Heather Graham in Donna Karan

Posted on May 10, 2013

Heather Graham celebrate her cover at the Vegas Magazine 10th Anniversary Celebration at Mandarin Oriental, Las Vegas in a Donna Karan dress paired with a Diane von Furstenberg clutch.

Donna Karan Sheer-Yoke Long Sleeve Sequin Dress



[Photo Credit: PRN/Photos, bergdorfgoodman.com]

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  • rloliveira

    Why would she wear such an ugly dress?

    • lobsterlen

      with exactly matching shoes?

  • carpediva


  • Anplica Fiore

    Both dresses are OUT in my book. YUCK

  • OK, so I haven’t seen her out in ages but the hair worries me. Is she going to do an SJP utter devotion to that style long after it suits her?

    Love this version of the dress – it’s dealt with the titscrepancy on the model (who looks like Dakota Fanning) and I think the colour is good on her. I do not like the matchy accessories. I’d have gone with teal shoes and told my minions to carry my purse.

  • anyalama

    That is one sloppy looking dress.

  • heatheradair

    I’ll be the dissenter. I think it suits the venue/occasion. It’s bling-ee. It’s a little trashy. It’s Vegas-Perfect. And she seems not to age, right?

    • I’m with you. But I think like the cheese, we stand alone on this one.

    • barbarienne

      I agree it’s venue-appropriate, but it’s sloppy (is it too big?) and looks as if it’s getting pulled in funny directions. Then there’s the whole business of the both the shoes and the clutch being the exact same color as the dress. And the undone hair. (The makeup is fine, but she has such a spectacular face, she could wear woad and still look amazing above the neck.)

      This whole look says, “I didn’t make any effort at all.”

      • formerlyAnon

        “she could wear woad” !
        I *would* tell you that I’m stealing that, except I know I’d have to spend too much time explaining it to people.

    • VeryClaire

      I don’t think it’s bad at all. My only critique is that it seems more like a Christmas or winter dress than a May dress.

  • In_Stitches

    Maybe I’m confusing my love for this dress with my love for her, but I think it’s generally working pretty darn well. Sure the sheer sleeves are a bit odd, but the color is sophisticated and really sets off her golden skin and hair. Plus, she’s wearing the best accessory a person can: a genuine smile.

  • barbarienne

    Matching clutch, too! She’s monochromatic.

    • DeborahJozayt


    • conniemd

      Color me weird, but I found it kind of fantastic that she found a clutch and shoes that matched the color of the dress, particularly the clutch. It’s an odd kind of plum color, but the match of the clutch is perfect.

  • And what’s with the deer in the headlights look??

  • barbarienne

    My thought on the hair was: “This is what I look like when I wake up.” It’s pretty good for having just woken up (my family has good hair genes), but a movie star on a red carpet should not have the same hair as an office worker in her jammies.

  • jw_ny

    looks like she has a sheer long sleeve top on underneath a strapless dress. Aside from the color, they don’t really relate…especially the necklines of each section. It just feels awkward to me.

  • MilaXX

    It’s a weird dress. I guess she looks as good as anybody can in it.

  • I know it’s a strange thing to say about a body-hugging, sparkly dress in a bold hue, but this feels too conservative for Heather and her spirit.

  • formerlyAnon


  • Becky

    Ill-fitting bridesmaid dress for a second wedding in Vegas.

    • Christine

      Where everybody is depressed.

  • Lori

    Is it just me, or does she not look like herself? I don’t think I would have recognized her if her name hadn’t been in the post.

  • Had to look again. Those folds are deliberate tucks and not because the dress is too large, although that is what it ends up looking. Also seems a bit heavy for Spring.

  • I LOVE this dress. The execution needs some work, though. The point at which the sheer meets the sequins at the top of the dress is a little wonky, and I think she could have gone for less matchy accessories. But I still love the color and the shape of it.

  • nopenopenopers

    That hurrrr. I want to kill myself. So bad.

  • That dress is dated and aging. Her face is not.

  • crash1212

    It’s a pretty color on her, but I’m not feeling that dress. She could use a bit of updating in the hair department, no?

  • PrunellaV

    Oh, so she’s going to be one of those bitches who gets better-looking as she ages.

  • Christine

    Who is she? Is she someone like Renee Zellwegger whose face has changed?

  • VicksieDo

    I love that dress, but not the matchy matchy accessories.

  • That color is a little matronly, especially in that style of dress. She looks like a cougar on the prowl in her hotel’s bar, and Heather Graham can do so much better than that.

    • I say this with no malice: can she though?

      I love HG but I feel like she always dresses like this or some version of it.

      • I feel like she could do Calvin Klein minimalism really easily. She’s all California blonde youth, even as she gets older – this dress just makes her look older than she is, it’s so harsh on her.

  • PeaceBang

    Dang, I thought it was Uma Thurman for a minute. The top of the dress is badly executed and the whole thing feels very Christmas Party to me.

  • frannyprof

    Terrible. Awful. Like Linsdsay Lohan’s older sister. And, sweetie, getting a Vegas magazine cover is nothing to celebrate.

  • TheAmericaness

    It’s the kind of dress you see women 40+ wearing at casinos who are desperate not to look 40+ and you’re like: you’re over 40. That dress don’t make it better. Neither does the chain smoking. Add in a horribly bad tan + 2 ex husbands + some no-good kids? This dress may be a WERQ. As far as being in the right venue.

    Edited for grammar.

  • TLJezebel

    Cheap as fuck.

  • quiltrx

    Why does she look like Donna Mills???? This is upsetting.

  • MandyM

    Her boobs look weirdly different in every picture. None of them are flattering. She looks like the drunken matron of honor who had her dress disheveled in the coat room by a groomsman. Not a good looking one either.

    • librarygrrl64

      She needs support.

  • kikisayshi

    Oohhh, at first sight of the thumbnail I thought this was Lindsay Lohan. Sorry bout that Ms. Heather. But you do look fabulous!

  • Toto Maya

    I thought she was Lindsay Lohan in the first pic. Not a good thing.

  • ankali

    Awful on her, awful on the model. Donna must have been asleep to let this chronically ill-fitted look through the editing process.

  • librarygrrl64

    I can’t judge objectively because this one is also on my Irrational Dislike list.

  • guest2visits

    A really unusual choice for her; it’s not awful but it doesn’t look like her kind of style either. Matronly color and fit.