Jennifer Aniston on the Set of “Squirrels to the Nuts”

Posted on July 18, 2013

Okay, now we know why Jen is so loath to change her hair.


Jennifer Aniston sports a brown wig while filming scenes on the set of her new movie, “Squirrels to the Nuts,” in New York City.

It’s a wig. And she’s dying a little inside.

Oh, we’re just teasing. She famously has issues with her hair, partially born out of the mid-nineties mania for “The Rachel.” We suppose having your haircut become a cultural moment can be a little emotionally scarring, but it sure as hell sounds like the epitome of First World Problems. Anyway, this look is doing her no favors, but we suspect that’s the point of it.

Funny, though. As frumpy as that dress is, we find ourselves loving the color on her. She pretty much lives in neutrals, to the point that we sometimes suspect she has some sort of skin condition that prevents her from wearing dyed clothing, but just that little pop of (admittedly drab) blue makes a difference.

Okay, without going to IMDB, let’s play “Guess the Plot.” We’ll go first: She’s a hairdresser or some other form of working class person with big dreams and ambitions. Oh wait. She can’t be a hairdresser with that thing on her head. Waitress, then. And we bet a man will help her find her way.



[Photo Credit: Kristin Callahan/ACE/]

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  • veleri

    she looks adorable, no matter the wig 🙂

    • tb

      She looks like Tara King (Linda Thorson). Dear sweet little baby Jesus I miss the Avengers. And by the by, is there going to be a Lounge today?

  • just thanking the Gods that this is for a role.

  • PastryGoddess

    Close enough, I think she plays a therapist

    • Louise Bryan

      … and she is not the lead …

    • YoungSally

      Excellent guess — totally looks like a stereotypical therapist. I think I saw this being filmed this morning — coincidentally coming out of my therapist’s office.

    • LJCdoc

      I think she plays a therapist’s escaped patient. And that outfit is her ward jammies.

  • Tatiana Luján

    Is that her nose? There’s something weird happening on her face, maybe she’s wearing a prostetic nose.

    • I think it’s just the terribly unflattering hair.

      • Tatiana Luján

        It is weird that she looks so bad with that wig, because she looked great in Friends when she had her hair that same lenght or a bit shorter.

        • Kristin McNamara

          I was thinking that too, but the Season 7 bob she had had did not include bangs. I think that’s the difference here.

          • Tatiana Luján

            I LOVED that bob, my favourite Rachel hair ever.

  • Tatiana Luján

    My guess is she plays a homeopathist.

  • Diego!

    Not only the wig is awful but the dress is two sizes bigger than she is. It’s awkward and it looks terrible on her.

    • Rhonda Shore

      she looks preggers in a couple of those shots…

      • kimmeister

        Definitely. I was thinking “small town waitress knocked up by a charming customer.”

  • marlie

    If this is how the “frump” Jen Aniston up, the rest of us don’t have a chance.

  • Musicologie

    I was very happy to see Will Forte…until I realized that it means he’s involved in a movie called “Squirrel to the Nuts.”

  • My guess: Her character is married to a man child and she runs into an ex that makes her question her choices. Such as why she is wearing a beach cover up on the street. Spoiler alert, she sticks it out with the man child and finds her pants.

    • filmcricket

      I would maybe have thought the opposite – she’s a free spirit tied down to a man with money but no heart (that’s a serious rock she’s sporting on her finger, but it’s not Jen’s, which is actually bigger).

      • Kristin McNamara

        And what’s up with the watch that’s unclasped? That thing’s gonna fly off her arm in two seconds!

  • Nonmercisansfacon

    The shapely legs on that woman. Flaunt it gurl.

  • Catiline

    I actually think the second picture is really cute, hair and all. A more stylish variation on this could be a nice change for her.

  • Carleenml

    hate to sound like my grandmother, but stand up straight!!

  • I’d like to see her change her hair every so often, even if she shortened it a bit with some shape added. When she was on TV she’d switch it up every so often. Or maybe she could wear it up once in awhile. This wig looks frumpy; that’s for sure, and so does the dress.

  • giddypony

    I was really hoping that dress was a caftan. It looks weird short. I wonder how she will find LOVE in her next movie. Based on the titles, she’s quirky and walks in the park alot.

  • Girl_With_a_Pearl

    She’s a kooky, zany massage therapist/dog walker who’s into astrology and saving puppies and he’s the normal regular guy that needs his pants hemmed that’s going to save her from herself. I’ll let one of the Bitter Kittens tell me how this movie is because I don’t plan on seeing it.

    • We like the massage therapist/dog walker angle.

      • Girl_With_a_Pearl


    • Rhonda Shore

      wasn’t that already a movie with Geena Davis?

      • NOLA_gal

        The Accidental Tourist – but she was a dog trainer. Now why can’t I remember stuff that actually matters?

        • Rhonda Shore

          lol…i remember seeing Teri Garr on a talk show and she was saying how she couldn’t remember important stuff but never forgot that Charo was married to Xavier Cugat…

          • decormaven

            That’s very valuable knowledge. Also knowing words to novelty songs is a plus.

          • formerlyAnon

            Strangely, that tidbit about Charo is one of the weird factoids I remember. Garr & I must have seen some extremely searing joint appearance of the couple on Merv Griffin or something, back in the Dark Ages.

          • Rhonda Shore

            I love it!

      • kimmeister

        The dog walker bit sounds like Monster-in-Law. (I only watched it for Michael Vartan.)

      • formerlyAnon

        When had “wasn’t that already a movie” stopped a romantic comedy from being made?

    • marlie

      She’d need gaudier accessories for that. 🙂

    • Little_Olive

      “He’s the normal regular guy that needs his pants hemmed…”

      So much brilliance there.

      Are ever good guys (“good guys”) well-tailored (except at the same film’s wedding scene)?

  • Meg0GayGuys6

    Hurry and catch your watch before it falls off!

  • Tracy Walker

    She’s got reading glasses tucked into her neckline – I’m leaning toward a style-challenged librarian, self-help author, or small town newspaper gal.

  • MartyBellerMask

    If Will Forte is the man that helps her find her way, I’m afraid she will get hopelessly lost.

  • MilaXX

    My money is on harried housewife. The dress and bag are too fashiony for waitress according to Hollywood.

  • Kittens who keep missing the point and copy-pasting from IMDB: what part of “without going to IMDB” was hard to understand? You’re ruining the game, party-poopers.

  • Nancer

    She’s a housewife who just got divorced and went to the big city to fulfill her dreams of becoming a yoga teacher to the stars. And a man will help her realize her dreams! Of course.

  • RebeccaKW

    That seriously looks like a swimsuit coverup.

    I have 2 thoughts. One, she’s a florist and Will Forte comes in to buy flowers for his current girlfriend. Of course, he loves video games and thinks Golden Corral is the perfect date night, and the gf is probably a lawyer and is uptight and always griping at him for dressing like a child. He buys the flowers, is intrigued by JA and begins finding excuses to come by her shop.

    Two, same sort of background for WF. But JA runs a health food store.

    • formerlyAnon

      No fair. You’ve been writing scripts for romantic comedies for the last 15 years, haven’t you?

    • Kristin McNamara

      Coincidentally, your florist plot is almost the plot of a different rom-com she was in! Love Happens, with Aaron Eckhart. I know a BK above already asked “When has ‘wasn’t that already a movie’ stopped a romantic comedy from being made?” but surely they wouldn’t make a repeat-rom-com that already starred the same leading lady! 😉 Thus, I vote for your scenario #2 🙂

      • RebeccaKW

        I have never seen that movie, and only barely remember bits of trailers now that you bring it up. Wow. I’m not sure what that says about rom-coms, that I can jokingly make up a plot and it be close to a plot of something I’ve never seen. Maybe I should write rom-come scripts as @formerlyAnon:disqus suggested!
        (ETA: Although, to be fair, most horror movies/action movies have pretty formulaic plots)

  • bassfemme

    She plays a wildlife rehabilitator, some poor sap runs over a squirrel, she rehabs the furry guy and the three fall in love.

  • Sara Brams-Miller

    I couldn’t help it. I checked IMDB. None of the below are at all the plot. TandLo, you will laugh hysterically when you see the plot.

  • oohsparkley!

    My guess is she’s a Pilates instructor who falls for a mentally disturbed client or maybe she’s the one who’s dumped by her cheating husband and the movie is about her plucky, survival as a single mom.

  • I think if the wig didn’t look so frizzy, this would be a perfect hair cut for her. She looks adorable. Might be a little to twee for her personality though, but since she straightens the crap out of her hair on a regular basis anyway, I think she could just make it a razored bob and go with it. I’m just sick of long, flattened to death hair.

    • demidaemon

      Obviously, the wig budget for this movie was about $2.

      • Seriously – it’s not like there aren’t a bajillion wig stores in NYC. All else fails, ask a particularly fabulous orthodox jewish woman where she got her wig – there’s no excuse for that cheap wig in a film.

      • KateShouldBeWorking

        That’s the hair equivalent of ‘mom jeans’.

  • norseofcourse

    I’m pleased to see evidence that her feet aren’t permanently stuck in high-heeled, Barbie doll foot position. I was beginning to worry.

  • Michelle Wilson

    She really doesn’t look great here and I think it’s because everything is a little too young for her, which only goes to make her face and legs look much older. She doesn’t look at all like a movie star, more like an apartment manager.

  • Little_Olive

    … But the bag throws me off re. TL’s theory of the role. Maybe it’s just hers. I hope so, because it also doesn’t go.

  • stubbornthoughts

    Will Forte + Jen Aniston = my ass in a seat.

    This is just the way my nature goes, don’t ask questions.

  • Tarquin

    I can’t look at these photographs without thinking of Catherine O’Hara

  • frannyprof

    Drab, dull, and depressing.

  • ShaoLinKitten

    It’s hilarious that TLo guessed that Ms. Aniston was playing a working girl in this movie. You don’t know how right you are…

  • NYCGlamourpuss

    Oh, WOW…. okay, I’m officially done criticizing her for not changing up her hair. Because that ‘do makes her look a good 10 years older than she is – which I get it, that’s probably the point of the movie role. But yeah… no es bueno.

  • Judy_J

    I’m guessing she’s a former surfer-girl who came to the big city to try to find her Moondoggie.

  • Rebeca

    Waitress? Not realistic.. she’s carrying a Bottega Venetta bag.

  • Aaminah Khan

    Brown hair suits her. Really makes her eyes pop.

    I mean, that wig is atrocious, but a nice chocolate brown on her actual hair would look really pretty.

  • decormaven

    She’s a Google analytics consultant who goes off on one of those digital detox camps at Acorn Lodge in upstate NY. Will Forte plays the bookish non-techie who helps run the laughing playshop at the camp.

  • Imasewsure

    She needs to do a Streisand bio-pic – may not have the acting chops but she has the look for sure

    • HengRu

      Yes! Seeing her in this babydoll dress took me back to some of Barbra’s ’60s outfits.

  • conniemd

    And the movie plot will include her acting pathetic, neurotic, dramatic as this guy helps her achieve her dream, setting back feminism at least another 50 years.

    (note that I irrationally hate Jennifer Aniston)

    • formerlyAnon

      And yet, your analysis of the plots of most of her recent movies is stunningly accurate.

  • Ronica Skarphol Brownson

    It’s not a dress; that’s a swimsuit coverup. But you don’t wear it on the streets of NY.

  • MartyBellerMask

    Jen is a “talent scout” for a home-videos-type TV show that focuses solely on wiffleball-to-the-groin clips. Only they’ve replaced the wiffleballs with squirrels. Will Forte is the clueless Squirrel-to-the-nuts victim who falls for Aniston.

  • Laylalola

    Doesn’t she only play characters these days with surprise “Jen as a dentist giving oral to a banana/hot dog/popsicle scenes” or “Jen disguised as a mom who has a pole dance scene where she’s wet and wearing almost nothing.” I’m sure this is somehow in that same vein.

    • Kristin McNamara

      Are those ACTUAL movies she was in??! I thought I’d seen all of her movies (I have a little bit of a fence-jumping crush on her) but those do not sound like movies I’m familiar with! haha

      • RebeccaKW

        The dentist giving oral is “Horrible Bosses.” She sexually harasses her dental hygienist, played by Charlie Day. The pole dance one is coming out, I’ve seen a couple of trailers. Something about Jason Sudeikis being a drug mule to Mexico and needing a fake family as his cover story, so he hires JA (who is a stripper) to play his wife.

        • Kristin McNamara

          Ah! Okay. I’ve seen Horrible Bosses, but once, and it was a long time ago. I guess I just don’t remember that specific scene. I do remember her being a dentist though. Hadn’t heard of the new one coming out!

  • julnyes

    I’m going to guess a past her prime hollywood actress returns to her theatre roots in NYC in the hope that it will jumpstart her career again and she can flee back to the West Coast to wear cover-ups as clothes without all that East Coast snobbery. her plans are derailed by a sweet janitor at the theater and they begin to fall in love. Little does she know he is actually the heir to an oil baron and after a series of misunderstandings and a bout of amnesia they go off into the sunset to establish their dream alpaca farm.

    • formerlyAnon

      I’d buy a ticket to that.

  • formerlyAnon

    I think the hair makes her look younger. Or maybe it’s the light. The style is “older,” but I’m not sure it makes *her* look older the way her 20-something hair is just starting to emphasize that she’s no longer 20-something. And I think the color – or one a bit richer – looks/would look good. Either the hair color or the dress color is really bringing out her eyes.

  • LaSylphide

    I’ve never understood her appeal, and this outfit isn’t doing anything to enlighten me.

  • BrooklynBomber

    Rich girl with amnesia. Spoiled fiance and snooty family try to claim her, so she sneaks out to search for real world adventure and her own true nature, having disguised herself in her maid’s clothes and a wig she finds in her kooky grandma’s closet. Despite her amnesia, however, she CANNOT bring herself to leave without the very expensive leather bag she finds on a chair next to her bed. Among other things, it contains a pair of ugly glasses she does not seem to need. Her fondest hopes are to find the truth of her history, love and be loved by a regular guy who accepts her as she is, and learn how to fasten a watch band.

  • maggiemaybe

    The blue of the dress really brings out the blue of her eyes… WHO KNEW!? Bet she can’t wait to take that godawful thing off her head.

  • Vanja

    She will lose her watch and the man of her dreams picks it up and returns it to her.

  • Shouldn’t have IMDB’d it. Some days, there isn’t enough vomit in the world. (Does her nose look… different?)

    • julnyes

      just looked it up. I was already uninterested in this movie, but yesh that is a horrible plot line.

  • madge

    she’s looking very j-law here, especially in the 2nd photo — i think it’s the brown hair and the goofy facial expressions …

  • formerlyAnon

    Librarian or college professor (glasses & hair) – art history, probably, (dress that short & the dark fingernail polish), married to well-off man (expensive ring, watch, purse). But she’s restless, too unconventional (pool cover up as street wear). He is eventually revealed as cheating so she can in good conscience pair up with the sincere, authentic but not wealthy Man Who Helps Her Commit to Her Dreams.

    And there’s would-be-clever joke about bringing the squirrel to the nuts since taking the nuts to the squirrel isn’t working. I’m guessing she’s the squirrel.

    That sounds really awful.

  • Targettaste

    This hair isn’t the RIGHT change, but I think it proves she needs a change: color, style, something.

    • MilaXX

      The cut isn’t bad, it’s the color that wrong here.

  • CeeQ

    She’s an out of work writer/photographer. Living with her ex-boyfriend cuz she can’t afford to move out. Then a new man comes and help her find her way. Movie ends with her sporting a new haircut, Prada sandals and writing columns that start with “I couldn’t help but wonder…” The End.

  • Denise Plank

    Barbra Streisand needs a bra.

  • alyce1213

    Oh girl, that is not your wig.

  • The wig is awful, but if you ignore everything but the heavy bangs and her face, she looks a little like Barbra Streissand circa Funny Girl.

  • Danielle L

    I had a hard time looking at these pictures. That wig is awful and the dress is doing her zero favors.

  • Linda LaPaz

    This actually sounds like it was posited here:

    A married Broadway director falls for a prostitute-turned-actress and works to help her advance her career.

    Peter Bogdanovich

    Peter Bogdanovich (screenplay),
    Louise Stratten (screenplay)

    Jennifer Aniston,
    Owen Wilson,
    Kathryn Hahn |

  • tereliz

    I’m just glad she’s not a stripper in this one. Wha? O_o

    That is a great color on her. But the shape is not good, and the wig is not helping either. She looks like my mom at the beach.

  • PrunellaV

    I think she looks cute, if out of place. The color of the “dress” is nice on her and brings out her eyes. She looks like a normal person, not a glam celeb.

  • formerlyAnon

    O.k. I went to IMDB and saw the actual plot. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

    Unless there’s just GANGBUSTERS chemistry and extremely snappy dialogue in
    this one, it’s going to be awful. Barbara Streisand and Ryan O’Neal might (*MIGHT*) be able to make that one work, but I don’t think Bogdanovich is going to get another “What’s up Doc” out of Aniston.

  • Bethany Fairbrother

    She looks hideous and needs a bra.

  • sherrietee

    I’m guessing animal rights activist who becomes a nanny for a single dad, whose kids make sure they “fall in love”.

  • PeaceBang

    I guess her personality is all in her hair.

  • Roza

    Dress brings out her blue eyes.

  • librarygrrl64

    Between the darker hair color of the wig and the color of the dress, her eyes are POPPING! She should employ those tricks more often.

  • i hope she’s supposed to look awful, because she does.

  • CatherineRhodes

    The man is a 1 percenter, and she teaches him something about the noble values of the working class just as he swoops in and delivers her from said working class.

  • ChristinaRi

    Well, TLo got the working girl part right.