Yea or Nay: Spring 2013 Jumpsuits

Posted on April 03, 2013



We can’t help but laugh at the question posed in the title, darlings. As if we didn’t know how the voting’s going to go. We’re just going to sit back and watch the extended discussion on public toilet techniques that is sure to develop.

But they’re not going away any time soon, as you can see by these selections from the spring collections. The jumpsuit’s here to stay, darlings. So the question becomes, just how long do you think you can hold in your pee?

Or put another way…

BCBG Max Azria, Donna Karan, Diane von Furstenberg

Giambattista Valli, Giandranco Ferré, House of Holland

J. Mendel, Jason Wu, Marc Jacobs

Max Mara, Oscar de la Renta, Rebecca Minkoff

Stella McCartney, Valentino, Victoria Beckham


Spring 2013 Jumpsuits: YEA or NAY?


But really, see if we can all talk about something other than peeing, just for a little while.



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  • charlotte

    How can you…right, not supposed to talk about it.
    I’m as impressed as the models. That’s a NAY.

  • I reject the tyranny of the jumpsuit. But if we’re forced into them, somehow (god, what an awful dystopia that would be), I’ll take the center ones in the bottom two rows.

    • Center one, second from the bottom row, is the only one that looks wearable to me, maybe because it looks like it could be separates. Also I guess I like the center one, second row from the top. The belts really help.

      • MoHub

        But belts just present a further challenge to restroom use.

  • Sobaika

    Confession: I own a jumpsuit or two (or more appropriately, a romper).

    The brown and white Marc Jacobs in the third row is giving me LIFE. I need to see that in an editorial.

    • I too will confess to owning a romper – it was dark denim (like a workman’s jumpsuit) and on clearance. What can I say, I’m weak. But I can’t sign off on full-length jumpsuits, other than for skiing. Skiing/fleece jumpsuits have zippered bottoms, though.

    • Qitkat

      I had a romper I adored, when I was half the age I am now. It was knit, so fairly easy to maneuver.
      I can only imagine the Marc Jacobs in an editorial, not real life.

      • Oh man, really? I can see the Marc Jacobs fit in so easily in the Caribbean city my family is from. Outdoor concert, check; drinks at a boutique hotel’s bar, check; museum opening, check; dinner in the old city, check – I WANT IT SO HARD. I figure I can sort of transition some of that Caribbean flavor to my New York life.

        • Qitkat

          It takes the right body, so if you have it, go for it! Me, I’m vertically and horizontally challenged, and would look like a bad awning.
          I would, however, join you in your fabulous entertainment plans.

    • Ditto, ditto, ditto. And — I bought a pair of “dress” overalls last year. Sounds like an utter oxymoron, but it’s a dark wash pair of jeans with a bib and some straps, and I wear it with a blazer over the top and it actually looks….PROFESSIONAL. Not kidding (though, to read that, I wouldn’t believe it unless I saw it). Own several jumpsuits (of the full-length-leg variety) and more rompers than I care to mention.

      What can I say — I like a “one piece.”

        Haha but seriously, I really want to see a picture of that outfit because I can’t work my head around it and I love the idea.

        I’m with you on liking rompers and jumpsuits – they’re so easy (aside from the peeing thing, depending on the silhouette).

  • Lori

    Those are pretty much all ugly and unflattering, which is par for the course for jumpsuits Even setting aside the bathroom issues, the jumpsuit is rarely a good choice. I have no idea why designers are pushing them, but the thing that really confuses me is that people buy them.

    • A. W.

      Jumpsuits look awful on everyone, including models. I also have no idea why designers are pushing them.

      • tmchale

        To be fair, models are quite similar in their bodies. If there were a secret bodysize that could wear this well, we wouldn’t learn about them from models.

    • Yes I’ve hated jumpsuits since the 70s. It’s like wearing a maxi-dress with an eternal wedgie…on both sides.

    • j_anson

      I think there’s an element of “everyone already has jeans and dresses and skirts, but if we can make this happen, everyone will have to buy one.”

      I don’t think they’re going to make them happen.

      • ankali

        But they’re so fetch!

        • editrixie

          And streets ahead.

      • ConnieBV

        So jumpsuits are the clothing Fetch?

        • j_anson

          Heh. Precisely.

  • alyce1213

    I wore a jumpsuit or two in the ’80s, and I’m sorry to say there’s just no way around talking about the pee issue. It’s like having jacket sewn closed with no buttons or zipper.
    That said, I like the Oscar de la Renta (it flows well) and that’s about it.
    The Valentino is particularly dated and ugly.

  • Jason Wu’s creation with opera length fishnet gloves might induce me to put up with the trials and tribulations associated with the jumpsuit. I love how the model looks like a stylized factory worker in a Robert Palmer video. Snaps.

    • Isabel

      No on Wu – Deitra, you might get side spillage, just like the model.

      • Lisa_Co

        Some fit issues with the Wu but it’s kind of cute and more casual. I also like the Ferre and Vicki B ones. I, too, find the Valentino ugly and, with that odd sleeve, kind of matronly.

  • Nicholas

    I think you could theoretically slap on a huge hat for some acceptable Breakfast at Tiffany’s realness.

  • Emily Giovanni

    God help me, I really like some of those, all practicality aside.

    • StellaZafella

      Some of these you could almost just whack in half and make separates anyway…if, of course, you can bear to do that sort of thing to a piece of clothing that costs a month’s rent.

    • Kathleen Shicks

      It’s okay! Me too! Scrolling through the comments I thought to myself, “Oh no, am I the only one jumping on this bandwagon?”
      Part of me looks forward to laughing at myself 10 years from now because I thought it was cute to wear jumpsuits.

    • RebeccaKW

      I can’t see myself ever wearing one (as an adult), but there are a few that I really like. That de la Renta? Yes, please. (The Max Mara? No. Welcome to my archaeological dig.)

  • When I see jumpsuits I think of George Orwell. We’ve already reached ‘un-speak’, might at well have the outfit for it too.

  • I’m actually not as much against jumpsuits as most of the kittens seem to be, but I still have to say NAY on most of these. The last two are alright though.

  • lexilexi

    I vote YEA. Got good bladder control.

  • IN IN IN. Fun, flattering, comfortable. Give me a chic jersey jumpsuit over a minidress and FMPs any day.

  • Folk Devil

    Hmmm… I like jumpsuits in theory, but I think most jumpsuits look best on tall, lean women. Others (like me) end up looking like overgrown toddlers. (aka a slightly bitter NAY)

  • crash1212

    NAY. And if we can’t talk about peeing, I guess that’s all I have to say!

  • As garments, a good many of these have a lot of appeal. As things to be worn in some real world way, they fail. I can remember having a jumpsuit back in the last round of their appearance on the design horizon. It was murder trying to extricate myself from it.

    • StellaZafella

      In drag I loved them in the 80’s…we called them ‘cat suits’ and they had stirrups in the legs.
      Out of drag I had a few for dancing…but I never liked the visible underwear lines.

      • alyce1213

        Cats suits, as I knew them in the ’80s, are usually tight fitting and sexy, equally difficult from which to extricate oneself, but meant to feature the body. Jump suits do not do that. They are usually baggy or hangy in some funny place, most notably the ass or the bosom, which are the worst places to do that.

        • aeb1986

          haha- you mean to say you don’t think a “hangy ass” has some sort of sex appeal?

        • StellaZafella

          Perhaps it’s a matter of semantics and environment…My crew had very form fitting one-piece items of clothing in the 80’s…we called those Leotards and they were usually worn to rehearsal with a very loose shirt (preferably your boyfriend’s – still wreaking of his Royal Copenhagen or Gray Flannel cologne) and leg warmers. My cat suits were more like stretch pants attached to interesting tops…not form fitting as ‘leos’ but definitely hard to maneuver in the restroom.

  • Sara

    Some of these would be really cute if they weren’t jumpsuits.

  • Zippypie

    Who wears jumpsuits besides starlets? I don’t remember seeing anyone in my daily travels around NYC who wears a jumpsuit. Ever. Well, over the age of 6, that is.

    • luciaphile

      Same people who wear leggings as pants: people who don’t have the figure to wear them. Big NAY from me on the jumpsuit. Unless you look like Diana Rigg back in the day, in which case go for it.

  • VioletFem

    I don’t get the point of jumpsuit for anyone above the age of 1. Most of these would look just as good (if not better) in dress form. At least as a dress, it is more …practical, while still looking elegant.

  • fauxhawk

    NEIN. As my ex-boyfriend said about my mom’s shiny jumpsuit, “I mean, what is the purpose of the jumpsuit? Do you jump into it?” I’d argue that you should jump out of it unless you are wearing a parachute.

  • Vlasta Bubinka

    That Donna Karan is the dictionary image for: fugly; unflattering; eye vomit; shitteous, and crack-is-whack.

    • RinPauler

      What’s more tragic is the fact that Karlie Kloss, one of the most excellent top models out there, is asked to wear it.

  • Guest

    I like the Gianfranco Ferre, Jason Wu, and Valentino ones in theory, but as someone with a long torso, jumpsuits are always a NAY! Camel toe, no thank you.

  • lobsterlen

    Nay to all those. I have seen a few lately that were Yay but peeing brings about ending up nearly naked with all your clothes around ankles in some nasty bathroom trying not to touch anything.

    • Jumpsuits for babies and toddlers are all snaps up the insides of the legs. Part of me wonders if any of these have snaps, too….

  • I am, and shall continue to be, an unabashed FAN of the jumpsuit. I may be way off base, but as a petite person, I feel like they…..LENGTHEN me. And it takes the decision-making out of the outfit. Jumpsuit: DONE. I actually like the Stella option….and the DVF…..

    • Miss_Led

      I used to have a go-to dressy jumpsuit that I looked GREAT in; I like them, too. These are all kinda meh though. No to the dropped crotch….

    • i’ll up-vote and back you up on this, as a fellow shorty.
      yay to the tailored jumpsuits, nay to the prison ones.

    • caroline miles

      i’m short and petite as well, and i think jumpsuits are heinous and ludicrously unflattering on everyone, but particularly on short people. They are also, to my mind, infantilizing in a really weird way.

      • I think it’s because I’m high-waisted that I don’t mind ’em. I actually feel pretty good in anything “one-piece.” Black jumpsuit, great pair of heels, it’s actually a fun “transitional weather” outfit for me. But, that’s why clothes are fun — everyone has different takes on “cute” and “heinous.” 🙂 But then, I’m also a “romper in the summertime” girl, so I guess that’s the side of the fence I landed on 😀

  • MilaXX

    Taking into consideration that the only reason I would wear any of the jumpsuits above is for a formal occasion or party, I’m going to say YEA! I like thumbnail, 1rst row, 2nd sans the purple, 3rd sans the blue & the 5th row sans the strapless b/w.

    • SassieCassy

      right jumpsuits are about as practical as full on fancy gowns are.

  • Emily Giovanni

    Do they make jumpsuits that separate in the middle? Like with buttons or zippers? If not, I would totally learn how to sew and invent that, but I would probably have to wait until they are in vogue the next time to capture the market.

    • carolie_king

      Crotchless jumpsuits! I’m on it!

      • Lori

        Wouldn’t that basically be an adult-size onesie?

    • Qitkat

      Someone should try this. Hidden zipper starting at one side of waist, going all the way around, concealed with a belt or long scarf. Or hidden zipper starting at inner bottom of one pant leg, going all way up around the crotch and down the other leg. Of course that is one hell of a long zipper. Better not go commando 😉

  • Tatiana Luján

    Many of theese might be the prettiest jumpsuits I’ve ever seen.
    I usually against jumpsuits, but I would give some of theese a try.

  • flamingoNW

    Mostly NAY…

  • RinPauler

    The majority of the looks above are kind of vile (except for maybe Valentino but again, it looks boring as hell). So no. And no to that Balmain creation. Yikes.

  • MilaXX

    All this talk about peeing. I’ve worn spanx that I realized it was better to not go pee than to deal with pulling off and then arranging back. I can make it through a 3 hour dinner party without using the toilet.

  • A resounding ‘NAY’, although if somebody forced me to pick, then it would be Marc Jacobs.

  • marilyn

    Nay. Not practical, and age the woman wearing them.

  • decormaven

    It’s a look, and for those who haven’t worn them before, I’m sure they hold appeal. Have at ’em; the rest of us will be swiftly moving through the ladies’ room, since we won’t have to jump through hoops just to relieve ourselves.

  • mellorcr

    The ones that don’t look awful look like pants with a matching top tucked in, and the Furstenburg one that looks like a dress. Considering the logistics of using the bathroom, why not just go with pants and a top?

  • Tatiana Luján

    How do the look from the back? I’m under the impression that they make the butt seem deflated and “hanging”

  • snarkykitten

    I vote NAY. I’d look like a toddler.

  • andreawey

    welcome back 1980s! :0

  • Stephanie

    Do most women wear the exact same size on the top and bottom? I certainly don’t, so I can’t imagine there is a jumpsuit out there for me. Stupid idea. I generally have the same problem with dresses too, but at least they are a little more forgiving.

    • LauraWL

      This times a million.

  • hughman

    “how long do you think you can hold in your pee?”


    • Had I a cap, I would doff it to you, hughman.

    • Louise Bryan

      Someone just has to figure out how to make a stylish drop seat.

  • Giandranco Ferré only.


    so fab

  • Love the jumpsuits, hate the idea of the pee dance while trying to remove the damn thing. Cost-benefit analysis says IN.

  • nannypoo

    Some of these made me laugh so hard I peed my pants. Does that count?

  • Kathy_Marlow

    How’s about I buy them and pay a tailor/seamstress to turn them into dresses? Problem. solved.

  • demidaemon

    I have nothing wrong with the inherent concept of a jumpsuit, but most of the current ones are a) pretty hideous or b) WTF?! inducing.

  • Trisha26

    NAY. They are unflattering and impractical. See? I didn’t mention toilets…

  • Nay. No one looks good in that thing. Not even models.

  • Imasewsure

    Jumpsuits YUCK although many of these are cute…OUT

  • Pennymac

    My past experiance with the jumpsuit has been that the crotch is either saggy or the darn thing is too short in the body length giving major camel toe. Plus, I have traumatic flashbacks to being tipsy, in a club restroom, trying to shrug the shoulders off without letting the suit itself touch the skanky floors/walls of the public stall. Horrors! Obviously these designers have never worn them themselves, or they wouldn’t keep trying to foist them off.

  • JanieS

    Sweet Jesus, WHY. NO. GOD.

  • carolie_king

    The Minkoff looks like she’s about to get filthy changing someone’s oil. I meant that strictly in the car sense – get your minds out of the gutter.

  • I think the Valentino and the Rebecca Minkoff ones are nice.That Balmain is FUG!!!

  • another_laura

    Lukewarm Yea. I wore jumpsuits when they took a swing through the 80s and lived to tell the tale. I wouldn’t go for them this time through because time has wrought some serious changes. HOWEVER, I can get behind the (pardon the name shortening) Max Azria, Furstenburg, Ferre, Jacobs, OdlR, Valentino, Beckham. Meaning, I guess, the most gently designed ones. The Max Mara is odious. The Karan must have looked better in motion.

  • carolynmo

    I wore them in the late 70’s (hi, I’m old) and never want to again. Horrible.

    • Carrieanno

      You are not old, just experienced.

  • shopgirl716

    As I am short with a large bust they NEVER fit. But I still remember the argument two of my friends got into over a denim jumpsuit in 1978. Seventh graders have firm opinions on fashion.

  • The Marc Jacobs and the VonFurstenberg, were they maxidresses, would be KILLA. The rest, I could do without. The drop crotch. When will it end?

  • Nay-unless I was a 6ft 5ins size 0 supermodel, which I’m not.

  • IMNAngryLiberal

    Jumpsuits are no more impractical than many of the things we wear. I wore jumpsuits in the 70’s … some of them were flattering and some were not … and none of them were as impractical as this one-piece turtleneck bodysuit+tights thing that I had (I am soooo glad not to be young anymore). Actually, I still wear jumpsuits … I just call them coveralls now and I wear them to garden, but still….

  • In general, Nay. I think because, most of the time, the types of fabric used to make pants is not the same type of fabric used to make tops. Pants are generally more structured (denim or wool) with tops being something lighter weight (cotton or silk). So, finding a fabric that works as both a top and a pant is pretty much impossible. Plus, I don’t wear the same size pants that I do in a shirt. At all. So, that’s a huge issue.

    That said, the Giandranco Ferré in the second row is actually quite lovely and something I might actually consider wearing.

    • You’ve never worn cotton or silk pants? You don’t know what you’re missing.

  • Qitkat

    DKaran looks like it used to be a parachute. MMara, RMinkoff, and GValli look like modified hazmat suits.
    Some are cute though: BCBG, DVF, Valentino, VB, and even SMcCartney.

    Under certain circumstances I might wear one again, but it’s probably been 20 years.

  • guest2visits

    Too bad a few of these nice printed fabrics were wasted on jumpsuits. What a pretty dress 1st in the 3rd row would be.

  • Colin

    Yay. And in regard to the urinating dilemma, I feel like hidden zippers would solve that. They wouldn’t work on some of these garments, but for most of them they would.

  • Not a single one of those jumpsuits are flattering on the size 2 models. So they ought to look even worse on real women’s bodies. Ladies ignore the trend, do not give in, and maybe it will go away soon.

  • Sara h

    Funny thought i think about everytime i almost buy a jumpsuit: putting in a zipper like in children’s onesies

    • MoHub

      Snap crotch!

  • Neither yea nor nay, just hmmmm. Some are really pretty, but they are still jumpsuits, so the those two factors cancel each other out. I wore that Max Mara suit when I was a zookeeper, except then they were called coveralls and the designer was Carhartt.

  • Aside from the bathroom issues, imagine what the Giambattista Valli one looks like SITTING DOWN. That’s a nay.

  • Sara__B

    YEA. Some women can wear a jumpsuit and look great. It all depends on the woman and the jumpsuit.

  • The Victoria Beckham one is amazing!

  • daisy_walker

    Nay. Nay. A thousand times, NAY.

  • I won’t and they can’t make me.

  • Granted, I’m just coming off a migraine, but the pattern on half of these is giving me vertigo and messing with my eyes. That’s not a good thing, designers. Nausea should not be a side effect of your design. And the pink rosebud thing belongs on a 5 year old.

  • Sunraya

    I love the first one and the graphic brown and white, but I love the prints mostly. Nice fabrics!

  • Susie K

    Hmm wasn’t the pattern on the Balmain just recently used as a dress? One that looked like monster teeth right at the crotch? Why re-use the pattern again?

    That said, the color on the Valentino is absolutely lovely, and for some reason the Giambatista Valli and the Donna Karan are are really pulling at me as interesting minimalism — although that eye makeup is totally undoing the effect.

    While I say “nay” to jumpsuits for the ordinary women, I can’t help looking forward with some malicious glee at the thought of some of these being suffered through on the red carpet…

  • pattycap11

    i lived through this nightmare before and thought life was beautiful now. please, make it stop!

  • phrenk

    YEA. And having worn a jumpsuit on multiple occasions, I had no issues with the bathroom thing. If I can get into it on my own, I can get out of it, and it’s not that much less dignified than holding skirts up (and I’m not peeing in front of anyone so who cares about dignity anyway).

  • I like a few but overall I gotta say Nay.

    • mhleta

      Overall? Good one.

  • MsOlympia

    I’d love to wear the Diane von Furstenburg, and I like the Rebecca Minkoff one as well.

  • i could never wear these but some of them, on stick thin models are actually very cute. I vote Yea on style but Nay on function.

  • e jerry powell

    Well, at least the DVF could almost pass as a wrap dress until someone looks at it twice.

    I say consign them to the fire once again.

  • GorgeousThings

    Wore them in the olden days. Three times. Now my reaction is, “Hahahahahahahahahaha! Sucka.” Go for it, if you have never worn them before. If you have worn them before? I will be laughing at you behind your back.

  • SewingSiren

    I do not love jumpsuits. I don’t think anyone does . except perhaps eric3000. I’m drunk.

  • Carrieanno

    Been there, done that the first time around. Restroom navigation requires some skill development for which we get no awards. I’ll stick to separate pieces.

  • Lisa M. (ReVoir) Kramp

    When the thinnest, prettiest young ladies the fashion world can put on display look dowdy and like they just crawled out of bed, you’ve got your answer right there, sweeties.

  • Brienne Calmer

    No. Forget peeing; it’s geometry that’s working against the jumpsuit. Unless you’re going to stand up perfectly straight all day, a jumpsuit has to have extra fabric in the middle sections to allow for bending, sitting, walking… and I’ve never seen a design that deals with that extra fabric well. The best you can hope for is an all-over drapey garment (or a whole lot of horizontal ribbing in unflattering places?) and if you’re going to wear a tent anyway, you might as well make it a gown.

  • rumcg66

    Yes, even if I had a catheter and never needed to use a bathroom, I would still never vote yea on a jumpsuit. I just find them unattractive and kind of silly.

  • NoGovernmentName

    NAY. The answer “Pantsuits?” will always be NAY.

  • pdquick

    I blame Gretchen.

  • That Donna Karan is SINGING. Barnone the best up there, although the Max Mara appeals to my inner Amelia Earhart.

    Jason Wu and Marc Jacobs clearly have the same crack dealer.

  • Jacqueline Wessel

    I have never worn a jumpsuit and pretty sure I never will, but they can be quite striking on the right woman. Many of these would work better as maxi dresses but to me the best representation of a jumpsuit here is the Giandranco Ferré. I’d like to see a ladystar show up on the red carpet in that. That Stella McCartney thing reminds me of a woman I saw on People of Walmart who pulled the elastic waist of her stretch leopard print pants up over her braless boobs thereby creating her very own jumpsuit.

  • formerlyAnon

    Nay. [Skipping toilet conversation]: How many of us *really* – I mean REALLY – have the slim hips and proportional butt for a jumpsuit? Unless you’re quite tall or slim-hipped, the jumpsuit really tends to make one look dumpy. Truly, sadly, dumpy.

    I say this as someone who wore one, once. I was quite, quite, thin, but still short and still had too much hip for it to look good. I looked fashionable though, and choosing fashion trend in the teeth of one’s body shape is a common failing.

  • j_anson

    The fact that they’re not going away doesn’t mean I have to buy one. It just means fashion merchandisers are going to lose a bunch of money trying to make them happen.

  • Kate Amberg

    I always will remember a scene from the old Rhoda show where she and Brenda were talking about having to wear a white jumpsuit. Jumpsuits have scared me ever since.

  • MK03

    NAY. Jumpsuits are always ugly.

  • TLJezebel

    God help me, but I think they’re kind of fab. Must be all the cold medication I’m on.

  • Today, I walked into TJ Maxx behind a short, somewhat zaftig middle aged African American man wearing a leather jumpsuit with matching leather hat, shoes and gloves. It was really weird.

    Wouldn’t have worked on a size 2 model, didn’t work on him.

    Nay. Would make me feel like a toddler. Jumpsuits are for the Garanimals set.

  • BuffaloBarbara

    Why are they trying to force jumpsuits back in? They were bad before!

  • I like the Marc Jacobs, Balmain, and Jason Wu. The Wu is the only one that actually looks like it would work on a majority of women.

    The Jacobs and Balmain are just so over the top that they work on a level of costume that the rest just don’t get to. I’d respect seeing them in public. It would take a fierce woman to do it, but I’d nod in approval of anyone trying it.

    Rihanna should show up somewhere in the Balmain right now though.

  • Iroqhard

    NAY NAY NAY I say. I have long legs, long arms, and a short torso. Oh, and a fat ass. Finding a jumpsuit to fit would be impossible. The only one of these assembled monstrosities I would want to see ever is the Jason Wu, and only if some sort of Bond villian wore it. Paging Grace Jones!

    • mhleta

      Yeah, there’s no wiggle room for anything other than a perfect ass in these. I share your lament.

  • DeTrop

    If I were 5’8, thin and had a life that Balmain would be mine. To me that says haute couture.

  • disqus_sZRDWtvvVD

    Nay, of course, goes without saying. Last time I wore a jumpsuit was in 1982, in college. We had to get dressed up for a “New Wave” party and someone lent me a bright purple jumpsuit made out of thin parachute material. I was grateful for the help with a costume, but I kept thinking, “Now, WHY do you own this thing? For real? Or for costume?”

  • Jon

    Chloe Sevigny votes yes.

  • ankali


    *Translation: nay.

  • Kenisha Hill Phillips

    I like a lot of these and would try to wear them.

  • None of these is sufficiently like the cover of Abba’s Arrival album, which is the only form in which I will tolerate a jumpsuit.

  • korilian

    I like pants suits in theory, but generally not so much in practice…

  • Samantha Irene

    Love jumpsuits! Have short and long versions (short just for bedtime though). I usually rock my wide leg purple-ish number with a white fur shrug, serious makeup and tall platforms (the hems a little long so you can’t see too much platform!).

    • mhleta


  • i like the yellow funky balmain that opens the post, and the grey valli (which looks like a CK to me, but whatever).
    i have no opinion on the peeing issue, cuz im a dude.

  • mhleta

    I say Yea. If you can slip it off your shoulders, it’s not a big deal in the loo. The DVF and the Oscar De La Renta are right up my alley. Better than pants, better than a dress. Yes.

  • Don’t go out drinking if you’re wearing one of these.

  • I mean…on the upside you wouldn’t have to constantly pull your pants up or your shirt down so there’s the silver lining i guess? Really they’re just adult overalls. And no one but Justin Bieber meeting the Canadian prime minister wears overalls anymore.

  • ChaquitaPhilly

    It is to laugh!

  • Kristy Evans

    I like the idea of jumpsuits. They’re fun. And they’re perfect for celebrities because they’re fashiony and impractical. That being said, I love the Valentino, the Balmain, and the Marc Jacobs, in that order.

  • choco

    only if they are from Oscar

  • conniemd

    From a style standpoint I like the Balmain, Furstenberg, Marc Jacobs and Ferre. For models and actresses, jumpsuits can look really smashing and stylish. For ordinary people they are ridiculous. Fashion comments aside, how annoying would it be to have to unbuckle and possibly remove your belt to pee in order to get the whole jumpsuit down? And the Marc Jacobs with the really interesting sleeves looks like it would be really difficult to get the sleeves down. Need a loose jumpsuit with loose sleeves to slip off. The Minkoff and the Holland look good for that.

  • SayWTH

    The only two that have it right are Max Mara: the stylish new jumpsuit for the fashionista house painter and Rebecca Minkoff who has updated the HAZMAT suit worn by those attending chemical spills or murder scenes. Both of those clothing items needed serious updating for the 21st century. The rest? Burn.

  • Super_Red

    hmmm… some of these are making me change my EVIL stance on jumpsuits. The “hard to go to the bathroom” thing doesn’t bother me so much. Sure it would be a pain, but it can be done, the same way it’s obnoxious but possible to pee while swimming (not WHILE swimming, obviously) in a one-piece.

    Some of these I would LOVE to have the body for. If I could pull it off, let me have the Furstenburg and the Ferre. And if anyone could make a jumpsuit look chic and classy, it’s Valentino.

  • On the models they look great, but if you’re curvier I find they’re less attractive. However, I would rock that DVF in a tropical setting. The Stella one is also cute. Rebecca Minkoff’s looks like a hazmat suit.

  • Alyssa

    I would love to own the DVF jumpsuit…I’m actually considering getting one for this summer. I can hold it a long time! So tentative yea from me.

  • l_c_ann

    Are any of these better for being jumpsuits?
    That DVF I’d love as a dress, it doesn’t need to be pants. And I can say that about a lot of them.

  • notterriblybitter

    Definitely a “nay”. To be perfectly honest, I decided that as soon as I saw the word “jumpsuits” but it was still a “nay” after I looked at the picures.

  • ellabob

    jumpsuits look fine on tall skinny models – BUT – in the real world – are you FKM?

  • i hate all jumpsuits. they only look cute on little kids, who wear diapers, that don’t have to worry about peeing themselves.

  • I like the Valli, the de la Renta, and the Valentino (I’d wear it to work tomorrow if it showed up in my closet), but the rest? Kind of ugly, jumpsuit or not.

    Overall, though, NAY.

  • Yea! I love a one piece. LOVE. Nipped in at the waist. Tapered leg. Slip on a heel or a flat and you’re dressed. Love it. Love it. Besides I have a memory of my mom greeting my dad and I in a one piece at the airport. She looked like a glamazon.


    Although the Valli and Ferre are sort of pretty but would be better. AS DRESSES.

  • kat89

    NAY! They are flattering on absolutely no one, not to mention having to constantly strip down completely every time you have to pee.

  • tereliz

    I’m SIGNIFICANTLY smaller up top than I am in the hips, so jumpsuits are an instant NAY for me personally.

    That said, that J. Mendel caught my eye on the runway and the DVF would be a fun resort look for someone with the right body. But most of them look really difficult to wear, particularly the Balmain, which is my absolute favorite from a purely aesthetic point of view.

  • NAY, NAY, NAY. Ugly. Unflattering. Stupid. Shall I continue?

  • Deb Oswald

    that first model was from some Project Runway season- who ever said -it a motherf***ing walk off! Daniel? I can’t think, ears are plugged and can;t breathe!!

  • chitowndg

    I have never had a jumpsuit, but not for not trying. I wish that jumpsuits came sized for torso length and inseam length as well as 2-14.

  • AmeliaEve

    I already wore jumpsuits in the 1980s, so I never have to do it again. I recuse myself.

    However, I really like that hairstyle with the V-shaped parting on the Gianfranco Ferré model. I wish I could see the back of it.

  • That is a LOT of shoulder in photo 1.

  • anotherkate

    Nay, just because I feel like jumpsuits are inherently difficult to translate to lower price points. Fit will always be compromised (shoot, it appears pretty darn compromised in some of the high-fashion garments above!). I’ve seen jumpsuits I like, and I even sort of get the appeal of that long line, but I simply can’t imagine what the H&M version of these would look and feel like on the average human woman.

  • stacey avelar

    April fool’s! that has to be it right?

  • I do love me a good jumpsuit, but the businessy looking ones are just ridiculous. I suppose they’re for young fashion editors to wear to work.

    If I had the infinite money it would take to buy something so expensive and yet so inappropriate for so many events and times of year, I would get: the BCBG Max Azria (for a hot summer night at a wine bar); the Diane von Furstenberg (for a casual beach wedding); the House of Holland (for walking down a street fair in Manhattan); the J. Mendel (for a picnic on a breezy day in the park – actually I have a strapless jumpsuit in a similar pattern already); the Marc Jacobs (I LOVE this one – I’d find so many events just to wear it; for the purpose of this exercise, let’s say an evening outdoor summer swing dance in a park, or drinks at a swanky hotel bar in Cartagena); the Oscar de la Renta (boozy brunch); the Valentino (dinner with my brother’s family and playing with my toddler nephew); and the Victoria Beckham (for a fabulous ladies night with my girl buddies).

    On the peeing thing, that’s why when I actually buy jumpsuits, I tend toward the strapless variety – just pulldown and go.

  • EEKstl

    NAY, but I will concede that some of these are surprisingly attractive (I’m looking at you, DVF and Marc Jacobs).

  • I have waited all my life for pantsuits to arrive. This looks like victory.

  • 909girl601world

    Nay. I’m old and getting half naked to use the facilities holds zero appeal. i like several of these more than I thought I would though and wish all the best to the youngsters with strong bladders who will wear them well!

  • Most of them are actually very cute. A few are awful. And almost none of them could translate to the real world on mere mortals.

  • So…I can’t believe this is going to come out of my mouth (keyboard?), but yea. I would cut a bitch for that Oscar de la Renta one.

  • lalahartma

    No way.

  • editrixie

    I have to say thank you for actually calling them jumpsuits, and not jumpers, which somehow seems to have crept in to the BK vocabulary I think because of the misnomer from Project Runway a few seasons back.

  • Hell no. Remember when you had to go to the bathroom and some part of them always ended up in the toilet? Do not want to go back again.

  • Anniebet

    Yeah, for most. The tan garage mechanic look is fugly. The white onesies jammies are a tad too twee. Most of them that don’t have excess fabric billowing at the crotch are downright cute.

  • ccm800

    N A Y

  • Monica


  • marigi

    Some of these look great, but they should show the models from behind: you can be a stick insect, but there is no way a jumpsuit will not make your butt look huge of freefalling towards the ground.

  • I have a jumpsuit in my closet that was one of my favorites back in the day…early 90’s, so I guess I might have to drag it out and see how it looks like now!!!

  • librarygrrl64

    HELL to the NAY!

  • Some of these are making an excellent case for the jumpsuit. That Valentino looks so polished.

  • bd73

    nay. rompers are stupid. wore a lot of ’em as a tyke of the late ’70s. grown women should not have to undress to go to the bathroom.

  • Dagney

    It’s all so Studio 54. So rehab. So disco ball.

  • NO!
    I tried these when I was a kid in the 70’s and I do not appreciate that one needs to TAKE OFF your entire wardrobe to pee. These don’t even make it as lounge wear.

    • oh – and I should add that I am a bit long-waisted so I’ll bet most of these will be very “tight” in the crotch. Actually the only one I like is the Max Mara design because it DOES look like a jumpsuit someone would wear working at a zoo. It’s so ugly I like it 😉