RuPaul’s Drag Race: SHUT UP ROXXXY, Part 2.

Posted on April 23, 2013

Understand that we state this merely as an observation and not a complaint, but the penultimate RPDR season episode is always a little dull to us.


Drag Race is extremely upfront about how artificial it is – like a drag itself in a lot of ways. So at this stage in the game, it’s quite clear that the contestants are going to be caught up in playing out their little soap operas, whether it’s “I will DESTROY this contestant I’m obsessed with,” or “I will OVERCOME my insecurities and walk proudly toward the win I am owed,” or “You know what? I got a shot at this. Out of my way, cunts. I’m coming through.”


The problem is, it’s just a lot of wheel-spinning while everyone waits for Ru to make up her mind. Everyone knows it’s probably all but decided at this point, even if these three are (to our surprise, we admit) a lot closer in talent and skill than we were prepared to believe.


So the performances get kind of lackluster and everyqueen’s attention seems to be focused on something at the corner of her eye rather than at the camera, if you know what we mean. Too much looking over the shoulder instead of looking at the audience.


And the shame of it all is that the challenges are pretty fun and glamorous, giving the queens a range of skills to exhibit, from face-giving to choreography to comedy performance, it’s all first class opportunities all the way, but everyone’s too exhausted and too caught up in role-playing to really give it their all. This isn’t exactly uncommon in reality competitions, even ones which are far less upfront in their artifice than Drag Race.






Ugh. This bitch.

Let’s get this out of the way: that is a KILLER runway look. Credit where it’s due, darlings. She looks fierce and glamorous as hell. Plus it makes for a nice change from the Lainie Kazan drag she was relying on earlier in the competition.


Absolute shit in the courtroom scenes but to her credit, she knew it. To her lack of credit, she somewhat hilariously tried to argue that these scenes were meant to be dramatic instead of comedic.

But of course the big story here is that she’s an insecure, nasty competitor and she’s worn out her welcome with – going out on a limb here – a significant number of the audience. The whole “pageant vs. comedy” conflict has been well played by all involved, we must admit. Kudos all around to Ru, the producers, the other judges, and the queens themselves for taking this question and running with it like it was an epic struggle between opposing philosophies in the world of drag. Which it kind of is, in a way; but it’s not usually quite so confrontational. She’s fucking delusional though, if she thinks RPDR is all about posing, flipping your hair, and looking pretty. To be honest, we don’t really believe she believes that. Part of it was her just throwing shade to get a rise out of Jinkx but most of it was just frantic ass-covering because she knew she sucked at a major portion of the competition.


Feh. Over her. Has she issued any apologies today? Before this is over she’ll spend more time apologizing every day than talking about how juicy she is, which is something that can only be seen as an improvement.



Oh, Jinkx, honey. This dress is hideous. Fortunately, that’s the only complaint we have this week.


Unfortunately, that’s about all we have to say. She was as good as one could be in the courtroom scenes and a lot of fun in the music video. She needs to stop taking the bait every single time someone taunts her. She’s painting a big target on her back.

Can we just say that the one part of RPDR that kind of drags it down is the writing in the skits they’re asked to do? It’s never really very funny and it’s mostly just awkward as hell. We get that the challenge is to make the lines funny, but even good actors are only as good as their material.


Alaska was the one who really shocked everyone by bringing it this week. She’s the classic, “I’m a competitor now, mama!” reality show contestant, who discovers at the end of it all that she really does want the trophy.

We didn’t much love her runway look.


But she was neck and neck with Jinkx on the comedy performing front. She just kind of flubbed it in the music video. Although her speech on the runway was absolutely hilarious and perfectly delivered.


Jinkx’s speech was too earnest and Roxxxy’s too obnoxious, only made more so when she slipped in yet another disingenuous apology.

Anyway, yaddayaddayaddda. Ru made all three of them lip synch:

And they were all good in their own way, but it’s really clear that the competition is down to Jinkx and Alaska, as it should be. Ru doesn’t like it when her girls get too nasty, so Roxxxy’s likelihood of winning is as slim as ever.


So now we all wait for everyone to argue on social media platforms all week while Ru files her nails. It’s just a waiting game at this point, darlings.

Now go walk children in nature.



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  • KirFla

    The ending of every season is so bitter sweet, I always want more and I can never get enough RPDR! I love Jinkx and Alaska equally, good luck Girls xoxox!

  • Ramon Figueroa

    And to all her talk about representing for the big girls I have two words for Roxxxy: Latrice Royale. Now go into the land of oblivion where you came from. But before that, STFU

  • I don’t watch this show (I know it’s shown somewhere in the UK but I haven’t been able to find it) and I don’t know a lot about drag, but I find it absolutely mesmerising that these boys can put together a convincing bare-decolletage look.

  • Jinkx was serving some Cicciolina (image search most likely NSFW) realness on the runway with that wig and flower crown. All she needed were the red eyebrows and Jeff Koons.

  • apt9000

    Huh.. if we’re stuck waiting for the internet to “pick” the winner, why are Jinkx and Roxxy on Michelle’s elimination lunch today?

  • Jennifer Wade

    Ru needs to go drop Roxxxy back off at the bus stop and leave her there.

    • I know your comment is meant to be funny but, given that you’re criticizing Roxxxy for her bullying, it really just comes off as hypocritical.

      • P Tohe

        It’s a reality show for drag queens! That comment was funny as hell!

    • P Tohe

      ^^^ Most wicked comment so far. Me likey.

    • Omg, I know this is awful but my daughter last night said, no wonder she got left at the bus stop, I’d have left her there too, what a bitch. I couldn’t help but laugh. Leaving a child at a bus stop isn’t funny, I know this.

    • Man, that’s cold as hell. Roxxy is a bitch, but damn.

  • Melizmatic

    Link, please?

    • apt9000

      Can’t manage to get to just that post – but it was on the official Drag Race FB page, and they’ve since corrected it, apparently Alaska wasn’t available to do the lunch.

  • Melizmatic


  • the whole episode, anytime Roxxxy opened her mouth (and really, anytime she was even just on screen), i was yelling, “SHUT.THE.FUCK.UP, Roxxxy!” her apologies were all weak and insincere and reeked of damage control. her ‘thick and juicy’ crap is TIRED. on the elimination lunch this morning, she kept reverting to the, “i was just scared and i know i was wrong and it’s only because i know Jinkx is a fierce competitor and just as good…” *yawn* she’s a liar and a phony.

  • I was Team Jinkx for a long time but these last two episodes have me switching my alliance to Team Alaska. Alaska in my mind is the most well rounded; she can do glamorous and she can do funny, AND on top of it she seems to have mostly kept out of the nastiness and shade-throwing. Jinkx maybe has the edge in her comedy skills, but I am nearly always disappointed in her runway looks.
    And Roxxxy really isn’t worth dissecting, is she?

    • I’ve dissected a cow before…what a smelly obnoxious mess. So I’ll second that emotion.

      • Melizmatic

        Ouch; razor sharp shade!


        • StellaZafella

          That’s not just shade, darlin’…them’s big birds in that tree!

          • Melizmatic


            Note to self; ‘do not drink iced latte while at computer; unintended spittle may occur.’

          • discordany

            So did *you* manage to do the spit-take right on the first try? 😉

          • Melizmatic


            Why yes; turns out, its quite easy when you’re not used to swallowing delusional bullshit all the time.

            Maybe that’s why Roxy had so much trouble?


    • MilaXX

      same here

    • Introspective

      and there sure is a maje marketing coup in creating drag’s first superstar couple so I could see Ru going this way.

      Alaska to me is the Patricia of Drag Race. She skated by during many a competition and rose to the middle. but really showed herself to be smart, tactical, and actually quite talented by the end. So for me, I root for Jinkx cause I love an underdog, plus girl is hilarious and brilliant as a comedic actress and is quite stunning in the face. (I do want her to get a new stylist if she wins though)

      but I feel like Id be really happy if Alaska won too…

      • starcaatcher

        “(I do want her to get a new stylist if she wins though)”
        I’m not sure if you’ve seen her recently or not, but she does have people who help her with styling and wigs and stuff! And she’s been looking beyond amazing these days!

        • NYCGlamourpuss

          Yeah, Jinkx has been looking a lot more polished since the show ended. And I’m hoping that that’s *her* winner’s edit! 😉

    • Airkisses

      Me, too. Alaska has really shown us who she is these last few episodes, hasn’t she? In my head, I imagine the scene where she brings home a matching crown to her proclaimed soul-mate… warms my heart 🙂 after all that shit she went through in the beginning of the season, her fear of not being as good as Sharon, how the judges made her CRY when they wanted her to show more vulnerability,

      Girl, hope you get the crown, but even if you don’t, you’re more than proved yourself, darling!

    • Jinkx is a great act, but she hasn’t shown an important growth during the competition. As TLo said in another post, for all the talk about being insecure, she can be very stubborn. She’s adorable and incredibly talented, but she lacks Nerve.

      As for Alaska, she had some unfortunate looks and she spent most of the first part trying to get the mean girls to like her. I’ve loved her since her audition tape from Season 1 (she looked hysterical and I live for the marihuana reference), but most of the season I feared for her chances. I’m so glad she made it to the finals as the one to beat.

  • WhiteMage

    Ru’s not doing another crappy live variety show finale, is she?

    • Melizmatic


      Hopefully they took notes last year, and it wont be nearly as awkward and tedious.

  • Melizmatic

    I was living for Gloria Allred calling out Roxy on being fake;

    “Yeah all that comes off as insincere pageant-babble. Let’s at least try to sound a little genuine; you think you can handle that?”


    • Meelah

      Say what you want about Gloria but her years of being in her field has probably made her a great judge of character.

      • Melizmatic


        You can’t bullshit a bullshitter, they say.

        Roxy was ‘Allred for filth’ with that one line.


    • slowestloris

      YES that was amazing! Totally wasn’t expecting it either XD

  • Latrice was not mean to the other contestants, had some real comedy chops and some killer outfits. They’re alike just because they’re overwieght? They couldn’t be more different.

    • And Roxxxy is hardly overweight. Average, dahling, AVERAGE.

      • jw_ny

        and as for her being juicy…um, more like sour grapes! XD

  • MilaXX

    I never really warmed up to Roxxy and she has truly worn out her welcome with me. I liked her dress last night, but that hair is just hideous. Much to my surprise, something with Alaska clicked with me. I really want her to win now. I think Jinx, water off a ducks back pity party has gotten old.

    • Celandine1

      I really loved Alaska’s look last night, I thought it was a glamorous “Bride of Frankenstein.” The dramatic eyes with the rest of the face nude was very brave. The more I look at the pictures the more I love this look. I adore Jinkx but I think Alaska is the whole package.

    • What I loved about Alaska’s look is that it managed to be different from anything else she wore before, yet it felt pure Alaska.

  • MK03

    If retweets are anything to go by, Toxxxic has most definitely alienated the fans. When Ru was asking people to retweet the queen they want to win, Jinks and Alaska were fairly close, at about 1500 retweets each. Roxxxy’s tally? 240.

    • roble ridge

      Also, the RPDR Facebook page is overwhelmingly in favor of Jinkx or Alaska. Even when you check out Roxxxy’s Facebook page, people are trolling her and saying Jinkx should win.

      Roxxxy is going to be the Phi Phi O’Hara of this season – a beautiful but bitter pageant queen that people will only remember for her nastiness.

      • MK03

        Hopefully, her drag career will go the way of Phi Phi’s too. When you get booed off the stage at your own hometown drag bar, you seriously need to reevaluate your life.

        • roble ridge

          Wow. I had no idea she was booed off the stage in her hometown.

        • Celandine1

          Wow that’s really sad and I wouldn’t wish that on most people but she brought it on herself with her attitude.

        • Melizmatic

          Wait, who got booed off stage in her hometown, Roxy or Phi Phi?

          Oh, the shame; whichever one it was…

          • MK03

            It was Phi Phi. Apparently, she used to host the weekly RPDR party at her local drag bar; the crowd so disliked her as season 4 aired that she had to hand the gig off to someone else.

  • Frank_821

    Yes a another tiresome finale that’s not a finale.

    Personally I was hoping they wouldn’t do this again. But if they were, why couldn’t they be upfront about it more. It’s just annoying

    I would say I’m over Roxxy but I was never really that impressed by her to begin with. While she was not as vile as last week, she came across equally unlikable since she was being so phony.

    God bless Alaska for steering clear of all the drama and was even able to bring some levity and stress relief

    Jinx to Alaska: “What was your favorite moment?”
    Alaska: “You in the bottom two”

    • Melizmatic

      That was hilarious.

      • NYCGlamourpuss

        I know, I actually did love that moment too! More because it was clearly a burn on Roxxxy and not Jinkx – Jinkx even started to laugh when she said that!

        • Melizmatic


          Also, because it led up to one of the best LSFYL’s of the season, IMO.

          I cant even listen to Robin Thicke’s “Everything I Can’t Have” now without picturing Jinkx gyrating to the beat!


          • starcaatcher

            I tried to gyrate like Jinkx yesterday and I ended up pulling a muscle and lying on the ground yelling in agony for like, ten minutes…….. I don’t know why I’m sharing this.

          • Melizmatic

            Because it’s hilarious?


          • AnotherG

            Because it’s a Public Service Announcment? Do it with dirty puppets. 🙂

      • It was perfect, a total tension-buster. That’s social skills and a quick wit.

        • Melizmatic

          Ya gotta love Alaska’s wit and sense of timing.

    • P Tohe

      Zingers like that is why I LOVE ME SOME ALASKA!!!

      That right there was some brilliant shit from Alaska.

    • spititout

      Alaska’s response to Jinkx was totally MY favorite moment of this episode! Still chuckling about the timing.

    • StellaZafella

      They never called this the “Finale”, as they did in previous seasons…so I knew there would be a hold over.

      • Jacqueline Wessel

        Yes, and there were commercials for a new show that begins on May 6th “right after RuPaul’s Drag Race”…so I knew we wouldn’t have a winner until then.

        • bxbourgie

          That new show looks adorable though. Felt, I think it’s called? Where they use puppets to represent people in therapy? Will so be watching that.

          • StellaZafella

            If you like this kind of thing…and I do…look to the Ardman Productions’ (Wallace and Grommit) show: “Creature Comforts” on BBC America or DVD. It’s all “live people” interviews set to claymation animals in a zoo…hysterical and thought provoking without the creepiness of a live documentary.

          • I am really looking forward to that too… it just looks hilarious.

    • Not just phony but out of her mind. When she went off on that rant about how drag is serious and comedy just cheapens drag… so Tasha Salad was super serious drag? Yes?

  • MilaXX

    faking boobs is easy. It’s just a too tight bra and depending on your build either body fat or chicken cutlets.

    • NYCGlamourpuss

      Jinkx gets an amazing little bit of cleavage going with a very tight Victoria’s Secret Miracle Bra (or whatever they’re called), cutlets inside of that, and a little makeup between his chesticles. You’d think them boobages were real, her titty shading is really good!

    • StellaZafella

      It is easy…but it hurts like hell when you get it right…and Roxxxy was sportin’ some MAJOR CLEAVAGE in her runway last night. I kept glancing at her neck expecting to see the neck edge of the boobs…nada.
      Props to Roxxxy…but…damn! OUCH!!!

      • That kind of shoving and stretching must give you major stretch marks over time, no?

        • StellaZafella

          We all used to end up with what we politely called “Taffy Tits” after a few hours of that…thankfully the condition wasn’t permanent,,,until I hit 60.

        • ZnSD

          I know queens with permanent scars from taping, so absolutely, yes.

      • MilaXX

        Roxxy also has more flesh to work with as opposed to Jinx who has to use cutlets and contour.

  • NYCGlamourpuss

    I’ve been refreshing this board like a stalker, boys! Thank you so much, i’ve been living for this recap!

    I’ll disagree with you – nicely, diplomatically, kindly, not like Roxxxy – that I LOVED Jinkx’s runway gown! Yes, it was a bit too simple for that BAM last moment of eleganza that she should have, but I still loved it. And that deep shade of lilac? Girl should wear that A LOT – she looked stunning! Maybe not “HOLY SHIT GLAMOUR!”, but I also thought her glamour was completely in keeping with her kind of Seattle Hippie aesthetic. Or maybe I could just simply fucking love everything she does – yeah, that could be it too. 😉

    Miss Alaska – You know, I didn’t love her runway look either! I’ll say it – it was VERY “Sharon Lite” to my eyes. And to me, Alaska is anything but – she’s beyond proven that she’s more than just Sharon 2.0 in this competition. She’s truly stood on her own two feet, so it kind of pained me to see her in something that automatically made me think, “OMG, Sharon-look!”.

    Roxxxy – yeah, later. I agree with you, TLo – credit where credit is due, she had the best runway look. But I’m so over her. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of the crazed internet fans making death threats or anything – those folks need to check that shit at the door. I think the most I’ve done was gotten a little loud about what a bitch she is. But last night, honestly – I went from pissed off to just feeling sorry for her. She was just so delusional with her argument that the challenge wasn’t necessarily supposed to be funny, that Jinkx and Alaska are disrespecting drag, etc. Just so insecure and sad.

    And the season-long Pageant vs. Comedy girls debate could have actually been an interesting discussion with a less combative personality going after the season sweetheart. Although to give Jinkx full credit where credit is due, last night she finally got loud right back at Roxxxy, which was nice to see (just like my other favorite moment, “I AM TALKING!!”, when she finally got loud with Coco). That says to me that there may be more golden moments like that which we aren’t seeing. I’m not sure how not showing more of Jinkx having a backbone (which we’ve now heard from the other queens in interviews, and seen a couple of times onscreen, that Jinkx has no problem standing up for herself) would have hurt the portrait RPDR was trying to paint, but oh well. I agree with you that I think it may have cost her some fans, which is a shame – the girl’s sweet, but she’s apparently not the wimp they tried pawn her off as.

    The courtroom stuff was great and it showed clearly that this is going to be a tight race between Jinkx and Alaska. Roxxxy’s done – when she realized that the judging wasn’t happening right then and there, suddenly there’s the half-assed apology to Jinkx in front of the judges which – too little, too late.

    Anyway, my votes around the interwebz have being going to Jinkx, full on, although Alaska could surprise us. I’d rather have Jinkx win, as I feel she’s been a more well-rounded competitor for the whole season, while Alaska has only come into her own in recent challenges. Still, if Jinkx loses, Alaska’s been my second favorit all season, so I could live with it.

    • Melizmatic

      >>>”I’ve been refreshing this board like a stalker, boys!”<<<

      You too?


      • Introspective

        Me Three!!!!!

        • Melizmatic

          And then my first comment (“Finally!”) got deleted for some reason.

          Go figure.

      • M312

        I would break a bottle and cut a bitch if they made me miss one minute of this show, so count me in. Like, neck cut her.

        • Melizmatic

          Damn, girl!


          • M312

            I ain’t playin’. My pearls explode when they hit the stairs. 🙂

          • demidaemon

            If I was going to name a winner based on this episode, I would tally out the challenge pieces as following:

            Runway: Roxxxy, unfortunately, was the clear winner here. Alaska gets a 2nd place, just for more drama than Jinkx’s look.

            Defense speech: Alaska, clear winner again. Roxxxy and Jinkx tie for second because neither really outshined the other, but neither were they that great either.

            Music Video: This segment is a bit hard to judge because they showed so little of it. I would go with Jinkx for the win here, just because of the clips they showed during the shoot where she showed more personality and also kept up with the choreography. I know Ru cited Roxxy as the winner here, but I think she was just latching onto to some iota of a performance to allow the 3-way lipsync.

            Courtroom scene: Jinkx obviously. I think Alaska made a valiant effort but just never kept up with Jinkx. Roxxxy: It is to yawn.

            LPSFYL: I am giving this to Jinkx (though I may be a bit biased). I think she embodied the song, gave great face, and captured my attention. Roxxxy spent too much time away from the audience (and the construction of her outfit actually got in her way here) and Alaska was out of rhythm (SHOCKER!) and felt out of tome with the song as well.

            So, we have Jinkx with 3 wins, Alaska with 1 (but many second place showings) and Roxxxy with 1 (but clear weaknesses in multiple areas.

            Therefore, Jinkx is America’s Next Drag Superstar. So says I, at least. 🙂

    • I actually loved Alaska’s outfit precisely because it called back to Sharon. To me it was a clear wink at her association with Sharon. By now she’s amply shown that she’s a star in her own right, so she’s able to poke fun at that association with confidence.. (Much like her outfit at the NNN awards, which was Sharon’s look when she was crowned.)

      • AnotherG

        I thought this too. I had just defended Alaska to someone who hadn’t really seen much of this season as really doing her own drag . . . and then she does that look. Oh well!

      • how was this outfit like sharon? sharon never wore a dress like that, nor did she ever wear such big hair… i am so tired of the sharon comparisons… they are totally different.

  • MilaXX

    Yes, LaTrice may have had her faults, but she was a class act.

    • Melizmatic

      And she was funny AND likable.

      • AudreysMom

        and given the right song, killed it in the LSFYL

        • Melizmatic

          Oh, hells yeah.

  • 1) When will contestants realise that part if their job after winning the title will be as brand representatives for both Rupaul and Absolut? And neither of those brands want to tie themselves to someone who is universally reviled by the target market.

    2) Did anyone else think that Jinkx got far less face time in the lipsync than the others? I suspect she was killing it up there, but we’ll never know.

    3) When did Alaska turn onto Stella Tennant?

    • I think only one of these has NOT realized it! Those who don’t get it often get eliminated along the way. But there’s always one at the end who gets the claws out and goes for broke — a desperation move they may not be able to stop themselves from making, but is utterly counterproductive.

      • Airkisses

        I know who’s NOT getting Miss Congeniality

        • The anti-congeniality contest would probably be even fiercer than that for the winner!! Can you imagine Roxxxy vs Serena Cha-Cha vs. Coco Montrese vs. Vivienne Pinay (brief, bland and bitchy). CLAWS OUT, Y’ALL!

          • Airkisses

            You forgot Jade Jolie, passive-agressive shit-stirrer extraordinaire

          • true story.

    • I agree about Jinkx’s lack of screentime this episode. I got a bit worried about her chance for the win. Just based on the lip sync, I think Jinkx gave the best mouth.

  • starcaatcher

    Okay. I already know that this is going to end up being a long comment. Oops.

    It suddenly dawned on me that I am way too emotionally invested in this reality television show when I felt like I could easily throw up from nerves while watching this episode. And I knew that they wouldn’t even be choosing a winner, and I was still nervous! And then it ended and I was crying! What?! What is wrong with me?!

    At this point, it is so obvious that it will either be Jinkx or Alaska who wins. And I am okay with either result. Not to discredit Roxxxy, because she is a fierce queen, but…naaahhh.

    Jinkx and Alaska have been my personal Top 2 since before the season began, so I’m actually thrilled. I’m pretty sure I even declared myself as Team Alaskan Monsoon a few months ago because I couldn’t decide who I wanted to root for. And I’m having the same problem again. (Okay, no, I’m rooting for Jinkx. But I’ll be so happy if Alaska wins, too!)

    I loved Alaska’s runway look. It was my favourite look of the night and probably my favourite Alaska look ever.

    And while Alaska’s “Why I Should Win” speech was yeah, totally awesome, it didn’t feel personal. And maybe making it personal wasn’t exactly the goal, but I like when they’re personal! Like, in season 3, Raja’s “Why I Should Win” speech was super personal and super awesome. Alaska’s speech was great! But I dunno… I don’t know if I’m making any sense here haha.

    I don’t really think that this whole “fan vote” thing actually counts for anything, though? Like, I know they say it does, but in the end, it’s still Ru’s decision, right? Because let’s be real, I want Jinkx to win because RuPaul thinks she is the best of the best and not because she has some crazy ass fans. (I’m allowed to say that because I AM a crazy ass fan! Except I’m not the vicious kind of crazy ass fan who says terrible things about Jinkx’s competitors, completely ignoring everything that Jinkx is for. Omg, mini-rant there, sorry. I’m just so annoyed with some people in this fandom haha.)

    Regardless of whether Jinkx wins or not, she is going to have such a successful career and I’m so excited to watch it play out. I mean, let’s just talk about how her “one night only” Vaudevillians show in New York has been extended to an entire week because the shows keep selling out and they’re in JULY. And who knows how many more shows will be added! (Excited to say that I snagged some VIP tickets… despite living in Florida. But I’m moving to New York about a month after that, so I can do some I’m-moving-here-soon stuff or…something, IDK THAT’S MY EXCUSE. I just was really sad after seeing Jinkx again this weekend because I didn’t know when I’d see her again. She spoiled me with coming to Florida so many times in such a short time span.)

    This comment has gone on too long, hasn’t it? I’m so sorry. I already admitted I’m way too emotionally invested!

    OMG CAN I TELL A QUICK STORY THOUGH? This weekend, a whole bunch of season 5 queens were in Orlando and on Friday, I went to see Detox, and sitting about three rows directly behind me were Jinkx and Alaska out of drag and it was beautiful. Hearing Jinkx screech-laugh at every funny moment and watching them run up to the stage to tip the performers, omg, it was awesome. They’re both such cute boys! I love it.

    Okay. I need to wrap this up.

    I am rooting for Jinkx because I have been rooting for her since the beginning and I will stick with her until the very end. Since the show began, I have seen her perform live and have met her on three separate occasions and I can easily say that she is one of the sweetest people I have ever spoken to. Watching her growth throughout the show and since the show ended has been incredible. I want her to win so badly that it PHYSICALLY HURTS.

    But if it’s Alaska, I will be so happy and thrilled!!!!

    (And none for Roxxxy Andrews, bye.)

    (Sorry, had to throw in at least one Mean Girls reference.)

    (I actually don’t dislike Roxxxy at all I just don’t want her to win.)

    And Ivy Winters for Miss Congeniality, okay, now I’m finished for real.

    • Melizmatic


      Girl, if “you had you a blog”, I’d totally read it.


      • NYCGlamourpuss

        I know, same here! (*Snaps all around for Starcaatcher!*)

        • Melizmatic


        • starcaatcher

          Oh my gosh, you guys are sweet :*

    • Introspective

      loving the T on how the girls are at live shows, and it warms my heart to hear of all their camaraderie. my friend LIVED for the Detox live show that he saw a few months back by the way.

    • Awesome comment and stories. No wonder you’re getting personally invested. 🙂
      And THANK YOU for the heads up about The Vaudevillians — I just bought tix for the 13th!!

      • starcaatcher

        Fantastic! That’s the show I am going to as well!

        • wooo! I optimistically got two… hoping I can find someone in my IRL circles who also cares about this foolishness. 🙂

          • NYCGlamourpuss

            You’re in the same boat as me! I’m going solo on the Sunday 7:30 PM show – no one I knows will go with me, and I don’t plan to miss out!

          • Girl, I ain’t worried. I’m coming right back here to find a show buddy if it’s the day before and I have no takers. I have a feeling I’ll make a friend. 🙂

          • NYCGlamourpuss

            That’s a good idea – where will you post it? There won’t be a RPDR specific thread in July, but I did think about possibly seeking out a BK who might be going to the same show.

          • Well this is all theory since I hope it doesn’t come down to it, but:
            I can’t start discussion threads, of course. But Disqus sends alerts to commenters, so I’d come back to these old threads (plus the chatty Lounge threads) and comment/reply to anyone who seems like a good candidate and see if anyone gets the alert and bites.

      • Krafty_L

        Me too!

    • GTFOBigGovt

      You’re exactly right about Alaska’s speech. Of course it was awesome for what it was…but if Jinkx had done that, all she’d hear was “she’s just an actor”. I go for the personal, like Raja’s and that was what Jinkx brought but she did make a strategic error by NOT pointing out her extensive wins, which would have satisfied what apparently Gloria A. wanted.

      I call shenanigans on the lunch. Ru bringing up the power couple thing, then Alaska talking about Sharon and death? Really? What was it about the LSFYL that brought Alaska to writing on the floor? Ok. whatever.

      LOL I’m pretty sure that’s the edit. Alaska and Sharon, power couple World of Wonder Logo brand yada yada. And the only people paying real money for that in the real world is at the bars not in mainstream America. Again.

      Jinkx has already fulfilled half her dream, portraying strong roles as a dragstress in professional theater to a mainstream audience. If she can swing the other half, portraying strong prominent womens’ roles she will have made an impact far greater than anybody off of niche RPDR. And YAY for Hairspray in June. That is her beginning.

      • “LOL I’m pretty sure that’s the edit. Alaska and Sharon, power couple World of Wonder Logo brand yada yada. And the only people paying real money for that in the real world is at the bars not in mainstream America. Again.”

        What are you even saying here? Jinkx should win bc mainstream America loves her? Alaska is a bar queen? ‘Niche’ is by defintion bad? Only Jinkx’s career is something for the LGBT community to celebrate? It’s just…a lot. Sorry if I’m not getting something–this just seems like a lot of agenda-driven flailing that I can’t quite parse.

  • Joe J

    Go to the website boobsforqueens – this is an actual thing, which tickles me to no end. In fact, the reason I know about this is that it was a prize Ru gave from an earlier season (I believe the sci-fi one in season 3 that Alexis and Shangela shared the win on).

  • 1) Sad about how bad Alaska ate it in the “hairography”/video challenge. Ru has shown great favor when girls pay attention to details, and Alaska got a +/- in this area this week: She was the only queen to read the others (and as Ru said, “that was part of the assignment”); but seeing Candis so emphasizing the role hair should play in the video performance, then choosing an Afro, was risky. Perhaps it was an attempt at precluding failure (“I can’t get hair in my face with this!”), but by default also precluded success.

    2) I favor Jinkx for many reasons and predict she will have the longest career in entertainment, regardless of venue or style. As much as I think Alaska may deserve to win, and I won’t be mad if she does, I think it’s IMPORTANT for Jinkx to win. Alaska wants a drag career. She already has one by virtue of her established work, her connections (to Sharon, but also to others) and this show. This show would absolutely enhance and empower that. Plus make her and Sharon the drag power couple of all time.

    However, Jinkx’s life plan is to break onto Broadway. If show producers see she has a quantifiable audience, major social media presence (vote via eleventeen internet platforms!), performance versatility, and the stamp of approval from Queen RuPaul, that’s going to make a major impression on producers, directors and financers. Plus, if she’s not hard up for money, she can truly dedicate herself to craft, training, travel, meetings, artistic development, whatever, as she plans her next steps — she won’t have to keep grabbing at jobs and offers while she has “heat”. (Though of course she can and should. Get that money, girl!)

    If she is featured in Broadway and off-Broadway, she’s going to be an amazing ambassador for the community to audiences! Yes, theater is gay-friendly, but Jinkx may be the one who can bring drag as an theatrical ART, right next to singing, dancing and acting, not just as campy and crass low comic relief.

    3) Shut up Roxxxy, your oily fake apology/”I really love you” was loathesome and transparent. If you’re going to emphasize the C (ain’t for charisma), have some damn integrity about it. She’s just a sad, insecure, desperate, bullying bitch.

    • Melizmatic

      As loathe as I am to admit it, Santino was dead on with one point that he made;

      Jinkx is in love with her craft, and it really shows.

      Cant wait to see her on Broadway; because whatever the outcome of Drag Race, she’s going to make it there…

      • Eric Stott

        Santino has been a little more on point than in past seasons, and just slightly less skeevy (slightly)

        • Melizmatic

          That… person comes off as so sleazy that he makes my skin want to crawl right off my body and shrivel up into a little ball.

          And that’s just from watching him on tv; I can’t begin to imagine how icky he actually is in person.

    • SweetMisery

      JInkx has an off-Broadway show in NYC showing in July, the Vaudevillians. It started out as one night only and keeps selling out so they keep adding dates and are already up to a 7th show! I don’t think she needs to win to show anyone she has fans! She’ll be on Broadway within the next year or so, I truly think. I hope she does win anyway though 🙂

      • Thanks for the heads up but starcaatcher beat you to it and I snapped up a pair for July 13th. 🙂

        • NYCGlamourpuss

          I’m headed to the show that Sunday at 7:30 PM, plus the meet & greet!

    • Montavilla

      I think Roxxxy was sincere in her apology. However, after the Werk Room antics, it came off as yet another pageant mind game she was playing.

      • AND we haven’t seen the Untucked associated with this week’s challenges yet. We’ll see more of the workroom and lounge interactions next week. Probably no surprises there, but will further limn the storylines.

      • frightnight

        I’d be more likely to believe it was sincere if it wasn’t right in front of the judges.

        • I gagged (in a not-good way) when Roxxxy made her apology.

      • Eric Stott

        That apology was as genuine as her boobs.

    • Airkisses

      I’m really torn as to who I want to win. Both an Alaska win and a Jinkx win will make for very satisfying storyline closure: Alaska conquers the comparisons with Sharon and shows she’s totally her own queen; theatre geek Jinkx wins out against popular-girl bully Roxxxy.

      And yet… Alaska has really grown on me. She’s smart and funny, vulnerable and tough, and even kind (she’s been supportive of Jinkx more than once, like she has this comedy-queen empathy/alliance even though she never forgets they’re competitors). I know the season has been building to a Jinkx win, and she probably has more fans, but I have a soft spot in my heart for Alaska and I really hope she wins.

      • i agree with you that alaska is darling and extremely funny! starving! lol

  • Introspective

    This!!!!! times a MILLION.

    Roxxxy does look fab in this finale, but Latrice>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Roxxxy. Period.

  • ewes_urn_aim

    The thing I’ll miss most this season will be Jinkx’ expressions. I can’t help but snort-laugh at all her facial moments.

  • StellaZafella

    I wish Roxxxy all the best in her pursuit of the biggest Pageant Title she can get…she’s got the chops and the bitchy factor to get there…but not here.

    I hope Jinkx makes it to Broadway the way she wants to…maybe they’ll do a restaging of Sunset Boulevard and she can show the world she’s the next male Elaine Paige…she’d get a Tony in a wink.

    I’m now team Alaska, I believe in her and him both, the same way i felt about Sharon but in Alaska’s own right. Besides, I think it’d be cool for Drag Race to have it’s own Royal Dynasty of Drag based in Philly producing year after year of fierce and fearless queens.

    And lastly, I’m glad they’re doing the crowning in front of a larger audience…even if it means sitting through the rest of the dreck…I just like hearing the cheering CROWD when the winner finally gets her crown.

    • NYCGlamourpuss

      Stella, from what Jinkx said in an interview the other day, she’s going to be playing in “Hairspray” in Seattle – she’s been cast as Velma Von Tussle, which is perfect!

      • Melizmatic

        I have got to get to Seattle one of these days…

        • NYCGlamourpuss

          I’ll meet you there!

          • Melizmatic

            Sure; we’ll do brunch and go shopping before the show!


          • NYCGlamourpuss

            It’s a deal!

          • Melizmatic



    • DonnaL

      “based in Philly”

      It’s PIttsburgh, isn’t it?

      • StellaZafella

        Well, shit, I got the ‘P’ right din’t I? 😉

        • 🙂

          We Pittsburgers take a lot of pride in our hometown heroes. GO ALASKA!

          • StellaZafella

            I think I can hear Ms’s Thunderfuck and Needles each gasping and tearing up to be called “Hometown heroes” Good on you all, Pittsburgh!

            (And I want to be their private secretary, just so I can answer the phone: “Thunderfuck and Needles, good morning. How may I direct your call?”)

          • Krafty_L

            Pittsburgh did declare “Sharon Needles” day last year, and gave her the keys to the city! And she performed her version of “Sweet Transvestite,” complete with Pittsburgh references. So, PGH really has embraced Sharon Needles as a hometown hero!

    • Montavilla

      I’d love to Jinkx do Sunset Boulevard.

      About the Royal Couple thing, I think that Sharon and Alaska already are that — regardless of whether Alaska wins or not. There’s no official crown for second place, but I think the viewers always consider that Queen to be the crown Princess. Be like Manila and buy your own damn crown, no one will clock you for wearing it.

    • Actually, Sharon Needles and Alaska hail from my hometown Pittsburgh.

      GO ALASKA!!!

  • I saw that on Facebook as well but it seems to have vanished from my feed.

  • P Tohe

    I love Jinkx’s classiness and sweetness. She has such a big heart and seems so genuine. But Alaska KILLS me with her humor! She never misses a beat, is droll as hell and has never gotten cliquey the way Roxxxy & Detox have.

    The competition is now really neck and neck between Alaska & Jinkx. I’d be happy if either walked away with the title.

    ***Did anyone notice Ru’s expression when Jinkx gave her speech on the runway about why she should win? Ru ate that right up. If Alaska weren’t in the final 3, I’d bet that the title would go to Jinkx just for that moment. But I know Ru wouldn’t pass up a chance to have a winning royal couple in her drag race.

    • NYCGlamourpuss

      I think…. dunno. I think Ru would like to have a Royal Couple of Drag in her stable, but I don’t know if she’d do it in back to back seasons like this. I think the fact that Sharon won season 4 may hurt Alaska’s chances for season 5. If Alaska had been on in a few more seasons and performed just as well, it may have been a clearer path. Although, this is going to be a very tight race, we could be surprised.

      • SublimatedRage

        Alaska will go on to win the next RPDR All-Stars — that way everyone wins!

        • NYCGlamourpuss

          Ahhh! And there you go – perfect! I’m slow, I never even thought of that.

        • Melizmatic

          The only problem therein is that after the dreckitude that was ‘All Stars 1’, Im not sure I can bear to suffer through such tedium and waste of talent again…

          • And there’s a chance that she gets paired to a cannon fodder (if they keep the format)… can you imagine Alaska going as a contender and ending up paired with someone like Serena Cha-Cha? The whole idea creeps me out.

          • Melizmatic

            Don’t be silly darling; she’d never get cast… Serena ChaCha is a ‘non-star’ not an All Star.

          • Mimi made it somehow

          • Melizmatic

            Mimi, while not an all-star in my personal opinion, still has a fair amount of fans.

            If Serena has any, that’s news to me, but anything is possible I guess.


            Mimi also didn’t get voted off right at the start of the season.

      • why would ru play such petty politics, and disenfranchise alaska because of sharon? that just seems too PC and bureaucratic a thing to do, and rupaul is not really that way.

    • jw_ny

      I thought about that too…especially since Sharon is supposedly going to be crowning the winner at the live finale and reunion show (may 6th). It really is a toss up right now between Alaska and Jinkx..but I’d say that Alaska has the advantage with her Sharon connection. I hope I’m wrong tho…would love to see Jinkx win it, although I;d be fine with either just as long as it isn’t Roxxy.

  • Champeen

    Not to nitpick, but isn’t it the antepenultimate episode? I thought I heard Ru say at the end that they weren’t going to announce the winner for another two weeks (with the reunion episode inbetween). Way to drag out the season!! (Er, no pun intended.)

    • Introspective

      in fact it is. the finale ep is mon may 5th. i am going to the finale party in nyc and i CANNOT FUCKING wait!!!

    • There’s a “ru-cap” episode next week and then the finale/reunion party the week after.

    • StellaZafella

      It’ll be the Recap episode and then the Reunion with the crowning at the end…it puts everybody from the season on stage for the crowning and…if they do it in a theatre there will be a crowd for the finale.

    • e jerry powell

      Well, a technicality. The reunion episode is the final episode where the winner is revealed. The intervening episode is a clip show, which isn’t really part of the season’s narrative continuity, just a pad to up the episode count by one.

  • It pains me to say it, but RuPaul’s runway dress seemed a little askew last night – the giant flower the size of her head was giving her a bit of a titscrepancy.

    I liked how Roxxxy’s hair echoed the pattern in her dress and shawl. That’s the end of the nice things I have to say about her.

    The bitchy thing I will include: you’d think a drag queen would be able to work a shawl in a lip sync in more interesting ways than just holding it up below one’s chin, but that might be my flamenco background judging. Oh and also – for someone who claims to be able to change up her look a lot, her makeup in this entire episode is basically the same face (can’t even change up your lipstick?). Yawn.

    Love Jinkx and Alaska. They made hilarious characters that made this lawyer-to-be laugh.

    • StillGary

      what bothered me about it is that we’ve seen several other versions of this dress and hair — just kind of meh — and Ru is NEVER meh.

    • AnotherG

      I now need to figure out how to use “titscrepancy” in conversation. +1 for that alone.

      • It’s a TLo original.

      • Yeah I can’t take credit for that – it’s a TLoldie (apologies for the pun).

  • I love you for this comment.

  • VivianAdvanced

    Since this season started, Roxxxxxxxy has been reminding me of somebody but I couldn’t pinpoint who. Then, last week Frank Bank, the actor who played Lumpy (Clarence) Rutherford on “Leave It To Beaver” passed away and it hit me after seeing old clips of his work. Roxxxy out of drag reminds me of a prettier Lumpy! She and Detox have been like Lumpy and Eddie Haskell picking on little Jinkx Beaver. The character of Lumpy is dumb as a sack of potatoes and so is Roxxxxxxy. Imagine, griping about Jinkx and Alaska not taking the courtroom challenge seriously and using character gimmicks. Um, honey, it was supposed to be a comedy sketch and getting into character is what actors do. She and Coco would do anything but look at themselves when they’d screw up.

  • shanteUstay

    I love alaska in that dress and hair, shes was an eerie gorgeous event.

  • Jacqueline Wessel

    I really would like to see Jinkx Monsoon get the win, but I think Alaska came through at the end with that fabulous speech that was delivered with such confidence. I am surprised that Alaska made it this far, because some of her past performances were a little weak, but she never had to lip sync and that’s to her credit. If I never see Roxxxy Andrews again, or hear her open her big fat mouth, I will be forever grateful.

  • spititout

    It makes me happy to know that Jinkx and Alaska hang out and perform together post-season. I know deep friendships are formed through the experience of being together on the show between the contestants, and combinations of queens perform together, but it tickles me to no end that they friends and having fun.

  • Alaska seemed hungry for the win yesterday, also, i got the slight vibe she was getting the winners edit… the true underdog. Did anyone feel like she killed it in the LSFYL? when she was on the floor she gave me life !
    Im glad that it is a toss up between the 2 most talented queens.. Jinkx is such a god actress, and portrays emotions so well.. and Alaska is very witty with a slightly dark sense of humour. Both carried themselves with grace and deserve the great career they’ll get 🙂 .. i envy all of you guys who can watch this girls live ! being a RPDR fan in southamerica is a tough business

    • GTFOBigGovt

      Well I thought the floor move was unnecessary but yes, totally winners edit vibe. Starting with RuPaul announcing the power couple concept at lunch, introducing the Sharon topic that heretofore was verboten. THEN, shock * tears *fear of death. Really? LOL World of Wonder wants the branding and they’ve announced it loud and clear. It’s much better for them to be able to promo Sharon (if she’s able to pull off a successful sophomore album) with Alaska than a winner appearing on the Seattle or even NY stage that they have no affiliation with. That’s my take.

  • K Sweete

    Jinkx really does come alive onstage. I can’t take my eyes off her when she’s performing. She has that star quality where her movements – her dancing, her singing, her hamming for the camera – are all just impeccable and graceful. You can tell she’s in the moment and she absolutely sparkles.

    Whether or not she wins RPDR, I can’t wait to see her career take off on Broadway!

  • Ru’s asking the internet for opinions on the winner? Bye, Roxxxy. You aren’t winning.

    I love that squishy face Alaska did as the pink defense lawyer. Same as her Ru Momma. I laughed then too.

  • M312

    Thanks for finally calling Roxy ‘Lanie Kazan’ – unless I missed it before. That’s al I see when she hits the stage – that an a vacuous c*nt. She signed her death warrant by being a cooze. Now that Ru has thrown it to the interwebs, the interwebs are throwing her out of speeding car. Later, Roxy.

    I was not in love with Jinx’s runway dress or hair, but as always, she nais it performing. Love this girl so much, but truly, my heart belongs to Alaska. Loved every second of her and I think she should be taking home the crown.

    • Melizmatic

      T-Lo called Roxy’s look ‘Lanie Kazan’ on day one…


      • M312

        Then I did miss it. So Lanie, it hurts.

        • Melizmatic


          Even Lanie would tell her; “Girl, switch it up, already!”

          • M312

            Right? Sad part is, you know Roxy doesn’t have a clue who Lanie is.

          • Melizmatic

            Probably not.

            Both sad and ironic.

            Chick is the epitome of ‘Clueless’, but without Cher and Dionne’s fabulosity.


          • M312

            True. It’s too bad. I didn’t really dislike Roxy all that much until her weird “RuPaul’s Drag Race is no place for comedy!” nonsense. I didn’t want her to win, but I didn’t want her tossed to a pool of hungry sharks until now.

          • Melizmatic


            Don’t hold back; girl.

            Tell us how you really feel about her…

          • roble ridge

            Roxxxy probably thinks Lanie invented “sequenceses.”

    • DonnaL

      Do a Google Image search for Lainie Kazan playing Aunt Frieda from Boca on The Nanny, and you’ll find the spitting image of Roxxxy. Specifically this picture:

      That’s what I think of now when I see Roxxxy..

    • DonnaL

      a Google Image search for Lainie Kazan playing Aunt Frieda from Boca on
      The Nanny, and you’ll find the spitting image of Roxxxy. Specifically
      the first picture in the second row, with Aunt Frieda sitting on a sofa.

      That’s what I think of now when I see Roxxxy..

      • M312

        Oh, wow. Spot on – and sorry for misspeling her name Lanie instead of Lainie. Maybe I should keep the shade in my bag for a spell. Too funny though.

    • ZnSD

      Doesn’t she also look like Shannel around the eyes?

      • AnotherG

        You’re not alone: my roommate noted a resemblance as well.

      • M312

        Yes, I totally see that.

  • I think it’s going to go to Alaska, as much as I love Jinkx and thinks she should deserve it. I think Alaska has to join Sharon, and that’s just about the only reason she’ll edge out the competitor who did the best job. Ru couldn’t miss the opportunity to have a Drag Race couple together doing promos for his show, after all.

    • NYCGlamourpuss

      Sure, she could miss the opportunity. Look, with all due respect to what you’re saying (if I’m not mis-reading your post), your reasoning seems to be that Alaska should get it just because she’s Sharon’s partner – which, no. If Alaska wins, she should get it on her own merits, not because Ru thinks she “has to join Sharon”. There has to be more to an Alaska win than “it’ll be a hoot to have them on Absolut commercials together”.

      • GTFOBigGovt

        If that were true, RuPaul would not have introduced the topic of Sharon and being the power couple of drag at the RuPaul lunch.

      • roble ridge

        Ru is a shrewd entertainer. Ru knows that having a drag power couple will not only be a historical (her-storical!) drag first, but will go a long way towards marketing opportunities. Ru is all about breaking barriers and she would love an opportunity like this to introduce a drag power couple to the world. It totally WOULD be fabulous to have them on Absolut commercials together. When has that ever been done and when would an opportunity like that ever come along again?

        Also, think of all the puns that could come out of that: “For the first time ever, we have 2 homo-coming Drag Queens on stage to perform for you!”

        But this isn’t to say that Alaska isn’t a great entertainer. She is. She has a great drag personality and a fabulous wit and that’s why she’s in the top 3. I love Jinkx, but I would LOVE to see a drag power couple.

        • StellaZafella

          As long as Ru pays for the wedding…the Royal Wedding…with 2 dresses and all that implies!

          • Melizmatic

            I soooo want to be on that guest list!


        • MaxTremors

          I wonder, though, if Sharon and Alaska are too subversive to be much of a marketing boon for the sponsors of the show. What was shown of both of them on RPDR was pretty tame compared to their actual club performances. I’m all for it, but I think they are both a little too ‘out there’ for the mainstream, and more importantly the sponsors.

      • MichaelStrangeways

        I think Alaska is adorable but sadly, she comes across as “Sharon Lite”…I don’t see any particular boon to having a “drag power couple” whatever that means. Sharon and Alaska are already drag royalty…a RPDR title isn’t going to change much.

  • Jacqueline Wessel

    I see Detox left little “love notes” for everyone except Jinkx. I lost some respect for her because of that. Way to be a sore loser, Detox.

    • StellaZafella

      For all we know…and we all know this show…the Producers could have snatched away anything Detox left for Jinkx just to up the drama. From what I know of Detox, she’s may be a bitch…but when it’s over, it’s over and she doesn’t hold grudges against people she respects. Detox respects Jinkx, even if she doesn’t like her as a competitor.

      • ZnSD

        That’s what I was thinking too; I thought it would be pretty nasty to leave notes for the other two but not Jinkx. I mean, it’s not like they’re not going to be working again together, so why have bad blood?

        • NYCGlamourpuss

          I thought it was a really shitty thing to do if it’s true. But if it’s not, I can see the editing monkeys at work. There was a great podcast interview online with Jinkx and Alaska the other day (when they were in Orlando), with Detox hanging out in the background. Mind you, they weren’t interviewing Detox at all – she was just along for the ride and made a couple of jokes in the background. I’m not sure how much “bad blood” we’re supposed to believe, but no note for Jinkx seemed like a really fucked up thing to portray (for lack of a better word).

          • ZnSD

            I completely agree. Unfortunately I have a sneaking suspicion that it was Detox not thinking, and leaving notes for “Rolaskatox” and just not even considering Jinkx. When you see yourself on a reality show, and start to realize how you’re coming off, you can change your attitude “right quick” as my father used to say. While I picked Jinkx as the winner just from the bios before the show started, I had Alaska and Detox in the top 3 in my mind and really hoped Detox would be a bit more…educated and nuanced than she is. Oh well.

          • Airkisses

            Even her exit interview had her throwing shade about how Jinkx didn’t deserve the win.

          • ZnSD

            Indeed. I think there’s something to be said for the negativity a group dynamic can create when cliques are formed.

        • In_Stitches

          There no obligation for any of these queens to be friends. Jinkx (who I personally love) just kicked off Detox and they hadn’t been bosom (or breast plate) buddies to begin with. Why should Detox have to leave her a note?

          My main issue with Jinkx in the competition has been her thin skin. I believe a queen should be able to handle shade with wit, strength and confidence. She’s too funny and too clever to be so weak in the face of opposition.

          • ZnSD

            I also wish Jinkx had a thicker skin, but then I remember that he’s 24, and what I was like at that age. He’s sensitive, and that’s ok. And while I certainly don’t think that Detox was obligated to leave a note for anyone, what she chose to do was pretty rude, regardless. If it had been anyone but Jinkx I’m betting she would have left something even if it was a “Fuck off” sign. 😉

          • I thought the same thing about her youth being a factor behind her sensitivity. Maybe it also has to do with most of her drag life spent in a community that puts more emphasis on the kooky and original side of the culture, and less on the fierce/shade-throwing aspects of it.

          • ZnSD

            Yes, she comes from a different side of the drag community; one without “drag mothers” where drag is a part of the theatre. In many ways, Jinkx is the one to bridge the gap, so to speak. I suspect she will end up with “drag children” whether she wishes it or not, and will also change what the pageant circuit starts to look like. She’s groundbreaking in that way. And RuPaul knows this, and is the same. She’s no pageant queen. She comes from a performance background. She has made herself THE Drag Queen Mother by sheer will, and it’s always hilarious to me when people are like “oh it’s about face!” or “it’s about lip sync” when the person behind the competition has been a live performer, singer, actress and drag queen for over 20 years without ever winning one pageant. It’s important to remember who RuPaul is, I think, and what motivates her.

          • Your comment reminds me of the wise aphorism: “Do not mistake kindness for weakness.”
            I do not think Jinkx is any more sensitive than the average gay man, young man, young woman, drag queen, person, etc. However, he actually acknowledges the rudeness and hurtfulness, bringing it right out into the open. Rather than swallowing it, pretending it’s nothing, or fighting fire with fire, he just calls it out truthfully and without aggression. It’s actually a sign of an EXTREMELY strong constitution to do so. Yes, it can have a whiny tone, which is not easy to see/hear, but personally I admire and prefer it to false bravado, counterattacking, self-delusion and reality manipulation we see time after time from other queens (and people IRL too).

          • Montavilla

            Exactly, and if we’re to believe what the people involved are doing and saying, then it’s had a good effect. Roxxxy did apologize to Jinkx on the runway. Roxxxy also apologized in public (Facebook), and possibly apologized in private. And all four queens (Rolaskatox and Jinkx) are on good terms.

            From my perspective, it looks like Roxxxy has learned something useful, and I still feel very warmly towards her. Which is different than I felt towards Phi-Phi, who played a similar role last year.

            I don’t know. I just think that Jinkx handled that situation as well as it could be handled and better than I’ve ever seen it done on this or any other reality show. I’m thinking that having counseled others at the teen center helped Jinkx learn some good conflict management techniques (that’s just my assumption, take it with a grain of salt) and I’m pretty proud of her as a product of the NW.

          • great point on the counseling background!

          • In_Stitches

            I think there’s a happy medium that queens like Willam, Latrice, Alaska, and Chad Michaels have really mastered. Their confidence allows them to brush off the kind of insubstantial attacks that are so often lobbed on RPDR without requiring them to resort to the honey-badger style defenses of Phi Phi and Shangela. I get the sense with Jinkx that he’s not quite there yet; he’s letting his peers’ opinions affect him and with people like Roxxxy as peers, that can be a toxic approach.

          • “Your tone seems a little pointed right now” is the greatest deflation of a barking bitch of all time. OF ALL TIME!

          • Melizmatic

            That was the moment Willam won me over.


      • Melizmatic


        Never take anything on “reality” tv at face value; damn near everything is manipulated to some extent…

        • Eric Stott

          Short of winning, the best way to be remembered on a reality show is to be a major bitch. We’re still talking about Phi Phi all this time later.

          • Melizmatic

            Perhaps you are, but personally I never really give her any thought unless someone else brings her up.

            Riddle me this; would you actually pay to see Phi Phi perform?

            I know I sure as hell wouldn’t.

          • MaxTremors

            Yeah, but are you paying to go see her? I know I’m not.

          • Eric Stott

            Maybe I’d pay, if the drinks were good.

  • All I hear when Roxxxy opens her mouth now is one long, high pitched screech.

    Have you seen the votes? Alaska and Jinkx are pretty close. Roxxxy is hilariously far behind.

    • Melizmatic

      Color me shocked.

      I know her heart must have sunk when she heard about the fans getting to have input.

  • Synnamin

    Roxxy, SHUT UP! Seriously, you should be crowned because you’re a “thick girl”? Puhleese. This thick girl would like someone a bit less insecure or bitter or catty to represent, please! ~sigh~ I miss you, Latrice…

    Anyway, I’m fully on Team Jinkx. I like Alaska, but she hasn’t really WOWed me. Jinkx has surprised me on numerous occasions. Sure, she’s not glahmor, but having a(nother) strong, well-rounded PERFORMER in the Ru stable would be great.

    • Eric Stott

      Honey, you might be a little on the thick side, but compared to the really BIG girls you are just a little overweight, so don’t go making yourself some kind of a champion. In that respect you aren’t even up to Jiggly Caliente.

  • bxbourgie

    Roxxy’s runway look was EVERYTHING, but her attitude is beyond unattractive. Her rants about “drag vs. comedy” make me wonder if she’s ever seen ANY of the previous seasons or even Ru early on in her career. America’s Next Drag Superstar needs to not only serve face, but be funny, personable and LIKABLE! If she wasn’t such a bitch, she probably might have a better chance of winning, but for now I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be Jinx.

    • e jerry powell

      One of her drag mother’s greatest talent productions was a riff on Molly Shannon’s Mary Catherine Gallagher.

      How soon they forget.

    • Her rants only showed how low her self esteem is, like she’s trying to convince herself that Jinkx and Alaska are not that far away from her when it comes to talent.

      Still, she’s been such a bitch that I can’t even feel sorry for her.

    • Airkisses

      “America’s Next Drag Superstar needs to not only serve face, but be funny, personable and LIKABLE”
      Two words: Tyra. Sanchez.

      • demidaemon

        Ru was drunk that day and couldn’t see straight, so she mistakenly called that name instead of Raven. It isn’t her fault. Totally. 🙂

        • Airkisses

          Have you seen any of Raven´s performances on YouTube? I’ve watched various RPDR ex-contestants, but so far only her and Alyssa’s performances have left me RIVETED

    • Eric Stott

      Roxxy can come up with a great look as far as style goes, but her Face. Never. Moves. It’s ridiculous- as a boy she’s cute and smiles a lot, but on the runway that mobile face just shuts down, never a smile or a wink.

  • ZnSD

    While I personally have no love for Roxxxy (or Boxxxy Mandrews as she has been dubbed by some), She did, to her credit, post a lengthy apology on her FB fan page the other day. And she pulls no punches that I could tell: she’s ashamed of her behavior but owns it. She says that Jinkx really threatened her, she got nasty, and there was no call for it; that she has opened her mind to the fact that drag isn’t just what she thought it was, and the Jinkx DID indeed belong there. So that’s interesting. Anyway. I love Jinkx, but Alaska KILLED it in the LSFYMFL, which gave me LIFE personally. Love them both.

    • J. Preposterice

      is it just me, or is Alaska a much better dancer — particularly, better at finding the beat and at body control — in the lipsync than when she’s trying to learn someone’s choreography?

  • e jerry powell

    Roxxxy’s drag mother (R.I.P., princesa) could roll with the punches far better than Roxxxy can, clearly. Ticked-off Trannies with Knives, people.

  • i cant believe it. i actually went to facebook, twitter, and tumblr. of course i voted for jinkx.

    • NYCGlamourpuss

      You know, sometimes, we have to take our silver linings where we can get them. Today, the fates saw fit to bless me with the most horrendous stomach bug I think I’ve ever had. I wouldn’t wish this bug on my worst enemy, and that’s no exaggeration, so I’ve been home from work today. But once I was able to sit upright without all my internal organs feeling like they wanted to exit my body, I basically spent my day drinking hot tea and voting online for a Jinkx win. Gotta take those lemons and make lemonade, hunties.

      • MilaXX

        feel better soon!

  • Roxxxy’s viciousness is quite beyond the pale for me. I found myself wanting to fast forward through all of her bits (she completely turns me off). Throwing shade is an art. Roxxxy uses it to purposely cause hurt. That’s all Roxxxy’s been good for all season, really: nasty, vicious comments designed to cause emotional and psychological damage. And that goes past just being a bitch, imo. Perhaps she should look into getting some professional help.

    As for my favorite….it see-saws back and forth. Sometimes Jinkxx…sometimes Alaska. Honestly – I’d be happy with either winning it all. Just please send Roxxxy home!

  • hac51

    YES. You nailed it. (And knowing Jinkx, that was probably a deliberate reference.)

  • Zaftiguana


  • Roxxy isn’t even a big girl, she’s a bear cub who knows how to dress. Feh.

  • roble ridge

    Roxxxy will not win. Ru does not like it when her queens get nasty (Phi Phi O’Hara) or aggressive (Mimi Imfurst). Ru is all about being fabulous and doing it with LOVE and HUMOR. While Roxxxy embodies fabulousness, she doesn’t possess the wit of Alaska or the sweetness of Jinkx.

    Ru knows that her queens have to represent for drag and she’s not going to choose a queen like Roxxxy who’s alienated a lot of drag fans. There’s too much at stake and it would cause a huge uproar, not only amongst the fans, but also amongst the gay community. Ru has worked too hard to elevate drag and bring it to the mainstream to risk crowning Roxxxy.

    I was disgusted with Roxxxy’s behavior after watching the last 2 episodes. I read the apology she posted on her Facebook page regarding her behavior and then I felt sorry for her. But she can never take back what she’s said – it’s all out there for the world to remember and judge her by. It just comes to show that Karma is a bitch and in the end, she hurt herself most of all with her negativity.

  • tedsmitts

    Jesus, Roxxxy can’t even be fat right.

    • MaxTremors

      This is one of the best comments ever.

  • Chartreusite

    I think I’m probably going to step in it a little bit for this, but it’s something that I definitely want to throw out there; I don’t think Roxxxy’s behavior is particularly exemplary, but at the same time I don’t think it’s as bad as contestants in the past have been (looking at you Phi Phi). She reminds me a lot of Raven in terms of how much shade she’s thrown and how nasty she could be. She’s not nearly as well-versed as Raven, mind you, and so a lot of her criticism and complaints come off as very petty. She is however, the most polished girl left in terms of look and part of me feels like she still might have a shot since Ru never specifically said “viewer votes will decide the winner”. And I’d honestly prefer it that way anywho regardless of who wins; Miss Congeniality is there for viewer input, but I don’t want to have the next drag superstar be judged by popular vote. Yes, I do realize that the drag business is an entertainment industry, but I doubt Roxxxy is that sour on stage when she’s performing and I doubt Jinkx or Alaska spends a lot of time going into their backstory at their shows either. It definitely weights the competition to “who can play the cameras the best/who can stay pleasant 24/7” which feels very inorganic to the process to me. I haven’t agreed with Ru every time, but I want to know what she thinks and who she wants to succeed her. It merits more discussion than “well obviously this person won because they got significantly more votes and more devoted fans”.

    • Chartreusite

      Also I would like to remind people that while it might be beneficial for you to vent about your frustrations regarding Roxxxy as a character, it doesn’t behoove you or the show to go down to personal attacks regarding weight or family. Keep it classy, kids.

    • donaldhitemusic

      I go back and forth on the voting thing. In a way I like it, but I also recognize that letting the public vote doesn’t always get the best result (american idol, cough, cough).

      In terms of Roxxxy, I don’t think she’s evil but her level of immaturity is so unattractive. I wouldn’t compare her to Raven because I think Raven was always in on the gag… I feel like Roxxxy is just grasping at straws. I’m not really happy with any of the final 3 this year. If I had to pick, I’d say alaska has the best mix of performance chops and fierceness, but there’s really nobody that I’m crazy for (unless we can manage an Alyssa Edwards write-in)

      • Chartreusite

        Oh definitely agreed, I don’t think she’s exactly the same as Raven as I do think Raven was very no bs in her sourness and it was much less desperate than Roxxxy, I was just noting that a lot of attitude hasn’t always been considered a bad thing.

        Agreed on the top three as well. I will say that there is no one who is a obvious loser like last year and each brings something to the table that they consistently performed on in the season. I’d go with Alaska too just purely on the lip sync fierceness she served, but I do feel like she was underachieving for most of the season. I still weep for the disappointment that was Detox’s endgame because she woulda been a GREAT winner.

  • Meelah

    I was looking forward to this EP and was really pissed when Ru said we’d have to wait another 2 weeks. I’m glad that this audience vote will help sink in to Roxxy that she sucks dust balls but 2 Freaking Weeks!!! I know PeePee O’Hara is somewhere loving this now someone else is going to take the heat off of her as the new “Most Hated” alum of Drag Race.

    • TooFunny

      Dude get over it. It’s been like a year. And really? Peepee? Are you joking with that?

      • Meelah

        I wish you would get over this.

  • you didn’t like her runway look? i thought it was the best look of the season. without a doubt.

    • R B

      Isn’t that the same ratted wig she’s worn almost each time? And what was with that mangled bra showing through the front of the dress. It’s not like she actually needs a bra for, well what a bra is for, so certainly a better mechanical system would have been appropriate? Paging Otto Titsling…line 1…

  • Stubenville

    I’m secretly hoping for Jinx, but I’ll be happy if Alaska wins.

    • par3182

      Secretly? You mean, just between us readers of the comments, right? 😉

      • Stubenville


  • MaiTai

    The only reason I’m hesitant about Jinkx winning is that I genuinely don’t think she’s ready. She is incredibly talented – but incredibly insecure. Like you said, she always takes the bait when someone taunts her. And while the water of a duck’s back schtick is cute – as someone who willingly put themselves out there on a REALITY TV SHOW, I feel they should be open enough to criticism. Especially since that’s such an important part of this show’s format.
    There’s something that just doesn’t add up for me. That being said, as much as I adore Alaska (and I do), I doubt she’ll win. It’d be too coincidental with Sharon’s win last year, and with her applying to be on the show every year, etc. It’s a shame.

  • Everybody loves Jinkx and so do I, but I think Alaska has become very strong in the last 2 episodes so it really is a photo finish. Share the price and make them twin winners. That would be the fairest thing because the difference in skill and charisma between these two is marginal.

  • Sweetpea176

    I think Alaska should win for her speech alone — brilliant! That’s a star, defending her life! I wish she had turned to more diva schtick during the season, because it really works for her. I’d be ok if Jinkx wins, but I’m team Alaska. Both are deserving.

    Roxxxy is delusional. I have no idea what her whole thing about comedy being disrespectful to drag was all about. If comedy isn’t particularly your strong suit, fine (although, really? What would bring you out to see a performer who wasn’t at least witty? To watch pretty girls lip sync? The karaoke bar down the street would be far more entertaining, imo) but Roxxxy should have her drag queen privileges revoked if she doesn’t even “get” drag enough to recognize the inherent satire. That said, she’s not the worst the show has seen in terms of lack of talent or nastiness. Just off the top of my head, I found Tyra Sanchez and Phi Phi O’Hara much more rage-inducing. But gurl, you are a boy in a dress and wig twirling around. You are not painting the Sistine Chapel here.

  • donaldhitemusic

    1) Alaska and Jinkx were both amazing in the courtroom scene… Fully realized characters with clever backstories. Roxxxy wasn’t horrible but the fact that she was relying completely on cliche and has NO idea what it means to perform (in an acting context) was painfully clear

    2) Michelle Visage calling Roxxxy a video ho… PRICELESS

    3) Does anyone else despise Mathu Andersen, but also kinda find him incredibly endearing at the same time?

    4) Roxxxy and Jinkx were both on the elimination lunch w/ michelle and I was kinda annoyed by how much they were just brushing off Roxxxy’s behavior. I get that it was months ago for them and Roxxxy is probably a nice person, but it’s fresh in the minds of the viewers and we have a right to be disgusted by her behavior. The “it was the heat of competition” excuse is dumb because most contestants manage to be pleasant despite their insecurities (or at least keep their shade within the realm of fun). And calling it “strategy” (to unnerve the competition) doesn’t really sweeten the deal. I don’t expect her to be self-flagellating for all eternity over this, but to act like the viewer’s reactions to some truly abhorrent behavior is stupid or invalid annoys me… I’m not saying we have to hate the real Roxxxy forever, but can’t we at least indulge in hating the TV personality Roxxxy for a few days?

    5) Does anyone know if the reunion will be live? I’m seriously hoping we don’t get a canned reaction to the win like last year? I think it’s a crime to deny the winning queen the chance at a legitimate chest-clutching, hyperventilating over reaction…

    • Val Entine

      “I was kinda annoyed by how much they were just brushing off Roxxxy’s behavior.”

      I was annoyed, too. Obviously, Roxxxy is edited to show the nasty side of her in regards to Jinkx. They – Jinkx, Michelle, Roxxxy – have to be aware that what the producers edit and show on TV is going to create a very strong reaction from fans.

    • Montavilla

      1) I wonder whether the producers asked the contestants to come up with backgrounds for each character. It’s not necessarily something a performer would do on their own. There are other way to approach a character and no one “right” to do it.

      2) Agreed.

      3) I enjoy Mathu, but I think part of what he’s for is to make it hard on the queens and push them around a little.

      4) I get what you’re saying, and yes, we’re allowed to hate on “Roxxxy.” I think it’s still a learning process for him. He started to get a little upset at the chat happening online during the lunch, and Michelle urged him to ignore it — which he needs to do, because it’s not going to disappear. Fans will hold on to that stuff for years.

      5) I don’t know, but I think the canned show was a step in the right direction. At least we got to hear the live reaction — and the reaction to Latrice winning Miss Congeniality was great.

  • Dear Roxxy,

    You have made it quite clear that you have a very narrow view of what drag is, and what you think drag should be. You accuse those who see it differently as being disrespectful.

    I have news for you, hunty, that belief of yours is what is REALLY disrespectful. Do not DARE to tell all the children that there is only one way to do drag! When you do that, you stifle their creativity and silence their unique voices. That is the exact opposite of what they should be doing. They need to have the opportunity to embrace and love themselves and feel free to express themselves as they need to.

    Why on earth would you ask them to be any different than who they are, and more importantly, what gives you the right to even try?

    Shame on you! Shame on you BIG time!!!

  • Did anyone else miss that gorgeous dancer diva fantasy oddity Ryan Heffington? I did. Sorely.

  • Well as far as big girls go, I wouldn’t even mention Roxy and Latrice in the same sentence: they are on different planets imho. Roxy was the only one who brought it for the final runway (I was screaming when Jinx walked out in that…thank god she can perform) but she’s far too much of a bully to take the crown. I find it very hard to believe Ru would give someone as unpolished as Alaska the win (as funny as she is) which makes me think it’s between Jinx and Roxy (with Jinx for the win but we’ll see). And, let it be said, what is up with Alaska not sticking up for Jinx? I know she’s trying to stay neutral but at this point, her just observing w/o saying anything is really too bad. (Maybe she does speak up and they edit it out?)

    As someone who loves this show and loves some Jinx, I don’t think this season in general has been up to the level of the previous EXCEPT for the lipsyncs which have all been pretty great on this current season (that Coco vs Alyssa one is one of the show’s best)…none of them have really gotten me excited like last year’s. I’m team Jinx BUT she seems way too insecure for the drag world, let alone the crown. We shall see how she does if she gets it but if so, girl, please toughen up.

    • donaldhitemusic

      I agree… I think I’m actually on team Alaska. I love Jinkx, but her runway ineptitude is TOO much for me to handle.

      The sad thing about Roxxxy is that her demise is self-imposed. While she never outshined Jinkx/Alaska in performing or comedy, Roxxxy definitely held her own even when out of her comfort zone. She did well in the Kid’s Show, Snatch Game, and the Telenovela. I would even say that her courtroom was decent (she didn’t compare to the other queens, but she was by no means awful). If she had just not been a bitch/bully, she would have been the ideal winner: impeccable style and decent performance (i mean, Raja wasn’t a great performer off the runway). This should have been an easy win for her, but whatever bullshit issues she has got in the way. Sucks for her.

  • thexstarsxalign

    The queens keep talking about editing this season, and how it can portray someone. I don’t doubt that Roxxxy is getting the villain’s edit, and that they could be piecing together every nasty thing Roxxxy ever said about Jinkx and piling it into one episode, and conveniently leaving out anything she ever said that was nice. But I’d love to hear TLo’s take on how much of that could be reality show editing, and how much of it is just the editors using what they were given.

    • R B

      Moral of the story: don’t act like a (censored) on TV and you won’t be edited like one.

      • Melizmatic

        True story.


  • Diana Martinez

    I totally LOL’d….. “Grace. Glamour. Ugh. This bitch.”

  • bobman59

    Now that’s some shady shade. Team Monsoon.

  • donaldhitemusic

    I just felt the need to add…

    I love you Ru, but PLEASE let the Lucille Ball “EWWWWWW” go! It stopped being funny a long time ago.

    Thank you,


  • mattcooper

    Roxxy is a bitch squealer when in drag and a douchebag when out of it.