Chris Pine in Ralph Lauren in NYC

Posted on May 10, 2013

Darlings, it’s another Sausage Friday and we feel the need to kick this one off in style. Ladies, prepare for egg-drop in T-minus 5…:


Chris Pine heads out to ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ screening in New York City in a Ralph Lauren pinstripe suit.


You’re welcome.



[Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews]

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    • Dawn Sinclair

      Dear Uncles, thank you soooo much for Sausage Friday.

      A Bitter Kitten

      • Kristin McNamara

        Yea, seriously. Can Sausage Friday be like, an actual thing?

    • Adriana Blair

      Is Jon Hamm his mentor?

      • JosephLamour

        Oh my lordy. Hey, Chris Pine, why are you so god damn fine?

      • Gayer Than Thou

        For reals. Is that a phaser in your pocket? Do you come in peace?

      • irinaslutsky


    • imspinningaround

      Gimme that hot English banker realness.

      • msdamselfly

        I had the same thought- London banker . and that adorable doorman should be in the movie

      • ohayayay

        Am I the only one who actually thought this was David Beckham at first?

    • Gus Casals

      I’m clutching my pearls as we speak…
      This merited a Sausage-WERQ

      • Kiltdntiltd

        I have a death grip on mine, as well.

        • Vanja

          I was reading your comment, smiled and thought: “Riiiight, I’m sure you are” and then I read the comment above. Well, like they say: a dirty mind is a joy forever and mine is working overtime watching these photos.

          • Kiltdntiltd

            And btw, did you notice the cutie in the red vest behind him? Not bad either! Not in a class with Mr Pine, but nice!

            • Tom and Lorenzo

              Hipster Bellhop deserves his own Tumblr and possibly to become an internet meme.

            • Kiltdntiltd

              I’m cool with that, as long as I get to claim him as my new boyfriend.

            • JosephLamour

              I just named a band “Local Butter” (my friend was talking about cookies)

            • Kiltdntiltd

              And their hit debut album, “Spead Me”.

            • prettybigkitty

              And ” I Melt With You.” Oh wait. . .

            • Vanja


            • formerlyAnon

              The absence of Hot Ginger Handler has left a void.

            • Vanja

              I did, but T&L’s indoctrination teachings are having a greater effect on me than I thought, because I immediately noticed the break in his trousers and the unpolished shoes.

            • Kiltdntiltd

              All easily remedied, by the removal of said offensive apparel.

            • poggi

              Oh yes, very cute. Actually, since he is at work and grooming/dressing on his own dime and in a work uniform, I would give him more credit that Pine.

    • thecitysleeps

      That suit is snug in all the right places, DAYUM. He looks delicious. And his adorable face helps.

      • misstressofsylar

        woof indeed!

    • Melissa Mellon

      Mmmm! Thank you!

    • Vanja

      Mmmm, I wanna shoop.

      • DeborahJozayt

        On your mark, get set, go, let me go, let me shoop

        To the next man in the three-piece suit
        I spend all my dough, ray me, cutie
        Shoop shoop a-doobie like Scoobie Doobie Doo
        I love you in your big jeans, you give me nice dreams
        You make me wanna scream, “Oooo, oooo, oooo!”
        I like what ya do when you do what ya do
        You make me wanna shoop

        • Lisa McKissack

          You’re packed and you’re stacked
          Specially in the back
          Brother wanna thank your mother for a butt like that
          Can I get some fries
          With a shake shake booty
          If looks could kill
          You would be an uzi.

          • Tom and Lorenzo

            We’re T Lo and we approve of these messages.

          • Jennifer Peters-Ahnberg

            I will be singing Shoop all day long. Thankfully, there are worse ear worms.

          • tereliz

            You’re a shotgun, bang, whassup with that thang?
            I wanna know, how does it hang?
            Straight up, wait up, hold up, mr. lover
            Like Prince said youre a sexy mutha-

            PS, Chris, none of these questions are rhetorical.

          • marlie

            @DeborahJozayt:disqus and @facebook-508938326:disqus , you ladies are AWESOME.

        • Vanja

          Yes, the perfect soundtrack to these photos, isn’t it?

    • SarahBeth

      DAMN! That just started my Friday morning off well.


    • Alexandra Pimenta

      Chris Pine never did it for me before, but damn if this isn’t insanely hot. The suit, the beard, the swag…. Jeebus…I’m glad I had my coffee already so I was emotionally prepared for this…

      • fursa_saida

        Yup, this was revolutionary for me too. It helps that he turns out to be a total dork.

    • Diego!

      That is how a suit should be “tighten” 😛 #SausageFriday

    • GorgeousThings

      Sausage Friday and Egg Drop soup. LOVE TLo!!!!!

    • carolynmo

      Wow, swoon! That’s just perfection.

    • moppet

      I don’t even know what’s better — that he’s putting the effort in, or that he’s putting the effort in SO DAMN WELL. I’ve seen so many men half-assing it on the red carpet that my standards have gone way down.

    • EdithP

      LOVE Sausage Friday! And what a way to start it off. I think I spontaneously ovulated.

    • annabelle archer

      DAMN. Good morning lover.

    • Susan Baldwin

      GOOD GOD.

    •árez/100002964685796 Josefina Madariaga Suárez

      BOOM, now I’m pregnant.

      • sweetestsith

        Me too. My wife is going to be super confused.

        ::fans self:: I..I think I need a moment.

    • Kiltdntiltd

      (fanning self furiously)
      And he is sartorial perfection, on top of his other evident charms.

      • WendyD

        Now I’m hungry.

    • Jacob Marek

      the definition of perfection.

    • Deborah Lipp

      He isn’t even my type, and I’ve never found him attractive, and one look at those photos and I want to remove those pinstripes with my teeth.


      • formerlyAnon

        Men sooo underestimate the power of an excellent suit. He’s not my type, either, would normally never give him a second glance, and yet . . . those legs . . . (and the way they lead upwards . . .)

        • MishaFoomin

          Suit AND good posture.

        • marlie

          It only took 1 wearing for my boyfriend to realize what a suit does to a lady. Plus, the suit in question was his dress blues (he’s in the military). Swoon, indeed.

    • C. C. Winslow

      Probably the best looking and best dressed man I’ve seen here. A million thanks.

    • MsALVA

      DAMN. He is FOINE!

    • Alyssa

      Thank you TLo! This is how every Friday morning should start!

    • WendyD

      Set phasers to STUN.

    • cpjones79

      A great suit ruined by that awful greasy hair and ugly beard.

    • BKagainwiththesweatpants

      Mama like!

    • hmariec19

      Good LORD. The fit on those pants. THAAAAAAAAANK YOU.

    • Jaeda Laurez

      Oh hi boo…he’s serving David Beckham and i’m here for all of it.

    • filmcricket

      Well. Those pants do not effectively hide his thunder, do they? Congratulations on your everything, sir.

    • Jessica TallGirl Freeman

      thankyouthankyouthankyou. All this sausage should make up for the femtastic Met Gala coverage.

      • demidaemon

        I’m thinking femterrible is the more appropriate descriptor.

    • Ashley Ellen Wilson

      oh. oh. oh. all the feels!!! this is…..unbelievable.

    • Danielle

      I’ll be in my bunk.

    • SylviaFowler

      Chris Pine is my favorite.

    • Amy Norten

      ….I need a few….several…moments alone now…BRB

    • selianth

      Okay, so I thought it was weird that there were like 4 pics in a row all focused tightly on his crotch. And then I realized that no, the *pictures* weren’t the ones actually focused there…

      • tereliz

        LOL, same here. It’s an optical illusion. Blame the pinstripes. 😉

    • Lisa M. (ReVoir) Kramp

      Sausage Friday…an idea whose time was long overdue! Thank you, sweetings.

    • f_yeah_marie


    • rafraf25

      He doesn’t do anything for me from the neck up but the rest…mmmmm

    • carnush

      Damn. He looks like he was born in that suit. Fantastic look.

    • MilaXX

      Hey boo, hey!

    • Janet B


    • jw_ny

      Holy crap! what a way to start the day!

    • clairellis

      Thank you, uncles. The man looks so good. Sex in a suit.

    • Guest

      eennnhhh. neckbeard

    • Kathleen Ayres


    • ashtangajunkie

      Wow. Good morning!

    • d4divine

      I can’t…his hotness overwhelms me 😉

    • zenobar

      Oh…Oh, my. *fans self with lavender-scented hankie*

    • mmc2315


    • Bexxx

      I’ll cut to the chase. I wanna sit on his face.

      • formerlyAnon

        Oh my dear! You’re skipping so many excellent steps. Fortunately, I’m sure there will be volunteers to pick up the slack!

    • formerlyAnon

      Oh, YES.

    • Cameron Turner

      Good gracious…..

    • anotherkate

      He looks like a sexy gangster from the 30s. (Yes, that is a compliment!)

    • frannyprof


    • tereliz

      Does that suit fit him perfectly or do I just not care? Are the trousers supposed to be that tight? Yes? Thank God.

      • mmc2315

        Sizzling, isn’t it?

    • BigWhiteGrannyPanties

      There is an ad in the corner of this screen for some incredible fattening pizza thing. I know because I glanced at it, AND THEN LOOKED BACK AT CHRIS PINE. You see my icon photo. You know now, the Pull of the Pine.

    • Jennifer Ford

      Oh, Captain, my Captain!

    • ojosazules

      Sartorial splendor.

    • lrober03

      The hem on his pants is amazing. Thank you

    • Gaby


    • Sadie-Ann

      He has been seriously working it lately. I have love for a guy that isn’t just resting on his good looks.

    • Angela_the_Librarian

      Wearing a pinstriped suit makes him look a bit like he’s fresh off the set of Guys&Dolls, but somehow he’s making in work

    • Julie Fountain

      Also? Thighs.

      • MsMajestyk

        Yeah, that’s what got me all hot and bothered. To put it so eloquently, NOM NOM NOM.

      • ampg

        I miss Thursday Thighs. Now that it’s warm out, can that be a Thing again?

        • SarahBeth

          OMG THIS SO MUCH.

    • Amanda Herriott Welliver

      Can’t get past the grizzled beard…

    • Pudgy Possum

      However, that facial hair is just not okay.

    • YoungSally

      Have been going back and forth with a friend about this post — and figured I would share.

      He: Ewwww. I dislike the suit but I really hate the fit. The trousers on a suit should not have to be made from a stretch fabric.

      It’s labeled “Sausage Friday” because he’s stuffed into the suit like a sausage?

      I: No — it’s because his sausage is stuffed into the suit like Jon Hamm’s Hamm.

      He: No, it’s not. Not even close.

      If the pants are cut this tightly and the man wearing them is bone thin, there will be some bulge. This bulge is not even notable.

      If the man is hung and going commando, you see a great deal more. This is the desired sartorial outcome.

      If this silly looking man’s baby bulge is what this is about, I decree the pandering attempt at publicity a total failure on all levels!

      I: He is out promoting a film.

      He: If there is money involved, he mos def needs a better suit.
      And no underwear.

      I: It’s Star Trek — not Sausage Trek….although I never really considered what we could do with the title — Into Darkness.

    • Mrs. Julien

      God damn, I love a beard.

    • Julie Chase


      The name is Beard-FACE!

      • calbear97

        LOL, thank you for the Scrubs reference. I miss it!

    • Pam Meers Purtle

      Pants look a tad short to me, but BAM is right. Dear Hubby wore a suit just like that when we got married 36 years ago. Classics never die!

    • Robin Moates

      I think my jaw just popped out of socket.

    • marlie

      GAWD. Everything about him/this look is HOT.

    • stubbornthoughts


      He has a beard? Ah yes, there it is. In all its manscaped glory.

      PS: This should’ve been an easy WERQ post.

    • embers618

      He is walking like he owns the street, and in that suit, with that facial hair, he should own it. That is now Chris Pine Street.

    • Louise Bryan

      Merci beaucoup!

    • max mustermann

      Dropping eggs like it’s Easter morning. Sorry for the mental image, blame T&Lo!

    • KAO TV


    • luluransom


    • Annarosa

      Pregnancy mode > activated.

    • kaycem

      not interested in the sausage but godDAMN that suit is making me hot!

    • Jacqueline Wessel

      Well that is some fine looking man. I’m going to have to go hang out at The Bowery Hotel from now on, even if just for the bellhop.

    • JP

      I know we’re all meant to arrest our eyes on his groin and faint, but those trousers are too short. (maybe the tailor needed to compensate for the bulge? *g*)

    • DaveUWSNYC

      Sausage and a nice basket of eggs

      • librarygrrl64

        You win. 😀

    • surfergirl70


    • Jecca2244

      *Call me* I whisper loudly as his security drags me away still grasping for his shirt….

    • barbarienne

      I’ve been uncertain how I feel about the skinny suit pants that are so in fashion, but Mr. Pine is making an excellent argument in their favor.

      • sweetestsith

        Much like skinny jeans, it’s all about the body type! I am also a fan of Chris Hemsworth and his fine figure, but he would look ridiculous in this suit. ::sigh:: So much pretty to look forward to this summer!

    • JuliaInBlack

      Yayy, Sausage Friday, when I am instantly 14 years old again! I see that Chris Pine has on a black and white dotted tie, and I’m wearing a black and white dotted top today. We are going to fall in love and be together 4-ever: it’s FATE. (Please don’t tell my husband.)

    • Contralto

      Niiiiiiice pants.

      • Donna Tabor

        As in “pant, pant, pant”?

        • Contralto

          I’m ashamed to admit it. He’s young enough to be my son!

    • ampg

      I’m pretty sure these pictures prove the existence of God, if for no other reason than every comment I can think of starts with “Holy….”

    • Christiane Truelove

      Oh myyyyyyyy….

      (and Hipster Bellhop is totally adorbs.)

    • julnyes

      fitted, properly groomed and owning it.

    • mjude

      thank you

    • CommentsByKatie

      I’ve never been into Mr. Pine either, but today he is working Ewan McGregor realness and looks insanely hot. The hair, the beard, the smirk, the immaculate fit. LOVE IT

    • MissAmynae

      Whoa. whoa. WHOA.


    • Pamela Hunt

      He’s one of those guys who, for whatever reason be it head size or whatever, I always think is more bulky that he actually is. I don’t know why I’m always surprised to see how slim he is. And he’s not the only guy who seems that way to me. It’s me, isn’t it?

      • Tom and Lorenzo

        No, not just you; we’re always surprised how many male celebrities are slim and tiny-waisted in person. They always look so much bigger on screen. L

        • ampg

          Don’t most of them bulk up on purpose for roles? Hugh Jackman mentioned it in a interview pretty recently as if it was just the normal thing to do. Then it would make sense that they look so much slimmer between movies.

          • not_Bridget

            In recent interviews, Benedict Cumberbatch has talked about he prepared for the Trek movie, with a high calorie diet & 2 hours of working out every day–because he was working with these big, American actors. He’s now back in Sherlock shape. I bet the other guys don’t stay bulked up all the time–but they definitely stay in shape.

            Pine has always seemed the casual California type. But he’s realized just what a nice suit can do. I watched the Graham Norton show the other night for Cumberbatch–I’ve been a fan since Sherlock. But Chris Pine definitely looked fine……

            • MilaXX

              Pine said on Letterman he had to bulk up

    • Therese Bohn

      Look this way, darling!

    • MGMcD

      Oooh mama.

    • Carly Warnock

      Oh shit. Was that hiding under the tweed all that time? I kept scrolling up and up… and back again. Those pants are magical.

    • Nonmercisansfacon

      He really gets better with age. WERQ it Kirk!

    • jetpackdino

      Chris’s pine looks amazing in that suit.

    • demidaemon

      He is making me rethink my aversion to men with facial hair. maybe it’s more a matter of the right man + the right facial hair = marry me, please!

    • Steph Wright

      If only he’d shave that possum off his face.

    • Suzanne Johnson

      As ZZ Top said, every girl is crazy ’bout a sharp-dressed man.

    • gracedarling

      He’s like Beckham’s little brother, all grown up!

    • littlemissstrange

      BOYWERQ if ever there was one. That is just stupidly hot.

    • MartyBellerMask

      He is pleased with himself. As he should be. Love the suit, especially the pants. And beard + NO neckbeard = niiiiiiice.

    • quiltrx

      Definitely WERQ’ing the Sexy Banker look.
      I want him to loan me money and then…ahem…open my safe deposit box.

    • the_archandroid

      I’m very much into the beard, but I think he’s keeping it to compensate for his cystic acne scars. It’s a pretty elegant (and furry) solution

    • Iroqhard

      He looks so good in that suit. I want to slowly take off all the pieces. Then run my teeth through his beard. Did I just say that out loud?

    • MannahattaMamma

      Wow. He’s beautiful but he’s almost as skinny as Willow Smith.

    • Shawn EH

      What an accommodating gust of wind.

    • Ashleigh Boutelle

      I can’t seem to get past this to look at the newer entries…

    • Frank Lithium

      That smirk, bitch knows that there is nothing to criticize.

    • Glenn C Reimer

      BLOODY HELL. Scorching hot!