RPDR: Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves

Posted on April 09, 2013

It just occurred to us that we really haven’t addressed something of grand importance in the world of RPDR and it’s time we did so.


White Pit Crew should never have shaved. And his tats are kind of goofy-looking. Black Pit Crew looks perfect, as always.


Storm. His name is Storm.

Y’know… we might actually kick him out of bed for that.

“We’re sorry. We can’t. You’re going to have to legally change your name or go. No, you can’t have a glass of water.”


As always, the soon-to-be ladyboys were all game and kind of fun.

Not to be cruel, but we’re skipping right past the anvil-heavy personal problems that are being spackled onto every cast member and guest. It’s bad enough that every single Untucked episode must feature a teary-eyed revelation about someone’s past, but “I can’t wear high heels because I have AIDS” is…

We mean…


That’s the kind of line these drag queens (including Ru) would all make glorious fun of –  if they weren’t on TV. And no, we’re not making fun of AIDS or suggesting that anyone else should, but we also don’t think that bit was anything but a clumsy, obvious ploy to inject some form of melodrama where there wasn’t any. We have no doubt he might have complications that affect his balance or something like that. We’re not suggesting he was being untruthful. We just think the whole thing felt highly orchestrated and of a piece with this season’s tendency to really ramp up the drama and the storylines.

And that’s us “skipping past” it.




Absolutely our favorite Ru look in quite some time.


We adore (and have little crushes on) Clinton. But HUNTY, that lighting was NOT YO FRIEND. We cringed every time they cut to him.


We also adore and have little crushes on George. He complimented Tom on his shoes once at Fashion Week and Tom tittered like a lady-in-waiting behind a fan.


We don’t even get what this was all about:

It was all way too edited for us to get a handle on the performances, but we think we’re going to go out on a limb and say they were all disastrous. Otherwise, why edit it all down to 2-second shots?


So congratulations to Roxxxy! Very well-deserved, we think. She had one of the harder jobs, turning that little bear into a Kardashian, and she pulled it off perfectly. She really is rallying and becoming a contender, isn’t she?


Jinkx  was a close contender (and we really thought the AIDS reveal was sealing the win for her), but we have to admit, we think she could have made her mama look a little more glamorous than that. Was it George or Clinton who said she aged her up considerably with the makeup?

But their chemistry was cute, Jinkx looked great, and they were among the more polished of the teams.


We couldn’t put our finger on why it bothered us that Alaska made a clone of herself when we think Roxxxy deserved to win for doing the same thing. But we think it’s because Roxxxy had the greater challenge. Alaska’s freakishly tall supermodel Marine was a perfect blank canvas for her to do literally anything at all and she simply duplicated her own look. And she couldn’t even get the hip padding right. Roxxxy really had to work her ass off (pun unintended) to make her man look like her sister. Alaska’s whole output this week felt lazy.


We think Detoxx did a pretty great job with her Marine, but it always helps if you’ve got a big sissy, no matter how well-developed his triceps. She did right by making her look like her sister and not duplicating her own look exactly.

Although we really didn’t like either of their dresses all that much.



GOD, that’s all we can manage every time we look at her. We realize that drag queens – especially ones on reality tv drag competitions- are expected to be melodramatic and sling shade and generally just be an all-around huge personality in the room. But this ENDLESS COMPLAINING about the latest personal slight or insult she feels she’s unfairly received isn’t entertaining at all. It’s just dreary and self-absorbed. We really thought she was going to be one of our favorites this season, but she turned out to be a big, melodramatic pain in the ass

And her sister’s face looks like a badly put-together jigsaw puzzle. There. We said it.


We ‘ll pay her the credit by noting that she once again gave a fantastic lip synch, but we felt like Detox’s had more fun and attitude to it; less desperation.


Face it: Alyssa was the only reason to keep her around. Talk about wearing out your welcome. We didn’t even finish watching Untucked last night because we got so tired of her bitching and moaning.


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  • My biggest thought: THANK YOU, RU! Damn, why did it take so long to give Coco that kind of speech? I loved Ru’s dressing down/pick me up. It was stern, not harsh, but still uplifting. It’s the way Coco should have been thinking the entire season. Coco was lightened up the whole episode, even before Ru’s lecture, and she was actually a little enjoyable again. Too bad about all that behavior in between.

    Gotta give it to Roxxxy. That was a great transformation, paired with a soldier with a great attitude for the performance.

  • JimMcC

    Good bye and good riddance, Coco! I’m finding lots to enjoy about this season (like every time Jinkx is on screen), but I can’t help but wonder how much more entertaining it might have been on a whole if Coco and Alyssa were never there. Or at least never there together. I think it’s anybody’s game at this point. I couldn’t give the win to anyone but Jinkx. I do think she’s shown the most talent all season long, but one never can tell.

    • Even if Coco had been there without Alyssa, she still would have been a nightmare. And without Alyssa to focus her anger on, she might have bullied people like Jinkx even more.

      • Exactly. Coco is one of those types that when she gets angry she has to attack someone and then feign ignorance about it and then come out the victim. She’s a bully with issues. Well, all bullies have issues, but this one was really annoying ’cause at 40-something you’re like.. c’mon… really? At least a little kid that bullies I can get help for. A 40 something year old guy? Not so sure.

  • VioletFem

    Finally! Now we can really focus on the competition.

  • Roxxxy is becoming a contender? Hell, no. She’s able to paint a face and show off padded hips, and that’s about it. She’s dull as dirt and nasty in all her confessionals. There is nothing interesting about her.

    Jinkx managed to take a big challenge and work within the parameters of it. She’s the only one who didn’t say, “Here’s an exact replica of me, ta-daa!” and I love her for it.

    Coco would be so pissed if she had the self-awareness to know that she was only there as a counterpoint to Alyssa, and was summarily dropped as soon as Alyssa went home. But she’s not self-aware enough, so she’ll just be pissed off about everything else under the sun.

    • Musicologie

      Jinkx not only avoided making a clone, she built their whole routine around her veteran. The first thing she asked him (according to the editing) was who his diva was, establishing his frame of reference. Jinkx knows her history well enough to be confident that no matter who he said, she’d be able to work with it. And she did, to great effect.

      • jtabz

        This. While I think Roxxxy was a fair choice for the win this week, Jinx was right up there in my book because of the sheer joy she gave her “sister.” Fortuna looked like she was genuinely having the time of her life.

        • Jinx performs just down the street from me! We see her sign out all the time. She’s pretty awesome.

        • Eric Stott

          Roxxxy won this one on skill and technique, not personality.

      • Jacqueline Wessel

        Yes, one thing I really noticed about Jinkx (at least as the editing goes) is that she accepted the limitations of the challenge and worked with them in a cheerful manner. Unlike some competitors who just throw up their hands in despair because they have a “bad” partner. Pandora Box comes to mind because she gave up. Jinkx doesn’t give up, she goes for it regardless.

        • Melizmatic

          Pandora’s was a bit of a different situation, though; she thought she was going to get to compete on her own merit.

          Being teamed up with the obvious cannon fodder that was Mimi, whom everyone knew would go home first, had to suck balls… and not in the good way.

          • MichaelStrangeways

            Yes, but Mimi was TRYING and Pandora IMMEDIATELY threw in the towel.

          • Melizmatic

            True, but all the ‘trying’ in the world wasn’t about to save Mimi (and whomever she was paired with); she was an instant sinking ship, and everyone knew it.

          • MichaelStrangeways

            I have to disagree. Mimi didn’t get them booted off…she was professional and doing a good job. Yeah, Mimi is cray-cray and comes with baggage but her performance was fine. Pandora completely gave up solely because she was paired with Mimi and didn’t do anything to compete. The blame is entirely on Pandora.

          • Agreed. If Pandora had put in any amount of effort, they would have progressed. Not all the way to the top, but maybe another week or two.

          • Melizmatic

            I think you’re missing my point; it didn’t matter what Mimi did, she was intentionally cast as ‘cannon fodder’ in what was arguably one of the most disappointing installments of Drag Race, ever.

            She never stood a chance, no matter who she was paired with.

            And ‘blame’ is highly irrelevant…

          • Guest

            True, but all the ‘trying’ in the world wasn’t about to save Mimi (and whomever she was paired with); she was an instant sinking ship, and everyone knew it.

        • Mimi hardly did a good job. She would have been out first no matter who she was paired with.

          • Melizmatic

            Thank you; that was my point.

      • PeaceBang

        Yes. I feel like Jinkx is the same kind of warm, compassionate Drag Mother to the World that Latrice was last season. I want to go to Life Camp and have them be my camp counselors.

        • She’s a shoe-in for Drag U, doncha think?

          • Will they be doing Drag-U again? The last season was so short that I got worried the show was cancelled. I wanted more Chad and Latrice!

    • AudreysMom

      I give Roxxxy props for making up her guy (whose attitude helped her with the win) but her fakeness is driving me cra-zy. Every bit of drama seems to end with her fake sympathy and ‘we’re here for you’ or “let’s all have a big hug.’ Ugh!

      And as Musicologie said, Jinkx was the winner for doing more than working with who she had; she worked for her old dude. She ended up the smart one because she was a team player and helped him do what he could do and together they offered the emotional pay-off. I know that’s not what wins, though. Remember a few seasons back Raven’s carrying her old gay off the stage? Still the best moment of that year.

    • Introspective

      Girl– you CODE CRACKED it on the Coco situation, cause alltallshade, Ru knew damn good and well that Alaska’s effort this week was bullshit and should have surely landed her in the bottom 2 w/Coco. But Ru knew that throwing Coco, good as she is at lip synching, up against that bitch Detox and those silicone lips that quiver for the gods on every delivery, meant that Coco was as good as gone.

      and that’s in fact what we all, including Ru, secretly wanted. Cause Coco had become shrill, annoying and pointless given how not witty her drag was revealing itself to be over the course of the competition…

      Jinkx is still the girl to beat. period. we all know this. Im still clear that she’s the best of this competition, but I realize that in general this season’s queens were pretty underwhelming. Cause if this is the top 4, everybody in this crew is rough as hell around the edges. And when I compare them to some of the fierce queens of seasons past that didnt even win, never mind the winners (I mean Raja? Sharon? Ongina? Nina Flowers? Manila? Latrice? Juju?? stop it. I could go on for days), none of these broads from the current season are in the same stratosphere.

      • DonnaL

        I strongly disagree. I can’t even imagine what you think you’ve been looking at, but Jinkx is probably more talented than any of them, and I don’t think she’s the least bit “rough around the edges.”

        • Jinkx has had problems with her looks; that’s an area she could really stand to polish up. Not because she has to go for Michelle’s damn “glamour” look, but because her skills in putting together her look aren’t as great as they could be.

          • Her diversity and ingenuity are clear in her looks. Her “polish” is perhaps not the greatest, but it’s not as bad as, say, Latrice Royale or Alaska.

      • OmegaBlush

        I have to disagree. Everything looks rosy when you look back on it, but all the queens you listed had faults in their seasons. Raja murdered the runway, but never really sparked in performance. Ongina was amazing, but not as polished as many queens who came later (nor as versatile). Manila fell flat here and there. Juju always seemed to choke when it was her big shot. Latrice was a beast, but her runway never really did it for me (remember those lesbian hiking boots?). My only perfect princess is Nina, really. Sharon also did very well, but when you rewatch the earlier seasons you sometimes see the queens in a different light than you remember them. It’s easy to get their post-show sharp images confused to the hot messes they had when they first arrived in the dressing room. In a year, when the new batch show up, I think you’ll find that your memories of these queens have also sweetened over time.

        Having said all that, I do believe S4 had the highest level of professionalism, intrigue and drama. It’s hard to beat Latrice + Needles + Chad + Willam with a supporting cast as janked/splendid as Jiggly, Dida, Kenya and even Phi Phi.

        • Jiggly, Kenya and Phi Phi are my idea of the supporting cast from hell.

          • Sally Brownson

            There’s no story without antagonists 😛

    • M312

      So agreed. Every week, Roxie reminds me of young Lainie Kazan on a Club Med vacation, but not in a good Lainie way. She did a good job this week, but she looks exactly the fucking same every week. The other three queens can mix it up far better, even though Alaska was criticized for not having that ability earlier in the season, which is hilarious in retrospect considering Roxy-One Look.

      Oh, and Coco’s marine? I thought I had somehow landed on the short-lived Workin’ It sitcom. So awful.

      • MK03

        Srsly, WHY THE FUCK does Roxxxy never get called on bringing the same damn thing down the runway every week but Alaska and Jinkx get read for filth when they shake it up??

  • starcaatcher

    Aww, I feel a little bad hating on Coco so much, but she made it so difficult to not dislike what I saw of her on the show. Sorry girl. I know she’s a big fan of blaming editing for making her seem like the villain, but they can only edit what you give them, right? Either way, it’s about time. I’m still bitter about Alyssa being sent home last week instead of her. But! It’s all okay now because she is gone!!!

    I didn’t feel like anybody was super extremely awful this week. Which is weird because the makeover challenge usually has some serious awfulness, but I felt like they all did pretty much okay.

    Even though Roxxxy got annoying with her constant complaining about the guy, she really did a great job and definitely deserved the win. I wish I could like her more. I saw her perform on Saturday (for the first time ever, which is odd considering that I live so close to her) and she was pretty fantastic. Was it something I’d never seen before? No. Is it something that I’ve seen other queens do just as well? Yeah. Was she great? Of course! Next Drag Superstar, though? Mehhhh. Although, I will say that she is gorgeous in person and THAT BODY. It is nice.

    I barely got a chance to talk to Roxxxy, though, but in my very few seconds of interaction, she seemed nice. But Jinkx and Alaska were at the same show and all of my time at the meet and greet was basically spent with Jinkx. The girl was DRUUUUNK and she kept talking to me and holding onto my hand and even though I didn’t get to say much to Alaska or Roxxxy because of it, I’m completely 110% absolutely okay with it.

    (Also, knowing that Jinkx and Roxxxy are actually good friends does make their television quarrels slightly easier to handle.)

    I was worried about Jinkx in this challenge but it ended up fine. And that moment after she learned that her vet has AIDS, when she was just sitting there, it felt really genuine and it was so touching and just… my love for her is unhealthy. But she has been my favourite since before the season even started and I remember SO MANY PEOPLE kept saying that she was going to be “The Next Pandora Boxx” or “The Next Tammie Brown”… quirky and campy and great, but underappreciated and sent home too soon. And every week, she continues to prove those people wrong and this is, what, 8 weeks in the top now? I can’t help but feel proud, despite the fact that…y’know, I literally have nothing to do with it, but still. I’m excited that my favourite from before the season began IS going to end up winning this whole thing.

    • cpjones79

      Girl, getchu a blog if your comment is this long. #AllTAllShade

      • starcaatcher

        I just have a lot of feelings.

        • I loved your post, personally. Thank you for sharing that marvelous story!

        • muzan-e

          I’m pretty sure I wrote at least twice that much in a reply to the TLo recap of American Horror Story’s second ever episode. At least. I have absolutely no regrets, and the result was a very interesting conversation with a few of my favourite folks here. Good times. *g*

          I enjoyed every word of this. Thank you for sharing it with us!

          • PeaceBang

            Me, too.

        • Melizmatic

          “She doesn’t even go to this school!”


          Fluving you for the ‘Mean Girls’ reference.


        • MilaXX

          girl, it’s okay speak yo’ piece!

        • Keep sharing those feelings. 🙂 That was a great post. And I’m totally jealous that you got to meet Jinkx and spend some time with her.

        • All the love I had for the rest of the day now belongs to you <3

        • YourBaloneyDontGotNoSecondName

          you have a lot of feelings. i have a lot of tequila. let’s go get hammered and call in sick for the rest of the week.

        • ZnSD

          A-HAAAAAAAA! THANK YOU! werq.

    • NYCGlamourpuss

      I barely get over here anymore – the site is blocked at work, and by the time I get home, I’m just too beat to check everything out the way I’d like to (no offense to TLo – I love it here, but by the time I get home, it’s tough for me to give the posts here the kind of love they deserve). But I have to say, this was a fantastic post! I loved every single word of it; thank you for sharing that awesome story about meeting Jinkx!

    • Cool. Where was this?

  • Coco made her sister look like Jocelyn Wildenstein. But as terrible as that is, I think the bigger sin is that Coco’s OWN face looks busted, as it often has. Last night there was something about her eye makeup that made that whole area look sort of two-dimensional.

    • exactly! You said it better than I did-when they flashed to Coco pre-commercial, I thought that she looked somehow like a terrible cardboard cutout of herself. Dimensions were in fact way off.

    • I wondered if she had gotten PhiPhi to come do her eyes there for a second.

    • Danielle

      Also, she didn’t put any makeup on her neck, and since her face was so light, it looked like her head didn’t belong on her body.

  • MK03

    Buh-bye, bitch. We won’t miss you.

  • muzan-e

    Detox. Third picture down of her set.

    What a delicious Come Hither that is. Be still my heart.

  • AudreysMom

    Oh, you should have finished Untucked. Because Coco’s ‘sister’ Horchata got all bitchy to Jinkx’s girl. “No, mine is going to win.” “Bitch, I’m done.” Sure it was heavily edited, but felt so much like Coco teaching her sister as much about bad attitude as she taught her about walking in heels.

    • I got the feeling they were prompted to act out like that, maybe told to pretend to be bitchy queens competing, maybe told to be Coco and Alyssa.

      • StellaZafella

        Ohhhh Hunty, in or out of drag I’m sure these gay vets know plenty about being bitchy without being taught.

        • I meant prompted by the producers to do such a thing on TV for fun. I doubt the argument was full of real feelings because it matched too closely what was being said in confessionals. Reminded me of that bit last season where the dogs were backstage having their barks translated into a drag queen fight (“Bitch, I am from Chicago!”). And then I made a joke about Coco and Alyssa’s feud.

  • Zaftiguana

    I’m kind of thrilled that this is the first season where the top four are really the top four. Shocking!

    Roxxxy is growing on me. Like a curvaceous fungus with big hair. You hit the nail on the head with the critique of Alaska seeming to phone it in, and I’ve been getting that vibe from Detox for a while. They’re a little comfortable and Roxxxy buckled down this week and worked hard. I could see her edging one of them out to go the finals, and I wouldn’t have predicted that 2-3 weeks ago.

    • Airkisses

      Hear hear on Alaska and Detox. It might be the editing, but the others seem hungier for the win, maybe?

  • OhSayNow

    Thank goodness Coco is gone. I was getting headaches from rolling my eyes so hard every time she opened her mouth.

    • Melizmatic

      Alaska’s reaction to Coco saying ‘she didn’t mind criticism’ in Untucked was so spot on and hilarious;

      Like excuse me, bitch; have you met yourself?


      • AnotherG

        I have actually told my television set, especially after that bit where she’s just obliviously bitchy to Jinkx (“If I wore THAT on the runway…”), “Hunty, pretend that what you’re about to say to someone is being said to you before you open your bitch mouth. And then decide if you should say it.”

        • Melizmatic

          That would take too much honest self-awareness, a trait Coco clearly lacks.

          I dont know who’s more delusional Alyssa or Coco, but I do know who’s more annoying with it…

      • Alaska is just FABULOUS. I find her hilarious, and believe her to be a contender for the crown..

        • StellaZafella

          If nothing else…we all get to see why Sharon loves Alaska so much. I want to be at their house for Sunday dinner with the whole House of Haunt!

        • Melizmatic

          Alaska has underwhelmed me with her looks, in comparison to my high expectations… but her charm is undeniable.


          I feel almost the same way I did last season; if the winner wasnt Sharon then I’d have been happy with Chad.

          I want Jinkx to win, but if it happens to be Alaska, I’ll still be content.

          Love Detox, but she really has been bringing her B+ game all season.

          And Roxy?


          • I would love to see Alaska branch out more with her looks, but that’s because I think Alaska is really pretty, both in and out of drag.

  • They could have saved Alyssa for this week’s challenge! You know she would have nailed this one. Oh, well. I really missed her!

  • Melizmatic

    Okay I have to say this before I even finish reading the post;

    I will never forgive Ru for making me suffer through listening to ‘It Takes Two by Seduction’ as a LSFYL.

    There’s a good reason why Michelle V’s group was a no-hit wonder, gurl.


    That being said, HALLELOO: Loco Coco is finally gone!

    *does virtual backflip landing into a split*

    Okay back to reading the actual post, I just had to get that out of my system.

    • Introspective


      I was at home on my couch screaming at this song choice. Seduction??? stop playing Ru. So you went under a rock in a park somewhere in New Jersey and found Michelle V & charitably gave her some relevance by making her a judge. Her previous non-career as a “singer” was so not a moment that we ever needed to return to. Seriously.

      • Melizmatic

        Hunty, you can get TWO ‘Amens’ on that!


      • par3182

        Although….Michelle rolling her eyes at the choice of song was the first time I’ve ever found her likable.

    • Gah! I’m totally with you. What a crappy song.

    • I totally loved this song when it was out. And I totally sang “(You’re My One and Only) True Love” into my hairbrush as I ODd on my mom’s makeup and Aqua Net. So rad.

      • Melizmatic


        To each her own;

        I was a hard-partying teenager when that song came out, yet I never heard of it or that group until last season, during the “Girl Group” challenge… and even then, I really had to comb the archives of YouTube to find it.


        I get it that MV is Ru’s bestie and that’s why she’s there, but much like Gretchen Weiners and “Fetch”, Ru needs to quit trying to make Michelle’s relevance as a judge happen.

        “It’s NOT going to happen!”

  • Alaska’s marine looked 100x better than her. I don’t watch the show anymore, but I have eyes. 🙂

  • RebeccaKW

    Has anyone seen “Puppet Master,” the movie(s) about the man who turns his puppets into real beings that kill? Blade, the puppet with the knives for hands? Looks like Coco’s sister (in the makeup). Poor guy.

  • Almost as bored of Roxxy’s ‘ass-bam’ bedsheet to bathing suit reveal as I was of Honey Mahogany’s kaftans.

    • Melizmatic

      THIS, all of this.

    • I misread this as “ass-ham” (relating to my earlier comment). Quite funny either way.

  • noa

    I have to say that while I agree that often this show heaps on the melodrama,personally I thought that as opposed to most of the phony drama the show tries to create the moment that Jinkx’s vet revealed his condition actually felt really natural,organic and heartfelt…I know we can all be cynical bitches but that moment really really got to me so I disagree with you guys on that point

    • Chickadeep

      For reals. The condition Jinkx’s vet has is often related to long-term antiviral use…it redistributes body fat to the upper part of the body and wastes muscle in the lower extremities, making a person both top-heavy and unable to compensate for the shift in center of balance because of muscle wasting. It’s one thing to be unused to walking in heels (witness the tall young clodhopper paired with Alaska), quite another to be struggling with a physical impossibility. This might have been the first time it hit home to him that something as simple as walking in a pair of unfamiliar shoes was just not gonna work and his quiet despair over it was touching. The guy’s in his late sixties. I’m guessing a lot of his friends are gone. He lived a good chunk of his life in the closet when expressing who he was was literally criminal, and admitting his health status might have invited comments about quarantines. This admission to Jinkx, as well as his later comment in Untucked about it being “okay” to hang out and get to know the younger guys had me reaching for the Kleenex, no joke.

      • putonabus

        Well put, Chickadeep.

      • StellaZafella

        I – having lived with HIV for nearly 30 years now – suffer from a version of the same condition and, though I salivate over a good pair of 5″ heels I haven’t worn any in years.
        I feel for the guy, but I also think that, as carefully as they vet the participants for any obstructive conditions…this was already known to the producers: Hence the sudden appearance of the orthopedic shoes he ended up in…and he did just fine.

        I agree with TLo, it’s not a discount of this man’s situation to point out that the production team used it to increase the drama when really it was just a wrinkle in the challenge for Jinkx to overcome…which she did with admirable compassion and empathy.

        • There’s no way in hell he would have been cast on the show with the producers not knowing his status, unless he lied to them about it. And even then, it’s highly likely he would have been asked to have a physical before appearing on the show. This is standard for reality TV, especially with older participants.

          • StellaZafella

            I concur!

          • So what if they all knew he probably would have trouble with the heels. He was at least feeling it out to decide for himself. And any gay who reads Queerty knows how he got on that show. Your comment about Dave’s medical conditions were still uncalled for. Shame on you.

          • Whatever. We know way too much about how reality TV competitions are shot and produced. It was milked for drama.

          • ZnSD

            This entire season (as you have stated again and again) has been COMPLETELY milked for tearful drama. It’s getting to the point where the huzband and I just look at each as Untucked starts and I ask “who’s crying tonight?” with my usual eyeroll. I do hope that Ru eases up on the melodrama for the last two episodes of the season(God I hope there’s only 2). I know that the producers think that the viewership wants those catharthis moments, but it’s just so forced, ugh.

          • At this point can’t we just all agree that this is just basic satire? It’s good, but it feels almost completely scripted. Also, having watched the seasons very quickly in succession because of illness, I can tell you that I have accurately guessed the winners of season 2 and 3 based solely on the episode 1 glamour shot – I swear on a stack of Vogues and Tilda Swinton’s favorite designer shoes that I did not look up who won ahead of time. I kept thinking Phi Phi would win, but only because I thought he was Robert Downey Jr. doing research for a movie and it would be a big surprise. I was kinda disappointed. Anyway, I’m just saying the whole show is just a tad too … easy. Though after the last episode of PR, I’m thinking they should switch the judging panels of the shows.

          • Eric Stott

            OMFG – Can you picture Tim Gunn giving the runway outfits a judging?

          • It would be awesome! Plus, Tim would know pretty much what RuPaul is after so he would know what advice to give… which he USED to be able to do on Project Runway before the judges become the fickle stepford wives of Lifetime & B/M.

          • But Jinkx didn’t know that. And I thought her reaction to it was rather beautiful.

      • donaldhitemusic

        I found it touching as well.

      • NYCGlamourpuss

        Me too, and not just because I freaking love Jinkx. I was totally tearing up.

    • MilaXX

      For me it’s not that his moment didn’t feel real or unscripted, but since we’ve had at least 1 if not 2 deep personal moment a week this season it lost it’s impact.

  • I think the real problem (and you may agree with me) on the drama front is that it feels emotionally exploitative without being self-aware like a lot of the other reality show gimmicks that RPDR pulls. It’s fine to have a confessional moment like that, but it has to feel genuine and, more importantly, it has to be continued (tastefully) in the narrative thread of the episode. I thought that the moment itself felt genuine, but the abruptness and the lack of continuity in the remainder of the episode (why was it not even mentioned at the judging?) made it feel hammy and manipulative on the part of the producers. The show should either not tackle these issues at all, or develop a tasteful way of tackling them, which, admittedly, is hard in the context of reality television.

    Also, why do they keep editing the routines in these makeover episodes to be so choppy? They didn’t do that on seasons 2 or 3 (or even All Stars), and I find it really hard to believe that the girls on seasons 4 and 5 did THAT much worse with the performances.

  • spooki C

    Damn, that Nebraska is gorgeous. Too bad Alaska couldn’t make her an ass.

    • I don’t understand why Alaska didn’t look at her own pad and copy it.

      • starcaatcher

        I’m sure the fact that she didn’t have the correct tools didn’t help. She was using scissors!! I mean, I don’t do drag so I don’t know what I’m talking about 100%, but from what I’ve heard from other queens, you need like, one of those electric knife things (or something similar — but not scissors!) and a couple hours to make good pads.

        • StellaZafella

          An electric knife and about 15 minutes…there’s one in the workroom somewhere…Chad used it in the booty challenge last season to make over sized padding in a mini-challenge.

          • Heating a razor blade also works to cut foam very well, though with material that thick it will take a little longer. You just have to carve away a bit at a time, but going that way will give more control to your cut at least. I am sure the guys shave with something, and some must smoke and have lighters or matches.

      • spooki C

        I can only hope she ran out of time because a wadded up t-shirt would’ve looked better.

    • AudreysMom

      Was it just me or did Nebraska look a little like Ivy Winters?

      • I noticed that as well after she was painted up-maybe it was the jaw/mouth area in drag. Both of them are gorgeous, I mean “Beeaayyyooutiffful” (TM Leslie Jordan)

  • I find it funny now how they’re being intentionally deceptive with the “coming up next” pre-ad scenes, like one judge saying “There’s no excuse for those boots” and showing (I think) Jinkx’s ‘sister’s’ shoes, so we think Jinks is going to be read for that. But when they showed the “Andrews sister’ and one of the judges talking about “Ham hocks” or whatever, I nearly died, since I’m seen a few people talk about Roxxy ‘stomping her ham hocks’ down the runway’.
    Coco actually looked MORE busted than Horchata, when they showed Coco before a commercial, I belly laughed-she looked so odd and poorly made up (Coco). Coco also deserved to go for making such a good looking guy look so awful. Horchata’s face reminded me of the girl in “Dodgeball”-if you’ve seen the movie, you know the girl I mean. Well done, Roxxy. (although I’m still over her for the most part) I also died laughing when her “Bear” had the requisite bear paw tattoos. I kind of want to take “Nebraska” in drag out on a date, (cue the “She’s BEAYOOTIFUL” voice that the one judge said about Alyssa a few weeks back). Most of those military men when they walked into the room were simply gorgeous men. I was touched by the AIDS reveal as well as the pre-Stonewall (I’m guessing) stories from Jinkx’s sister, but the “I may have killed Judy Garland” was the eye-roller for me. Drama queen, OLD SCHOOL style. Fun episode, however, with the correct outcome (Coco leaving).

    • AnotherG

      Heh, Leslie Jordan’s gushing over Alyssa — the “She’s beayoooootiful!”
      Also, was it me, or did Coco spend most of this episode cross-eyed?

      • Thanks-I had forgotten Leslie Jordan’s name and I was being too lazy/running too late to look for it. Coco looked seriously cross eyed this episode in addition to literally looking “Two-dimensional” as another poster wisely said.

  • dya2637

    Thank you for both agreeing that Horchatas’ face was a mess, why did the queens defend it? The make-up was a disaster the wig looked like my dog after a trip to the beach and the dress looked like it lost a battle with a scissors weilding kindergardener. Does anyone else but me want to meet George Kotsiopolis and play out some dirty Don Draper fantasies? He is like Jon Hamm’s little gay doppelganger.

    • Fisher&SonsFuneralHome

      I really dont think they were defending it, more that they were trying to shut Coco up without making her blow up.

    • LC3203

      I think they were also trying to be nice to the sister. Which is sort of the right thing to do. And Coco, was sort of right. They do the same harsh judging over at PR during the “regular people” challenges and I always cringe because the regular people aren’t used to being talked to like that and I always feel like they’re all about to cry.

    • Cause the sister was sitting right there. Same reason Coco didn’t blow her stack about Jinkx’s job on her sister right there. They were in the room. They were being polite.

  • This was a boring “sisters” episode. Let’s do Jocks in Frocks again – it’s more fun getting straight men in drag.
    Anyway, I’d love to see -ology posts of the top queens, since PR has gotten too boring to do them.

    • MK03

      Nothing can top Jocks in Frocks. A bunch of dudes, hanging out in the lounge in drag, legs wide open, big burly legs crammed into heels, slinging back fruity cocktails, cheering for their drag sisters like it’s the Super Bowl (“That’s mah GIRL!!”). You can’t NOT love that.

      • starcaatcher

        Best makeover challenge episode ever. As opposed to season 4’s pregnant dad thing which is so uncomfortable to watch that I skip over it every single time I rewatch the season.

        • demidaemon

          You should at least watch the end of that one every time, because Latrice’s lipsync just has no comparison.

          • Melizmatic

            She did turn it out with Aretha’s ‘Natural Woman.’

        • How are you rewatching the season? I can’t find it anywhere!

      • Best, best, best episode ever.

      • Now I just want to rewatch that episode. Plus it had one of the best Lipsyncs EVER.

  • vkelly

    Shawn Morales is Latin not White.

    • VioletFem

      Being white and being Latino are not mutually exclusive. There are white Latinos, black Latinos and asian Latinos.

    • TheLukeP

      and he still shouldn’t have shaved either way.

  • LC3203

    Also, I thought Jinx was amazing with her soldier. Her compassion was totally real and I love how she didn’t panic. She just said “There are a million and one ways to solve this. Don’t worry.” LOVE HER.

    • Chickadeep

      Yep. You can throw shade for days and read for filth on cue and have a way with a bitchy quip, but if you don’t have some underlying compassion and kindness and understanding, no amount of performance and make-up skills will make you a great drag queen.

      • M312

        Hear, hear!

      • StellaZafella

        In my crowd it was about doing your best…not being the biggest pain in the ass.
        With us B I T C H has always stood for: “Being In Total Control of Herself”. Thanks Latreeeese Royale

    • Melizmatic

      I said to myself last night that Jinkx only solidified her fans love for her with how she well handled that situation.

  • VivianAdvanced

    Coco: Bye, Girl, Bye! It was a looooong time coming. She can’t even beat her own face right, let alone a poor, unsuspecting former Marine’s. I think Jinkx should have won. She turned her man into a cuddly, Sophie Tucker-ish grandma and really stepped up to the challenge by making their routine entertaining. A less clever queen might have become frustrated and made it a disaster. Can you imagine what Coco would have done?

  • VioletFem

    I have to give it up for Santino Rice because he threw the best shade this episode, when responding to Michelle’s comment about the bad make-up job that Coco gave her Vet.
    Michelle: “She would never let herself go with a busted-up face like that!”
    Santino: “No? Please..”
    Seriously! How was that the first critique about Coco’s tang-inspired make up?

    • Danielle

      That might have been the funniest thing on the show all season. I rewound it 4 times.

    • MilaXX

      I wonder if it’s the brand of makeup Coco uses that cause the problems. LaTrese also looked yellow/orange-y when trying to contour. Personally I found that many makeup brands when they go into the darker skintones start looking a little orange to me. I also wonder if it’s the lighting the show uses. The only dark queen that never seem to have this problem that I can recall is Bebe.


      • VioletFem

        I do remember Latrice’s make-up veering into the orang-y territory occasionally. Although, I think her make-up look did get better over the course of the show. Plus, she seemed to actually blend her make-up a lot better than Coco.

      • It pretty much falls into two categories for dark peoples – too pink or too orange. There have been massive inroads as far as commercial makeup lines they’ve picked up on the fact that there’s a range in skin tones and shades. But I’m not sure about stage makeup, and they’re using some pretty heavy duty stuff on this show.

      • I don’t recall Tyra (the other Tyra) ever having problems with makeup/lighting…

        • MilaXX

          I forgot about her.

          • Melizmatic

            That’s understandable.

    • PeaceBang

      I am right now working on a children’s picture book called “COCO CAN’T PAINT.” It is a heartwarming story about a bitter little drag queen. Haven’t figured out the ending yet. Taking suggestions.

      • AnotherG

        Rocks fall, everyone dies?
        No, that’s mean. Maybe her heart grew three sizes that day. And she passed quietly in her sleep from an anyeurism.
        GOD. I just can’t be nice with that one.

        • Please tell me “rocks fall, everyone dies” is a Something Positive reference.

          • AnotherG

            It is, but it’s older too. I love me some D & D & D – Dungeons and Dragons and Drag.

            I have yet to be able to combine them all. Cross-dressing serpents aren’t in the Wandering Monsters table.

          • Tee hee… I am actually familiar with the Belt of Sex Change, and I have often longed to get it, as I’ve already told my husband (who’s generally the GM) that if I got it, I was going to make my character a drag queen. He tried to tell me that wasn’t going to be allowed… I won.

          • AnotherG

            I want to be in your game!

      • OmegaBlush

        Alyssa the Turtle shows up to help cheer up Coco through dance. Coco calls it a gimmick and Alyssa fat. Alyssa the Turtle eats Coco. Complains about the bitter taste. The townsfolk rejoice.

  • Daralene Irwin

    Between all of those gay men, NONE OF THEM had ever been in or around color guard? Can a bitch get a drop-spin?

    • readdiefreddie

      AMEN! I was hoping for at least some simple flourishes. But to be fair, I imagine the vets would think more ROTC colorguard than the marching band type. Also, swing flags are the worst.

  • Danielle

    What was the problem during Untucked between Jinkx’s Marine and Coco’s? There had to be something in the editing, because Coco’s vet got really nasty out of nowhere, and there seemed to be no context leading up to it.

    • StellaZafella

      I took it that he was getting tired of the other one having so much fun in a dress.

    • pdquick

      I was envisioning producers saying, “You say this. OK, now you say that.”

    • AudreysMom

      that was my issue too – it seemed sudden and a bit odd but I took it as the need to add a little drama to the non-queen queens. And, possibly that Horchata was just a little bit of a bitch herself and the editors played it up as an apparent fight with Jinkx’ dude. Compared to past seasons of this challenge, this was a pretty amiable bunch that didn’t take the spotlight (remember the guy last season or two who really liked feeling his fake breasts?).

      • MK03

        I believe that was Alexis’ jock. He could not keep his hands off of himself in drag.

  • MilaXX

    Can’t put my finger on it, but the whole episode bored me last night. The highlight of the evening was seeing both George K & Clinton Kelly on the same show. The queens were all tired and boring, rehashing the same tired arguments we’ve heard all season. I fully expected Coco to go once Alyssa was sent home so I wasn’t even slightly surprised that she was sent home. I find Detox’s lips gross and I hate that lip quiver she does, but I did find her busting out the old school dances cute.

    • zenobar

      I keep seeing “George” and “Clinton” and even though I know he was not one of the judges, my brain automatically pieces it together as “George Clinton.” That would probably be one of the best Drag Race panels ever.

      • Melizmatic

        I would give up a pair of my favorite platform ‘hooker heels’ to see that happen; it would be made of WIN…


      • I would DO drag just to see George Clinton as a guest judge.

      • AnotherG

        I’m glad that wasn’t just me. The most Funkadelic Drag Race evah!

  • e jerry powell

    It looks as though CoCo was trying to make Jermaine look like LaToya. HIDEOUS.

    • …”Make Jermaine look like LaToya” got a snort and giggle from me, but then a pensive—do you mean Coco, or Horchata? (grin)

      • e jerry powell

        Why choose just one?

  • Qitkat

    Storm. What guys, you don’t like his name? A perfectly normal character name from The Bold and The Beautiful, along with Ridge, Sly, Thorne, Whipple. Just life imitating *art* 😉

    • YourBaloneyDontGotNoSecondName

      Don’t make fun! See, now you’ve made my musclebear buddies Brick, Colt, and Harley cry.

      • ZnSD

        Don’t forget Bolt from “The Sun Also Sets”!

        • Melizmatic

          Soap Dish!



          • ZnSD

            Soapdish and Death Becomes Her are my two “go-to’s” for quotes. I <3 them.

          • Melizmatic

            Love them both.


    • Melizmatic


      Damn girl, you just made me almost choke on my iced latte.

    • AnotherG

      Wait, “Whipple?”

    • Hah! The Bold and the Beautiful is exactly what I thought.

    • When I saw Storm and his instructing the girls in an exercise challenge, I wondered if they had remade “American Gladiators” for the third time during my lifetime.

  • Coco’s make up ALWAYS looked to my eyes as if a 5-year-old used crayons on his face. Especially that awful nose contouring. Goodbye, Coco. No more sour mug with creepy blue contacts. Coco? No no. But I want to say the Detox story really moved me (the accident, not the family thing) because I was wondering about the scars on her forehead that were very visible last episode, and she seems much more human and understandable now.

  • Based on the lipsync alone, I would’ve given it to Coco BUT she really did wear out her welcome. Bitch can perform, that’s for sure, but take the chip off your shoulder hun. I thought Jinx did the better job but Roxy wasn’t a bad choice for the win. And again, how is Alaska not getting called out for much on this season? She had the prettiest of the men, the tallest, and the smallest yet that was the best she could do? I like her but she’s seriously outclassed at this point; when is the “Wow” moment going to come with Alaska (all the remaining contestants have had at least one).

    • pdquick

      Coco’s lipsynch was all arms, flailing and flouncing around. She would flail herself in front of Detox, who would purposefully walk herself to the other side of the stage, never breaking character or eye contact, giving face like there was no tomorrow. Detox was a perfect combination of camp and restraint, and by the end she had the judges, especially Michelle, eating out of her hand. She knew that half the audience had just shouted “Send that bitch home” to their televisions, and that’s exactly what she did.

      • StellaZafella

        “On a scale of 1 to 10 my lipsync is…25.” – Detox

  • PeaceBang

    “…and Tom tittered like a lady-in-waiting behind a fan” = exactly why I will always love + adore TLo! This episode made a one thing clear for me: there’s no real drag superstar this season, although I find Jinkx a wonderful, talented performer and lovely human being. The others are eminently forgettable. When Fortuna came out on the runway she looked a lot like my mom. Good thing I see my therapist next week.

  • FloridaLlamaLover

    Thank you and Hallelujah that Coco is outta here! I caught up on the show yesterday whilst ironing and good gracious me oh my, was she ever annoying. And not terribly talented.

  • pdquick

    If you switched off Untucked, you missed the part where Coco declared that she was only angry because her critique insulted her girl. She herself has no problem accepting criticism. The cut to Alaska’s face, followed by the cut to Alaska’s talking head saying “Really?” was priceless.

    • Melizmatic
    • The real issue was that Coco was incensed that her makeup job was called out when she felt that Jinkx’s should have been instead and here’s the cincher: she couldn’t say a damn thing about it because Flotuna was sitting right there. I do think that it was to Coco’s credit that she had the decency to keep her mouth shut – if she had gone off about the makeup job on a person with AIDS… – It was kind of a sweet moment because watching her writhe, knowing she wanted to unleash what she really thought (I SHOULD NOT BE ON THE BOTTOM!) was all sorts of priceless as well.

  • shanteUstay

    Ding dong the witch is d-e-a-d
    I think the birds will sing sweeter and the sky will be bluer, now there is no more Coco

    • LOL! ~ that song was already on the background of my mind the moment Ru told Coco to sashay away, who could blame one? priceless 😀

  • AnotherG

    TLo’s write-ups have been so spot-on for me the last three weeks — really most of the season.
    Which one of them — Coco or Alyssa — said to the other one, “You’re only here because I’m here?” I think it was Coco. And if that’s right, what delicious irony now that the other is gone, you can go now too. It’s the icing on the Oblivious Cupcake that is Coco Montresse.
    The orange, sour, bitter icing.

    • Every one of those icing adjectives made me cackle.

      • Melizmatic

        It’s a perfect description of Coco; serving you ‘Bitter Tangerine’ realness…

  • For once, I disagree with you. However, it’s only on one point. I don’t really think Alaska slacked off. Their flag routine was one of the only good ones, and I loved their kooky cat burglars schtick. I did, however, often find my eyes more drawn to the army guy during that bit, and I knew she’d get called out for it. Though they have to make their partner look amazing, they should always ensure that they shine brighter than their partner. And unfortunately, she didn’t achieve that, but the rest I liked. And hey, ding dong, the witch is dead! Byeeeeeeeeeee Coco, don’t let the door of the old folks home hit you on the way in…

  • Oh, and they should totally have you guys as guest judges next season. That would be THE best fucking idea ever!

  • /ugh, Roxxxy’s incessant eye-rolling over her protegé being short and hairy really pissed me off though.

    I agree that the AIDS thing felt a little stagey, but I assumed they were probably told to rehash a conversation they already had off camera or something. Props to Jinkx for going out of her way to accomodate him while Roxxxy was moaning about hers being short.

  • I laughed last week when Coco was gloating about Alyssa leaving. I thought, “Bitch, don’t you know she’s the only reason you’re still here?” FINALLY.

  • donaldhitemusic

    Although I think Coco was probably the right one to go home based JUST on this challenge, it was obvious that she was going home no matter what. The editing of the critiques was extremely harsh for Coco. It’s not that it wasn’t deserved, but it just appeared like the writing was completely on the wall (which I’m sure it was).

    Alaska/Nebraska had their problems, but I found the bank robber shtick pretty charming. I think for a person doing drag for the first time, having a character or gag is probably helpful. It takes a extreme amount of confidence to just walk down the runway and stare at the judges (ala Detox). I imagine a character helps loosen the first-timers up quite a bit, and if so, it’s a smart strategy.

    Detox/Bethadone had some other problems, but the look was fierce. And what was up with Michelle’s comments about the bow?? Just because they didn’t like a box that Roxxxy wore once means that all future contestants should refrain from ever placing a bow on the front of their body, regardless off the proportion or how it actually looks on them?? Have we lost the ability to judge things on their actual merit, so we’re just supposed to be guided by generalizations, Michelle? Sorry, I digress…

    I didn’t think Coco’s partner looked as bad as the judges let on, but their look/presentation were definitely lackluster and didn’t have either the fiercness or the wit that (in my eyes) saved Alaska and Detox.

    And TLo, THANK YOU for finally commenting on White Pit Crew’s odd tattoos… they look like a work in progress to me, but still they’re strange.

    • Michelle’s critiques often puzzle me – like ragging on contestants for wearing green? What does it matter that she personally doesn’t like that colour? It seems overly subjective.

      And I think his tattoos are cute, they’re unusual and a little strange, like him ^^

  • donaldhitemusic

    Also, I think the critique that Jinkx painted her vet “older” is kinda BS… I think it has more to do with the lack of facial hair making him look older. The goatee seemed to give his jaw more definition, and a little more youthful looking face. I think the styling was MEANT to play up the old lady aspect.

    I’m sure this has been voiced a million times before, but I feel like bitching about it now. The ageism in drag (and society at large) is so annoying. I’ll take a Miranda Priestly or Julia Sugarbaker over a thousand Selena Gomezes any day of the week. I’ll take Chad Michael’s perfection over Phi Phi’s “new generation blah blah I don’t give a bleep”. Fierce is fierce, regardless of age. Actually I take that back. I think it’s harder to be fierce as you’re older, and more admirable when it happens. Any arrogant 20-something can stomp around in a cloud of self-delusional and think they’re the shit (Coco was pretty good at it as well, despite her 20-somethings being far behind her), but for an older, wiser, more world-weary person to have the gumption to be fabulous for it’s own sake, that’s an accomplishment worth celebrating. It’s almost a victory over time’s erosive effects (both physically and spiritually/emotionally). Of all the vets, watching Jinkx’s gave me the most joy. And that smile on his face in the above picture is exuberant.

    Long live Ousier Bouderaux…

  • Mariah J

    Coco’s face looked busted too IMO

    • Lilyana_F

      Coco’s face has always looked busted to me, she definitely needs to step up her make-up game.

  • dallyan

    I think it’s going to be Roxxxy and Jinkx for the final. I’ve been thinking that for a while because Roxxxy has always come across as very ambitious to me, and though I don’t really like her, she is very polished. I love me some Alaska, but I think she’s better as a performer and comedian than as a well-rounded drag queen. Her dresses are often not up to par and her hair/makeup is pretty much one repeat after another. Detox is sweet but doesn’t seem that into the competition. She seems more interested in giggling and prancing around, which is fine but hey, it’s not going to get you into the top. Coco? Bitch, bye.

  • myristica_fragrans

    initially, i hated coco and alyssa and wanted them both to get run over by a bus so i didn’t have to keep hearing about that damn crown, but as the show wore on, alyssa grew on me. she was funny and silly and didn’t take herself so seriously. coco needed to get a sense of humor and seemed to think that being a headliner automatically made her the most qualified contestant and beyond all reproach.

    i was getting so sick of her endless passive aggressive shit stirring. of course she’ll be on the reunion talking about how she was edited badly.

  • Linderella

    While I do think Detox and Coco deserved to be in the bottom two, they do get props for giving their sisters my favorite names of the night! Beth Adone and Horchata–I laughed so hard I thought I was gonna wake the neighbors.

  • Coco’s gone, so I want to quote Alyssa and scream “THANK THE RU GODS”.

    I agreed with George: Roxxxy, judging by padding alone, was the clear winner. She really brought her A++ game to this challenge. Now I fear Detox won’t be a part of the final three: she’s just not brought it in any challenge at all and just crawling her way to the finale. I still think she should be the third finalist (Roxxxy is still way more limited as a performer and her character is not as original as Detox’s), but she needs to have the same realization Coco and Roxxxy had: she’s far from being the frontrunner and she really need to give the judges an epic OHMYGOD moment.

    • MichaelStrangeways

      Detox is an amazing performer but she’s been phoning it in for the entire show…she acts like she just doesn’t care and she never really tries very hard at ANYTHING! She’s the biggest disappointment of the season and I wonder if the producers felt the same way.

      Also, it was a mistake casting her and Alaska in the same season…they’re too similar in style and physicality. And, I think it’s hurt both of them.

      Guessing by this year’s casting, I’m thinking the original intention of World of Wonder was to create a “Kooks vs The Pageant Queens” drama with a sideline of the Coco/Alyssa feud. But, two of the “kooks” (Alaska and Detox) immediately bonded and didn’t create any drama…they just stood there while Jinkx got the brunt of the Pageant girl’s ire. Then, the awful feud took central stage for too long and Jinkx really has NO competition when it comes to talent.

      If it wasn’t for Jinkx, I would have lost interest a long time ago. There’s NO competition this year…there’s one winner, two layabouts and three bitter pageant girls…yawn.

  • demidaemon

    I actually felt like this was a pretty tight race to the bottom. It also seemed like the only time in 5 seasons where the performance actually mattered in the judging process. I felt Detox put together a stronger runway presentation than Alaska and Coco, but she and Beth clearly had the worst colorguard performance (it really was a “shitshow,” as Detox said. They tallied up the numbers and Alaska edged out Detox ever so slightly.

    • Chartreusite

      Agreed. Although I will say Alaska’s concept had a lot of wit to it (cat burglars? love it) it wasn’t executed as well as it should considering the look was so clean and simple. Detox’s didn’t deserve the win but her presentation was solid middle even if her performance was crap. Then again, I feel like Detox has a lot of negative judge momentum whereas Alaska has a lot of positive judge momentum so regardless it makes some sense.

  • Chartreusite

    Although I’m a little underwhelmed by the runway and challenge performance this season, I think the way it’s been edited and going down is pretty interesting. Jinkx is getting the underdog “poor little me” edit even though she’s score-wise the frontrunner in almost every way. Roxxxy is still getting the villain tag even though her most current course of action isn’t far-off from the usual shit-talking drag queens have given each other in the past (she certainly hasn’t reached phi-phi levels of incoherence and malice). The comedy queen for the first time is running circles around the competition, the pageant queen has rallied to make a final last stand and nab the crown, and the quirky queens are being surprisingly too low-key. I think the finale will be really interesting this year: We’ll either have a coronation, a mild disagreement or a huge “robbery” depending who wins against who.

  • My DVR cut off “Untucked” – and I was oddly OK with that this week.

  • I think it was Michelle who said that Alaska needs to work on her “craft”, and that hit the nail on the head for me. Her busted wigs and cheapo dresses are just unacceptable. I get that she’d never made hip pads before, but those were obviously hideous, she should have tried again.

    Coco’s makeup last night was very attractive. For a real woman, which is kind of a problem. Whatever, time for the bitch to go.

    Fucking Roxxxy, why’d you have to do such a good makeup job? Your makeup is always horrible, how did you even? BITCH GO HOME.

  • They were just pretending to act like DQ’s in a fight for fun, but pretending to be serious. It’s what some of the others do probably as well, but a whole lot better. 😀

  • Cambel

    Coco’s make up job on that man made him look like the scene in “Revenge of the Nerds” when the football players dressed as cheerleaders for the skit. Ogre had better make-up than what Coco gave him. That combined with how unpleasant she was made me glad she is gone.