrutinizing the garments more closely than past seasons, I think we are in store for some really harsh moments…as I said previously, Tim may have pointed the fabric of the dress out to the judges, but they were .5 seconds from doing it themselves anyway.

          • blogless

            We may have to agree to disagree but what I’m trying to say (probably not very well) is that Tim told the judges that he told her to use the fabric as lining to make it better (and he did tell her that) but he then went on to show the judges the fabric lining right after he said that to show them how ugly it was – which implied that she chose an ugly fabric.

            In fact I think Tim was sincere when he told her at Mood that the fabric was okay because it might have been, had she been able to work with it and she wasn’t. (Which always amazes me designers don’t practice on different fabrics before they go on the show.)

            I felt sorry for her because I personally didn’t like the fabric, but it might have worked had she been adept at using it and really creative with the dress. Instead she sort of compromised and did what Tim told her to and ended up with something that probably didn’t represent her. But that’s just my guess.

            (I have a cold and am at home and have too much time on my hands so this is the stuff I think about.)

            And I don’t have ire for Tim – I think the new setup (and editing) can make for awkward moments for him.

          • d4divine

            We are actually agreeing..we just express ourselves differently 🙂

          • LaT

            See, I thought Tim did that to try and mitigate the critique, i.e., “She did a better job than what could’ve been expected in light of the print,” because Nina actually had a problem with the print. Also, IMO, Tim wasn’t wrong that without the overlay, the dress would’ve looked even worse, because the overlay made it less visually egregious that Kahindo apparently made no effort *to line up the print*. Which is a no-no when working with a printed fabric like that. In fact, I think part of the reason Nina, in particular, reacted badly to the print is precisely because Kahindo didn’t try to align the design properly; it’s visually discombobulating and would’ve been *more* so, I think, without the overlay.

          • Ed

            I didn’t actually think Kahindo’s dress was boring, just kind of a retro art deco inspired something that might have been brought back in the late ’50s. If you imagine the pattern matched up a little better, giving a fair benefit considering how much we have to imagine for Helen, then the dress could be chic for an event in the right art gallery or movie premier. Opinions about what the dress would look like with the print showing are meaningless except to say that the dress would definitely not be boring. With an even reasonable execution, Kahindo would stay out of the bottom three, pick any other eenie meenie snoozefest you want. It is the whole Tim Gunn performance that gets us imagining the worst dress possible using that print. We are also supposed to also imagine the best of what Helen and Timothy have to offer. As a viewer I fell I am being manipulated. I cannot imagine the worst for one designer while imagining the best for the others. So before thanking Tim Gunn, let us imagine that Kahindo’s dress with the print would be as attractive as her body of professional work. Once the playing field is leveled, Tim Gunn appears a disgrace. Boo…

          • Ed

            At some point Tim or somebody has to make this Kahindo thing right. Bring her back for season 13 if she would even want to risk more of the same. I’m not going to have respect for Tim Gunn unless this is corrected. If he is being pressured behind the scenes, then I hope he is near his retirement goal. I can tone down my language elsewhere. But luckily here there folks who are actually talking about the same thing. The way that all played out and edited was a Tim Gunn Guide to Backstabbing, a shame and a sham. Nobody said how this Tim Gunn save is supposed to work; he can bring a contestant back is all I know. So Tim Gunn should still be able to bring Kahindo back. If getting your viewers into an uproar helps ratings then this season could have the highest viewership ever. But I cannot see staying glued to the T.V. until amends are made. That is an utter disgrace.

          • Ed

            How could the judges appear to be fair if they are looking up the dress on one model and not looking at the others? Without Tim Gunn saying something or pointing it out, nobody would likely go there. How can you suppose to know otherwise? It is dreaming, purely conjecture.

          • Tim has always advised the designers, but he couldn’t help what the judges would actually do. And I don’t think his role has really changed. He certainly isn’t leading someone down the wrong path intentionally. In other words, if he gives bad advice, he can’t be responsible for that advice. He isn’t really a judge at all. He can only SAVE a person if he sees an injustice. And that injustice has to be done to a really great designer. There should be passion to use a SAVE. I’m agree with you though. Maybe Tim in this new role isn’t that great of an idea.

          • Ed

            So how do we tell that a designer is not great by episode 2? Check skin pigmentation? If Tim Gunn had any passion to protect his own image, then there would be no better time to use his SAVE. Happy 60th birthday Tim, time for early retirement.

          • Ed

            The use of the word “betraying” is right on target. Whether Tim Gunn has yet been made to realize his betrayal is another matter. I think he has because I told him in so many words, not so forcefully as now and elsewhere. I am pretty sure I caused a stir in the right places because some of my comments have been taken down.

          • Ed

            Get familiar with the name Bradon, he is odds on favorite. He should have won this time around also. I cannot imagine why he was not in the top three.

        • Eric Stott

          In my eyes Tim has become less of a mentor and more of a performer. I think one of these days we’re going to see a show like “Tim’s Fashion Rescue” – It will last one season.

          • He did have a show, I forget its name, but it did not last.

          • kimmeister

            It was “Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style.”

          • d4divine

            It was a great show!

          • kimmeister

            I learned some cool things from that show, such as picturing your body in thirds in order to get proportions right, and also spraying water on your face before putting on moisturizer to seal in even more moisture.

          • lilyvonschtupp

            It was an awesome show. Tim could take the clients with attitude and leave them in tears in 3 syllables.

            Plus it was extra good when they got rid of Veronica Webb (could never stand her) and brought in the little spitfire who would actually take to the sewing machine and alter some of the client’s clothes.

          • Tatiana Luján

            I loved that show. I had not seen such a good look-transformation show since Trinny and Sussanah’s What not to Wear. I haven’t seen a better look-transformation since then.

          • Although I don’t want to make Tim a cartoonish character, I think he’d be great as a cartoon voice because his unique sound is identifiable.

          • formerlyAnon

            He IS the voice of a character on a Disney Junior cartoon show (Sofia the First). He plays a steward or butler/advisor or some sort of factotum named (I think – too lazy to google) Baileywick.

          • Very interesting. Thanks.

          • MikeW_Vegas

            didn’t we have that already with that show that he and the model chick (I forget her name) and I think it lasted two seasons.

          • Eric Stott

            Tim is a great personality, but when he has to perform to a script he’s awful – like that Orbitz commercial. I think it might be time for him to take a rest.

          • kimmeister

            The first season had Veronica Webb, the 2nd had some Gretchen or Gertrude that I had never heard of who seemed more like a tailor/seamstress.

        • YoungSally

          I think Tim is having some sort of ethical/moral crisis as this show goes on…I sense he REALLY hates the bs – but he likes the money and is trying to “make it work” but it is clearly eating his soul.

          • jeneria

            I figured that’s why he’s part of the judging panel now. I know he was pissed after the homeless chick who designed diaper pants and the beauty queen won because it was so obvious they weren’t designers. I was hoping this would rejuvenate him but it seems to be even worse.

          • Yuju Ti

            I feel exactly the same!!!Tim is changing…..he started to change after he stopped doing vlog on Facebook–he used to make a vlog each week to comment on judges’ decision and his thoughts about the contestants, and something happened around season 7 or 8….I can’t remember… seems like some dark force made Tim take off his vlog. After that incident Tim was different. In my imagination Tim signed some contract with devil…he doesn’t want to, but he has no choice. He needs that retirement found.

          • Eric Stott

            It was the episode where they designed Jackie Kennedy inspired outfits- a big mess behind the scenes. Tim opened his mouth VERY wide in that commentary saying that the producers were intentionally misleading him and misdirecting him as to what the competition was (he hated the idea) and where he would meet the designers. I think he ended up telling the judges “get your own straitjackets!”, or something very much like that. After THAT outburst the vlog ceased and everything was taken down. Since that time it looks as if Tim has toed the line. His current posts on Facebook are safe and bland.

        • formerlyAnon

          I think that with his producer credit (and I HOPE much more money) he agreed to be much more scripted/directed/edited. And he’s not an actor, he spent decades as a teacher and then as a higher ed administrator. He’s not great at acting and he’s much less able to manipulate his semi-scripted performance to be more authentic to his own self than a real actor would.

          This is about the third cycle that I’ve been thinking that I hope he’s not contractually obligated to ride this out and that he can bail whenever he has hit his savings goal or is finally fed up.

        • onetinkerbell

          I didn’t get that bit – at first the way he said it made it sound like he was going to try to take some of their blame because she took his advice about layering it. But then it seemed like he suddenly remembered that he was supposed to stick to the script and showed them the print, at which point it made him look as though he was trying to be righteous. I don’t know – it was a strange few minutes.

          My favorite part was when Tim asked “Where’s the design?” and Mr. Sustainable had the blankest of blank expressions on his face, with the voice-over of “I didn’t understand what Tim was talking about.” Huh? He really must be special.

        • MoHub

          I firmly believe it was Tim’s move that sealed Kahindo’s fate. There is no way her dress was more aufworthy than Timothy’s and especially Helen’s.

          • d4divine

            Tim did not get her Kahindo kicked off…they would have looked at the fabric eventually…he just pointed it out. That dress could have been some fabulous print manipulation extravaganza…but is was not, it was safe and boring.

        • d4divine

          Why was it a cheap shot? He did suggest Kahindo cover the print with olive colored fabric…which probably saved her from even more humiliation. As bad as it was…wait…Kahindo’s dress was pretty bad as far as the challenge goes…who the heck would wear THAT dress while wearing 100K in jewels…NOBODY….that’s why she got kicked off. I think Zac Posen was a even insulted by having to even think about the idea. Lol

          • LaT

            Agreed. I don’t understand the criticism of Tim for pointing out something that was fact – he suggested Kahindo use the overlay and that DID make the dress better, IMO, than it would’ve looked without the overlay I liked the print and, much in the way Dom used *her* printed fabric to create something surprising and unexpected given the challenge parameters, Kahindo could’ve as well. But she didn’t. She didn’t align the print in the fabric properly and she didn’t create a silhouette that took advantage of the print/showed the print off to advantage the way Dom did. Kahindo taking Tim’s advice to use the overlay made the dress look better than it would’ve looked without the overlay, and I don’t see anything wrong in Tim pointing that out. Also, once Tim’s on the panel, he’s *not* acting in his capacity as a mentor any more, but rather as someone offering another critical perspective of the proceedings.

        • lilyvonschtupp

          Oh how Timothy has forsaken me. I even bought his dolls from barbiecollector.:o(

          • I love Tim’s presence just to look at how beautifully his suits fit him. His pic should be in the dictionary or an everything-to- know-about-design book next to the word “tailored.”

      • Inspector_Gidget

        Not only that, it makes him seem duplicitous. Thanks to the editing, he goes from hugging the auf’d designer and gushing over their talent to matter-of-fact dismissal of their garment and refusal to save them. WTF?

        • d4divine

          It’s too early in the season to be saving anybody…why would he use the save on the second episode. That doesn’t make television sense.

        • drdarke

          It was a strange bit of placement for that “I’m not saving her because I felt the judges were right” bit, to be sure. It looked like he was tossing her under the bus when his original suggestion, and his comment to the judges about the original fabric, looked like he was trying to say, “It’s not entirely her fault – I suggested the part you’re objecting the most to.”

          Sometimes it feels like there’s somebody in the chain that produces PR who really doesn’t like Tim Gunn, and wants to get rid of him. Maybe he’s really obnoxious off-camera (though the designers don’t seem to feel he is, and Heidi still seems to be very fond of him – and they’re the ones who deal with him on a regular basis that we see!), or maybe somebody feels Michael Kors should be the “mentor”, or doesn’t like that Tim got a Producer credit, or something. It’s just jarring sometimes – like someone wants Tim Gunn gone.

          • d4divine

            I think the producers want to stir things up at all costs…Mr. Tim Gunn is not immune to their production antics..good tv FIRST…Design SECOND. They got what they wanted because we are all typing away. Lol

          • d4divine

            …design may actually be third or fourth…

          • Eric Stott

            I think that the Tim Gunn we see is very edited. In his vlog he was very chatty – he’s often say “I’m Babbling!” I think that he might have a tendency to speak his mind too freely.

          • drdarke

            I remember, @ericstott:disqus – I didn’t find him offensive, though less constrained than he is on the show.

          • Eric Stott

            Oh no – not offensive at all, but I’m not surprised there was trouble

          • Instead of having more clout with the new system, Tim can be blamed for not exercising his “save.” He must feel the need to explain so instead of sounding defensive or apologetic, he took the straight-forward blunt approach.

        • LaT

          But the two things aren’t inconsistent, or mutually exclusive of each other? He can think someone’s talented and even miss their future presence on the show *while at the same time* think they made a garment not worthy of being rescued over. It’s not an either/or situation.

      • Ed

        These new rules are not improvements. I just figured out the need for the supposed anonymous judging. There were three black contestants now only two. Yep, this is Season 12, and there is a huge problem raring its ugly head. I see a lawsuit coming if I have to file it myself.

      • Ed

        These rules are not improvements. Some people have a history of changing the rules to suit their needs. I figured out the reason for the supposed anonymous judging. There were three black contestants, now only two, true to the old Fatherland. But PR is in U.S.A. not fuehrers or Klums’ Bavarian backyard. There will be a lawsuit. Don’t take down my posts without explaining why in clear detail. I am a disabled American veteran of war with a cognitive impairment. I am protected by the ADA of 1990.

    • It was painfully clear that Kahindo went home for two reasons: first, she’s not skinny and white, second she isn’t nearly as cra y and attention grabbing as our twee little Unicorn boy.

      • travelgirl28

        If I could vote Like for this a thousand times, I would. I was gobsmacked that Kahindo was auf’ed when there were clearly other dresses that were far, far worse than hers.

        • Lucía Gavello

          Namely Helen’s crapfest… I felt so sorry for that poor model, so far she’s been paired with Sustainicorn and his performance “art” delusion and now her boobs look deflated… at least she’s wearing makeup!

          • Sweetpea176

            Wants to do couture, makes bridal gowns — has never constructed cups, and, from the look of the result, doesn’t seem to know what they’re for.

          • Her comment about making bridal gowns was odd. She was really happy with the challenge at the beginning. I think time management is her problem, but maybe we’ll get the chance to see what she can do. How are cups constructed? Wouldn’t you have to know what size your model is? I wonder if these models are mostly the same size. If so, their boobs wouldn’t be the same.

          • It would be really wonderful if this model could somehow end up with a great designer. We’ve only seen her in ugly stuff. I feel sorry for her, too.

        • MoHub

          I’m still figuring out how Karen got cast. Her initial interview material—”amazo” cats—and the outfit she herself wore for her designer portrait had me doubtful from the get-go, and her offerings so far have been poorly made, shapeless, and lacking any modicum of style or creativity.

          • DuBey2

            This. My only answer is: maybe she’ll provide lots of drama later in the season. Remember, they promised us “More drama than ever”. Aren’t we lucky?

          • RroseSelavy

            I could not agree more. At least we know why Sandro was cast. She’s not even “colorful” (read: let’s laugh at the tacky foreigner and his bad English).

          • You really think they keep people just for drama? I disliked Sandro in the beginning but I think he has some talent. If his clothes weren’t quite so tight, his designs would be appreciated more, IMHO. He had a heart, too. He went to bat for Helen. Sandro was so upset before the runway show that I thought his model would walk in an unfinished garment.

          • LaT

            I wouldn’t ever say they keep people *just* for drama, but it’s still a reality TV show and if the choice is between a contestant who has talent but also seems to be a magnet for drama/outbursts/behavior that’s going to get people talking the next day and a contestant who’s talented but quiet? The producers – who always have input in elimination decisions on this kind of show – are more likely to opt for the former rather than the latter when it comes to who stays and who goes. Timothy’s design last week was an unmitigated disaster and his design this week was unfocused and not-particularly-well-executed. But he’s the kind of polarizing, ‘quirky’ contestant people *talk about* the next day. Sandro has some genuine ability, I agree, even if, as Nina would say, I question his taste level. But that ability *coupled* with how colorful his personality is – he’s direct, he’s vocal, he gives good rant – makes him a more valuable contestant to the producers than someone like Kahindo, who’s talented, but relatively quiet compared to people like Timothy and Sandro.

          • I agree with you but I can see why a person with a louder personality may be a more interesting designer. I don’t mean someone obnoxious. Or maybe a little obnoxious. I liked Kate better in her first appearance. She was a little bitchy, but she was determined and confident. Now, she’s doing some real butt kissing because she got tired of hearing she was a biotch. From the previews it looks like Sandro will have a meltdown. His English isn’t that great and he doesn’t understand subtle translations. There are communication problems between him and everybody else. He kinda creeps me out at time, and then sometimes I like him. I prefer the no-moustache look on him.

            I wonder who all these viewers are who watch the show to see people behave badly. I’m much more inclined to watch a show that gets down to business. I don’t need crazy people to keep me interested. I like to watch the designs from conception, and I love the runway shows. Timothy really, seriously, needs to go home. If he’s in the bottom two again, he will have to go home.

            Some of these designers are better at creating fabric, like Patricia in last season (although Patricia proved to be a worthy competitor of clothing design). Timothy has talent in weaving;

            I got confused when I re-watched the intro show because one of the designers was giving a tour of her closet, and she was showing some of her favorite pieces. These items had labels at the neck that didn’t designate her own designs. I thought that was weird.

          • LaT




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          • CPK1

            he is pretty colorful. i sometimes wonder if he is actually Sasha Baron Cohen in some kind of crazy Project Runway meta reality twist

          • I thought perhaps that she meant for the dress to hang the way that it did, but it was awful under the arms. The judges should have given props to Kahindo for the nice fit that she did. Fit is super important.

          • MoHub

            If it was intentional, the fabric should have draped. Instead, it stuck straight out to the sides.

          • Now I wish I hadn’t erased the introductory episode. All the designers seemed fascinating and talented on that show. Karen’s dress was awful.

          • MoHub

            It’s not even what came up in Road to the Runway; it’s her interview Q&A, which, coupled with her photo, shows her as a mediocre designer who I thought was cast as cannon fodder. You can probably still access her original interview on the Lifetime site.

          • Thanks for that suggestion. I forget how much information is at the Lifetime site. I was able to re-watch Road to the Runway, and I saw how big Karen’s clothes were. She had a big coat with interesting clasps or buckles (I forget what they were). There was nothing tight-fitting in her garments. I doubt we’ll see well-fitting clothes from her. I swear, I think I could get on that show. I’m not a designer per se. I just switch things around. I’m way to methodical to ever flourish under those time constraints. It would be interesting to see what some of those designers could do without the clock. Making those gowns in less than 24 hours was a huge challenge.

      • Jose R. Medina

        No She just had hum-drum loewmann’s taste & her dress should have been in a clearance binn!!

        • onetinkerbell

          Sorry but it wasn’t as bad as Miranda’s two-piece thing.

          • Or Karen’s Blue potato sack.

          • lilyvonschtupp

            That thing was so godawful ugly I wanted to puke. Why the hell wasn’t in the bottom?

          • Because they had clearly already determined that Kahindo was going home, regardless. Prince Vlad of Vulvania’s insanely vulgar dress should have landed him in the bottom as well.

          • lilyvonschtupp

            No argument about that. And Sue’s dress??? Bitch looked like she peed herself.

          • I get what she intended, but she really needs to learn when to stop. That shirring technique, which worked so well last time, was overused, and badly placed this time.

          • Melanie

            Yes; it’s placement bordered on vulgar, I thought. Nobody needs a trail pointing right to the good china.

          • StellaZafella

            A bit off topic but it’s late in the thread now so: I have a game of trying to guess what will happen when certain designers are confronted with the “Women with Real Bodies” challenge…my vision of Kahindo was a real “can’t wait to see her excel” thought…
            Vulvania…I already want to shriek at how he’ll treat a regular woman…let alone what he’ll try to make her wear! (Shudder, shudder)

          • Certainly Dom, Jeremy, Bradon, and Justin would all approach the real woman challenge with grace and style. The rest of them? Nope.

            And as for Vlad of Vulvania? I join you in shuddering for that poor as yet unknown woman.

          • zenobar

            Prince Vlad of Vulvania. I just snorted wine. Happy Friday indeed!

          • CozyCat

            I don’t get the love for the midriff baring two piece outfits. Soldier girl almost made the top last week and was safely in the middle this week for that design. Russian dude made the top this week.

            But it doesn’t look like a real piece of design to me. It looks like Barbie clothes–something fake you make for a doll. Am I missing something? Has this become a trend?

          • Oh good God I hope not!

          • Pril Wood

            Yes, Miranda’s was far, far worse. She would have been my auf, even over Sustainacorn’s & Afterschoolspecial’s (love these awesome snarky nicknames!) trainwrecks of dresses. Kahindo’s dress was far better than Miranda’s.

        • d4divine

          DIAMONDS! We. Gave. You. DIAMONDS! This is what I think Zac Posen was thinking while he was looking at that NordstromsRack dress.

          • demidaemon

            I don’t know. There are so many dresses at this point. I’m sure some of them blend together, and the scores must be close. They sure do for me. I do agree that Miranda’s was bad–it also looked cheap. Didn’t she spend like $90 on fabric compared to everyone else’s $240+? I also thought Alexandria, for spending the most money, made an amazingly boring dress.

          • Melanie

            I thought Justin spent the most? His was over $300. I could be remembering wrong.

        • Sweetpea176

          I’m with you on this. She didn’t get auf’ed because the dress was so awful — she got auf’ed because her dress was dull. It wasn’t just that it was way off the mark for the challenge, it wasn’t even aspiring to be something someone would wear with a diamond necklace. Rule #1: Don’t bore Nina.

      • Samuel Joesph Donovan

        I was actually rooting for Kahindo to go all the way–in her bio, she flat out says “It’s time for a black person to win this show” which is just absolutely amazing. Plus, her colorful and print laden design aesthetic would have worked brilliantly for Belk. I think Project Runway made a massive error sending her home.

        • It will be a wonderful day when they finally allow that to happen. I gotta say though, had she been able to create the dress she originally wanted, without the sheer overlay, she would have failed because the jewelry she had would not have stood up to the vibrancy of that print. It was a glorious textile, but wrong for this particular competition.

          • demidaemon

            Unfortunately, once she sowed that she had never worked with silk charmeuse before (and nearly butchered it) she was doomed (although I was hoping Sustainacorn would go. Again, I am disappointed.)

          • And honestly, as a designer and maker of clothing myself, how one could actually state that they had never worked with one of the single most ubiquitous silk fabrics in the world is staggering to me.

          • Samuel Joesph Donovan

            What I don’t particularly understand is, as a designer, why she would choose to do THAT design with charmeuse. Charmeuse is all flow and lightness. The more I think about it, the more concerning her choices were. She still should have stayed over Sustainacorn and Crybaby, but that was some Valerie-Mayen-L’Oreal-challenge level misunderstanding of how to utilize a textile.

          • SpillinTea

            If Korto couldn’t (twice…), and Kara Saun couldn’t, and even Emilio couldn’t (twice…), its not going to happen. At least not until the show is so irrelevant no one even notices or cares.

          • LaT

            I actually think the print and the jewelry would’ve worked well together had she (1) aligned the print, and (2) come up with a more interesting silhouette (Dom’s print shouldn’t have worked either, but she used it in an interesting way).

        • Upvote, upvote, a million times upvote!

        • I agree. It looks like everybody else does as well.

      • drdarke

        Great Merciful Goddess, does Sustainicorn get on my nerves! I love watching both Tim, HMG and Zac very gently school him about how he can sell his “sustainability” without making a pill out of himself – as Fabio Costa managed to do, despite being a “Freegan” (dumpster-diving as a lifestyle). Actually, though he didn’t win, Fabio made it all the way to Fashion Week, and was one of the more likeable people on the show – if not my favorite designer by any means (his stuff was a bit too New Agey for my taste).

        • Ultimately, what bugs me about him the the level and vituperativeness of his hypocritical bullshit. When he stated right out of the gate last night that he thought the jewelry challenge was trivial, I wanted to reach into the screen and slap him. He’s in FASHION, ferfucksakes. Of course, its trivial.

          • demidaemon

            He’s made a lot of ignorant comments. I can’t say which one has irritated me the most, though they all bug.

          • I try so very hard, in my life, to be fair. I try to take situations of age, education and circumstance into account at all times. I find it very hard indeed to be fair to this young pup who seems to steadfastly ignore the obvious. He has aligned himself with the single most polluting, frivolous, and resource wasting industry on earth. How CAN he claim any connection whatever with sustainability? I get that it is a goal to which we all must cling and scrabble. I fully endorse the goal of creating textiles that don’t dump millions of gallons of formaldehyde into the water each year. I WANT a world where people of all sizes and shapes are lauded as beautiful, each for their own selves.
            All that said, it is a process. As a gay man who came out at 17 in a place and time where it was stupid and dangerous to do so, I understood, even then, that change was not going to happen instantly. He needs to get a clue, and moderate his approach or he will be forever sidelined, and his voice will never be heard in any substantive way.

          • I think that Timothy likes to get a rise out of people. Maybe he’s so used to being rejected that he has become a caricature of sorts, and his silly antics get him attention. He wants to be significant, even if this means having people point at him and laugh. His own behavior is getting in the way of his success. I’d like to see more of that person who weaves strange materials into something beautiful. He may be brilliant in his own way, but he’s so self-centered and obnoxious that I have difficulty tolerating him. Why did he come out in women’s high heels? If he really wants to wear heels, he could design an outfit for himself with high heels that truly accessorize his clothing. He is begging for people to throw tomatoes at him.

        • CPK1

          I LOVED Fabio. What a sweet guy. And sincere in his beliefs. Not a ridiculous poseur like Sustainicorn.

      • largishbearishAtlish

        oh c’mon, Unicornboy and ‘crazy camera whore/lets get a manager to fix the steamer’ will CLEARLY be in til at least 2/3 of the season..they are straight out of PR casting 101. we can see who the fodder is…if unicornboy wasn’t bounced before? then he is the villain of this season.

        • Nothing could be clearer than that he is this season’s crazy boy. They will want him around for at least half the season to keep things stirred up, just like we won’t be seeing Prince Vlad of Vulvania leaving anytime soon, no matter what sort of insane slutty crap he sends down the runway.

          • demidaemon

            I actually think he’ll get auffed next week if he doesn’t show some killer design. It’s a team challenge (I think) and the previews definitely skew that way. Of course, previews are heavily edited, so take this conception with a grain of salt.

          • They could in fact lose one of the crazies without a serious diminishment of the drama. Sandro, Timothy, or Helen, all could be on the chopping block. Though to be honest I don’t think it’s Sandro, since we have seen screen shots of him that have not yet occurred.

          • Heather W

            I think it’s Helen, since she’s turning out to be JUST a cryer and not a total bitch like she promised.

          • OMGosh. Can you imagine having Timothy as a member of your team? I’ll be shocked if a team can win with Timothy as a member.

          • drdarke

            Miranda – Is she the Army vet? Seriously? Are our Armed Forces so desperate for warm bodies they’re taking obvious basket cases like her now?

            ::sigh:: Yes, it could be PTSD – though her biography doesn’t suggest anything that might trigger it. Unless she’s lying about being a mechanic in the Army, and was actually engaged in Black Ops – which now that I think of it, might be kind of awesome!

            They’d find Sustainicorn (yeah, I’m going to make this A Thing for this season) dangling from a door hanger by his tongue, and Miranda washing her hands in the sink while telling the camera, “Beats me – last I saw him, he was rummaging through my trash can for ‘sustainable’ belly button lint which he said would make his latest creation ‘really pop!’ Can you guys help me get him down before Tim comes in? I don’t think he’s ready to see this yet, poor dear….”

      • Sweetvegan

        I agree about the not-crazy and not-attention-grabbing, but I don’t believe her weight or skin color were a factor. What about Korto? What about Patricia? Kara Saun? Mychael Knight? Fabio?
        I think they do cast a couple of people each season because they’re conventionally good-looking, but once you’re on the show, they don’t seem to auf someone for being heavy or not white.

        • And yet, after 12 seasons. with several very talented people of color in the mix, the only person who wasn’t WHITE was Anya, who got a pass for beauty, and nothing else.

          • harlowish

            And Chloe! (I agree with your point by the way, but I just always feel bad that people forget about poor Chloe.)

          • OMG Chloe! My Very Bad!

          • Sweetvegan

            Don’t forget Chloe! Yeah, Anya’s win was ridiculous.

          • I agree with you about Anya. The way she expressed herself was beautiful, IMO. But she didn’t know how to sew, and her dresses were all very similar. I was soooooo disappointed when she won. I read her bio later, and I became even more convinced that designing was a passing fancy and, perhaps, a way to be famous.

          • drdarke

            Huh – I was going to add Mean-A Irina, who I would have sworn I heard was Iranian! But it turns out no, she’s just a Jewish Princess of Russian ancestry….

            I liked Anya better than most people did – though that was largely because she was smart, knew how to emphasize her strengths while limiting her weaknesses as a designer, and presented very well. Yes, it was clear the judges were predisposed to want her to win – though given the alternative was that slimy backstabber Josh M., I kind of wanted that as well.

            Sadly, there was no way the judges were going to let Kimberly win – though less because she’s Black, I think, than because her designs were for Real People. We all know in PR’s worldview, Couture Ain’t For Real People! It Is For Shining Stars in The Fashion Firm-A-Mint…. (Why do I now imagine Tim introducing Heidi to SINGIN’ IN THE RAIN, and her falling in love with Lena Lamont?)

      • You really think that’s true? I have been so depressed over the outcome of a recent trial. Yet, I’ve never noticed prejudice here, at least of color. I don’t think Kahindo should have gone home, but this wasn’t the first time that the wrong person went home. Kahindo took a chance on something on the plain side. I honestly liked her dress; it was classy. I’d be more upset if they sent home someone who should have been the challenge winner. When Kate first went home, she could have actually won that challenge if the judges had been true to the directions they gave for the challenge. They asked for one thing and were impressed by something totally different.

      • Kathryn Sanderson

        Like and agree x a million. Her dress was boring but OK. I thought Sustainable was going home for sure, but nooooooooooo…. And now that I think of it, what’s wrong with me? I’ve watched every single season of this show, and I thought there was a chance they were going to auf Sustainable? Whatever was in that pipe got thru my TV screen!

      • LaT

        Yes and yes. There were definitely designs that were more boring than hers (Karen, Alexandria, Ken) and designs that were not as well constructed (Karen, Timothy, Sandro, Helen). But there’s *no way* Sandro or Timothy or even Helen are going home in the second week of the show when they’re all more reality tv catnip than she is (not that Sandro was in the bottom, but if he and Helen had switched places in the order, Kahindo still would’ve been sent home before him). Kahindo had potential and I would’ve liked to see more from her, but she’s not a water-cooler-chatter contestant the way some of the others are and, thus, she’s cannon fodder.

      • Kate

        Kahindo also didn’t give into the sob stories and “lets be friends and have a conversation” that the other two did. If she would have said, I am designing for a strong black woman like Michelle Obama, I think she would have been okay. Its just too bad she has a mind and doesn’t fall for the reality drama crap.

    • Karen should have been bottom three instead of Kahindo, and most likely out since the producers would prefer to keep the drama of the unicorn and tattooed crier. As soon as that loose blue dress walked out I said to myself, “bottom three for sure.” Again, I don’t know what happened.

      • Hilda Elizabeth Westervelt

        I have to agree with you there. I thought Karen’s blue dress was horrifying and by far the most ill fitting dress on the runway. The fact that it got through without a critique is appalling.

        • Lauren Lynch Fox

          It looked like a High School sewing project and it got a pass. It just goes to show that this is not a true competition.

          • demidaemon

            I thought that one was pretty bad too. Honestly, the third spot could have gone to half of these looks. I think Kahindo unfortunately drew the short straw and, once they looked at it closely (and weighed her personality against the others), she was done.

          • I hate to think this way. I’d love the show without the drama. I like the competition. I enjoy watching the designers come up with their conceptions and carry them through. And I could watch fashion shows all day long.

      • marlie

        Seriously. *I* could have made a better-fitting bodice than that blue dress, and I have exactly ZERO sewing skills.

        • drdarke

          @disqus_zkPCxYvnya:disqus – I think I made that outfit when i was in Junior High, only it was supposed to be for me.

          Well, they started out as shorts, and the midriff-baring was because I hadn’t measured the top right, and….

          DON’T JUDGE ME, MAN!!!!!
          ::runs off with a pizza platter piled high with cocaine::

    • Kahindo’s dress was really nice, I think. OK, they’re supposedly not looking for “nice”, but there was no reason for her to even have been in the bottom three. I kept thinking “please don’t eliminate Kahindo”, with the absurd hope that my wish would come true retroactively.

      Was it Bradon’s dress that received a collective gay gasp? That dress was gorgeous. The crack the judges were smoking last night must have been laced with LSD, because there was some serious hallucinating going on.

      • marlie

        Yes, hers was nice enough, but considering all of the WTFery that was on the runway, one would think that “nice” would get her by. That’s the kind of critique that should get a designer auf-ed when they’re down to only 5-6 contestants.

        • demidaemon

          I think what also hurt her is the fact that her jewelry blended into the outfit. On everyone else, you could still see it, but her neckline choice really hurt her chances in staying true to the challenge’s concept (or the judge’s version of the challenge’s concept).

      • d4divine

        Brandon had immunity…Project Runway rarely, if ever, award somebody double immunity.

    • drdarke

      Agreed, @victoriaanzalone:disqus – when Brandon’s dress came out, my wife, our niece and I just gasped, it was so beautiful! Unless that silvery fabric read as really tickytacky in person, there’s no way on Earth he shouldn’t have won….

      Even his competitors were impressed – did you all catch that?

  • What do you mean Sandro’s dress was tacky?? The most beautiful woman alive, wore the same sheer panels. Goop cannot be wrong!

    My favorite part of the episode: Bradon in the opening credits. Can someone make a gif of his jumping twirl? He needs to start dancing more often. 😀

    Also, instead of those guards on the runway… Oh, Pit Crew! Good opportunity for a series crossover.

    • NYCGlamourpuss

      “Oh Pit Crew!” I DIED!! Well played, my friend, well played!

      • I know Heidi would be cool with the Pit Crew idea.

    • zenobar

      Please may this come to pass. Please Lord may this come to pass.

  • Emily Dagger

    Is it just wrinkling oddly, or does Sue’s dress actually have a ruched cooch?

    • MikeW_Vegas

      With the black, it’s kind of hard to tell. But I think you’re right.. her cooch is ruched..

      • Angela Langdale

        She needs a vaginaplasty!

      • Lucía Gavello

        It’s the 2×2 vagina episodes special offer!

    • Democracy Diva

      RUCHED COOCH! You just coined a phrase I will use forever.

      • Emily Dagger

        It’s so much fun to say. And also, you can kill a lot of time going “ruched COOCH ruched COOCH” to a kind of “mmm-SST mm-SST” dance beat.

        • zenobar

          Kind of the “boats-cots-boats-cots” you do for a house beat. I like it!

      • StellaZafella

        “It’s my little ruched cooch, you don’ know what I got!”
        Ode to the Beach Boys

        • FunButNutz

          Someone needs to adopt that as their Drag name.

          • StellaZafella

            I dunno, the other queens would turn ” Miss Ruched Cooch” into ” Miss Roach Coach” in a heartbeat…
            I know I would.

      • CozyCat

        There are a lot of eternal 12 year olds here today. Hee hee.

    • I thought Sue’s dress was one of the better ones when I was watching the episode online, but this picture makes it looks awful. What happened?

      • GillianHolroyd

        Agree. I had her bunched with Bradon, Jeremy, Justin at the top but I knew that she wouldn’t be picked because the necklace does not work with the neckline of her dress. Take away the necklace though, that dress woulda been a contender.

    • sundaynightaddict

      That dress had a distinct feel of Frederick’s of Hollywood evening wear to it.

    • Lauren Lynch Fox

      yes….it was so odd.

    • Rand Ortega

      Somewhere, somehow, Dr. Seuss is smiling his ass off. & writing a new book.

  • Democracy Diva

    My notes from the part of the episode where the runway show stops for a Tim & Helen cry session simply read, “THIS COULD NOT BE MORE STAGED.” Love when we think alike, TLo!

    “Sustainicorn.” I knew you would have a brilliant nickname for him. That is just beyond perfection. Kahindo was nowhere near the bottom, but she was quiet and not obnoxious, so of course, she had to go. Fuck a bunch of that. And my thoughts on Sandro’s look were identical to yours – how are we ignoring how TACKY this look is?! And yup, Braden knocked it out of the park.

    I snorted while laughing at the “smoke positively pouring out of your vagina” line, so thanks for that. And mazel tov on your wedding! You two deserve all the happiness in the world.

    • demidaemon

      I was surprised at the praise Sandro got. I think Nina was sucking her teeth during that exchange, because clearly she was not as in love with it as Heidi was. Of course, this is Heidi we’re talking about here. She is going to love that ticky-tacky super tight mess. Good fit, my ass, Zac Posen.

      As to the Kalindo question, I’m not trying to be mean or anything, but she was clearly cannon fodder. Her designs were too simple, her aesthetic wasn’t well-defined, and she was a bit bland personality-wise. That’s the kiss of death in PR. Even if she had been safe in this round, she would have been out before the halfway point.

  • tignor

    “She looks like she just climbed out of a swimming pool and is now standing in front of a wind machine.”

    BRAVO, fellas.

    And congrats on the nuptials!

  • StellaZafella

    bullshitbullshitbullshitbullshit auftheblackwoman bullshitbullshit

    • KateShouldBeWorking

      I foolishly had my hopes up when I saw the – by industry standards – models’ ethnic diversity and relatively normal weight. That was dumb of me. It seems the best chance for a black woman on this show is to be screechingly sassy because obviously that troupe isn’t worn out.

  • Imasewsure

    Yes the praise heaped on Afterschool Special’s hideous gown (ooh the design is great…but the execution is a bit off) just freed up my Thursday nights again…. will still live for the Friday morning recaps though!

    • Lauren Lynch Fox

      Agreed! If we accept that those were the worst three (already a stretch) then she should have gone home. She just could not get it together for this challenge. It does not matter that she was having a bad day. It was a bad garment and she should have gone.

      • demidaemon

        Well, two of them were the worst. Kalindo could have been interchanged with–at least–three other designs. She was just horribly unlucky.

  • Scimommy

    I don’t watch the show any more, and just scrolling through these makes me glad of it. The dress that ‘lost’? I liked it better than 75% of the rest of that crap. Seriously. So glad I’m not watching any more.

  • SteveKl

    As with the last 1-1/2 seasons, thank you for saving me 45 minutes each week. Your recaps are the show for me now.

    • David Vaughan

      The show is like 63 minutes long now without commercials. It’s ridiculous.

  • Winter_White

    Obviously they wouldn’t be able resist using that footage of Helen crying, but why not put it either before or after the runway show? They’ve never been shy about shady editing. 😉

    I don’t mind criers. People handle emotional overload in different ways. And I’ll take a designer who bursts into tears over a vicious rage-addict like Jeffrey Sebelia — who, when crossed by Laura Bennett, snarled “I hope that bitch has a stroke.” So ugly.

    I DID mind that they interrupted the runway show. Everything builds toward that brief runway time, when we finally see the finished looks — yet they just had to screech everything to a halt to milk that little drama! When they resumed after Tim’s comfort-intervention, I was so distracted and weirded out that I barely noticed the next couple of models go by. (Maybe that’s why I don’t even remember half of these outfits…?)

  • jeneria

    I really wish they hadn’t sent boring home over good tv. Good tv only lasts another challenge or so and meanwhile, boring never gets the chance for redemption. After School Special’s dress was horrible. At least with Mercuryovich, I could see the Art Deco elements that went with his necklace. Was it tacky? Yes. Do I think he knew he was invoking Art Deco? No. But there was something there.

    Sustainicorn just needs to stop with the bullshit and get into the game or go home.

  • hughman

    Heidi : “Tim, do you see Helen? Do you want to go talk to her?”

    Tim : “Not really but I’m the performing monkey on this show so why the hell not. Oh Helen. Why are you crying? *pat pat pat* You know it’s just a dress, right? Not to mention a dress that you actually made on your own so no one else is to blame. You did get your “tough girl” schtick down but you do know we expected you to sew, right? I just want to make sure you didn’t think you were on The Bachelor. Are we good? Can I return to Earth now? Ok.”

    • OrigamiRose

      Bravo! 🙂

      • NYCGlamourpuss

        Agreed, that was gold!

    • Pennymac

      hughman FTW!!!!!

    • MilaXX

      Did you see production crawl over and hand Tim a kleenex? I had to laugh at that point.

      • GillianHolroyd

        No, really?

        • MilaXX

          yep I rewatched this morning and noticed it.

          • NYCGlamourpuss

            Oh, yes, I noticed that too – just silliness at it’s supreme! I mean, GURL – you made an ugly dress. It happens on this show. It’s not like your dog was run over in the driveway by your boyfriend as he was driving out to go cheat on you with another woman. Have some perspective.

          • largishbearishAtlish

            so they “don’t know who made what” but can SEE each one jump up and down when ONE dress only walks out…as if…I dunno, they MADE it?? sheesh (put them off camera then…THEN the judges can’t see the reaction (put the designers in another room so we can see the reactions with out the canned Tim Moment ™)

          • demidaemon

            That’s their own dumb fault. If they were smart and savvy (clearly these attention whores cannot help themselves), they would use this twist to their advantage to stay in the game longer.

    • It would have been a nice gesture for Heidi to go talk to Helen. Actually, I was surprised that Heidi showed such concern. But Helen wasn’t just crying; she was shaking uncontrollably. I think because Helen physically fell apart, she needed to be calmed to make sure that she was all right. It was improper for Heidi to designate Tim to rescue Helen. Maybe she felt that the judges have a boundary that would be violated if any of them were to approach Helen under those conditions.

  • Jackie4g

    Wow, there’s a lot to cover, isn’t there? I thought Karen’s turquoise ill fitting number should have been the one to go, but she made it past the gauntlet for another week. The Sustainable Boy contradicts himself and really should be one of the next to pack up his scissors, because he’s just silly. I thought that Tim and freddy Mercuryovitch comforting the Weepy Rebel was kind of sweet, but since when does anyone break down just before her dress is aired? A little suspicious, I think. I am enjoying this season more that the two previous ones, I will say that.

    • SewingSiren

      Agree that Karen’s was hideous. She should have been the auf.

      • CozyCat

        I think Karen was saved by picking such a pretty color. The judges award scores based on initial reactions, and the color she chose makes you happy just to look at it.

        But the FIT was so bad on a dress that should have been easy to fit. Helen blew the fit, but on a complicated design. If Karen’s dress had been subjected to the level of scrutiny that the bottom designs get, she would have been in big trouble.

        • demidaemon

          It’s true. They have what–fifteen seconds maybe–to scribble some thoughts and give it a score.

    • Danielle

      Two words: pit tits

    • Darva Sutra

      Yes, the moment Karen’s dress walked it almost made me lose my champagne – hideously offensive, deserved a bottom 3 slot for sure!
      Sustainicorn is a clueless coddled little brat who has never seen the light of reality. I would keep that puppy around to repeatedly kick until he gets a clue that his imaginary vegan-dumpster world is the antithesis of style.
      Delusional-Rebel thinks she can make (or will learn) couture! hahahahahahahahaha! Says she has “worked” for several wedding designers. What, for a day as coffee-gopher? Bitch, please.
      Sandro skeeves me out on every level possible. Gross. I predict he gets kicked out for trying something very inappropriate with a model or contestant. Absolutely a cliche of abysmal taste and an all-around asshole, it seems. Sure they will keep him around a while to torture us.
      Sue is a one-trick jersey-ruching-by-hand pony. She has a decent point of view but maybe she should have, I don’t know, learned to use a sewing machine before going on the show? Huge wtf.
      Yeah, I am going for Bradon for the win (Sue and Ken close behind him); he seems like a decent guy with great design chops and sewing skill.
      Just had to vent, soooooo frustrated!

  • sweatpantalternative

    Most of the dresses were incredibly dull and with the exception of Bradon’s none highlighted the jewels or were really red carpet ready. I liked Kahindo’s dress. It was simple and admittedly more of a cocktail dress, but it was appealing and decently made. How in the world does that lose to those other abominations of a dress? But of course, one of those other contestants had a dramatic on-screen melt down and the other is tots ridiculous, so they stay. My husband (not a fan of the show) on watching last night: “why are there people on this show who don’t know how to work steamers and basic sewing equipment? Isn’t it a contest about making clothes?”

    Also, the claim that L’Oreal is in any way known for it’s sustainable practices is laughable. Haven’t they been famously boycotted by PETA since the 80s for animal testing? And anybody who was truly committed to only using/buying products from companies that used sustainable ingredients and espoused sustainable practices would definitely know if they made the cut or not. He’s an irritating phony.

    • NYCGlamourpuss

      YES! Bitches still test on animals – no way can L’Oreal claim they’re “sustainable”!

      • But animals are organic.

        • NYCGlamourpuss

          True, true – how silly of me! 😉

          • alannaofdoom

            And they do the testing in the dark so they don’t waste electricity.

          • NYCGlamourpuss

            You people are awesome…

        • CozyCat

          They get the animals from the pound, so they are all “recycled.”

          • NYCGlamourpuss

            Oh, god, LOL! The image of that makes my heart hurt, but I’m still laughing!

          • CozyCat

            I’m about ready to recycle a couple cats right now. Hey, Bitter Kittens, anyone out there interested in two free cats? They’re yours, just for the price of their MASSIVE VET BILLS….

          • demidaemon

            I just want to say that I take everything PETA says with a grain of salt. They aren’t exactly the most balanced activists in the world.

      • StellaZafella

        However…have you ever tried to was their mascaras off with anything less than bleach and a loofa? In this scenario, Sustainability is when it won’t GO AWAY! :>)

    • marlie

      Sustainicorn doesn’t know half of what he’s talking about, and it’s people like him that give more well-educated and well-versed environmentalists and sustainability advocates a bad name.

      • Samuel Joesph Donovan

        I agree–I utilize a lot of sustainable practices in my work–reworking secondhand clothing, zerowaste pattern cutting, kntting–and while he’s accidentally made some good, logical choices (end of bolt) it’s obvious that he has no idea what he’s talking about, and even less about how to utilize it. He’s making sustainable design look like a massive, flaky waste, when really it’s a lot of hard work, sweat, and occasionally tears trying to fight a good and necessary fight. And he’s rattling off about wood-burning stoves. I agree with all the other designers–he needs to head back to school and actually learn about what he’s mindlessly spewing.

        • Go on PR!

        • d4divine

          The Zac Posen read of Designer Tim’s burnt material mess from week one, was one of my all time favorite PR moments. Lol

      • StellaZafella

        I can’t claim to be an expert in the areas you describe, Marlie, but, as an old bartender…and drag queen, and homo…I get from Unicorn the sense that “Sustainability” is his buzz word of the week, and nothing much more than that.

        • marlie

          Oh, absolutely. It’s trendy and hip, and that’s what he has decided is going to be his “gimmick.” Other designers become known for different quirks/eccentricities/skills, and he’s decided that this is his.

          • demidaemon

            If you are going to latch onto such a gimmick, perhaps you should work on making yourself seem knowledgeable about it and not present as a total idiot.

    • d4divine

      Most cosmetics companies have changed their sustainable practices since the 80’s….

  • SewingSiren

    I can’t remember anyones name yet. Plus I was drinking gin last night. And TLo got married at Emmett’s so I had to change to my EMc3 dress. Sos I wasn’t paying that close attention…..but….
    I thought Kahindo’s dress was pretty fab. At the beginning of the runway show I had it in my top three. But as things progressed it slipped down a notch or two. I liked it and would wear it, No where near the bottom three. And certainly not an auf.
    I’m okay with the win, I would have placed Kate in the top with Brandon and Dom. Dom would have won (in my book) if not for the smutch at the waist.
    The Russian was no where near my top three. Middle at best.
    All the designers that chose black made a terrible mistake. Although I kind of liked the one red eyebrow made.
    Didn’t USArmy make the same dress as last week but sloppier?
    And finally my auf’ would have been Karen worse even than Helen’s which was by FAR the worst of the bottom three.
    The unicorn’s dress wasn’t half bad, the worst part about it was the neckline did not work AT ALL with the necklace it was supposedly designed for. Oddly the judges were hung up on a bra, when you certainly could wear one with it.

    I loved the exercise of designing a gown to go with the jewel. I think they should have had a greater variety of jewels though.

    • sundaynightaddict

      I was totally thinking USArmy made the same dress last night, minus the cap sleeves or whatever those wings were! Agree that Karen’s dress was atrocious. Loved Dom’s dress, but would have loved it even more with those emeralds in some shade of orange.

      • I have a terrible memory, and I seldom remember the designs from one week to the next. So if even I realized USArmy (Miranda?) made the same dress two weeks in a row, then I guarantee you that’s what happened.

        Karen’s dress – Ugh. Hate the color, and, as TLo said, it looked like a prom dress. That was not a dress for which someone should get a pass on this show.

        I was really skeptical about how Dom’s dress was going to turn out, so that was a nice surprise. I’m not sure how I feel about that particular bodice design; it usually makes the wearer look like her boobs are too small to fill out the dress. Somehow, though, Dom managed to make the look work very well. I even liked the headband, even though it was too casual.

        I think I have a bit of a girl crush on Dom. She’s so cute.

    • MilaXX

      I had Dom as my win as well, but the dress doesn’t doesn’t up as well on closer inspection. Still it deserved top 3 and I would have added Braden to that list as well.

    • Munchkn

      About the judges being hung up on a bra to go with unicorn’s dress: Haven’t they ever heard of strapless bras? They’ve been making them practically forever.

      • SewingSiren

        That plus the fact that those two awful white strips on either side of the backwards racer “back” would cover just about any width of bra strap.

      • MoHub

        A strapless would still have shown with the frontal “racerback.” But considering how often Heidi goes braless and that Nina never wears a bra, the criticism struck me as specious.

        Also, am I the only viewer who heard Heidi and Nina describe Sustainicorn’s bodice as a “razorback.”? I kept having mental images of wild Arkansas hogs.

        • formerlyAnon

          Bonus points for use of “specious!”

          • MoHub

            Thank you. Vocabulary is my life.

          • demidaemon

            Whether or not it was bra-friendly, it still looked kind of dumb. I have to agree with Tim in that it looked tremendously better than the original design. It’s a shame he didn’t send that mess out instead.

    • Peeve

      I find it odd that Heidi was the one who was so concerned about not being able to wear a bra with Sustainicorn’s dress. When does Heidi ever wear a bra???

  • NYCGlamourpuss

    You know, can I kiss your asses for a minute here, TLo? Yes, I can? Okay then! While I understand that this show exhausts you anymore, while I understand it has fallen woefully from it’s days at Bravo, and while I understand that you only recap it pretty much out of a sense of loyalty, I’m just going to ask you to PLEASE keep doing so! Because this recap was some primo shit!

    I LOVED Hot English Daddy’s (still don’t know his name!) Smoking Vagina dress – GORGEOUS! Plus, we could use another RuPaul crossover – have Tim Gunn exclaim, “Oooooh, GIRL! Your pussy’s on FIRE!”

    Ahhh, yes, Helen – another one saved by a well-timed meltdown. And it’s always the ones who mouth off the loudest about how great and tough and bad-ass they are who crack the fastest. You know she has a copy of “Gia” at home on DVD, and constantly rewinds to the part where Angelina Jolie whips out the switchblade and carves her name into the receptionist’s desk at the Wilhemina Agency!

    And now I don’t want Timothy to go because we won’t be able to use “Sustainicorn” anymore, and I LOVE it! “HI. IT TURNS OUT L’OREAL IS LIKE, TOTALLY SUSTAINABLE.” “GREAT! THEN I WILL HAPPILY USE L’OREAL PRODUCTS FOR ALL MY FUTURE MAKEUP NEEDS! BECAUSE I’M WORTH IT!” I was like, “Oh, Hot Makeup Daddy, you’re lying so badly, your tongue is gonna turn black!”

    • MikeW_Vegas

      Okay.. Now I need to go back and watch Gia again..

      • NYCGlamourpuss

        She probably masturbates to that scene, too!

      • Ramon Figueroa

        Gia is so great. I would switch teams for that version of Angelina Jollie. And that scene where she gets picked for her first cover: “This is meat. This is sirloin. It’s lusty.Winter is carnivorous…rich browns, reds, big animal prints. This is it. Yes!”

    • Eric Stott

      Seriously- I want Hot Makeup Mustache Daddy NOW

      • DCSheehan

        My husbear and I call him Wolf. We also shout ‘Wolf’ at the screen every single time he appears. The really shocking thing is we’re totally sober when we do this.

        • Eric Stott

          He’s Scott Patric, and without the mustache he’s good looking in a bland way.

    • EveEve

      Reading the recap seems a much better use of my time than watching the actual episode. Which is why, instead, I took TLo’s suggestion and watched “Orange is the New Black.” The final episode. Whoa. Thank you TLo, for the strong recommendation to watch ONB. And this recap is, as always, hilarious. Now – please take your honeymoon!

      • Yes yes yes yes I want OITNB talk on TLO, stat.

        • EveEve

          Sadly, there is no accesssories wall in federal prison.

    • MilaXX

      It may be sustainable, whatever that means, but they aren’t cruelty free which is a bigger issue in cosmetics. They would have done better to ignore Sustainicorn than insert that stupid blerb.

      • marlie

        But then they wouldn’t have been able to explain how he suddenly decided to put makeup on his model. (But yes, it’s a totally bullshit reason.)

        • MilaXX

          Please, we all know the producers told him he has to use the product placement sponsors.

          • formerlyAnon

            Yup. They said “you got to make your point on national t.v. Now, look at this paragraph in the contract you signed, come up with a reason to backtrack and get back out there.”

          • marlie

            Oh, of course. “Look, Sustainicorn, if you want to stay on the show, you HAVE to use our sponsors, and you can NOT dis them on camera. Now suck it up.”

          • demidaemon

            True. I’m just glad his model got to go out looking somewhat styled. Every time they do the model-go-round this season (until Sustainacorn is gone), I am going to cringe for the poor girl stuck with him. Those poor models wearing his looks will have to create a support group.

      • NYCGlamourpuss


    • Celandine1

      yes getting more screen time with hot makeup daddy was the only good thing to come out of that exchange!

    • oldscrumby

      So, conspiracy theory: Some brief googling shows that L’oreal has some sustainability/environmental/fair trade thing they’re pursuing. What if L’oreal wanted to make a bigger campaign around the whole thing and figures PR is a good way to launch it? They exert a little pressure on the producers to dig through their stack of applicants to find one that would be the face of sustainability. They pick Timmy because he’s one of the few, if not the only, sustainable designers to apply for the crass exercise in commercialism that is PR/ they have no idea what an eco-friendly fashion designer is and narrow their choice down to whoever used the magical buzz-word “sustainable” in their application/ they wanted to stick it to L’oreal. But Tim is such a failure that when the L’oreal flacks see the post-season footage they make PR drop the entire glorification of sustainability narrative. Were left with a designer way out of his depth and seriously earning the enmity of the judges, but not being sent home.

  • NDC_IPCentral

    I guess we all have to give ourselves a collective pinch to remind ourselves that this is not a genuine competition, it’s a rigged television show that emphasizes drama over creativity. Helen should have been jettisoned, and that breakdown during the judging was an embarrassment that should not have been aired.

    I wonder over the couple of hundred episodes of Project Runway past whether there have been other melt-downs in the folding chairs – bet there were, but we were spared.

    Sandro is a calculating attention seeker, and the fact that the show sticks to him like anger-glue confirms the sad trajectory of the series.

    No bad cess on my BK friends in the Lounge last night, but though I watched the show, I was so unmotivated that I couldn’t be inspired to post during these increasingly awkward and insulting-to-the-viewership proceedings.

    • MilaXX

      When she started crying all I could think was how mad Andre & Ricky must be. No one consoled them in the middle of the runway show when they broke down.

      • I thought of Andrae as well when tattoo crier started her wailing! I wonder if in the reunion show we will see just how long her crying jag went on. With a timer.

      • NYCGlamourpuss

        In fact, didn’t Nina tell Andrae, not in these exact words mind you, to turn off the tears and get his shit together, or words to that effect?

        • MilaXX

          yup and now we;re supposed to feel sorry for someone who but off more than they could chew?

          • demidaemon

            We never saw Nina during this particular meltdown. I bet she had rolled her eyes so far back into her head they couldn’t show her for fear it would give viewers nightmares and cause some sort of TV burnout.

      • oldscrumby

        I think I remember Andre and Ricky getting some supportive arm-pats from whoever was next to them on the runway, which is what Sandro did. It really pissed me off that Heidi sent Tim over to clean that shit up instead of maintaining her distance as a judge and ignoring it. But what bugs me more than anything is that Andre and Ricky both started crying when confronted, Andre by the judges and Ricky by his win. It makes sense for them to hit their emotional peak at that time and break down. Helen couldn’t even make it through the damn runway show without bawling over how shitty her dress is. Plenty of contestants have knowingly sent some terrible shit out, but they hold it together in the hopes that the judges will ignore it in favor of someone else’s mess. Helen’s display guaranteed the judges recognized and remembered her terrible outfit. It’s not only immature and unprofessional, it’s really bad strategy-wise.

        • MilaXX

          sadly it worked and they kept her

  • GorgeousThings

    “Sweetie, we don’t mean to alarm you, but there is smoke positively pouring out of your vagina.”

    OMG, thank heavens I’m alone in the office because I burst out guffawing at that!

  • Another thing: my love to Nina today for correcting everyone who was saying “razor back.” It’s RACER back. Ha! She enunciated it so clearly. I wanted to hug her.

    • UsedtobeEP

      Yes, a Razorback is a feral pig—or the Arkansas mascot. Sooie!

      • YoungSally

        My college roommate was from LIttle Rock — She had a doll where you could pull the string and it would say “WOOOO PIG SOOIE”

    • sundaynightaddict

      haha I turned to my husband and said “Why are they all saying RAZOR BACK?!?! It’s racer back!” And he suggested that maybe I was wrong. Then Nina said it and he looked at me and said, “Oh you’re right then.” Husband apparently recognizes Nina as the ultimate authority lol

      • As he should, if he knows what’s good for him if he should ever encounter Nina in real life. Oh yes.

      • Munchkn

        Maybe there’ll all fans of Arkansas or even Sunnydale High?

  • wayout46

    Helen resorted to the Roxxxy Andrews’ trauma technique. On the verge of tears for fear of elimination anyway, she turned them into an occasion for a sob story, and then released the floodworks. Why does that shit always work in reality TV?
    I have very little to say about the dresses because the one auffed was in my top three and a hideous thing like that aqua blue drip-drying-as-it’s-worn look got a pass. None of my favorites (silver-ado, pussy smoke, and camouflage) were in the top three, so I must have an awful eye for fashion … or do I?

    • sojourneryouth

      I sooooo agree. I’m assuming Helen was abandoned at a taxi kiosk.

  • I am still annoyed that they didn’t call out Miranda for making a shittier version of the same exact dress from the first challenge, when she actually had the opportunity to use fabric of her own choice.
    I would have had Miranda and Karen in the bottom two.

    IRONY: Kahindo’s dress looks JUST like Gretchen’s winning collection. (But more Anthropologie, less Urban Outfitters.)

  • Blair Sylvester

    I thought Karen was a goner because when she first came on the screen I was like who the hell is that. I remembered everyone but her and then her dress was boring. I was sure that boring dress and forgettable personality would do her in

  • alyce1213

    The bullshit about Sandro’s dress makes me seethe. He used cheap lace bra trim for straps — naked — not even sewn to any backing for reinforcement, and bits of thinner bra trimming here and there on the dress, just snipped and stuck on. And the awful sheer panels, and the top that Heidi loved, and the ugly fabric to begin with. There was nothing good about that garment, absolutely nothing.
    Even worse was Nina’s defense of Helen’s monstrosity. I said last night, that thing looked like it had its own asshole.
    My bottom three were Sandro, Helen and Karen, with Helen for the AUF.

    And even worse than that was Nina’s “Oh we’re in trouble” when she looked at the under-fabric of Kahindo’s. (Thank you, Tim.) I actually thought hers was well made, and suited the necklace she got, which was relatively quiet and understated, not too showy. I have seen rich, elegant women wearing cocktail dresses like that with fine jewelry of that caliber. It’s a look. I hate that the TV guy in the camo jacket didn’t defend Kahindo’s use of print.
    My top three: Braden (winner), Justin, Jeremy.

    Anyway, I hate them. But I’ll still watch. I’ll just have to anesthetize a bit more.

    • Stubenville

      Face it; PornStache (Sandro) is there to amp up the D-R-A-M-A and will be kept on far beyond any reasonable expiration date. He should have gone last week when he showed his model’s naughty bits to the world.

    • Lauren Lynch Fox

      I was sure that Sandro was going to be one of the worst. When Heidi praised it, I thought it was a joke, but it does look like something she would wear.

      • guest2visits

        Stachiovich’s design was eastern European prostitute. A very stylish hooker, imo.
        But how cute was his model – she just couldn’t stop smiling last night. She seemed the most pleased of all to be decked out in her million dollar bling…. she cares not about Stachio’s taste level; she is one happy little ‘krasotka’? (hottie?). She was very pretty in her expensive sparkles.

        • demidaemon

          Also, Heidi’s style, at least on the red carpet. Therefore, this is the result.

    • DuBey2

      I’m looking forward to seeing more from your top 3: Br, Just and Jer. Also maybe thin red drag style eyebrows guy? Alexander? is it.

  • NYCGlamourpuss

    And TLo! Congrats on the wedded bliss!

  • Drinking with the Kittens – Fun
    Reading the TLo Recaps – Hilarious
    Watching the actual episode of PR – Infuriating

  • bertkeeter

    Agree that the AUFED designer was by far not the worst look last night! Actually well execited, tatsteful and great colors! She was just TO NORMAL! The winner’s looked ike something from a highscholol “Sweeny Todd” production! Hidy!

    • Pennymac

      LOL @ high school Sweeney Todd! Boring Nina = Ultimate PR sin. As soon as she said the B word, I knew.

      • bertkeeter

        Definetly keeping Tsarina Sandro around for his drama, chaos and slutty design potential, which appears to be un-matched by any previous PR drama queens…and there have been plenty!

        • demidaemon

          That back cut-out (before she covered it) looked shittily done to me.

    • Ramon Figueroa

      The winner looked like Carrie’s wedding dress messed up after she got stood up.

      • bertkeeter

        Very good! And the designer has the self obsessed personality to go with it!

  • golden_valley

    Tom and Lorenzo…mazel tov on your wedding! Why aren’t you off on a honeymoon instead of wasting your time showing us these nonsense dresses.

    Poor Kahindo. Her problem is not just one of race and sex, but also of age. PR always gets rid of the more mature females early on and she was only what I call early middle age. Maybe if she had lots of tats she could have stayed.

    • DuBey2

      I agree about Kahindo. As opposed to Michael, (who I loved for the 1st 4/5 of his season and who did make it to final 3) who was quite young. But I like Kahindo’s dress a lot. To quote all female judges on PR, “I’d wear that”. Not for the RC or for the win, but I liked the color blend and her model’s styling.
      And I had Kate or Justin for the win — yes it was black but LOVED the shape of it and it was finished quite well, from what I could see.
      How come no one is critiquing the “styling” this season? Or is it too early for that? I have the answer: its the BELK accessory wall. Just my opinion.

  • DinaSews

    Best snarky commentary in a long time! Marriage must agree with you! 😉

  • docholly

    I was screaming at the judges like they were a Republican on Bill Maher. WTF were they thinking? I liked Smokey Vagina more than Kate’s. and clearly – Bradon’s was the winner. Miss Afterschool Special bills herself as a “gown” designer, she should rethink that line of work. I mean tears or no tears, for a much self-touted evening wear diva she is clearly clueless. Hey maybe Stacy Dash would wear that .. Alicia Silverstone would not! I wish Tim would have let CrunchyUnicorn walk down with the blue boob box – it could compliment last weeks black box vagina. A matching set. and at the very least Kahindo should have been in the “IN” zone. CrunchyUnicorn needs to get on the bus back to cheeseheadville. Stat.

  • MarieLD

    Whew. I loved Bradon’s dress. Thought it was perfect for those jewels. And thought Kahindo’s dress was great for her jewelry too. Glad to know I’m not the crazy one.

    • demidaemon

      I thought Kahindo’s dress obfuscated her jewelry, unfortunately.

  • ChelseaNH

    Doesn’t Ken’s model kinda look like the Amazing Grace from season 2? (I miss amazing models.)

    • wontons

      I’m feeling really bad for Natasha (I think that’s her name), getting stuck in horrible dresses two weeks in a row.

  • Indigo54

    I’m sorry but I thought Timothy’s whatever it is was just hideous. With that crazy bodice, I’d almost swear I’m looking at the model’s back, not her chest. Freaks me out!

  • Angela_the_Librarian

    Bradon’s was the only one that made me gasp a bit. He also had a phenomenal model. All the others were fairly mediocre, and I was rooting for Sandro to go home. I couldn’t believe the judges liked that trashy look. Of course, the fairest conclusion would have been to send Helen home for that poorly constructed, half-finished mess. Kahindo’s design wasn’t breathtaking, but it was very polished and well executed (even if the fabric pattern wasn’t fantastic).

    Oh, I also loved how Justin was able to tune out all the BS in the workroom by turning off his cochlear implant. That might give him an advantage if he can step up his designs!

    • blogless

      I did a little gasp as well, and I think I heard some of the other designers do the same thing. Maybe the look didn’t translate as well in person on that runway but I thought it was dramatic and showed off that beautiful necklace.

      And I wish Sandro had a mute switch.

      • Melanie

        I’ll never be glad I lost my hearing, leading to my getting a cochlear implant, but I will admit that often comes in handy. When they were setting that bit up, I yelled out loud, “Just take it off, homeboy!” and he did! I love it.

  • Scritch

    i love you guys so hard.

    that isnt even the crack talking

  • sundaynightaddict

    When we watch, we do this thing where we take the six they invite to the runway and see if we can guess who’s in the top and the bottom. We’re almost always wrong and this week was no exception. I was sure Sandro was in the bottom and Kahindo in the top (although I wouldn’t have put her there). One week the judges will be sane and all my picks will be correct. Someday.

  • SugarSnap108

    Sweetie, we don’t mean to alarm you, but there is smoke positively pouring out of your vagina.

    I want you both to marry me (congrats, by the way!)

    Wow, Kahindo’s wasn’t even CLOSE to the worst look on the runway. I’m glad I got rid of my TV because I might have launched it out of the window if I’d watched this.

  • blogless

    i didn’t care for Kahindo’s dress at all because I thought it was all wrong and too simple/casual for this challenge and I knew she was in trouble when she picked out that fabric. STILL, she was far from the worst.

    Helen, Timothy, Miranda, Karen and even Sue (the necklace laps over the collar) for the bottom. Bradon for the clear win, although I thought Kate’s got the spirit of the challenge and I did like her Marie Antoinette backstory and the way her dress showed off the necklace.

    • MilaXX

      I wished she had made a more flowy short dress like the orange one she was wearing, but I completely agree she wasn’t anywhere near the worst. However, they let an extra brown person in this year and this one wasn’t bringing the drama, so….

      • demidaemon

        The fact that her own dress outshowed what she created by a mile probably did her no favors.

  • Judy_J

    Kahindo was robbed, pure and simple. Wonder what she did to piss Heidi off? Boo-hoo Helen should have gone home. That garment she put on the runway was the saddest thing I’ve seen in many a moon, and her model was obviously depressed by having to wear it.

    • cheesebomb

      I actually liked Kahindo’s dress and thought it nicely complimented her jewels. Then again, I’m not a fashionista. Or on crack.

  • marlie

    I was baffled that Kate won. Her dress was hideous. It just looked like the fabric was randomly and UN-aesthetically tacked to the bodice. Sandro, Helen or Karen should have gone home.

    • sojourneryouth

      I agree completely. The bodice looks like fabric hot glue-gunned randomly over a sheer corset, and the skirt is just okay. I like her inspiration story way more than the resulting dress. Dom’s design was just as youthful and more elegantly unique, while still being recognizable as a “dress” rather than “bunched sheet from crack den escape.”

      • demidaemon

        I thought it was a bit costumey. I mean, where do you see bustles other than on wedding dresses? Personally I would have picked Dom or Gay London Daddy for the win (I responded to his immediately when it came out, though I like it less in the stills).

  • pattie capet

    the only reason i’m glad crying girl wasn’t sent home is because her model has had the worst luck so far, between unicorn whisperer and now this. i hope she gets a good look next week.

    • blogless

      I thought the same thing about the model! At first I thought she was probably so happy Helen picked so that she could finally look pretty and look what happened.

      • Pril Wood

        Yes, did you see the big smile of relief she had when Helen picked her?

    • Frank_821

      me too. all I could think of was poor Nastasia. oh well, she’s getting more camera time than the others

  • desi_girl

    I disagree about Dom’s dress. IMO, it didn’t compliment the jewels at all. It’s a purely casual summer, beachy dress and the styling made it more so. That necklace and earrings were screaming for something formal and regal. It should have been in the bottom three for not following instructions.

    • DuBey2

      I kept thinking Lilly Pulitzer. All it needed was a pink band around the waist instead of the dark green there.

      • desi_girl

        So true! I think I got more upset about all the praise she got because the jewels she chose were my favorite among all the others.

      • Stubenville

        For a full Lilly Pulitzer, it would need rickrack trim. >_<

  • Stubenville

    Frankly the whole concept of the challenge was schizophrenic. At face value, the designers were instructed to take some gorgeous jewels and design a dress to show them off. But it was clear in the judging that the judges didn’t want a simple LBD to showcase a necklace that costs as much as a fleet of luxury cars. No, Heidi and crew actually wanted showy evening wear.

    La plus ça change…

  • TSkot

    As far a challenges go, this was one of the better ones they’ve had in a long time.
    I actually thought Sandro’s look complimented the jewels well, and wouldn’t have been surprised to see it win, once we knew it was in the top three. Yes, Bradon was the clear winner, and Miranda, Karen and Helen were the obvious bottom three. But Kahindo’s dress didn’t compliment the jewelry at all, and (cardinal sin) bored Nina. Goodbye.

    • I grudgingly admit that Sandro’s explanation describing his look on the runway was very good, neutral colors to not steal the spotlight from the showy jewels. He even sounded polished. Too bad the dress did not quite match the story.

  • GillianHolroyd

    I can’t be the only one who LOVED Kahindo’s fabric. Lovely colors and perfect for her model. I love prints. I also think the judges should deduct points every time someone uses solid black fabric.

    Also, what’s up with Karen? They are hiding her in the background. She wears what looks like hospital scrubs, her garments are awful in design and execution. Obviously she should have been in the bottom three instead of Kahindo if the producers want to boot the non-drama people. Kahindo can construct a garment at least.

    And not one judge queried Kate’s “derivative” issues? Granted her gown was the perfect color for her model and the jewels. But We Have Seen It Before.

    • MilaXX

      Her dress fit awful. The top half was too big on her model.

    • MoHub

      I’m not even sure why Karen is even on the show.

      • EverybodysStarling

        I’m not even sure who Karen is 😀

    • demidaemon

      I liked the fabric as well. Unfortunately, she tortured it and had to make a quick fix, which detracted from the print itself.

  • Frank_821

    What’s funny is in this case, the editing gave the impression, that Heidi seemed to rightly disliked Helen’s the most. She shoould have been auf’d and everyone knows it. Helen even acknowledges she’s damn lucky. I don’t care if she turned on the works. she knew it was shit and she couldn’t defend it. I refuse to judge her for pulling the tears manuever cosnidering how long I’ve watched the show. There have been far worse displays of camera whoreness

    I don’t understand Braden not winning. It was the best and it hit the originlity goals that Nina was telling them to strive for.

    I will say reading Mila’s recap on the lifetime website brought soemthing up about this challenge being too soon in the lineup. she said it takes a few challenges for the contestants figure out how to manage the time constraints

    in spite of the crack smoking, I felt Nina and Heidi each gave a sound piece of feedback

    Heidi asking why so many people are trying new things

    Nina telling Timothy he should push for new concepts and how his velvet would have looked better as a tuxedo jacket

  • piperkitty

    Sustainicorn…best nickname in years gentlemen.

    • Darva Sutra

      It officially beats my previous favorite, “Insane in the Ukraine”

  • Carrieanno

    Is it overreacting to think that Sandro should have been kicked out when he dragged the production crew member into the workroom to show him how to use a steamer? While it’s clearly not as egregious as hiding pattern books in one’s suitcase, I would think soliciting assistance from a show employee is some sort of rule violation.

    • alyce1213

      Well, that’s entertainment!

    • GillianHolroyd

      I think there is a lot of production crew assistance/manipulation that we’re not aware of. The standards of this show are such that I would not be surprised if a malfunctioning steamer was set out in order to induce a designer meltdown which Sandro promptly provided.

      • demidaemon

        I don’t think it malfunctioned. He just turned it on and expected steam. That’s not how they work. I actually felt bad for that poor crew member. Clearly, he was frightened of Sandro (as he should be. The man is one snap away from burying a pair of scissors in someone).

  • YoungSally

    sustainicorn is the new precious moments.

    • Stubenville

      With less talent.

    • Ha! I’m generally not one for nicknames; I think everyone’s name is just fine to use. But every once in a while, a nickname is coined, and it’s so hilarious and fitting that I have to love it. Precious Moments was one. Sustainicorn is the newest one on a rather short list.

  • Frank_821

    Oh as a big pain and 2nd rate drama queen as Sandro is, I am willing to give him a small bit of defense. just a small bit. I think that altercation with Ben in the sewing room was getting really out of hand but that was slightly Ben’s fault. It struck me that Ben was egging Sandro on a bit to keep getting a rise out of him. As a long time fan, Ben likely knows a move liek that will get him some camera time without him looking like an asshole

    • ThaliaMenninger

      Who is Ben? I’m having a hard time with all of them this year. Miranda? Karen? Who?

    • Lisa_Co

      I think you mean Ken.

  • MilaXX

    Goth chick was my choice to go. HATED Tim going to console. HATED even more them tsk, tsking Kahindo’s fabric choice.
    I’m not 100% sold on Braden being the chosen one. They seem in love with Kate for some reason. I wasn’t a fan of hers last season and this season she just irks.

    • Michelle Wilson

      Kate’s definitely being set up for top 3 finish and it will be the one thing that keeps me from enjoying this season. I can tolerate all the other bullshit. I was inoculated against PR bullshit during Jeffrey Sebelia’s season. But bringing back a bitchy little princess who’s already been through the worst of it once and putting her up against newbs is just beyond sketchy in my book. I hope Braden kicks her whiney ass up, down and sideways. Metaphorically speaking of course.

    • SewingSiren

      What I hated was her weepy little speech on the runway about how BAD she wants it and how she will continue no matter what…(i guess that would exclude actually learning your craft and working at it.)
      Well my advice would be put less into the weeping and more into the working . She claims to be an evening wear designer , but doesn’t know how to make a bust cup? Judging from the way the rest of the dress was put together and the fabric selection as well I think there is even more that she doesn’t know.

      • MilaXX

        what irks was them showing her running around being all Gretchen and help-y with the other designers when her mess of a dress wasn’t even finished. No, have a seat.

        • demidaemon

          That’s true. Less time talking, more time sewing (a variant on Zulema’s greatest words).

          • Cut and cry!

          • lilyvonschtupp

            “If you gonna cry, you better cry and cut! Don’t just stop and cry!”

            That has to be my favorite PR quote of all time, next to Daniel Vosovic’s “IT’S A MUTHAFUCKIN’ WALK-OFF!!!”

  • MilaXX

    Sustainicorn’s stupid comment about diamonds, something about them being too pretty,made me want to smack him even more. His so call morals, standards or whatever make less and less sense each week. He continues to do a disservice to his model. This week she gets makeup, but no product in the hair, WTF?

    • alannaofdoom

      Right? Honey, you are in a DESIGN COMPETITION. I’m sure the judges wouldn’t characterize it with exactly that word, but “pretty” is your one goal here! He is so completely incoherent.

    • desi_girl

      Totally agree! And if he really, truly believed in having a story and history behind his garments, like he said last week, then diamonds really would have been his best friend. There’s so much he could have done with the concept of blood diamonds. Instead, he went with “I noticed the velvet box!” He’s ridiculous and shallow! Ugh!

    • Darva Sutra

      Exactly. He will need to look hard to find his niche in this world – I can maybe imagine him designing for the homeless? The first time he’d try it he’d definitely get a dose of reality – they’d knife his whiny unicorn ass.

    • formerlyAnon

      I didn’t see this week’s yet, but going on last week’s and the comments, he comes off as an overly-dramatic & entitled 17 year old with severely under-researched opinions. Just, dear god, get him off screen soon or this truly will be the season I quit watching the show.

      Unless I grow to hate him so much I watch so I’ll see his complete emotional breakdown when/if it happens. But I think it’ll be too pathetic to enjoy.

    • DuBey2

      Can you say *HyPoCrit*?

    • harlowish

      Isn’t Garnier (or another hair product company) one of the sponsors? How many more challenges before they pull Timothy aside and say, “Good news! We did some research, and not only are Garnier products sustainable, each time their hairspray is used a little bit of ozone is returned to the atmosphere!”

  • Roza

    Not cool to paint HK as a Becky. She’s a cool chick with a cute patchwork family. So many black designers have gone far these last 12 years. As a black chic, I’m pulling your card on this.

    • oyeyemi808

      as a black Queen I’m taking it right back. Miss Klum will never let a black designer win.

  • guest2visits

    I had forgotten Alexander’s pregnancy-peignoir which was well made but – why please? Weird.
    Alexandra’s sleek gown was at the top with Kates, with Braden’s for the win. I liked Sue’s on the RW, and I felt both Justin’s and Kens were nice ideas, but were not nearly meticulous enough in construction to be as flattering as they could have been. I would’ve put Dom and Kahindo in the middle with Ken and Justin.
    A lot of bottom players: I thought Miranda’s was just as bad as Helen’s. Badly constructed, unflattering. Karen’s too.
    Sorry; I thought Jeremy’s use of tulle was absurd and cheap; not living up to the jewelry, at all. Same with UnicornBoy. I hated the arbitrary chiffon and you could see by his first design that Tim critiqued – UB has skills but doesn’t really think about how to relate them to what someone might actually WANT to wear. And Sandro’s apparent skills are just lost in his giant-gypsy-caravan of costumes. He really is clueless about what is sexy and what is actually Russian hooker-wear.

  • BobStPaul

    I would definitely have put Helen and Sandro in the bottom. The third is hard to choose because there are a number of suitable candidates. It would have been between Timothy and Karen for me as both were quite bad. As for the auf – do you go for the incredibly tacky, tasteless Sandro or the incredibly boring, unfinished Helen? Poor Kahindo was solidly in the middle. Bradon was so clearly the winner in my book I was shocked, shocked I say, that he wasn’t even in the top three. After Bradon I would have placed Kate so I’m not terribly unhappy she won if the judges weren’t allowed to pick the rightful winner..

  • Amy909

    So maybe I missed it in the recap above, but what was the actual challenge?? I stopped watching last season and keep up through the posts here =)

    • Tracy_Flick

      Yes, it was. “Showcase the EXPENSIVE baubles. Did we mention they’re worth MILLIONS?”

    • CozyCat

      The challenge was to make a pretty dress that could be worn with some really expensive jewelry.

    • Amy909

      Thanks guys! I thought maybe that there had to be some sort of twist/restriction with the fabric they had to make the dresses out of..some of these are really bad!

  • Inspector_Gidget

    Oh, did anyone else wince when Zac Posen said, “There are no MAGICAL ELVES that will come and finish your dress” and then Heidi (I think) said something like, “We all wish for that.”

    Wherefore art thou, Magical Elves? Oh, still at Bravo.

    • DuBey2

      Aah, NOW I get it! Forgot about those elves at Bravo and their music/jingle which used to drive me crazy.

      • demidaemon

        Does anyone else find it interesting that the first challenge of the two summer reality competition shows (PR and Top Chef Masters) both involved skydivers, but the classier one went further with it and actually threw most of the chefs out of planes?

        • DuBey2

          Yep, I noticed it. Since those are the ONLY 2 reality shows I watch. I wonder who got the idea first. The top chef footage was pretty funny and entertaining of them flying through the air. I kept thinking “THIS is what the bitter kittens wanted the DEsigners to have to do: JUMP for your advantage”
          Also funny since PR is no longer on Bravo.

  • ThaliaMenninger

    My personal bottom group would be Helen, Timothy, Miranda, Karen and Sue. I know there aren’t supposed to be five in the bottom, but it’s very hard to choose anybody to NOT be in the worst group from that lame, sad, pathetic bunch of dresses. And I think I would’ve torched Karen. Although Helen’s is so, so, so very awful. I think the crack pipe was lit under Jeremy’s dress, by the way.

    Okay, Helen, Miranda and Karen B3, with Helen going home. But Karen’s was so awful! And who the hell is Karen, by the way? Is there a Karen?

    I’ve decided that Dom, Bradon and maybe Alexandria are my Top 3, with Bradon the clear winner.

    • demidaemon

      I think Karen is the one who says she was a babysitter. No great strokes there.

  • LadyCelia

    Poor model that Helen had! Last week no hair or make-up, this week a dress made of rags.

    • MoHub

      I would give Nastassia extra credit if I found out she bailed a few episodes in. She does not deserve to be treated as she has been so far.

  • Having not watched the show (as I gave up on it years ago and would rather just read TLo’s take on it), I am really shocked that the auf’d person went home when Karen and Miranda’s are poorly sewn, ill-fitting, and BORING. Kahindo used an interesting pattern, created interesting pattern lines, and it’s way better sewn than the other two I mentioned. Sweet, sweet, creamy crack. THey’re all rich so they must be able to afford the good stuff.

  • formerlyAnon

    Didn’t watch last night’s show (yet or ever? haven’t decided) but there are AT LEAST three dresses that should have sent their designers home before Kahindo. (ETA: I’d probably have booted Karen. But there is Helen . . .)

    This is sapping my waning will to watch. Cranky, cranky, cranky, that’s me.

  • Tracy_Flick

    I’ve been singing the “I still love PR” song for a long time, but the Tim-therapy in mid-runway show made me want to die of embarrassment transfer. I hope they’re paying him enough to numb the pain of being involved in something so… agonizing.

    Kate: Derivative, but I’m fine with the win because that dress to my eyes is still pretty amazing for 24 hours.
    Kahindo: Pretty and unremarkable, I can’t believe she lost compared to some of the others. I don’t think it was race/ethnicity, I agree with TLo that she was too low-drama. Plus I think they encourage the crack-y decisions because it creates buzz around the show.

    Sandro: Trashy, tacky, sausage casing.

    Timothy: Whiff of homemade RenFaire. He’s insufferable and has poor taste.

    Alexander: Eh, fine. Would be better with a different bottom half – maybe a slim silhouette

    Justin: Boring dress, ballsack hair.
    Karen: Horrible blue monstrosity. It’s boring, cheap-looking, and doesn’t fit. This is fashion like the donut I had for breakfast is paleo. She should have gone home.

    Bradon: Pretty, I guess, and sort of amazing how nice he made it look with cheap poly curtain fabric. The jacket was cool to. I’m just not sure how well it went with the jewelry. It’s a nicer dress than Kate’s, but I think hers did a better job of playing up the rocks.

    Miranda: THAT BODICE. My EYES! Ill-itting, cheap ugly fabric, hideous color, boring front and weirdly tortured back. They should have sent her and Karen both home.
    Alexandria: Off the rack just as much as Kahindo’s.

    Sue: I sort of like it and it fits nicely, but the whole visual effect is “look at my crotch!”. Perfectly happy for her to be in the middle.

    Ken: His level of self-praise for this boring dress that’s been seen on every red carpet this decade – and usually done better – is stunning. It’s not awful though, again I’m fine with it being in the middle. But I think he and Sue are both cannon fodder.

    Jeremy: The movement of the bottom part was sort of nice, and I actually like the smoky effect. But the bodice – is that stretch jersey? It looks like workout gear, or a comfy summer nightgown. Plus it doesn’t do anything nice for her cleavage. And it has NOTHING to do with the jewelry.

    • jeneria

      I can’t get behind the winning dress. It was terrible. It was poorly made and tacky. The titscrepancy of the bodice combined with the weird fleurchons and one strap was just hideous.

      At least Mercuryovich’s tacky dress was tacky in an interesting way. Kate’s dress was just awful.

      Obviously Bradon’s liquid silver dress should have won but Dom’s was a more legit contender than that powder blue Marie Antoinette monstrosity.

      • Tracy_Flick

        Hmmm, you’re right about the titscrepancy. Hadn’t really noticed that. I still think that Karen and Miranda had worse dresses, but I revised my points downward to Kate. I may be grading her on a curve because I wish I had her hair.

  • Jose R. Medina

    Last week Sandro left nothing to the imagination.this week Jeremy’s dress was blowing smoke from the same area. Is it the new season’s theme?

    • jeneria

      Don’t forget the clip foreshadowing Nina saying “It looks like she has a foaming vagina.” Unless that happened last night and I missed it in the fits I was having over the other dresses.

      • demidaemon

        Hasn’t happened yet. There will be a foaming vagina in our future!

  • The thing is, Kahindo had a basic problem with her dress: No labia.

    That and she’s too dignified for this freak show.

    (And Ken’s dress reminded me of the ugly step-sister version of the dress Madonna wore in her Material Girl video.)


  • jeneria

    Did anyone seriously like the blue Marie Antoinette monstrosity? I thought it was so poorly done and tacky. I wear corsets for my cosplay and what she did looked nothing like a corset. It was a sheer uneven mess. I really hated it and thought it should have been in the bottom instead of Mercuryovich.

    • SewingSiren

      Believe it or not, Mercuryovich was in the top!

      • jeneria

        Damn! You’re right!

  • dschubba

    TLo, bless your hearts for putting up with this crap so I don’t have to.

  • jjfg

    The only thing that surprised me more than Kahindo’s auf’ing was that Sandro’s dress was in the TOP THREE. What the actual fuck? When his name was called I thought he’d be up for the auf, and then — they started praising that thing? Clearly, the crack they sell around here isn’t nearly as good as the shit the judges get.

    • demidaemon

      Reason: Heidi. Always Heidi.

  • pylgrym

    I’d have put all the black in the bottom for being predictable and interchangeable.

  • fnarf

    Well, they’ve done it again.

    I keep coming back to this crappy, godawful show, simply because of T&L’s reviews, and I keep leaving in disgust as soon as I see the actual product. This episode was irredeemable. Zero worthwhile features. I hate it. I hate everything about it. I especially hate that they voted off Kahindo, for completely bullshit reasons. I won’t be watching more, alas.

    • kaydenpat

      I’m highly disappointed that Kahindo was voted off but I can’t stop watching. There were much uglier dresses as T&L correctly point out.

      • lilyvonschtupp

        I only watch the judging now and wait for the newlyweds’ comments. I’m sick of them putting drama and making “characters” more so than the cracktastic judging.

  • librarygrrl64

    L’Oreal has been notorious in the past for unsafe products (like lipsticks with lead in them) and animal testing, so…yeah…

    • alyce1213

      Yes, they deny it, but they still test new products on animals. I haven’t bought anything from L’Oreal in over 25 years.

      • librarygrrl64

        Still sad that they own The Body Shop. That always used to be a fairly reliable place.

        • CozyCat

          I thought Estee Lauder bought The Body Shop? (or was it Origins that they bought?)

          • Munchkn

            Origins. It was founded by Leonard Lauder and so has always been an Estee Lauder company.

          • librarygrrl64

            L’Oreal owns The Body Shop. I did previously post a link, but T&L might not have approved it. 🙂

        • desi_girl

          I used to love The Body Shop and used to only use their shower gels. But, I recently found out that their products contain parabens (which have been deemed unsafe and carcinogenic for years now). 🙁

          • librarygrrl64

            Ever since L’Oreal took over, many of the basic tenets that The Body Shop used to abide by have been stripped away.

  • putacorkinit

    I am sure I must be mentally ill for hating Timothy so much. He’s also pulling focus on Alexandria who I think has the makings of one of the Great Project Runway Villains – a Gretchen but one who’s self-aware like a monster in a SciFi movie.

  • bellesprit

    Oh, Tom & Lorenzo! Without you, I would long ago have lost all confidence in my own sense of style. There are times when I feel the rabbit hole of the judges’ crazed discussions filling my brain with smoke. What? What’s that? You mean that horrible mess of a slut dress is actually interesting and, somehow, stylish? It’s …gasp!… what Nina “wants to see”! I’m whirling, falling, like Jimmy Stewart in Vertigo. And just when I am about to lose all sense of style-self-worth, there are my super heroes in their fabulous capes to catch me with the net of their blog. And, after that dizzying fall, to soothe me: “There, there, dear. You were right all along. Never trust crack-smoking judges–no matter how lofty their credentials. Always trust TLo first and yourself second.”

  • BuffaloBarbara

    Thank you! I agree with everything, even that Sustainicorn’s wasn’t the worst of the lot. (Not by a long shot. It was almost… interesting. And, contra the judges, I thought it set off his necklace nicely.) I’d have sent Helen home, and Karen would have been hot on her heels, with Pussy Galore filling out the last spot.

    I don’t know if it’s a black thing or a sane thing that got Kahindo sent home — the sanity factor, the lack of drama-whoring, whatever. It was definitely not that perfectly decent if boring dress. She was one of my early favorites, and I’m quite annoyed at this particular pull on the crack pipe. And TIm must have inhaled the fumes if he agrees with them. All I can think of is that he’s sick of people not knowing their fabrics before they get to the show. Though Sue needs to get a Tim smackdown pretty soon.

    I also kind of liked Ken’s (drag or not), and Alexandria’s. (Is it me, or did the still shot of Alexandria’s catch the model in the *oddest* position?) Braden, yes, was the clear winner. All I can think in the generous mode is that they wanted to bring some new people up for the critique so we could get a better view of them.

    I loved the jewels, but the problem with this challenge is that if you have rocks like that, you don’t want your dress competing with them for attention, which is exactly what the dresses in a challenge have to do.

  • Kwei-lin Lum

    Heartiest congratulations on your wedding–All the best to a couple whose blog means a lot to many of us.

  • Paula Pertile

    I can’t believe you guys watched PR on your wedding night. ;~)

  • Meredith

    Without having seen the episode or knowing what they were trying for, I’d say Kahindo’s is hands down the best dress here. The shiny/Brandon one is okay. The rest are TERRIBLE. Okay, the first Vivien Westwoody one is at least somewhat pretty. But WHAT is going ON with the rest.

    • CozyCat

      It was a one day challenge.

  • MoHub

    I’d say the judges had Kahindo on the scaffold with the noose around her neck, but Tim pulled the lever to release the trap door. He went out of his way to point out the issues with the fabric while leaving Zac to discover the shredding on Helen’s on his own.

    • janierainie

      Yes, I thought that was uncalled for that he pointed out the fabric. Like,” just in case you don’t think it’s bad enough, look at this”

  • Poeta Paz

    Mi first complaint is: why do they give them only one day to do a dress that goes with jewelry worth millions or dollars? It doesn’t make sense. Second, if you give them a task and one of them doesn’t finish it (because Helen’s dress was not finished) that person should be eliminated. She was crying because she knew she was the worst. I can’t believe Nina was defending her. Third, the winning dress looks like her left breast deflated. Brado was the most best no doubt about it.

    • Citric

      In response to #1: It’s because the production doesn’t actually have access to the jewelry for that long. They rent it for maybe two days, then it has to go back. They could rent it for longer, but that’s an expense that they don’t really want to incur if they don’t have to.

      I mean, one day challenges have crap results, but there are reasons for it when it comes to the nitty gritty of production expenses. Lifetime doesn’t want to spend more than they absolutely have to.

  • lilyvonschtupp

    First of all, I can’t believe you girls are recapping this stupid show when you should be enjoying your honeymoon on Fire Island.

    Secondly, “Cut the bullshit, judges. Twelve seasons. IT’S A PROBLEM.” Sing it, sisters! Kara Saun, Korto, Ramon, Anthony, Epp, Sonya, its getting tiring.

    • Samuel Joesph Donovan

      That Sonya didn’t win her season is appalling.

    • d4divine

      …there’s still two of us there….

    • Also Terri from season 5 and Kimberly from season 9. And don’t forget Enilio and Jerell! Okay, maybe Jerell should not win. Heh.

      • lilyvonschtupp

        I forgot all about them, esp. Jerrell and Terri. Terri definitely could’ve made top three. TLo sang her praises practically all season.

        • Terri was awesome and worked like mad. She just gets lost in the crowd of middle people who did not have enough loud personality to be remembered easily. 🙁

      • Lisa_Co

        And Stanley from last season. I know many thought it clothes looked “old” but I liked most of them (until the sadly unfinished garments of the finale).

        • No matter what people want to say about the treatment of minority contestants on PR, Stanley completely screwed himself in the finale. He had no one else to blame for his utter lack of preparedness. It was one of the biggest WTF moments to me, especially since he was seen as a strong contender for the season win.

    • harlowish

      And Kimberly! I remember when I saw the pictures of the final collections that season, I thought Viktor should win. But when I actually saw them walk the runway Kimberly’s came alive for me and I thought she had the best collection and really deserved to win. She at least deserved more than to be dismissed in fourth place.

      • lilyvonschtupp

        Who won that season? Oh yeah, Anya…..blech!:oP

  • Shawn EH

    Smoky vagina! Not even slightly modern, like he raided Dusty Springfield’s storage locker!

  • Ronica Skarphol Brownson

    WHY on EARTH did Belk not have any strappy metallic sandals on the accessory wall??? Those silly putty shoes make me…. well… prefer the Sustainicorn’s barefoot look. Actually, Marie Antoinette… that could have worked.

    • Stubenville

      WHY on EARTH did Belk have at least two (maybe three) pairs of nude pumps, the ultimate TLO fashion sin?

    • gurl boy

      Those hideous shoes w the pointy pagoda toe have been on several PR seasons…they are not NEW! They were nasty seasons back…now even more so!

  • d4divine

    Well, I think Tim is still pretty great. His critiques are spot on and suggestions are usually spot on and when he is listened to, the designer usually does well. As far as the scriptedness of it all…well it is a reality show on Lifetime….Lifetime people…Lifetime. The producers are gonna drag the drama like a toddler with a rag doll. Tim being uncomfortable with it all is hilarious to me and part of his charm. Yes Designer Tim should have gone over Kahindo, if only because he is annoying as hell, but such is Project Runway…the wack jobs always stay longer. Are you not entertained! Lol

  • cocohall

    I think that some dresses that look great on TV must not register at all in person and vice versa. How else to explain the sort of topsy turvy judging? My daughters were in total disbelief that Kate had won with her rumpled bedsheet and Bradon didn’t even make the top 3. But Helen’s and Timothy’s did deserve to be in the bottom (Karen, where were you, darling?) so the judges at least got that right. Kahindo’s own comment about taking her “auf” graciously explains why she was sent home instead of “I’m begging to stay” Helen with her whackety-whack tattoos and nails that she gleefully informs us have nothing to do with who she is or what she wants to design. Fly your freak flag, high, honey, but at least OWN it. You are just as confused and pretentious, if just a tad more likable, than Unicorn Boy. Back to Kahindo: graciousness has never really been valued on this show (nor having much melanin in your skin – it must be said).

    Side topic: who didn’t love Sandro trying to school Timothy on how to present his designs to the judges? He is cuckoo for cocoa puffs, but at least he has the guts to say what he is thinking directly to the person instead of waiting to dish in the confessionals. Gotta love our Little Boris making big trouble for moose and squirrel.

    • MikeW_Vegas

      Props for the Bullwinkle reference!

  • Call me Bee

    Late to the party–so just some random thoughts:

    *They ALWAYS send boring home over crazy.
    *Apparently, good design can save bad execution, but good execution cannot save a boring design.
    *The blue dress with the wing-y bodice should’ve been on the bottom
    *When the judges not only gave the Russian’s dress a pass, but actually put it in the top three–I knew in my heart of hearts that PR is beyond repair. The last two seasons were hopeful, as two actual talents won. But now, with the latest judging, the coffin has been nailed shut. PR is pure bullshit.

    I has a sad.

    • d4divine

      Two episodes in…

    • demidaemon

      I wouldn’t say Kalindo had god execution. She kind of fucked up that silk charmeuse.

  • BuffaloJD

    I do not have the visceral reaction that most seem to have toward Sustainicorn. He strikes me as someone who understands the importance of sustainability on a very elementary level, but who does not have the knowledge /education to execute what he believes in. He is young – younger than his years. Bradon tried to explain this to Sandro (which made me love Bradon even more). I hate diamonds and ostentatious jewelry, too. I found most of the
    jewelry vulgar. But hey, that’s me!

    And Props to Sustainicorn. He didn’t understand what Tim was saying at all! but he did rework that design. Frankly, the concept of the jewelry box was a good one – I don’t think it detracted from the necklace. What I do appreciate
    about Sustainicorn is the fact that he isn’t mean. I thought it was rich that Sandro and Helen were trying to tell him how to act on the runway. . I get bitchy, funny, etc. But I don’t do mean. Alexandria – she was just plain mean. Nasty piece of work, that one.

    Congratulations on the nuptials!

    • Vanderboom

      “He strikes me as someone who understands the importance of
      sustainability on a very elementary level, but who does not have the
      knowledge /education to execute what he believes in.”

      To me, that’s PRECISELY what makes Sustainicorn so irritating. Sustainability is an important issue, and it could have been really interesting to see someone take that approach to fashion design, and if it’s important enough for Timothy to get on his soapbox about it nearly every time a camera is pointed at his face, it should be important enough for him to educate himself about it.

      • BuffaloJD

        I absolutely get what you are saying! I wish he would open up a notebook and take notes every time someone explains how/why he is getting the science wrong! For example, when Zac had to explain about
        burning synthetic. (Sigh) I’m just glad he is aware of the issue. Maybe he will start to educate himself –
        maybe the audience, too.

        • demidaemon

          It’s not the message; it’s the presentation. He’s whiny, know-it-all, and obtuse. That’s irritating.

    • DuBey2

      speaking of mean: I’ve been trying to figure out if Sandro is the meanest contestant so far? He seems meaner even than Jeffrey, but I forgot about some of Jeffrey’s threat/comments about other designers until someone else mentioned it specifically here. Anyway, I react the most negatively to the mean ones like that. How about it: Anyone think there was someone meaner than these two? I guess I’m being mean now, so, …. never Miiiiiiind…

      • Lisa_Co

        I don’t think Sandro is really mean. He stuck up for Helen on the runway, even tearing up a little. Jeffrey Sebelia was a viciously mean misogynist.

  • SpillinTea

    Lets be real. Phillygirl is NOT a contender. Shes Black, this is Project Runway. Aint gonna happen.

    • adnama79

      Maybe the b.s. auf was b/c they can’t deal w/ more than one non-white doing well at a time. smh

  • SaveFearow

    My husband had some choice words for this. He described Helen’s model as ideal clothing for a “teeny breasted hobbit” and Timothy’s as “an extra from a Star Wars cantina scene”. We both feel Bradon’s was the best of the bunch, but are in disagreement about the runner-up. He liked Ken’s outfit, although I feel it was “matronly, like something Susan Sarandon would wear to a Hollywood premiere”. I liked Dom’s design but think it could have been better executed. Reuben claims it’s “straight out of Martha Stuart Living”. Love the show, love your blog.

  • Lilyana_F

    My two cents:
    *Kate’s dress looks like a poorly constructed bed sheet mess to me, I mean her left boob is deflating..
    *Kahindo’s fabric was interesting, but totally wrong for the challenge. Still didn’t deserve the Auf.
    *Sandro gets props for construction, but the taste level is beyond questionable, definitely not top 3
    *Dom – I get how it’s an interesting fabric and design, but that jacked waistband was bugging me majorly
    *Helen – just plain horrible. I don’t get how she specialized in bridal and doesn’t know how to construct a cup?!
    *Timothy – irritatingly clueless, but the dress has an interest to it, at least.
    *Alexander – the proportions here feel all kinds of wrong for me, an I didn’t like the colors at all
    *Justin – perfectly fine dress, playing it safe, but great combination with the jewelry
    *Karen – that was my least favorite, by far, very unflattering, especially the top half, horrible color and fabric.. not one good thing to say about it, really
    *Brandon – clear winner, hands down.
    *Miranda – what is that fabric, seriously…the top looks so sporty… honey, no.
    *Alexandria – I don’t know about that one, the length bugged me and I found the whole thing a bit on the dull side.
    *Sue – seriously, it just begged for a pair of lucite heels. Tacky as hell.
    *Ken – love the color, but I cannot stop seeing RuPaul wearing it. Wrong show, honey.
    *Jeremy – vaginas on fire! lol, you guys..I kinda like it, though. It was definitely one of the better dresses

  • Robin

    Bradon’s dress lost a lot of its impact on that runway: the small details became just one big metallic sheen; it is gorgeous — but only up close. I personally do not like the cutaways on the side; they were simply expected when one thinks about a shiny, tight dress. I like Dom’s design, but I don’t believe that asymmetrical neckline works well. As for Kate’s win, well: the first thing I thought of when I saw it was: Dior’s “Creation” dresses, from its couture collection for Fall 2005.

    I cannot understand the judges’ liking to Sandro’s dress; it’s very predictable, especially the silhouette and the side panels. The dresses that Karen, Miranda, Alexandria, and Sue made were entirely forgettable; perhaps it’s because all of the details in these dresses get lost in wide shots. Sue called her dress classy, elegant, and sophisticated, I believe, but her design seems too tight and looks like something a trampy club girl would wear. It’s great that Helen has a “couture” aspiration, but Nina’s doubtful reluctance to accept Helen’s credibility in even just evening wear and bridal wear, aside from this couture aspiration, is understandable.

  • Bradon’s look is lovely and wearable, but is it anything to write home about?

    Meanwhile, I’m a little worried about Alexandria’s model. Girl, get that leg seen to stat. I think you busted it or something.

  • jillwrites

    1) Miranda should have been an automatic auf for making the same outfit again. It is only Week 2, and it is already old.
    2) Karen committed several sins – she had to have bored Nina, at the least…unless the color of that awful thing burned Nina’s retinas and that’s why she was allowed to continue. To call it poorly constructed is being kind. Also, I couldn’t tell you what jewelry her model is wearing – it certainly does not showcase the jewelry. That dress looks an awful lot like a bridesmaid dress my mom wore in 1981, except hers didn’t keep glowing on the back of my closed eyes the way this one did. Oh, and there was no front seam that was all puckered.
    3) Kahindo should be there for another week. At least she didn’t have any crazy puckering around an orifice.
    4) Helen, please seek the help of a therapist. Also, should you get your hands on a time machine, go back and watch previous seasons. Make a note of what works and what does not. Learning how to do something as difficult as cups in 1 day does not go over well. Then again, all I see when I look at your dress is a Jim Hjelm bridesmaid dress with (terribly made and ill-fitting) cups.
    5) Unicorn – just go home. We’re all exhausted and I fear for your safety. That being said, I wish we could watch him flinch when Heidi rattles off the bottled water for a year prize.
    6) I don’t get Dom’s dress. To me, it does look like bedsheets. Also, and I really hate to say this, but the way the front is constructed it adds some serious pounds to her model’s waistline. Really, compare Dom’s model’s photo to the photo of Helen’s poor model and tell me that it doesn’t look like Dom’s model hit the bread basket hard at lunch. That is a dress with too much draping and not enough sewing.
    7) I’m kind of excited by Alexandria’s bias-cut dress. It looks to be very well done, even if it is not a new silhouette.

    I would have loved it if Karen and Miranda were sent home – Miranda having been disqualified for doing the same thing AGAIN. That would at least keep the designers on their toes.

    • demidaemon

      The disqualification for repeat designs has never happened, though I’m pretty sure it will catch up with her eventually, as it usually does. Also, on this dress the back was different and the materials cost less than the parachute last week. It’s different, Nina!

      • jillwrites

        In my ideal PR, there would be anonymous judging (real anonymous judging), 2 day challenges, and automatic disqualification when you send down the same thing week after week. That would eliminate the Anyas. I suspect Miranda and Sue are also one way monkeys this season.

  • Sally3000

    I’m pretty sure I heard several people gasp when Bradon’s dress came out. I was shocked when it wasn’t in the top 3. I love Dom’s dress, as well. In fact, I love it more every time I look at it.

  • Sweetvegan

    Wow – you guys woke up on the wrong side of the runway this morning!

    The jewelry was just so boring and showy and matronly. They really limited what the designers could make. And if the designers had picked any of that jewelry out of the accessories wall themselves, they would’ve been blasted for their styling choices.

    Loreal tests on animals. Totally not sustainable.

  • d4divine

    I know some of the dresses were a mess and not that imaginative, but they only had one day. Brandon and Jeremy had the best made dresses..they kept it simple, which was very smart. Everybody loved Brandon’s dress, but the fabric he chose is completely unwearable…it’s rough and itchy, which is ok for curtains…that dress was about a look Period

  • largishbearishAtlish

    Anyone else really annoyed with all the screen graphics and games? I watch for the “fashion” (not the video game/who is hot/etc crap…). (and other shows that are doing this huge ‘go online for ____’ nonsense..

    • demidaemon

      If you watch the repeat versions (I caught it at 1 AM), all that stuff is cut out.

      • adnama79

        Also absent if you watch online. I killed cable in 2007.

  • Orange Girl

    At this point, your recaps are the only reason to watch PR.

  • OK, I don’t watch the show anymore, but I just have one question: what are they doing to the models? They look completely fresh-faced in that screencap with Heidi, and on the runway it’s like each of them has aged 10 years!

  • Annie Lure

    Kate: Boob-obsessed Heidi, I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want that cauliflower on my boob. She structured the corset fairly well but chose one boob for defacement. She used a stiff fabric; thus, the draping looks tortured for the most part. The look, in the aggregate, is inelegant and way too derivative.

    I understand Non-sustainable Heel’s being IN (though I maintain he wore out his shtick in one episode). He’s a godsend to the producers. A purveyor of profound concepts! He of the vertical landscapes of the romantic sublime with the dazzling unicorns that emphasize the ascent into… well, I won’t dislike a source of hilarity (esp. when said source is unwitting as to how much hilarity he generates).

    I understand why wanna-look-like-Freddie Mercury is IN, too, though his entries are lamentable. The producers would love to see him snip-snip someone’s neck or chain up a model’s vagina.

    But why oh why is the red-headed chick still IN after sending down two poorly executed “garments” devoid of any style or statement? She’s utterly nondescript. Oh, wait. Yeah, I’ll say that the one thing that’s kinda/sorta discernible about her is that she looks 10-15 years older than her chronological age. There. I made that assessment following intent gazing during the few seconds of airtime they allotted her.

    Other candidates for elimination? 1) Can’t-thread-an-industrial-machine chick with dreads… and pintucks! Is pintucking all she can do? That’s the second time she’s sent a lumpy dress (that exhibits little consideration to silhouette) with poorly placed pintucks. 2) Can’t-work-with-an-industrial-machine-either-but-I-keep-quiet-about-it army chick. Making the exact same garment for two consecutive challenges effectively demonstrates one’s narrowness in vision and technical skills and warrants an auf.

  • Aisa Ginger Jake Psenicnik

    Karen Is my pick for the Auf, very poorly fitted and boring to boot.

  • One of the reasons that many of these dresses were amazing is that they were created in one day. My main criteria are originality and fit—and in this case, how the designs set off the jewelry. I like Sandro’s creation better than you guys do, especially the top. His clothes tend to be too tight. I don’t like the nude parts of the skirt. But I give Sandro more credit than Dom because Dom didn’t deal with fit at all. Her dress was loose and billowy.I didn’t like the fabric as much as the judges did except that it went nicely with the necklace. The judges sent Kate home in error in her first season. I don’t think they’re bending over backwards for her, but Kate is trying a little too hard NOT to be a biotch. Remember her signing in last week’s show. Gag me with a spoon.

    Kahindo should not have been eliminated. Miranda’s offering resembled her design from parachute week–when she did not use enough parachute fabric. They could have called her on that. Karen’s dress was an awful fit. Sue doesn’t know how to thread a sewing machine, and she gets angry when people try to help her.

    I felt so bad for Timothy’s model from last week who got stuck with Helen the following week. The model’s outlook on the show isn’t good unless Heidi has everybody switch models again, and one of the designers takes pity on her.

    I saw nothing redeeming about Timothy’s design. It was ugly, and the cut of both fabrics was unflattering.

    • pattie capet


  • HobbitGirl

    Pretty glad I haven’t watched since 2011 or so. This just looks so…sad. Ken’s dress is every Carolina Herrera dress in the past decade. Where’s the new and fun?!

  • A Shiny O’Connor

    I’m split between Drexl Sue and Miranda for the auf. I’m leaning toward the latter for all those bows and buttons on the back – and for crying out loud those wide straps. The model looked like a gal whose mom still makes her clothes.

  • mhleta

    I was actually impressed as hell with Kahindo’s dress as it walked the runway. I did not find it boring or off-the-rack at all. The color was gorgeous and perfect with her model’s coloring and complimented the jewels beautifully. The pattern showing underneath gave it some interesting dimension and I actually thought it looked expensive. I know who this woman is and can see her clearly working the room at a fundraiser or some other One-Percenter event. And yet… Why are they giving Timothy so much latitude? Clearly he’s delusional and childish, has no talent whatsoever and is doing nothing but giving Sustainable Practices a bad name. (Can’t you just hear the Dittoheads chortling because he reaffirms every preconceived notion they have of Tree Huggers= Hippies-on-acid?) Sue’s dress looked like it had a really really bad case of static cling and Miranda’s garment not only was boring but it was literally the SAME thing she just made for the previous challenge, but in a different color. I think it’s time to have an African American judge as a regular on the panel of PR to keep the white people from being so predictably white. This is just ridiculous. Please, Lenny Kravitz, Iman, Armando Cabral, Carly Cushnie–someone–come and save these judges from themselves.

    • DuBey2

      OH, Lenny K would be a GREAT judge. That would up the viewership, I’ll bet!

  • Does anyone else think it’s odd that Sue can’t thread a sewing machine?

  • I loved one of the outfits that Heidi wore on Thursday’s show, at least the top. It was loose, for a change. White with black and big sleeves. It was refreshing to see her in something different but the whole look would have improved with her hair up or back.

    • 3boysful

      I drooled over that top the entire show.

  • Adella Thompson

    Wow, I didn’t even realize a new season had started and how amazingly cracktastic the show continues to get… I think there needs to be a phrase over and above Jumping the Shark on this one! Also, I loved Kahindo’s dress from the photo. How did that get sent home?

  • Duck Bitey

    T Lo, congratulations on the wedding! Also, would it be possible to note the fabric costs for each designer in your post? They show it when each looks comes down the runway very, very briefly (I had to pause and rewind several times in order to catch each one). I think it is odd that several of them chose to spend so little. IIRC, Ken only spent $70 and Miranda only $90. Even Timothy spent more than that ($160 I think). I don’t get the strategy, and are the judges giving a pass to the cheaper designs (the worst ones were generally the cheapest)?

    • DuBey2

      Yes, TLo, Please note the fabric costs, if possible. I did not even REALIZE they had listed them until I read this post. So, you know, in your spare time, could ‘ya? maybe?

  • Glammie

    So my second season of reading without watching and, wow, when you don’t know who anyone is the cracktastic judging becomes more and more apparent. The dress that was auf’d was nowhere near the worst–there are some spectacularly awful dresses in there, while the winner is somewhere in the middle.

    Didn’t even mean to stop watching, but there’s a point when having things so fixed to favor “drama” becomes really boring.

  • shanteUstay

    Sandro and Timothy……I can’t with them-ugh!

  • Bwin51

    I completely agree! Once again they eliminated the wrong designer. They also screwed over Bradon who should have taken the prize this week. Blech.

  • frannyprof


  • berlinmama

    Poor little Helen with her sobs – saved herself from elimination

  • thecitysleeps

    So late but while I agree some dresses that were passed as middle of the mill were worse than the lower scores, amongst the 3 lower scores I agree with the elimination. Kahindo was just boring. At least I’m looking forward to what Helen and Timothy do next even if there’s a high probability it could suck.

    And sue me but I like Sandro’s design, and he clearly can sew. I say let the boring ones go. It’s a design television show after all, not a school.

  • SockMonkies

    The judges are clearly blind. Are they purposely ignoring dresses like Sue’s…or Karen’s?! Oh goodness…..Those were the ones that assaulted my eyes. Kahindo wasn’t even my list of people on the bottom.

  • Here’s something new that I just realized:

    TIMOTHY AND MIRANDA LOOK ALIKE! Their similarity is uncanny. They could be twins. Seriously. They have similar noses, dimples, everything. Too funny.

    I re-watched the introduction show. Now that we know more about the designers, their backgrounds are more interesting. For instance, it hadn’t resonated with me that Sandro had recovered from cancer.

    I re-watched the part where Timothy and Miranda meet to see how she brushed him off, and this is when I noticed that they THEY LOOK ALIKE!!!!

  • 3boysful

    Bradon’s was the clear winner, I LIKED the losing dress, but will concede it was boring for “fashion,” but others were clearly worse, and Ken’s while lovely, I could go buy at Belk’s this afternoon.

    (Late to the party–w/o computer this weekend.)

  • adnama79

    So I decided to get nerdy and track the “rate the runway” in excel (we’ll see if I keep it up… I am maybe procrastinating right now). The clear favorite is Bradon’s w/ an average score of 4.13 (5 point scale). The bottom 3 scores are: Helen, 1.28; Timothy, 1.34; and Miranda at 1.95.

    Shockingly, Sue got a 2.59, making me question the taste of 3079 people, but it does explain why the shoes a lot of the models (like Sue’s and Alexander’s) were wearing have been selling.

  • Trisha26

    I am way late with this – but have to say I loved Kahindo’s dress. She took Tim’s suggestion to layer the fabrics which resulted in a textured, sophisticated, interesting “ladies who lunch” look. Nina’s OTT cries of disgust when shown the original patterned fabric were ludicrous. It was pretty much my favorite look of the bunch, Bradon being a close second although the dress was nothing I hadn’t seen before. I’m so disappointed in Tim’s “I agree with the judges.” I’d say put a fork in the show, thought that should have happened long ago.

  • nannypoo

    I couldn’t watch until tonight so I avoided this post because I didn’t want to know in advance who won and who lost. Now I see there are 446 comments I need to read plus the Lounge. I’ll be up all night.

    Bradon’s dress was so beautiful, would it have killed them to at least include him in the top three? I understand that he can’t just win every week, but to ignore his dress while Sandro was a big favorite was absurd. And to keep Helen just because she cried is so patronizing. Her dress was a major loser from concept to fabric choice to execution. Even she knew she should have gone home. And Karen should have gone home with her. The fit of that bodice was ridiculous. I guess I really didn’t understand Kate’s dress. I thought it was messy-looking and I don’t think it was anywhere near the best. I sort of liked the smoky vagina dress and of course Bradon should have been the winner. The judging so far this year is insulting to the viewers.

    Oh, and for Heidi to be concerned about what bra she could wear with Timothy’s dress? Heidi? Bra?

  • sisterb67

    I cannot get over how incredibly CHEAP all of the shoes look. Hideous silly putty patent leather? Bleargh.

    Also, for the life of me, why on EARTH did people choose yellow fabric (Alexander) or shoes with GOLD accents (Sue – when her model turned, you could see the back of them were covered with gold studs and the HEELS were metallic gold) when their diamonds are clearly set in platinum or white gold? Good god, even I know not to do that (while on a business trip recently, I had to forgo carrying a handbag because I didn’t realize I’d packed the one with brass hardware and I could not abide the idea of it clashing with my silver watch, rings, belt buckles, etc.)

  • oyeyemi808

    This show is a reflection of the racist industry so I doubt a Black person ever wins. The best they can do is remain positive & humble while putting their best stuff forward and hope that it pays off down the line.

  • Karen Clark

    Aren’t we all just exhausted now by the incredibly stupid manipulation by both the PR judges and their producers? I don’t appreciate watching a program that treats me like a 2-year-old. I’m done.

  • Sing4yursupper

    Karen or Miranda should have been auf’ed, not Kahindo.

  • berlinmama

    Miranda and Timothy are the evil twins of No Style

  • DesertDweller79

    I didn’t watch the episode, but I cannot believe the losing design is really the losing design. Because it was boring and dull? Compared to these other ones? And the winner was THAT dress? Wait, what was the challenge? Judging by the pictures, I am assuming it was something generic like, “Design a dress to go with the jewelry.” If that was the challenge then Bradon should have won.

  • Sophia Vaccaro

    Am I the only person who thought Dom’s dress was horrifying?

  • VicksieDo

    Hey, at least we didn’t have to literally SEE any vaginas this week! I think Bradon should have won, and Karen should have gone home — is this not obvious?? I’m keeping track just through this site – canNOT watch anymore. Life is too short.

  • A.

    Hillarious! Enjoyed the read.

  • LAMusing

    How the Karen and Miranda offerings didn’t end up in the bottom is beyond me. Agree the auf was wrong wrong wrong. Was the dress great? No. But at least it seems well fit unlike that hideous gaping mess Karen sent down the runway. And I sort of liked Timothy’s – one of the few that had any sort of interest to it. Overall this was a snoozefest of a show.

  • Ed

    To help her out, go to Facebook, lookup SOURCING at MAGIC and vote for sending Kahindo to the event.

  • d4divine

    Has the Tim Gunn bashing stopped yet?

  • Jennifer Brown

    Best recap EVER. So on point with everything.

  • Therese Bohn

    How can Sue think that gathering at the crotch is somewhat attractive? Awful. Kahindo deserved better, and I hope she gets a ton of business.