Peter Sarsgaard in Calvin Klein at the “Blue Jasmine” Premiere

Posted on July 26, 2013

Confession time: We’ve always had a tiny crush on Peter for two reasons. He’s cute and he’s kinda gay.

Now, we’re about as certain as two people who’ve never met him can be that he’s technically heterosexual, but he’s always had this slightly charming “light in his loafers” quality to him. He’s the quintessential “gay straight man.” Stuff like that is attractive because it tells you he’s a man who’s completely comfortable in his masculinity. In fact, as much as we slam her fashion choices, we’d bet Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard are among the top of the list of celebrity couples we’d like to hang out with. Seriously. They seem cool, chic and smart; even if her style makes us cry sometimes.

Of course we once said she looks like she smells like nursing home pee and have now admitted that we find her husband hot, so the likelihood of us ever getting to hang out with them is about the same as us having the Pope over for Jello shots this weekend.


Peter Sarsgaard attends the premiere of “Blue Jasmine” in Los Angeles in a Calvin Klein Collection suit.

He also has great bedroom eyes, so there’s that.

As for the suit, it’s fine. Calvin Klein’s probably the perfect brand for him. He wears the simple, classic tailoring very well. And he can somehow get away with two undone shirt buttons without looking a little sleazy about it. Again, it’s that whole minty quality he’s got that makes that work.


[Photo Credit: Andrew Evans, Izumi Hasegawa/PR Photos]

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  • alyce1213

    He’s sweet looking and he wears the suit well.
    What is the problem so many men have with trimming beards and neck pubes? Why can’t his face be as well groomed as the top of his head?

    • Leah Elzinga

      I was JUST going to say about the same! I love me some facial hair, but it NEEDS to be neat! The hubs rocks somewhere between a short goatee and a full beard, but it’s always trimmed evenly, and brushed out smoothly. If you’re facial hair ALWAYS looks scraggly, it’s probably not the look for you. I mean, you can’t use relaxer on facial hair… or can you?!

      • My hubs always has some facial hair going, from a little stubble to full on mountain man, depending on the weather and his work schedule. When his beard is more in force he uses conditioner in the shower. His face feels soooooo good after.

    • ShaoLinKitten

      It looks like he is growing the sides to fill in from a goatee. I don’t mind the longer chin hair, but a neck trim wouldn’t kill him.

    • Lola Channing

      why? Is he scheduled to appear ‘best in show’?

      • alyce1213

        I’m not sure I understand your reply. Are you suggesting that if he groomed his beard a little, he’d belong in a dog show?

        • Lola Channing

          exactly. 🙂 He looks lovely just the way he is. But that’s just me. I don’t like poodles much.

          • demidaemon

            Agree on the poodles bit. I’ve always thought they look like particularly nasty, nippy dogs. That’s why I’m a Bitter Kitten, not a Bitter Puppy.

  • homofascist

    I feel like bedroom eyes need to be brown. I am sure this is just from my own personal experience, but there it is. I get what you mean though – he looks like he could easily be at an otter party…

  • etselec

    The knowing smirk gets me every time.

  • What a cutie pie. I love a man who loves a quirky, spirited woman.

    • drdarke

      Yeah, he seems like the Sarsgaard who would be married to Maggie Gyllenhaal – just quirky enough himself to enjoy being with her, and who wouldn’t care that she sometimes dresses like a Crazy Cat Lady.

  • gabbilevy

    Why WOULDN’T the pope come over and do jello shots with you guys? He seems like a reasonable fellow, and accepting an invitation from you guy is the height of reason.

    • marlie

      And he’s already IN the Americas anyway…

  • Griffinqueen

    Pretty hot Sarsgaard on Neeson action in the “Kinsey” if you want to flesh out those fantasies a bit more. He was very cute in that –very 50’s preppy.

    • gracedarling

      I love that you call it ‘The Kinsey’, and you’re right about the Sarsgaard/Neeson chemistry – they were smoking!

      • Griffinqueen

        HA! That was a typo–but I kinda love it, too:)

  • JauntyJohn

    It’s so clear that he is wearing the clothes, the clothes are not wearing him, that the buttons, the neck beard… all the things which might usually bug are just rakish and charming on him.

  • ShaoLinKitten

    This is a good look for him. He has aged into a more handsome man than he was when he had no lines on his face. I like the close-cropped hair and beard on him. When he was younger, I thought he was smarmy-looking. Now, he looks dreamy. The suit is great too. Maggie Gyllenhaal is a lucky girl.

  • jen

    Well played Mr. Saaaaarsgaaaard. My husband is also a gay straight man. I get the best of both worlds! 😉

  • eowyn_of_rohan

    If he’s good enough for Maggie and TLo, he’s good enough for me! (And a belated mazel tov, boys!)

  • YoungSally

    He is fabulous on the new season of The Killing — which is actually pretty good – especially because no more Rosie and her melodramatic family.

    • Lola Channing

      love “The Killing”

    • conniemd

      His character just fascinates me in its many layers.

    • bellesprit

      I agree. This season of The Killing is riveting, so much better that the first 2. And Peter Sarsgaard is absolutely fantastic in it. Powerful, powerful performance.

    • asympt

      He did a hell of a job on tonight’s episode.

      • YoungSally

        Unbelievable — from all the key actors. And there are still more episodes left…I thought it was the season finale.

      • CeeRich

        Last night’s episode was fantastic. I hope he gets an Emmy nod.

  • paultoes

    He’s got the gay lisp. But he wears it well.

  • Catiline

    I seriously lit up when I saw THE GAARD on the front page! I’ve had a thing for him since Shattered Glass. In addition to bedroom eyes, he also has a serious bedroom voice — ugh, I just love him. I wish he’d gotten a better comic book movie than Green Lantern; despite the terribleness of that movie I really enjoyed watching him.

    • hac51

      Oh God yes, Shaattered Glaass.

  • Geekyfemme

    I’ve met him in person. He seems less gay and more East Village rocker/hip Park Slope dad.

  • MilaXX

    Different strokes for different folks, I guess. He seem NYC East Village dude to me.

  • KatyJoy

    He reminds me so much of John Malkovich (and, yes, I know he has played his son) and that is a huge compliment.

  • GillianHolroyd

    I just re-watched An Education a couple days ago; he was so good in that. The entire cast was incredible.

  • Austen Jane

    That interview on Conan last night? Awkward!

    • Zorkness

      The part about a 69 with Liam Neeson was hysterical. He seemed so calm describing the 69 action.

  • JP

    Dunno, guys, this new pope seems like the type to sit down over drinks. Benedict, no way in hell.

    And Maggie seems like the kind of gal who doesn’t care what people say about her, so who knows?

  • formerlyAnon

    He does have very good eyes.

  • Joanne Abrams

    Gosh, he keeps looking better as he ages! Yum

  • YourBaloneyDontGotNoSecondName

    Oh my, that last shot of him. He is looking directly into my soul, apologizing for choosing Maggie over me, regretting his tragic choice, praying that the universe forgives him and gives him a second chance. If it doesn’t happen in this lifetime, he promises me that he is mine in the next lifetime. Le sigh. Between him and Corey Stoll… a place I’d love to be.

  • Shawn EH

    Excellent grooming. I’m remembering when he was on SNL, and a really hilarious sketch he did about a hotel room television … that look in his eyes? Intelligence.

  • d4divine

    I agree on all counts…including Maggie pee pee

  • Anniebet

    OMG, jello shots with the Pope! I must add this to my private list of phrases to replace “snowball in hell”. Thanks, uncles, for spiffying up my vocabulary. But back to Pete, he’s one of those actors that has the ability to melt into their characters. Here he’s got the whole red carpet casual attitude and look down to a tee. Bravo.

  • jen_vasm

    2 random thoughts:
    1. He always gets under my skin because he really reminds me of a guy I used to work next to (same voice, similar frame, not gay, though) but because all the parts he plays are sooo creepy it’s like seeing my friend as a murderer, sociopath, etc.
    2. I’d like to see him & Jeffery Wright in a movie together. Lots of beardy/balding, mysterious, soft-spoken one-upmanship energy.