Naomi Watts in Dolce&Gabbana

Posted on May 22, 2013

This could go too-precious so easily:


Naomi Watts attends the exclusive ‘For The Love Of Cinema’ event in Antibes, France in a Dolce&Gabbana dress accessorized with Aurélie Bidermann jewelry.

Aurélie Bidermann Surfing Mimosa Earrings

Aurélie Bidermann Lunada Bay Bracelet

And if her best bud Nicole was wearing this, we’d probably gag a little. Discreetly. Behind our hands.

But unlike Nicole, Naomi doesn’t have a long history of sometimes getting just a little too precious or princess-y with her fashion. We’re not yet tired of seeing her wear something like this. Besides, it’s a pretty dress. The shoes are boring, but the earrings and bracelet are gorgeous. The big honkin’ watch wasn’t really necessary, though. In fact, it’s kind of distracting. Hair and makeup look great. This is definitely a dress calling for gold accents and a strong red lip, so kudos to her gays. They know what they’re doing.



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    • marlie

      Perfection. I’d kill for those earrings. The only thing I’d change is giving the dress a teensy bit of a hem.

      • Mary229

        I had the same thought but then I wondered if it might be too cutesy if it was shorter.

        Those earrings are to die for.

        • marlie

          I made the mistake of Googling them… They’re expensive, but not so expensive that mere mortals can’t afford them. Now I think I need to start pinching my pennies…

        • marlie

          Also, I wouldn’t have it go too much shorter. Maybe a little below the knee, instead of this weird mid-shin area. If it we above the knee, it would *definitely* be too cutesy.

    • KateShouldBeWorking

      And she looks so tall in what should be a stumpifying-length hem. Well done, lady!

    • Diego!

      Gorgeous! She looks beautiful! :)

    • Constanza Álvarez Espinoza

      I really love this.

    • Mary229

      I love this. First off, talk about a woman aging gracefully. She’s so pretty. Those earrings are killer. I love the print. It’s both bold and soft at the same time. Pretty hair and makeup.

      This is a major yes for me. Wish other women would look to her for how to age with grace too.

    • Sobaika

      I’d stab someone for that jewelry. She can keep the watch.

      • marlie

        Just Google them. They’re not so expensive that a normal person couldn’t dream of actually owning them…

        • Sobaika

          Not quite for a pauper like me. But some normal person should buy them and wear them everyday.

          • marlie

            I have far more important things to spend money on (tuition, gas…), but one can hope for an unexpected windfall of cash, right?

    • CPK1

      i love everything about this. And Naomi, when you are done, please send me the earrings and bracelet.No need to send the watch.

    • Hetha Innis

      Gorgeous! I don’t get the watch with gowns trend AT ALL.

      • decormaven

        Is she a watch “spokesperson”? That’s the ONLY reason I can see why she’s wearing a timepiece with this look . Everything else is on point.

      • foodycatAlicia

        IWC is a watch brand. I’m pretty sure the focus pulling is the point.

        • buffythekid

          Dammit. I was all ready to defend the giant watch… along with the shape of the dress and the roses pattern, the look said “Alice in Wonderland” to me (in a way that didn’t leave me gagging). But it’s a watch event? Blah, whatever.

    • Kiltdntiltd

      I like the simplicity of those sandals with this strongly patterned dress. She looks terrific.

      • TheAmericaness


    • l_c_ann

      OK, I can hope that this leads to shorter non-cocker-spaniel hair for everyone.

      Love that the hair is wavy and there are no roots showing. Love that the dress fits her and flatters her.

      She’s a blond who doesn’t look washed out. Yay!

    • Julie Chase

      Those earrings are incredible. I love the dress, just not the length.

    • Randy Noak

      I think those earrings are fugly, but I’m also not the biggest fan of gold jewelry.

    • jw_ny

      It’s a good dress for her and overall she looks lovely. I really don’t like the earrings at all on her, and yes, that is a “big honkin'” watch…too big, too bold.

    • crash1212

      I think the watch is what keeps it from being to precious princess.

      • filmcricket

        Agreed 100%. I love it and would take it over the jewelry.

    • LuisaNL

      she looks amazing. Uh-mazing!

    • Dora K.

      She’s so good at glamor. I love looking at her.

    • Jonquil

      Beautiful. I even like the idea of a watch with it, but would have opted with a FAR more delicate one.

    • MilaXX

      I love the watch with this. Then again, I am a fan of a big watch. She looks great.

      • Gaby

        Yeah I love the watch too – it makes the entire look a little sporty, like she’s at a polo match or something (that’s what pops into my head, anyway). Very cute.

    • Lola Channing

      I think maybe the watch because IWC is sponsoring the event, no? And she does look beautiful. Actually, I love the shoes on her – she has nice feet. They enhance that.

    • Ass Kicking Adviser

      Everything but that focus-pulling watch are working for me. Even the shoes.

    • Judy_S

      She looks spectacular.

    • TonyGo

      “The big honkin’ watch wasn’t really necessary, though.” I’m assuming IWC Schaffhausen thought it was necessary. You’re so right….it is focus pulling and doesn’t really go with this look.

    • pattyw

      I believe this event was sponsored by a watchmaker, hence the big honking unnecessary watch.

    • Anniebet

      Luuurve the dress – it’s pretty damn awesome. I adore those earrings too, but they appear to be wearing her. The watch is advertisement for IWC Schaffhausen,

    • mhleta

      Wow. Beautiful from stem to stern. I even like the big honkin’ man watch. It gives the look a little muscle. Well done!

    • Presumptuous Insect

      If Naomi ever decides to go alien like Nicole has, I will give up on the movies altogether.

    • Stella Zawistowski

      Oh, how I crave those earrings!

    • filmcricket

      I thought she was Gretchen Mol in the thumbnail. She looks great, and is pulling off that length astoundingly well. Don’t much care for gold jewelry, but it certainly does work with the ensemble.

    • poggi

      I love this. She looks great. I love the hair and earrings and the print.

    • SugarSnap108

      She looks gorgeous. But that watch is one whackadoo choice. Lose that and she’s perfection.

    • NoveltyRocker

      The shoes are simple but I love their utilitarian look and think it helps contrast with the super femme dress shape and fabric. They give the look energy and currency. I think the watch was meant to do the same but it’s kinda TOO big maybe? Still like the unexpectedness of it next to this dress. She looks puuurty.

    • Nancer

      Very pretty. love the dress. Her lipstick is really pretty; I’ve seen some ugly reds lately on stars at various venues, but this (at least on my screen) is beautiful.

    • PastryGoddess

      I would like a drink (or 5) named surfing mimosa

      She looks fab. I’m giving her my own private WERQ

    • sleah_in_norcal

      i love the watch! it’s an alice in wonderland watch, but in a surreal way. not a twee way. if you know what i mean…

    • Tatiana Luján

      She looks amazing. This is a Werq for me.

    • mjude

      love the look.

    • Tr16ia

      Perfection! A teeeny tiny criticism – I want to grab the bodice and hike it up every soooooo slightly to sit exactly right.

    • Carrieanno

      My favorite look in eons.

    • alyce1213

      My one quibble is the oversized watch – it’s distracting and awkward. Otherwise, very lovely.

    • charlotte

      I have a skirt very similar to this dress, albeit not Dolce& Gabbana. Am I cool now?

      • Beverly Kozma

        You were already cool. Forget the skirt.

    • nannypoo

      I love the dress and it’s pretty on her. The watch is too casual. I really hate her hair.

    • annabelle archer

      WERQ. I love it, head to toe.

    • marshmallowjane

      She looks great, beautiful. Everything except the earrings. Dangling earrings should only be worn with long straight hair or with hair pulled back (think Cher on her show with Sonny; think Rita Coolidge). No curls or waves should brush the earrings in any way.

    • conniemd

      I think she looks gorgeous, love the dress, love the gold jewelry. Love the hairstyle. Love Naomi, too.

    • MissAmynae

      IWC, a Swiss watch company, was the sponsor of the event. hence the timepiece.

      • Patricia Gillett

        I knew something that glaring had to be product placement.

    • kimiakay

      Great look for her! Love that dress.

    • BigWhiteGrannyPanties

      I think the shoes are perfect.

    • Jecca2244

      I think she’s wearing the watch because she’s at a watch brand event, yes? Makes sense.

    • Shawn EH

      I hope Liev likes to surf. Because he’s married to the fanciest surfing accessory of all.

    • tereliz

      I love everything unreservedly except the watch! What a fabulous dress on her. Love the pattern and the length, but the funky cool earrings really make it work!

    • PeaceBang

      oh, oh. Bracelet lust. She looks lovely.

    • Frank Lithium


    • librarygrrl64

      LOVE the dress and bracelet!!!!! Hate the watch.