Orlando Bloom in New York City

Posted on July 12, 2013

And now, a moment of Bloom.


Orlando Bloom heads into a New York City office building.

He never moved our pants but does he still make the ladies flutter? We have to admit, he’s filling out those clothes nicely. Could do without the greasy hair, though.



[Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews.com]

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    • gabbilevy

      Teenage me had a huuuuuge crush on this guy. Adult me doesn’t quite get it.

      • drdarke

        He’s good looking and athletic, @gabbilevy:disqus – I get why women find him attractive.

        I don’t share it really (yeah, he looks good, but doesn’t light my fire even in an abstract way), but I get it….

      • Carleenml

        I’ve read that teenage girls have crushes on the guys that look the most like teenage girls. I think he fit that description.

      • AuntHo

        Same. He was my celebrity RELATIONSHIP during the LOTRs, and the followup has been a total letdown, sorry Orlando. I’ve moved on! I’ll always get hot pants for Legolas. Glad you got a smokeshow wife out of it all.

      • conniemd

        My daughter who was in high school when LOTR came out had an Orlando Bloom pillow-case. She still loves him, but she’s gotten more into more hunky types as she grows older.

      • Jaime

        Teenage-ish me (well, early 20s) didn’t get it either. Teenage-ish me was all about the Seans and the Viggos in LOTR. A lot of women I know who had crushes on him said it was specifically the Legolas costume/wig, and they didn’t like him nearly as much with … well, the greasy hair. (edit to add: as apparently a few people mentioned later in the comments!) He just doesn’t do anything for me at all in either case!

      • Daenyx

        Teenage me had a crush on Legolas. I dunno about Orlando himself. He looks good here, but… meh?

        • frederieke

          Yeah I only ever liked him in elf costume.

      • Knightley

        I was just the opposite. All my friends were insane over Legolas, but it wasn’t until the first Pirates movie that made me say, “Oh, I get it.” It was the same until Brad Pitt–never understood the appeal until Troy.

    • Ashleigh

      Y U M

    • Ashleigh

      looks like Matthew Morrison

      • marlie

        It’s the hair.

      • YoungSally

        Agreed — totally the hair.

      • decormaven

        My first thought as well.

        • LuisaNL


          • Airkisses

            And me!

      • MikeW_Vegas

        In my book, that’s not such a good thing.

      • majorbedhead

        I’m still not convinced it isn’t Matthew Morrison.

      • formerlyAnon

        Thank-you. I was wracking my brain to figure out who he looks like in that 2nd photo.

      • JP

        Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!! I *just* typed this in my own reply before I even saw yours! :-)

      • Ashleigh

        hey! look at all the reply’s! i’m famous!!

    • DuBey2

      He looks good here and, although I don’t consider him a great actor, I do think he’s good lookin’. I also think he can tend to be less than masculine, and so the greasy hair Might be his attempt to give himself some edge. Just sayin’

    • KateShouldBeWorking

      He locked down Miranda Kerr; surely he’s got something going.

    • gloriana232

      “Orlando Bloom heads into a New York City office building.”

      I can see how that excites the ladeez.

      • H2olovngrl

        I also got a chuckle at that. Most ambiguous…

    • Glam Dixie

      That hair is a tragedy, the clothes I can deal with, but why are his mipples (man nipples) pointing off in two different directions? He looks like he needs his headlights aligned.

      • http://dontmakeitlikeimdumb.blogspot.com/ annabelle archer

        teeheeheeeeee “mipples”
        my day is MADE.

      • SugarSnap108

        I thought I was weird for noticing his mipples (thank you) right away. Maybe I still am, but … they both seem to be located in odd places. Oh, and the clothes are boring but fine.

    • Emily Smith

      Legolas, you’ve misplaced your cloak and cut your hair! Maybe it’s a phase.

    • http://dontmakeitlikeimdumb.blogspot.com/ annabelle archer

      um…no…no, bordering on ew.

      • Meg0GayGuys6

        Haha I wouldn’t go so far as ew, but as a straight woman, I MUCH prefer his wife :)

    • http://melaniesuzanne.blogspot.com/ Melanie Suzanne

      Nah. I’ve always been a hobbit-fancier, m’self.

      • Emily Smith

        Elijah Wood. Hnnng

      • Adriana_Paula

        Yes. I just saw Billy Boyd in Macbeth last month, and I must say, wouldn’t kick him out of bed.

        • http://melaniesuzanne.blogspot.com/ Melanie Suzanne

          It would be rude to seethe with jealousy; so how about I just be a little envious that you got to see my most favorite Scottish person ever.

    • Diego!

      He looks gorgeous! I love this look! You go Orlando!

    • WendyD

      He gets a pass on his hair as he only recently finished shooting as Legolas in ‘The Hobbit’ which requires him to shave back his hairline to wear that gorgeous blonde wig, so he’s in a weird hair space right now. I’ve always loved him. He’s beautiful.

    • Meredith

      He never made me flutter.

    • Cameron Turner

      Thank you

    • marlie

      He’s never been my type, but he looks pretty damn good for a “guy on the street” here.

    • Beth513

      He’s only ever done it for me all elf femmed up and blonde. Legolas yes. Bloom meh.

      • lindsmh

        This. Give him long blonde hair, pointy ears, and a bow and arrow. Unf, yes please! Mortal dude walking down the street… eh, he’s okay.

        • AnguaVonUberwald

          Especially the bow and arrow.

      • RebeccaKW

        Same. Hot as Legolas, b/c of the whole package there. Any other iteration have never done anything for me.

      • Bebe

        I agree completely!!

      • raininmai

        I swooned for Aragorn. But then, I’m older.

        • demidaemon

          I’d hit any of them except the guy who died in the first movie. Can’t remember his name of the top of my head. But, yeah, either all prettied up or war dirtied for me. This version = meh.

        • Beth513

          Oh, I’d take Aragorn over Legolas too. I’m just sayin the bloomster here only works for me as a sexy elf.

      • Alexandra Pimenta

        Yes, this! I call it ‘TKUE’ – “The Karl Urban Effect”. Éomer = butterflies between the legs. The actor himself, something between cute/meh, depending on the day.

        • Beth513

          That’s hilarious. It’s like midddle earth makes them all super hot. Although I think Richard Armitage is dead sexy no matter what. Until his Thorin I never would have thought I could be so hot for a dwarf.

        • jorinde

          I feel really lucky for my favourite blonde was Haldir / Craig Parker. No TCPE, as far as I can say…

        • not_Bridget

          Well, I first saw Karl Urban on Xena. He played Julius Caesar, her one-time lover & long-time nemesis. (I think he had her crucified twice, in various alt.realities.) He also played Cupid–with serious muscles, bleached hair & a sense of humor. Woof. I’ve enjoyed watching his career since then–some roles are hot, some not…

          Bloom was just out of drama school when he won the iconic part of Legolas. He worked out & trained like hell for that part–the elf was really beautiful. Of course Boromir & Aragorn were really more my type. Now he’s a grownup & I’m not going to judge him on paparazzi photos.

        • Airkisses

          Random note: oh wow, Karl Urban totally looks like the current president of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto (google him).

    • MilaXX

      He reminds me of a young Banderas in these photos. For the longest time he was too much of a pretty boy for my taste. He’s ageing quite nicely.

      • StellaZafella

        I feel like he’s out of another era… 20′ or 30’s Hollywood would have had him at the pinnacle of stardom just for his looks. I like him, and think he does good work, I’m just saying, even his name would fit another time and place:

        Ramon Navarro, Noel Coward, Leslie Howard, Orlando Bloom.

        • MilaXX

          He has always read “pretty boy” to me. He appears to be outgrowing that, but I’ve never seen him acting in anything where he blew me away with his performance.

        • DB Ruberto

          Having just watched GWTW last night, thank you— I couldn’t think of *who* Leslie Howard was reminding me of…

    • BrooklynBomber

      It’s his skill with a bow and arrow.

    • hughman

      Slightly OT but he would always be at the dog park on Mulholland here in LA I used to take my beagle to visit. He’d stand at the entrance on top of a hill and patrol around and bark orders at other dog owners (not me) to pick up poop or watch out if their dog was acting mean. He was v. serious and it was kind of cute in a “I want to be a policeman when I grow up” kind of way. And he ALWAYS was dressed very hipsterish.

      • Emily Smith

        That’s kind of cute that he’s such a responsible dog owner.

        • hughman

          It was nice but all very political in dog park protocol and that park was always one big celebrity fuck-fest.

          • Emily Smith

            Oh that sounds pretentious as fuck. The people watching must have been epic.

            • hughman

              Oh of course the best part. All the actual “stars” were fine but all the wannabe actors/cater-waiters were redonk.

            • Lori

              I found that to be true pretty much everywhere in LA. I never saw any bad behavior from actual stars but man, the has-beens, never-weres, wannabe’s and hangers on were frequently annoying as crap.

            • Heather

              We have those types at my dog park, but it’s always an older lady in purple sweatpants. Not Orlando Bloom.

            • StellaZafella

              Orlando Bloom in purple sweat pants…*snicker, snort*

            • formerlyAnon

              Soft, worn, purple drawstring sweatpants. Held up mostly by his hip bones.

              Nothing wrong with that. At all.

            • StellaZafella

              Well…when ya put it THAT way…*woof!*

            • formerlyAnon


            • Renaissance_Man_ATL

              Might I add, shirtless and commando? It is Sausage Friday after all. :)

            • Emily Smith

              That’s unfortunate. At least he can be kind of fun to look at.

    • http://twitter.com/#!/Space_Kitty Space Kitty

      Nothing says DON’T TOUCH ME like greasy hair. Yick.

    • Frank_821

      He looks fine but yes girls seemed very enamored with him as the Legolas. I always found him lacking in star power. Note most of the hits he was in he’s more of a featured player where he basically looks pretty and fights well.

      I always found it a little sad that in Pirates of the Caribbean he was techncially the lead but never the star of the picture. He wasn’t just upstaged by Depp but also Keira and Geoffrey Rush

    • ashtangajunkie

      I get that he’s attractive, but he does absolutely nothing for me. Can we talk about Hugh Jackman again? :)

    • Carleenml

      his legs look too short for his body. I had to google pics of them as a couple…his waist=her thigh.

    • Annarosa

      I’m so bored.

    • Victoria

      Yes! Though I was terribly disappointed to see he married a model. He’s supposed to like slightly chubby, nerdy ladies.

    • appliquer


    • Cathy S

      Wash your hair Orlando. Ew. The rest of him looks okay. He doesn’t do much for me.

    • unbornfawn

      I have always inexplicably liked him. He just never made me flutter, He can walk down my street anyday.

    • Catiline

      I’d like it if Orlando would rock a nice beard. I found him most attractive in Kingdom of Heaven (though bless his heart, Edward Norton still managed to upstage him even acting behind an unmoving mask that covered his entire face).

      • Jennifer Bober

        Liam Neeson beats both of them for me. He’s even taller than I am, which is rare. (Sometimes it sucks being a 6’1″ woman.)

        • Catiline

          That movie was quite the smorgasbord, wasn’t it?! I was actually most excited to see Alexander Siddig, aka Dr. Bashir from Deep Space Nine, in a really charming supporting role.

        • filmcricket

          The Sequoia of Sex!

    • SublimatedRage

      I think nipples are the perfect accessory to this outfit!

    • Rand Ortega

      Ewan McGregor. That is all.

    • http://angrynerdgirl.net/ Jessi03

      That may be the best I’ve ever seen him look, hair aside. Well done, Will Legolas Turner. Well done.

    • mjude


    • Carol

      In the second photo he looks just like my ex-husband, but with hair.

      Needless to say, he does not get my lady-bits all a-flutter.

    • JauntyJohn

      Works for me.
      And while I would prefer them a tad bit more snug, Mr. Man knows how to wear a pair of jeans.

    • Bonnie B

      He can enter my “building” any day

    • Eric Stott

      Looks too much like Matthew Perry

    • d4divine

      I agree, he looks good…except for that hair. Maybe he’s headed to the barber for a trim.

    • Claudia

      I used to think my now hubby, then bf, looked a lot like OB…

    • Tatiana Luján

      his hair looks wet, not greasy on my screen.

    • flamingoNW

      Meh. Can I have the 3 Mas Machos back?

    • Jessica Freeman

      He never did it for me.

    • 1carmelita

      looks good to me…

    • cowper

      The “Honest Trailer” of Lord of the Rings is a hoot. And it calls Legolas out for his beautiful blond locks. Check it out for a giggle.

    • ‘Becca’lise Deveaux

      Liked him circa 2001 (google Orlando Bloom Homme Arena) but not so much these days.

    • Krysta

      Bad hair. BAD hair.

    • Anne

      He’s never done much for me (I was always an Aragorn girl), but I think he’s going to age beautifully.

      • Lisa M. (ReVoir) Kramp


    • snarkykitten

      oh god that hair. Why? it’s tragic

    • silaria

      I certainly wouldn’t kick him out of bed.

    • Jessica O’Connell

      I’m really hoping that he just took a shower. Otherwise there is NO excuse for his hair looking like that.

    • stephbellard

      His hot phase is SO over.

    • Louise Bryan

      “Could do without the greasy hair, though.”

      I wouldn’t mind washing it for him. I’m very helpful.

    • Danielle L

      Not those glasses, dear.

    • Angela_the_Librarian

      No on the hair, but otherwise he’s looking good.

      I don’t think my crush is as strong as it used to be, but I used to have a major one one him around the time Pirates of the Caribbean was first released. I even had a keychain size version of his READ poster (dressed as his character from LOTR)

      • Little_Olive

        Those sunglasses have a really weird effect. I like his hair when he is without the sunglasses, and when he is wearing them the wet hair becomes just stupid.

        Those sunglasses are not suited for his face, really.

        • Angela_the_Librarian

          I can totally see that. Those sunglasses aren’t very flattering.

    • formerlyAnon

      I think he’s beautiful. But beautiful only works for me if accompanied by the right personality, so I can’t say more than that.

    • kimmeister

      Those jeans are way too long for him. I’m ok with some bunching, but that’s just too much.

    • Lisa Hager

      Is it just me or are his sunglasses too small for his face? It’s making my eye twitch.

      • NoveltyRocker

        Not the right shape at all.

    • Therese Bohn

      He’s a fine young man. :-)

    • Bethany Fairbrother

      Never found him all that attractive and the fact that he can’t act his way out of a paper bag kind of squashed any appeal. Now, Viggo, that’s another story.

    • JP

      He’s always been a bit too young for me to ogle, and in that second shot? He looks like Matthew Morrison’s little brother.

    • gracedarling

      He’s been handed his crush-redundancy papers by King Robb and Jon Snow, the latest models from the Unthreatening Pouty Brunet factory. Poor love, all he has now is his supermodel wife, adorable child, millions of dollars and nice belt.

    • demidaemon

      Legolas yes. This Bloom? Not flowering for me.

    • MannahattaMamma

      Is it me or in some of these pictures does he look bzackly like Matthew Morrison?

    • rougeort

      My first thought was how much he resembles Matthew Morrison. My second thought was how much that screams GIRL CRUSH OVER.

      • stubbornthoughts

        Oh God! That’s awful. Matthew Morrison has always looked like a brother/cousin of Justin Timberlake, and I’ve never actually crushed on JT, so it’s really just a nerve-ending, eye twitching problem.

    • Contralto

      Much better looking with a few years on him.

    • librarygrrl64

      Hate the greasy hair, but I have always thought he was a good-looking guy. A little too pretty for me, though.

    • stubbornthoughts

      Still 100% does it for me. I didn’t realize this fact until just. now.