Julianne Moore in Valentino

Posted on May 06, 2013

Julianne Moore attends the screening of ‘What Maisie Knew’ in New York City in a Valentino dress paired with Tabitha Simmons sandals.

Valentino Pre-Fall 2013 Collection/Model: Maud Welzen

Tabitha Simmons ‘Bailey’ Suede Sandal



[Photo Credit: Getty, style.com, matchesfashion.com]

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  • CommentsByKatie

    In before widow’s weeds comments.

    For me, this isn’t really working; it shortens her torso and the hair is a little Mother of the Bride. I think if the bodice lace extended a bit further and she had a more interesting hairstyle, this could be nice? Maybe it’s just not her dress. Ship this off to someone who can rock those dark-twee looks, Julianne.

    The satin pleats are beautiful! I would love to see this dress on the appropriate person.

    • steeg of their own

      Oh hey, I made the widows weeds comment! Very prescient of you, haha!

    • BrooklynBomber

      It’s not working for Julianne, either.

      • drdarke

        Oh, Grandma Julie – please come home with me now!

        We’ll make you some hotsy water and put your favorite stories on the idiot box….

  • How does one outfit manage to be both matronly and vulgar? On the positive, her makeup looks fantastic.

    • Agreed! I soooo can’t get behind this look!!

      • NYCGlamourpuss

        It’s just wrong on so many levels.

  • Kristin McNamara

    Wow. Sleeves almost identical to the beautifully-deployed dress of Emilia Clarke earlier today, and yet completely different in every other sense. This dress has too much going on. “Frou frou” sprung to mind at first glance.

  • SugarSnap108

    Maybe this would look better away from a black backdrop, but…No. The cut is not flattering on her. It makes her look “wide” across the middle. Her face is beautiful, though.

  • lexilexi

    In a long list of horrible choices, for me this is near the top. It does NOTHING for her. Hair – yuck… but her eyes look gorgeous!

  • steeg of their own

    Julienne, you are too young and beautiful and vibrant for widows weeds. The cut here is bad (drop the waist and choose a length that’s not quite as stumpifying as right-at-the-knees). I guess she deserves props for trying to buck the nude-lined-lace-is-cool trend, but that black bodice lining just makes it more funereal.

    Think green or blue jewel tones, Julienne, and makeup that doesn’t wash you out. Your hair and complexion are too good to dress like you’re attending the death of your rouge salesman.

  • MilaXX

    Dress is too fussy and the shoes are too complicated

  • jw_ny

    Hair and makeup are pretty…but that dress isn’t.

  • Snailstsichr

    Stunning face and cute shoes. I’ll take it.

  • alyce1213

    Absolutely bad, unflattering.
    I’m also not on board with the hair bump.
    For a “fancy” black dress, she needs a pair of hose (and different shoes) to polish the look, but this dress is so ugly why even bother.

  • aeb1986

    noooo! she was doing so well! she had a fashion relapse!

    • BrooklynBomber

      I just feel exasperated. I want to shake her and shout at her. “Julianne, you’ve got to stop this! YOU NEED HELP!”

  • Synnamin

    The makeup looks good, but everything else? Frankendress, and the wrong shoes (though I love them)

  • Tatiana Luján

    I feel like I shouldn’t, but I really like the hair.

  • Everything from the breasts down is a fucking nightmare. Love her face.

  • nannypoo


  • Anathema_Device

    That lace over-layer looks like an old Playtex girdle strapped to the dress. Totally makes her look like a lace tree trunk, which she is NOT. It destroys that pretty lace detail at the waist. Either line the bodice or wear something else. This is bad,.

  • Anniebet

    Now this is the dress that everyone thought Emilia Clarke was wearing… the grandma’s funeral dress. Julianne deserves better than this. Knees down looks like a 60 year old guy in drag.

  • erinbinek

    The bodice really thickens her, doesn’t it? Also, what is with her and ugly, complicated shoes?

  • Rand Ortega

    I just love Julianne’s face. The dress, much like The Solange’s, is too short waisted for her. It looks as though someone gave them a dress wedgie.

  • IAmJ

    I love the crap outta her but her taste in footwear is pretty atrocious. Make-up is pretty though.

  • TLo, are you not recapping “Revenge” anymore? 🙁

  • TheAmericaness

    GAH! What are widow’s weeds?

  • Barbora

    Not your dress, hon.

  • carolclark12

    I’m just so happy to see a real looking woman, with a little crepiness (as in crepe-i-ness) around her neck, crow’s feet, and sort of splotchy legs. Hate the dress, but love her.

  • jmorino08

    Clearly there are no mirrors in her house and she needs a Kickstarter campaign called “Crazy, Stupid, Dresses: Cure Julianne’s Fashion ‘Blindness’,

  • JasmineAM

    This look is 100% Adele drag.

  • jilly_d

    Her face has never looked better. I’ll just leave it at that.

  • I don’t get it. Julianne is a fantastic actress, very beautiful with a lovely face and body… yet this?
    Honey, you need a new gay.

  • trisker


  • E. D.

    I hate those shoes.

  • fursa_saida

    I could never wear them (double ankle straps: NOT my friend), but I actually love those shoes.

  • She does not know how to dress her body… such a shame for such a beautiful lady! Keep it simple JM!

  • If my legs looked like that I’d cover them up. They look terrible. (I do cover my legs.) Julianne Moore is pretty but her face always looks the same. I’d love to see some curl in her hair or something different.

  • PrunellaV

    This dress makes her look squat. Julianne Moore is not squat.

  • formerlyAnon

    Holy middle-aged ethnic aunts, circa 1966, Batman!

    She picked one of only three hairstyles that could have taken a somewhat dowdy dress and slammed it into “my friend (who lived on our block in 1966) Gina Franco’s* Aunt Angie” territory. Aunt Angie was youngish for a widow and rarely seen without a highball glass, a cigarette and blood red fingernails.

    * Probably not her real last name. It started with “Fr” and was Italian, that’s all I remember.

    • Slowfish57

      Aunt Angie sounds like a hoot.

      • formerlyAnon

        She seemed to have a better time than the moms we knew (she had no kids) – or at least more free time. To my young eyes she could have been any age between 40 and 55. She babysat a lot and was in a bowling league and visited a girlfriend who lived in Florida. Never heard about a boyfriend, don’t know if she was o.k. financially, though she worked at least part time. Years later I heard her husband had died young from complications of alcoholism, so whatever fun she had in life she’d probably earned the hard way.

  • Um… I like her hair and makeup.

    That’s all I’ve got.

  • MartyBellerMask

    OMG, what?? I don’t.. I can’t.. I mean, huh? So awful there are no words.

  • andreawey

    Girl! That’s not your dress!

  • demidaemon

    Oh, Julianne, you were on such a roll there for a hot minute. Then you picked this strangely disproportionate, awkward black lace contraption. Also, on your shoe wardrobe: you still need a new one.

  • Imasewsure

    Wow what an awful, unflattering look this is…. and still she is incredibly beautiful

  • the lace sleeves and neckline are beautiful, but the bodice and waistline are horribly unflattering, causing her to look stumpy and dumpy.

  • Contralto

    Geez, another Comfort Choir dress!

  • carnush

    She should fire whoever chose this for her. Love the shoes though.

  • Reminds me of Mirren and all those D&G monstrosities. Aging and unflattering.

  • lobsterlen

    That is horrible.

    Furthermore I have freckles so I say this as a fair skin sister. They are cute across your nose. However she needs to wear panty hose.

  • jetpackdino

    UGH. This is without a doubt one of the ugliest things I have ever seen anyone wear. I can’t believe Julianne allowed this. That dress makes her look so wide it’s like a reflection in a fun-house mirror.

  • crash1212

    Pretty awful. Everything looks like it’s sliding down unable to beat the force of gravity. Those shoes are fierce, but do not go with this widows-weeds dress. Pretty hair and make-up though.

  • That hair needs to be shipped straight back to Hilly Holbrook.

  • Melizmatic

    It’s a funeral shroud, masquerading as a dress.

  • Mary229

    Such a pretty lady who is aging gracefully and beautifully but I rarely like her clothing.

  • mother of the bride much?