Adele at UJA Luncheon

Posted on June 24, 2013

Ooooooh, girl. No, honey. Just no. We are sucking air through our teeth right now in disapproval.


Adele attends UJA-Federation Of New York Music Visionary Of The Year Award Luncheon in New York City.

Answering the question absolutely no one ever thought to ask: What if nuns wore pants?

Don’t even get us started on the Mrs. Olson hair and the bad makeup job. Adele sweetie, you are so much prettier than this.



[Photo Credit: Marco Sagliocco/PR Photos]

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  • charlotte

    She looks like she has a fever. I don’t have words for those pants.

    • NC_Meg

      Oh my good God, those ARE pants! Suddenly the outfit with a skirt (like I originally thought) doesn’t sound so bad.

    • drdarke

      Tamora Pierce has a term in her CIRCLE books for outfits like that – “Flap-rags”.

      It’s usually applied to her ill-tempered teenaged bookworm Weathermage Tris – which it kind of looks like Adele is auditioning to play….

  • marlie

    Normally we could at least rely on her having *perfect* makeup, but this makes her look pale and tired. And that outfit is head-to-toe HIDDY, and straight out of a 1970s funeral-wear colelction.

    • Jessica Freeman

      Waiting on Stacey and Clinton to come out and talk to her “just because you’re a mom now doesn’t mean you have to wear stuff like this….”

      • marlie

        Seriously. Everything about this looks makes it seem as though she just gave up.

  • Sal Neslusan

    makeup is off, outfit is rough, but I LOVE THE HAIR! But I come from generation pintresthair…

    • Squarah

      Yeah, braid crowns are super popular right now and I love it.

  • Annarosa

    bad witch of a faily tale.
    too bad, ’cause she knows how to be stunning (see oscars 2013)

    • kaysarasara

      She looks like Agnes Nitt, for you Pratchett fans out there.

    • 3boysful

      Exactly. I thought she was straight out of Hansel and Gretel’s gingerbread house.

  • jw_ny

    so what is she, like 60…65 now?

  • Jessica Freeman

    Wait…those are pants? I did not even notice.

    • zenobar

      You did not notice because your brain automatically tried to shield itself from the wrongness of giant pants.

    • conniemd

      I didn’t either until I saw the TLo comments. Honestly it was so hiddy all black and billowy that I just scrolled down very, very fast.

  • Griffinqueen

    I really don’t think that she BELIEVES that she is pretty.

    • marlie

      And she’s *stunning*. Such a shame, if that’s the case.

    • RebeccaKW

      I don’t know if she does or doesn’t, but I know that she wants her music to be the focus and not her appearance. So it’s entirely possible she’s thinks she’s unattractive or is unhappy about her size, but I think part of it too is that she isn’t interested in making an effort in that area.

      • yllas

        I think it’s a tiny bit odd that she hasn’t lost weight. Jennifer Hudson did, right quick. But if she doesn’t want to play into the appearance thing and is happy as she is, I say good for her!

  • majorbedhead

    Those are PANTS??? Oh good lord, honey.

  • Danielle L

    Oh, HONEY.

  • AmeliaEve

    I never imagined it was possible to create dirndl pants, but someone has succeeded.

    • zenobar

      Dirndl pants are the new dirndl!

  • thecitysleeps

    DO NOT DO THIS TO ME ADELE. You are my big girl inspiration, why you gotta ruin it? Those pants are the worst thing ever.

  • hughman

    Selling pies in Sweeney Todd now are we?

  • lrober03

    *scrolling down past the 3rd picture* OHH they’re pants?!?!?

  • Glam Dixie

    I can honestly say, this is the worst I’ve ever seen her look. Someone needs to get fired.

  • Kate Andrews

    UGGGGH! I’m sure it’s not as hot there as it is here, but that just makes me sweat bullets.

  • MoHub

    I was thinking Brünnhilde in Robin Hood: Men in Tights in mourning for Marian’s lost virginity.

  • Clueless_Jock

    She’s usually so chic.

  • Angela

    I was thinking she needed some edelweiss and beer steins to go with that hair.

  • Rand Ortega

    God, she’s gorgeous. The outfit’s terrible. I’m hoping she’s just new mommy tired right now to care & will pick her style mojo back up at a later date.

  • ushoda

    is she amish?

    • Frank_821

      I was thinking the same thing

    • MoHub

      Amish don’t cover up that much.

  • GorgeousThings

    Oh man, everything here combines to make her look like an aging Brünnhilde. She just needs a horned helmet and breastplate and a team of valkyries riding behind her to complete the look.

    • MoHub


  • atelier482 .

    Is it the time for Halloween already?

  • Love me some Adele but she seriously needs a style makeover.

  • Anna_Cecilia

    Adele, I love you and it is from a place of love and respect that I say this, this is not an outfit for the diva who sings *insert any one of your songs here*. This is for applying to be a governess with the Von Trapp Family. Brigitta would agree with me and tell you that in addition to being 10, that those are the ugliest pants she ever saw.

  • Tracy_Flick

    An outfit that ugly should at least look comfortable. Total fail.

  • MilaXX

    GAH! This is bad. So very very bad. The hair is just wrong. The retro makeup doesn’t go with the hair or the outfit. Now I know this will surprise and likely go against most opinions, but I don;t completely hate the outfit. Lose the vest, Swap a better belt or change the color on the one she’s wearing and I’d be okay with it.If the hair./makeup were more modern I’d give this a pass. The sum total of all the wrongs here are what bring this look down.

  • TigerLaverada

    She looks like she should be teaching a course at Hogwarts.

  • Jackie4g

    Maybe she thought she was going to be hanging out with a bunch of Orthodox women, who are generally very covered up. I can’t imagine the degree of muddleheaded advice she received. This is lot a good look for a woman in her 60s, let alone a young and beautiful entertainer. Sheesh.

  • nannypoo

    The outfit would still be strange without the outer garment, but she should give it a try. The hair is inexcusable. She is a major disappointment here. I usually think she looks beautiful, but this is really unworkable.

  • ashtangajunkie

    I’m sad now. Giant droopy jacket, world’s largest pants. What the hell, Adele.

  • melanie0866

    Looks like a high school choir conductor.

  • Brian

    I still can’t believe she’s only 25 years old…

  • (cue music) “How do you solve a problem like this pantsuit? Why did Adele see this and say, “Oh, yes!”?”

  • MoHub

    Someone obviously told her black was slimming, so she figured the more she wore, the thinner she’d look.

  • YoungSally

    Clearly she is playing Fruma Sarah in the nightmare from Fiddler.

    • MoHub


  • 1carmelita

    She looks hot—as in a little sweaty. Poor dear, I can’t imagine wearing that for a summer event.

  • OH HONEY NO. And fire everyone who even stood adjacent to this decision.

  • Qitkat

    Before I got to the nuns, I was already thinking, if witches wore pants. Lol.
    This is so awfully unflattering, I can’t believe anyone approved this.

  • MaggieMae

    Color. She needs color.

  • Judy_S

    I like her face and hair, which go together. They do not go with the garmentage. Also, once it was pointed out to me by the Beloved Leaders that these are pants, I didn’t hate the garment as much. It’s probably fun to wear. But the blackness of it is ridiculous on such a lovely young woman.

    • understateddiva

      yes, I like the whimsy of the hairdo – very British. But then I saw the pants…..

  • demidaemon


  • Synnae

    I love her (she’s not only a great singer also funny as hell) but please start dressing for your body type! You have curves, work them, don’t cover them up…

  • ringthing

    “sucking air through our teeth in disapproval” – ha, love it! That’s how I picture you guys most of the time.

  • amanda lynn

    Oh honey, you’re a mom.

  • prettybigkitty

    Witches of Eastwick was the first thought that popped into my head. Hopefully no one is threatening to burn her at the stake.

  • patticake1601

    Holy culottes Batman….noooooooo.

  • Bill Curtis

    I thought maybe she was filming Hocus Pocus 2 with SJP, Bette, and Kathy Najimy.

    • JauntyJohn

      LOL — oh, VERY good, sir.

  • formerlyAnon

    Girl needs people. Or different people. Even if she doesn’t want them.

  • Reality TV Casting

    i have to say…. i’m not completely against this

  • mr

    St. Pauli girl meets Sister I Wanna Enchilada

  • JauntyJohn

    If I stretch to a degree which may cause some permanent harm, I can at best say, “Well, at least the dear girl was probably comfortable.”
    The more interesting question is, if she was firmly set on the pants, how would you work with them?
    Lower and contrasting belt, more structured jacket (but 3/4 length works I think) maybe even some shoulder pads in the jacket, and a top with a very soft, warm color maybe?
    I can live with the English Rose hair.

    Or, with those suggestions, did I just accidentally drift into that strange land somewhere between “Maude” and “The Golden Girls?”

  • Adele, honey, let me come over, watch the baby so you can get a long nap and a hot bath. Then we’ll start over.

  • housefulofboys

    One of my all-time pet peeves. Just because you have two items of clothing that are both black (or white!) does NOT mean that you can wear them together. I hate to see different shades of black or white worn together cause they just don’t match!

  • silaria

    The whole outfit would work if that shirt was a bright color. Possibly even a print. I… I kind of love those pants.

  • librarygrrl64

    One word: schmatta.

  • spinachleaf

    I don’t get it. Is it a sack? Or is it two sacks side by side?

  • Diana

    Adele is my age. She looks 10 years older than me (then again, i am told that I can pass for 17 at times…)
    My point is, she doesn´t have to start dressing like Rihanna or anything (she’s 25 as well), but there has to be a happy middle. Skirts that go just below the knee, 3/4 sleeves, scoop necks. COLORS. She’s still my fantasy celebrity BFF but come on.