IN or OUT: Sarah Jessica Parker in Vintage

Posted on April 10, 2013

This surprised us for being so simple.

Sarah Jessica Parker attends Cindy Chao The Art Jewel fashion event in Beijing, China in an vintage dress from Alexandra New York paired with Jean-Michel Cazabat pumps and Cindy Chao jewelry.

We may actually have said a little “Oh!” at the sight of it. SJP favors prints and embellishments galore, so this really stands out apart from her normal red carpet wear. It’s also a really, really difficult color to pull off.  Is she pulling it off? We’re asking. We’re also asking if those shoes really work with the dress. It’s a nice dress, but the whole look feels off somehow and we don’t know if it’s because it’s unexpected, coming from her or if it’s just an off look.

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IN! It’s a simple, classic springtime look!


OUT! My eyes! That color!


In other judgmental news, Anna Kendrick’s very flowery dress got voted IN but Dianna Agron’s upholstery dress got a big ol’ O to the UT.


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  • Jennifer Peters-Ahnberg

    I like the dress, but it’s not a good color for her and the shoes don’t work. OUT.

  • Great dress, but the hair has to stop and those shoes are awful. Personally I’d have gone for fuchsia shoes.

    • Dam_Angel

      IN. The fuchsia shoes would have been fun and I think she needed a stronger lip color.

  • Sobaika

    In, but only because I’m feeling generous. The dress is pretty and unexpected but I hate the shoes and she needs to get over the Carrie hair.

    • Kathy_Marlow

      The hair…she needs a hair intervention..

      • The hair & her eye makeup need an intervention! In, only because the dress is fresh & pretty and it is well fitted to her.

        • Exactly what I was thinking! STOP lining the inner eyelids it is giving you tiny, beady eyes! Lop off 5″ of that hair and soften it with a side part and maybe a bit of side swooped bangs. Also, I love the shoes and get what she was trying, but not with this dress, honey.

          • judybrowni

            Great color on dress, but the lack of color on her face — and in her shoes — don’t work with it. (Black shoes, maybe.)

            Some lipstick, honey! Forget the harsh eyeliner, maybe some shadow? A rosy blush?

      • She and Charlotte, both!

    • Violina23

      agree. I like the dress & even the color, but the shoes hurt my eyes…

    • jmorino08

      What @Sobaika:disqus said.

    • blueberrypanckae

      some of us , her included, are born with “carrie hair” – it is a struggle to do anything with !

      • Sobaika

        Not buying it. My hair can get pretty intense too and I haven’t been rocking the same style for over a decade.

        A change in length, pulling it back, even a change in part would make a refreshing difference.

        • VictoriaDiNardo

          I think she looked amazing when she had it in a chin-length bob, and I think it would look great on her now, soften her features a bit, as her face is long and look better with clothes. Change it up!

          ETA I do love the dress, so, IN-ish.

      • fursa_saida

        But she has people whose WHOLE JOB is to do something with it! It’s a totally different ballgame.

  • In. I shouldn’t like it as much as I do.

  • A.W.

    In, but only barely. The dress is screaming for a belt.

  • IMNAngryLiberal

    I love the dress. That color is not doing SJP any favors and the shoe bite, but….SJP tends to like fashion that is more “complicated” than she can actually pull off, so this simpler silhouette is a step in the right direction. Now if she would only update her makeup and hair.

  • Sunraya

    Love the dress, will give her an IN when she stops with the raccoon eyes.

  • Dress? Big ol’ yes, Shoes? The screams of bitter kittens everywhere are echoing in my head. For the love of god, no.

  • beebee10

    IN she looks fantastic. Great color on her and the dress is incredible.

  • Jessi03


  • crackineggs

    IN. Love the dress, and it’s nice to see an unusual colour. She should have gone with a nude foundation garment, but that would be a minor species of quibble.

  • Nicole Chubb

    If she tried something different with her hair, I’d be 100% IN. There’s something off about the whole thing, but it feels like she didn’t even try to make it work.

  • P.M.

    Most of the dress, I love — but what the hell is up with those side fins?

    • alyce1213

      Very true to the period, and you really can’t mess with vintage.

  • B_C_J

    The dress is interesting and the color is arresting. However her hair and her choice of shoes are completely distracting.

  • shirab

    Love the dress color on her. Hate the hair.

  • gabbilevy

    In, with quibbles. I really love the dress, and I’m not 100% sold on the color but I think she’s working it. The horrible hair almost knocks it into out territory, but I love dresses with pockets, so she stays in.

  • In. I love the color of the dress, and am willing to overlook the wrong shoe pairing. I’m thinking an indigo shoe, maybe in some sort of watercolory print, to lighten the heavy metallic of the dress. Love the style of the dress though; I feel like maybe she could have added something on top of her head to lift it a little too – either an updo or a topknot or even a headpiece (HATS YES HATS BWA HAHA ER-hem.).

  • It’s an IN, she’s pulling it off, and I also like the hair and makeup. It all looks effortless.

  • Jess5628

    I think she looks great — the dress is fabulous and sleek but still spring-y. The shoes are iffy….but I still say IN overall!

  • TheLaurenJean

    In. I just like it.

  • I hate the color of the dress. However, I think the dress looks lovely on her. Those shoes shouldn’t be in the same zip code as that dress.

    • Adriana_Paula

      That dress belongs on someone dark skinned. You know, like me.

  • I love the look overall. I would’ve preferred that she up the volume on her lip color a bit. Next to that strong green, her face is washing out. Small case in

  • mrspotts66

    IN! love the dress on her. what i’d change is her hair. so over her hair.

  • mjude


  • Janet B

    “Oh gosh!” That was my reaction.

  • acevedob

    In. I usually don’t like ridiculously loud colors or prints but I like this. It’s so her, without it being sickingly so.

  • It’s an IN because it’s so outside of her wheelhouse. She looks soft and pretty. I can’t with those shoes, though.

  • Funkykatt

    Boots, only to cover the feet

  • Lisa M. (ReVoir) Kramp

    In. Lovely dress and yes, she can wear that color. The issue is the shoes and her makeup. Shoes need to be darker sandals to let the dress take center stage and pull the viewer’s eye away from her leather-y feet. And with a dress color that strong, a neutral lip DOES NOT work! She also needs less liner…it’s making her eyes look smaller.

    • 3boysful

      Exactly. Plus, is it my monitor, or has an overabundance of bronzer been deployed here?
      Edited to add: PS–Hey, TLo–How about a new post along the lines of “Consistent Fashion Eye-Twitches That We Will Fix When Someone Makes Us God”? You could start with SJP’s eyeliner since it gets countless comments every post.

    • conniemd

      In, and agree with what you said.

  • Candigirl1968

    She’s working the dress. However, the jewelry is wrong, the shoes are making my eyes itch and the hair is too much.

    If this were an easier dress to work, this would be an OUT. But, given the dress’s high degree of difficulty, she squeaks by with a barely IN.

  • PastryGoddess

    IN I love that color

    What are those things on her hips? That’s my only quibble with this look.

  • hotpaprika

    She really should switch to another eyeliner color. Black does her no favors. Also the center part is not flattering. Why is it that so many Hollywood stars don’t know how to age gracefully? I’m not crazy about the shoes but at least it’s not another a pair of nude platform attrocities.

  • jilly_d

    The shoes bug, but it’s still IN.

  • Laylalola

    IN. She looks really fresh here.

  • alyce1213

    A big IN for the vintage dress and how it fits.
    The shoes are a great color–I get the contrasting color pop–but I’m not so sure it works.

    The cocker spaniel hair MUST BE CUT!

  • Airkisses

    Out. Those flaps on her hips look like gills and they make her look like Aquaman

  • Lori

    IN, with notes. I like the dress and think she did fine pulling off the color, which is tricky, but those shoes were all wrong for the look and that nothing lip color is washing her out in a really bad way.

  • zenobar

    IN – that dress is gorgeous. Not loving the color of the shoes though – too “cool” of a lavender (at least according to my monitor). Some purple or green sandals would have been exquisite.

  • allj

    In! Love the dress, and I like that color on her. I don’t like the shoes as much, but they’re not so terrible that they detract from the look.

  • Dress yes, shoes no. Strappy gold sandals would have been better.

  • raininmai

    Love the dress, don’t mind the hair, hate the shoes and hate the make-up. Barely an IN, just for the dress. Girl needs a make-up intervention.

  • Imasewsure

    In for the dress for sure for me but the shoes don’t work (and the hair, always the hair) IN

  • jenawesome

    I love it all. Total IN.

  • love the dress on her, would have chosen a pink or cranberry shoe. i still say IN for the effort.

  • IN. I don’t think I love the shoes, but I really love that dress, and she’s got the right coloring for it. She’s got Annistonitis when it comes to the hair thing.

  • IN! I could do without the side flaps (WTF?), but otherwise I think she looks great. Okay, she needs to do something with her hair.

  • another_laura

    In. She looks lovely. I have reservations about the color of the shoes…

  • PeggyOC

    Out. The shoes wreck it. They’re not white, they’re not lavender, they’re just jarring. A black shoe would have been too conservative, but this choice ruins what would have been a solid in.

  • SugarSnap108

    In, just barely. The dress is too shiny for my taste, but it’s pretty and mostly works for her. The hair is terrible, however, and she needs color on her lips — and less black liner around her eyes. Oh, and different shoes. I am so conflicted.

  • I really like the dress and the color of the dress. No to the shoes and she needs a new hair style, I was watching sex and the city last night, reruns and she a cute bob and I was thinking she should reprise a shorter hairstyle for real life.

    • raininmai

      Yes, she did the shorter hair when she was pregnant. I thought it looked great on her then.

  • Yes to the dress, no to the shoes.

  • Christa Hylton

    In dress, out shoes. Teal. The shoes should’ve been teal. Or garnet.

    • raininmai

      Yes to garnet!

  • Adriana Garcia

    In. But I thought it was Sheryl Crow

  • OrigamiRose

    Cute dress but the shoes seem… casual?

    IN from the ankles up.

  • Katerina

    In, because I just love the shape and detailing on that dress, and I like that it’s so simple. But those shoes are awful. It’s like “Here are my big pointy feet! Look at them, world!” They look like little white spades.

  • Allyson Wells

    It would be better without the hip flaps and the sheerness of the top. Not feeling the shoes either… or the hair. So, I guess that’s an OUT.

  • anotherintro

    In, but hate the hair and makeup

  • Carly Warnock

    In. It’s quite a nice change for her, like a breath of fresh air.

  • In! I think she’s getting away with that color, and the shoes, although a totally unexpected color pairing, work for me.

  • RMJ

    In! I am a sucker for chartreuse and this is pretty and age-appropriate.

  • Judy_S

    In, nice for a “jewel” show. Plus I like the simplicity on her.

  • Jangle57

    I like the dress, hate the shoes – but I like the dress more than I hate the shoes and the hair doesn’t bother me so IN

  • VicD

    It’s not a princess/ballet dress and does not feature a huge silk flower pinned to it, nor ropes of pearls, so I am going with “in.” Vive la difference!

  • Qitkat

    A very enthusiastic IN. She looks wonderful. But I can see how there is a bit of off-ness, possibly due to the dress color in contrast to her skin tone. Perhaps lip with some color would really have helped. I love, love the tiny pleats on the dress, I have a favorite memory of a dress I once made with that detail.

  • Kenisha Hill Phillips

    Out. I can’t with the shiny fabric and church lady shoes.

  • capybara_cafe

    It’s a really interesting dress, but those shoes do not in any way go with it.

  • decormaven

    Those shoes are too pedestrian for that gorgeous gown. In for dress, out for shoes.

  • carolynmo

    I love this look. I’d wear that dress in a second! Now, the hair, on the other hand . . .

  • Deedles

    Is that a BLACK bra I detect? Tsk, tsk.

  • flamingoNW

    Well I’m torn. Love the dress, hate the shoes, hate the hair… I guess I’m going to have to go with OUT but it’s right on the edge there….

  • Alyssa

    Out. Can’t really put a finger on why, but I don’t like it.

  • Sonja Fitz

    wow, i flipping LOVE that dress, actually – both color & style – but i personally am not feeling the white shoe choice or the hair. the dress calls for a more mod/60s ‘do, and a stronger (but not overpowering) shoe color – i’m craving a deep burgundy-brown color. still, ETERNAL PROPS to sarah for always creative choices!!

  • Out. I love the dress, but not on her. And the shoes don’t go.

  • IN!

  • YourBaloneyDontGotNoSecondName

    It’s shiny and the color of a 70s refrigerator and she’s making it sing. IN.

  • Cathy S

    I love the dress on her. I hate the shoes. But I give her an IN because of that dress.

  • Qitkat

    I voted earlier, but wanted to add that I’ve come to the place where I just accept her hair and makeup as who she chooses to be, even though I’m tired of it and think she could look fresher if she changed things up. Kind of like the bitter kittens who give anything HBC or RDJ wears a pass, or who always love QHF* or Tilda or Cate. I’m always interested in what SJP chooses to wear, as she has an amazing sense of fashion, so it’s no longer about the other stuff for me whether she is in or out.

    *Helen Mirren

  • Spicytomato1

    I want to give her an in because she’s SJP, but I can’t. I like the dress but her hair needs a serious intervention and those shoes exacerbated the excruciating headache I’ve been fighting.

  • Catiline

    IN. I think the dress color is working, and her hair offends me less than it usually does (although I still wish death to that center part). The shoes are horrid but not bad enough to cost her the in.

  • unbornfawn

    IN. This dress is working on her. I think this more simple approach isn’t a bad idea for her to transition out of the Carrie Bradshaw type looks and she matures. The shoes are really boring, barely a step above nude. Better shoes would have really helped. A maybe a slightly stronger lip color.

  • ChelseaNH

    I’m iffy on the color and the shoes, but on the whole it mostly works, so in.

  • In, she should wear more things like this, simple and elegant.

  • IN, even though the shoes don’t work with the dress.

  • carnush

    Love it all. Very modern way to wear vintage. IN.

  • RoxieRider

    I see no reason to withhold an IN here. There are nits to pick, but she looks lovely and interesting.

  • MilaXX

    I’m actually stuck on the fence with this. I like the dress on her, I think the color & length surprisingly enough work. I also like the relatively simple bracelets. On the other hand, I dislike those shoes with the dress. White shoes are hard to pull off and I don’t think these really work well with the shiny fabric of the dress. Then there is the makeup. I do think minimal makeup was the was to go with this look, but I hate the tightlined eyes and even though it’s a light shade, that pale pink just clashes with the dress. Lastly, I think the hair looks healthy, but I rarely like her with a center part. I think a side part would look much better for her long, narrow face shape.

  • ThaliaMenninger

    I think the color works on her. The shoes do not. But I’m giving it an IN for the dress and ignoring the shoes.

  • Duck feet.

  • Indigo54

    IN – except for the shoes! The dress is beautiful on her

  • BobStPaul

    Not crazy about the shoes but otherwise I think she looks great. In.

  • I love her; and nothing she does is wrong. She’s never let go of Carrie Bradshaw, and I love it.

  • In, worked for me. A little off but an impressive feat for such a color and material.

  • Coco Cornejo

    OUT! With the minimalist accessories and makeup she might as well be a clothes hanger. Also, the shoe color is just weird. Reminds me of that ad for that expensive private design school where they white out all the stuff so you can imagine your design in its place.

  • So conflicted. I absolutely adore the color and the dress. I want to be a drag queen so I can wear it. But the shoes are hurting my feelings. I’m going with OUT. Sorry, SJP. You should know better.

  • Belvane

    In — she looks golden, like a little lioness. But the shoes are wrong. Her feet always look so tortured to me, she might want to start wearing shoes that don’t draw the attention there. They are not her best feature.

  • rkdgal

    IN — I really love it, even with the shoes.

  • Hm… I like the dress, but not the color of it, because it clashes with the color of her hair. If she’d worn her hair up, it might have worked better. Don’t like the shoes. Would have gone with dark red or magenta.

  • poggi

    If her hair weren’t so light at the ends (and if it was shorter) and she was wearing black pumps, I would really, REALLY like this. As is it, I kinda like it so in. But really I want to give her a deduction or a penalty or a red card or some sort of sports-metaphor punishment for blowing an opportunity.

  • jw_ny

    IN for the dress…and her arms, however her shoes are boring and her lipstick is too pale.

  • bellafigura1

    IN on all counts.The color combination is very sophisticated, and the dress is divine.

  • m0r0


  • kolokOlchik

    I love it! IN

  • E. D.

    Out. Those shoes are terrible and she needs a change in hair.

  • MsOlympia

    In for me, because of the difficult color. My first thought on seeing it was “wow, she is owning that color!” Agree that the shoes are wrong, though.

  • MintaHallWriter

    OUT for me. That poisonous green makes her skin look sallow, and those shoes just don’t go with it. Maybe a metallic pump? Something other than those stark white shoes. I do like the shape of the dress, though I’m also not a fan of the length. It’s just…off.

  • marilyn

    In. It just works, except for the shoes, and she is excused from that kind of perfection, because she is travelling and would have a limited selection of shoes to wear.

  • TSkot

    Best she’s looked in awhile: IN

  • crash1212

    IN. Waaaaay IN. I think she’s totally pulling off that color – she looks gorgeous. Girl that IS your dress. Not too sure about the shoes, but I’m not mad at them. Her hair is pretty and her ever-present eye liner isn’t even bugging me. Nicely done SJP.

  • ringthing

    I really like the dress but not thrilled with the shoes. Actually until SJP updates her hair & makeup, I’m inclined to vote her OUT on general principles.

  • lizajane1776

    She’s lining her eyes all the way around again, I don’t like that. And I wish she would have chosen a lip color that WAS a color, but I still am giving this an IN because she looks great! Dangerous color and she’s pulling it off.

  • AuntHo

    Why the black bra, why?!
    Desp’rate, unnecessary
    Underthing blows look.

  • SewingSiren

    I like everything except the overdone tan in a can.

  • I’m going to vote IN on this one. It’s so different for her, and so flattering. Agree with all the comments about her hair–she really needs to find a more flattering style, and get some help with getting her hair healthy again. The makeup is pretty standard for her, although a little stronger lip color would have done wonders. Same with the shoes–don’t mind the style, but a darker, more periwinkle color would have been perfect.

  • RebeccaKW

    In. I don’t like the shoes with this, but I do like the dress, style and color. The eyeliner is toned down today. That hair isn’t my favorite, but overall, I like it.

  • joancarol

    The last picture with”THE JEW” behind her head is unfortunate.

  • JasmineAM

    Jesus, her arms are so toned!

  • AmeliaEve

    IN – the dress is beautiful and it fits her well. I like that she let it stand on its own. Not loving the shoes, though, and I’d like to see a nice bright lipstick to play off the dress color. You can’t put that much on your eyes and then leave your lips nekkid. Still, she looks softer and more relaxed than I have seen her in a long time. That part makes me happy.

  • BazoDee

    In. I’m not sold on the color of the shoes, but it makes me think, so bonus points for that.

  • disqus_sZRDWtvvVD

    One of my least favorite colors, but I think she is pulling it off. Not wow! But in.

  • Tracy_Flick

    In, that dress is beautiful. Though I think different shoe and hair choices could have made it a WERQ. And what is going on with her eyeliner?

  • Aly Light


  • stubbornthoughts

    In. She looks fabulous.

  • Trisha26

    OUT. I LOVE the dress, but hate everything else.

  • CommentsByKatie

    LOVE this. This is the most beautiful I have seen her in a long time. I think the color is unexpected and gorgeous, I love the pleating on the bodice and pockets that emphasizes her tiny waist…it’s breezy and chic, for me. Quibble:

    Hate the shoes. I don’t usually body snark but I think with her feet she could consider a different style of shoe, or nylons, or something.

  • It’s a bit off, because the color doesn’t exactly work for her, but it’s such a departure from her usual ‘trying too hard’ – ness that I can’t be mad. Shockingly IN.

  • I think the color is working, but would have worked better with different hair and makeup. I’m not mad at the shoes. Overall, it’s lovely, striking, and seasonal in an unusual way. IN.

  • love. IN.

  • teensmom99

    It’s a solid IN to me. Dress is great and shoes work surprising well together and I think the dress is perfection and the color works. But lots of negative points on the hair–which I’d like to point out is a lot longer than Carrie’s was in many instances. Somehow,she’s gone from pixie-haute-couture right to ladies who lunch (with a sense of humor re shoes).

  • ralish

    Out. I don’t think the color does her any favors and the top of that dress is awkward at best. And the shoes don’t go.

  • H3ff

    IN. The colour shouldn’t work, but somehow it does. She looks fabulous; fashionable but not trying too hard.

  • prettybigkitty

    In. Not the most flattering color, or best shoes. But a simple, lovely look that not everyone could pull off.

  • Louise Bryan

    I give her an IN. I’m not crazy about the shoes, but otherwise I think she looks great.

  • stagmania

    IN, though I don’t particularly like the shoes or the hair. But credit for mostly pulling off a tough dress.

  • Lilyana_F

    I really love the dress on her, color and all. Shoes don’t work for me, but an overall solid IN.

  • IN. Proud of her for keeping it simple.

  • In! She looks great. Perfect shoes! Where’s her purse?

  • MarissaLG

    OUT. It’s a yucky color, I don’t like the shoes with it and it’s just…yuck.

  • MRC210

    In. I like everything about the dress including the color, and it suits her.

    Her hair is as pretty as I’ve ever seen it but shoulder-length would suit her better. I know she’s 20 years younger than Goldie Hawn but I always think of Goldie and her long blonde tresses in her late 60s whenever I see someone hanging on to the same hairstyle forever.

  • rh33

    In. Love the dress. Shoes OK. She gets extra credit for resisting to add some goofy accessory to it.

  • Um. I can’t tell either. OK, IN. But it’s kinda bridesmaidsy.

  • raininmai

    I’m wondering if there’s a photo of SJP somewhere without the black eyeliner. I’d love to see what else could be done with her look.

  • demidaemon

    I think she looks pretty good, and, since we usually grade on a curve, this is way better than the usual Carrie-itis she displays. IN.

  • A small in for the dress – she can wear that color and it looks fabulous. Out for the hair and shoes, though. Especially the hair. Sorry.

  • kimiakay

    The fit and shape of the dress are perfect for her; the color is so shiny, I’d have to see it in person to be sure, but I think it’s a no. The shoes a big no. The makeup is o.k. except for her eyes. But the hair, oh the hair. I just don’t get it–It’s like it’s the only way she’s comfortable is to wear her hair that way. So: out.

  • Claire

    It’s SJP, it’s always in. Preach

  • Jacqueline Wessel

    Out because I can see her black bra through the dress and it doesn’t appear to be intentional…the shoes don’t go and neither does the hair. But I love the color of this dress because it looks great on me!!

  • jetpackdino

    Out. These are colors make me adjust the tint on my monitor in frustration.

    If I increase the red, her skin will look better but the dress won’t look right… If I increase the *green*…

  • cleep1000

    OUT. The shoes ruin it completely for me.

  • rumcg66

    OUT for the color and the shoes.

  • In! Clean lines are her friend, this is very flattering on her. And I’m not offended by the vintagey color!

  • It’s a gorgeous dress, but the colour doesn’t suit her.

  • Peeve

    Love the dress, like the color on her. Not a fan of the shoe color at all, though. I also agree with the hair and makeup analysis (cut the hair, ditch the eyeliner, etc.) of previous BK posters. Overall, though, I think IN.

  • Somehow it’s an IN. I can’t explain why.

  • formerlyAnon

    Out. It’s maybe the shoes, or the sheen, or the length or her stance. But she looks awkward here, to me. And she hardly ever looks awkward in her clothes, to me. (ETA: which is maybe unfair, because I like the cut of the dress and it’s fairly figure-flattering. Out, nonetheless.)

  • Anniebet

    She’s Out, the dress is IN. I dearly adore that dress, color, shape, design. It deserves a better showing (and shoeing, for that matter).

  • Not a good color, needed sandals, not pointy shoes. And I still think she should sue her plastic surgeon for the last round of resculpting.

  • trisker

    LOVE the dress, so IN. I think SJP could tone down her complex wardrobe more often. She’s are a disappointment.

  • The dress is stunning and an interesting choice for the occasion. I wonder who made it; seems like anything over 5 years old is labelled vintage these days.

  • nannypoo

    I love the dress and it’s great on her. The shoes make no sense at all.

  • IN those shoes are GENIUS! this metallic olive could easily look too wintery, those shoes MAKE is spring and bring out the brightness of her skin tone+dress / all praise the all might SJP…. when is she coming out with her line of flats!??

  • subwaycars

    I was going to say in, but then I actually thought about it and nope, that is OUT.

  • gracedarling

    It’s a beautiful dress, but I can’t help but wonder (heh) how much better it would look on Kerry Washington or Fan Bing Bing, so, I guess, INish.

  • Beverly Kozma

    IN. The dress is so pretty and she looks great in it (but when I look at her feet I feel that she has ruined them with torture shoes).

  • lrhoff

    The dress is great, but the shoes…..

  • plinkiedoodle

    The hair. The makeup. Yes to intervention.

  • IN!!

  • Out. She’s grasping at straws trying to be fashion forward.

  • Color of the dress: yes, looks very good on her. Shoes? No.

  • DebbieLovesShoes

    GOSH those are scary looking feet. As they say in the South, “bless her heart”.

  • This dress might have worked better on her actual skin tone. She needs to slow down with her Snookified self.

  • In

  • PrunellaV

    The dress is gorgeous and looks great on her, but everything else, from hair to shoes, is ridiculous.


  • Noelle Haland

    In. I quite like it, actually. I’m not nuts about the weird placement of those pocket plackets, and I do NOT think the shoes work with this, but overall, she looks really lovely.

  • Eric Stott

    Lovely dress, the color is tolerable and a nice style for her but I don’t think it fits her as well as it should- this is a Joan dress. She needs an eye makeup intervention, and those shoes do no favors at all to her feet.

  • fursa_saida

    My problem here is the hair and makeup. If I cut out her head, I think it all looks great, but she looks incredibly washed out and tired in the face. Tone down the eyeliner and give her some warm blush and SOME KIND OF LIP COLOR, pull up the hair and make it more sleek and less fried, and I’m a happy camper.

    I’m going with OUT, because the whole headsuit is unconscionable.

  • CatherineRhodes

    IN. Love.

  • IN but again the shoes just pull the look down into dowdy land. I am sorry ladies but white pumps are not a replacement for silver sandals. ew. But I love the dress.

  • dressagelibrarian

    OUT. Love the shape of the dress but the color makes her look all of a piece. And hate the shoes. They look like prom shoes. 1960s prom shoes.

  • tereliz

    In. I like the dress, but my eye keeps stopping at those… hip fins? Great color, though.

  • Shoes and hair are stupidly stupid, but the dress is amazing!


    Like and indecisive bellybutton?

  • newtonGOTbeaned

    I like the dress, but she’s not pulling off the color and the shoes don’t work. And whatever she did with her makeup looks horrible. Out.

  • IN. Not feeling the shoes, but the dress is great.

  • BigWhiteGrannyPanties

    i love that dress.

  • carolie_king

    IN – the dress works well for her, although I’m not a fan of the shoes. Too basic/wrong color. I’m sure her hair is very well cared-for by a team of colorists and stylists, but it looks tortured and damaged.

  • Lisa_Co


  • In. I’m loving the way the dress fits her and I’m going to give her jewelry props because it’s HARD to find green jewelry that looks good with a green dress. But oh, those shoes are NOT what I want to see. Are white pumps going to be a new trend? Because I would like to miss that.

    • librarygrrl64

      I would also like to miss it. :-/

  • librarygrrl64

    IN. Hate the shoes, but the dress is great on her, both the style and the color, and jewelry, hair, and makeup are fine.

  • Love the dress, Love her hair, especially the colour(s). Indifferent about the shoes. Despise the makeup. She looks like her eyes were edited with a black pencil in Microsoft Paint.

    Overall, it’s an IN, but not overwhelmingly so.

    • NoGovernmentName

      Her eyes always look like that. She needs to figure that out. It’s all the black liner I think. Other than that, she looks great though.

  • IN. She’s totally pulling it off. And dignified, lovely, well-fitted and yes springlike.

  • lalahartma

    In! Dumb shoes.

  • up with pod people

    Gorgeous! In!