Heidi Klum in NYC

Posted on June 27, 2013

We do so love when the west coast stars bring their L.A. style to NYC. It sticks out like a sore thumb. Granted, when Michelle Williams or someone strolls through WeHo in pumps and a pencil skirt, they look just as out of place, at times.


Heidi Klum and her boyfriend Martin Kristen take Heidi’s children out for some shopping in New York City. Heidi wears an Equipment top paired with a MICHAEL Michael Kors bag.

MICHAEL Michael Kors Small Sloan Pyramid-Stud Saffiano Flap Bag

But we have to say, Miss Heidi does tend to have a fairly appealing casual style. More appealing than her red carpet style, anyway. It’s not that we think she’s working the chic here, but she looks relaxed and put together, with some fairly well-chosen statement pieces, like the bag (Yes, we see it, Heidi. Now Michael will do that guest judge spot you need him for) and the sandals. The hat and the shirt scream “Euro-tourist,” however. And just once, we’d like to see her sport shades in something other than an aviator frame.

But really, she looks happy and these kinds of looks always feel truer to who she is than the gyno skirts and glitter, which we tend to think are tools in her arsenal more than actual style preferences.

That man is a slice.



[Photo Credit: Elder Ordonez/INFphoto.com]

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    • Silly Grrl

      All I could see was that man-slice.

      • charlotte

        Alll I could see was the cute child.

        • Cathy S

          Yes. In her adorable hat.

        • Silly Grrl

          There was a child? Oh.

      • Clueless_Jock

        For a moment I thought she was with Liev Schreiber.

        • ShaoLinKitten

          He’s way hotter than Liev Schrieber. Look at those arms. Just look at them.

    • Julie Parr

      And, birkenstocks! I have those too!

      • VictoriaDiNardo

        I was just about to post -” OMG OMG Heidi and I finally have the same piece of clothing – and I’m wearing them at this very moment! ( I have to say they are the most comfortable / divided by / least objectionable Birks. My husband hates them, but my feet are happy! Now I have a counter argument – Heidi wears them! )

        • akprincess72

          She actually co-designed a line of Birks a few years ago. She’s been a major Birki for years!

          • Julie Parr

            Of course! Because she’s German! And, yes, they are the least offensive of the Birks.

    • MilaXX

      Heidi looks great and the child is adorable.

    • eowyn_of_rohan

      To be fair, a “Euro-tourist” look would make her fit in pretty easily in a number of neighborhoods in NYC.

    • mjude

      TLO says…That man is a slice. LMFAO!

      Have to admit Heidi looks great.

      • Isabel

        Need an update. Why is he a slice? Is it good to be a man slice?

        • capybara_cafe

          As in “Daaaaaaamn, slice me off a piece of that!” Yes, it is indeed good, and I concur.

    • Adrianna Grężak

      I don’t know anything about LA street fashion, but I don’t think she’s dressed dramatically different than New Yorkers. (I’ve lived in NYC for six years.) I’ve recently seen white shorts and those type of purses all over the place. I agree that she looks more like a Euro-tourist.

      However, flip flops in NYC aren’t a wise choice

    • Danielle L

      I really like that bag!

    • majorbedhead

      She looks cute. Her boyfriend is drool-worthy, but her kid is totally stealing the show. What an adorable child, especially when she’s up there sucking her thumb. Makes me go all “Awwwwww.”

    • SophiaPehawkins

      Cross body bags are my life and that one is no exception.

      • Darva Sutra

        The bag is going to be my new summer precious! Follow TLo’s link, it’s on sale at Michael Kors for $199. HELL YEAH!

    • http://joyouslifesf.wordpress.com Kiltdntiltd

      Heidi’s Man Slice loses 40 points for the baggy shapeless camo shorts. LORD how I hate camo in all its iterations.

      • Coolekat

        Take ’em off, man slice!

        • http://joyouslifesf.wordpress.com Kiltdntiltd

          works for me!

    • Targettaste

      Heidi always looks best as casual Mom out with her kids. I’m a west coaster and didn’t see the Euro tourist, but maybe that’s just because I’m used to seeing so many Euro tourists that I think they are locals!

    • MartyBellerMask

      Is that the nanny in the background? Dutifully pushing an empty stroller? Lolz.

      • alyce1213

        Nanny + 1. She’s talking to somebody. (A veritable entourage.)

    • retrogal9

      To me those shades are too associated with the late Michael Jackson. Especially in the first few shots above.

    • marlie

      Yes, she always looks far more comfortable in her skin when she’s “out and about,” rather than on the red carpet. And I like her clothes better when she’s not trying to hard, as well.

    • teensmom99

      It’s nice to see a celebu-kid dressed like a kid.

    • Sarah Kuntsal

      Gyno skirts..You two are the best

      • ailujailuj

        splain the definition please?

        • ampg

          Skirts that are so short that “one wrong move and the world’s your gynecologist.”

          • Sarah Kuntsal

            I feel like she doesn’t really have to make that move…it’s just there.

          • ailujailuj


    • Hildegerd Haugen

      That man is better looking than her and he was all that I looked at.

    • Heather

      Wait… all I can see is the arms on that man.

    • alyce1213

      She looks fresh and youthful out of her dress-up clothes. I hate the bag and laugh out loud at his cargo camo shorts.
      Everyone seems to think he’s such a thing. I dunno, he’s just not my type. Nice physique, though.

    • formerlyAnon

      They are the cutest tourists ever.

    • LANDRU3000

      I dunno. The way that hat and those glasses frame her face (and nose), all I could see was the ghost of Michael Jackson.

    • barbarienne

      But there are so many tourists in NYC that no one would notice, as long as she stuck to Manhattan. Sure, send her to Queens and everyone will be, “What are you doing here? Did you miss your subway stop?”

    • jmorino08

      “But we have to say, Miss Heidi does tend to have a fairly appealing casual style”

      Are we forgetting all the baggy onesies and ginormous drawstring waist pants she wore last Fall/Winter?!?

    • Shawn EH

      She looks like Diane Kruger with a bodyguard. Which is pretty hot.

    • chylde

      She doesn’t look that out of place this week. In fact, she fits right in with this awful humidity.

    • cowper

      Thumbs up for the “chic mom” look! The sandals are perfect.

    • norseofcourse

      Send a picture of this outfit to Mary Louise Parker.
      It’s far better to look like a tourist than to look like a hooker.

    • bertkeeter

      That MK bag is a shameful total ripoff of VALENTINO’S Pryamid bag and shoe collection! I mean really!

    • hughman

      “Heidi! Hi! Good to see you! Having a good day?”
      “Yes, I was out shopping for some -”
      “Who’s your friend?”
      “This is my boyfriend. So I have this great purse and -”
      “Oh? What’s his name?”
      “Martin. So anyway I thought I could buy a – ”
      “Martin? Nice to meet you.”
      “I love this hat and I really wanted to get anoth -”
      “So Martin, how do you like NY?”
      “Good. Heidi loves it here.”
      “Yes, I do. There’s so many great clothin -”
      “Martin, you must be tired. You want to get a drink while Heidi shops?”

      • Anniebet

        Ah, we can always count on hughman to brighten our day. <3

    • http://twitter.com/#!/Space_Kitty Space Kitty

      I’m going to sniff petulantly and insist that LA style is not cutoff denims. But she always looks much better in casual wear and that kid is flat out adorable.

    • judybrowni

      Could the name of that bag be even longer?

      Give it a rest, Queen of Orange.

      • Shawn EH

        Kors Pyramids Flap Bag! Done!

    • JP

      Gyno skirts, LMAO! Please let this become the standard for referral.

      I don’t think the coast she’s on matters; they’re out for a casual day and they look like they’re having fun.

    • PastryGoddess

      No that man is a whole dish

    • Fordzo

      I love birkies, but they eventually stretch and are too loose. But if I get a size down, the footbeds are too short. Weep for me.

    • Anniebet

      The thing that hits me about this pic is how fricking normal, relaxed and happy she/they look. Refreshing as hell, I gotta say.

    • largishbearishAtlish

      Did she have nose work done? If you look at the sun glasses and nose I get a bit of a creepy Michael J. vibe…brrr…

      • ShaoLinKitten

        Her nose does appear different from how it looked when she first started modeling. Google pix to see. She has changed a bit. Beautiful then, beautiful now, though, of course.

    • crash1212

      Love the kid’s hat.

    • LambeeBaby

      she looks cool, the kid is adorable and you could serve up a plate of him on sausage Friday

    • AnneElliot

      It’s not tight and shiny. . . I hardly recognized her!!!

      And I, too was distracted by the adorable child and the hot slice of man who was carrying her about. I alternated between “Awwww!” and “Le sigh.”

    • Annarosa

      Well, I’m European and I like her outfit a lot!, of course. And, she’s European too, so everything makes sense.
      He’s kind of meh. A good meh.

    • mhleta

      Those legs. Best accessory a girl can have. Because without them, you’re doomed to skirts, which get blown around in the city, and capris, which don’t really look so good on anyone. She looks cool, stylish and comfortable. And HAPPY!

    • alanna

      um those sandals are birkenstock.