Gwen Stefani in LA

Posted on June 11, 2013

“Oh GOD,” we said to each other during our early morning editorial meeting. “Do we really want to feature more pics of Gwen Stefani walking around LA doing the chic/punk mommy thing?”

But goddammit, that girl can accessorize like a freaking MASTER:


Gwen Stefani out and about in LA.

Those shoes are KILLA. Way to dress up a shitty pair of jeans, girl. She’s hauling a hell of a lot of baggage around, but bless her heart, she’s making sure the biggest, most expensive piece is face-front for the cameras. Attagirl. Also: the shades are covetable. Perfect lesson in daytime style: Hi/Lo, with the “Hi” part all going toward accessories. That’s the best way to do it.


[Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews]

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  • Rhonda Shore

    Cute. I still want her to try out lowlights tho-

  • HomeOfficeGirl

    You know, I don’t mind lots of Gwen posts. She is my constant reminder that there is no reason to go frumpy and boring just because you “grow up.” – it’s like a good smack in the face. I WISH I could rock the lip like she does. But, in lieu of that, I can go with a killer shoe and or killer shades from time to time. Love her!!

    • agreed! i love her and her style so much than i don’t think I could ever get enough.

    • sweetlilvoice

      I agree, she’s a reminder that you can still be fun no matter what age.

    • marlie

      And like TLo said… dress up a pair of crappy jeans with a killer pair of shoes, a jacket, and a bag, and it’s (really) not that hard.

  • Would you look at this magnificent bitch right here? Damn. Bad Ass Mommy snaps all around.

    • Introspective

      seriously. just dive in and take in all that fucking fierceness. gay gasps for making the ordinary stuff of life extraordinary gwennie.

    • I’m going to start using that, if you don’t mind.

      “Will you look at that magnificent bitch? MagNIficent.”

      • demidaemon

        Makes me think of Maleficient from Sleeping Beauty.

  • boldprint

    the shoes are a bit much, but I am SO bowing down right now.

  • gabbilevy

    Those jeans are terrible, but the jacket is cute and she’s STRUTTING. Gurl knows how fab she looks.

    • marigi

      The jacket is Zara and very cute!

  • sweetlilvoice

    Damn, that’s all I can say so damn again. Impressive girl!

  • ryenerman

    I can’t with those jeans, so I just mentally substitute something else in the photos and she looks incredible.

  • newleaf1

    I want to know who her hair colorist is because it looks damn perfect. She knows how do make all the other moms jealous.

    • Meg0GayGuys6

      I was thinking the same about her hair. I don’t color my hair, but I’d think this severe a color would do some major damage to her hair, but it looks surprisingly healthy.

      I wonder if she would be contractually bound to use L’Oreal (I think it’s L’Oreal) hair color since she’s a spokesperson for it.

    • Faerie Nuff

      I was also just thinking the same thing. Her hair should be totally fried by being lightened so much, but it always looks so healthy and bouncy. Not like straw at all.

  • VeryClaire

    I gotta say, I think she looks ridiculous. The shoes, the jeans, the bag, can we say “trying too hard”?

  • junebug

    what’s the big bag? i think it wd make the world’s most awesomely punkrock diaper bag, tho i’m sure the expense of it wd make using it that way downright sacrilegious…

  • golden_valley

    Quite a look, but I’m a practical mommy. No way could anyone really wear those shoes to chase toddlers around in. But I don’t have a nanny.

  • MilaXX

    She’s making up for that angry dressing moment she had a few days ago. The multiple bag thing is something my sister does, albeit not with bags that cost thousands. I call her a bag lady.

  • aglorios

    My favorite part of this post is that now I can’t stop imagining a TLo editorial meeting.

  • marlie

    I love this. She looks fierce and casual and and comfy all at the same time.

  • formerlyAnon

    That little jacket is awesome. I covet, HARD.

  • YourBaloneyDontGotNoSecondName

    Do you think there is anything in the bag she is advertising, or is everything in her regular purse behind it?

  • blairdawn

    Nothing constructive to add. Just wanted to say, “You go, gurl!”

  • Annarosa

    absolute bombshell.

  • elemspbee

    OMG that face. perfection!

  • Adrianna Grężak

    I’m a fan of the Gwen posts too. I like her haircut

  • Diego!


  • thecitysleeps

    I honestly think this is obnoxious, but then again it’s called being a celebrity so.

  • Wellworn

    Hate those jeans. Make that holey jean trend stop please.

  • JP

    Bow down, bitches. I wish I looked this good when running errands. Hell, I don’t even wear heels that fierce to the office.

  • Oh please all of you with the, ‘she reminds us that we can do it too.’ No. No we can’t. We’re not her. She is not of our world. She lives on a separate planet with Tilda and Zoe and Victoria Beckham. sigh…If I dressed like that I would look like a hooker. Only Gwen can pull this off but at least she visits our planet often and allows us to photograph her.

  • jilly_d

    I will never understand how this motherfucker can make a bright red lip seem so effortless. Enviable.

    • Oh now that bit is a piece of cake. The only bit I can do. One Saturday morning about 12 years ago I went to brunch with friends and stuck some red lippy on as I headed out the door. I’d never worn red before and I’ve hardly missed a day since.

    • PrunellaV

      What I want to know is how much she annually spends on that hair.

  • If I ever have the babies, I want to look like Gwen. Fuck that; I want to look like her now! I can use more inspiration from her TLo!!!

  • PeaceBang

    She’s obviously psyched because she’s having an amazing hair day. I continue to marvel at her ability to do the matching cherry red lip, fingernails and toenails while still serving up fabulous rock star. Always love seeing her.

  • Karen Dickerson


  • Chuck Barthelme

    Eternal crush.

  • Gwen sure makes her life look good by being so pretty and stylish. I hope she never gets implants. She has everything she needs and more, especially style. She carries her purse the same way that Reese Witherspoon does. I’m betting that as soon as the cameras leave, they put their purses on their shoulders like other women do. Maybe I can’t speak for everyone, but when I carry a purse/bag like that, it bangs into my leg and hip when I walk. My arm would get awfully tired holding it up like that.

    • No kidding! When the hell did she develop such an impressive sense of style? I remember when she ran around in a bikini top and sweatpants with her hair done up in a dozen tiny knots and I’d point and laugh. Now I find myself envying her outfits.

  • Glam Dixie

    Gwen always manages to look like a movie star. Hollywood realness.

  • She is *killing me* – how she’s not looking like a relic from the 90’s is sheer magic.

  • Tigerfly

    I’d cut a bitch for those fierce shoes!

  • bellafigura1

    I love the jeans, really. Super sexy.

    • MaggieMae

      I know! I wish I could rock a pair of boyfriend jeans like Gwen does!

  • quiltrx

    WANT that b/w bag, now!

  • Tamara Hogan


  • Lesley

    she’s a vampire, look at that face, perfection.

  • Fanny Wolston

    Impeccable Gwen, looking serene today. Is it the new hair extensions or are the smelly jeans her own little dirty secret?

  • Lizzy

    What in the world is she carrying in all those bags???

  • shelley514

    Ummm, does her face not look freakin PERFECT in that first shot. God bless America.

  • librarygrrl64

    May I please have that black-and-white bag? Thanks, Gwen. 🙂