Smith and Coleman at the Peabody Awards

Posted on May 21, 2013

We thought it was kind of cute when a whole bunch of tweeters panicked at the sight of Matt’s new hair and immediately worried about what we’d think.


‘Doctor Who’ stars Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman attend 72nd Annual George Foster Peabody Awards in New York City.

We think it’s fine, actually. It’s for a role, anyway. But even so, he would have been fully within his rights to take a break from his normal epic hair just to air out the scalp a little for the summer, y’know? It’s not the best choice for his features, but it’s kind of fun how he went from manic children’s show character to thug with one swipe of the clippers. Let us not speak of his outfit, which disappoints us incredibly.

She, on the other hand, looks cute. Then again, it would be hard for not to. And certainly, the upholstery dress and too-heavy booties would probably detract on someone else, but her Power of Cute is able to overcome such things.


[Photo Credit: Getty]

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  • Rand Ortega

    Wow. He looks… Vulcan. Those are some epic Lords & Peers. I’m sorry, who is she again?

    • drdarke

      I’m guessing Smith and Coleman are together, here, because DOCTOR WHO won a Peabody Award?

      It’s not like, they’re suddenly an item, right…?

      • Rand Ortega

        Hope not. I liked the last GF. Together they looked so Eurotrash hot I’d miss that.

      • She’s still with the guy from Game of Thrones. They were there with Moffat to receive the award.

        • drdarke

          Heh – well, he’ll be back home warming her bed real soon rather than fake shacking-up with Charlie Chaplin’s granddaughter, @twitter-17202713:disqus !

    • MoHub

      She plays the newest companion: Clara, The Impossible Girl.

  • JDreesen

    he looks like Daniel Tosh now.

    i can’t believe i just said that.

  • seras.victoria

    i always thought he was smoking hot, but with the lack of hair… he has really big ears, doesn’t he? (hello, eccleston!) and his chin… he really needs that hair to balance out his face. i feel like he’s lost charisma points based on this one haircut. better be a good movie, gosling.

    • I’m starting to think that Gosling suggested Matt shave his head out of follicle jealousy.

    • porcupie

      I still think he’s gorgeous, and his cheekbones balance out the ears. But yeah, I miss the joie de vivre that the hair brought…

    • Pterodactyl111

      Yeah, he needs big hair to balance out his ears.

  • gabbilevy

    This cut + this outfit definitely gives him a bit of the Ninth vibe. Chris Eccleston called, he wants his dark Doctor look back.

    • drdarke

      He just needs a black leather jacket, and he’s Eccelston’s Doctor all right, @gabbilevy:disqus !

      Wow – that’s, quite a change…. and I’m not one of those who normally thinks Smith’s that swoony-looking…though I like him better than my wife does, who can’t get past his Great Knobbly Head!

  • I’m trying to let it go because I know it is for a role, but it just drives me crazy every time I see Matt without his gorgeous hair, however the scruff is employed in a way that balances out the hair. Jenna is super-duper cute as always.

  • When I worked for an architecture and design firm, we had fabric samples all over the place. Since they specialized in hospitals, many many of them looked liked her dress. She would make a lovely waiting room sofa.
    He does indeed look a little thuggy. They have a whole good girl/bad boy thing going here that is very sweet.

  • charlotte

    Oh no! Okay, it’s for a movie, but….oh no!

  • Janet B

    I like his hair in these photos, last week (?) it was shorter and a bit startling.

    *in mom voice* Now I can see your beautiful face.

  • I’m not loving the short hair. I agree with whoever said his longer hair balances out his features.

    She does look cute, but her dress is kind of awful.

  • watchmeboogie

    Jenna-Louise is so cute, but has that way of styling herself on a red carpet that the noobs all have. I see her and think, “Oh bless you, you cute thing, soon you’ll get yourself some good gays and look fabulous.”

  • nannypoo

    I like his hair, but I’m not so sure about those ears.

  • Jenna must be doing something right–she is dating thr gorgeous Robb Stark.

  • shawna

    What an elf he would have made …

  • He looks terrifying. I simply cannot believe how much of his friendly, cartoony aspect comes from his hair.

  • JasmineAM

    I like his new hair. His bone structure is so beautiful, and this cut makes it stand out even more.

    • Eclectic Mayhem

      I’m with you. If you take each feature individually they’re not particularly attractive but somehow, all together, they are quite something. It’s such an unusual bone structure but I think he’s beautiful with or without hair!

  • Coolekat

    He looks like that guy they called The Swede on Hell on Wheels.

  • E.Nelson

    I like his hair and I actually really love his outfit. I’ve always been a strong proponent of men finding alternatives to button ups and structured blazers on the red carpet…it’s almost got a Rick Owens or Yohji vibe to it. I have to say, with her next to him it looks a bit strange but on its own I dig it.

  • Jessi03

    She really is adorable, isn’t she?

  • Tatiana Luján

    Matt looks hot with short hair, who would have known! (he has kind of a Chris Eccleston vibe in theese pictures).
    I love her dress, hate her shoes.

  • MilaXX

    Honestly I don’t mind Matt’s look. It’s all very Matt. She looks surprisingly cute and perky. I’m not crazy about the dress or hair, yet it works for her and her makeup looks a lot better than it did the last time she was featured around these parts.

  • Sara L.

    I think he looks a little David Boreanaz-y now. Never would have put them in the same room before the haircut. So weird.

  • mightbewrong

    Not gonna lie, between the outfit and the hair I thought of Christopher Eccleston.

  • Qitkat

    Makes me think of Russell Tovey. But more angular. Incredible the difference his hair makes.
    She looks adorable and sweet.

    Had no idea Doctor Who was even eligible for a Peabody. Nice win.

    • Corsetmaker

      I thought Tovey too, It’s the ears 😀 Now we know why he usually wears it longer.

  • In that shot where it’s just him, is that a stain on his T-shirt??? around the waist level?

  • The dress is thick, isn’t it. But I agree. She is too cute.

  • BigWhiteGrannyPanties

    That dress material looks exactly like chair upholstery from a very unpleasant dormitory lounge in the 90’s. NO.

    • Pennymac

      The one that itched when you sat down in shorts. I remember.

    • decormaven

      The heaviness of it reminds me of one of Herb Tarlek’s suits from WKRP in Cincinnati. The costumers actually made a suit from Volkswagen upholstery for one of his suits. Upholstery fabric is for furniture. Let’s keep it there, please.

  • Oh, Matt, just because you’re shooting a post-apocalyptic dark fantasy in the ruins of industrial Detroit doesn’t mean that you show up for a photocall in NYC still in your costume. You can do BETTER.
    Jenna looks her usual twee self–I’m guessing the dress is TopShop or something along those lines. She needs to step up her game.

  • Kenisha Hill Phillips

    I love the supershort hair on him. It gives his nose room to breathe.

  • minnye

    Man, is he cute.

  • I love her dress, but in NYC on a day like today, she must have been HOT.

  • Sam Darcy

    I loved his floppy hair, but I think he looks interesting with this very short hair. His bone structure is so visible now.

    This is one of those times I hate the internet, though; on other sites there have been some very cruel comments about his looks. I hope he never sees them. Personally, I would take someone like him or Cumberbatch over some conventional-looking pretty boy any day.

    Jenna looks cute. Are there shorts under her dress?

  • I wonder if this is for that movie that Ryan Gosling is directing. It’s shooting in Detroit. Good reason for a prolonged visit to the parents.

  • JauntyJohn

    He looks… arresting. I suspect that even if I hadn’t been smitten with him and his previous look I would find an intensity about… oh hell, I sound like an idiot. Strong face, killer peepers. I like it.
    She’s always just one molecule away from refined sugar to me, but I can forgive that. Looks cute here.
    His style is usually much smarter than this. Must have been a long flight.

  • He reminds me too much of Christopher Eccleston with this current hair look.

  • carnush

    My crush level just went up like 100 points. He looks hot.

  • CT14

    What is on Matt’s necklace? Is it one person or someone holding another?

    Damn the 40s and what they’re doing to my eyes!

  • Diego!

    He looks like an elf. The abandoned child of Galadriel. She looks very pretty. Simple and chic.

  • Her make up looks divine. He looks a little too much like Tosh.O.

  • RebeccaKW

    It is amazing how one haircut can completely change what a person looks like. I honestly would not have recognized him w/o the caption.

  • Violina23

    She’s really adorable in a Winnie Cooper kinda way…

    He looks fine, but the haircut just makes it impossible to notice anything but his ears.

  • Sarah

    Not that it makes much difference (I agree she looks cute) but is that not a romper? Are those upholsta-shorts? Cuz, it looks that way to me…

  • PLH

    Matt, you have schmutz on your t-shirt.

  • Kikishua

    He looks like a bovver boy Mr Tumnus.

  • JP

    Everyone freaking out over his hair need to remember hair grows back, LOL.

    I love the fact that every time his picture gets taken, he manages to flash that peace sign.

  • Is that a dress on Jenna? For a second there, it looked as if Hell had frozen over and someone had made me like a romper.

  • kaycem

    i totally LOVE his ears — i’m weirdly obsessed with prominent ears.

  • formerlyAnon

    His new hair makes me totally understand “why” his usual hair.

    Her cute is not enough, for me, to overpower a dress that but for its length says “middle-aged but still keeping up.”

  • Gosh, his ears are big! Never noticed before because the HAIR.

    (A reason the Doctor and River are meant to be, the HAIR…and a big head. But it’s mostly HAIR.)