Dolce&Gabbana Spring 2014 Menswear Collection

Posted on June 25, 2013

Dolce&Gabbana Spring 2014 Menswear Collection

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[Photo Credit: IMAXtree]

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    • MilaXX

      I like the striped stuff, but those prints are pure editorial and I cannot with those shiny suits.

      • scrappy1

        EXACTLY my reaction.

    • Miss WKS

      well, D & G will be the best dressed fellas in prison…

      • YourBaloneyDontGotNoSecondName

        i was just thinking of the margaret cho routine about karl lagerfield in prison.

    • hughman

      The models (especially the shirtless ones) are all very “Suddenly Last Summer”.

    • crash1212

      Nothing says Spring like Caesar in your crotchal area.

    • everest19

      The most interesting part of this show was the streaker who ran around at the end.

    • charlotte

      “Why is there a dog on the Parthenon?”

    • StellaZafella

      The suits are cool…the rest, not even on holiday, not even with models this gorgeous.

    • Lori

      “Tailoring research”? Between this and the Versace apparently what’s in for spring menswear is odd declarative statements about tailoring.

      • drdarke

        Really, @LoriAnnK:disqus ! The only good thing about D&G’s collection is it fits its men a bit better than Versace’s does….

        Not that that’s saying much – you ever get the feeling that men’s high fashion has forgotten how to do something as basic as “Decent Tailoring”?

    • Nonnah

      Is Thigh Thursday moving to Thigh Tuesday?

    • Glam Dixie

      hahahahahaha, no, just no. Please make these horrid prints stop.

    • Daenyx

      ….. I continue to dislike D&G with a passion. The non-print suits look good, I suppose, but I can’t even with the screen-printed crap. It looks tacky – and this may just be me, but cheap, as well. And beyond that, I find the design philosophy “make a bunch of completely standard pieces and slap themed screen-printing all over them and call it design” incredibly dull.

    • Donna Tabor

      The engineered prints are fabulous. However, there is an unfortunate effect of someone trying to sniff something out in those shorts in the middle of the third row.

      • Danielle L

        I scrolled back up to look and shouted with laughter!

    • conniemd

      There’s actually some fantastic separate print pieces in this collection. It’s like Julianne Hough in the Monique Lhuillier yesterday. Print pants with identical print blouse/jacket just are too much damn print. Pair the jackets and shirts with plain dress pants and it could be some interesting looks.

    • annabelle archer

      Been there, saw that, bought the t-shirt? Also, aren’t shiny suits a bit of a cliche for Italian men, here in 2013?

    • VioletFem

      Where’s the streaker?

    • Blair Sylvester

      Well I am glad that there are finally baggy saggy granny panties/diapers for men.

    • vitaminC

      Some of these clothes are ugly enough to be Versace.

      • majorbedhead

        Exactly what I was thinking.

    • filmcricket

      Kevin McHale just ordered half of these in size pixie.

    • Darren Nesbitt

      I love everything here except for the undergarments (I don’t like the wide chested tanks). I love these huge prints.

      • AmeliaEve

        Damn, that is the one I most want to see on my husband. They look like Edwardian athletic wear, in the good way.

    • Neil Fortin

      Amazing suits at the end!

    • macwell

      I could care less about the clothes. I love D&G, DSquard, Versace and a few other menswear designers because they always have HOT model flesh on full display. So yeah….;)

    • Sonja Brisson

      The Roman-head coin replicas placed like boobs on the shirt front — too much!

    • sunnycalif

      They should go to jail for some of this crap! Oh wait…they already are!

    • JasmineAM

      The Joker would LOVE that striped suit.

    • sleepycat

      Why must they be so literal? While I understand they have homeland pride, they have shown me all of Sicily and frankly it is time to move on with the brand both in men’s and women’s.

      • StrandedFashionista

        To me they’ve shown all they could of Italy a while ago. This is getting into stereotypical Buca di Beppo territory to me.

    • clairellis

      The shorts. Well really the guy in the shorts.

    • quiltrx

      Where is Tony Ward when we need him????
      Those prints are kind of fun in pictures but WAY too literal for anyone to wear except ironically. The only thing I really like are the grey/grey and blue/grey striped suits and pants.

      • StrandedFashionista

        Tony Ward should be all over these clothes. D&G have used him before in their campaigns and they should use him again.

    • TerryMarie

      Fourth row middle. I want HIM. I don’t care about the clothes.

    • DamH


    • StrandedFashionista

      I could spend time dissecting the collection, but really, I think I’m going to spend my time wondering if they stuffed the swimwear/underwear or not.

      • demidaemon

        They don’t need to stuff them anymore. They now can design clothes (and underclothes) to actually enhance one’s….masculinity. See Andrew Christian, for a key example.

        • StrandedFashionista

          True. I hadn’t considered that. Of course, the fun thing to do is pretend that no assistance was needed by the models at all…

    • demidaemon

      The suits are the real standouts here.

    • demidaemon

      I disagree. There is something very cool about how the suiting pieces and the patterns used in them are constructed. I love them.

    • somebody blonde

      God, look at all those thighs. This is the only reason I think American men should play soccer…

    • Annarosa

      Domenico e Stefano, please stop it. It’s not even funny. I don’t even like the suits in the last rows. What is happening to you this year? You started with the mosaic – Jesus/Mother Mary style, which was awful enough, and now this. You need inspiration? Go to see Greece. For real. Find out what color is. And smell of peppermint. And the sweet wine. Then come back, and put on the damn runway something wearable.

      • e jerry powell

        I’m not going to argue your basic thesis, but the theme of the collection is Sicily, and the influence that Greece has had on Sicily historically, so not literally Greek.

        • Annarosa

          The main problem here is that I don’t see Sicily nor Greece. I just see landscape prints on sweaters (WTF???) and I’m wondering who’s going to wear this stuff (as I wondered who was going to wear the Mother Mary style and it ended up to be Katy Perry for a punk party, enough said). D&G, they don’t wear this, I can assure you.
          Well, it’s just that I hate when designers create a collection that nobody will wear, because it is pointless. And often they call it “pret a porter”… disappointing.
          just my 2 cents.

          • e jerry powell

            Believe me, you’re not wrong. I have yet to see a spring menswear collection this year that contains many pieces that actual men would wear in full view of other people.

            • Annarosa


    • BKagainwiththesweatpants

      Thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiighs. Mama likey.

      Swinton would look amazing in some of these suits.

    • Beardslee

      I’d imagine those big square shapes are hard to wear without looking like a big square oneself. To me, they are fabulous versions of the typical blocky, too large T shirts so many men inflict on our sensitive eyes.

    • Sushy Gooroo

      Most of it does not scream “designer” or “couture” but at least some of it actually seems quite wearable, unlike the Versace thingies.

      • Gwyndall

        Mostly, it screams Jersey Shore to me…

    • Clueless_Jock

      These outfits would make me look fat :-(

    • Nancy Marion

      Looks like the old murals from Structure bled onto the clothes.

    • Kent Roby

      When my eyes see those thighs, they elicit sighs. What were we talking about? Oh, yeah, love the stripes.

    • barbarienne

      I love all of this, but that may be because I was a history major.

    • ampg

      I look forward to seeing the first striped suit (third row, left) on Kevin McHale.

    • How to Faint

      I don’t care how many gladiator sandals you pair them with or if they’re tucked in or not, baggy collared shirts paired with shorts will never not scream “cholo” to me.

      • sleah_in_norcal

        and the suits lean towards cosa nostra. gay cosa nostra.

    • molly


    • formerlyAnon

      No, overall. It’s a very specific look that only looks good on very specific bodies (Think well-groomed gymnasts). Everybody else is excessively unflattered. The lanky and the even-slightly rotund look equally awful.

    • Anplica Fiore

      Alan Cumming, your wardrobe has arrived…