AnnaSophia Robb and Lindsey Gort on the Set of “Carrie Diaries”

Posted on July 26, 2013

This is not the first time we’re a little jealous of teenage girls, because we kinda wish we could get into “The Carrie Diaries” on the CW, just because this looks like fun:


Lindsey Gort as the young Samantha Jones, and AnnaSophia Robb who plays Carrie Bradshaw are seen shooting scenes for the new season of “The Carrie Diaries” in New York City.

That’s actually some damn good looks-based casting. She really does look like a young Samantha Jones. The Carrie character continues to be dressed in horribly mismatched 2013 clothes while everyone else wears vaguely ’80s-inspired costumes. It’s such an odd and distracting  blend to anyone with an eye for it. A lot of Annasophia’s pieces look cute here (except the shoes and bag, of course), but the combination is decidedly clown-like.

But alas, we’re clearly not the demo on this one. We’d just harrumph our way through the whole thing. We can’t imagine how SJP feels when she catches an episode. And you KNOW she has.



[Photo Credit: Zelig Shaul/ACE/]

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  • kimmeister

    Those shoes look like they could be part of the D&G Fall 2013 line. Meanwhile, in the 80’s I remember laughing scornfully at my mom’s platform shoes that she had leftover from the 70’s.

    ETA: Holy smokes, I was the first to post on two posts back-to-back!

    • Cz

      I agree! No one of that age that I know of would wear those platform shoes unless they were going to a 70’s themed costume party.

    • Lucía Gavello

      Yeah Kim, you need to get a life! 😉

    • ankali

      I was thinking the same D&G thoughts about the shoes (which I actually, um, like. At least in the close-ups)!

  • Love the skirt. That’s all I’ve got.

    • VeryClaire

      Yes, it’s a very 2013 interpretation of an 80’s skirt. In the 80’s that skirt would have been much longer and worn with Candies, not platforms. No one would have ever worn platform wedges.

  • I still find it obnoxious they made it a teen show. I’d rather have seen something gritty about Carrie in her early 20s, when she more likely met her pals, not another ridiculous high school show that is pure fantasy. Plus, it’s Sex and the City – it’s not FOR preteens.
    I would not have watched this as a preteen (or as a teen, but I didn’t watch a lot of TV in my teens because boarding school) >.> But I was a nerd and was too busy watching anime and cartoons and reading a lot.

    • Adriana_Paula

      I’m with you; Carrie in her 20s is a show I might have watched. And I don’t understand the idea of extending the franchise into high school either; it’s not as if they can then market SATC boxed sets to girls hooked on The Carrie Diaries…

      • embers618

        I watched SATC when I was in college, so they probably will market SATC boxed sets to the teenage girls who are watching this show.

      • I don’t know. SATC premiered when I was in high school and it was weekly viewing for my friends and I. We actually ditched homecoming one year to have a SATC party instead.

    • ChattyCara

      The show, like SATC, is based on a book by Candace Bushnell. It focuses on Carrie in high school bc it’s keeping with the book. There’s also Summer in the City (again, Carrie as a teenager). A bit ashamed to admit I read all 3, but I’m using my teenage goddaughter as my excuse.

      • Heather

        The idea of Candance Bushnell writing a YA book scares me.

  • amy

    I know Samantha is supposed to be older than Carrie, but before I read the captions I assumed the lady next to young Carrie was supposed to be her mom or aunt or boss.

    • demidaemon

      Same here. I don’t know how old this actress is or how old Samantha is supposed to be at this moment, but they managed to make it look like she is pushing 50.

  • Also, how much older than Carrie are they making Samantha? Samantha here looks like she’s in her 30s and Carrie looks 15. Was it always a 15-20 year age difference? Somewhere, Kim Cattrall is giving SJP the stinkeye.

    • Adriana_Paula

      Nope, they’re more like ten years apart in age; this looks strange to me too.

    • Let it out

      I calculate an eight year age difference (yup, nerd). Agreed that these actresses look more like 15-20 years apart. Casting fail.

    • susan6

      There was one SATC episode where it was Carrie’s birthday and she was filling out some questionaire, having to check the next box up for age range, and Samantha had the great line “welcome to my box.” So I was thinking Samantha’s 5 years older, max.
      The “Samantha” in the pictures here looks at least 10-15 years older than “Carrie”.

    • Heather

      Agree. This Samantha looks like Carrie’s mother.

    • nancymae

      I thought the age difference was 7-10 years. Was it the first movie that ended with a Samatha 50th bday Cosmo toast? And Carrie turned 40 during the series.

  • Who styles this? It’s a disaster. But then again I never liked SATC…

    • kimmeister

      I believe it’s Eric Daman, who was just the guest judge on this week’s PR!

      • Good to know… thanks!

      • alyce1213

        He’s trying too hard, and not succeeding.

      • demidaemon

        That puts his “credentials” in a whole different light. He’s no Patricia Fields (is that who styled the original? Someone please correct me if I’m wrong), that’s for sure.

  • VeryClaire

    Every time you post something from this show I wonder what 80’s young Carrie is living in. I was a teenager in the 80’s (near NYC) and I never wore or even saw anyone where anything remotely like this stuff and not because we weren’t cool enough, these looks just were not in for anyone.

    • MilaXX

      THIS! I graduated from high school in 81 & this is no where near what I recall the fashions to be.

      • Adriana_Paula

        Thank you! Where are the oversized shirts? The bandage skirts? The Denise Huxtable outfits, as someone on a previous Carrie Diaries post pointed out?

        • CT14

          85 high school grad; 89 college grad.

          Not the clothes. Not he makeup. Not the hair.

          Nothing on that picture is remotely evocative of the 80s.

        • Little_Olive

          Also, wasn’t Carrie “poor” when she go to the City? I remember an episode where she said sometimes she chose to buy Vogue instead of food because it fed her more.

          And even if those are supposed to be imitations, they are decidedly NOT how 80’s imitations were made.

          • And this is a character who became an inspiration to an entire generation of women? (I know. I know. That’s a bit of an exaggeration, but Carrie Bradshaw is practically iconic) I find that really gross.

          • Little_Olive

            Finally someone who is with me on that one.

          • melisaurus

            This is her in highscool, still living at home.

        • H2olovngrl

          SKCOOversized players, leggings, Duran duran inspired clothes, rock-a-billy, shoulder pads, mini skirts, bomber jackets, doc martins,reeboks, multiple socks…I could go on and on

      • Kent Roby

        I would picture Carrie dressed as a mix of early Madonna and Cyndi Lauper.

  • LondonMarriott

    Some things never change. Like visible bras. Way to be consistent, Carrie!

    • VeryClaire

      But that blouse would never have been worn by a teenager in the 80’s. That’s a blouse that only a dorky mom who was also a secretary would have worn.

  • Also, my googling is finding they made Samantha’s background that she’s from the Florida panhandle, which is SO WRONG – can you imagine Samantha with a deep southern accent? THAT’S the panhandle.

  • Rand Ortega

    The Samantha casting is spot on. Striking Kim Cattrall resemblance aside, she really looks worth watching. I just can’t w/ their version of CB. Too cupie doll, not enough quirk. Won’t go into the wardrobe. Gads.

  • Elena

    Why does young Samantha look like she’s 30? I know Samantha is older than Carrie, but the age difference here is ridic.

  • MilaXX

    I tried with this show for like 4 or 5 eps and finally bailed. I may check back in to see Samantha Jones, but at no point while watching this show do you ever feel like it’s 1980 anything and the plots themselves are kinda on the boring side.

  • Victoria Ugarte

    Overheard on the train that the show was looking for a new stylist. Behold! The power of TLo

  • Lori

    I was around for the 80s. I never saw anyone dressed remotely like AnnaSophia. What is up with that?

  • That’s the young Samantha?!

  • jmorino08

    I was going to say that I didn’t remember a lot of visible black bras, crinolin and wedges when I was a teenage in the 80s, but then again I didn’t live in New York. Glad to know I wasn’t *that* far off the fashion map back then!

  • CT14

    There’s nothing remotely 80s about those clothes!

  • CT14

    80s make up was big on blusher. 80s eye makeup was in vertical stripes/sections. The 80s invented mousse, so everyone’s hair was crazy big. The 80s invented colored mascara. Color seasons. Giant shirts/sweaters/sweatshirts over leggings.

    Giant earrings.

    Shoulder pads.

    Jewel tones and neon. Preppy and new wave. Mullets and perms.

    This show isn’t even trying.

    • VeryClaire

      This show seems to be going for early 80’s rather than late 80’s. Late 80’s was leggings and big sweaters. But they aren’t getting early 80’s right either. I agree, big hair was the entire decade and no one would have worn it like this. There would have been bangs, layers and poof.

      • CT14

        Nope, big sweaters were early 80s as well. Skinny jeans with zippers. Patterned tights. Big tops. Shoulder pads.

        “Prairie” style puffy sleeves. Gunne Sax.

        I have the jr. High and high school pix to prove it, and I grew up in Indianapolis. NYers should have been even further along.

        High school grad in 85; college grad in 89. It’s my time.

    • RebeccaKW

      I’m not a stylist, I haven’t studied fashion, I was 10 in 1988 so my style wasn’t that evolved. However, I have seen “Working Girl” and “Sixteen Candles” and several other 80s movies and I think I could do better than this.

      • CT14

        I have no doubt, RebeccaKW!

  • marlie

    There is no way that the actress chosen to play Samantha can even remotely pass for a teenager. She looks like AnnaSophia’s character’s mother, not peer.

    • Lori

      Samantha was several years older than Carrie so she’s not supposed to be a teenager here. I think the apparent age gag between these two actresses is larger than the age difference between the characters, but they aren’t exactly supposed to be peers.

      • marlie

        Thanks for the clarification. I never watched SatC, so I always assumed that they were the same age.

  • MandyM

    I hate that they aren’t wearing full on 80’s wear. Carrie is cute and Samantha is a dead ringer for Kim Cattrall but it bugs me that they aren’t more true to the era.

  • Joan Wilder

    It’s dumb to costume Little Carrie much the same way SATC Carrie dressed because there is no teenage girl ever that figured out her style so completely.

    • Little_Olive


  • Latin Buddy

    My sister LOVES Girls Just Want to Have Fun and after she saw Anna Sophia as Carrie, she said the girl doesn’t have SJPs spunk/look.

    I’ve read somewhere that SJP is not a fan of the idea. I don’t know if she’s actually seen the episodes.

  • thecitysleeps

    Well I’m 23 and I love the shit out of this show. Oops.

    • Nels P. Highberg

      I’m 43, and I love it.

  • Sunraya

    I hate when people mismatch clothes trying to be “fashionable.” It just looks stupid to me.

  • Corsetmaker

    To defend it very, very slightly – albeit only based on that pic, (I’m also the right age but obviously wrong continent so fashions differ a bit). There was a bit of a 50s revival in the 80s and there was a lot of clashing neon. I had a circle skirted dress with an orange and black print and a boat neckline which I loved. I also had a white bag with colours woven through it which wasn’t that different to that one (except price!). However the wedges are way wrong, as is the print.
    ‘Samantha’s’ outfit is more like it as jumpsuits were all over the place and that belt is total 80s.

    The casting is horrendous though. SJP has such strong features, at least cast someone ballpark similar! And that actress is way too old looking, and I can’t say I see the Kim Cattrall resemblance. In fact if I was her I’d be in a bit of a huff. But the whole concept is weird.

  • desi_girl

    I think the problem with this show is that it already knows what it has to become, i.e. Sex and The City. So, unlike other shows, it doesn’t have the chance to evolve into something new and unexpected. The writers, stylists and everyone else involved aren’t just working with a teenager in the 80s. They’re working with a teenager in the 80s who turns into iconic New Yorker Carrie Bradshaw in the 90s. So they keep trying to work with “what would 90s Carrie have done a decade earlier.” Seriously, I saw the first season, and I don’t know any teenager who is that responsible and self assured and says, “We’re not grown-ups, we’re just kids.” Which teenager would say that, ever, in any decade? If they try to do something completely new, the audience would say – Carrie Bradshaw would NEVER do that.

    As for outfits, I believe it’s their way of trying to show that Carrie is figuring out fashion and style. So a super cute, coordinated outfit with mismatched jewelry, shoes and bag is their way of doing it. And it doesn’t work because the 80s fashion was truly wacky.

  • Lea Setegn

    In the second book in this series, when Carrie goes to NYC for the summer, Carrie gets into downtown style – going to thrift stores, wearing slips as dresses, the whole East Village ’80s thing. I’m irritated that the show is putting her in attempted ’80s teenybopper looks. (FYI, the second book – Summer in the City – is excellent. Totally provides the backstory to the SATC show/characters that we were dying for. And Samantha is only 26 here.)

    • Wouldn’t 80s teenybopper looks be more like, leggings and baggy shirts?

      • CT14

        Nope. Madonna hit it big in the early 80s and created scandals of wearing underwear as outer wear, dozens of rubber bracelets, lacy fingerless gloves, and more in her armies of Madonna Wannabes.

  • Random other thought – all 80s realness aside (since there isn’t any), Carrie’s outfit isn’t even really how the majority of teenagers after the 1950/60s dressed, since I’m pretty sure the majority of teenagers would note how much younger this outfit makes her look (seriously, pouffy skirt + peter pan blouse = children’s dress clothes) and throw it back in annoyance. I think that’s what bugs me most. There was a 1950s rockabilly moment in the 80s that still basically continued to today, but it was all “bad girl style.” For example, John Waters’ Cry Baby (which I know came out in 1990, but that’s only a few years off from where this show is, isn’t it?)

    I also just don’t like AnnaSophia Robb – every time I see her I think she’s thinking in her head, “Aren’t I SO CUTE? Don’t you just want to EAT ME UP?” See pictures 2, 5, and 6.

    I may also be resentful because I was an American Girl Samantha fan and I didn’t like how they revamped the character on the books to look more like AnnaSophia after the movie came out (even though I was too old and had the older books anyway). MEH.

  • Rebecca Clifford

    Whaaa? Those shoes? This is supposed to be ’85-’86? Um, I don’t ever remember anyone wearing those then. The casting of a young Samantha is very believable, though. Wow.
    But they sure as shit need a new costume designer for the show. Yes, yes, I owned a big fat crinoline back then, but that’s about the only thing about her outfit, along with the earrings that looks right for the period. Jeesh. I just wore the crinoline when going out at night, not during the day, but that was me.

  • Sheneve Butler

    This is such a cute show, I can’t wait for it to return.

  • snarkykitten

    This is just lazy. I swear, all the writers would need to do is flip through the BSC books and find descriptions of Claudia Black and bam, instant costuming choices.

  • Katie

    As a teenage viewer of the show I would just like to say that most teenagers are watching this and just kind of associating anything bright and crazy with 80’s fashion. Obviously this is a fashion blog so people here are going to notice that this fashion isn’t accurate, but as no teenager lived through the 80’s, the specific fashion isn’t neccessarily as significant to the targeted viewers

    As far as comments about the show itself, I know loyal SATC fans are disapointed, but try to keep in mind that this TV show really was aimed at teenagers and has a lot in common with other shows aimed at teenagers. The point wasn’t to be another SATC but to bring Carrie Bradshaw to another generation.

    • You realize this is pretty much exactly what we said, right?

  • AutumnInNY

    It is good casting for a younger Samantha but how old is she supposed to be? I’ve not seen the show, but this girl playing her looks a lot older than the Carrie character. I know Samantha IS older in the S&TC series, but she almost looks (in these photos) closer to thirty something. LIke she could have played Kim’s sister almost.

    • Fordzo

      I thought she was playing Carrie’s mother, until I read the comments and realized she’s supposed to be Samantha.

  • largishbearishAtlish

    arg that belt color makes my teeth itch! make it stop!!!! (and the shoes look like over fashionized horse hooves)…too many colors..make it stop! make it stop!

  • imakeart

    I don’t think the ” young Samantha” looks all that young!

    • SignLadyB

      That was my first thought. Having never watch the original I have no idea who Samantha is but if she was one of the girls this person doesn’t seem quite right. She looks like a much older sister, even mother to the young “Carrie” Also agree with those who have commented on wardrobe–doesn’t look all that ’80s to me even tho’ I wasn’t really into ’80s myself. Still, it looks fun and colorful and with the exception of the shoes (I just CAN’T on anyone!) cute on AnnaSophia.

  • Fordzo

    When I was a girl, I had several coin purses and little handbags like the one Carrie (I’m sorry – I have no idea what the actor’s name is) is holding. I chewed the beads off all of them. I very badly want to go buy a purse like that on ebay RIGHT NOW and chew the beads off it (after I’ve disinfected it, of course).

  • Lyra Byrnes

    Um, define “young.”

  • Renaissance_Man_ATL

    I really like “The Carrie Diaries”. It’s fun and somewhat referential to the ’80’s, which I certainly experienced. (Graduated college ’82). It’s a better show than I anticipated, IMO.