Lea Michele in LA

Posted on June 03, 2013

Red-Carpet Lea and Magazine-Cover Lea and Public-Appearance Lea (be the first to collect all three!) do not make T Lo smile so much as Gal-on-the-Street Lea, who always seems like she’d be so much more fun than those other Leas.


‘Glee’ star Lea Michele goes to the dentist in Beverly Hills, California in an IRO sweater.

IRO ‘Posy’ Cotton Diamond Knit Short Sleeve Sweater

Simple, cute and unaffected.

Well, okay. The ripped jeans are an affectation, but really, it’s such a minor one that we’re willing to overlook. That sweater’s really cute. And Cute Sweater Lea is definitely our favorite Lea. A really good stylist with a goal of doing some image management would find a way to translate Casual Lea to Red Carpet Lea and Public Appearance Lea. There are ways to take the feel of an outfit like this and translate it upscale. We’d love to see someone try. We bet she’d come out looking adorable.



[Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews, barneys.com]

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  • golden_valley

    It’s always great to see someone put on their very nicest jeans before going out in public….

  • gabbilevy

    Still too tan, but otherwise, it’s so refreshing to see her like this. Such an improvement.

  • Jessica Freeman

    Its’ so nice to see her covered up. Refreshing.

  • hughman

    My guess is she’s on Grindr rounding up her Gayz to come hear her break into Barbra. “Papa, can you hear me now?”

    • YourBaloneyDontGotNoSecondName

      if i ever get into a knife fight with other bitter kittens, i want you on my side.

      • hughman

        BTW, your comment totally made my day. I would remember it and giggle till I finally had to come back and comment. 😉

  • Love that sweater. Want that sweater.

  • MilaXX

    Adorable & much more likable.

  • TheAmericaness

    Cute sweater. Jeans are slightly over-ripped in that one knee – they look like they need to be patched, not like they are cool ripped.

  • marlie

    Cute. But is she wearing hose/leggings under her jeans?! Why are her knee and thigh several shades darker than the rest of her?

    • alyce1213

      How weird.

  • everest19

    Second to last picture: “Ryan Murphy, you have got to stop calling me on my personal phone! I don’t care about your boyfriend’s photography exhibit in Soho. Please, leave me alone.”

  • I prefer my jeans to be ripped a bit more artlessly. But I agree that this is a much more likeable Lea.

    • MilaXX

      It looks like the jeans need to go through the wash a few more times to make the holes look more organic and less I took a pair of scissors to them.

  • Rand Ortega

    That’s the girl I know I can go to lunch w/ & shit talk all the tacky starlets we had to be all nice & kissy faced w/ the night before.

  • Loving this. Took a Xanax and dialed it the fuck down Lea is super cute.

  • miagain

    Do you think she’s talking to her pretend friend??

  • nannypoo

    And yet, I still can’t stand her.

  • SewingSiren

    My ten year old son has those jeans. I wonder if I could rent him out to distress the jeans of the stars.

  • PastryGoddess

    Isn’t it eleventy million degrees in California right now? Isn’t it so hot that things are bursting into flame if you breath on them? Isn’t the temperature above 70?

    Why is she wearing a sweater? Yes I know it has holes, but really?

  • DesertDweller79

    She’s wearing a sweater in LA in the summer? I am sitting in 108 degrees Phoenix right now and even looking at that is making me sweat. Still, it is cute. The jeans are a bit ridiculous, but I guess that’s okay.

  • Coolekat

    Why so big/baggy on her but small on model? Look at the armholes! Is she that tiny?

    • filmcricket

      She really is. I suspect she’s about 5’1″ or 5’2″ at the most. When you see pictures of her and Cory Monteith together he is head and shoulders taller than she is.

  • j_anson

    I like this iteration of ripped jeans so much less than the one a couple decades ago. The old version was just going for “worn until it ripped”; this version seems to be all about random and oddly placed holes that happened wherever the designer decided to take a pair of shears to the fabric.

  • Anniebet

    That exposed knee is beyond tan, and headed into dark brown territory. Look at the color difference in her foot as opposed to her arm and the leg that shows through the jeans. Are they making chocolate tanning solutions now?

  • katiessh

    you know what makes me sad? I saw her in Spring Awakening, and she was really good! Not over-dramatic, not all dramatic-solo like. She was just really good, and then she got stuck in Glee. I really feel like she’s trying to leave- she should be in like Wicked or shit, not in that show that serious, it’s going to go for another two seasons? How?!

    • Sam

      She is still good. Rachel Berry is OTT that is how she is told to play her.

      • katiessh

        yeah, but the show is so stale at this point. i had to stop watching by the end of the third season

  • Qitkat

    Must. Have. Sweater.
    Hahaha. XL is a size 12. Gah, these delusional designers. Must be the size Lea has on, it is so huge on her.

  • Sam

    See does not dress as bad on the red carpet of anywhere as you all want to pretend.

  • silly little thumb

    She’s so much more likable when she isn’t on the red carpet trying so hard.

  • William Thill

    Agree: She looks natural, and approachable. The look is cute, simple, and highlights what she could do best: be naturally beautiful, and let her natural talents not be overshadowed by the “sexy kitten” vamping that has tired us out.

    But why on earth is she wearing a a sweater an a sunny June day in Southern California?