Amanda Seyfried in Balmain on David Letterman

Posted on July 31, 2013

Our very first thought upon viewing these pictures?


Amanda Seyfried makes an appearance on the “Late Show with David Letterman” to promote her new movie, “Lovelace,” in a Balmain ensemble paired with Rupert Sanderson heels.

Balmain Resort 2014 Collection

“Ohmigod, the world needs a big budget, big screen adaptation of Dynasty RIGHT NOW. Amanda Seyfried IS Fallon Carrington Colby!”

And then we just took that and ran with it:

“Helena Bonham Carter IS Alexis Morell Carrington Colby Dexter Rowan! Kate Winslet IS Krystle Grant Jennings Carrington! George Clooney IS Blake Carrington! Viola Davis IS Dominique Deveraux!”

ARE WE WRONG HERE, PEOPLE? YOU WOULD BUY THE SHIT OUT OF THOSE TICKETS. Honestly, we have no idea why Hollywood has so many flops this year. This shit’s just good common sense, really.

Do we love this getup? Well, it works for her. She’s young and sweet enough to make it look (sort of) new and fresh. We’re going to give her a pass on the silly putty shoes because we honestly don’t know what kind of shoe would’ve worked better. Some pop of color would only wind up making her look like a Barbie, and black or white seems a bit harsh. No, she looks pretty much perfectly cute here. We don’t know if this is a look a lot of ladystars could pull off, but it’s definitely a look for her.

But as much as we applaud this bit of styling, what really impressed us here was the Grade-A image management. Because what goes better with a big-eyed blonde in something flirty and pink…


… than her adorable, well-behaved, fluffy dog?

Well played, Seyfried.


Is it us, or does that dog have a killer smile?


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    • random_poster

      That last picture was totally worth the scroll-down. Adorable!

      I’m not in love with the outfit at all. Those shoulder pads ruin it for me.

      • Lucía Gavello

        My train of thought was along the lines of “I dunno, it seems a bit heavy and the proportions areWOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT ADORABLE PUPPY, AWWW!”

        • amanda lynn


    • Kiltdntiltd

      I have to agree with all you say, though that whole look is giving me a toothache.

      • twigg

        It’s very Southern church dress to me.

    • SewingSiren

      a.On what planet is this “resort” wear?
      b. is it made out of pink and white hound check tweed or plaited straw? I thought the former on first viewing and then caught sight of the under skirt on second viewing ………Straw would actually be a little bit better.

      • SuzBald

        LOL – it’s a very chilly resort, and awfully strident!

    • Tabby_abby

      I think she looks lovely. And her make-up is really good.

      • marlie

        The most flattering that her makeup has looked in a long time.

    • Adrianna Grężak

      My first thought was “oh no”

    • HomeOfficeGirl

      Great legs too! It’s not my favorite look or styling, but I agree – its working for her.

    • NBG

      Don’t care what she is wearing, I’m in love with the dog. He (or she) is just a big old walking hug!

      • Rhonda Shore

        and props to Amanda for having a big fluffy dog and not a purse sized one!

    • teensmom99

      The word Dynasty had barely formed in my head when I read your commentary–spot on, as always.

      • MilaXX

        She does have similar eyes as Fallon. If they did it campy enough I’d watch a Dynasty remake.

    • HVM

      I would like that entire outfit and the dog.

    • WittyCism

      Loving how her face is so lit up with her doggy.

      • CPK1

        right? that warmed the cockles of my heart

      • Heather

        Is that her dog? He is clearly an Aussie mix.

        • quiltrx

          I thought the same thing–we had a purebred Aussie for 14 years, and now one of our two is a Border Collie mix. Definitely something of that ilk in there!

          • Heather

            Yes – the smile, the coat, and the eyebrows! :-)

      • WendyD

        I caught the end of her interview after I finished the last episode of “Orange is the New Black” (had to mention that for extra BK points) and her dog was doing a trick of balancing a whole hamburger on its head and staying still and it was RIDICULOUSLY cute. Serious points to bring the dog.

        • mlle

          That’s amazing. Did it get to eat the hamburger once the trick was over?

          • WendyD

            Yes :)

        • Lilak

          You can’t go wrong bringing a dog to Dave’s place! And you’re right, Finn (?) was completely ‘lovely and talented’ — I’ve never cottoned to Seyfried, but she gets points for being a real good dog person.

          As for the outfit … at least the skirt moved cute across the stage and sat cute.

        • Heather

          I think more highly of her, knowing she has a sweet, mix-bred, well-behaved (and clearly well-loved) dog.

      • porcupie

        I read an interview in which she was kind of weird about any new girlfriends her ex, Dominic Cooper, might have, and how they still loved each other and stuff. But she’s shot right back up my likeability meter purely because of this gorgeous dog.

        • Cordelia_Gray

          Yeah, I’ve never been a big fan of hers, but I can’t help but like her because of her dog.

    • Sara Leigh Merrey

      That last picture is priceless! And her expression shows that she knows it. So does the dog’s. Hahahaha.

    • MishaFoomin

      I love that pointing picture. She is totally accusing someone of sleeping with her man there, or whatever other soap opera drama.

      The shoulder pads are way too much, but it is a cute outfit, made even cuter with the doggie. (But my dogs are still the cutest!)

    • ChaquitaPhilly

      When you’re right, you’re right!

    • clairellis

      Her dog is so cute!! And I don’t like the shoulder pads but DOGGIE!!

    • formerlyAnon

      This suits her. I like the fabric, and I barely even noticed that a pastel/dusty pink (among my less favored hues) is the featured color.

    • decormaven

      Dog is winning it here. If stylist had employed a better hairstyle and interesting jewelry, it would tilt the scales in her favor.

    • Mary Alice Davis

      Why would you wear that in the dead of summer? Looks too heavy.

      • alyce1213

        True. But it’s pretty well know that Letterman insists on a VERY cold studio, guests freeze. So she probably wore the right thing.

    • Lesley

      Well after all it is Balmain, so it has its typical 80’s, rocker chick flair. But i think Amanda is so beautiful and she has a killer body so she’s pulling this off just fine and her dog gives her tons of brownie points in my book! one thing though, i normally associate hounds tooth with the fall and that does look super heavy for July..

    • Jessica Freeman

      She is obsessed with her dog…he is with her at all times. I hate the huge shoulders on this, and the long sleeves. I did think it was finally a well deployed silly putty shoe.

    • annabelle archer

      She looks like she’s dressing for a post scandal PR apology tour. Not to say she isn’t lovely, but of course the dog is the real winner.

    • zenobar

      Russian gangster’s moll circa 1989. Just take that hair an inch or four higher for maximum effect.

      (Yes, that dog has a killer smile. And the last shot made me walk over and squeeze my unsuspecting, unimpressed cat.)

    • mhleta

      Not sure about Dynasty: The Movie but I would sure as HELL buy tickets to Dynasty:The Musical, especially if Crystal and Alexis were played by drag queens. Yes, that would be the feel good musical of the year for me.

      • Just Me

        Front row center on opening night. See you there!

      • Clancy Johnston Tice

        Wow. This idea is goooood.

    • ringthing

      She was great with Letterman, too – they let her feature the adorable dog doing tricks and he totally stole the show. I really like her other worldly sort of eyes; keeps whatever she wears from being too sweet.

    • elemspbee

      omg last two pix!!! cuteness. but do not love this outfit–linebacker shoulders with cheerleader skirt for a bottom. no.

    • majorbedhead

      That dog totally erases all the questions I had about that outfit.

    • MilaXX

      I was kinda “meh: about Amanda before, but last night she came across as charming and funny, Her dog Finn however, stole the show. He did a stupid pet trick where she balanced a hmaburger on his head until she let him eat it and then sat politely in the chair during the rest of the interview. I WANT FINN THE DOG!

    • DamH

      That puppy is fab.

    • Tatiana Luján

      This IS 80’s office Barbie, but I don’t dislike it.
      The dog definitely has a killer smile.

    • Ronica Skarphol Brownson

      I would have liked it a lot better with Frye moto boots. It’s just too what Betty Draper would want Sally to wear. Love the dog, and nice to see her look relaxed and happy, rather than tense because she has to pose just so and it is really uncomfortable. Also, how can she keep those shoes on her feet?

    • Darva Sutra


    • Danielle L

      You had me at Viola Davis.

    • Jessi03

      That DOG! I want to hug it and roll around with it and just eat all of it’s adorableness!

    • nannypoo

      She looks cute. I like it better with the model’s shoes and accessories, but the dog is the best accessory of all.

    • Rand Ortega

      Where’s the insulin that goes w/ that last pic?

    • JuliaInBlack

      It’s Ridiculously Photogenic Dog!

    • E. D.

      Ugh – hate the 80s fashion, but she at least makes it not totally suck.

    • anotherkate

      I liked the dress better as it was styled on the model. Why would you take all the edge out of Balmain? She does look pretty, but that’s more a function of her, not the dress.

    • rage_on_the_page

      I can’t see anything but the doggy now.

    • mjude

      adorable & hell yes i would love that new adaptation of dynasty. brilliant boys :)

    • AmeliaEve

      I quite like this. She has even found a lipstick that tones with the pink but doesn’t look insipid on her.

      My only quibble is that she needs some jewelry, at least earrings. That would be one of the opportunities to make it feel more contemporary.

    • sagecreek

      I’m longing for a new, recurring T-Lo feature…Celebrity Dogs!

    • NOLA_gal

      I covet her lipstick color.

    • mmebam


    • marlie

      That last picture is my favorite of the bunch! I like this outfit a lot, BUT… long-sleeved tweed in JULY? Come ON, stylists!

    • chowwander

      A.) Would mos def buy the living shit out of those tickets.

      B.) The stylist for this getup needs to be hired by The Carrie Diaries STAT.

    • BerriG

      Big screen Dynasty remake, YESSSS! (pumps fist in air)

    • kimmeister

      It’s so jarring to see a top of that fabric that doesn’t close in the front. I guess it must zip up the back?

      • quiltrx

        I couldn’t put my finger on what was weird besides the shoulders, and that’s IT. It kind of looks strait-jacket-y, doesn’t it?

    • PeaceBang

      Hate the clothes. Love the posing.

    • CommentsByKatie

      I could see this on Emma Watson! I’m not sure Amanda is pulling it off 100%, but it’s not too bad, There is something clunky and dated-looking about it for me; it’s missing the chic mark and going into costume territory. She looks beautiful, though.

    • quiltrx

      Look at her just light up with that dog! He/she reminds me a bit of my boy Tucker.
      I like the look of the fabric if not the heft of it. I don’t think resort wear should make you sweat under your boobs, personally. And something about the proportions are off, though it might be better if the fabric could move. And no shoulder pads please.

    • jen

      So much Yes to your Dynasty remake!!

    • NoveltyRocker

      I can picture the jacket with a pair of good jeans and the edgier styling on the model. But the whole thing together with the very plain hair and nondescript shoes is throwing me, especially on her for some reason. It really does seem like something Carrie Bradshaw might have worn like someone mentioned, but even then it would have been made to come off a little less one note.

    • newtonGOTbeaned

      Puppy! Oh my god, I want to hug that dog. Fluffy! Eek!

    • Sweetvegan

      Metallic. She needed a metallic shoe.

    •!/Space_Kitty Space Kitty

      That dog is hilariously, “Yeah, I know what’s up.”

    • shawna

      The men staring at her in the background give me a creepy “male gaze” vibe.

    • Ten Ten

      Give that dog a WERQ.

    • Kate4queen

      That dog is a star!

    • Anniebet

      The top is a bit too straitjacket for me, otherwise she’s adorable and has the best accessory in the universe. Plus, those legs are killer.

    • Nanaia

      Seriously? She’s 27 years old in a dress that should be on a 14 year old. She looks old and dumpy in the face with her hair pulled back so tight she has an instant facelift. The dog is the best part of the outfit.

    • Lisa Hager

      I could also totally see this dress in a remake of Heathers (which should never happen because the original was so perfect).

    • Linda LaPaz

      I like the proportions on model better – short jacket, shorter skirt, heavier shoe.

    • Gaby

      She looks kind of like Pam from True Blood back when Pam rocked more pink Chanel. I miss that Pam. I still love Pam, but she always looks like a dominatrix now, and that’s fine, but I liked the variety of looks she used to rock.
      Sorry, tangent. This is cute.

      • ShaoLinKitten

        Pam is my favorite character on True Blood, hands down. Just had to float an amen your way.

    • imakeart

      I thought she looked great and her gorgeous dog was amazing. He came out when she called him – no leash – balanced a cheeseburger on his head, and then sat in the chair next to her for part of the interview. It made me smile.

    • SophieCollier

      She keeps getting prettier.

    • Beth Ann

      Yes, that is a handsome, well-groomed dog. Love his smile, too!

    • H2olovngrl

      THIS is what Anna Sophia Robb should be wearing in The Carrie Diaries!

    • sleah_in_norcal

      sorry, but my first thought was “lose the shoulder pads.” then, “aren’t you sweating bullets in that stifling dress?” and finally, “may i kiss your sweet puppy’s face?” oh, and “your shoes are too big.”

    • Stacy Feng

      Look at her, all smug in that last pic. Totally “I got this.”