Katy Perry in Vera Wang

Posted on May 02, 2013

Katy Perry attends the 2013 Delete Blood Cancer Gala in New York City in a Vera Wang gown accessorized with a Judith Leiber clutch, Jimmy Choo heels, and Lorraine Schwartz jewelry.

Vera Wang Printed Strapless Ruched Mermaid Gown



[Photo Credit: Getty, bergdorfgoodman.com]

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  • Gurl looks down right classy! Beautiful color for her. Love the earrings.

  • MilaXX

    I really like this. Despite the bright color, this feels surprisingly low key for her.

  • mshesterp

    Ooh, so pretty! Love it. Looks amazing with her coloring.

  • Stunning, elegant and vibrant. It is, dare I say, a WERQ.

  • Anathema_Device

    I love that color on her. She is amazing looking when she leaves the cartoonish looks behind. Not that I’m against having fun with clothing and one’s public persona, but it was getting kind of old.

    • I get that she has a fan base to play to. No reason why she has to be a walking cartoon every minute though. She looks terrif!

  • Somebody deprogrammed her, it seems.

    She looks gorgeous, though.

  • StellaZafella

    Pretty much a Von Teese worthy WERQ.

  • Agreed!

  • KateShouldBeWorking

    I especially appreciate the restraint given the venue.

    • xmixiex

      exactly!! dressing up like a smurf would be wildly inappropriate for a cancer benefit. brava!

  • PastryGoddess

    WERQ it gurl!

    The purple accessories threw me off at first, but I really dig them

    • Sarah

      Me too. I was wondering what the earrings were doing, then I saw her clutch. I’m okay with it now. And nobody can deny that she looks bangin’ in that dress. Her hair looks really nice, also. Thank god it’s not cocker spaniel’d!

  • AlisonS

    The matchy matchy look suits her well! I can’t think of another star who could wear pinky-purple earrings, lipstick, and have the same shade in the bag. It looks classy while still holding the Katy Perry “spice.”
    Spice wasn’t really the right word, but it’s also not a kookyness that I usually tribute to her look, so I suppose it’s still holding a “KatyPerryness.”

  • We’ve been seeing a lot of Miss Katy in these posts lately, and I think this is the best she’s looked. Positively understated and classy! I’m seeing a little resemblance to Emmy Rossum in the closeup. Maybe it’s the hairdo? Anyway, BRAVA! (And I’m not usually a fan of mermaid gowns.)

    • The beauty of her face has always reminded me of Sean Young in Blade Runner.

  • Why isn’t this a WERQ?

  • stellamaris73

    If anyone wanted to hazard a guess as to what lipstick she is wearing, I’d be forever grateful.

    I do love when she goes for these high-contrast colors. They really work for her skintone and overall coloring.

    • Yes please!! Must. Have. Lipstick.

  • Jessi03

    I love it. Way to go, Katy.

  • alyce1213

    This is a WERQ. Glamorous and classy. This is a fantastic dress for her and I love the hair, makeup and accessories — those earrings are brilliant with this dress.
    Katy Perry perfection.

  • charlotte

    She is wearing a gown that is actually called “Mermaid Gown” and yet she looks less mermaid-y than, say, Sofia Vergara. Kudos to the woman who likes to go full-on smurf on occasion for knowing the venue and altering this dress away from “too much and too literal” territory.

  • Qitkat

    Oooh. Gorgeous. Along with everything else, I really love her hair here. It suits the high-style look. Perfection in choosing the shade of lipstick.

  • Janet B


  • WERQ times infinity!

  • MissAnnieRN

    I appear to be in the minority here, but that dress is very ugly. She looks fabulous. 1000 points to her make-up artist.

  • She’s really hit her stride. This is perfect for her – color, shape, accessories. WERQ!

  • MsOlympia

    It’s definitely a walking-away dress.

  • butterflysunita

    Beautiful. Love the clutch.

  • Indovina

    I guess I’ll be something of a voice of dissent, at least based upon the comments so far.

    The colour is lovely on her, but the only thing interesting about it is the print, which admittedly does take the dress away from the unfortunate feel of its shape and silhouette. It works so much better than I think it ought to, but it still comes out to mostly boring for me.

    I do give her absolute credit for respectful restraint, considering the venue, though.

    • eowyn_of_rohan

      I hate that silhouette. She looks like an inverted vase.

  • nannypoo

    I don’t like the ruching on the front of the dress but I love the color and pattern. She’s been looking really pretty lately.

  • melissaisasnob

    She is a very pretty woman after first glance.

  • BrooklynBomber

    Grown up Barbie.

  • random_poster

    Wow! That’s pretty classy for Miss Katy. She looks beautiful.

  • xmixiex

    gorgeous!! WERQ. As mentioned before, it’s important that it’s suitable for the event- dressing like a cartoon for a cancer benefit is tres gauche.

  • I love everything but the fishtail skirt. The pattern is gorgeous and that clutch is awesome.

  • Imasewsure

    Gorgeous – a WERQ for Katy herself but the dress isn’t quite in that territory for me (color and pattern great but the fabric itself looks kind of cheap some how)

  • DiverK

    TLo, this should have been a WERQ!

  • She defaults to this shade of blue too often for my taste. I wish it was in a smokier tone, but I am surely in the minority.

  • Sadie-Ann

    On average, she’s been finding a really good middle ground lately. It still feels like her, but more grown up.

  • Don’t love the earrings. But overall, gorgeous.

  • Wish she’d softened the hair up, but the gown & bag are FAB. Quite an improvement for her.

  • crash1212

    LOVE. Very subtle how the colors in the earrings are picked up in the clutch. Fits perfectly – beautiful color on her. Nicely done!

  • TheAmericaness

    Well done, well done, I say! (British accent, please)

  • Utter perfection.

  • BeeBeauNYC

    I’m not a fan of mermaid dresses but for some reason I love this dress and I agree – she is fab in it! The hair is giving her 50s Hollywood glam, which works well on her.

    • She seems to look her absolute best when doing the classic Hollywood Starlet thing.

    • swiss_miss

      I am normally not a fan of mermaid dresses either, but it seems like a good style for her since mermaid dresses do have a little bit an over-the-top, clichée sexbomb thingy, for me they always look like something a sexy comic figure would wear and thats actually perfect for Katy.

  • jw_ny

    Lovely and elegant, yet still true to Katy’s style. Earrings are such a lovely complement to the dress/look.

    Shoulders back and tits out next time, Katy. 😉

  • I am IN LOVE with that purse.

  • Lisa M. (ReVoir) Kramp

    Pretty, pretty, pretty. Kudos, Katy!

  • anotherkate

    She looks pretty, but it looks like she got a little sun and her makeup people didn’t adjust accordingly for her foundation. She looks *just* a touch paler in the face than she should. Makes her look a bit waxy?

  • ellabob


  • dragonbait

    Girl, that is not your foundation. It’s at least an entire shade too light and the wrong texture for her.

  • MzzPants

    She looks like a million damn dollars. Why wasn’t this a WERQ?

  • Love the dress, hate the color. Reminds me of the awful color choices Dolce dress from yesterday’s post!

  • deliadee

    Gorgeous. Full stop. Wow!

  • Colin

    She looks fine; boring though

  • I really despise mermaid skirts but that is such a lovely color on her I am willing to ignore that part.

  • This is great – I love everything about this look! Gorgeous.

  • I think it’s because nothing else is really “crazy” about it. A classy, elegant dress, in a flattering and fairly simple silhouette, an eye-catching color, and an interesting print. But no boobs, cutouts, crazy shoes, crazy hair, etc.

  • steeg of their own

    Katy looks good in this, and it seems to be adequately containing her boobs without making a big deal of it. I like it.

  • Cousin_Rose

    Perfect lips, makeup, earrings, that gorgeous little purse and a couldn’t be better dress. WERQ for sure!

  • Anniebet

    Dreamy. She must be a joy to dress.

  • demidaemon

    I like this, but I don’t think it is a bust-friendly neckline for her. Her thought bubble is the following: “Gotta hold the breath or they’ll put out. Oh, shit one is escaping. Suck it in, girl!”

  • This is a WERQ for me. She looks fantastic.

  • julnyes

    She sure knows how to slap on the warpaint!
    (A skill I envy and definitely lack)

  • quiltrx

    Great print! And that lipstick is actually looking nice on her, set agains the porcelain skin.

  • ccm800

    holy FUCK thats a LOT of makeup

  • drdarke

    Um – it’s very nice and Katy Perry’s well put-together.

    Okay, given some of what she’s wears, it’s fan-FUCKING-tastic! Lovely! Brava, Ms. Perry! IN.

  • Bwin51

    She looks too top heavy and slouchy in that dress. Is it just her posture? Looks great on the model who is not as booby.

  • Stubenville

    Glamorous, but a touch matronly.

  • kathrineb

    Im not usually a fan of this type of dress but girl is pulling it off like nobody’s business!

  • She’s purty.

  • Man, she can pull off so many different feels, from old Hollywood glam, to over-the-top cartoon drag, to modern beauty, she does it all so well (most of the time).