Prince Harry’s American Adventure

Posted on May 17, 2013

Here you go, ginger-lovin’ types. There could be no better capper to Sausage Friday than everyone’s favorite nekkid prince, doing the prince thing for Anglo-happy Yanks.

We see no point in doing a fashion critique, so instead, let’s all go shopping for our favorite Prince Harry doll together. Will it be Polo-Playing Harry, Soldier Boy Harry, Casual Harry or Suit Harry? Be the first on your block to collect all four!


Prince Harry at the Sentebale Charity Polo Match in Greenwich, Connecticut.


Prince Harry at the Harlem RBI in New York City.


Prince Harry arrives on a double-decker tour bus to The Great Event in NYC.


Prince Harry visits the US Air Force Training Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado.


Prince Harry meets key figures from the US Olympic committee at the start of the 2013 Warrior Games in Colorado Springs, Colorado.


Listen, Harry… as a fellow ginger – and that’s pretty much where the similarities end – Tom would like to say that Aveeno Oatmeal Scrub works wonders on those red patches, which are cute now but will start to irritate the SHIT out of you post-35 or so. Also, he sincerely hopes you’re slathering yourself in SPF 40 every day.

We don’t know how anyone can hold onto the gossip that Charles isn’t his father. Harry’s the spitting image of Prince Phillip.



[Photo Credit: Getty]

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  • joancarol

    Hunky hunk!

    • hes going to pork out when he gets older

      • Even better.

        • Jennifer Coleman

          I was thinking the same thing! Cute ginger huskyman!

  • Frank_821

    Was Prince Philip that appealing at his age. harry’s not a pretty boy but he’s a tall glass of ginger beer 🙂

    • He was thinner and more aristocratic-looking, but he wasn’t at all bad-looking in his youth.

      • lexilexi

        Damn, aging is the pits.

        • GorgeousThings

          Ah but remember, he also has his mother’s genetics working for him. He might age better than Philip. But only if he slathers on the SPF and gets that rosacea looked after.

          • lexilexi

            Thank, GT. Once again you are spot on!

          • Lori

            To me Harry looks like pretty much exactly what he is—-Prince Phillip through a Spencer filter. I didn’t see it as much when he was a child, but it’s seemed really obvious to me for several years now.

            And yes on hoping he’s using sunscreen with a very high SPF. Or as my ex used to call mine, liquid house.

          • Yes to the “through a Spencer Filter”. He’s definitely got his mother’s more square face than long, as opposed to the long / pronounced chin of The Mountbatten Men.

          • Lori

            Yes, the coloring and head shape are very Spencer and the rest is Phillip.

          • berkeleygirl

            Not to mention her height…

          • These are some of the first pics where I’ve really been able to see the Windsor/Mountbatten in him. I recall there were doubts as to his paternity at one point.

          • lobsterlen

            I call it SPF total eclipse of the sun.

          • barbarienne

            I have to assume that at some point in his life he foolishly went without sunscreen, got a nasty burn, and swore, “Never again!” That’s a pretty common scenario for we folks who burn.

          • Similar to the time he went out without pants!

          • H2olovngrl

            I love those rosy cheeks, though. Shame it is a health thing.

          • Rosy cheeks are cute when you’re 28. They only become a “health thing” when you can’t ride on your youthful good looks anymore. Trust. *sad trombone sound*

          • SewingSiren

            Damn that LOST! I hear it all the time.

          • youthful good looks are wasted on the young

      • misstressofsylar

        picking jaw from the floor. You wouldn’t know he was that hot during his younger days. it’s official, Lizzy wins in life!

        • To be fair, like a lot of royals, he peaked early. See: Prince William.

          • misstressofsylar

            please, not our ginger Prince!

          • that was delicious

          • Jocelyn Delmar

            William’s only problem is his balding. Put a hat on him and BAM! Hotness. See: PW and Kate in Calgary wearing cowboy hats.

          • jetpackdino

            I agree. But even though he’s bald– and I do miss his hair to a ridiculous degree– I think it’s pretty awesome that he’s just out there, going scalp commando. Prince William can afford hair transplants or a toupee made of snow leopard fur, but he’s that’s not his thing. I admire his bravery. (but I still miss his hair lol).

        • Little_Olive

          Such deep, kind eyes. Ginger boy fails at that.

      • Frank_821

        Dear lord he was a handsome man. Yes Harry is a the rougher, sexier version.

      • Sing4yursupper

        He is the image of Phillip especially in that photo of him at the bat.

      • Eclectic Mayhem

        Philip was a stunner, no doubt about it!

      • Iroqhard

        Dear lord I can see the Charles in Prince Phillip in that photo! Genetics are weird. Sometimes it just trips me out the way you can see that people are related in the way they look.

      • titaness25

        To paraphrase the great British public…phwoar.

      • siriuslover

        Yes, you can really see the resemblance in that closeup shot of him in his rugby outfit.

      • whoa. Thanks for blowing my mind, TLo.

    • Coolekat

      There’s a great Vanity Fair issue in the past year or so about Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip. Google it. Lots of old photos. Phillip was hot and blonde. Harry’s a ginger version it appears.

    • alyce1213

      Prince Philip was always extremely patrician looking. Harry is more of a regular guy. (sort of)

      • Heather

        Um. If he’s a ‘regular guy’ most of us are SOL.

    • lobsterlen

      I am too lazy to look it up but I am fairly certain Prince Phillip was a war hero. No that has anything to do with looks but I was surprised.

      • RebeccaKW

        I can’t remember his rank, but he was very high up in the military. Commanded troops, etc. He worked his whole life to reach that level, and he chose to give it all up so he could marry Elizabeth. He knew he would be in her shadow for the rest of his life and he still chose her. True romance, IMO.

    • Harry is like a cross between Prince Philip and his uncle Charles, 9th Earl Spencer

      • Beardslee

        His mother used to call him “my little Spencer,” I believe, and the family has been tall and red haired for many generations.

        I still think Prince Philip is a good looking man.

    • RebeccaKW

      In my opinion, Prince Philip was incredibly handsome. I still think he is, actually.

  • misstressofsylar

    he’s a BAMF in uniform. also, have you seen him with Missy Franklin? I’m officially shipping those 2!

  • random_poster

    And to think I once found him to be the less-attractive brother…

    • turtleemily

      Haha, that’s what I think every time I see him. “Harry, when did you get hot?”

  • hughman

    I am unable to say much suitable for an upstanding Christian family blog like this one. But I will say one thing : HOLY FUCK HE LOOKS FINE AS CAT HAIR HERE. PASS THE MAPLE SYRUP, MOMMA IS SLIDING RIGHT OFF THIS CHAIR.

    • We’ll pray for you.

      • hughman

        Trust, I am already on my knees. 😉

        • on your knees ready worship sausages in all there wondrous glory , let the church say Amen!!!!!!

    • Funniest shit I read all day. Brava, darling.

    • Allison Drury

      I have never wanted to be a horse so badly. Me likey.

    • Verascity

      Late to this, but I just laughed so Goddamn hard at “fine as cat hair.”

  • Lotus Baby

    i bet he has a smelly bumhole

  • gabbilevy

    Man in uniform always wins. But at the ball field in Harlem ain’t to shabby neither.

  • I never got the appeal before. I get it now. Baseball Harry and Military Harry explained it allllll.

    Though, I have always enjoyed the flirty, vibing with his SIL pics that occasionally pop up too.

    • Sara L.

      Yup, the two that I zeroed in on as well, especially Baseball Harry. Mmmhmm.

      • I swear in that last pic he’s giving me the Royal Hey Girl.

  • Man, it goes against my better nature, but I love him in the camo. I think it’s the green against his coloring. He needs a Ken Cosgrove style green suit. It’s not like it’s that flamboyant a color – he could pull it off while still looking conservative enough for the British public (plus, he’s not going to be king, and even if he were he’ll have to wait another 30 years at least, so he should live it up now).
    That last photo – WOOF.
    ETA: Also, he has Prince Charles’ nose.

    • Gwyndall

      And eyes.

      • Yeah, that whole T area is clearly from Charle’s side. It’s been softened by Diana’s genes, but he’s clearly in there.

  • GorgeousThings

    “We don’t know how anyone can hold onto the gossip that Charles isn’t his father. Harry’s the spitting image of Prince Phillip.”
    So funny, right before I got to that sentence, I was thinking the exact same thing!

    • mitchg

      me too

  • I love Soldier Harry in his dress uniform from his visit to Arlington National Cemetery. He looked so *dashing.* But out of this bunch I like the ones of him playing baseball the most. He’s so adorable!

    • miagain

      Both my parents are buried in Section 60 where Harry visited. I was so hoping he might drop by and say Howdy… my mother would be thrilled!!

  • TheAmericaness

    You know, next time you see celebrities doing bitch face over being over photographed – not to say that I know what that is like, it’s got to be a royal (heh) pain in the ass, no doubt – but the next time, I think it wouldn’t be such a bad thing to remind them of this young gentleman up there and his brother who are literally, quite literally the two most photographed people on the planet. Now I know, I know, they live off the people’s dime and they are fabulously wealthy besides, but they didn’t ask for it when they were kids. They were born into it, so even if they completely gave it all up, you know someone would still be following them until the end of their days going “click”. So yeah… Anniston! ;p

    edit: grammar because I can’t type worth a damn when I’m pontificating

    • Eclectic Mayhem

      And they think the world smells of new paint…

  • I’ll take one of each, please! Got to hand it to the kid, he genuinely seems fun to be around.

  • People say that? Wow. People say the oddest things.

    • Have you seen James Hewitt? He was one of Diana’s lovers. And also a tall ginger polo player. But as Harry ages the resemblance to Charles and Philip becomes much more striking.

  • JasmineAM

    He has ALWAYS been my favorite of the two young princes. So goddamn fine.

  • Funnily enough I think facially, particularly around the eyes, he looks like a taller, hunkier, smilier, gingerer version of the Queen (agree he probably gets a lot of his sporty physique from Philip). Prince Charles looks exactly like the Queen now he’s older and greyer (Google pics of them side by side). And the Queen in turn looks exactly like her grandmother Queen Mary (wife of George V).

  • Handsome devil

  • Pennymac

    Harry in Polo gear: IN
    Harry Playing baseball: IN
    Harry on the bus: IN

    Harry at the Air Force Academy: IN
    Harry in his uniform: OMFnG! OUT (of that uniform right now, young man!)
    *Fans self, swoons*

    • MissAmynae

      He really has grown up to be delightfully delicious, isn’t he?

      great combination of Diana and Charles in his looks and build.

  • sockandaphone

    oh indeed collect ALL prince harry dolls. thank you for the afternoon treat as gingers are totally my secret weakness.

    • NYCGlamourpuss

      Mine too, god, I love ginger men, and this one is super hot!

  • jmorino08

    Polo Playing Harry, followed by Soldier Harry. Le sigh… he is perfection.

  • He really got the best of his patrilineal genes. And there’s more and more of a resemblance to his brother as they get older. I usually don’t go for gingers, but….woof. (Though he comes in at a SOLID 2nd to Michael Fassbender.)

    • alyce1213

      I think he bears no resemblance to the Windsors whatsoever, lucky for him, and he’s straight-on Spencer.

      • H2olovngrl

        I disagree. I think William, especially when giving that head slightly downward, peering out from under his eyebrows look that Diana was famous for looks way more like his mom.

        • NYCGlamourpuss

          Yeah, I agree with you – William is straight up Spencer. Harry is totally all Windsor.

          • Actually the ginger genes are totally Spencer. Diana’s brother and both sisters are redheads, her father was a redhead, and somewhere way back in the family there is an ancestor called The Red Earl who had a gigantic red beard.

          • Peeve

            Red hair has to be on both sides of the family, not just Diana’s. It’s a recessive gene, so both parents have to have a recessive gene for their child to have red hair.

          • Four of my siblings are redheads. Neither of our parents and none of our grandparents were

          • Peeve

            Since my first reply disappeared, I’ll try again. From ‘Science’: “Red hair is caused by a mutation in the MC1R gene. It’s also a recessive
            trait, so it takes both parents passing on a mutated version of the
            MC1R gene to produce a redheaded child. Because it’s a recessive trait,
            red hair can easily skip a generation. It can then reappear after
            skipping one or more generations if both parents, no matter their hair
            color, carry the red hair gene.”

            My pedantic science lesson of the day…

          • H2olovngrl

            My mom and I both have red hair, that dark coppery auburn color, she passed it straight on to me, but hers popped out of nowhere. That recessive gene can stay buried for a very long time. We also have brown eyes and olive toned skin, (still white though), which is highly unusual for a redhead. My rambling point being, that I am sure there are genes for red hair somewhere back in that lily white, aristocratic, Mountbatten-Windsor line. Red hair is funny that way. Which brings up another point, if I have one more person come up to me and tell me that redheads will have died out within a hundred years….!!! That FACTOID is utterly ridiculous and clearly false! I just gave birth to my own little ginger last year!

          • Sally Brownson

            I really hope it’s hidden somewhere in my family… I’d love to have a ginger baby >.>

          • Peeve

            Wikipedia points out that the “study” concluding that redheads would die out was done by the “Oxford Hair Foundation”. “However, a HowStuffWorks article says that the foundation was funded by hair-dye maker Procter & Gamble, and that other experts had dismissed the research as either lacking in evidence or simply bogus.”

            What started me on all this research was an article that showed proof that redheads need more anesthesia than the general population. Being one myself, it fascinated the heck out of me. I asked my pain doctor (who was an anesthesiologist for 10 years) if he found that to be true. He said, “Absolutely, 100% true.” He found not only that they needed more anesthesia, but had weirder reactions to it. He said they always checked hair color before calculating how much anesthesia to give a patient.

            Sorry, TLo, I didn’t mean to hijack this thread–I just find this stuff fascinating!

          • H2olovngrl

            I, too, have read that article in How Stuff Works. I have also researched the origins of that rumour and it seems no one is truly claiming responsibility fox saying it. Various news sources just jumped on it and didn’t bother with that pesky old fact checking! What you say about anesthesia, does that mean we have a different pain tolerence, too, I wonder? Thinking of my mom and how she rarely uses novacaine during dental procedures and had four kids between 8 and 11 1/2 pounds with no pain meds during or after births. Maybe since Tom is a redhead he won’t mind that we borrowed his comments section to further explore the mysteries of the elusive redhead! Thanks, TLo!

          • Peeve

            The studies are very confusing. Redheaded women (not men) are apparently more sensitive to the pain reliever Pentazocine (a morphine derivative) and need less of it. However, we’re also less sensitive to Novocaine and need more of it (I’ve definitely noticed that myself). Because of this, redheads are more than twice as likely to avoid the dentist, probably because they’ve had more pain! So your mom is unusual, according to the studies I’ve read. Also, we’re supposed to be less sensitive to thermal pain, which makes no sense at all to me. Why would natural selection give that feature to people who need to stay out of the sun???

            I’m done now, Uncles! ps: Queen Elizabeth I was a redhead…

          • jetpackdino

            I just asked my husband about his, he’s an anesthesiologist. He said it’s pretty well established that redheads do feel more pain; at least they report higher pain scores. And they do have a higher incidence of asthma, so respiratory complications crop up more. But as a rule he does not give them more anesthesia just because they have red hair.

          • Corsetmaker

            Unusual. My mum has red hair (Christina Hendricks red, but natural) with brown eyes and slightly sallow skin. It’s not a combination you see much. Even here in scotland, where red hair is fairly common. I didn’t inherit it, which I’ve always been disappointed about!

          • Sally Brownson

            Not directly related, but why is it that men can have a ginger beard but have not ginger hair? That always seemed strange to me…

          • Peeve

            I’m no expert (although, apparently, I stayed at a Holiday Inn recently), but from what I understand, it’s because they carry only one copy of the mutated gene rather than two copies making them a full redhead. I don’t know why it appears that way. Genetics are weird!

          • H2olovngrl

            My non-redheaded brother has a red beard but dark hair on the rest of his bod, including his head. To make it even weirder, I have dark eyebrows and eyelashes to go along with my red hair. Genetics, they are fascinating!

          • Really? I’m sure you’re right, but I can’t think of anyone else in the Royal Family for decades. Princess Beatrice is redhead too but then do was her mother.

  • prettybigkitty

    Pony boy for sure.

    • Heather

      Oh my!
      It’s funny, there’s a store on 24th st in NYC that sells riding gear (boots, crops, bits, etc – lots of leather) and I always think they must have a …. broad customer base.

  • Mmm…Mama loves herself a man in uniform. Yummers.

  • H2olovngrl

    That boy totally rings my bell. Also, how could anyone NOT see the family resemblance? Not only does he look like his Gramps, but he also looks more like his dad than even William. That’s just silly. You said something in another post about how there is a fairly short lifespan for the family good looks, but I think maybe his rugged aristocratic looks may be aroung a while. Or maybe he only has a couple more good years.

  • nannypoo

    Now that you mention it, he does look like Prince Phillip. I like him. He seems like he’d be a lot of fun. He will never be king, so if he wants to cavort in the nude with hookers or whoever they were it only seems to improve his image in my opinion. The other guy’s hand in the eighth picture made me think for a while, but I get it now.

    • H2olovngrl

      Which brings up the point that I always thought Prince Phillip himself would be a hoot and a half to be around. Seems like an OK guy for a prince consort and all…

    • Heather

      I actually don’t think they were hookers – he was just playing strip poker (or maybe it was strip billiards, which actually seems kind of dangerous) with a group of friends, male and female.

    • TLJezebel

      I couldn’t have said it better, nannypoo. He’s a prince, for fuck’s sake!

  • Stylemom

    Hot. That’s all. He is HOT.

  • Sandra Vahtel

    When did he get to be the better looking of the two? Homina homina homina

  • alyce1213

    He probably won’t ever become King of England, but he sure is King of the Gingers.
    He’s grown up with more freedom to be “himself” than William, for obvious reasons, and that’s a good thing.

    • H2olovngrl

      Holy King of England, that was hilarious.

  • conniemd

    He’s a cutie in the sense of good boy next door, guy you would count on to protect you.

  • Joben

    Here’s how:

    Compare that to the first pic of him in uniform. You’d have a tough time convincing people they’re not clones, let alone father and son.

  • TLJezebel

    He’s adorable!!!

  • Valdri8

    My GF met him in NJ and had a brief chat. She said that he is very sweet and much better looking in person.

    • H2olovngrl

      More info, is he as robust and healthy looking in person? Or more slender? Did he smell nice? Is he big and strapping? Is his accent as adorable as we hope? Must know more!

  • I can’t choose just one. I’ll start with casual Harry and make my way around, please.

  • I remember thinking that Harry was a goofy looking kid. I loved his older brother who had Diana’s face. Harry’s personality adds to his maturing good looks. He’s easier-going than his brother. I think Harry is adorable, but I think he looks just like his rumored father James Hewitt. Harry’s a royal hunka burnin’ love that is all about him, no matter who his father is.

    • Lori

      Honestly, I think if there was even the slightest possibility that Hewitt was his father Diana would never have publicly copped to the affair. She was obviously perfectly willing (and probably justified) in sticking it to Charles, but she loved her boys and I can’t imagine she would have done that to Harry. I’d bet money I can’t afford to lose that the things about him that look sort of Hewitt-ish are Spencer things.

      • It’d be a solid bet, though, because they are.

  • I will take two of each, thankyouverymuch!

  • siriuslover

    totally un-Harry related, but that photograph of him hitting the baseball is fantastic. You can see the warp in the ball as the bat hits it!

    • H2olovngrl

      Photography nerd? Me too.

  • largishbearishAtlish

    in the words of our fashion saint T’lo “Adorbs”

  • blueberrypanckae

    When I was younger I was a hard core Wills fangirl…Now as with a fine red(head) wine…Harry has aged well! Switching brothers ! Thank you for the hotness!

  • hac51

    Nice placement of the baseball bat in that one pic.

  • MK03

    I want one of each. But I don’t particularly want to buy the outfits…

  • Yes, please. All of it. Repeatedly. Right there!

  • Contralto

    MORE, please, of this man in uniform. My stars and garters.

  • NYCGlamourpuss

    Damn…. damn, baby. Remember when they were teenagers and William was the hot one? Who would have ever thought that Harry would surpass him far and wide as the hot one? One of each action figure please!

    (And yes to the Prince Philip resemblance! I never bought into the gossip anyway, but holy crap, he sure looks exactly like his grandfather!)

  • mila_8


  • StrandedFashionista

    I’m all about Polo Harry. He’s got that wind-tousled athletic thing that makes me go weak in the knees. Plus those boots… and the fact he probably smells a bit like grass and leather… HNGH.

  • lizajane1776

    Harry’s a MAN now!

  • He’s never really rung my bell, but that last picture made me say, “Candy, little boy?”

    • Tonia682

      Too funny

  • MilaXX

    Looks like those Windsor family genes are starting to creep up on his hairline. Love his smile.

  • rkdgal

    The comments about his paternity are EXACTLY what I was thinking — he’s clearly of Chuck and Phil’s line.

  • Oh my. I always thought he was cute, but da-yum. *fans face* He’s a fine, fine lookin’ specimen.

  • H2olovngrl

    I don’t think I have seen so many unanimous swoons and wolf whistles in one comments section before. I hope this means even more Harry in the future!

  • quiltrx

    I’ll take a Baseball Harry model, please. I’m a sucker for a hunk in a crisp white shirt!
    And I never noticed the Prince Philip thing til just now–he definitely looks like his Papaw!
    That smile, though…ALL Diana.

  • Steph Wright

    I’ll say this for him: WAY more fuckable than his hairline-receding, crusty looking brother.

  • Tee

    You are my favorite uncles because you give the best presents! Thanks for the ginger-flavored treats!

  • Airkisses

    I’ll take one Baseball Harry and one Soldier Harry to go, please.

    No, no need to gift wrap… except for the bow.

  • Airkisses

    TLo, thank you so much for implementing Sausage Friday! Not only do we get to see the diversity of Celebrity Males (hungover celebrity! douchey celebrity! panty-moistening celebrity!), but we get to be as opinionated towards the fellas as we are towards the ladies 🙂

  • Imasewsure

    Still think he’s adorable although Nekkid Harry will always be my favorite… he might even be the first Windsor to keep his hair too… another plus for the gene pool thanks to Diana…

  • thecitysleeps

    Le merci T&lo. He’s so pretty. i love me some ginger!

  • PrunellaV

    God. He’s such a guy!

  • bellafigura1

    Totes adorbs, all the way. His personality just spills out! I like the too-long tie pointing out the goods!!!

  • If these evil bastards would get rid of GMO’s we would all age far better. Harry isn’t much of a looker, he does get a pass for being a red head.

  • Christine

    He may look like his grandfather but PP is such an arse so I hope he doesn’t end up with his personality. He treats most of his family like dirt — the Duchess of York received only 6K a year after her divorce from Prince Andrew on PP’s insistence.

    On a lighter version of the Harry/Betty Mad Men meeting, PP was at government dinner my parents also attended back in the 60s. Obviously my parents were not sitting at this table but during the reception the old fart got a little too close to Mom, and mentioned that he would love to see her later. Ew.

  • Sally Brownson

    The other ones were all good… but soldier Harry wins. DAMN.

  • Tonia682

    He has really come into his own looks. He reminds me of the goofy looking/gangly guy that you see at a High School reunion and say”Holy moly” . He has a rugged manliness about him that is quite attractive.

  • Puckndc

    Thanks for finally saying it..I always said he looked like Prince Phillip, and people looked at me like I was nuts….!!!
    on a lighter note, I’ll swing a club with him anyday!!….nyuk nyuk…

  • They look absolutely nothing alike. Not one similar feature except the hair color, which runs in Diana’s family.

  • I am pretty sure my ovaries just exploded

  • OrigamiRose

    I sent this to a Brit friend who is vehement that Hewitt is Harry’s father, with the comment that when TLo speak, there is no further discussion. His reply: “Why spoil a perfectly good story with facts and the truth???” 🙂

    And Harry is adorable. But I’m still a William girl.

  • MsALVA

    I like him so much. He seems so genuine and good-humored and even when he has to participate in these likely boring events, he doesn’t for one second look like he’s bored. And yes, this tour was absolutely in his wheelhouse: doing military stuff (hubba hubba in his fatigues), being sporty, and charming adorable children. Diana would be so proud. He clearly inherited her charm.

  • Maluca

    Those pictures of him playing baseball are doing things to me.

  • lobsterlen

    Polo Harry of course. Love those spurs. Giddyup!

  • Jessi03

    Baseball Harry for me, please! Yum!

  • Long Beach Allday

    The word “ginger” is a negative slur. What is the difference between joking about someones hair color or someones skin color??

    • Sally Brownson

      Um… what? I know redheads who call themselves ginger. Maybe you’re British or something, but people in the US don’t really think there’s anything wrong with gingers and so it’s not an insult here. It’s the equivalent to “blonde” or “brunette”.

      • Corsetmaker

        It’s not an insult here either, not unless it’s framed as such.

      • Long Beach Allday

        Tell that to the kids that got accosted at a calabasas school during ” kick a ginger day”

    • Corsetmaker

      It’s not a negative slur at all. It can be manipulated to be, as can anything. But it’s just an informal term, usually used light-heartedly.

      • Tell that to the kids who got kicked during “kick a ginger day” at a calabasas school.

    • The difference is the millenia-long tradition of conquering and enslaving people over their skin color, which is pretty obvious to anyone not looking to be offended by a very minor, harmless joke.

      • Corsetmaker

        There was a Catherine Tate sketch series on one of her shows about gingers being abused as a minority and put in a safe house for their protection.Clever little comment on racism. If you’ve not seen it you should have a look, it’ll be on Youtube somehere. It has the wonderful Siobhan Redmond for a start 🙂

  • jetpackdino

    Holy cow, I actually blushed and giggled like a schoolgirl when I scrolled down to that 3rd pic. And the last one, dammit! I am too old to have the hots for this kid!! /slaps self

    (secretly downloads photos into folder marked Boring Stuff)

  • Peeve

    Too bad he’s too young (and would be completely uninterested in this commoner), ‘cuz as a fellow ginger with almost exactly his shade of red, we’d have completely pink children covered in freckles!
    Damn fine-looking man!

  • imakeart

    He’s so adorable! Thanks for posting these.

  • CT14

    I don’t like his ginger shoes…but wow! Everything fits! He looks awesome.

    I’ve always said he looks like Phillp!

  • I WANT THEM ALL. He is adorable.

  • LauraAgain

    I was born the same year as Diana, and I took a keen interest in her as a mother. At one point, when her sons were young (elementary school age), Diana said something to the effect that William was the responsible, mature, and quiet one; and that Harry was going to be a lady killer.

    She called that one, didn’t she.

    • Patricia Gillett

      A mother knows.

  • anotherkate

    Good lord he’s cute. He just looks so serene and natural hitting that baseball. Come on over to my sandlot any day, YRH! (that sounds much filthier than it needs to…)

  • MzzPants

    Nice bat. That last shot…hubba.

    • JP

      It’s that beckoning finger and come-hither expression. (and now I feel like a lecherous old lady)

  • JP

    He’s definitely grown into his father’s looks — let’s hope he doesn’t keep going.

    I want my Prince Harry action figure to be the soldier boy. *g*

    • Eric Stott

      Charles was a pleasant looking young man who grew into an awkward looking adult – but he’s softening a bit with age and looks rather the better for it. Harry is starting to get a bit heavy in the face, I hope it won’t continue.

  • Qitkat

    One thing I think I love is that his hair is exactly the same, whether he’s in fatigues, playing baseball, or in a suit. Authentic. No matter what he is required to do, he seems so present in every event, a natural at enjoying life and fully participating. My favorite picture here is the one serious shot, in uniform, where he seems to be listening thoughtfully to someone else. It’s always sad to think how Diana is not here to see how her boys turned out, but Charles must be so rightly proud of his fine young men.

  • “Harry’s the spitting image of Prince Phillip.”

    It also strikes me on these tours how much he’s like his mother. He has her charm and easy way with people.

    • jetpackdino

      His mother would be proud. She raised some good boys. 🙂

  • He does look like his paternal grandpa. And I’ll take the whole collection, please.

  • fairi5fair

    What a delicious man.

  • Corsetmaker

    Didn’t realise Cameron was over there with him. Could you keep him please?

    He always seems a total sweetheart. And agree, all that Hewitt stuff is just tabloid ridiculousness!

  • Casey Ellis

    omg–when did he get so darned ADORABLE? Lusting here, which is unattractive in someone over 70, but, still…

  • demidaemon

    I prefer casual Harry, personally.

  • carnush

    He couldn’t be more adorable. He looks like he’s having a great time! Nicely done.

  • Watts

    Anything wrong with collecting the whole set?

  • Swing that bat baby.

  • tereliz

    What a charmer. His eyes are so Charles is the last photo, I agree with your closing statement wholeheartedly!

  • Jecca2244

    I don’t understand why anyone says that he isn’t his father’s son. Look at photos of his dad as a kid. Twins.

  • Carol

    Polo Harry FTW!

  • Kirsten Kirsten

    Whut??? Prince Phillip’s the father?!!