YEA or NAY: Miu Miu Fall 2013 Shoes

Posted on April 30, 2013

Who’s in the mood for some SHOES, kittens?


Yeah…. we don’t know. We’re not quite ready for a return of the Spice Girls look.

Is anyone, really; when you get right down to it?


Miu Miu Fall 2013 Shoes: YEA or NAY?


There are a couple of cute ones here; we have to say. But those super-thick platforms are not welcome on our planet at the moment.


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  • I really, really, really want those to go ah-zig-ah-zig out to the closest rubbish bin.

  • They’re sort of Fluevogian, but not in a good way. I do like the white, closed-toe with the buttons, but I agree that the platforms are way too thick.

    • haha, i was just going to post that they’re very Fleuvog inspired! i don’t like tire-tread look of the platforms, but the others, i think are kind of cute.

    • A.W.

      Fluevog by way of the seedy neighborhood sex shop. They have the feel of shiny pleather about them, even though they’re probably made with luxury leathers…

    • MilaXX

      To me Fluevogs always have a sense of humor about them that gives them a ugly/pretty feel. These are just ugly to me.

      • FancyPhilly

        I totally agree, these are Fluevog’s evil twin shoes. These ones should go back into the attic where they have been chained up since 1997.

        • Heather

          Yes to Fluevog’s evil twins! BTW I have tried on Fluevogs countless times; they NEVER fit me. 🙁

      • Aurumgirl

        And now I really want some Fluevogs.

    • I was just going to say I’m reminded of Fluevogs. The funny thing to say is that the Fluevog would be cheaper…

      • ballerinawithagun

        Yes, to all of the above. I like the steampunk little spat-like boots, without the Doc platforms. Although I would wear them very securely with the waffle Doc platforms in the winter!

    • YoungSally

      I am again reminded of my 1974-5 “waffle stompers”

  • I’d be all over these if it weren’t for those stupid platforms. (And if they wouldn’t bankrupt me.) ~sigh~

  • Those peep toe-booties should be burnt. Now.

  • Connie Harbor

    Gag, retch and puke.

  • GorgeousThings

    Hate ’em all. The kindest thing I can say about them is “Daisy Duck Shoes”


  • I don’t love the thick platforms or the heels or the height, but design-wise I think they’re adorable and I want to hug them.

  • Fun to look at, but so much ugly.

  • Introspective

    I see many a misguided Fanning sister appearance involving these at an RC near you.

    so not into them. ugh.

  • So close. So, so close. I weirdly like the heel shape on the non-platform ones, but anything that reminds me of hiking boots should be miles away from my high heels. I’ll take #5 and #11, and leave the rest.

  • Oh, no, no, no.

    I don’t hate the middle ones, the ones without the lug soles, but the first and last pairs are the worst.

  • aeb1986

    Dakota and Elle fanning are drooling all over these. I, on the other hand, am not a fan

    • Aurumgirl

      Yes, but didn’t one of them actually go out in public with the prada platform plinth block attached to spangly toe socks? Or whatever the hell those were? So I’m going to temper my judgement of their taste based on that.

  • I am always in the mood for shoes…but these shoes? No thank you.

  • Trisha26


  • Donyelle Marshall

    I want those $975 lug bottom Mary Janes…said no woman with good taste

  • MilaXX

    NAY these are fug

  • Moira MacDougal

    Nay nay NAY!

  • Ugh. All much too heavy.

  • hughman

    Japanese anime cosplay.

    • MK03

      I beg to differ. No self-respecting cosplayer would wear those.

  • I love these! Perfect for NYC.

  • ew gross.

  • j_anson

    Yeah, no. I kinda like the color schemes and metallics, but the designs are just too clunky – like, they went in-your-face on both color and shape and it’s too much.

    Also, can the open-toed boot thing die now?

  • NDC_IPCentral

    Not in the mood for these shoes – YUGLY!

  • musicandmochi

    “Who’s in the mood for some SHOES, kittens?”
    Ooh! Memem–…nevermind.

    Why in the name of all that is good and holy have all these designers decided to peddle ugly stripper shoes to us?
    It’s like price-fixing, only even more insidious.

  • hmariec19


    Nope nope nope.

  • zenobar

    I think I’d rather just have a pair of actual Fleuvogs.

    • BigWhiteGrannyPanties

      OK so I just looked up Fleuvogs. And I kind of love them. I really do.

  • NAY. I see the 90’s are back in full effect.

  • Danielle

    Mostly Yay, but definitely no for the open-toed boots. It may not be the popular opinion, but I think they look fun.

  • In_Stitches

    Y’all beat me to the obligatory Fanning joke. These look like all-terrain orthopedics for strippers. Where are these aging dancers hiking to and who are their clients?

  • Normally, looking at shoes makes me happy. Hunh.

  • carnush

    19th century Hot Topic. NAY.

  • BigWhiteGrannyPanties

    Can I just have a steam-punky boot without all the shit attached?

  • ew. No.

  • muelonil

    I like the non-chunky high buttons. The rest can go,.

  • DaveUWSNYC

    Geez, some of them…Queen-Empress Victoria meets Construction Worker

  • RinPauler

    The collection of Miu Miu FW 13 is beautiful. But those shoes are not. Miucia (or someone on the Prada team) always comes up with the ugliest shoes. I mean, remember those atrocious Japanese-inspired from SS12? Yikes.

  • alyce1213

    Just silliness. I don’t find them very artful.

  • I’m so excited to see that Miu Miu designed some Steampunk bootlets to go with Michele’s final PR collection; how completely visionary of them.

  • elirt

    Wow! So very 90’s with the thick soles! My younger self is in love, my current self, not so much.

  • NOOOOOOO. I am not ready for my freshman year of college to come screaming back in shoe form.

  • Carol

    I’m always ready for some shoes, just not those ones.

  • Major fail up and down the line. Out. I hates them!

  • The lug soles are stupid, but the ones that have a normal sole and look like spats are fantastic!

  • Raanan Rosenbaum

    Miu Miu shoes are always too “chunky” for my tastes.
    From last seasons flip flops to these. Mess.

  • They’re ALL a “no” from me. Though I see Katy Perry sporting a few of these.

  • VicD

    I thought you said “shoes,” not clodhoppers. NAY.

  • The boots have a whiff of an interesting Victorian vibe in the upper parts, but the soles & thick heels ruin it. The others are just plain ugly. No, nein, nay–get them to a landfill!

  • formerlyAnon

    A BIG Yea for the young – say, under 25? – who are going for the silly-fun vibe at Miu Miu prices. If you’re old enough or serious enough to be trying to be fashionable, I don’t want to see these on you, not even ironically.

  • I’m in the mood for shoes, but not these shoes… NAY

  • PastryGoddess

    Does Elle Fanning know you went into her closest and stole her shoes?

  • Barb Ray

    No. No, no, no, no, no. Nay.

  • hunt3002

    Excuse while I go find my shoes from the 1990s. I know I have some with the same shape and materials.

  • nope.

  • RebeccaKW

    The ones with regular heels, especially the pink/gold, are super cute. But those platform shoes…good gravy, those are hideous. Of what little 90’s fashion I might be ok seeing return, those shoes are not one of them (and I wore those kinds of shoes back then).
    ETA: based on some comments, I had to go back and look. I didn’t even notice those 2 open-toed boots. Why on earth were those made?

  • MK03

    Was she listening to Groove Is In The Heart while she was designing these?

    • FrigidDiva

      That was my FIRST thought when I saw these.

    • formerlyAnon

      The classics never die.

  • Kenisha Hill Phillips

    Go home shoes – you’re drunk…

  • Those are some seriously ugly shoes. You won’t find any like them in my closet.

  • Synnae

    If you were born in the 90’s yes, if you wore them in the 90’s HELL NO!

    That said- love the first one with silver/navy blue colour scheme. If that came in a stiletto heel and less insane platform sole I’d probably want it.

    • tereliz

      Ha ha, I was JUST about to say that! Hilarious. Yup, if I had a time machine and went back to my 9th grade self, HELL YEAH I’d wear these shoes. You know, when I’m not wearing Docs or Chucks. 😉

      • Synnae

        Oh- I still wear Docs. Just now the 4″ much more stylish stiletto ankle boot version 😉

  • Fluvogs!

  • Lilithcat

    So that’s where my spare tire went.

  • gdougs

    Effie (Hunger Games) would wear these.

    • BuffaloBarbara

      Even Effie has better taste, and the woman wears gold wigs.

  • M. H. Leader

    One word: HIDDY.

  • JasmineAM

    I don’t think they meant for me to laugh at these shoes as I scrolled down?

  • Aly Light

    The ones with less platform are cute enough. The severe angle of the toes on the boots bothers me… it’s too bad, because I love a spat look.

  • NAY…. but it won’t be long until we see the Fannings sporting each and every one of them.

  • BuffaloBarbara

    HAY-ell no on the high heeled combat boots. The ones without are fairly okay, but my brain is only, at the moment, processing the… things.

  • librarygrrl64

    I’m always in the mood for shoes. Just not these shoes.

  • JimMcC

    Why do shoe designers hate my eyes so much this year?

    And WHY do you need a thick rubber platform at the front of a heel? If you’re doing anything that requires a rugged sole, aren’t you NOT wearing heels?

  • RedRaven617

    The shoes were fine. The boots were ick. At least people can walk in them.

  • Sally Brownson

    I LOVE the ones without platform. The ones with the platform, I could take or leave. YEA

  • crash1212

    YAY! EXCEPT those awful booties with open toes…those should be placed in a pile and burned along with all other bootie/shootie/toeless abominations.

  • meowing

    Nay to the moon and back. 1000x nay. Ugly clunkers all.

  • Claudia Fernandes

    NoooooowAAAAAAYYYY, donald’s gramma booties

  • frederieke

    I’m going to go with YEA because I like thicker heels

  • eight_of_nine

    I like a lot of these, but I’ve always been a sucker for thick, tire-tread-like soles.

  • LA porn star trying to break into serious acting.

  • Oh dear god no.

  • rumcg66


  • I’m always in the mood for shoes. Just not those. NAY.

  • conniemd

    OUT. Tire soles are not fashion forward. Gads, the women will be tripping over their feet with such heavy soles.

  • those made me sad

  • Love how it started, hate how it ended.

  • Dreamwr8tr

    Noooo. This is why I’m barefoot half the time! Clunky and unattractive. I want people to be envious of my thin ankles and small feet (too small for menswear) not to obscure them with clunky mules and giant soles!

  • I could live with 4 & 5 if I have to but the 90’s can go back to hell.

  • Stubenville

    The Vibram soles are going to make the wearer look like a Clydesdale. OUT!

  • CatherineRhodes

    LOVE the metallic styles in the middle (without the Goodyear soles). Sassy and fun, and look like they might even be comfortable.

  • I am not ready for these shoes.

  • Eww. Hell to the no.

  • TheAmericaness

    Drop the combat boot platform and I might reconsider. Otherwise OUT.

  • Anniebet

    Somewhere a tire manufacturer is wondering where a shipment went.

  • Louise Bryan

    Nay. I didn’t like clunky heels when I was in middle/high school, and now the heels are just as clunky, but much higher, for that ankle breaker aesthetic, plus recycled tire platforms.

  • Insidiously

    Oh my god those first three are HIDEOUS, MY EYES

  • ankali

    I don’t care for the rubber floor mats attached to a lot of them, and I HATE open-toed boot(ie)s. The others I think are super cute, but I’m not sure there are enough of them or that they’re superlative enough to merit a Yea.

  • StelledelMare

    I’m gonna go with a half yea and half nay. Yea because I personally like thicker heels (seriously, I do not at all understand stiletto love). But nay because most of these are pretty ugly. The only ones I really like is the metallic silver and blue and the black and white one with the buttons (the only one without the awful platform).

  • quiltrx

    I do like the *idea* of the spats look. But the rest of the shoe is just too clunky and cartoony for me.

  • aw, shit, son! I LIKE!

  • PrunellaV

    Fat, dowdy, 56-year-old me wants that last pair of red boots. I would rock them, I tell you.

  • Mlzx

    I was in the mood for any shoes but these shoes.

  • NAY. they look like space shoes…

  • Nay. I’m still not done regretting similar shoe style choices I made in the 90’s.

  • demidaemon

    Ugly and cheap looking. Boy oh boy, these will fly of the shelves and be on red carpets all over the world. I CAN”T WAIT!!!! (eyes roll back into head)

  • Fordzo

    I am over the peep-toe boots. Enough!

  • MarissaLG

    NAY to the high heavens.

  • I feel like Cher Horowitz’s closet just vomited and this is what came out.

  • jetpackdino

    When you have to run to that monster truck rally right after Comicon, these are the shoes you wear.

  • barbarienne

    Nay. I kind of like the whole “fuck you, Girly Impractical Shoes!” concept of the lug soles, but since the shoes attached to them are not intended for practicality in general, the overall gracelessness puts me off.

  • NAY! Is it possible to make shoes without attitude?

  • I don’t know what I think about these. I think if the top was’t patent leather, I could get into them. Especially if they were gladiators and they were tan or brown. But they look like garden boot-chic, which doesn’t work

  • Kirsten Kirsten

    Nay! That is all.

  • Colin

    The rubber soles put on half of them aren’t appealing in the least. The last thing big bulky heeled booties need is another bulky design element like rubber soles. The minority of these shoes are actually pleasing and those are the ones that were kept simple in coloring, didn’t have rubber soles, and were open toed

  • sweet_potato

    Gatsby 2013

  • Kristy Evans

    I was thinking Spice Girls as well! Uggghh no.

  • ChelseaNH

    I agree on the super-thick platforms. Who needs off-road platform heels?

  • hape_dex

    Is there a competition which designer can make the ugliest shoes? In the last few weeks I’ve seen a lot of ugly.

  • guest2visits

    Well; none of the open-toes have any chance, but I can see the Victorian booties, even the
    heavy tread stompers, on SOMEone.

  • ccm800

    Iam say Hell YEA!

  • lilazander

    I was going to say the firtst 3 ones were a NAY, but they grew on me, the ones in the middle are fun and definite YEY!

  • lalahartma

    I say YAY

  • Yeah, I didn’t wear lug soles on my Doc Martens, let alone on Miu Miu! Tho the 19th century button hook looking ones with normal soles are sort of cute.