Mad T LOunge

Posted on June 09, 2013

joan paul

Darlings, it’s a sunny (where we are) Sunday evening (as we post this). What better time to head to P.J. Clarke’s with the gang and maybe do some twisting with your last mistake?

Ah, the good old days of Mad Men, when Paul had a job, everyone was terrified of Joan, and Harry burst into tears at the thought of cheating on his wife.

So here’s the as-per-usual obtuse and mostly useless preview for tonight’s episode.

So of course, after six seasons of obtuse, ultimately useless previews, this is the season where everyone decided to comb them for clues and hidden meanings, as if this show had turned into Twin Peaks somehow. Somehow, the above preview got spun into a theory that Megan Draper is already dead. We’re not even going to attempt to explain it. It’s easily google-able. It’s all over the place.

Can you tell we’re kind of over the wild theorizing this season? We don’t begrudge anyone watching this show in whichever manner that appeals to them, even if it means spinning out wild theories just for the fun of it. We think it tends to miss the point of the show, which is found in its subtlety, ambiguity, and multi-layered approach to telling a story, but people are, of course, free to approach a TV show in any way that entertains them and to bring those points of view to any conversation about it. It’s just not our thing; not with this show. It feels like a terrible fit to us.



[Video Credit: AMC – Still:]