Daniel Radcliffe in London for “The Cripple of Inishmaan”

Posted on July 26, 2013

What’s the matter, Daniel? Did you flub a line or something? You look tense.


Daniel Radcliffe leaving the Noel Coward Theatre after performing ‘The Cripple of Inishmaan’ in London.

Then again, that gauntlet looks positively intimidating. That’s no way to leave work for the night. But hey, your t-shirt’s really cute.



[Photo Credit: KP Pictures/PacificCoastNews.com]

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  • Chuck Barthelme

    His face looks frozen like that, too. Doesn’t look like it changes at all in any of those shots. Which is odd since he’s usually so charming in appearance.

    • Cheryl

      I think it’s all the same shot, just larger and smaller. Look at the strap on his right shoulder – it doesn’t shift from picture to picture.

      • jangma

        Look at the arm behind him. This is at least 4 different shots.

  • Diego!

    OMG… This is not Daniel! It’s Harry Potter’s patronus O_O

  • Sara Brams-Miller

    It looks like he’s on drugs . . .

  • siriuslover

    He’s probably still recovering from his 24th birthday celebration(s), whatever they may have been! He looks hella exhausted and his hair is all wonky. Go get some sleep, Daniel. You need it.

    • kimmeister

      Agree about the hair – I don’t remember ever seeing it with this “floating above his head” effect before.

  • kim bunchalastnames

    he looks like he’s thinking, “just keep walking, don’t make eye contact, just keep going.” bless his heart. it must be EXHAUSTING to be famous.

    • SayWTH

      I was going to say the exact same thing!

      When I look at his face now and think about how round and soft it was when he was little it is like “Wow! Wish I could have had a go ’round with the magic chisel that is his genes!” Lovely sculpturing!!

    • j_anson

      Yup. I’m pretty sure this is EXACTLY the look I get on my face when homeless people ask me for money. It’s the “no, sorry, but I feel bad about it” face. Poor guy. He’s always seemed like such a sweet kid in interviews.

    • MaggieMae

      No kidding, exhausting is right! Not to mention the notoriety of being HARRY POTTER. Can you imagine? All those fangurls growing up with the HP books and movies, and apparently a large number of them having eroticized the stories at a tender age. My story, and I’m sticking to it, is he is exhausted at the thought of going home to yet another girlfriend who wants him to dress up in his Gryffindor robes and play HP in bed. He’s OVER that shit.

  • Anplica Fiore

    That’s what I call cheekbones!

  • RebeccaKW

    He looks like a wee Hobbit who’s several hundred miles from the Shire, on a journey to destroy the One Ring. He’s been short of sleep and out of lembas bread for days.

    • MaggieMae

      Right! I thought “Hobbit” too!

  • Emma

    The poor bloke – after acting for 2.5 hours in a very physically and emotionally demanding role, followed by signing at the stage door (where he is his usual happy, smiley self), he has to face that lot when all he wants to do is go home.

    He spends ages at the stage door, people should just leave him alone when he’s on his way to the car.

    • Maureen Basedow

      Thank you. Civilians have no idea.

    • j_anson

      Oh wow, you mean he already DID a bunch of signing? Yeah, hanging around just lacks class, then.

      • Emma

        Yep – the stage door of the Noel Coward opens up onto a wide alleyway so they barricade off the area and he signs for about 30 minutes, before walking back through the theatre and exiting through the front of house to his waiting car. The number of people waiting at the front has increased throughout the run, to the point that they now have to barricade a walkway to his car, rather than having to shove through a crowd of people.

  • Emily Smith

    I hope he does the same trick he did for Equus where he wore the same thing leaving every night so the paps would stop taking his picture because they always looked the same.

    • filmcricket

      I had no idea he did that. What a little smartie!

  • Heather

    Hmmm, not my type at all. I’ll stand aside and let others have at him.

  • Stella Zawistowski

    Please, please, please lose the neckbeard!

  • MilaXX

    I guess you never really get used to the crazy.

  • editrixie

    Oh, this is so weird — I was just there recently and went in and out those very doors. If only wee ickle Daniel had been going out them at the time!

  • Betsy

    When he was working on Broadway a couple of years ago (I think in Equus), he wore the SAME outfit out of the theater EVERY NIGHT after the performance. Effectively scuppered the paparazzi, because they couldn’t sell the photos. Looked like they all happened on the same occasion. Smart boy, our Daniel!

    • MaggieMae


  • mmebam

    Tweeking owl realness…

  • Joanne Abrams

    I never realized what a big head he has and such pointy ears. Certainly not Harry Potter anymore and hopefully has kicked his drinking problem.

  • Pennymac

    That frozen little face is creepy….

  • jmorino08

    Why does his face look so misshapen and unnatural?

    • XPT

      I think the picture was taken at a weird angle and then cropped, the woman behind him looks tilted too.

  • stephbellard

    He looks like a lizard.

  • He’s still such a pocket cutie, though.

  • ShaoLinKitten

    What happened to Daniel? These pix make him look like Gollum. I suspect he just scrubbed off his make up and is now exhausted. Looking forward to seeing him in the movie version of Horns.

  • Sobaika

    Poor guy, this looks rough.

    I saw him onstage in How To Succeed and he won me over immediately. I actually hated the HP films for the most part and was really taken aback at how talented he is. I’m looking forward to Kill Your Darlings.

  • putacorkinit

    Cocaine, it’s a hell of a drug. Allegedly.

  • Danielle L

    NOTHING I hate more than people using their tablets for a camera. I HATE being at an event and having a huge screen blocking my way.