Cover Boy: Ryan Gosling for GQ Germany

Posted on June 14, 2013



Ryan Gosling covers the July 2013 issue of GQ Germany photographed by Mario Testino.






[Photo Credit: Mario Testino for GQ Germany]

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    • Silly Grrl

      Oh, the pretty….

    • PastryGoddess


      That is all

    • Kiltdntiltd

      Gimme one of these, please.

      • drdarke

        @kiltdntiltd:disqus – really? Greasy kids’ stuff in his hair, missed with the razor, preppie entitlement look and all…?

        I mean, yeah – there are looks I’d hit on that people go “Why?!?!?” But this just does nothing for me….

    • foodycatAlicia

      He’s really not my type but he does look very, very nice there.

    • Karen Dickerson

      Thank God It’s Sausage Friday.
      Glory Hallelujah.

      • gabbilevy

        aMEN (pun most ABSolutely intended)

    • JasmineAM

      He does NOTHING for me.

      • YourBaloneyDontGotNoSecondName

        He does nothing TO me. Dammit.

        • JasmineAM


      • TheAmericaness

        Good. More Ryan for the rest of us.

      • j_anson

        Totally agree. I have no irrational hate, he seems like a great guy, but I don’t see the appeal at a totally superficial level.

    • annabelle archer

      Ich möchte zu dort gehen.

      • MoHub

        Your post has more German than the magazine cover. English has encroached its way into another language.

        • annabelle archer

          As has the adorkable phrase “I would like to go to there.”

          • Tadiana

            Now I’m going to be totally dorky and tell you that the sentence should be “Ich möchte dort zu gehen” or better yet, “Ich möchte dort gehen.” :) Who knows, knowing that may come in handy someday!

            • annabelle archer

              : ) The more you know.

              I sort of assumed I stood a decent chance of Google Translate not getting it totally correct, but I couldn’t resist.

            • charlotte

              Sorry for being such a lecturer on this thread, but the correct phrase would be “Ich möchte dort hingehen”. You correctly translated the incorrect Liz Lemon phrase “I want to go to there” into the incorrect German equivalent 😉 Or was that what you were going for?

            • annabelle archer

              That was exactly what I was going for. The Gosling brings out my inner Lemon.

            • Tadiana

              Ah. Thank you. Seriously.

      • Angela_the_Librarian

        Can you translate the Cool Bleiben phrase? I looked up Bleiben in Google translate and it seems to mean remain or Cool Stays!? At first glance I thought it said something about Beiber :-p

        • j_anson

          I was wondering this too (I’m taking German classes). It might mean “Stay cool!” but it’s not really the right construction for that so maybe it’s just something idiosyncratic. Right underneath it it does say something like “How you overcome any problem”. Including, apparently, buying a suit and dealing with a zombie apocalypse.

          • charlotte

            You are right about the construction, the actual translation of “Stay cool!” would be “Bleib cool!”.However, “Cool bleiben” is also used quite frequently, as in “(Du musst) cool bleiben”.

        • charlotte

          It means “Stay cool!”.

          • veleri

            I’d rather translate it “how to stay cool” or something like that. Bleiben is an infinite verb and “stay cool!” is sort of an imperative form, which is “Bleib cool!” auf deutsch.

            Just sayin’.

            • charlotte

              German is my native language, so trust me on that one.

        • Tadiana

          Yes, “Stay cool!” is correct. German grammar often works that way, throwing all the verbs to the end of the (implied) sentence. When I lived there, I used to try to create sentences that would string as many verbs as possible together at the end. I think I got up to 4 or 5.

    • filmcricket

      Most attractive I’ve ever found him. That green is great for him, or at least the version of him on this cover.

    • MartyBellerMask

      Thank you.

    • scrappy1

      I don’t get the Ryan Gosling love. He’s attractive in a boyish way, I suppose, and his abs are legendary . . . but he’s not extraordinarily handsome in the manner of, say, Henry Cavill. But I’ve never seen him in a movie. Is it a persona thing?

      • annabelle archer

        I can only speak for my own lust, but I was immune to the hype until I saw Lars and The Real Girl. He was so not hot in that, but he won my heart with his character. He conveys an intensity that I fully buy. Whatever woman he is obsessed with onscreen, I want to be. I am a card carrying Hey Girl.

        • marlie

          I loved that movie! It’s what made me like Ryan Gosling. He doesn’t make me “tingly,” but I appreciate his work, and he actually seems like a cool person.

          • charlotte

            Same here! I also really liked him in “Half Nelson”.

      • Jaeda Laurez

        For me, I didn’t get it either until one, I saw Crazy Stupid Love and saw his delicious, golden thighs on a massive screen. And two, seeing him in person in Toronto. Delightful.

        • annabelle archer

          So, so, so, hot.

          Weirdly,even with all those abs, my favorite part of that movie is when they are all the backyard “Oh you’re David Lindhagen?” as he takes of his ring. Killed me.

        • Allison Drury

          The theater audience audibly gasped when he took his shirt off in this movie. He was pure honey on screen, clothed or not. He’s not really my type but he has that smoldering quality that some actors just can’t sell.

      • Jane Donuts

        See the Notebook and get back to us! Or Crash. He has crazy animal magnetism.

        • ailujailuj

          so true. I’m thoroughly convinced he wants to fuck me in every movie I’ve seen him in.

      • Howard Sturrup

        He does not have a manly/ masculine vibe about him which is much more desirable than boyish charm. I needs a man! not what he’s serving.

      • somebody blonde

        It’s a persona thing for me. He always seems like he’s trying SO HARD to be the best possible lover, and he looks really, really good doing it. I normally like men who are more in the Joe Manganiello or Hugh Jackman mold- big, hairy, kind of caveman hot- but Ryan Gosling turns my crank because of his movies.

      • PeaceBang

        Yes, it is. Photos of him are fine, but when he’s on screen being his Gosling self, I die.

      • jilly_d

        Absolutely. He never did a thing for me in pics until I saw him in a few films. He’s mesmerizing on-screen.

      • TheAmericaness

        Drive. That did it for me. That one movie. I was in. Extraordinary? Who needs it? 😀

      • alyce1213

        He’s so much more than what comes across in still photos. He’s a wonderful, sensual actor.

    • LipstickForPigs

      Confession: He does nothing for me. I have never seen The Notebook.

      Where do I turn in my girl card?

      • somebody blonde

        Honestly, he didn’t really do it for me in The Notebook, mostly because I’m not a huge fan of things like The Notebook. For me, he’s just devastating in Blue Valentine- real emotional range, and you can see why they tried even though it’s so obvious that it can’t work out.

        That said, some people just don’t turn one’s crank.

        • annabelle archer

          Things to not do when you’re emotionally vulnerable in your relationship: Watch Blue Valentine.
          Lord. Intense much? Loved it. Hated The Notebook, but I blame that on the writing and Rachel McAdams. He was his usual passionate, introspective, eyes only for you, hot self.

          • Denise Alden

            I think you have something there with the “eyes only for you.” That’s the vibe I get (in theory).

      • imspinningaround

        The only part of The Notebook that’s worth watching are the sex scenes. Otherwise, pfffffft. I only saw The Place Beyond the Pines for Bradley Cooper.

      • formerlyAnon

        I’m with ya.

      • foodycatAlicia

        Behind the bar, along with mine. Cheers!

        • LipstickForPigs

          Clinky! (drinky)

      • jilly_d

        The Notebook blows. It blows so hard that even the Gosling couldn’t save it – and he’s got real acting chops. He’s great in Drive and Blue Valentine. And even Crazy Stupid Love.

      • JasmineAM

        Haha I HATE The Notebook. I have never liked those romance ooey gooey love stories. Especially those written by Nicholas Sparks

    • Jaeda Laurez

      I could have SWORN I had on underwear a second ago…

      • aeb1986

        hahaha. awesome

    • FeminineLipstique

      Sexiest wax museum display ever.

      • imspinningaround

        All the upvotes to you. I always think he looks like a melted candle.

    • clairellis

      Good god almighty I fucking love him. I would do him while the whole world watched.

    • formerlyAnon

      I’d find him so much more appealing if he didn’t remind me so forcibly of a yellow lab.

    • HorseNPonyShow

      Welp, I’ll be watching “Drive” for the millionth time tonight.

    • Jennifer Peters-Ahnberg

      How do you say, “Hey, girl” in German?

      • Denise Alden


      • j_anson

        Hallo Mädchen! :)

      • charlotte

        Hey Süße!

    • stephbellard

      He’s hot and talented but in interviews he comes across SO self-serious and really…kinda boring.

      (Expecting hipster outrage in 3…2…1…)

    • MilaXX

      {{YAWN}} I am immune to the powers of the Gosling

    • ConnieBV

      The face isn’t what I’m interested in, GQ.

    • Andrea Lane

      Ich will, bitte!

    • Lesley

      he turns me into my 16 year old fan girl self. i want to plaster this on my bedroom wall, kiss it before i go to bed and tell myself that i am going to marry him, over and over again.

    • Guest

      So they went with “Aryan Wet Dream” styling. Interesting.

    • Cameron Turner

      Just lovely…

    • carnush

      Does ‘Cool Bleiben’ mean ‘look at this gorgeous man?’

    • Danielle L

      It’s like Jesus answered my prayer individually.

    • Ruth Preston

      Did anyone else get a “you are sixteen, going on seventeen” vibe from this? He looks very Rolf-the-teen-love-interest-who-eventually-joins-the-Reich. Maybe it’s the lighting?

      • portlandmermaid

        I hope it’s the lighting. He looks like he’s going to sing Tomorrow Belongs to Me from Cabaret.

    • Lena

      It’s funny how all the magazines are having to pull out old file photos of Gosling for their covers. The man hasn’t done an exclusive cover story for years. And it doesn’t look like he’ll be doing one any time soon either.

    • Ass Kicking Adviser

      I love Sausage Friday…sigh….

    • stubbornthoughts

      I need to be by myself right now.

    • JanW

      All I can think about when I see him is how I want him to be my Siri voice (“hey girl, what can I do for you today?”). I would pay for that app in a heartbeat!

    • abfidy

      Hello! Is it me you’re looking for???

    • quiltrx

      He normally definitely does it for me…but he looks so FAKE here!
      Like he’s the companion doll for the Audreybot.

    • MannahattaMamma

      I dunno what bleiben is but it’s my new favorite word

    • StrandedFashionista

      I want a glass of his cool bleiben.

    • cowper

      The headline should have been “Die Besten Sommer-Gadget”!