Pairs Division: Cavill and Adams at Taormina Festival

Posted on June 17, 2013

Henry Cavill has something to say to all those people who think he’s wearing padding under his Super-poledance suits:


Henry Cavill and Amy Adams attend ‘Man of Steel’ photocall during the 2013 Taormina Film Festival. Amy Adams is wearing a Michael Kors dress.

“Eat it, bitches.”

We have to say, he does look much better in casual wear than in a suit. He really needs to ditch the vests from now on. He doesn’t do layering well, given his natural bulkiness. She, for her, part looks fan-freaking-tastic. Seriously, Amy. We don’t know what events converged in order to get you to look this polished and gorgeous, but please try and duplicate them. Fantastic dress, hair and makeup.

We really didn’t plan on featuring these two again today, but this is such a clear example of two people who do infinitely better on the style front when you take some of the pressure off them. In a weird way, they look more like movie stars here than they did on the red carpet for their movie.



[Photo Credit: Getty]

    • In_Stitches

      She looks fantastic with the looser hair and the straight-up sexy dress. Might be her best look to date. He needs a better shirt. Maybe a tight polo.

      • RebeccaKW

        Let’s just splash some water on him, get that shirt all see-through and clingy. Mmm.

        • Kent Roby

          You beat me to it; I was going to suggest a shirt that is more see-through, but am not at all opposed to seeing him get wet in this one!

        • Coolekat

          You can see he’s hot by the perspiration. I say we get the hose on him immediately.

        • Jacqueline Wessel

          I say we get rid of those pockets, they’re obstructing the view.

      • MandyM

        I don’t know that he could get a polo over that chest but I’d sure help him try.

    • marlie

      They both look fab. I don’t like the color of her shoes, but that’s really a minor quibble. Otherwise, she looks gorgeous.

    • Lori

      I think Amy almost always looks better off the red carpet when she’s not trying so hard. Looking at her on the red carpet tends to make me think she doesn’t have quite enough confidence in her own pretty, which is sad and wrong.

      I suspect Henry just needs to hire or fire a stylist. Putting that body in a suit and having it look its best requires some specific style and tailoring choices, most of which are basically the opposite of what they’ve been doing for him on this press tour. I’m all for guys putting in the effort, but until they get the suit issues sorted Henry should just stick with casual. On him “stopped by on the way to Home Depot” is going to be a better look than the way he’s been doing dressed up.

    • Monzerrat Ontiveros

      want that dress

    • crash1212

      That’s the best Amy has looked – EVER! I’m not sold on this SuperMan dude…he does nothing for me.

      • Nan

        Did you happen to see the first couple of seasons of the Tudors? Because THAT was when he started doing things for me. Really nice things…

        • Linda Merrill

          That’s what did it for me. He’s never looked as good as he did in that series.

          • Salazar

            It was “I Capture the Castle” that did it for me.

          • ankali

            I’ve not been impressed with his looks during this junket, but he is absolutely smokin’ in the actual movie.

            • Monica Schrager

              I totally agree. Seeing him on the press tour and carpet makes me wonder what I liked about him but then I just focus on him as Superman in Man of Steel, and it comes back :)

        • Jecca2244

          Yes! He is too bulky here. he was pure perfection in The Tudors and stole some of the show from Jonathan if you ask me….

    • Annarosa

      I really like Henry this time! And I dislike Amy’s dress, but only because it is black in a sunny Italian summer day.

    • HomeOfficeGirl

      They both look great – but still not feeling any chemistry with these two. Don’t you think Christopher Reeve and Margot Kidder would have been having a ball together??

      • PeaceBang

        That just gave me a sad.

      • Mary229

        Watch the Graham Norton show and Katie Couric interviews. They were hilarious together. They have great chemistry. I’m excited for more romance in the sequel.

    • Janet B

      He could use a custom made shirt. Any volunteers?

      • Stella Zawistowski

        He could use NO shirt.

        • stephbellard

          He could wear me instead of a shirt.

    • RedRaven617

      I wince every time I look at her feet. How does she do it?

      • Monica Schrager

        I agree. In every pic I’ve seen she is standing as high on her toes as she can and her foot is a sheer vertical line. Looks so painful.

      • HengRu

        Yeah, those are Barbie shoes. And they require Barbie feet.

    • mjude

      she looks so great! as for henry, i dont care for the shirt or the overall look. is a tshirt better for him?

      • sleah_in_norcal

        no shirt is best of all. and he did rock those puffy shirts on the tudors.

        • ankali

          That was before he beefed up so much, though; I don’t think they’d work for him as well now.

    • thecitysleeps

      I don’t know if it’s just me but he looks exactly like a bulkier and dark haired Matt Bomer sometimes. Love their outfits but Amy’s dress could have had a summery colour or a floral print. Taormina is so gorgeous.

      • jonnyf8

        Oh you’re right. I was also surprised when I went to the movie how much he looked like Tom Welling (Smallville Superman from certain angles. Bomer would have been a charming choice.

      • sleah_in_norcal

        i agree about amy’s dress. first thing i thought was, what a cute dress and fits her so perfectly. too bad it’s black.

        • StellaZafella

          Black is the new Pink.

      • Coolekat

        God is good. He gave the ladies a straight Matt Bomer.

    • jonnyf8

      In the brief moments that Henry had his shirt off — well that was the only good part of the movie . . . the boy can’t act his way out of a paper bag. Of course part of the problem is that the director/writer forgot that characters actually do drive a story.

      • In_Stitches

        He wasn’t really given much of an opportunity to act. The majority of his role relied on frowning in varied degrees of consternation. In terms of acting, Amy was given the meatier opportunity and took full advantage of it.

        • jonnyf8

          Really? She did nothing for me. Of course I don’t understand her popularity at all. I think she’s completely insipid.

          • In_Stitches

            She’s never really done it for me before, but in a movie that focused more on action and plot than character, she proved a singular spot of humanity.

            • jonnyf8

              I hear what you’re saying. I found that spot of humanity in Christopher Meloni. — his was the only performance that rose above the mess for me.

            • Mary229

              I loved Amy and Henry in the rare quiet moments in the movie where they were all giggly and talking. I hope they get to be cute in the sequel. The potential is there.

    • Elizabeth Phillips

      He’s not wearing padding. He’s also not wearing antiperspirant…

      • Mrs. Julien

        Are you not grateful for proof that he’s human?

        • StellaZafella

          I think it’s kinda sexy.
          Like Clark Gable or Paul Newman in a sweaty shirt sexy.

          • Elizabeth Phillips

            I’ve never really gotten the charm of sweaty…

      • MK03

        If you’re gonna wear a white linen shirt with no tank or tee underneath, you HAVE TO use sweat pads.

      • stephbellard

        He could sweat/spit/spunk all over me and I wouldn’t care.

    • lexilexi

      She looks to die for, and him – well – he’s taking the whole Superman shtick too seriously. The way he stands cannot be normal, bulky chest or no.

      • jonnyf8

        They both look like they’ve got rods up their a**es. Good posture is important but I guess these two don’t know how to relax.

        • shirab

          I think in that first photo she’s actually leaning forward tippy-toe style to avoid having her heels sink into the grass. Either that, or those shoes are worse than I thought.

    • annabelle archer


    • Mrs. Julien

      I love it that he stands like Superman at every photo op.

      This whole thing must be such a trial by fire for him.

    • Rand Ortega

      She looks delicious. He looks like he should be pruning the topiary.
      Anybody see the movie? Is it any good?

      • jonnyf8

        horrible — a total snoozefest

        • annabelle archer

          oh no, really??? that gives me a sad.
          too much time spent in the back story we all pretty much already know?
          bad acting? too much cgi? all of the above?

          • Nan

            The reports I’ve read are too much focus on action, not enough character or storyline.

          • jonnyf8

            There is no character development. Too much Krypton and not enough Smallville (which results in a lot of cgi? and no one has talked about Zod yet. This guy was more like Zod’s bulky sidekick in the original movies. Terence Stamp and later Callum Blue on Smallville had so much wit and charm in their performances. This guy was just a brute.

            Henry cannot act and Amy is insipid. Think about how great Andrew and Emma were in the Spiderman reboot or the actors in these last two Star Trek movies. These stories need their special effects but what engages us is the characters.

            • Rand Ortega

              Thought as much. Makes me miss Christopher Reeve even more. Now THAT was a Superman! Not to mention a great Superman movie!

            • annabelle archer

              Ouch, that is a brutal assessment. Thank you for sharing your opinions. I certainly will think again about whether or not we want to shell out the hefty cost of a full on family movie night for this one. I’m much more critical when I shell out $100 for tickets and snacks, as opposed to when I’m viewing from home.

            • jonnyf8

              Wait for redbox. I only had to buy one ticket. I saw it in 3-D IMAX too — mainly because I so appreciated it for “Dark Knight Rises”. So you’ll be fine watching it on a flat screen at home with your own popcorn and soda. I mean my 11-year old BFF said, “what I really liked is that there WASN’T a lot of character development. So your kids should like — but put the $100 in the bank.

      • Mary229

        The movie wasn’t perfect. It has way too much action. But I enjoyed it.

    • conniemd

      She looks about ten years younger than she did in the other shots.

    • sleah_in_norcal

      i just adored him in the tudors, so he can do no wrong for me. yummy. liked him better with a little longer hair and in those period costumes…yummmmm.

      • YayaGurl

        I was just thinking that I don’t remember him looking quite so…thick…in the Tudors. Maybe it’s because of those puffy collars and medallions and shit.

        • ShaoLinKitten

          He bulked up ridiculously for this role. Google the shirtless photos. He is HUGE across the chest and shoulders, much bigger than he was during The Tudors era.

    • MGMcD

      Henry has the same problem those of us endowed with big boobs have – anything loosely cut tents off of them and makes us look square, so we pretty much always have to wear something form-fitted. I’d be happy to have him over to show him exactly how this works. In minute, painstaking detail. If it takes all night, I’ll do it. Because I am a giver. A humanitarian, really.

    • sugarkane105

      The natural lighting behind them is amazing. They’re glowing in their perfection.

    • nannypoo

      She looks fabulous. He looks better here than he does in a suit, but the sweaty pits are a big turn-off.

    • Danielle L

      Unbutton that shirt!!

    • MilaXX

      Still boring though. I don’t need RDJ levels of wackiness, but these two act like they are selling high art instead of this summer’s action movie.

    • Lola Channing

      I am so happy for Henry Cavill. He’s really super nice even though I found the movie a total snooze fest. But darling Henry, what’s up with the grey suede loafers? And yellow trousers? Ick. Amy looks fab. Agree. Very days of glamour Hollywood.

    • Anniebet

      Holy cats, she’s drop dead amazing here. If it weren’t for the sweat stain, shoes, and too stiff hair, he’d be equal to her.

    • Diego!

      She looks fantastic and chic! He is sweating (check right armpit) and therefore should take his shirt off. Let’s not waste any more time Henry!!! I saw the movie last Saturday and I really enjoyed it! :D

    • Imasewsure

      I’m convinced that he needs to give up wearing shirts entirely since they just look kind of awkward… hell pants too…
      He was born for boxers or briefs and nothing else,thank you very much…

      • LaSylphide

        [Throws bucket of cold water on Imasewsure…]

        • Imasewsure

          No no just a fashion observation of course. I never actually hit on guys who have girlfriends that can tear me limb from limb MMA style!

    •!/Space_Kitty Space Kitty

      They look like the hottest couple at the wine tasting.

    • unbornfawn

      The both look great here. Don’t know if I can get completely on board with those yellow pants.

    • Ash


    • quiltrx

      She looks absolutely fabulous. I’m kind of wishing he had worn an undershirt–and I’m not the kind to be picky about those things. The fabric is just too see-through.
      And kudos to whoever ironed it–it looks linen-y…they must have ordered him not to bend or turn, and that stressed him out and gave him the sweaty pits.

    • l_c_ann

      I want to paint that zipper black, so it doesn’t detract, because her face and figure are great, but for the raw metal slash. (Bad Kors, bad, bad Kors.)

    • Noelle

      Wow, I think they’ve both knocked it out of the park, although as much as I love Amy in that dress, I’d also love to see it in a different color for the surroundings. Still, I say a high A for both of them. I actually quite like his linen (?) shirt, and I agree with TLo that he does casual so much better than the suits he’s been sporting lately. TLo, what grades do you give them?? :-)

    • Sunraya

      I love how she looks – but my boy crush Henry looks awkward. And geeky. Horrid pants, hate that cheap looking fabric the shirt is made of, and hate the shoes. I weep.

    • BrooklynBomber

      This is a best for her. She should throw out everything else, including every other hairdo, and only do this.

    • demidaemon

      I agree. He looks good and, in a way, very Clark Kent-ish; therefore, poledance appropriate. She is probably having a personal best moment right here. Finally, I feel as though they have lived up to their heartthrob statuses.

    • stephbellard

      I just have to read the name “Henry Cavill” and I shudder uncontrollably with lust.

    • Gaby

      I can’t breathe when I look at him, he’s so pretty. I am a little overwhelmed. Maybe because he also looks like a [much handsomer, obvs] version of one of my favorite cousins. COGNITIVE DISSONANCE, so much to handle. Hyperventilating.

    • JP


      (sorry for shouting)

      That is all.

    • Esz


      Omg we are in the depths of winter here in Aus, and while I love it – these pics just make me want to BE there, under that glorious sunshine.

      LOVE their outfits too. Look fresh and breezy – even her in black!

    • Lesley

      i;m not usually a huge fan of amy adams but she looks stunning, love her makeup. for henry over there.. he has a face that makes the lady parts smile but i’m just beginning to realize just how much of a beef cake he is.. i prefer a leaner man but he is seriously pretty no denying that.

    • BuffaloBarbara

      They look great. I want to be in her dress. And in Taormina, because, um… yum? Doesn’t that just look like paradise?

    • ankali

      She looks in-frakking-credible; that Sophia-Loren-meets-Audrey-Hepburn thing is working like gangbusters for her.

    • Qitkat

      Beautiful gardens, and Henry and Amy look polished and lovely too. The natural lighting is so flattering. I especially love her hair here. Can’t believe I like a dress with an exposed zipper though. [shudders, P.R. nightmares]

    • paultoes

      Damn, she has never looked so good. I know it is her make-up, but it almost looks like she had some really smart plastic surgery done or something. She certainly doesn’t need any. She is always pretty, but here she looks truly stunning.

    • largishbearishAtlish

      Ugh….looks like a roadshow costume from West Side Story, not a fan of the exposed zipper, and the cheap lipstick colored shoes? Love the hair and just the relaxed-ness, not having a wall behind you must be a nice break.
      and he just doesn’t do anything for me…yawn.

    • MzzPants

      Damn! Now that he’s out of those stuffy ol’ suits, I’m seeing the charm.

    • Christiane Truelove

      I love that dress. I want that dress. I NEED that dress.

      Oh, gods. Taormina. Love that place. We were there in the off-season though, so it wasn’t crazy crowded. The Greek/Roman arena (where they actually hold the film festival) is well worth seeing; but the best bit was going into the Museum of Sicilian Folk Life and finding a display of painted ex voto panels, mostly from the 19th century. All of these unintentionally hilarious incidents of tragedy (my favorite was the young dandy with the tennis ball lodged in his eye, the microscopic squirts of blood the artist included, and his dandyish friends all running around screaming).

    • ShaoLinKitten

      Henry Cavill looks best when he is wearing as little as possible. Someone tell his stylist.

    • bellafigura1

      I’m trying to dig him but he looks so awkward and uncomfortable and that ain’t sexy. Also, the very definition of “barrel-chested”.

    • Mary229

      They both look gorgeous. The movie wasn’t perfect but I liked their few scenes together. I liked the trust between Lois and Superman.

    • hailtree

      henry looks yummy, but i keep thinking an undershirt on that polo was needed.

    • BigWhiteGrannyPanties

      He has armpit sweat. And he looks very uncomfortable.

    • H2olovngrl

      No score? Straight up 10 for both?