Jennifer Lopez in London

Posted on May 29, 2013

Mkay, Mommy and Daddy are tired after that epic, novel-length Mad Style post. But a Bitter Kitten is a hungry kitten. And a demanding one. So we know you’re all expecting a constant flow of entertainment and bitchery to help you get through the day. Here’s what we’re gonna do for you: while we’re waiting for our diet pills and vitamins shots to kick in, let’s give J Lo the spotlight for a while.


Jennifer Lopez seen leaving the Dorchester Hotel after having dinner with friends in London in a Fay coat paired with a Chanel bag.

Fay Fall 2013 Collection

She always knows what to do with it, bless her.

There’s something a little “Star Trek at the North Pole” about the whole thing, is there not?




[Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews,]

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  • NC_Meg

    Is it really that cold in London? I’m sitting here in NC and I can’t imagine putting a coat on. I will give it to her, though: she looks tired under those glasses and that is one hodge podge of a look but she’s still “on.”

    • Sobaika

      Not sure about London but if general weather shenanigans give any indication, Mother Nature is pissed and taking it out on New York.

      • MoHub

        DC too. Been fluctuating between the 50s and the 90s over the past couple of weeks.

        • sekushinonyanko

          I bought a whole stack of sundresses for my birthday (April 10th) and have been devastated by the fact that May was too cold and unpredictable to make much use of them.

      • lobsterlen

        There were places in up state NY this weekend that got 3 feet of snow. Higher elevations but still this is NY not Colorado

        • cbt22

          And yet, here in Colorado it has been in the 80s for the past several days.

      • Granted I live in northern NH, but it snowed here this weekend. Measurably. NOT OK…

      • LipstickForPigs

        And Minnesota…

      • fursa_saida

        Boston, too.

      • RebeccaKW

        On Texas, too. “Oh, north Texas is in a drought and cities are running out of water? No rain for you! San Antonio has too much water? Flood! And I’ll send some giant hail to northwest Texas, they don’t need all those windows.”

    • 3boysful

      I thought the same (also here in NC!), but was wondering how she knew to (have her minions) pack that ensemble? Do you land at Heathrow, decide it’s chilly, text your stylist, and have something fabulous Fed Ex’d/delivered (if a local design house)?

    • loy phillips

      Yeah, it has been pretty cold here the last few days. A little above 50F, with plenty of wind and rain. Having said that, she still looks a little over dressed. A leather jacket and a silk scarf would suffice.

  • NC_Meg

    Is it really that cold in London? I’m sitting here in NC and I can’t imagine putting a coat on. I will give it to her, though: she looks tired under those glasses and that is one hodge podge of a look but she’s still “on.”

  • jen_vasm

    Fab outfit, but what the heck is going on with the weather in London?? I was assuming this was fall in Australia or something. Sheesh.

  • jen_vasm

    Fab outfit, but what the heck is going on with the weather in London?? I was assuming this was fall in Australia or something. Sheesh.

    • It’s cold. I was back in my wool coat today, and could have worn my gloves without feeling overheated. A few days ago, it was sunny and I was out in a summer dress and cardie. The weather is tears-inducing.

  • Emily Dagger

    Are those …pants? boots? Poots?

  • Emily Dagger

    Are those …pants? boots? Poots?

    • OMG Poots? I love this!

      • NYCGlamourpuss

        I know, I just snorted at my desk at Poots!

    • Hahahahahahaha. I called them boots, but they may be poots.

    • Zipoots.

    • Seriously – leave it to JLo to take a gorgeous coat and pair it with hooker boots. I actually might have loved seeing this coat on Cathy Cambridge. Style more like the Runway than like JLo.

      • Emily Dagger

        That’s my real issue with the Poots — they’re so heavy. The tights and twee little loafers are so much lighter and happier.

        • ConnieBV

          I’d cut a bitch for those loafers.

    • TheAmericaness

      I almost pooted because of that… awesome.

    • Kate

      Imagine trying to use a public restroom while wearing poots. I bet it would be like a jumper plus a snowsuit difficult.

  • hee HEE! I love this. Not usually a JLO fan, but this is great. She seems to know exactly the impact its having, and thinks its a hoot.

  • hmariec19

    What in the actual fuck is she wearing on her legs?

  • BrookeNR

    Oh, look! She brought her pet ferret to keep her company!

    • MoHub

      You beat me to it!

  • Emily

    It’s an insult to Star Trek to put this in the same category. Also totally unclear as to what is on her legs.

    • $26351735

      The thickest thigh highs ever made.

  • Sobaika

    Her style isn’t always my bag, but she can take clothing most mortals shouldn’t attempt and turn them out.

  • majorbedhead

    Is she wearing flats? And she has little to no makeup on. Is this really JLo??

    • Bethany Roullett

      I had the same thought. Flats? can’t be her.

  • majorbedhead

    Is she wearing flats? And she has little to no makeup on. Is this really JLo??

  • ccinnc

    Ugh, don’t like this at all. And her hair/hairline are creeping me out. Boots too.

  • StellaZafella

    I see over-sized Oompa Loompa. Deep Roy would be proud to wear the matching outfit.

    • MoHub

      Deep Roy has far more taste.

  • Don’t like the boots! I like it much better on the runway model.

  • Carrieanno

    So it’s winter in London now?

  • MoHub

    Is it my monitor, or is the coat on the model red and the one on JLo orange? Also, it looks as if a ferret is trying to crawl into her mouth.

  • Tuneful54

    All bundled up for a London winter, and maybe a drop-in to a naughty club or two… in style. But, wait a second, it’s almost June! (D’oh! Was about to smack my forehead, then stopped–it might make my hairline recede).

  • lobsterlen

    I notice George Clooney was all bundled up in London too. London must be cold in May.

  • Amanda Herriott Welliver

    I want the model’s shoes so much it hurts.

    • BarniClaw

      Me, too! Where and how and how much, I wonder…

  • Those boots!?!? She looks like a diva version of a kid in a snowsuit. Also, her topknot depresses me.

  • BuffaloBarbara

    Fishing boots? Really, Jenny, that’s the look you want? Well, maybe she’s just in London for a few minutes, and then she’ll catch the train up to the country, where she has some kind of fishing retreat planned. That’s what I’m going with.

  • ballerinawithagun

    That fur at the collar looks so cheap! Reminds me of the rabbit jacket I had in high school, suddenly the fur would just disappear in patches. Coat looks way too tight and I love the Poots comment below!

  • MilaXX

    It’s perfectly JLo and I have to admit, I kinda love an orange coat.

  • Jeff Warhurst

    I don’t know; she reeks of trying too hard, and has since I first found out she existed. This outfit is ridiculous.

  • Ruth Preston

    “I got this hedgehog at HERMES, bitches.”

  • decormaven

    The amount of black leather in those boots and purse…one tough look. Divatude!

  • jw_ny

    Long hair and fur collars are not a good mix since they each get messed in the other, so I don’t blame her for putting her hair up; this severe top bun was not the correct alternative.

    The coat would look so much better without the fur.

    I have no clue what’s going on with her legs..pants? boots? whatever it is, it’s bulky.

  • NYCGlamourpuss

    I like the coat, although I’d hope the fur is faux, because I’m a tree-hugger – but that’s just me! The pants or boots or whatever the hell they are are kind of weird and bunchy, so I’m not loving those. I like the shades; hate that little “turd placed directly smack on top of the center of her head” too tight bun. So I’d give this a 50/50.

  • Sara Brams-Miller

    Not a fan of the boots. But she works it . . .

  • kimmeister

    The coat seems to be pulling a bit on her bust.

  • crash1212


  • bertkeeter

    Looks like ESCADA from the 90’s!

  • Snailstsichr

    I was a little afraid to open this post for fear it would be pics from her stage show, many of which I saw should have been labeled NSFW. Maybe its me, but this getup makes her legs look short and stumpy and we know they aren’t.

    • DuBey2

      This was an example of why looks that are fantastic on the Runway often flop in real life. As in, the coat only works with nothing under it because of how slimly (not a word, I know) it fits. And why would anyone WANT to wear anything on their legs even in weather cold enough for a wool (I’m guessing) coat?
      Oh, and a curvy/sexy body like JLo’s is probably actually hard to dress in sample size clothes.
      Anyway, it made me feel better about things that look great on a hanger but bad on my body…

  • tereliz

    Well I DID think that coat was adorable… 😉 Thank you for nipping my inappropriate coat lust—it’s 85 F today—in the bud with a well-timed zinger.

  • I assume that it’s cooler in London than it is here, but is that coat really necessary at the end of MAY?

    • Gloriana Reginata

      Ah, given the amount of complaining my mother is doing about the weather every time I phone her – yes. (Worst spring in 50 years.)

  • when i stick my hair up in a tiny knot on top of my head, i call it my crazy old lady look.

  • stubbornthoughts

    This coat looks much better on the model, sadly. She should ship this to Cathy Cambridge, stat.

  • PLH

    Yeah, give J-Lo the spotlight for a while b/c she hardly ever gets attention. That girl could find the spotlight on the dark side of the moon-and she’s got the outfit for it, too. That “hair” makes her look like a weird bald man at first glance-that can’t be good.

  • melanie0866

    Maybe it’s just the angle of the picture, but she looks stumpy. And if an outfit can make JLo look stumpy, it’s not a good outfit.

    Also: dead squirrel tail around her neck is grossing me out.

  • nannypoo

    Tell me again – what hemisphere is London in?

  • Jennifer always has her hair in a top knot. Just once I would like to see her with a side part like the model on the runway. She’s got the length to try different styles, why not go for one??

  • kimiakay

    I love this coat, except for the little squirrel trying to crawl into the collar. I think it would be even better if she were carrying the green purse like the model. She looks cute.

    • DuBey2

      OK, you made me snort w/laughter. I will dream of squirrels attacking fashionistas tonite. Thank you for the laugh!

  • the jacket is too tight across the chest and it looks terrible with those leather trousers/whatever she has on her legs. BAD styling.

  • Something is wrong with the collar. It’s turned up funny. Maybe it’s real fur? Does she take a position on fur?

    Whenever someone praises J.Lo. in general terms about her style, I go back to a green dress with one sleeve from her own line that was one of the ugliest things I’ve ever seen. She does look classy lately as long as she refrains from wearing the hooker boots.

  • Not her best look. She looks short because of those leggings/boots whatever. The jacket is fabulous but not on JLO. Hate that hairstyle. You’re never too beautiful for bad hair.

  • akprincess72

    Ugh. It’s 80 flippin’ degrees at 9 pm in the freakin’ middle of ALASKA right now. Seeing this makes me want to cry!

  • Kikishua

    I think the collar really needed to be closed (although it looks a little as if she can’t) – so the furry elements are more “it’s a collar” and less “smuggling my pet squirrel out to the restaurant with me”.