Miley Cyrus in Ashish and Alexander Wang

Posted on June 13, 2013



Miley Cyrus attends the New Myspace Launch Event at El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles, California in a T by Alexander Wang Leather Bra Top paired with Ashish pants, a KTZ bomber jacket,  and Christian Louboutin pumps.

Ashish Spring 2013 Collection/Model: Hannah Hardy

T by Alexander Wang Leather Bra Top

KTZ Poet Embroidered Short Bomber Jacket

Is this a cry for help? Because the only thing those pants – and we use the term loosely (pun totally intended) – need to complete the picture is an empty wine bottle, a long-melted, half-empty tub of Chubby Hubby, and a cigarette-burned couch for her to pass out on.

One thing’s for sure: models are magical creatures. It’s amazing how almost-normal these pants look on the runway. Best to leave them to the pros to wear, Miley.

So is ’90s hip hop gonna be the next “thing” for all the stars young enough to not remember it? Cause she’s serving up some Salt-n-Pepa/TLC realness here – and quite badly, we might add. Don’t go chasing waterfalls, Miley.



[Photo Credit: Emiley Schweich/PR Photos,,,]

    • Domo_Konnichiwa

      Please for the love of Pete don’t bring back Cross Colours from the 90s. That can totally stay there.

    • Virginia McMurdo


      • Snoskred

        This was my thought also.. 😉

    • sekushinonyanko

      Please take off Rihanna’s entire outfit. It barely even works on her.

      • Squarah

        Yeah, it really comes off as her trying to be Rihanna. Awkward!

      • Lesley

        this is so rihanna. personally i think rihanna gets away with looks like this because 1. it’s expected and 2. she’s taller and has killer long legs. they also released pics of miley from this night showing a gold grill on her lower teeth. i wish i was lying.

        • sekushinonyanko

          Being a musician that actually makes urban music goes a LONG way to being able to wear this kind of stuff in public. Kind of like how Lenny Kravitz looks awesome in his rock star drag and Johnny Depp looks like an elderly gay wind chime.

          • Lesley


        • Nelliebelle1197

          I disagree. It looks like Justin Bieber.Just like him. Even the bra top. Especially her hair.

          • Lesley

            yeah i see beiber in it too.. esp the pants. the two of them are having a love affair with hiram pants. i personally am loving that top though, i have a thing for crop tops, leather and the color black. all over that

    • lizlemonglasses

      Female Bieber. Dear God in Heaven.

      • Killer Bees

        That’s what I always think when I see her! Like, twins separated at birth?

    • bristlesage

      When I first thought the pants were all denim, I was actually in on this. But now that I’ve seen the sweatpant part…NOPE.

      • Little_Olive

        Not that it would be any less ridiculous, but at least if the sweatpants part hadn’t been of the ugliest sweatpants there are. Bland gray color, gathered elastic… ugh.

      • smallgirlsaretrouble

        Me too, I love me some loose fitting denim, but then I realised they were Frankenpants :(

    • hmariec19

      Sweet JESUS. What in the actual fuck am I looking at here? Half-sweatpants? Is this what we’ve been reduced to?


      • Angela_the_Librarian

        Apparently there are no new ideas in the pants design world. They have been reduced to making Franken-pants! I full expect to see a pajama jeans leg sewn to a palazzo pant leg on the runway soon!

      • Monzerrat Ontiveros

        ugh!!! is the child of jeans and sweatpants!!! ewww!

      • Julie Chase

        These pants are what would happen if someone locked me alone in a room with my dresser, a sewing machine, a bottle or seven of wine, and Romy and Michelle playing on a loop in the background. “I’M the Mary!”

    • annabelle archer

      Alright, enough! Miley, you are not Rhianna. Sometimes WE wish Rhianna was not Rhianna. Stop this silly shit right this minute. You’re rich, you’re young, and you are rocking a hot lil bod, you have so much potential. This is unacceptable in its sheer stupidity.
      ETA – Wipe that ridiculously smug face off your head. You have nothing to be pleased about.

      • Domo_Konnichiwa

        She didn’t even take the time to achieve “I don’t give a Fuck” hair, It’s pinned to an inch of its life in the second photo from the bottom. If you’re gonna do this, Miley, you gotta COMMIT.

        • annabelle archer


          Also, my own private joke of “did someone say ass-ish” is cracking me up.

          I think this outfit has driven me right over the edge.

          • Domo_Konnichiwa

            I love how I clicked on the Ashish link, and an ad for Dior Couture showed up to save me from myself. Thanks Dior!

          • Angela_the_Librarian

            I dared to look, and it was really terrible. However, I think I want that tres fatigue shirt. I’ll wear it to work on Mondays and just point at it whenever people try to ask me difficult questions first thing in the morning. I’m sure it will be at a TJ Max bargain bin in the near future.

            • CakesOnAPlane

              I looked, and promptly burst out laughing. As if anticipating my reaction, the very first look featured a sweatshirt with the words “I’M SERIOUS.”

              If you have to spell it out that your collection is not a joke, then you have bigger problems than there is room to address here.

          • marlie

            I hate you for making me look. That’s some serious whatthefuck-ery. You know what’s worse,THAT SHIT SELLS FOR HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS. HUNDREDS. Now I’m getting capsy.

            • demidaemon

              Really you could make two pairs yourself with fifteen bucks, a trip to Walmart, a pair of scissors, and a thirty year old sewing machine. Maybe we should all be making knock-offs and selling them for $75 a pop. We’d make a killing.

            • formerlyAnon

              But . . . buyers?

            • annabelle archer

              mwahahahahaaaa (that’s my evil laugh)

          • somebody blonde

            No kidding. Half of the pieces look like results of the Project Runway Levi’s challenge.

            It’s sad, because I actually like most of the sequined tops, and some of the dresses. But the sweats-jeans combos are just beyond horrible.

          • Ann VerWiebe

            Look at the back views, too, when you can see them. Lots of those tank tops have no backs. Don’t move too fast – forget sideboob, the whole things coming down!

          • StrandedFashionista

            This really proves that anyone can be a ‘designer’ in this day and age. If you have money or know people you can whatever half-baked idea you want traipsing down the runway.

          • YourBaloneyDontGotNoSecondName

            oh. my. god. becky.

            • annabelle archer

              ^ that ^ made me cackle. thank you.

      • marlie

        Right? She seems pretty damn happy with herself. And for no good reason.

    • Emily Giovanni

      Good lord. My eyes are bleeding. Please follow this up with a visual palate cleanser.

    • somebody blonde

      The jacket’s kind of cool. Too bad it’s utterly ruined by everything else in this outfit. Those PANTS. DEAR GOD.

    • dschubba

      I was all set to post the chorus to “Shoop” before I saw those ridiculous pants.

    • deathandthestrawberry

      My eyes need bleach.

      I kinda like Miley, but this is cray cray.

      • iheartbuffy

        rulllllllllllllllllllllllllll cray. But gave me a GREAT laugh

    • WendyD


      If there wasn’t a photo of a model wearing them, I’d think she’d found them on Pinterest. SRSLY.

      • annabelle archer

        Yep. While I hate these pants with the fires of a thousand Hells, I would have more respect for her if they were HER shitty creation. But not only were these pants someone’s ill conceived notion, they were produced, money was spent to create them.

    • Nancer

      Wow. Cut saggy jeans and sweat pants down the middle, sew them together, and voila – high fashion! Are we being punk’d? This is just atrocious. Poor Miley, she drank the fashion kool aid.

    • carnush

      HAHAHAHAHA. Sigh.

      • iheartbuffy


    • MoHub

      I bet she can pull them down to go to the bathroom without unbuttoning and unzipping them first.

    • gabbilevy

      The trashbag she’s wearing on top really makes the homeless look.

    • Patricia Gillett

      Gurl PLEASE is now Miley’s “Of course” – I get the feeling that we’ll be using it a lot.

    • Bethley

      yuck. Is Hypercolor next?

      • formerlyAnon


        Please, no?

    • Chuck Barthelme


    • Lori

      I have to disagree with TLo a little bit. Even on the model those pants are 100% batshit crazy.

    • Blair Sylvester

      That sequin hoodie is kind of awesome though. If she had worn that hoodie with leather leggings or jeans I would be in

    • Lanus

      Wait…My Space is still a thing?

      • Blair Sylvester

        I think they are trying to make it a thing again (hence the relaunch)

      • MartyBellerMask

        Well, this look seems somehow appropriate. Hah.

    • teensmom99

      Well that says “my boyfriend broke up with me and I’m worried I may never have sex again,” doesn’t it?

      • mhleta

        Really! These are heavy-period pants and fat pants rolled into one!

        • teensmom99

          & then you add the f*** me top & shoes.

          • demidaemon

            It’s a bit of a mixed message, no?

            • teensmom99

              Total mixed message. Just as I remember it felt when I felt awful post-break up and thought I would never have sex again but really wanted to. So she’s giving into the heavy period pants and fat pants and she’s also totally sexed up-all in the hopes that there’s some guy who likes a dirty girl because that’s all she feels she deserves.

          • mhleta

            Nothing says “I have cramps and gas, but I’m kinda horny” like this outfit.

    • MGMcD

      Miley, we know you’re still looking for your identity, but next time please pick pants that have already chosen theirs.

    • drdarke


      And I reiterate…. WTF?!?!??!?

    • schadenfreudelicious

      The emperor’s new pants

      • Little_Olive

        Ding ding ding!

    • Wendi126

      The only thing those pants should be used for is a starting point for a Halloween costume

    • DinnerIsServed1972

      The runway models are wearing scrunchies. SCRUNCHIES!

    • madnessoverdose

      First and only thought in my head: LOL LMFAO LOL LOL LOL

    • Jessica Freeman

      The fashions gods are weeping over the fact that such a horrid creation was on a runway, much less a red carpet. WITH WHITE SHOES MILEY!? Complete and utter shittery.

    • Mary C

      YIPES! she just makes me tired and sad…..

    • mjude

      good god, i saw a photo earlier but had NO idea the pants were sweat pants/jeans. stupid

    • nycloy

      I pretty much agree with the above statements but I kinda like that she is not going down the cutesy barbie doll route. The pants are ridiculous, yes. But look at that smile on her face. She’s young and having fun. Circa 1987 I was wearing doc marten’s with giant bows. Just as ridiculous – just as fun.

      • Virginie

        YES!!! I agree. She looks young, and fun, and like she’s out for a good time and doesn’t care what anyone else thinks. Yay for confident young women.

    • librarygrrl64

      No. Just, no.

    • Sara__B

      The only word that comes to mind is ugly. (The Frankenpants, not Miley.)

      • marlie

        These are beyond ugly. They’re beyond FUGLY, even.

    • Jaeda Laurez

      What, are they going to bring back the gelled swoop bang and lipstick with black liner too? I refuse to look like I’m 15 again. And Miley should not want to look like me either lol.

    • mhleta

      I’m going to give her a little credit, and I do so begrudgingly, because I’ve never been a fan. Yes, these pants are tragic, but she’s found her stylistic tune, and she’s experimenting with ways to play it. If she’d gone a little more Gwen Stefani with the pants and a little less, “WTF am I looking at here??” this could have been a great look. When she does eventually get this “Salt-n-Pepa/TLC realness” down right it’s really gonna be good. This designer, however, should be defenestrated for these fucking stupid ass pants.

    • Sam Smith

      I don’t like this outfit, I don’t like Miley, but I like most of Miley’s style choices. She is having fun,taking risks and most of the time she looks great.

    • Miss WKS

      I don’t want no scrub…but I’d take scrubs over those drawers she got on…

      • decormaven

        Burn this look with fire, and remove all traces of it from this site.

    • Funkykatt

      This was great for a laugh and I needed it after speaking to my brother who has to constantly lecture me.

    • diane {a spot of whimsy}

      As I was scrolling down I just kept thinking, “boy, she’s really going through a thing, huh?”

      One positive: once Miley figures out who she is, she’s going to be stunningly beautiful, which I wouldn’t have predicted all that long ago.

    • bertkeeter

      All that rock n rock, hobo attitude and the flat white pumps?

    • Edwina3

      I very been enjoying her fashion sense lately but this is a bridge too fugly for me. This looks like one of those Opposite Day get-ups that middle schoolers wear.

    • MilaXX

      I like a good boyfriend jean, but these are no bueno for Miley. I bet Gwen Stefani could rock the hell out of them, though.

    • Erica_Vuitton

      I’m a Miley fan so I can say this with confidence: she has been wearing that top to EVERYTHING for legit the past week. Change it up girl!! (And while you’re at it change those “pants” too.)

    • PeaceBang

      I love it!! She’s so COMMITTED to it!

    • wonderdivaEtsy

      She looks like a numbskull.

    • Kristobel

      Hahahaha wow. She reached into her (one) pocket for some fucks and came up empty. NO fucks given. I kind of applaud her for it.

    • Sara Leigh Merrey

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. She’s kidding, right? That is the fugliest thing I’ve seen in a while.

    • Janet B

      Funny, funny pants.

      eta: “I’m serious” I checked out the Spring 2013 line hahahahahaahaaa
      obviously not my thing

    • mhlmh

      Actually, I’d like to hear her version of Waterfalls

    • reebism

      We’re being punked, right? We’re being punked with those pants. Those are not a real thing. Those can’t be things people are expected to pay money for.

    • ConnieBV

      What are those? Jweatpants? Sweateens? Hell, no.

    • iheartbuffy


    •!/Space_Kitty Space Kitty

      Kill it with fire. The outfit, and 90’s nostalgia.

    • Latin Buddy

      Ok guys, I promise to shut up about it but the girl is official doing 90s Madge…on purpose.

    • unbornfawn

      She looks like she blindly pull stuff from the donation bin at the local thrift store. Sharecropper pants? Really?

    • Emily Smith

      Is it bad if my first immediate thought was “OH GOD KILL IT WITH FIRE” and then I remembered there’s an actual person buried in that mess…

    • marlie

      This is awful. Really. What cracked out designer thought those pants were a good idea?

      • Tess Danesi

        Click the link and watch the sideshow. Then put something cool and soothing on your burning eyeballs.

        • decormaven

          I’m not giving it the benefit of a tracking cookie. I don’t have to witness any more of this mess to call it a mess.

          • nptexas

            I’m 100% with you on this one!

    • Jacqueline Wessel

      Frankenpants are too weird…and with white pumps no less.

    • crash1212

      Not one thing about this look do I like. Suggestion: Those pants should be burned. Also: models are magical.

    • Tess Danesi

      That designer’s collection is so godawful that I actually must commend Miley for her restraint in not choosing the half jean/half sequin pant or half sweat/half sequin pant abomination. And that’s saying something. A world of hiddy.

    • CeeRich

      Frankenpants??? NO.

    • estella_nyc

      Yet I’m glad she wore this atrocious ensemble because it allowed you guys to make a TLC reference. You guys are the best!

    • stubbornthoughts

      Ugh. This is the Miley I always have in my head, and it’s incredibly annoying. Too hard, Miley. You’re trying too hard.

    • demidaemon

      Those are the dumbest pants I have ever seen, and she has to be pretty dumb herself to think that she isn’t going to get nailed for wearing them. DUMB DUMB DUMB DUMB.

    • l_c_ann

      In contention for Total Yuck factor . 2013

    • MzzPants

      My words to Miley are: Gwen Stefani already owns this look and does it a thousand times better. Back off.

    • CrazyAuntie

      I love her, but she looks crazy.

    • Synnae

      The pants are awful, the jacket is giving me major 90’s flashback and not in a good way but credit to her for trying to be interesting, giving off a kick-ass vibe and not going all girly. Give the girl a few years and she’ll figure out how to do it in a Gwen Stefani/Charlize Theron style. And can I just say that from the neck up she looks amazing. That hair so works for her.

      BTW Everybody should wear horrible stuff in their early 20s while trying to figure out their own style, if only to look back on it 10-20 years later with a few bottles of wine going “Darn, we really didn’t have a f-in clue, did we? Why the hell did you let me go out in THAT???”

    • Valdri8

      I totally thought that said “Amish” pants, which could not be closer to the truth; I have seen those pants on hundreds of doods driving their carriages around Lancaster.

    • elirt

      That is absolutely the worse fashion line I have ever laid my eyes on. AWFUL!!!!!!!!!! And I bet I’ll see lots of the trust fund babies on Capitol Hill in Seattle wearing this garbage. I can’t help but think of the SNL skit with her saying “Hi! I’m Miley Cyrus! And being edgy, which is pretty cool!” *L*

    • netdivaweb

      TLo, this post is magical. Whenever I’m feeling down, I am going to read this, especially the part about Chubby Hubby, and laugh and laugh.

    • Judy_J

      Those Frankenpants are gawd-awful! Just goes to prove what my momma always said, “Money can’t buy good taste or class.”

    • Ann VerWiebe

      Desperately Seeking Miley.

    • NoveltyRocker

      Weird for weird’s sake is always a cry for help.

    • Aurumgirl

      The model is not saving that outfit. She just has the good sense to look like she wants to die.

    • ashtangajunkie

      Those are, without a doubt, the absolute WORST pants that I have ever seen. They’re just damn unpretty. That being said, I think she looks great from the belly button up.

    • MemHey

      Pinterest project gone horribly awry. If you are already famous on the internet, you do not need to become a “nailed it” meme.

    • snarkykitten

      Well what else would you wear to a Myspace relaunch?

    • Elizabeth Phillips

      Is that ASHISH? Or HASHISH?

    • Contralto


    • Pterodactyl111

      I don’t know, I kind of like it.

    • anyalama

      One word: Gross.

    • formerlyAnon

      I haven’t read all the comments, I’m sure I’ll not be the first to say that I hope it’s a one-shot theme dressing for the Myspace (re)launch?

      Because that’s the only reason for this dreadful, dreadful ensemble. It’s like K-mart and Goodwill and my-cousin-who’s-in-beauty-school were used to create a Vanilla Ice/Eminem mashup look.

      Otherwise, I like her hair and makeup and if she would only remember that she needs training wheels, I could get behind her trying to be tough in the footsteps rock icons or even, say, as a candy-coated little girl with training wheels acolyte of Grace Jones. Because I think that’s where she’s trying to go, into a tough but sexy space.

    • GTrain

      I can’t with her.

    • William Thill

      the little sister of one of Chloe Sevigny’s Alters. Her name is …

    • LilyPad

      I declare these the Worst Pants Ever

    • Vicki

      ‘So is ’90s hip hop gonna be the next “thing” for all the stars young enough to not remember it?’

      As a recent graduate from England, i can confirm that this is sort of uniform for students where i am. T-shirts with 90’s hip-hop artists on, mandatory baseball caps, hideous hair scrunchies, old Nike jumpers and other ‘ironic’ and garish 90’s sportswear and not forgetting orthopedic style shoes. All outfits purchased at Urban Outfitters/pricey London vintage shops and worn with the calculated intention of looking artfully casual and inexpensive. Sigh.

    • How to Faint

      The fit of those pants is pure 90s-era chola. They need to be dickies and she needs a belt, but other than that…

    • SophieCollier

      They make douche-wear for ladies now?

    • Lindsey Romain

      I love it, to be honest. How refreshing to see someone who’s like “fuck this proper Disney child shit, let me be wild.”

    • Louise Bryan

      Oo, Frankenpants. Actually, I prefer Chunky Monkey to Chubby Hubby. Of course, I don’t think I’ve ever dressed quite that insanely.

    • Peeve

      If she were TRYING to look like an asshole, she couldn’t have done any better. Outfit, makeup, hair, the whole enchilada!

    • AthenaJ

      I never thought I’d be saying this, but the leather bra top is the only decent part of this outfit.

    • chowwander

      This looks like bantha pudu. *screams*

    • CommentsByKatie

      LOL omg. It’s almost like she’s Kristen Stewarting here – like there’s a little tongue and cheek and she’s trolling us. If that’s the case, I like it. If she actually thinks she looks good, then someone help her, please. Gurl.

    • kolokOlchik


    • Anathema_Device

      Man, I wish she was wearing this all backwards (except the bra) a la Kriss Kross. “Miley Cyrus will make ya JUMP JUMP!”

    • calbear97

      Maybe it’s a throwback outfit, for the “new MySpace” event.

    • MannahattaMamma

      I’m not sure she had much of a mind to start with, but clearly what little she had is gone. PUHLEEZ. She should be forced, every morning, to say “just because I can doesn’t mean I should” about eighty gazillion times.

    • katiessh

      oh come on mylie. this screams ‘trying too hard’

    • Jessica O’Connell

      Um… Mom Jeans + Sweatpants? Who had that idea and thought it to be a good one? She’s trying to hard to prove to everyone that she’s not Hannah Montana. Sweetie, you left Disney, you’re not that innocent, we know, but you are making yourself into a parody of a teenage rebel and it’s not good. Please, just stop.

    • NC_Meg

      What the shit. The people that designed and produced those pants should be banned from the fashion industry forever.

    • Taira

      Sweans, Jweats, Doggers?

    • Michelle Wilson

      Surely, even she has to know – these were a mistake. She must have clothes dysmorphia. Whomever she went out with must really hate her not to have told her so.

    • spooki C

      Send her to a maximum security fashion prison and throw away the key. She is trying too hard lately and getting on my nerves.

    • AnaRoW

      I like the top half of the outfit. The pants need to be burned.

      • newtonGOTbeaned

        I agree, she can wear ridiculous clashing leather and look cute. But those pants, those are very very fugly.

    • ThaliaMenninger

      I vote “cry for help.”

    • Judih1

      TLo – you guys are so smart, savvy and inclusive. No other fashion blog would reference Salt N Pepa/ TLC AND the song “don’t go chasing waterfalls.” I LOVE LOVE LOVE how diverse your blog is – not only in terms of the celebrities your profile but your readers as well

    • LambeeBaby

      Holy crap on a cracker! She is George Michael circa 1988. I hope to hell I look better than that after a break-up.

    • ChloeElizabeth

      Is she skinnier than the model or did she size up? Both are totally mind blowing thoughts.

    • anotherkate

      My oh my. This looks utterly ridiculous, but I kind of admire her aplomb.

    • pop_top

      “Don’t go chasing waterfalls, Miley.”
      This post is everything.