Hugh Jackman in NYC

Posted on May 31, 2013

Hugh Jackman out and about in NYC carrying a Louis Vuitton bag.

Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite Keepall Bandoulière Bag



[Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews,]

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  • StellaZafella

    Everything about this just made my week.

    Thanks guys!

    • Oh great good gawdalmighty, YES!!!!!

      • Fordzo

        I keep meaning to tell you that I’m listening to the audio version of The Great Gatsby narrated by Jake Gyllenhaal. (I think we share a special affection for him?) It’s splendid. I pretend he’s reading to me before bed. 🙂 If I knew you IRL, I’d lend it to you. Hell, I’d buy you a copy.

        • Its true, I do rather fancy him. Mostly because he seems essentially a good guy, and rather unimpressed with himself, overall. Sure his delicious attractions play a part, but at the end of a day its substance that matters.

          I must admit that, all the delights of the interweb notwithstanding, it does sadden me that our connections so rarely turn into anything In Real Life. I would welcome the chance to engage in real time with any of my fellow bitter kittens. We all have so much that we share, and, (apologies to our esteemed hosts) fashion is only the tip of it.

          And at the last, many thanks, both for thinking of me regarding the novel, which is a favorite of mine, and also for being so gracious. It’s truly appreciated.

    • Nan

      Funny – it made ME weak. Mercy.

  • Isabel

    Is this his gym bag? I need to start making more money!!!

    • sisterb67

      If it’s not his gym bag, I hope it’s his weekender getaway bag… that he’s packed to take a trip with me to Camp Naughty Bad Fun.

  • ashtangajunkie

    That’s good. So very good.

    • drdarke

      You know, if he’d extended his claws, I bet no cab would DARE pass him up!

  • joancarol

    I love his pelvis.

    • Addictedtowhitewater

      so, um, when I first read your post my brain somehow replaced the letters l and v with the letter n…ahem…

      • demidaemon

        It’s pretty damn close….and nobody’s complaining. 😉

      • joancarol

        I was referencing bone structure. Wait, that doesn’t help…

  • Jenny

    Now Hugh Jackman is a man who needs to show some thigh in shorty-shorts.

    • alyce1213

      That just might do me in.

  • WendyD

    Thank you to the next X-Men movie he’s currently shooting for those crazy arms!

    • Guest

      He needs to drink some water like, yesterday.

      • kryten8

        Is that what makes the veins pop like that? Good to know, for life.

  • MoHub

    Sausage Friday is the best antidote for Meatless Monday.

  • ceceliadid

    You’re so vein …

    • Rhonda Shore

      What IS going on with his veins?

      • Jacqueline Wessel


      • MilaXX

        I think he’s mid film on the next Wolverine flick and has probably done another crazy workout regimen.

        • demidaemon

          It’s true. Some shirtless pics of him filming a scene are popping up on the nets. Definitely worth a gander.

      • ChelseaNH

        There’s no room under his skin for them, with all that muscle. Which would be fine except I find bulging veins kind of scary.

      • MemHey

        Test patient for nurses-in-training? Could not ask for an easier IV stick…

      • Heather

        He needs to hydrate!!

  • alyce1213

    He’s magnificent, such a beautiful man specimen. I have two questions:
    1) Who’s walking the Frenchie?
    2) Are his veins okay like that? He must be pumping iron like mad. He’s what nurses call an easy stick.
    Love his black jeans.

    • I think he’s just come from the gym.

    • Mismarker

      Re: easy stick. Is it sad that was the first thing I noticed? I wish all my patients had veins like this.

  • Edward Thomas-Herrera

    Hubba hubba.

  • Krysta

    holy shit, that’s a lot of veins there

    • e jerry powell

      He’s so vein, he probably thinks this post is about him.

      • ConnieBV

        That made me cackle. Well played.

        • e jerry powell

          Merci beaucoup. I’m on fire this week, apparently.

    • JosephLamour

      Like… that’s a lot of lifting to get those veins. Perhaps he should lift something easier to lift. Perhaps me…

  • gabbilevy

    Daaaayum Wolverine.

  • Lookin’ good, Mr. Jackman.

  • etselec

    Good gravy. That man is a phlebotomist’s wet dream.

    • FunButNutz

      Those superficial veins collapse easily…most phelbotomists ignore them and go deeper.

      • Mismarker

        True, they usually go for the antecubital. Those veins are good for peripheral IVs, though!

    • MilaXX

      or a crack head

    • conniemd

      Actually, I was thinking the popped out veins would make a vampire sweat with lust.

  • Jesus H those arms…

  • AngelaGreen

    Very veiny, but damn he’s delicious. Not to mention that delectable little french bulldog he has with him.

  • dickylarue

    I don’t think the veins are just from pumping iron. I think Hugh’s been taking some “supplements” and I’m not talking “pirin” tablets from the Birdcage.

    • StellaZafella

      You get veining and striation like that right after a strenuous workout and it can last up to several hours… since Hugh’s in training for a movie right now, I’d give him the benefit of the doubt. Not everybody need be accused of using ‘roids.

      • dickylarue

        I was thinking HGH actually. I work in “the business” and it’s mind boggling how many actors, and oddly enough, agents and producers are taking that stuff as an anti-aging regimen. I power lift serious weight to keep fit and I’ve never seen my veins ever pop out of my skin like that. It’s a bit freaky, but he is Wolverine after all.

  • nyazgirl

    Veins are the new black.

  • marlie

    First Joe, and now Hugh… I have my two favorite “wolf” men; my day is complete.

  • gurl boy


  • KateShouldBeWorking

    Someone needs to break into his house and shrink all his t-shirts.

  • Dan_In_NYC

    It’s also pushing 90 degrees in NYC, so that alone will make the veins pop a bit more. But in a nod to Jessie Spano, I do think he’s taking a little something to help study for the test.

    • Erica_Vuitton

      I’m so excited!! I’m so excited!! I’m so… scared!!!

      • Dan_In_NYC

        Absolutely perfect. 😉

  • IraKi

    My ladyparts are singing “I feel happy, oh so happy I feel happy and pretty and gay”

    • e jerry powell

      Gay ladyparts have the most fun!

  • Julie Chase

    Are you trying to kill us today?

  • Nicoclaws

    At first I was “I can ignore the neck beard”, and then I saw the arms and screamed in horror.

  • StrandedFashionista

    Words fail me, and that’s not just because I love the bag.

  • get that damn LV bag out of the way so i can see the puppy! those sweet little french bulldogs must be all the rage in ny, they seem to be everywhere.

    ugh, veins.

  • crash1212

    Holy crap! What makes the veins in an arm stick out like that! It’s creepy to the max.

    • conniemd

      That is almost word for word what I was going to write.

      • 1carmelita

        me too. Very alarming.

    • Deb_Lynn

      I’m betting he just finished a workout…

  • SewingSiren

    Did the zipper already break on that goddamned expensive bag?

  • MilaXX

    TOO MUCH EYE CANDY; The arms, the dog the bag…… *drools*

  • BeeBeauNYC

    The veins are scaring me. He’s crazy hot otherwise.

  • Mismarker

    Those arms are almost comically large. I’m not complaining.

  • majorbedhead

    I have officially lost the ability to speak. All I can do is drool and groan.

  • Anniebet

    Sry, ladies (and gays), those arms are NOT pretty.

  • Cynica

    Am I the only one who finds the veins in his arms kind of gross? I just don’t want to see that much of anyone’s vascular system.

    • Fordzo

      They’re turning me off, too. What a bummer – Hugh Jackman posts are usually my favorite.

    • OrigamiRose

      Definitely not the only one. I shuddered and scrolled down fast. Major squick.

  • nannypoo

    He looks like a Body Worlds exhibit.

  • cowper

    “Taxi, if you don’t come NOW, I will come and lift you over here.”

  • judybrowni

    Is all that hair for his wolfman drag?

    If not, there’s no excuse.

  • acevedob

    Ew no. Is he on steroids now?!

    • gorghast

      He has been on and off for years.

      • NoGovernmentName

        While that may be true, my husband is definitely NOT on steroids, but after he works out, his arm veins look like that. It’s indicative of low body fat, I think. While this does not rule out Mr. Jackman using ‘roids, the mere presence of those veins if he worked out recently don’t prove it either.

  • kimiakay

    I wonder what happens to his body when he bulks up and then doesn’t have to, then starts the cycle again? He’s done it a few times now, and he’s getting older too. Oh well. He’s still a fine specimen. And his clothes fit beautifully. And he has a sweet, sweet little Frenchy.

  • fringebenefit

    No to those muscles. No, no, no, and then no again. Gross.

  • lizajane1776

    Um, dude? The veins are too much.

  • Wow. What’s up with those bulging veins? That’s a big no for me.

  • Bethany Fairbrother

    Why are his arms so veiny?

  • With arms like those, the legs ought to be a bit meatier. He’s neglecting them. Also neglecting many carbs, as all those veins show the low low body fat.

  • Lisa M. (ReVoir) Kramp

    Oh. Holy. GOD! Thank you, thank you!!

  • Chris

    What crazy taxi driver wouldn’t stop for that?! He shouldn’t even have to hail one -there should just be a line of them following him around.

  • OrigamiRose

    He’s gorgeous (even *with* a neckbeard) but the veins scare me. Like, they’re popping out and he’s not even flexing. I just find it really troubling and… off-putting 🙁

    • kentiesgirl

      Can’t speak for Hugh but my kids’ veins pop like to a lesser degree even when they’re relaxed but right after lifting they’re *really* noticeable. They’re teens so they have, like, no body fat. Maybe that’s it-Hugh gains and looses for his roles a lot. I hope it’s just diet and exercise, I <3 this guy. He's so talented.

      • OrigamiRose

        I hope so too. He’s amazingly good looking… he sings, he dances… he does serious film and he does fluff…. And no matter what any gossips say, he seems to love and be all about his wife. The world, in general, just needs more Hugh Jackmans in it 🙂

  • Louise Bryan

    FYI, must be my professional background, but I can’t help feeling like he would give new life to nursing students learning how to start IVs, if he would only let him practice on those … vigorous veins.

  • kentiesgirl

    The scruffy weight lifter thing plus the designer bag is…different. Can’t sign off on the pocket, but I like the dress-casual look. It would look better for me if he was holding an adidas gym bag or something. Like ‘just showered after gym and on my way to a meeting’ instead of ‘I want you to take pics of me and bag’. Also would explain the veins thru the picture-veins pop after lifting sessions-instead of ‘possible unhealthy behavior’.

  • Is he hailing the cab I wish I were driving?

  • quiltrx

    There’s so much to take in here, my eyeballs hurt from all the quick darting about. Wow, what a man.

  • par3182

    Every time I see Hugh I think of the Tony awards when Rod the puppet from Avenue Q was hitting on him and when Hugh mentioned his wife Rod’s reply (full of disdain) “She’s a very lucky lady”.

  • demidaemon

    Man, I am feeling a bit spoiled today.

  • LuisaNL

    damn you, hugh jackman, you are delicious.

  • Mona_Visa

    Wow, those veins look like a roadmap.

    …a map of the glorious Land of Hugh! 🙂

  • somebody blonde

    Oof, I think the arms are a little much for me. I prefer a little bit less veiny, personally. Don’t work so hard, Hugh!

  • WANT.

  • Pudgy Possum

    He looks good, but his veins make me queasy.

  • Daktari100

    With arms like that, I’d be afraid to say anything disparaging about him.

  • MannahattaMamma

    his arms scare me. those veins are like live things…

  • Patricia Gillett

    Best day of T+Lo posts. Ever.

  • DebbieLovesShoes

    The veins in his arms are freaking me out.

  • Sunraya

    I think his jacked up veins and the LV bag don’t fit. I was surprised to see him carrying a designer bag. He just doesn’t seem the type.

  • librarygrrl64

    The guns are insane, and not in a good way. Stop it, gentlemen.

  • jmorino08

    Face what? I am too distracted by those arms…