WERQ: Jada Pinkett Smith in Miu Miu

Posted on April 05, 2013

Gotta give it up to Miss Lady. This is lovely.


Jada Pinkett Smith attends the ‘Free Angela & All Political Prisoners’ New York City Premiere in a Miu Miu gown paired with Saint Laurent sandals.

Saint Laurent ‘Paloma’ Platform Sandal

Quietly lovely, somehow. It turns heads, but it doesn’t do so by being overtly attention-seeking. Does that make any sense? Just a flowy dress in a flattering shape and color, with a gorgeous pair of shoes attached. We’d quibble about the lip color, but we’re too busy giving soft snaps of awe. You WERQ that pretty, girl.


[Photo Credit: Janet Mayer/PR Photos, ysl.com]

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  • spooki C

    I don’t love it but Jada is a very pretty lady

    • jada is a bobble head like julia roberts, etc etc etc

  • hughman

    Ack! Put down your hand!

  • Not crazy about that collar on her, it makes her look neck-less, which I’m 98% sure she’s not. Still, she’s a stunner.

    • Me neither. It looks like somebody photoshopped her head on that body, and none too well. Don’t like the lip color either.

    • Maryanne525

      Completely agree! Dislike that her neck completely disappears, but it’s definitely less severe than she usually looks. The SHOES are killer, though!!

      • I hate it. Shoes would be better served with an edgy outfit rather than this grandma’s closet number.

        • Maryanne525

          To clarify: I’m drooling over the shot with just the shoes. I wouldn’t put them with this dress, either.

        • musicandmochi

          Agreed. Love the dress. Flove the shoes, but I also wonder at how well they work with this particular dress. I love me some bold black n gold. But those shoes just do not go.

          AND! The hair. It irritates my eyes like pepper spray to an Occupy protester.

          …Too soon?

    • Yes! I couldn’t place why I felt like the fit was off, clearly it’s lovely in the bodice, but the neck area is not her friend. It’s almost matronly.

      • Yes. In a perfect world you’d see just a hint of her actual neck over the top of the collar.

    • MRC210

      Agree about the collar, plus it looks bandage-y, as though she’s had a tracheotomy or plastic surgery and is bravely going out to face the world. The colour is lovely, though.

      • Iroqhard

        It does not help this perception that she obviously cannot move her forehead. I’m sure that is because of the Botox (no judgement, if you can afford it WRINKLE FREE GURL), but the bandage-y collar as you say and the extreme frozen-ness of her face do give the feeling that there was some sort of unfortunate accident that she is recouping from.

        • drdarke

          Can’t agree regarding the Botox’d look, @Iroqhard:disqus – makes her look like Penny Johnson over on CASTLE.

    • oatmealpie

      She doesn’t have an Adam’s apple to cover, so she should leave the high collar for the drag queens.

    • Apocalipstick Now Redux

      She’s being strangled by sunshine. It’s not a good look for her.

    • barbarienne

      My reaction precisely. “What’s with the neck?” She has a lovely long neck; I don’t understand why she would wear this, unless she’s hiding something for some reason. Maybe Will was giving her hickeys.

      Aside from that, this color is amazing on her, and the cut and shoes make her legs look miles long–quite a trick for someone who barely cracks 5′ tall.

    • ankali

      My immediate reaction was “Great color, no neck.” Also, she looks like she’s done something to her face.

  • BazoDee

    Love the shoes – but not sold on them with this dress. They seem too clunky.

  • Sobaika

    YESSSSSS. This look is so pretty and the shoes make the perfect counterpoint.

  • C. C. Winslow

    So unusual for her to look soft and pretty vs. a little brittle. I like it.

  • snarkmeister

    Wait, really? Because to me it just looks like this dress has swallowed her (almost) whole. She doesn’t have a long enough neck to pull off the turtleneck.

  • MilaXX

    Very pretty and for a change I like ombre hair.

    • Sobaika

      I still have a vendetta against ombre hair, but it is well done on her. It doesn’t look like a badly growing out dye job.

    • mjude

      she really looks great. i bet she found new gay uncles 🙂

  • schadenfreudelicious

    sorry not fully a werq for me, i know she is a tiny gal and hence likely has a short neck, that collar makes her look like her head is sitting directly on her shoulders…

    • AndresB

      …while the shoes make her look like her feet are starting at the knees.
      Add a bustier which peeps out from under the overlay like a Victorian corset malfunction to frankly abysmal two-tone hair, and this is altogether not werquing… plus, Miu Miu’s craftsmanship is nothing to write home about.

  • Her neck needs to be just a bit longer for her to truly work a collar like that and the hem also needs a little bit more length.

  • Hmmmm…yeah…this is not a WERQ for me. I don’t like the shoe and the color of the dress is a little to Easterific. I like Funky Jada better.

  • She looks fabulous. The dress itself is a bit underwhelming, but it the color is gorgeous on her, and I like the silhouette. I love that she’s been going the “softer” route lately. It really suits her.

  • clatie

    I see she’s started in on the face.

    • sweet_potato

      Yup, it looks like she drank the Kool-Aid. It’s too bad, she doesn’t need to go that route. I wish these women would leave their faces alone.

      • MarinaCat

        The first thing I did was gasp at her face. It looks very strange and verging on drag queenish. Whatever she did makes her look masculine.

    • I was going to say that she’s looking “refreshed.”

  • I don’t like the dress on her, nor do I like the hair or the shoes. But I never like anything she wears — I guess I just can’t forget what insufferable, narcissistic, self-important asses she and her husband sound like in interviews.

  • “Soft snaps of awe.” That made me giggle.

  • teensmom99

    Really? With that hair? You’re kidding, right? I think on an in our out, she could squeak by with a “yea,” but this is no WERQ. Were you just feeling like you’d been stingy with the WERQs lately and did Miss J benefit from that?

  • Introspective

    As I noted in the last thread on Jada yesterday, I saw her at this screening & she looked gorgeous. These pics dont do her justice. In person her neckline looked much more elegant and not as stumpy/disappeared as it does here.

    I too love her new softer direction. She needs to keep this up!

  • Beardslee

    Love the proportions of this dress on her! Color is lovely. It’s nice to see a grown up woman looking like a grown up woman (unlike Miss Gwyneth, who is, I believe, about the same age).

  • The dress is fine, but the shoes are ruining it for me. Too hard for such a soft dress.

  • Her skin is glowing and I love the clean nails. This color is so lovely! But I’m not super sold on the cut, from the neckline to the sideseams under the arms. Maybe it could be better if her hair were in an updo? I always loved her short hair, though, so maybe that’s biasing me. Love the shoes but not convinced they serve this look.

  • conniemd

    I don’t get the hate for celebrities involved in personal causes. To me it makes them look like they have some interest beyond themselves. They could spend their time in salons and resorts, etc. To me it’s the opposite of self-absorbed.

  • Stubenville

    She looks pretty, but there’s something hard about her face, like Sarah Jessica Parker.

  • raininmai

    This pastel yellow would be perfect on a blonde, but not on Jada. The lipstick and the hair are misses as well. I think she needs strong autumn colors like rust, or olive green, or bronze to look fantastic.

  • ralish

    Not a fan of the collar or the color or the hair. Love the shoes and the floaty feel, though.

  • im not seeing it. i dont love the colour, and i dont love it on her. the dress looks weirdly half-assed. the shoes are fierce, but dont go with anything here.

  • carnush

    yeah, I don’t love the lipstick but she looks pretty.

  • Perfection. Much better than yesterday’s blaaah.

  • formerlyAnon

    I particularly like those shoes paired with this.

  • PeggyOC

    I like the hair, although the highlights are terrible. She’s smiling, which is unusual and lovely, and overall it’s a softer, less “out to impress” Jada. I like it.

    • Targettaste

      Her smile really softens her look. She looks very harsh most of the time.

  • Lisa M. (ReVoir) Kramp

    Gorgeous color, but the first thing I thought when I saw the thumbnail was ‘1978 Bridesmaid dress’. Great shoes, however.

  • PeaceBang

    Not at all feeling this.

  • hellkell

    Everything south of the head is fab. The hair and makeup are awful.

  • marilyn

    She has had WAY too much work done on her face. It looks fake and borderline-scary. I don’t even notice the dress because I am fixated on that face. Yikes.

    • Donna Tabor

      Is that what it is? I couldn’t figure out why she looked so different.

    • bellafigura1

      Girl, that is not your face!

  • kat89

    What happened to her face? She barely looks like herself.

  • GorgeousThings

    Not bad, for her. But that third picture down looks like she’s warning the photog that she’ll kill him, and bury his body in the woods.

  • i’m not so sure it’s a dress… are we sure it’s not a voluminous jumpsuit?

    • IamstillAnonymous

      Sorry, Tom, I didn’t see your post before I said the same thing.

  • Great choice of shoe.

  • SnookumsLynn

    I think it’s too soft and ethereal looking for her hard looking face, her body looks great in it, but her face and hair don’t match. Maybe you’re remembering the softness of her in person self; in pictures eh

  • Anniebet

    Criminy, that’s Jada? Her eyebrows look like they’ve migrated halfway up her forehead. Anyhoo, I do like the jumpsuit/dress/pajamas, just not that high collar. She would look better with a neck, IMO. Love the shoes.

  • IamstillAnonymous

    I’m not convinced this is a gown. Isn’t that an inseam on her left inner thigh in photo #3? Gown or jumpsuit, she looks like she’s being strangled.

  • guest2visits

    No to the high collar but everything else is very pretty. Her smile makes a huge difference.

  • ccm800

    she always looks like a pound of crazy sliced thin to me. This si pretty though for sure.

  • Imasewsure

    Wow this doesn’t work for me at all. Not bad but not my thing either. Love the shoes though and do like the fact that it is elegant and understated

  • lizajane1776

    Can’t decide if it is the high collar or the heavy brows that I don’t care for with this. Almost there for me.

  • Franniemac

    Blame her dentist for some of her oddness. New teeth are too long, too white, and too prominent.

  • Jada is that chick. I love everything she wears. This is brilliant!

  • Jada Pinkett Smith, Master of Proportion. I bow down.

  • DesertDweller79

    Don’t like the collar. Or her makeup. And her face looks so stiff. Botox, it appears.

  • Bad neckline!!! but she is lovely.

  • Adriana Garcia

    Lil Kim — drug-free

  • tereliz

    It’s… okay. The color and floaty-ness suits her. But the slit in the skirt looks problematic, the way the material keeps gathering between her legs. And I’m not wild about the collar.

  • Stunning!

    I’m surprised at how well she wears that soft color–it’s pretty amazing.

  • warnerave

    i can’t get past that face..uggh!!

  • … IS it a dress? it kind of looks like, in that shot before the killer shoe close-up, that it might be … a … jumpsuit?

  • MGMcD

    I require those shoes immediately. Seriously, I might die without them.

  • kalisa

    Iiiii don’t knoooow…it’s doing something really weird to her neck and makes it look like she’s holding a cardboard cutout of JPS’s face in front of her face. You know like those big coaches heads at basketball games?

  • why did she do those cheek bone implants, so looks so weird to me now.

  • Brad Watson

    If there’s a W acronym for this, it’s WTF. I would not have recognized her as JPink without the caption.

  • shanteUstay

    Hat her hair but I’ll argue the lip color. Under the assuption she’s going for a deep red/crimson look, I think it looks nice because there’s no good true shade of reds for women of color, it always looks off in one way (too brown usually) but it looks good, not with the dress but in a general makeup sense

  • shelley514

    WERQ those surgically enhanced cheeks Ms. Jada!!!! Oh, and that lovely lemony chiffony jumpsuit too!!!! Fab-u-lous-ness.