Nina Dobrev in Versace

Posted on May 02, 2013

Nina Dobrev attends the world premiere of ‘The Great Gatsby’ in New York City in a Versace dress paired with a Jimmy Choo clutch, Rupert Sanderson pumps, and Susan Foster Fine Jewelry.



[Photo Credit: Marco Sagliocco/]

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  • Can someone get these people some shoes that fit?

    • Why is that so hard? You are offering the star shoes anyhow, why not just, I dunno, maybe I’m crazy here,…ask what size they need?

      • One would think that her stylist would have all of those details on a handy-dandy note in their PDA.

        • I understand that shoes, just like clothes, are only sent out in sample sizes.

          • formerlyAnon

            But really. I find this an extremely lazy practice given how much easier it is to transport shoes than garments.

          • But sample sizes are usually smaller rather than larger sizes. When I was a kid, sample size was a 5. There was actually a store that sold only samples. Big kids and little ladies could get great shoes for next to nothing.

          • barbarienne

            Sample sizes are intended for models. Who are tremendously tall and long-boned. While their body’s circumference may be small, their feet are big.

            My best friend buys tons of clothes at sample sales, but her feet are average size (American 7), so she can’t get any of the shoes. This makes her sad.

          • ralish

            Okay, this is slightly off topic. But I’ve always wondered who is actually buying all of these clothes (not the cute little cocktail dresses– I get that– but the long, sweeping Oscar dresses and all that. If you’re just giving them away to actresses… who buys?

          • It is my understanding that the clothes must be returned to the designer. It’s rare for a celebrity to be able to keep a dress unless they pay for it.

          • Leev Design

            are you kidding me ? design houses don’t give anything free to anyone.stylists borrow the clothes and jewelry from designers and when the actress decides what to wear, they return the rest and BUY the one they have decided to wear. that’s for clothes and gowns. about the shoes i dont know maybe they just borrow them from the stylists and the stylists actually buy them and use them for many people.that explains the fit issue

          • That’s not correct. They don’t buy the clothes; they borrow them and then return them.

          • Leev Design

            yeah that’s what I thought before . i was watching the Rachel Zoe project and that’s exactly what she said. she said we borrow everything and when we decide what to choose we return the rest and buy the one we already have picked

          • Sorry, you either misunderstood her or she was talking about a specific instance, but that’s not how it’s done for stars wearing designer clothing at public appearances.

      • formerlyAnon

        This sizing question is one I pray to see addressed some day by folks who know more than I do about the Inner Life of Celebrity Stylists.

    • Sobaika

      Especially in that style! How does she not slip right out of them.

    • M. H. Leader

      I’m thinking every female star out there has hooves for feet from all the blisters and bunions that come with wearing shoes that Do Not Fit.

    • Qitkat

      And do they get them 10 minutes before they walk out there? Don’t all these people own some basic well-fitting shoes of their own? Wouldn’t it preferable to wear something comfortable that fits and is maybe not perfect to a stylist’s choice that gives you toe cramps or blisters? No Way I would put up with this. Maybe TLo will explain in their book why celebrities often seem to have no minds of their own.

      • When they’re being given/loaned thousands of dollars worth of clothes and accessories, one doesn’t just grab a pair of shoes out of the back of the closet. And I’m sure the loaner shoes are put on in the limo right before she gets out of the car, and then they come off the second the photographers are gone.

        • Qitkat

          It is a far, far different universe isn’t it?

  • Anne StJean

    She looks gorgeous, as always, but there’s something about that top that makes her look like a football player. Maybe she just has big shoulder muscles. Also: the shoes. Don’t. Fit.

    • snevhead

      Yeah, it makes her shoulders look broad. And that broad is not broad!

    • She has broad-ish shoulders, and in the that 3 quarters angle it deceives the eye by showing more skin. It’s more proportionate in the top photo.

  • The fit on her dress is awkward. But the deco referenced pattern on it is great.

    • Yeah, why is it riding up like that?

      • The fit in the torso below the bust is too long, and the top of the hip line is too tight.

        • MilaXX

          I learn so much from your posts.

          • Normal people say “there’s something OFF.” And then we get schooled by Professor Kiltd. (ETA, but I still like this on her.)

    • Disappointing though – I thought it was tulle-bi-telli at first sight and then to see that it was just a sequined assuit look-alike was a let-down.

  • aeb1986

    it looks like it fits strange in the first picture but the rest look good. that dress is GORGEOUS, love the pattern. she is really stunning

    • I means the dress is too tight at the top of the hip line, so every time she moves it wants to climb

  • SewingSiren

    Looks like they ran out of money and couldn’t bead the back of the skirt, stopping abruptly at the side seam.

    • StellaZafella

      They look like long pailettes on my screen and, though I agree the stop point could be handled better…I don’t think I’d want to spend an evening sitting on something that uncomfortable.

  • Sarah

    I liked it, then I looked at it harder, and I thought it looked like a lawn chair with the way the pattern’s woven. That, of course, made it “Fancy Lawn Chair Dress.” Oh well.

  • teensmom99

    This is in her wheelhouse but it’s a good wheelhouse.

  • Little_Olive

    Not in love with the hair and makeup. She is prettier than that.

    Good dress, But I HATE when the embellishment goes only on one side.

    • Lilyana_F

      It actually continues on the upper back.

  • lrhg

    She looks great. And she’s hilariously getting photobombed by the poster.

  • If i was her, I’d dress myself up in Ian Sommerholder and never leave the house. That being said, I quite like the dress.

  • A bit of a Monet. At first I was so busy admiring the art deco feel and how on point it is for this particular opening, but once I really started taking it all in, I fell less in like. The fit, the hair, the shoes, the unfinished feel of the dress, it all adds up to a near miss, when it should have been a home run.

  • Lilyana_F

    Gorgeous girl, gorgeous dress.

  • jw_ny

    extremely similar to the gold and black G Gatsby poster/back drop…but she really looks great.

  • MilaXX


  • Ednest

    It’s weird, Nina Dobrev’s head on Jessica Biel’s body.

    • Melizmatic

      Uh… Jessica is more curvy and a tad bit larger in the breast department, methinks.

  • The fit is off, but I like the dress a lot. And I think I could fit my hands around her waist. Bitch. *jealous sigh*

  • For a movie about the Gilded Age, I like it.

  • This dress is beautiful from the front (I am ignoring the hemline), but it looks like the back is plan. Like maybe they forgot that you can see a woman walking away from you…. but other than that, this is fierce! Love it.

  • Lolo Andre

    Nice dress with wrong shoes and hair

  • Love it. She’s gorgeous.

  • zenobar

    My GOD. Her body just. Won’t. Stop. That second photo – unreal and you know this wasn’t photoshopped.

    Though on further inspection, maybe it’s because she’s employing the “1985 Speigel Swim Catalog” pose. You know, the one where the model’s hips were angled away from the camera, and her shoulders were swiveled toward the camera. I seem to remember a lot of maillots and neoprene tank suits modeled this way.

    (Sigh…nope, not the pose. She’s just straight-up smokin’ hot.)

  • Everything from the ankle up is great. Pretty dress, her hair is to die for, and her makeup looks good. But the shoes. They’d be the wrong shoes even if they did fit – they’re just too… blah.

  • Donna Tabor

    Carey Mulligan looks impressed with her butt, in the fourth and fifth photos down.

    • Meg0GayGuys6

      Hahaha and I was thinking, Isla is giving her the side-eye.

  • Synnamin

    I had a very hard time seeing her, as there was someone peeking out from behind her shoulder…

  • ashpo17

    I have to believe that matching the dress to the film poster was intentional…

  • Sunraya

    I don’t like this on her. It gives her defensive back shoulders. A rare miss.

  • formerlyAnon

    She looks great. I imagine she’d look almost as good in a dirty burlap sack, though, so I find it hard to analyze the effect of the dress.

  • fabulous dress for this events, one of the best ive seen her in… onlyy sliiiightly besmirched by her hoochie poses

  • stubbornthoughts

    Perfect dress for this. She looks fabulous.

  • jetpackdino

    Love the second photo.

  • Not her best. Slutty Gatsby isn’t quite the look I’d go for. Something with a more period silhouette would have been much more fun.

  • Elleachaudaucul

    Pretty dress.

  • Nicely done.

  • librarygrrl64

    Versace is not my jam, but she looks good.