WERQ: Maggie Gyllenhaal in Alexander McQueen

Posted on June 24, 2013

In the immortal (to us, anyway) words of Miss Samantha Jones upon viewing Miss Carrie Bradshaw in a pair of spangled Dolce&Gabbana panties, “Oh, honey! You’re a model!


Maggie Gyllenhaal attends ‘White House Down’ Washington DC Premiere in an Alexander McQueen dress paired with Casadei pumps.

Alexander McQueen Fall 2013 Collection

BRAVA, dear. Brava.

We’d quibble over the hem length and the rather boring choice of shoe, but we’re just so happy to see her embrace a stylish look that plays to her strengths and doesn’t appear to be violating whatever rules and restrictions she’s set up for herself on the style front. In other words, this looks like Maggie Gyllenhaal, only stylish; rather than Maggie Gyllenhaal, stuffed into something that’s wearing her. By far the best look we’ve seen her in. Who knew it would be McQueen that would save her? Some stylist deserves a bonus for coming up with that one.

You WERQ the chicness, Miss Lady. It suits you better than you ever thought.



[Photo Credit: Larry French/Getty Images, alexandermcqueen.com]

    • fiddlecub

      I never thought I would see the “WERQ” and “Maggie Gyllenhaal” in the same sentence. Is hell feeling a little chilly today, I wonder?

      • hyperionic

        It’s happened before, just last month.

        • fiddlecub

          I can’t believe I missed it! But you’re right, and she looked great in that white Prada.

    • http://dontmakeitlikeimdumb.blogspot.com/ annabelle archer

      Let’s all praise cheese ‘n rice for the well deployed use of the perfect undergarments. Amen.

    • Elizabeth Flowers

      i do wish she’d kept the belt, but she looks great!

      • Rhonda Shore

        prefer it without the belt, as she has it…

      • kim bunchalastnames

        usually i prefer the belt, but i think maggie (or her stylist) made the right choice here. although she seriously needed some kicky heels to punch it up.

    • http://joyouslifesf.wordpress.com Kiltdntiltd

      I agree completely. Only quibble? Bring up that hem about 2 inches.

      • MoHub

        More like 4 inches.

      • StellaZafella

        I agree and yet…any shorter just wouldn’t be “Maggie G”…it’s like some gay said, “This time out, sweetie darling, let’s make up a Maggie character: “Movie Star Maggie” and leave “Baggie Maggie” in the closet.”

        • http://joyouslifesf.wordpress.com Kiltdntiltd

          See, I think that, as long as the skirt stays in below the knee territory, it stays Maggie-ish. She’s just not a gal who likes to flaunt anything.

          • marlie

            Agree. And she doesn’t need to, especially the way that dress is *perfectly* hugging her figure. THAT’s all she needs to show off.

          • http://www.GiftedCollector.com/ The Gifted Collector

            I guess you guys didn’t see her on Jimmy Kimmel last week. Her strapless dress was sitting so low on her chest that I was afraid she’d lose it if she sneezed.

      • GorgeousThings

        Yeah, but the stylists are pushing that hemline again this season. Not my fave, but it sure beats the elongated belts that some starlets are wearing as skirts. I covet McQueen. Some day I am going to buy myself one of McQueen’s dresses on sale at Last Call. Sigh….

    • berkeleygirl

      Maybe she’s realized she has to work harder now that, thanks to The Killing, we’ve seen her husband’s smoking bod. Peter Sarsgaard, I’ve loved you for years, but your naked self has never looked so good!!!

      • Catiline

        Peter Sarsgaard is such a great actor. He’s the only reason I didn’t regret the ticket I bought to see Green Lantern.

    • jwatt85

      This must be because of star placement. Never though she’d get a WERQ

    • ballerinawithagun

      Love that bodice!

    • Annarosa

      My personal opinion: she’s serving the model.
      Very good, Maggie.
      Say “Hello” to your brother for me, tks.

    • Pepper Collins

      She looks…not frumpy for once! You go, Maggie!
      I do like the model’s belt, though. It reminds me of Wonder Woman.

      • drdarke

        The belt wouldn’t work on Maggie Gyllenhaal, @peppercollins:disqus – her personal style is so definitely established as “non-flashy” (often to the point of bag lady-dom!) that people would wonder WTF? if she wore it….

        • Pepper Collins

          Oh definitely agree that she couldn’t pull off the belt. I just like the belt by itself haha
          I always get a little nervous when TLo posts Maggie G. because (like you said) she tends to have the Bag Lady going on. This outfit is really flattering on her, though :)

          • drdarke

            Yes, it is flattering on her, @peppercollins:disqus – nice to see her find a way to mesh her aesthetic with some style.

    • ashtangajunkie

      A WERQ for Maggie Gyllenhaal! Amazing. She looks absolutely fantastic.

    • GTrain

      Love it!

    • Garcia Loca

      It pleases me that T&Lo have bestowed a WERQ upon Maggie. It especially pleases me that Maggie’s (or rather, her stylist’s) interpretation of McQueen has completely obliterated that of Gwyneth’s. Who would have thought that we’d see the day when GOOP gets pwned by Maggie on the fashion front?

      • l_c_ann

        Sing it joyously, sisters and brothers.

      • Jessica Freeman

        Of late, its not been hard to beat GOOP on the fashion front. She is failing awesomely.

      • Patricia Gillett

        It helps that Msggie (or her stylist) did not strip all interesting stuff out of the outfit, then expect her nipples to do all the fashion work.

      • drdarke

        Who would have thought that we’d see the day when GOOP gets pwned by Maggie on the fashion front?

        Easily, @garcialoca:disqus – given how GOOP’s (love that one!) fashion choices lately have ranged from “Bland in all the wrong ways” (very White Dress, very White Shoes, very White Girl) to “OMFG My EYES!!!!!” (that black sacrifice shift which showed off her whole china cabinet which she wore to an IRON MAN 3 premiere).

    • nannypoo

      We’ve seen her looking good several times recently. I hope the trend continues. She really is a pretty woman.

    • marlie

      I love this. Agree that the hem could be shortened, and I would have preferred a less boring shoe, but really, she looks gorgeous. And she has a slammin’ figure; she should show it off like this more often!

    • Catiline

      OMG. Fantastic. Maggie, I knew you could do it!

    • decormaven

      Alleluia and cue the choir. A miracle! Good work, m’lady.

    • HomeOfficeGirl

      The hair is getting it all right too – she looks put together!! I think several have said it – but yeah, Maggie Gyllenhaal – Werq is one of those lines that makes you say – “Now, this is not going to be your average Monday, now is it?!” Go girl!!

    • Janet B

      Perfect. On those occasions she gets it right, she really gets it right.

    • poggi

      She looks great. It’s not exactly summery, but who cares when she looks this good.

    • TheAmericaness

      Very nice. Very nice indeed.

    • alyce1213

      Brava! That’s how this first-rate actress should look.
      She looks like she’s really enjoying wearing that dress.

    • stubbornthoughts

      Mondays aren’t so bad, after all! She looks incredible. Slow clap, standing O.

    • Danielle L

      I gasped. Gorgeous. I have quibbles with the hem but I can deal.

    • Sara__B

      Well done, Miss Maggie! I hope you’ve put “retirement home Maggie” away for good.

      • Introspective

        she probably hasnt, but still we BKs can dream cant we?

        for now let’s revel in the fab of the moment and not put too much pressure on MG to go cold turkey fashionista on us…

    • Jessica Freeman

      Someone hired a stylist. Fab!!

    • Tamara Hogan

      OH. HELL. YES. (wipes a tear) That is perfection.

    • Tatiana Luján

      How tall is she? Because it’s a miracle that she doesn’t look like a dwarf with that hem lenght.

    • Heather

      My only quibble is that it’s so off-season.

    • Shawn EH

      Lena Dunham is calling the McQueen people right this second!

    • girliecue

      See Maggie? It wasn’t so difficult to look great after all! Stick to clean, simple lines and let your adorable self shine through.

    • jw_ny


      Who would have known she had such a great shape to her!?

    • Democracy Diva

      The Carrie as a model is by far my favorite episode of Sex and the City. It has Margaret Cho, it has Alan Cumming, it has Heidi Klum strutting OVER Sarah Jessica Parker, it has “GOT TO BE REAL, S’GOT TO BE REAL!” playing at the end. What more could anyone need?

    • Rand Ortega


    • MilaXX

      well played, Maggie. I don’t even mind the shoe, since a fancier shoe to me wouldn’t have read Maggie.

    • http://twitter.com/#!/Space_Kitty Space Kitty

      It’s still a bit LIZA for a woman her age but considering some of the things she’s worn in public, this is a damned miracle. WERQ indeed.

    • Corsetmaker

      She has a bra that fits! In fact, she has a bra!
      An unpopular view I know, but I like that hem length and I’ll never tire of saying it. It’s very retro.

    • Qitkat

      Oh, Maggie! You’ve sent *Thrift Store Maggie* on a vacation!

    • http://bowtiesare.blogspot.com Meg Smitherman

      As soon as I saw these photos over the weekend, I KNEW she’d get a WERQ! She looks amazing!

    • tereliz

      She is looking so amazing lately! Who knew wearing a bra to things really makes you look so much more put together? (answer: everyone and now Maggie)

      Seriously though, this dress is just lovely on her. It’s edgy, classy, form fitting without being trashy… Perfect.

    • Synnae

      That’s a WERQ and then some. Keep it up Maggie, this is what works on you! Simple clean strong lines and a very cute pixie cut.

    • amanda lynn

      ooh, i love those shoes. sexy.

    • mdcoon127

      Hate it, and the comments for others about not looking appropriate for the season seem appropriate here…looks like an Xmas party dress…needs the belt desparately too

    • JP

      Is there a pod somewhere with the real Maggie in it? Because really, this is a 180-degree improvement.

    • joanna dash

      Yes!! She is beautiful here.

    • CatherineRhodes

      Long way from “nursing home pee” and “Maggie gives up.”

    • bellesprit

      There’s my girl! I knew that if Tom & Lorenzo persisted they’d finally get through to her. Very proud, Maggie, very proud.

    • quiltrx

      She stands weird.
      But anyway, great dress and the haircut is quite flattering.

    • LaSylphide

      Love the dress, and she looks great in it. But I absolutely HATE that hair.

    • formerlyAnon

      Damn. She did it. (Or, her team did it and she didn’t stop them.)

      I’m stunned.

    • akprincess72


    • hillmad


    • Dan_In_NYC

      And let’s all applaud the decision to lose the belt. She looks great. Personal best.

    • Peeve

      She was smart enough to leave off the Wonder Woman belt. She does look wonderful!

    • Darren Nesbitt

      It makes her look older.

    • bd73

      the haircut is transformative. i believe dana delany advised as much back in the “china beach” days.

    • Buffy

      That’s two WERQs for Miss Maggie. The world might be coming to an end or it might just be getting more fabulous!

    • shorty j

      I literally said, “OH GOD DAMN” out loud when I saw this. I always feel like she has the ability to do the “so eccentric it’s awesome” thing and it’s good to see it happen every once in a while.

    • kolokOlchik