RuPaul’s Drag Race: There Can Be Only One

Posted on May 07, 2013


Once again, after another extavaganza of a finale and a last-second coronation, we turned to each other and said, “Now, how in the hell are we supposed to recap THAT?”


We’ll just say it: we hate the show’s turn toward even grander artifice in the last few seasons. RPDR has always worked as a satire of reality television competitions, which means it was always quite gleefully open about indulging in the fakery of it all. And we don’t necessarily object to ending a season with a big, glossy stage dragstavaganza.


But once the initial pageant-like introductions were out of the way (as well as the obligatory plugging of Ru’s latest single) the entire two hours was devoted to watching people pretend, pretend, pretend as if their lives depended on it.


Detox was clearly pissed about not being in the finals, but the Oprah-style interview portion prevented her from really letting her hair down. Similarly, the Roxxxy/Jinkx feud was air-kissed away, as was the Coco/Alyssa one. We want to see these bitches rip each other’s wigs off, not blow kisses at each other from across the stage.

And we’re also just gonna say this: There’s a reason a lot of these girls went home early and lack of the all-important Charisma was chief among them. Which means Ru’s insistence on giving every queen a time in the spotlight left us with at least an hour of boredom. Who the hell was jonesing for  Honey Mahogany or Vivienne Pinay interview at this date?


If Ru really wants to end the season on a stage show  – and like we said, we fully support the idea – then that should be part of the final challenge, similar to Project Runway taking the finalists to Fashion Week. It would have been a hell of a lot more entertaining spending two hours watching Jinkx, Alaska and Roxxxy rehearse and perform a stage show with RuPaul. Instead we had to sit through a lot of boring queens and fake smiling in order to shove a crown on a winner’s head in the last 30 seconds of the show. And the worst part of all? Because this is pre-taped, and all three finalists were crowned to prevent the winner from leaking, we got no actual true emotional response from a winner. Because we can guarantee, if Jinkx had been up on that stage when she found out she won, we would have been treated to some high drama and tears.


But big CONDRAGULATIONS to Jinkx. We were rooting for her all the way and we’re thrilled to see her win it. We were kinda rooting for Alaska as well, but we definitely leaned Jinkx’s way.


Also: congrats to Ivy Winters. Totally didn’t see that one coming.



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  • Melizmatic


  • Jill

    There is a video of Jinkx, Alaska, and Roxxxy’s actual reactions to the win:

    (& on Youtube:

  • Eric Stott

    Ivy Winters – she has a very small repertory of talents, but she’s VERY cute and did seem to be one of the easier queens to get along with.

    • starcaatcher

      Ivy Winters is extremely talented, though. She didn’t showcase it much on the show, but like, her live shows are some of the most entertaining I’ve seen. She eats fire! She juggles fire! She juggles knives! She balances spinning things on her face! She walks on stilts! She sings! She sews! She paints! She makes things! She’s so creative! And so adorable! Ivy is great!

      • RebeccaKW

        I totally want to see this show.

      • Eric Stott

        Then I’ll just modify it to: she has a small range of talents of the kind useful in this kind of reality show…

      • Melissa

        RPDR needs to have a variety hour live special for the queens to perform their acts. It’d be so fun!

        • lippysyd

          I’ve been saying the same thing for a while now! I would totally watch that.

    • NYCGlamourpuss

      I love that Ivy won Miss C. She seems just very sweet and likeable, and that’s really the whole point behind that particular honor.

  • SweetMisery

    That was the most boring reunion/finale episode in the history of the show! I could barely even sit through it! Sooo happy to see Jinkx win, though! Newnownext has a video up of the top 3 queens watching on TV and seeing Jinkx wins.

    I have become so addicted to Drag Race. My favorite show on Tv BY FAR. I freaking love it and would probably have never discovered it but for you two recapping it back in Season 1, so thank you, TLo! <3

    • THAT’S the video I want to see. And I’m off…

      • NYCGlamourpuss

        You’re gonna love it! In lieu of a live crowning, it’s a great clip.

    • bxbourgie
    • zenobar

      Oh Lord. Thanks for posting the link. I never got as far as the Jinkx clip because I cannot stop playing Alyssa Edwards’ reaction to “chicken wings AND hot wings.”

      • NYCGlamourpuss

        “Chicken wings AND hot wings” is a thing of beauty! Alyssa Edwards never disappoints for those little “moments”.

      • I want to invite Alyssa to all my parties… or just go to every one she is invited to. Chicken wings and hot wings! ! Wahoo!!

      • Airkisses

        Where is that clip? On NewNowNext?

        • zenobar

          Check @Rupaulsdragrace on twitter – on the left hand side of the screen there’s a number of small vid clips.

    • claudemtl777

      Unfortunately the clip cant be seen outside the US (((

    • MK03

      Was anyone else just GUTTED by Alaska’s reaction?? I just wanted to reach through the screen and hug her. 🙁

      • I was so heartbroken for her last night. I watched that clip this morning, and she was all torn up before the winner was announced, and then it just looked like she was shattered when Jinkx was crowned. She tried so hard to get on the show, she finally made it, she made it to the top 3, and then… Nothing. At least she was able to congratulate Jinkx, but I really just wanted to give Alaska such a hug.

        • louised

          Oh, but not nothing! Now she has millions of fans she didn’t have before. Second place is no slouch (and yes, she was second…everyone, including Roxxxy, I hope, knows that). She’s in good company: Nina Flowers, Manila Luzon, Chad Michaels. This is like Top Model or American Idol; the runner-up always does as well as, if not better than, the crowned winner. She should be thrilled, because even if she didn’t win, she is well-loved.

          • Oh I know, but that’s not what she was thinking in the moment. In that moment, when Jinkx’s name was called, none of that mattered. Her heart was breaking. Once she had a chance to think, I’m sure she realized all that. She is very smart.

            I’m sure it has to gall Roxxxy to realize that she was 3rd, and a distant 3rd at that.

            They are both absolutely fabulous queens, and fierce competitors. Alaska has so much to be proud of. I have to admit that as happy as I am that Jinkx won, I would have been a smidge happier if it had been Alaska, just because Alaska’s sense of humor is more like mine. I want to see them both in person, because they are so fierce.

          • JANE LANE

            Roxxxy was fourth, she never should have been there. It should have been Detox.

          • Agreed.

      • starcaatcher

        I honestly feel so bad for both Alaska and Jinkx going into that last night. Like, I’m sure they knew that it was between them and they have built such a great friendship over the past year and I’m trying to imagine what that must have felt like for them and I CAN’T. And like, Alaska is crying but saying she’s so happy for Jinkx and then the way Jinkx looks at Alaska, she looks legitimately upset that Alaska didn’t win but then Alaska smiles and hugs her like THIS IS REALLY TOO MUCH FOR ME TO HANDLE.

        But Alaska was on the elimination lunch with Michelle Visage this afternoon and she was doing just fine and that made me feel much better <3

        • I’m glad that she was doing just fine.

      • My heart is also broken for my hometown girl. I’m just hoping that she wins All Stars…

    • DonnaL

      I enjoyed that clip way more than anything in that whole 90-minute show.

      • SweetMisery

        me too!

    • AnotherG

      That clip was what we should have seen. Sigh. Props to Roxxxy for managing to not be a bitch for two minutes and actually be gracious in defeat. As others observed, she probably read the writing on the wall and knew it wasn’t going to her.

      Alaska, we love you too. All-Stars, baby. (Just skip this coming season and let Raven win; or if Raven takes a break, go for it)

  • bxbourgie

    Ugh. I wanted a REAL reunion, like the ones they used to do, not this fake mess. Jinx was so emotionless when she won, I forgot that they crowned all three last year as well so the real winner wouldn’t be leaked. This bored me, although it was nice seeing some of the other queens again, and some of the ones from previous seasons. Let’s hope next year they do a REAL reunion a la Real Housewives of (InsertCityHere).

    • RebeccaKW

      I would love to see a live finale.

    • Missy Covington

      I forgot the crowning-everyone thing too. Consequently, I thought Jinkx was totally…flat. Show some emotion, girl!

      But it’s probably hard to do that when you think you’re just getting a participation ribbon.

  • Dan_In_NYC

    I agree that the interview portion isn’t my favorite – would much rather see a less public reunion where the girls can be catty without the benefit of a live audience. I was also torn between Alaska and Jinkx, and found myself more rooting for Alaska in the end. But can’t say I’m disappointed that Jinkxy won it. She’s very talented, and if she can hook up with some gays to introduce a little more edge to her look – we’ll have a pretty dynamic queen.

    • Missy Covington

      I was Jinkx all the way until this episode, when Alaska just came off as so much more charismatic and engaging. I’m still glad Jinkx won, but I would have been truly happy with either of the two taking home the crown.

    • kentiesgirl

      I really miss those low rent backstage reunions and breakdowns. Will no one ever yell at the judges to go out and walk children in nature again? And Tati-that was classic; I bet if it was this format it would’ve been edited out, as I suspect a lot of Detox’s q&a was.

  • Paigealicious

    I think Jinkx deserved it but I was sort of pulling for Alaska at the very end. Agreed that this finale was booooring. At least last year Willam went for Phi Phi and made it interesting. I also really enjoyed Raja’s outfit at the end…

  • My favorite part was when Honey Mahogany revealed the surprise look crafted for her by her new style team, and it was… still boring. But tighter.

    • Missy Covington

      And then RuPaul snarked, in Anna-Nicole drunk-voice, “Trimspa bay-bee”. I fell out.

    • StellaZafella

      I thought – ditching the Kimono – that her ahir suddenly exploded and she became a black Lady Bunny…without the wit.

    • I think part of the surprise was supposed to be the view of her butt through the sheer. Why else pointedly ask to turn around like that. By the way, Detox did that surprise reveal better on the runway.

  • starcaatcher

    I’m so happy. I’m SO happy. I’M SO HAPPY! OH MY GOD I AM SO HAPPY.

    Okay. Now that I have that out of my system. Time to write my novel.

    I’ve said since DAY 1 that Jinkx was going to win, but in the past week or two — especially the last few days — I was preparing myself for her to not win. I don’t know. I guess I just didn’t want to get my hopes up. Like, I would have been okay with anybody winning. I would have been thrilled if Alaska won and I would have understood if Roxxxy won. And right before Ru said Jinkx’s name I was like “It’s Alaska. I know it’s Alaska.” But I was wrong! (And then I screamed and cried and ran around the house — and my mom WHO DOESN’T EVEN WATCH THE SHOW called me because she was watching the finale just because she knows how much I adore Jinkx and wanted her to win, and she was screaming and like, I have a really cool mom haha.)

    I’m just so happy.

    Like, I honestly believe that she is going to be the most successful winner of Drag Race of all time. She’s GOING to be on Broadway. She’s GOING to win a Tony (fun fact — first time I met Jinkx, I gave her a tiny handmade replica of a Tony. It was adorable. She loved it.) She’s going to do so much and I can’t wait to watch it all happen.

    And even though the other two didn’t win, they certainly didn’t lose. They’re all going to have such great careers!

    And like, seeing the staged, not-real reaction of Jinkx winning on TV made me sob uncontrollably, so when I saw the video of her actual reaction… yeah. Lots and lots and lots of tears. I’m pathetic. I’m not sorry. (Also, the part in the reaction video where Ivy hugs her and says “Was there a question?” while wearing her water/duck themed outfit?! Oh god. No. I can’t. Cutest friendship ever. Too precious.)

    Speaking of Ivy, I am THRILLED she won Miss Congeniality. I don’t know if I would have voted for her based on just what I saw on the show, but I voted for her because I’ve met her and she’s actually the sweetest little thing ever. She and I had a really lengthy conversation about sewing and she does this thing during conversations where she will reach out and touch the person she’s talking to or grab their hands and just keeps her eyes on the person the whole time, and those are all little things, but it makes it feel like she genuinely cares what you have to say and it’s just really nice. Plus, her laugh is magical. Every time she laughs, a kitten is born. I have really intense Ivy feelings. I love her a lot.

    Oh, and last night at the finale party in NYC, Sharon was supposed to crown the new queen, but she didn’t? I mean, I’m gonna give her the benefit of the doubt here and hope that she wasn’t too bitter to crown Jinkx because I obviously don’t know all of the details and don’t want to jump to conclusions, it just seems a little odd. I’ve already gotten over the whole Sharon calling Jinkx a cheap version of her. So hopefully there’s some legitimate reason.

    Damn, that crown looks beautiful on Jinkx’s head.

    Truthfully, I’m a little sad that this season is over because I’m going to miss bombarding you all with my lengthy opinions. Well. If anybody cares about me, I’m on Tumblr and Twitter. We can be friends. 😉

    This is all over the place. I’m sorry. I’m still emotional.

    • Krafty_L

      YEAH! I wanted to know why Sharon didn’t put the crown on Jinkx’s head, too? Anyone know? I don’t think it could have been bitterness, because it seems like Jinkx and Alaska – as well as Sharon – have developed a good relationship post-show. DYING for the T!

    • Introspective

      I remember being at the official party when Raja won 2 yrs ago, and Tyra didnt crown her either, so I dont know if that’s a requirement that the last queen crown the new one?

      That said, maybe there was some dramatic backstory to this Sharon-Jinkx beef that caused this? Spill any more T if you have it.

      I’ll also say that I will miss Drag Race for your mini- recaps starcatcher. love how you go all in with your posts!

      • Krafty_L

        Ah – okay. I do remember Raja crowning Sharon last year, but maybe the previous queen’s passing of the crown is optional.

      • starcaatcher

        Perhaps it’s not a requirement. Now that I think about it, I’m not sure if I ever saw anywhere official that it would happen. It’s just what I (and many other people!) were expecting, I suppose. But I know that Sharon and Jinkx are friends. Jinkx and Alaska are basically besties now (did I really just use the word besties? I did, didn’t I?) and they were all together in Pittsburgh just a few days ago so. I dunno!

        And wow, that actually means a lot to me! It’s nice to feel like my random nonsense babbles aren’t JUST me babbling random nonsense to nobody ;D

      • Bebe crowned Raja.

        • sweetlilvoice

          As it should be…the memory of Tyra should be removed from the collective consciousness. Bebe is a true lady star. And so is Miss Nina–my first love.

          • louised

            I could have just voted this up, but I feel the need to state my complete and total agreement with this comment. Bebe Zahara was a worthy winner, but…it should have been Nina. And let us never speak of Tyra again.

          • kentiesgirl

            I agree this needs more than arrow up. Nina should have WON!!!! (sorry, this has been my beef for years, had to yell, haha) We need another all-stars *Full Season*. With a lot of the same queens. I loathed that format. >:(

    • Melizmatic

      It’s okay; you just have a lot of feelings.

      Want to go to Taco Bell?


      • starcaatcher

        I can’t go to Taco Bell, I’m on an all-carb diet. GOD, KAREN, YOU ARE SO STUPID.

        • Melizmatic

          “I might be dumb, but my breasts are kind of psychic. I have a fifth sense. It’s like I have ESPN or something…”


          • MK03

            My breasts can tell when it’s going to rain. Well, my breasts can tell when it’s raining.

          • NYCGlamourpuss

            I couldn’t sit with you when I wore that vest that one time!

    • O Superman

      She’s probably not going to win a Tony.

      • starcaatcher

        We’ll just have to wait and see 😉

    • NYCGlamourpuss

      Girl, I may not be able to get here often because of the log in issues, but I am gonna miss the HELL out of your season 5 posts! What are your handles at Twitter and Tumblr? Because I’ll totally friend you!

      • starcaatcher

        You are so incredibly sweet, my gosh! I think I’m blushing! My Twitter is kaylabeth_ and my Tumblr is alaskanmonsoon! And right now, I look like a crazy fangirl on both Twitter and Tumblr! (Oh wait… I am a crazy fangirl…)

        • NYCGlamourpuss

          Found you at both, and “followed you”! We can geek out together.

    • dashwoodstole

      Did anyone else think that the whole Sharon bitching about Jinkx thing was a joke? Given that Jinkx and Alaska have by all accounts been good friends since the show, and in the latest ‘Drag Becomes Him’ film about Jinkx, she said that Sharon Needles gave her the dress she was wearing… Sharon’s got a weird sense of humour that doesn’t always come across right. Having said that, I think that since she won RPDR she’s seemed a right bitch, I really don’t like her as much now as I did when she was on the show.

      • starcaatcher

        I don’t know if it was a joke or not, but truthfully, I didn’t take it too seriously. After all, it IS Sharon. And I’m pretty sure when she said the thing about Jinkx being a cheap version of her, it was after a show and she was probably intoxicated. Either way, the fuss didn’t last long. Jinkx responded like the classy lady she is, and then they were hanging out together a few days later. But I’ve met Sharon twice since she’s won and she’s been a complete sweetheart to me. I’ve heard other people say that she’s been a bitch, but in my personal experiences, she has been nothing but nice. I still adore her and it will probably take a lot to change that, honestly 🙂

        • NYCGlamourpuss

          Yeah, I mean – I took it as Sharon trying to stir up excitement, nothing more. I mean, they’re friends, they all hang out together, and one of Sharon’s things is shock value. Even Alaska made a couple of cracks about Jinkx’s crazy fans this morning, which are already on Tumblr, and it’s clear they’re just goofing around. It’s so not a big deal, y’know?

      • kentiesgirl

        I thought it was a joke and response to other queen’s fans (and other queens) saying Alaska is a low rent version of her.

  • AnotherG

    Thank you, TLo, for your engaging recaps this season. They were always enjoyable. I think this year’s crowning was better than last years, but I agree that they can probably jigger the format some more. They just need to either do it live (with a few second delay for bleeps) or do the last few minutes live where Ru actually crowns the queen.

    I don’t mind visiting with the eliminated (snerk) queens, and Ru is smart enough to stack them a few deep for those early weeks. I like it because there’s always the chance that someone will have a Shannel and have to be smacked down. Although that didn’t happen, I thought it was interesting and telling the way the more pageant-y girls did more air-kissing-sweetness than the ones like Detox who explicity don’t give a shit. So I’m not sure that’s a factor of the Oprah-like format as opposed to the participants think they should behave.

    Anyway, I enjoyed the season, and your recaps were tons of fun to boot.

  • A.W.

    Can we discuss Alaska’s stage outfit? Oh my god.

    • StellaZafella

      I loved the Girls Gone Wild’s in her House Of Haunt wheelhouse…But I fell out with how elegant she translated in the last gown. Not unexpected, she could have walked any big red carpet in that look.
      I just love her ability to play contrasts and still have the dirtiest mouth (next to Detox).

  • StellaZafella

    Totally agree. Make the Rucap and reunion special one big bitch fight and then make them all come and sit in the audience for the Final 3 episode culminating in the big dragstravagana performance of the finalists and the crowning in real time… THAT WOULD WREAK!

    From your mouth to Ru’s earpiece.

    I was team Alaska only because I find her better, funnier and edgier without a script…just her wit is enough. But Jinkx is great with a script and I support her win all the way: Condrags JM!

    • I would say Jinkx did very well unscripted when answering Ru why she should win, and Alaska bombed it, flubbed around searching for a reason and settled on to buy pizza”. Also her last challenge speech was a script.

      Or maybe you mean for UNserious speaking. Agreed, Jinkx is a much more serious person than Alaska.

      • Melizmatic


        • StellaZafella

          “Unserious drag queens f’revah!” I want that tee shirt.

          For me the serious part of drag ends with the look, after that, let me in on the joke…make me laugh (unless you’re actually doing an Elizabethan tragedy) . I never would have made it through a single night in my old bartender gig if I’d been serious about the whole schtick…I would have bored MYSELF!

          • Ah but the neighborhood bar is not RPDR – a three week gig to score 100K and a massive career boost and international “fame” in certain circles. Where Ru claims he expects some ability to articulate something ~serious from time to time. It’s what he loved about Raja’s answer versus Manila’s on the “why you” question, what he continually praised Sharon for – and even what her fans claim they love – her transgressive political point of view.

            Not unlike RuPaul himself, with every interview being completely serious and not a stand up routine.

            And what he TOLD Alaska she was missing that Sharon was able to convey “HEART”. And that’s a lesson Alaska is STILL not getting, based on her elimination lunch. Not a single authentic from the heart statement unless you count the complete BS “I really didn’t want to win for myself but for my supporters”. Gurl. I know you were hung over but really?

            I totally find her amusing for all the reasons stated. But it’s disingenuous to claim that there’s some standard of snarky wit or whatever that is the litmus test that ALL queens have to meet. Jinkx has that but it’s not her go-to. We saw it in her confessionals. But in real life, she is a person on a mission to be the first dragstress to break the gender binary by playing serious prominent female roles on stage. It’s a different personality, life goal and just as valid as whatever Alaska’s still “secret” undefined career goal might be. Which, I’m thinking might be being a comic. Fine. Just don’t demand that other people have the same goal.

            I suppose we’re back to the same old. Every viewer has whatever it is they like in a performer and tend to unfairly write off the competitor’s form of expression.

          • StellaZafella

            Clearly, Piper, you have a very different view of what drag should be, socially, professionally and in terms of personal politics. You are to be lauded for your passion. I’ve been involved with drag, paid and unpaid in and out of clubs, bars, pageants and royal systems for over 40 years. I was brought to it as Improvisational Street Theatre on the streets of San Francisco. I do it because it’s meant to bring fun and…many years ago it was an important way to break down social barriers…but it always had to be about letting everybody in on the fun and, AS GOOD AS WE LOOKED (and we were about looking GOOD), we were still NEVER anything but MEN in dresses…that’s just how it has been for me.
            I love Jinkx, I want to see him succeed as an actor and give serious performances, male and female roles open to him, Jerrick is great.
            I happen to like Alaska better on a personal level…she’s closer to how I grew up in Dressing to Resemble A Girl…D.R.A.G.
            Sorry if I offended you by not being utterly about your favorite…we both have opinions, that’s all.
            I know that with people like you to support and nurture her, Jinkx will go far…and so will Jerrick.
            And keep watching RPDR along with me, it’s the best reality television BECAUSE it doesn’t take itself too seriously, either.

          • kentiesgirl

            Before I go on, I love reading your opinions and hearing about your experiences. For whatever my opinion is worth, although I am a woman, I grew up in the 80s & 90s with a decent amount of exposure to certain facets of the drag scene from a very young age and I agree with you.

            If I could ask you a question, did you ever have female customers? In the 90’s-when I was old enough to get thru the *front* door- I went to drag nights at clubs. Sometimes to gay bars with gay friends, sometimes to shows with straight girl friends, although now it’s a rarity to get out. Is this really unusual? I was pretty certain it, in your words, “always had to be about letting everybody in on the fun”. Now it seems the attitude is that the women there are only RPDR fans
            and they’re rather annoying/pathetic, I guess (although the performers and servers seem to not care, money is money)? I would really love to hear an opinion from a knowledgeable stranger rather than a friend who doesn’t want to hurt my feelings. I ask for more than my ego, I assure you. Any thoughts on the matter are welcome! I hope I am not being offensive, although I am being a bit too serious 😉

            P.S. It’s the BEST reality show. Nothing makes me smile on my worst days like RPDR. 😉

          • StellaZafella

            Thanks, you are very sweet. I don’t perform any more, haven’t in many years now, because of health issues. (Besides that, putting makeup on this old mug feels like ‘puttin’ a sequin on a rat’s ass’ (Thank you Charles Pierce)).
            Women have always been an important audience for the style of drag I came up in because it was never about putting women down – and though the socio-political implication was never allowed to be foremost in our performances, it was implied, because the point was to help people enjoy life in bad times and lose their fear of Gay people through laughter…butch gay men too, who hated effeminacy would also break through sometimes if the drag queen got his/her message across.
            Two of my favorite sayings (not original to me) have been:
            – “It’s hard to hate someone when you’re busy laughing” – The late Waylan Flowers
            – “I’m a perfectly healthy Gay man who happens to have too much fashion sense for one gender!” –To Wong Foo, etc (with Patrick Swayze, Wesley Snipes and John Leguizamo)

            So, for all the drag queens performing in clubs around the world: “Thanks for being there with us. Thanks for bringing friends and sharing the fun…but mostly, thanks for the tips…’cause dis bitch got rent to pay and cheap shoes don’t last!”

        • Well, I think she means informal unscripted statements, like in her talking head segments, as opposed to more formal unscripted comments, like answering, “why should you win,” or “how will this change your life?” She was never great at the latter without coaching. I got the feeling she thought she could just wing it on charisma and wit. It’s a testament to her talent that winging it very nearly worked. She was a runner up where a less talented queen would have gone home in the second week with such a lack of strategy. “I’m afraid of death!?” C’mon.

          • And with Gloria Allred: ” I have star quality, the x factor..” “that’s not good enough what is your most important strength just lay it on me”..”UM, well, ok I guess we can see which one is the most impactful”. Thud. Props to her, she came up with a great SCRIPT that met the apparent requirements that Jinkx and Roxxxy chose to approach differently. But I’m not so sure “trash to treasure” as cute as it is is a winning meme for an ongoing foundation of the next drag superstar title.

            Again, why Sharon was brilliant in her strategy, which she’s talked about working on to make her character more crisp for the show. Describing herself in three words, then having indisputable points of view. And I say that as someone who doesn’t even really follow her and breezed through season four because of Phi2 LOL.

  • MilaXX

    I actually did see the Ivy Winter’s coming. I mean, who else was there? I didn’t care about the Alyssa/Coco feud. I think we all knew that was fake, but I almost felt bad for Roxxy having to yet again apologize. At this point it felt more like groveling. I would love sketches or a SHOW! of some sort rather than a rehash of boring queens I didn’t care about in the first place.

    • Missy Covington

      I actually did see the Ivy Winter’s coming

      I read that as, “I actually did see that Winter is Coming.”

      I need to watch less Game of Thrones, clearly.

    • demidaemon

      I actually regained some love for Roxxxy last night, as she clearly admitted to her faults while not blaming anyone but herself. How refreshing compared to Phi Phi last year. She also seemed low energy for what I am guessing is a couple of reasons: 1) She’s had a pretty stressful year, with the loss of her drag mother and the shit ton of negativity thrown at her through the interwebs and 2) No doubt, she saw that she was going to come in third, no matter what, if Ru was taking anything mentioned through social media, even minimally.

      I personally was also expecting an Alaska win, mostly because of the editing. Her pre-crowning package was very celebratory of her achievements on RPDR whereas Jinkx’s focused more on the drama she experienced. So, I guess, good on Rupaul and WoW for the fakeout, since it made the win a bit more sweet for me as a viewer and bittersweet as well, since I was definitely rooting for Alaska a little too.

  • Ruthie O

    Agreed on all points. I found myself to be dreadfully bored most of last night. But I do have something fun for you! Bitter kittens and favorite uncles: here is a clip from last night of the finalists actually finding out who won. It’s a fantastic watch. Jinkx exclaims with glee, Roxxy offers her (surprisingly) enthusiastic support, and Alaska breaks down.

  • Krafty_L

    Agree with TLo and all the kittens who abhor this “film all three queens winning” nonsense. We, the audience, who have been following the show all season, should get to see a genuine reaction from the WINNAH! And, it would be satisfying to see a little teeth-gnashing from the losing queens.

    Edited to add: I’ve been Team Jinkx all the way! So stoked to catch her show in DC, see her onstage in NYC, and I’m highly anticipating her turn as Little Edie in the Peaches Christ production of Grey Gardens!!

    • NYCGlamourpuss

      So jealous! I am going to see her in The Vaudevillians in July, so I have that to look forward to. Going solo, though… got no one who wants to go with me (*sadness!*).

      • Krafty_L

        I’m sure you’ll have a fantastic time, no matter what! I went to a couple of Sharon Needles performances solo last year, and I made friends wherever I went! I’ve never been to the Beechman Theatre, but it looks like a pretty intimate setting.

    • largishbearishAtlish

      thank you SO much T’lo for explaining the ‘all three filmed as winners” thing, as I was utterly baffled by Jinxk’s complete lack of reaction to the WIN! (love “it’s Monsoon Season”).

      and interviews with the 1st and 2nd ‘cast-offs” really? zzzzzzz. Would love to have seen a ‘real housewives’ cat fight. (the LaToya “Winterzzzz’ was cute tho (is she as delightfully clueless as she appears? I hope so)

      thanks for the great recaps T’lo

      • demidaemon

        They have kind of done that type of interview through all the reunions though, if memory serves me. However, with family and friends in the audience, they do seem to self-censor a bit, whereas the privately shot reunions were a bit freer in discussion. I think, all things considered though, JInkx did her best version of fake-winning she could. So some snaps to her on her acting capabilities.

    • TyrannolaurusRex

      Re: DC show

      You’re talking about the one with Alaska and Roxxxy on June 8th, right? Or is there another show I don’t know about yet?

  • Introspective

    So I knew this reunion was boring if even in a packed room of gays and queens at the official Drag Race finale party in NYC I was texting the whole time, and just waiting to hear that Jinkx won.

    but some observations from the party:

    1) Lineyshia and Monica Beverly Hillz are both gorgeous in person.

    2) the amount of straight girl hags packing the room that felt like hipster extras from a bad episode of Girls suggests how crossover Drag Race has gotten.

    3) Alyssa’s cracktastic and I love her.

    4) Willam, Vicki Vox and Detox gave me my WHOLE LIFE in the rendition of “That Boy is a Bottom.”

    5) Sharon Needles is a fucking boss. Alaska’s engaging, but nowhere same stratosphere of drag as her hubby. That said the love between them is adorbs.

    6) Even “dressed up,” Michelle Visage is nothing more and nothing less than a round the way Jersey girl. (read all the shade you want to into that one.)

    7) Jinkx is totally benefiting from the styling wizardry of Ivy Winters who I hear is working on her team now (but some other insiders should pipe up on this one). She looked STUNNING last night as she got her crown & her check.

    8) Its MONSOON season bitches!!!!

    • While it makes sense for Jinkx to hire Ivy, she’s had her own designer since before Drag Race filmed, J. Von Stratton, Seattle. She did the white gown and black spiky number that she wore on the runway on the show.And the blue/green gown she wore to the NNN awards.

    • VioletFem

      I agree with you on all the points you made and just wanted to add that Jinkx’s gown is an original designed by J. Von Stratton. Jinkx has worn several of her designs during this season of Drag Race.

      • NYCGlamourpuss

        Which gown do you mean? The one from the fake coronation or the one from when she actually found out she won? They were both gorgeous, but the second gown (when she actually found out she won) was incredible! She looked stunning!

        • VioletFem

          The coronation gown specifically. And I agree, it was absolutely stunning!

          • NYCGlamourpuss

            Loved that one! Do you know who did the “finding out she won backstage” gown? That was my favorite! Who says the girl can’t do glamour?

          • VioletFem

            I’m not sure who designed her “finding out she won backstage” gown, but it was not JVS. Although, I’d like to know now because it is such a pretty dress.

          • starcaatcher

            From EW: “Of course, not every element of Jinkx’s victory night was so well
            planned — her beaded champagne coronation gown, for example. “I normally
            have all my stuff designed by J. Von Stratton in Seattle, but I kind of
            totally forgot that I needed a dress for the crowning,” Jinkx
            confessed. “When I got into New York two days ago, Ivy and I got drunk,
            and she took me dress shopping — I can’t even tell you where it came
            from or who designed it. I just bought the first dress that spoke to me,
            and it ended up being perfect.”” Even Jinkx doesn’t even know!

          • NYCGlamourpuss

            That’s… that’s just complete pure gold! Two drunk drag queens out buying whatever the hell dress they stumble upon! I’m not gonna lie, I really just love that. I hope that story’s true!

          • starcaatcher

            The Jivy fanfiction basically writes itself.

            (This is a joke. Just so people know. I understand that fanfiction and real-life-shipping is creepy and weird. Again…This is a joke.)

          • StellaZafella

            I love your posts and your humour, Starcaatcher…but beware, even on TLo, this late in the season, there’s people on here with switchblades in they’ shoes!

          • starcaatcher

            Haaaa! Exactly why I was hesitant about posting that (and made sure to add a disclaimer when I did post it.) People can be crazy! But, y’know…. ducks with water on their backs or…something along those lines. I don’t know. I forget the exact quote. 😉

          • StellaZafella

            quack, quack…’nuf said, squirrel freind.

  • hughman

    I was happy to see Jinxx win but let’s face it, Alaska OWNED that chat segment. She was hilarious and her kinda Suze Orman schtick was brill. Would die to see her host a chat show.

    • Introspective

      As much as my post wasnt sold on Alaska being an overall drag superstar like Sharon, I agree here though. Alaska’s wit is SOOOO spot on. Id love for her to host 1 girl (1 queen then?) and 5 gays or something like that–god knows that show could use a little more life.

      Last night her answers were so funny. the girl has something even if I am sure it wasnt enough to carry her to the crown.

      • So true. If the winner were to be decided by the reunion show, Alaska would have won by a mile. She was hysterical. And she can turn on a dime, like when she was crying about how special her relationship with Sharon is because she can wear all of Sharon’s designer clothes.

    • Missy Covington

      Agreed on all points.

    • Deniz Daser

      So much this. Alaska is the funniest queen in RPDR history imo. She has so much presence.

  • Eva_baby

    I think social media has made a big difference in how the queens act. Even more so than last year which was the first time they did the live show reveal. I think they they’ve realized the power of twitter & the fans and have learned the importance of marketing & perception. Roxxxy learning how disliked she was had to be a big part in how she acted/reacted in the finale. Gone are the days of the Raven/Tati bitchiness at reunion.

    • zenobar

      I thought Roxxxy was awfully subdued last night. A lot of her bluster and braggadocio was gone. I wonder if she realized that she didn’t have much of a chance because of the Facebook/social media fracas surrounding her crappy behavior.

      • Introspective

        exactly this. she is probably kicking herself up to now as she realizes that much of why she didnt win the crown was because of what she said offstage, rather than what she did onstage…

        • zenobar

          Mmhm. Well that, and also that she just didn’t have as much going for her, talent-wise, as the other girls. But still.

      • Melizmatic

        I’m pretty sure that Ms Roxy has had a major reality check in the form of ‘fan feedback’ since the taping ended.

        • zenobar

          Not sure if you saw it, but she posted a long, impassioned defense of her behavior on FB a couple of weeks ago, when it became painfully clear that her bullying of Jinkx was getting out of hand. Unfortunately, few were buying what she was trying to sell. Can’t unring that bell, hunty!

        • Krafty_L

          And now, it’s all about garnering as much good will as she can to salvage her career.

  • zenobar

    I notice that my commented sigh of recap-induced relief was deleted by the moderator. So – no pissiness or sense of entitlement was intended. My apologies, if that was the impression that was given.

    I think it’s a testament to TLo’s recapping skills that a number of your followers were completely jonesing to get your take on last night’s RPDR finale. Your followers know you’re busy with the Met Gala. We’re just passionate about Drag Race and love to read your angle on it when all is said and done.

    • Melizmatic

      >>>”I notice that my commented sigh of recap-induced relief was deleted by the moderator.”<<<

      Hey at least it's not just me; I was starting to feel as shunned as Rebecca Glasscock, there for a minute…

      • zenobar

        Nah, mine too, lighthearted as it was intended to be. I’m guessing it’s been an overwhelming day at Chez TLo. But here we are now, entertainers.

  • Glad to see Jinx win and she was totally my pick! That said, they really could stand to do away with the live reunion as none of the queens are going to say what they really want to say in front of potential (future) audiences, i.e. $$$. I too think they could do with some toning down of how stage managed this show has become: perhaps not quite as budget as S1, but S2 had a good mix going on (to say nothing of Ms. Ginsberg who imho in every way was a better judge than Ms. Visage AND Santino, who adds very little). (Or better yet, bring back Merle and replace Santino with Billy B and we’ll have a real judges panel.) Anyway, it’s cute to see them all in front of an audience but perhaps it makes for better tv to have them in something more private ala S1-S3.

    • demidaemon

      Well, if they could find a way to prevent a leak of the winner, perhaps they would revert to that format. Until then, they are working with this format. Rupaul obviously also likes to encourage word of mouth and fan participation, which is big part of drag as well. There are some pros and cons to both. I think, perhaps, a live crowning (shortish, with performances by the queens and then the crowning) with a taped reunion special may be the way they want to go. We’ll see, in S6.

  • All Stars 2: The Alaska and Willam show. (SRSLY, better happen.)

    • Melizmatic

      Not if they use the same fucktarded “partners” format that they did for AllStars 1; sorry but IMO, the producers really did “fuck it up.”

      • zenobar

        That “partner” idea was a travesty.

        • Melizmatic

          Whoever came up with the idea needs to be bitch-slapped repeatedly with used ‘tuck tape’…

      • Oh you’ll get no disagreements from me.

      • MK03

        It’s almost like they were trying to fuck Pandora over again.

      • Replace the partners with the peanut butter dancers… yes. Every episode, a random outburst of those dancers led into the room by the pit crew.

  • Melizmatic

    T- LO;

    WHY do you keep deleting my comments?

    Am I breaking some sort of unknown ‘rule?’

    I was in the middle of editing what I wanted to say and poof!


    All T, all shade, boys; it ain’t cool.

    As I was trying to say, when my comment disappeared:

    I expected a boring show, given last year’s tedium.

    I’m in full agreement that Ru should have her ‘drag extravaganza’ be included as part of a the final challenge.

    I think she needs to quit with the last minute coronations BS, and just do the finale show, replete with the crowning, live; and there should be a completely separate reunion show that isn’t all fake ‘warm and fuzzy’.

    I also think Roxy earned herself a whole lot more shade with that comment about S5’s cast being “the cream of the crop.”

    The look on Raja and Raven’s faces said it all:

    Bitch, please.

    • This last comment. A million times. IS Roxxxy that delusional? And why did she look like Madame Mim? I wanted more of those dancing boys also.

    • Because posting “Finally!” is obnoxious as hell. You’re not waiting for a sandwich here.

      • Melizmatic

        Please see the private email I sent; and please, do save the snark for those who actually deserve it.


  • RussellH88

    One thing I hate about the reunions is that if you fall into the top 3, there’s no way you’re winning Miss Congeniality.

    I’m ok with Jinkx winning. I would have preferred Alaska because I think she’s funnier and I hate to say it, but I don’t think Jinkx’s character to be that entertaining. Yes, she’s talented and seems like a sweet person, but I feel like I see her trying which I don’t see in Alaska.

    And there’s too much reality show self-awareness on these. I miss the old reunions where people were still angry and bitter.

    • demidaemon

      Well, in season one, the runner-up was Miss Congeniality. But, Ru obviously likes to spread out the prizes a bit. Since they want to actually name Miss Congeniality on this show, they have to exclude the top 3 with these situations.

      • RussellH88

        Well, I meant with this whole live audience reunion taped long after the show is over, it pretty much excludes the top 3 from winning Miss Congeniality. In the case of season 1, there was no fan vote for the winner, so there wasn’t an issue.

  • evahansman

    I just realized watching last week’s show that the requirements spell out a word that can’t be a coincidence. Am I the last one to see this, or the first?


    Can’t abe a coincidence right?

    • I keep thinking people are the last to know…


    • Melizmatic

      Methinks that you may be the last to know, dearie.

      • evahansman

        I was pretty sure I was the last. :0

        • NYCGlamourpuss


    • Jacqueline Wessel

      It finally dawned on me when JuJuBee, during a confessional, said that Tyra didn’t have much charisma … “She’s just an unt.”

    • pdquick

      Bless your heart.

    • Sweetpea176

      Oh, honey.

  • I was surprised anyone even remembered Ivy. The most memorable part of her persona is the way Ru calls out her name. Point Blank.

    I was rooting for Alaska all the way, but happy with the Jinxx win.

  • I don’t think it’s fair to not expect the entire cast to show up and get a minute on camera. They’re the bread and butter of the franchise and show bars and it gives the public a chance to remember them, then book them. Serena Cha Cha’s come a long way and is doing well at her gigs, for example. Do I care? No. But for a small neighborhood suburban bar that can’t afford tier 1 talent, I think it’s great that these entertainers and fans get a chance to meet and do their thing.

    And I for one have had a lifetime’s worth of “these bitches ripping each other’s wigs off”.

  • jw_ny

    I’m so happy that Jinkx won! Also happy that Ivy won for Congeniality.

    Now…off to Logo to watch the episode, and thanks for the warning about all the interviews. I’ll have to multi-task during it.

  • Can I have Lineysha’s headpiece? That thing was awesome. And she is still clueless. Poor dear.

    Not one word from Coco was aired. I wonder why.

  • PinkySlinky

    I picked both Jinxx and Ivy as the winners well before last nite. There was no way Ru would give it to Alaska (since hubby won the year before) and Roxxy killed her chances by being the big bitch.

    No, this was the year of Pageant v Comedy/ Weird Drag- Next season will be chock full of Comedy/ Weird. I’ll miss the pageantry for sure.

    Ivy threw no shade and was liked by all the queens- clear miss congeniality.

    And the one thing I took away from the finale was yes, Detox should have been in the top three because she stole the show last nite (even though she was kinda muted).

    Fun times- one of my fav seasons for sure.

    • Krafty_L

      I’d have been okay with Detox in the top 3 instead of Roxxxy, not instead of Jinkx (as Detox thought she should be).

      • PinkySlinky

        Completely agree with ya!

    • Sweetpea176

      Disagree on Roxxxy killing her chances by being the big bitch — she got as far as she did BECAUSE of her delusional bitchiness. Just “N” without the “C” “U” or “T” in my book. But then, I didn’t get the Roxxxy love from the start, so maybe I’m missing something.

  • XPT

    The staged triple proclamation definitely ruins the finale. They must find another way of giving the prize next season, please!

  • Deniz Daser

    So happy for Jinkxy, though Alaska REALLY grew on me the last couple of weeks. What a talent she is.

    Anyone else think the Coco-Alyssa “feud” is totally fake? I don’t think those two bitches ever were sour on each other.

  • NYCGlamourpuss

    OMG, I’m still so excited! STILL!! First of all, Jinkx WON!!! Second of all – somehow my ass was able to log in to Disqus from work, and I don’t know how! WHEEE! Good lord, if I can log in from here on a regular basis, I’ll be thrilled! Once I get home from work, I’m too wiped out. Okay ANYWAY…

    And TLo, can I just say something without sounding ass-kissy? It’s this:

    “But big CONDRAGULATIONS to Jinkx. We were rooting for her all the way and we’re thrilled to see her win it. We were kinda rooting for Alaska as well, but we definitely leaned Jinkx’s way.”

    Because, thank you. Thank you! I’m not sure what I’m thanking you for, precisely, but thank you anyway. And you know, it’s cool that you had Alaska leanings; I think a lot of folks did. But I want to vent about this, if it’s okay – I noticed, after the Sugar Ball, a couple of recappers (and a few fans, but you’ll have that) around the interwebz just throwing their support to Alaska after Jinkx did badly on one challenge. ONE challenge, after being the front runner for the whole entire season. And I know, they’re entitled to do so, but still; it did irk me, to be honest. So, one recapper – who shall remain nameless, because I wouldn’t be THAT uncool – was Team Jinkx all season long. Jinkx botches the Sugar Ball, and suddenly this recapper is throwing their total support to Alaska! Now, I’m assuming they may have gotten some heat for it from the fans, because THIS morning, said recapper was all, “I knew Jinkx would win from the beginning! It was always you, Jinkx!” I was gagging – and not in a fun “drag reference” way. Anyhow, thank you, TLo, for sticking with Jinkx even during her tough times on the show! Broke my heart to see shit like that.

    I would have loved to have seen a live crowning, but that being said, I think Logo TV made sure the backstage link of the final three’s actual reaction hit the internet very early this morning, which made up for it to an extent. And I loved that clip – I really did. It showed, dare I say it, a more sincere (if that’s the right word) side of Roxxxy. There are a couple of clips floating around from performance trips they’ve all done together that do honestly lead me to believe that Jinkx and Roxxxy have mended fences. And I’d rather have that than think it’s just bullshit for the cameras. Everyone fucks up once in a while – most of us don’t do it so publicly, and believe me, I spent the bulk of this season hollering “Fuck off, Roxxxy!” at my TV, but that clip from this morning made me believe that things are okay between them now. Case in point? Ru announces Jinkx’s name, and Jinkx closes her eyes, and sways a little like she’s about to topple over. And who wraps their arms around her and props her back up, while screaming, “You did it! You did it!” None other than Roxxxy Andrews. Yeah, I’ve really disliked her ass for weeks now, but – that made me buy it, people. I’ve folded. I believe in the forgiveness. If that makes me a chump, so be it!

    • starcaatcher

      Jinkx and Roxxxy are great friends now. Jinkx said somewhere in some interview or something that being on Drag Race was like a bunch of feral cats being thrown into a hamster cage. And the arguments that happened were very real with real feelings when they were happening, but it’s been almost a year since they filmed that and when it comes down to it, they’ve all been through this crazy experience together that has bonded them all for life. They’re like family and they fight like family.
      But they’ve done shows together, they went to Universal Studios together! (And Jinkx made them all go to the wand shop so she could buy a Bellatrix Lestrange wand. Oh, that precious lil’ baby.) And they really are really good friends. And that’s part of the reason why I have become defensive when it comes to Roxxxy lately because a lot of people attack her and they don’t seem to know that things are cool now. And that reaction video really sealed the deal. They’re friends!!!!

      • R B

        It’s great they are “friends” now, but my guess that is Jinkx being a professional and taking the high road which is testament to her graciousness. However, the public was just seeing all of this recently. People are entitled to their reactions and they are going to process it accordingly. Sure, Roxxxy apologized, but did she apologize to the fans? No, instead they were bashed on social media for the silly notion of believing what they saw on reality TV. Although social media being what it is, I’m sure they were quite vicious to her as well.

        I was especially not impressed with Roxxxy’s apology last night that contained the “but for” clause. She specifically made reference to “I was acting” something along the lines of “…the way I acted, and I was acting…”. So first it was “editing” and now it was “acting”. Sorry, not buying it.

        It’s really quite simple, she shouldn’t have behaved like that on TV and she wouldn’t have been portrayed like that. She took that path and she has to accept where that leads. I’m sure the producers didn’t have them draw ballots out of a hat to determine who played what character. They edited what they were given.

        However, at this point, yes everyone should move on past this drama.

  • John

    Last night they had the finale viewing party with all of the season 5 constants at XL Nightclub here in New York. I can tell you that Jinkx was VERY emotional & gracious. So glad to see her win…btw Alyssa was hilarious in person but I don’t think she was trying to be

    • NYCGlamourpuss

      Awwww!!! (*I’m melty*)

    • Dan_In_NYC

      That is the beauty of Alyssa – she’s somehow in on the joke even if she doesn’t get the joke. She senses the shade being thrown even if she doesn’t understand it. And her mouth just mesmerizes. I will be watching her spin-off for sure. Alyssa YouTube Gem I Can’t Stop Listening to:


  • largishbearishAtlish

    What??? No one commented on Roxxxy doing a Snatch Game imitation of Patty from Millionaire Matchmaker???

    All she needed was the nasal voice and 2 sidekicks to be Patty…maybe this was an attempt at crossover by Bravo?

  • Stubenville

    I’m thrilled that Jinkx won, although I would have been happy with an Alaska win as well. I thought Roxxy making nice smacked of damage control.

    And Ru, honey? It’s a drag show, not a d-r-a-g show. Punch it up next year, m’kay?

  • Zaftiguana

    It was sort of weak sauce that Jinkx spoiled the show for West Coast fans (come on, girl, we all know that production company explains to all of you how that works and discourages you from doing it), but on the bright side, it saved me the trouble of watching this week (which, I suppose, is exactly why the producers don’t want their most popular queens spoiling their fans). As soon as I heard that they repeated the same model from last year, I knew it was going to be a bland, emotionless mess of an episode.

    I just don’t understand why they did it this way again. I get delaying the announcement and making it a pseudo “vote” so as to get all of the fan traffic onto the show’s sites, I just don’t understand why they couldn’t really do it live. Or at least on a slight delay so they can do a little editing and bleeping.

    • R B

      How did Jinkx spoil it? The show twitter @RuPaulsDragRace sent out tweets 5 mins (EST) after Miss Congeniality and when the winner was announced and it was on social media elsewhere before the west coast airing.

      • Zaftiguana

        Um…because lots of people who like or follow Jinkx don’t like or follow those other pages or users? Or use (or work on) those other types of social media? It’s not like in order to spoil something you have to be the first one, ever, anywhere to say something about it.

        • R B

          On my twitter feed, where I follow both the show and jinkx, there is 2 hour gap between the show tweets announcing the winner and the jinkx tweets saying “Its monsoon season. Officially” and “Thank you Rupaul”. after the EST coast airing. Not sure how that spoiled it unless it happened on some other social media or the west coast airing was in progress or you had to wait watch it online. In any event, it’s sad that it was spoiled for you. Are you a jinkx fan? That’s good news that should make you feel better. I hope you will find the strength to go on.

          • Sarcasm is awesome.

          • Zaftiguana

            So you get that the west coast airing was still in progress and you know that the announcement was at the end, so you obviously understand that she announced it before it was broadcast. Which is kind of the definition of a spoiler. And on FB it was the first thing at the top of her fans’ pages because of the popularity of the post. I don’t see anyone trying to crucify her or saying their life won’t go on, and in fact my comment celebrated the fact that she saved me from feeling any need to participate in the unpleasant fiction that anyone cares what Jade Jolie has to say about anything ever. But Jesus. It’s a spoiler. That’s what it’s called. It is what it is. I love the girl, but she’s not the infallible pope of drag.

          • R B

            I just find irony for the “concern” that the person who won spoiled it for her fans by announcing she won before they found out that she won combined with the fact that you didn’t want to watch the manufactured drama anyway somewhat silly and passive aggressive.

          • Zaftiguana

            I’m not just her fan and she wasn’t actually my pick to win, although I am happy for her and like the vindication it brings to past comedy queens like Pandora who didn’t get their due. But I did want to watch the actual announcement, like most fans of the show. There’s nothing “passive aggressive” about saying that it was kind of a bummer that she, unlike the other queens I follow, posted a spoiler about it before it aired where several million fans live. There is no ulterior motive or heightened “concern”. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

          • R B

            Let’s summarize, shall we?

            1) You commented that you were disappointed that a spoiler was sent out.

            2) I commented that I thought it was minor and unconcerning (along with silly and passive aggressive),

            3) You continue to be disappointed.

            4) I continue to be unconcerned (and admittedly baffled by the “cigar” metaphor/analogy/symbolism.)

            5) I think we’re done now.

          • R B

            Then have a cigar.

          • Enough.

          • R B

            No problem! So which one did I piss off, the tall one, the short one, or both? I need to keep track of these things.

  • LittleKarnak

    So glad Jinkx won!!! I think I am in the minority but Alaska bored me to tears all season and her bikini look last night had me worried about the state of her health. DYING over Detox’s black and white look…..

  • I like that Jinkx at least seemed to tap into her acting skills to give us an approximation of the reaction she otherwise would have had, but yeah, I don’t understand why this show can’t just be live–it would really be amazingly dramatic, to have the queen announced in front of a thousand people, live.

  • Melissa

    Couldn’t agree more. Remember Tyra’s finale? I couldn’t stand that bitch, but boy was it hilarious to see her sob and roll around on stage like a Telenovela star on ecstasy. THAT’S the drag queen reaction we’re looking for. And the old reunion shows were more intimate and thus more drag-down-dirty and fun. That’s where we got Tammie’s “I don’t see you walking children in nature!”

    Ru, who cares if the winner is leaked. Those of us who don’t want to know, won’t look. Everyone else can suck it up. Besides, it’s been pretty obvious Jinkx would walk away with it for awhile now.

    • pdquick

      Manila Luzon posted a huge pic of Jinx on Facebook under the word, “ConDRAGulations!” before the show aired on the West Cost, so it was spoiled for everybody who made the mistake of looking at Facebook in Pacific Time anyway.

  • AudreysMom

    thank you for posting that. Better payoff than scrolling through the show on Logo.

  • Melissa

    I think I was actually more invested in Miss Congeniality than I was in the top three. I wanted Alyssa to nab it! But Ivy’s a good egg so… *shrug*

    • pdquick

      They should have given Miss Congeniality to Coco, just for fun.

  • Deniz Daser

    Am I the only one who cannot watch that? I’m so happy for Jinkx but poor Alaska! Love her too… 🙁

    • kentiesgirl

      I was really rooting for Alaska, and casting her after Sharon felt kinda mean (as did the constant comparisons), so watching her cry while Roxxxy was hugging Jinx and her off-camera “I’m so happy for you” tore me up. :'(

  • Zaftiguana

    Yeah, after I got spoiled I just watched that and called it a day. If this year’s was anything like last year’s there was more interesting content in that 90 seconds than in the entire reunion show.

  • Candy Kane

    Did anyone catch the look on Detox’s face when the Peanut Butter dancers came out. I’ve never seen a more sincere WTF?! face in my life.

    • YES! That was fantastic! And a reflection of my own feelings. Ha!

    • pdquick

      But I have been repeating the phrase, “Do to the fack that her thighs spread like…,” all day.

    • GTFOBigGovt

      There was no WTF they rehearsed that for hours it was also on some promo videos with the final three sitting in the audience waiting for their call time.

  • Eric Stott

    Roxxxy took it exactly the right way – I can forgive her a bit now.

    • The moment reminded me of the pageant move Bart Simpson taught to her sister Lisa (when he was coaching her for Little Miss Springfield) ~ “wiper your tear away, hug the loser(s) and proceed with your victory walk” 😛

      • Eric Stott

        As others have said, I think Roxxxy saw the writing on the wall & wasn’t surprised. Alaska was taking it a bit hard though.

  • notthatbuffy

    Thanks so much for that!

  • GTrain

    They lost my attention pretty early on w/ the “Amen” song (fine as a personal tagline, but a whole song just repeating Can I Get An Amen is just ugh to me) and the rest was toooooo loooong. Glad I DVRd it.

  • Sam

    Everytime they cute to the shot with Raja in it, it reminded me of a random crowd shot in the Cantina scene from Star Wars.

    No shade 😉

  • I think Detox did okay. I think her outfit/makeup stole the show AND DWV released the video of Silicone last night (was Chow Down a year ago already?) and Detox is killing in it. Like Willam before her, she will make the most out of her time on RPDR, and with her talent, go very far indeed.

    Link to video:

  • I’m totally with everyone who says the fake crownings have to stop. I don’t want to see someone pretend to win. I want to see someone WIN.

    And agreed with everything else here.

    Also, Roxxxy’s costume sucked.

    • pdquick

      The Michael Jackson-esque bro-CAAAAHHD jacket she wore for the actual crowning was pretty hot.

  • I think you were prejudiced against the reunion, because I thought Ru’s interviews – even with the most boring queens, I’m looking at you Ivy Winters and Vivienne Pinnay!- were hilarious. Highlights: Ru dissing Santino for saying Alyssa’s dress was the worst of the 5 seasons, with footage of the real worst dresses like Jiggly Calientes maneater mess, Ru’s Coco Montrese joke, Ru telling Ivy she should stick to the sewing machine, Alaska saying “If I may, I think you are both awful” after a kind of pretentious Jinkx/Roxxxy reconciliation, and Alyssa’s faces. Lowlights for me: Jinkx’ family story (too personal), asking about the Jinkx/Ivy “love” story (too embarrassing), and the Roxxxy drama (it’s supposed to be a show, not a psychotherapy session, remember?). But overall I thought it was really entertaining.

    • We weren’t “prejudiced” against the reunion. That sounds utterly ridiculous. We just don’t like the format.

    • They didn’t like it, so they must have been prejudiced. There’s no other explanation! 😐

  • i just thought Ru looked so beautiful. like a big drag angel.

  • What, no commentary on the outfits? Jinkx’s big, luscious hair? Deotx’s amazing grey ensemble, Raja’s also amazing Indian-inspired outfit? Honey Mahogany’s busted wig? Penny Tration’s…bustedness?

  • Mark Boston

    If Detox wanted to be in the final three, then perhaps she should have brought IT during the competition. Congrats to Jinkx!

  • Sweetpea176

    My favorite Alyssa moment was when she was in a confessional talking about how she had sucked at a challenge that had involved some guys, then made a cluelessly obvious joke about maybe wanting to suck in reference to the prop guys. Her own reaction to her joke was PRICELESS, and was, actually, the unintentional punchline to the joke. Bless her heart.

  • Sweetpea176

    I was Team Alaska from Day 1. Maybe I was biased by my deep, abiding love for Sharon, but I fell in love w/Alaska in her intro video. She peaked a little too late to grab the win — I wish she had brought the fabulosity of her intro video and of the last couple of episodes earlier in the season. She might not realize how well the diva schtick works for her.

    No dis on Jinkx, though. Thoroughly deserved win. Congrats, even though I was rooting for the other team.

    And Roxxxy? I know I’ve had nothing good to say about you all season, but I’d like to leave you with this genuine advice from one thick and juicy girl to another. That red finale outfit was seriously unflattering — gurl, if you want to represent the bigger girls (I say “bigger” because you’re not really a “big” girl — maybe you’re big in your mind, but you’re really a very normal, average size), you gotta learn to dress to make curvy look CUTE!