RuPaul’s Drag Race: Day of the Dead

Posted on April 02, 2013

We suppose the opening minutes provided a clue as to how this episode was going to go.


We didn’t love the sharing circle idea, just because it’s one of those goofy challenges that doesn’t really have anything to do with drag, as far as we can tell.


Oh, sure; crying on cue would be a great skill for any drag queen to have, but we question whether most of the most successful drag queens (including Ru herself) are capable of it or ever really needed it in their careers. There are talented, working actors who find it difficult to cry on cue, so we can’t really see it as a criterion for America’s Next Drag Superstar.

Of course, the queens all picked up on the fact that they were supposed to camp it up, but none of it really sparkled. Alaska and Jinkx probably did better than any of them due to their comedy skills, but we didn’t really laugh.


And then Detox had to go and get all serious about it. How many of y’all thought she was gonna pull a “PSYCH!” at the end?

Oddly, Detox’s true emotional reaction in a challenge about faking emotional reactions garnered her the co-win. We suppose there’s a term paper’s worth of discussion as to the nature of real vs. false in the world of drag. But if you look at it a certain way, Ru rewarded a queen for bringing her own pain into a performance. That’s very drag.

Even so, it was on odd challenge and it set the tone for a very lackluster episode, we’re sorry to say.


A Mexican telenovela was a hilarious idea for a drag challenge. Unfortunately, the scripts sucked and the celebrity co-star seemed acutely embarrassed to be there. We just wanted to hand Wilmer a 50 and say “Sorry about this. You can go, if you want.”


And because the scripts were unfunny and the only trained actor in the room wanted the floor to open up and swallow him, none of the queens gave any kind of performance that could conceivably be called good.


No, not even Jinkx and Alaska. Just because their performances were the best of the lot doesn’t make them good performances. Everything was loud and screechy and you could just feel all the players casting about desperately to find a joke somewhere in the mess.


Serving up Negative Michelle Visage realness.



So congrats once again to Jinkx! We hope Miss Thing is strapping on her kevlar bra, because the other ladies are GUNNING for her now. We loved this look not just for being bold and unexpected, but for having a really modern take on drag. It doesn’t surprise us that the other queens in the room didn’t get it.


When we saw her lounging around on Untucked in this outfit, it struck us how comfortable and easy to wear it seemed. That spurred a harrumph and a “It’s not drag if it doesn’t hurt after a while” out of us. Which is perhaps a bit extreme of us, but still. While the look is cute, it doesn’t exactly smack of real effort.


Gotta give it up to Miss Roxxxy.  As we said, no one gave good performances in the telenovelas, but we can appreciate that she worked her ass off to sell a performance. And we like that she looks quite different this week. She’s that rare bit of reality show cannon fodder who manages a late-in-the-game rally. We’ll see how far it takes her.


We were shocked the judges didn’t rag on her for this look. It’s fine and all, but the dress looks cheap and everything north of her neck remains largely unchanged from previous looks.


Frankly, we didn’t have any real problem with Alyssa’s stated strategy of doing her best in the challenges but relying on the lip synch to keep her in the game. She’s a pageant queen and a dancer. The lip synch plays to all her strengths as a competitor. All of the queens do the same thing; they maximize their assets and muddle through on their weak spots. They all sounded like a bunch of hypocrites.

This look was definitely awkward and not a winner, but Santino seemed weirdly offended by it and all we could think as he was ragging on her for it was…



Bitch, PLEASE.


Don’t EVEN get us started on this shit-stirring bitch. We never would have thought we’d get to the point where we’re defending Alyssa and willing to throw things at Coco just to get her to shut up, but here we are.  Every Untucked becomes the “Coco Reads Everyone For Filth” show. When will one of these queens just turn to her and say “Bitch, will you shut your sour face the fuck UP?”

But we have to admit, this was a really great look, even if the flowers looked dollar store.


So the lip synch came down to the one we’ve all been waiting for and we have to give the ladies credit, it was epic as hell. Miss Alyssa brought every move she had in her arsenal and Miss Coco maximized her considerable attitude by literally pointing to her lips to make her point to the judges. It was definitely in the top 3 lip synchs of all time, if not the best ever. And it’s a shame Ru used up her “You both get to stay” card earlier in the season, because these two bitches deserved it.


But it was time for the Alyssa/Coco feud to come to an end. It was played out for the season and Alyssa had pulled everything she had out of her bag of tricks long ago. She’s a fierce queen, we have to admit, and the competition’s going to be duller without her awkward social skills and entertaining cluelessness when she’s out of drag. Out of the two of them, she came out looking much, much better than Coco does, to our eyes.



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  • Bye Miss Alyssa! You were fierce and (unintentionally) funny and I would kill for your make up skills. Now if someone can get rid of Coco next I can enjoy the next few episodes to where it comes down to Alaska, Jinkx and Roxxy.

    • I don’t know that any of the remaining queens can out lip synch Coco. She’s pretty darn fierce at it. Detox and Roxxxy have had their turns in the bottom, so we know what they can do… and I don’t think it’s enough to give Coco the boot. It could be that Coco makes top three, but then is the bottom of that three so she never even gets the chance to LSFYL for the crown.

    • duneboi

      Or Jinkx, Alaska, Detox

  • If I were a Spanish-speaking queen, I would be pissed that Ru and Co. waited until there were no Spanish-speaking queens to pull out the telenovela challenge.

    • rococodada

      Good point!

    • Introspective

      Girl I said the same thing to myself on the couch last nite!!!! This was a moment where someone like Lineyshia could have shone, and maybe proven that her dead on imitation of Tyra Sanchez wasnt a fluke.

      how sad that this challenge was kept in the reserve until well after all the ESL girls were sent home…

      • Exactly! Or even earlier seasons. Can’t you just see Alexis Mateo and Yara Sofia serving campy soap opera realness? RPDR often has challenges that are catered to the strengths of specific queens (Shangela and stand-up comedy, Alyssa and dancing), so why not do this challenge with the queens that are guaranteed to shine?

      • Because they have a schedule of challenges, and they don’t know when the schedule is decided who’s going to be there and when, probably.

    • DonnaL

      Isn’t Roxxy Spanish-speaking?

      • Melizmatic

        Roxy is Latina; but IDK is she actually speaks Español…

      • CarlyHo

        Yes. They showed her speaking Spanish with Lineysha in the Snatch Game episode.

    • StellaZafella

      I don’t think this challenge had to do with Spanish speaking queens or not…it’s a classic premise for sending up a style of drama and Jessica Wild is the only queen I think would have had the hutzpah to satirize the Telenovella any better than these kids did, bad scripts and all.

      • No, I agree. It’s less about the speaking of Spanish, and more about the high-spirited and campy energy many of the Spanish-speaking queens have brought to their performances. Although, I imagine none of them would have been read for their Dracula-esque accents!

      • Airkisses

        Jessica Wild! Oh, how I miss her! She was awesome, loved her rock challenge.

    • I don’t think that was intentional. The episode challenges are scheduled in a certain order and who’s there is there when they happen. It is a shame, though, that none of the PR queens lasted long enough for this. Too bad this wasn’t a challenge during Yara Sofia’s season because I’m sure she would have nailed it.

  • PeaceBang

    Love Alyssa 4-EVA. Really, she just charmed the hell out of me and I’ll really miss her. Meanwhile, Jinx’s Dia de los Muertos look had me in instant gay-gasp. I had so hoped that Roxxxy would be the one going home before Alyssa but I have to admit, she as funny in the pathetic skit and really pulled out a new look for the runway.

  • Introspective

    I must say that those bitches, annoying as they were with the overly dragged out but still ill explained pageant drama of the past, TURNED that shit OUT last nite in the lip synch!!!! I too thought Ru could have kept both of them for how ON POINT they were. It was a hall of fame lip synch. Only one better so far in my recent memory was Latrice’s lip synch of Natural Woman which was so sickening it made me cry.

    But Coco is downright nasty now. She’s withered every shred of goodwill she might have had in her untucked rants. And agree with TLo that Alyssa, cray as she was, started to seem like the more sympathetic one in the feud. Whatever, the Coco-Alyssa show down is FINALLY OVER!! We can move on to the central competition of who is America’s next drag superstar, as opposed to the unnecessary focus on the beef from a pageant that not enough viewers know about to care about.

    • rococodada

      My favorite LSFYL is the Raja/Carmen sex-overload.

      • For REALS. My top 3- Raja/Carmen, Manilla’s MacArthur Park, and this one with Coco and Alyssa.

    • Fisher&SonsFuneralHome

      One my top lip sync’s was Jujubee and her sultry “Black Velvet.” Latrice’s “Natural Woman” was surprisingly moving and also brought a tear to my eye.

    • MK03

      I really think Coco should have been sent home. Her lipsynch just wasn’t as good, and I am so fucking sick of her talking shit about everyone else in the room and playing the “I’m just sayin'” card when she gets called on it. She’s a cunt who can’t even own her cuntiness.

    • Joe J

      Manila Luzon. MacArthur Park. The end.

      • Perfect Liar

        YES. And Dida Ritz’s “This Will Be.” I refuse to delete that episode from my DVR

        • YES! This Will Be with the little ecstatic jog-in-place steps! Mama! Have mercy!

    • SpillinTea

      Best. COMBINED. Lipsync. Ever. Individually they weren’t the best ever, but as a whole? Without a doubt. NEVER have both queens turnt it out like that.

  • rococodada

    Jinkx has GOT to win.

  • CoCo was unknowingly serving up Celia Cruz realness.

    • Melizmatic

      Back in Celia’s heyday?

      She really was, good call.

  • I’m so glad that the judges got Jinkx’s runway, but I fear that Alaska is still going to be crowned, just so that she and Sharon can each be winners. I think Alaska is great, but she’s not nearly the queen Jinkx is (from the show and from what I’ve seen on YouTube of both of them).

    • Missy Covington

      I don’t think that Alaska really has a chance above Jinkx and Detox in particular (and maybe Roxxxy with a comback?). Not that she’s not an extremely talented and funny queen, but the runway is quite similar and a bit lackluster week-to-week.

      It was masterful editing moments before Jinkx got her critique. For a moment I thought they were going to read her to filth and then…lo and behold, they liked it! Whew!

      • StellaZafella

        They’ve been doing the psyche-out edit in the last few episodes with Jinkx’s critiques because of Michelle’s turn-around on her looks. It’s just playing up the “water off a duck’s back” scenario with a twist to play with her insecurities and , maybe, get her to own her greatness more…as she’s been doing recently. I loved the glare on Roxxxy’s face when Jinkx said flat out that she (Jinkx) was the best this episode and she deserved to win.
        Roxxy called her out for not owning her own greatness and she took it to heart! Good for them both, haha!

    • StellaZafella

      I don’t care who gets top three since we get to keep seeing them all next season so long as it’s Jinkx, Alaska, Detox in any order…and not COCO!!!!

    • Why would the producers be determined to make Sharon and Alaska both winners?

      If anything, they’re probably inclined to not give it to Alaska, because (rightly or wrongly) it would be seen as rewarding the same “type” twice in a row.

  • Missy Covington

    I was elated that Coco and Alyssa were LSFYL-ing against each other because it meant that thank GOD one of them would finally go home and the never-ending, played-out, raggedy-ass feud (or “feud”) would end.

    • Fisher&SonsFuneralHome

      I will be PISSED if they keep Coco around til final 3 a la Phi Phi O’Hara. She did not deserve to go to the final. Damn producers!

      • Missy Covington

        I was hoping that it would be Coco and not Alyssa that got sent home this time…but I’m satisfied with just one of them–either of them–for now. I don’t think Coco will advance much further–though it depends on the challenges. She has bombed *so* many just by exhibiting a complete unwillingness to step outside her comfort zone. If the next few challenges hit her sweet spot of talent, she might make it through.

        Though I can’t imagine what that sweet spot would be. /snark

        • Fisher&SonsFuneralHome

          I cant imagine she’d do well with the drag makeover challenge since its another that requires working with others. Hopefully she’ll be next to go unless Detox isn’t able to pull it out next challenge.

        • Krafty_L

          That, to me, is the irony. Coco was calling out Alyssa for not “trying” in the challenges, and relying on her lip synch to get to the end. The opposite is true: Alyssa was always game for whatever the challenge may be, and even when it doesn’t play to her strengths, approached it with a good attitude. Coco just freezes during challenges that don’t play to her as-yet-unseen talents, such as the Draggle Rock and Can I Get An Amen episodes. I really thought that Alyssa had the better LSFYL this week, and that’s not only because I can’t wait for Coco to sashay away.

          • OneBigPear

            This! Alyssa had possibly the best attitude I’ve ever seen.

          • Absolutely agree! I was so impressed with her in Can I Get an Amen challenge — that’s when I both really started to become an Alyssa fan and disliking Coco intensely. They both had to work with someone that they had baggage with. They both had to go in that first slot. And Alyssa, bless her heart, had an ADDED disadvantage because she can’t carry a tune. But while Coco was bitching and moaning the whole time, Alyssa was putting her heart into to try to make up for the lacking in her singing ability, and preparing for the LSFYL.

          • Airkisses


  • Fisher&SonsFuneralHome

    I liked Detox’s runway look. Yeah, Im sure it was comfortable to wear but so what? And the Sombrero pulled it all together. I dont know why the judges gave her such a hard time.

  • Cannot understand why Detox was not in bottom two with Alyssa with that pathetic runway outfit, but I guess Ru had to have Coco vs. Alyssa. It was dramatic, I admit, fitting in with the telenovela theme.

    Alaska should have won though for her acting. Jinkx’s runway was too cheap/Party City, especially the striped tights.

    • MilaXX

      Detoxx wasn’t in the bottom because Ru wanted the Coco/Alyssa showdown.

    • And Alaska’s looked pure haute couture? Come on.

    • StellaZafella

      Remember: “Party City” won last year…
      I saw Jinkx’s as more Tim Burton does Grateful Dead Flygirl than Dia de los Muertos…it’s the striped tights that took it there. I love Jinkx, she’s not trying to be anybody else and her style is off-beat and funny…Jerek could take Jinkx to SNL any day.

    • SpillinTea

      Because Detox could possibly get sent home. Her little lip quiver move got old pretty damn fast. And because everyone wanted the Coco/Alyssa LSFYL Battle Royale.

    • There’s no way in hell Detox’s acting in the challenge was as bad as Alyssa’s or Coco’s. Not even close.

  • Frank_821

    Yes indeed. whatever good qualities Coco has, they are totally overshadowed by her camera whoring and shit stirring. I wish Ru had told her to shut up during the judging. There is something so hypocritical about she presents herself to the point fo caricarture-and not in the good or fun way

  • Jessi03

    Oh, Alyssa. I will miss you so much. I knew from the start that she wouldn’t win, but it sure was fun to have her around! Jinkx’s Day of the Dead outfit had my jaw dropping. She looked fantastic. Detox’s runway look was really disappointing to me and I’m kind of shocked they didn’t read her more. She and Alyssa really deserved to be in the bottom 2, but the producers had decided it was Alyssa’s turn to go and they’d be damned if they didn’t have an Alyssa/Coco showdown. Too bad Alyssa sashayed. Now Coco will be even more insufferable. I can see it now, when she leaves…”Well, at least I beat Alyssa.” Ugh. GTFO, shady bitch.

  • MK03

    I’ll miss Alyssa and her hilarious mugging. And her exclamations of “son of a bitch” when there’s an acting challenge.

    • VicD

      And, “yesssss gott.”

    • Airkisses

      I know! Some of the decisions seemed very odd tonight and I wonder how much if it was production-strategic. For one thing, I would’ve put Detox in the bottom along with Alyssa based on the fact that her outfit was not as strong as Coco’s and her telenovela performance wasn’t, I felt, any better or worse. But, then Detox probably would have been sent home!

      And secondly, Alyssa won the lipsynch, to my eyes. Coco’s had plenty of mis-steps in her outfits as well, and she can’t act either. Anyone else think the producers might’ve wanted to keep Coco around as a “villain”? Except everyone hates watching Coco and loves watching Alyssa. The show is way more enjoyable with the latter than with the former, IMO.

      Nutshell: Alyssa should’ve stayed and Coco should’ve gone home.

  • TDSE

    There might have better individual LSFYLs, LaTrice’s “Natural Woman” and Dida’s “From Now On” come to mind immediately, but as a combined effort this one was surely the best there has ever been.

    Sad to see Alyssa go, as I surely would have preferred her to stay over Coco. She will be the next go, right?

    Jynx’s make-up was phenomenal, but I wish she’d just tell the other girls to screw themselves and get some confidence.
    I’m expecting her and Alaska in the end, but really it’s a toss-up between Roxxxy and Detox with who will be third, especially given the former’s in-game rally. Should be interesting.

    • Melizmatic

      I agree that Dida gets over-looked for the LSFYL ‘memorable moments.’

      She wasn’t the strongest queen in her season, but for that song, she really turned it out.

      • TDSE

        She was quite phenomenal in both of her LSFYLs, she was just unfortunate in having to go up against Latrice Royal in the second one.

        • Melizmatic


  • Krafty_L

    Does anyone else think Detox is a ringer? I think she is the Willam of this season – placed there by the producers to keep things interesting but not to win. I can’t think of another reason they keep saying that she is not living up to her potential. She has been consistently B+ all season, yet they seem to expect an A performance from her.

    Also – Go Jinkx! Easily my favorite this season.

    • MichaelStrangeways

      I think Detox is great but she has been very…lazy on the show. She’s a big disappointment, both her and Alaska.

      • I find Detox more of a disappointment because I feel like Alaska is at least trying.

        • Krafty_L

          That’s partly why I suspect Detox has been planted on the show. She really doesn’t seem to worry, take the challenges seriously, or listen to the judge’s critiques. Maybe she really IS that confident and unflappable!

    • I think that’s what Alyssa & Coco were there for.

    • AnotherG

      Yeah, it’s a little weird. Week after week of, “I expect more from you.” I’m starting to wonder, “Why are you expecting it?” Not that I don’t think she’s charming and funny. She mixes up her looks too, mostly. But it does feel like she’s coasting. Well, now that the numbers are dwindling, she’s got to pull out the stops, and maybe she’s been giving enough to stay in it, and keeping things in reserve for the tougher eliminations.
      But as someone else observed . . . she brought a sombrero with her? How . . . foresightful.

      • Each season they tell the contestants in advance what the theme of certain runways will be. For example, the season three contestants were told to bring an outer-space-related drag outfit with them, and it showed on the runway.

        I’m sure, this season, they were told there would be a challenge related to telenovelas (or maybe just Latin culture in general).

        I think the reason they’re expecting more from Detox is because she’s very accomplished in the drag world.

  • Santino better have a torch and flashlight because the shade ya’ll cast was deep and everlasting.

    Snaps of utmost respect.

  • shanteUstay

    I’m irritated. I really enjoyed Alyssa, she had a beautiful face and she was clearly the more mature out of she and coco .
    And out of the lip sync I would have pet her. There’s more to it than mouthing words, in reality no one would pay to see a show where someone just pointed at their sour old mouth. And she SHOULD’VE sent smack asking roxxxy home too

  • hac51

    The Santino ‘lingerie’ collection screencap is The Read of the Year. Well done.

    • Introspective

      Yall came for Santino and read him for FILTH with that brown shit he trotted out in his PR season.

      snaps TLO. just snaps.

      • Melizmatic

        Santino needs to written, read, and then erased.

    • MarTeaNi

      I still can’t even with those sad frosted deer. Hack Couture Furries.

      • I think they look more angry than sad, ready to gore Santino with their horns.

    • Jordan Brodley

      During the roast episode my friends and I were talking about what we would say to the judges for santino I would say “Oh, Santino, sometimes I just want to say auf weidershein to you, or should I write it on the back of my panties?”

    • Iroqhard

      God yes. I had truly forgotten about that My Little Home on the Prairie horror until I scrolled down. Thank goodness I was not drinking anything because it would be all over my laptop.

    • – I remember watching that and thinking: wow – he actually pulled off being racist towards a german.

  • Okay, future LSFYLers… if you can’t do a jump spin into the splits or better, keep your taint off the floor! That move made me gasp. That was, indeed, a fierce as hell LSFYL and, to be honest, I had it pegged from the start that Coco and Alyssa would meet each other on that stage and Coco would be the one to win.

    Alyssa did actually grow on me throughout the season. Her dressage horse runway stomps, her emoting at the mirror as she paints herself, and her stream of unintentional hilarity when it came to any challenge that required acting… she really wound up being a lot of fun.

    Jinkx’ Dia de los Muertos drag was FABULOUS. That was some serious artistic skill going on there. When she said that’s what she was going to do, I had a feeling it was either going to win the whole thing or send her to the bottom and the second they cut to Roxxxy’s talking head “Monsoon the buffoon” I knew it would be a WINNER. Loved Ru’s gasp when she lowered the fan… just great.

    And now all the queens are pointing out Jinkx as the REAL competition? It’s about time some of those bitches woke the fuck up. But, Jinkxy… LOOK OUT. They’s gunnin’ for you now!

    • Roxxxy’s crap toward Jinkx is so annoying anyway. Admittedly, I prefer a funny queen, but I also like a pretty queen. What I DON’T like is a queen who thinks HER way of doing drag is THE way to do drag. You don’t see Jinkx up there slamming Roxxxy every week for being just a pretty face.

      • StellaZafella

        Roxxxy’s a pretty face? All I can see is 4 tons of eyelashes and a VERY BIG MOUTH… “Sequenced dress”

        • “A pretty face” meaning that Roxxxy is about the look — that’s her thing. I hesitate to call her a pageant queen, (which is what she referred to herself as) because I think that implies a queen who is serious about being fishy, but also with a talent beyond putting together her look. Coco has her singing, Alyssa has her dancing, that kind of thing. I’ve yet to really see ANY kind of talent from Roxxxy, including her lip sync — I wasn’t impressed by her.

      • What’s amazing about Jinkx is that she may not necessarily be considered textbook pretty (she is pretty, don’t get me wrong), but the more you watch the show and get to know her (as much as you can on a reality tv, but still) and realize how witty and funny she is, the prettier she becomes. That’s when you know you’ve got a real winner, even if they lose in the end.

    • SpillinTea

      Sahara Davenport (RIP) did that jump spin split move first. And it was just as jaw dropping then.

      • Melizmatic

        She sure did; good call and double RIP.

        • Airkisses

          She was a class act.

          • Melizmatic

            Yes, she was.

    • I wanna see a queen do a true Leyomi drop during the lip synch.

      • Milan did some vogue dips last year, and Alyssa kinda did one near the end this week, but it was hard to tell with that dress.

      • Nobody drops like Tandi Iman Dupree doing “I need a Hero.” It’s on youtube, and all I will say is Ouchie!

    • “Keep your taint off the floor” is my new house rule. 😀

  • MilaXX

    They have got to tone down the sad sack stories. I was definitely one waiting for detox to say “Psyche!” at the end. I know part of drag is using one’s pain, but seriously, the overkill of sad stories this season is making me immune to them all.

    Can we just give Jinx the win no? Loved her face. It’s all the rage on the more outrageous makeup communities, but it was a fresh look for drag race. Praise must be given to Roxxy for changing her look. Her look matched the challenge and her face paint made her look 40 instead of her usuals 60 year old Lanie Kazan body look.

    Good lip synch but I was done with Alyssa/Coco weeks ago.

  • GTrain

    I thought Roxy’s runway was the best. her makeup was flawless, not overdone for a change.

  • MK03

    Is anyone else creeped out by Santino? It’s reached the point where I’m physically uncomfortable when he’s onscreen. He always seems like he’s one remark away from storming the stage and molesting someone.

    • Joe J

      He’s looking more and more like an early draft of Gollum. Someone needs to wing him some sopapillas, stat.

  • And I continue to wish Jinkx were my biffle. Though I wish her sugar skull makeup were more ornate – sugar skulls are beautifully intricate. Still really strong though, and totally a well-deserved win.

    That really is the best makeup Roxxxy’s ever had – her nose doesn’t look modeled on Michael Jackson’s final nose for once. Plus, I appreciate Flamenco realness.

    Both of the lip sync screen caps look like Coco is beating Alyssa with her sleeves, and that seems to sum it up right.

    Coco is annoying as hell but I still can’t believe no one ever read Alyssa for how busted her makeup looked on the runway so often.

    I really want a queen to come out in a version of Santino’s lingerie, down to the silly deer makeup, to fuck with his head. And I like Santino, but that would be some good tv.

    • VioletFem

      This is episode was the first time that Roxxy’s make-up didn’t look overdone or weirdly unflattering. This is her best runway look by far.

      • Melizmatic

        She still had that weird white “cat’s mask” outline around her eyebrows, though; ever since one of the Kittens pointed it out, every time I look at her now, I simply can’t unsee it.

        Maybe because she still does it every, single time.

    • For some reason this look and the Cheshire cat/Dia de la muerta mashup look are all the rage on makeup communities. Some really talented folks out there. I think Jinx may have toned her look down for the competition.

      • I find it slightly awkwardly culturally appropriative when it’s random white girls doing it, but I don’t mind Jinkx doing it in the context of a latino culture based challenge. But I’m not Mexican so I don’t even judge that much in the first place because I’m not sure how offensive it is – we don’t do Dia de la Muerte where my family’s from; Colombia does its crazy characters for Carnival instead, in general. But I do think sugar skulls are gorgeous so I wish we had them too.

        • I hope it is not considered offensive. While I don’t wear makeup that crazy I am continually amazed at what some of these people can do.

          • Airkisses

            I am Mexican and I am not offended! The whole Dia de Muertos affair is gorgeous and dramatic, it lends itself to such artistry and recognition. I was pleased and impressed to see Jynkx dolled-up thusly. As long as it’s not done in a mocking tone, it’s all good.

    • It does look like Mortal Kombat up there in the LSFYL.

  • Pretty sure the mini-challenge was a funny, literal riff on the movie “The Crying Game,” which Ru referenced directly while introducing it.

    • Airkisses

      which you all should watch, if you haven’t already. GREAT movie!

  • VioletFem

    I’m going to pretend the first 10 minutes of this episode didn’t happen because it was so confusing. The Telenovela challenges were fun, even if the scripts weren’t as funny as I’d hope they would be. I don’t understand Santino. It sometimes looks like he’s just trying to say the most shocking thing he can think of, even if it has no bearing in reality.
    There have been some spectacularly bad outfits on this runway but Alyssa’s outfit was far from the worst that the runway has ever seen. I was disappointed that Detox wasn’t able to really bring it for this episode, I actually thought she acted pretty well but she really dropped the ball with the runway outfit. I just loved Jinx in this episode she was on point on all fronts. Can’t way to see her win the crown.

    • Krafty_L

      There have been far worse outfits THIS SEASON. Roxy’s pink spandex sausage casing comes to mind immediately…

      • VioletFem

        Seriously! It’s like he has amnesia. Or just like to be shocking for the sake of it .

      • Airkisses

        and both Serena Cha cha’s outfits

  • Melizmatic

    Okay, so first of all;

    You two, Tom and Lorenzo, have just garnered my undying affection for life (or at least until next season) for calling Santino out on his ‘Mohamed’s Mountain’ of bullshit; I was thinking the exact same thing when he came for Alyssa.

    Like, really, bitch???

    Have you ever even seen your own dubious “creations” which you have the audacity to call ‘garments’?

    I just can’t with him.


    Yes, I was totally expecting Detox to be joking, the “win” would have been far more deserved of she had pulled out of it and shouted “psyche!” at the end.

    Didn’t love the telenova challenge, but rock on Jinkx for thinking outside the proverbial box with her “Calavera” runway look.

    LOVE that once again Roxy (sorry bitch, you’ve been demoted to just one ‘X’) was ignorantly trashing Jinkx, and once again Jinkx totally made her EAT IT by winning the challenge.

    I’m past ready for her delusional ass to go, but it can wait til “Bitter Bitch Almighty” (better known as Coco) sashays away.

    I really, really want it to be Jinkx, Alaska and Detox for the final 3, in that order.


    Yes, finally!

    The Coco-Alyssa feud is over (or at least finally off my damn tv screen) and yes, both bitches Turned. It. OUT.’

    • duneboi

      Triple snaps for the read!

      • Melizmatic


  • THAT RIGHT THERE is what I think of EVERY TIME Santino tries to read a queen’s outfit. NO. He is the worst judge on that show.

  • GTFOBigGovt

    Jerick Hoffer (Jinkx) is a summa cum laude graduate of Cornish College with a theater major. He starred in Hedwig, Rent as Angel and Spring Awakening as Moritz this past year. That makes him a “trained actor” and he certainly worked harder at his performance than that red herring guest “actor”. The directions were to play it BIG and over the top which Jerick followed. It’s the director’s job to pull it back if it’s too big or to demand more if it’s too small. EVERY theater director would rather pull an actor in a big versus begging for more, as we saw in the perfume challenge as soon as Jinkx was told to pull it i a bit, she did so immediately and accurately.

    It’s time, after 5 freaking seasons of displaying lip sync as a “talent” that RPDR reward other RECOGNIZED talents like acting, comedy and bringing creativity and vision to a role. Not to mention rewarding a Character Queen who actually has a complete character versus imitating other people like Chad and Coco, both real talents but NOT the same thing as bringing your own character into the world and giving her life. Jinkx is the only one in RPDR history to have her own character, even though the production ignores that part of his drag.

    • StellaZafella

      Sharon Needles is a pretty original character for this show…and for drag in general. SHe’s also a pretty good actor/singer and comedian.

      • MichaelStrangeways

        Love Sharon but it should be pointed out she’s not even the first “Sharon Needles”…lots of queens over the years have used that punny name.

        • But the name isn’t what entirely makes a character. She definitely has a personality that’s a constructed character.

        • StellaZafella

          I’m the eldest of 3 queens I know of so far to use the name Stella Zafella. Though the other 2 are younger and haven’t yet done drag as long as I did, we each came up with the moniker on our own…it’s a pretty easy pun and ‘punny’ names have been at the crux of humor for drag queens over generations…names may be the same but the personae are total individuals.
          Side note: Some of my favorite ‘Nomes d’Pun” are for the denizens of Le Ballet Troc and Robert Ludlum’s old Ridiculous Theatre Company. Natalia Dumeafava was the all time snorter for me.

      • GTFOBigGovt

        Yes agreed. She opened the door for Jerick to hope his deal would work.

        Sharon is closest to Jinkx but with no backstory or real compelling “fake life” so she’s more in the vein of a John Waters character. Political versus having fake life story things like “Oh I’m sorry I was late to this interview, my son Kami Kazee took my outfit and was outside hustling tricks for pot.” You ALWAYS know what Jinkx is going to say more or less. She is living a very defined life as the aspiring caberet singer hypersexual MILF who steals her son’s boyfriends. There’s always a Lucille Ball type of episode with an ensemble cast.

        If Sharon were in an interview she’s say “Sorry I’m late but I burned my bible for good luck but the car caught on fire”. Both valid as is Chad, but different. And to be a character queen can be very limiting so you better love it and be good at keeping it fresh

    • Damn, preach!!

    • VivianAdvanced

      Great comment! I’ve heard of Wilmer Baldermero (?), but never saw him act in anything. He was such a dud last night and came off as less experienced than the girls! I was expecting one of those spectacularly handsome Latin actors who could really ham it up with the queens, but Wilmer was like some PA they got to step in at the last minute.

      If the whole point of introducing a drag superstar is to enable someone to have a career outside of exclusive clubs, then the comedic character queens with acting chops are more deserving of the crown. Competing in drag pageants isn’t going to be marketable to the masses, and you might as well just do modeling if you’re simply beautiful with no other attributes. RuPaul has been a drag phenomenon because she’s a combination of beauty and wit. Beauty without the entertainment skills doesn’t make a career last. Who wants to shell out money to go see a pageant queen strut around? Queens like Jinkx, Alaska and Detox are talented enough to be shared with the world.

      • They should have gotten the telenovela guy from DWTS a few seasons back — he was sweet and I think he could have had real fun with it.

        • William Levy – he does the commercials with Vanessa Williams as the brown M & M.

          • rococodada

            Is that his name? Wow- his lips- they are obscene.

      • He squicks me out because he seems to have a thing for dating 19 year old actresses.
        I would rather have had John Leguizamo.

        • Leguizamo would have been real competition as a drag queen himself.

          • Melizmatic


            Good call on the reference to “To Wong Foo; Thanks For Everything, Judy Newmar”.


        • I have heard SO many people over the years say that Patrick Swayze was the most attractive of the three To Wong Foo ladies. (And my partner insists it was Wesley Snipes.)

          What the hell are they smoking? Leguizamo was drop-dead gorgeous.

      • GTFOBigGovt

        EXACTLY. Even if we don’t say more deserving (permanently) because lets face it the talent pool is limited and even girls with those skills would need to really firm them up to compete on the show.

        This gig in NY last week showed that. I don’t recall an ensemble like that in RPDR history in a regular old venue like Gramercy but I may be wrong. They happened to have picked queens with talents that translate to mainstream, even Carmen if the bitch would just learn actual Burlesque. TWO purely comedy queens Pandora and Mimi (joke tellers more or less), one character queen Jinkx, a freaking circus juggler Ivy and one classic low camp drag pseudo-comedy queen Alaska who pays homage to a Waters character type of drag off and on..The fact that Alaska and Jinkx are doing classic gay iconography like Cabaret on the road in a pair is refreshing.

        Jinkx LOVES vaudeville in addition to the other stuff and has a webseries with shows doing it with her creative partner (and roomate I think).

        • Could we tone down this kind of commentary please? This isn’t a Jinkx fanblog. It’s a review of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

    • Lip sync is a talent — a great lip sync has to be dynamic, and it requires that you show your emotion through nothing but movement and expression. And imitations are one style of comedy, so I don’t see that as being any different from any other kind of comedy challenge.

      Personally, though, I love that RPDR really does seem to try to give each queen a chance to showcase her particular talents and specialties. Sometimes a queen doesn’t make it far enough to still be on when “her” challenge comes up (like the telenovela challenge with no Latina queens still there), but I think Ru really wants to give each of them a shot at their moment.

      • pdquick

        Roxxxy said last night, “I’m the only Latina left.” I Google her name plus “Latina” and sure enough, she identifies as Latina on her MySpace profile. That’s the first we’ve heard of her identifying as Latin this season, though.

        • GTFOBigGovt

          She and Lyneshia were speaking Spanish. When mocking and cursing Jinkx in Snatch Game workroom.

      • GTFOBigGovt

        I didn’t say lip sync wasn’t a talent but in the REAL mainstream world it’s not – only in the very limited sense of watching female impersonation or something, which 90% of America couldn’t care less about.. And RPDR has had to “ignore” or not demand contestants REALLY having mainstream skills because the talent pool is so limited it would be fair to demand it. Lip sync has been the only creative outlet for thousands of gender expressionists for like, forever, so to write them off would be a travesty. Just like they made Ru’s life story come to life in dance, giving Alyssa a chance to show her incredible skill and talent.

        But that doesn’t mitigate my comment that it’s TIME to actually reward mainstream skills, and I include Pandora and Mimi in that category. Actually SPEAKING LIVE on a mic and creating something from your original brain.:)

        I’m kind of saying RPDR has a chance to get hetero America’s attention with Jerick, garter more respect for the community and pick up where Sharon leaves off having introduced real singing and a full album that did pretty well in the niche, but lets be real I don’t think she’d call herself a “singer” ….just yet.

    • I’m glad to know that Jinkx has “straight” theater experience; I’ve always been partial to gals who can really sing/act, like the incomparable Varla Merman and Justin Vivian Bond. However, I disagree that Jinkx “is the only one is RPDR history to have her own character”, or that the production ignores that aspect. Jinkx should probably be a little more assertive in his self-promotion, without being as repetitive as Willam was about it.

      • GTFOBigGovt

        That’s very true, he had a big challenge to bring Jinkx to life and never succeeded. It took him a minute to even figure out how to use his disparate wardrobe balanced with what they want on the runway.The production most certainly ignores that aspect. Because he broke character and it didn’t fit with what he expected to find as a contestant.

    • Jacqueline Wessel

      Actually, I think Chad Michaels did create quite a few complete characters during his season. Two come to mind right now; the older woman from the acting challenge and the candidate from the political debate challenge. Otherwise I do agree with what you say and thanks for the info on Jinkx Monsoon, very interesting. It is obvious to me that Jinkx is clearly the smartest one in this group and she’s my favorite for the win.

      • GTFOBigGovt

        Yes that’s why I said like Chad equally admirable but Chad doing various impersonations is classic high camp drag and not unusual. Jinkx has a back story – a 40 year old hypersexual MILF cabaret singer who steals her gay son’g boyfriends. A family, an ensemble cast. THAT type of character, that every time she is on microphone, will NEVER EVER break character and be “Jerick”. Unless she wants to. 🙂

        Sharon is closest to Jinkx but with no backstory or real compelling “fake life” so she’s more in the vein of a John Waters character. Political versus having fake life story things like “Oh I’m sorry I was late to this interview, my son Kami Kazee took my outfit and was outside hustling tricks for pot.” If Sharon were in an interview she’s say “Sorry I’m late but I burned my bible for good luck but the car caught on fire”. Both valid as is Chad, but different. And to be a character queen can be very limited so you better love it and be good at keeping it fresh.

    • AudreysMom

      Do you (or anyone) know where Jinxx performs in Seattle? I’ve really grown to admire and like this queen like I haven’t in past seasons (not to say that I love Raven, JuJu, Sharon Needles, Pandora Boxx and Raja less, just that Jinxx does bring something different).

      • dragonbait

        She does holiday shows with DeLouRue for 4th of July and Christmas every year, which are not to be missed (Freedom Fantasia and Homo for the Holidays, respectively), and I think she also does cabaret shows with Major Scales around town sometimes. Freedom Fantasia will probably be at the Triple Door or West Hall again this year, and it’s really just spectacular.

        • And I bet there will be quite a few more (and more heavily promoted) very soon!

      • out for a walk

        I believe she hosts RPDR screenings Monday nights at Julia’s on Broadway. I can’t ever go, which makes me sad – it sounds fantastic.

      • out for a walk

        And I think she’s in their Le Faux show Friday nights, or sometimes at least.

      • LeFaux at Julia’s on Broadway on Capitol Hill (They have a Facebook page) – not sure if you are here in Seattle or are coming to.. either way the address is on their facebook page. 🙂

    • Sweetpea176

      Kind of off topic, but check out Linda Hunt in Year of Living Dangerously for a gender barrier-breaking role.

    • Enough with posting Jinkx’s resume every week. This isn’t a Jinkx fanblog.

      • GTFOBigGovt

        I’ve never posted anything before as you can see from my IP address.

        • What are you talking about? You post the same pro-Jinkx screed every week.

          • andcoh

            I think they’re made cause you called them out on a sock puppet last week.

    • If you look down at lip-syncing as a talent, what are you even doing watching this show? Jinkx is a wonderful actor and singer, but less impressive as a drag queen. This is a drag queen race, not a broadway entertainer race. Sure I like Jinkx and love Jinkx’s performances, but there are better *drag queens* on the show, they just aren’t better *performers* than Jinkx.
      Jinkx’s runway was a lovely concept, but the execution was flawed. Raja, Sharon Needles or Manila Luzon would have each easily outdone Jinkx’s execution. The cleavage cheating using only black was a mess, Sharon would have known to use grey or blue undertones along with black. The tights were very Tim Burtonesque, like what someone who watches it on TV understands about la dia de muertos. The face itself was wonderful, but Raja would have done it tighter and better. Jinkx is, visually speaking, rather pedestrian, and that’s not what a drag queen should be.

      • AnotherG

        Pedestrian? Huh. Here I was admiring the touches she did on her chest and the additional shading on her other bones. Her nose, also, looks perfect in that skull-like way to me. I would agree that some of the outfit got lost in the execution, but for what it was supposed to communicate, it was fantastic. It’s all well and good to speculate that others would do it better, but certainly I thought it was the most striking, inspired, and daring look of all of them that night (Coco a close second), and she stood out, which IS what a drag queen is supposed to do.

        And this isn’t just a drag queen race, it’s RuPaul’s Drag Race. The criteria is whatever she decides it to be, and she’s decided it’s charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent. I sense that, even for Ru, some of the proportions of that criteria have evolved as the show has evolved, but she is looking for some combination of all of those things. (I wonder if she’s experimenting with more “talent challenges” than “style challenges” because it makes better TV.)

  • jw_ny

    I’m not sad to see Alyssa go, in the least. I found her to be more annoying than Coco, and Coco was extremely annoying.

    I didn’t think Coco deserved to be in the bottom 2 this time either…should have been Detox with Alyssa. I’ve a feeling Ru decided that Alyssa was going to go no matter what, since her performance in the telenovela was the worst, her runway outfit was bad, because she’d been in the bottom 2x before, and perhaps mostly because she was argumentative on stage and didn’t take any of the judges critiques into account ever. She only had one look…this was elimination long overdue. So, my theory is that Ru needed to finally play out and conclude the Alyssa/Coco competition since that was the whole point to their both being on the show. Coco did cause a lot of drama and “reads” when she was in the lounge and in the workroom etc, but she never brought that side of her out while on stage in front of the judges. She remained more professional in that regard.

    I looking forward to seeing Roxxxy gunning for Jinkx….and inevitably failing. Roxxxy has a way over-inflated opinion of herself. She always looks like an aunt at a bat mitzvah to me.

    Alaska still continues to bore me. Same look week after week…just a different wig and dress. She has personality but it doesn’t translate into her drag.

    Detox’s sob story…ok sure, in real life it’s sad and all, but I’m really getting sick of hearing one sob story after another out of each of the queens, as well sob stories on every other contestant on other reality shows I watch. Is it a prerequisite that all contestants have a traumatic story to share? I’m sick of them.

    Jinkx is the only one that continually mixes it up and shows creativity. As of now, she’s probably my fav drag queen that’s ever appeared on the show.

    • I found them equally annoying. I didn’t find Alyssa’s social awkwardness cute at all & Coco’s shit stirring then getting offended by said shit storm bugs.

    • Airkisses

      I have the feeling that theatre geek Jerick (Jinkx) has had ample experience putting up with mocking disdain from bullying jock types (Roxxxy).

    • Airkisses

      About the sob stories… I think if the people around us really opened up about their life experiences, we’d be shocked at how traumatic some of them are. If the feeling is genuine (not like Roxxxy’s bullshit crying-on-cue after her lipsynch), we shouldn’t become unsensitized to other people’s pain. That would be very “one death is a tragedy, one million is a statistic,” methinks.

  • dya2637

    I am so totally on team Jinkx right now I dont think there has ever been a queen who has been in the top as much as she has. And as for our Coco I hope for her sake she is playing a character, because if the real Coco is that much of an awful person i just feel so bad for her. If you havent seen the youtube clip of Jinkx singing I dreamed a dream you should check it out it blows Anne Hathaway out of the water.

    • DonnaL

      I went with my son to the show Saturday night at the Gramercy in New York with Jinkx, Alaska, Carmen, Ivy Winters, Pandora, and Mimi Imfurst, hosted by Michelle Visage, and Jinkx sang that song as Little Edie — she was fantastic. Her voice is so impressive. She also sang her Sweeney Todd number about twinks, and the Cabaret duet with Alaska. All wonderful as well. And the crowd loved her; she was clearly the favorite!

      • Krafty_L

        So jealous! I’ve seen the YouTube clips, and it looks like it was an amazing show. I keep looking for Jinkx tour dates but can’t find any…

    • YourBaloneyDontGotNoSecondName

      HOLY SHIT!!!

    • Sweetpea176

      Wow — truly a staunch character! If only she’d made a turban out of a skirt.

  • Graeme

    If you’re a Jinkx fan, and a Sondheim fan… search youtube for her “Here’s to the Ladies in Drag”, done from the stage where she was phenomenal in Hedwig and the Angry Inch. A born star.

    • Melizmatic

      I saw that last week! It was FABULOUS.

    • jw_ny

      She’s brilliant!

    • YourBaloneyDontGotNoSecondName

      holy shit. jinkx is going to win isn’t she.

      • Stubenville

        We can only hope. Of the remaining girls, I think the only other strong contender is Detox.

    • That performance was amazing. He was singing in the girl key, and sometimes it got a little scary, but the character, the heart break was all there. And doing it as Little Edie made it all the more poignant. What an amazing talent.

      • I was referencing Jinkx’s performance of “I had a Dream,” But his “Ladies who lunch was equally great. And he also sang it in the girl key. Not as hard as “I Had a Dream,” but still shows his phenomenal skills.

  • I don’t get the issue with Alyssa’s strategy. She wasn’t half-assing it, thinking her lip syncs were just so damn good that she could never go home — she was putting in her best effort every week, and giving each lip sync her all. WTF else was she supposed to do? Magically become the greatest comedian since Charlie Chaplin? Quit because the other queens didn’t want her to win? The whole idea behind the competition (and any competition, really) is that you do the best you can, trying to improve whereever you can, and not giving up or pouting because it’s not tailormade for you. I have a lot more respect for a queen like Alyssa, who knew where she was weak and really tried anyway, than a queen like Coco and her divaesque attitude every time she didn’t get the exact role or line or teammate or what-fucking-ever it was in a given challenge, or a queen like Roxxy who felt that only HER style of drag was valid and either moped or slammed everyone else because she was being asked to do something she wasn’t the best at.

    • Sweetpea176

      Coco was making no sense at all with her complaint about Alyssa’s strategy — she was just reaching for something to dislike. Implying Alyssa was too competitive, or not competitive enough, or somehow wrong for not investing this game show with the power to define her LIFE, or something. I don’t know. I think she’s mad that Alyssa exists, so she’ll find something to bitch at her about, whether it makes any sense or not.

  • Stubenville

    I don’t know if it was playing to the camera, but the moment Ru gasped at Jinkx’s Día de Muertos makeup, I knew the girl had it sewn up. It takes a lot to surprise Ru.

    As for Alyssa, has anyone managed to win so many lip synchs? If my count is right, she performed four and won all but the last.

    • jw_ny

      I’m going from memory here, but I think this was Alyssa’s 3rd x in the bottom…3 weeks in a row. The 1st x was against Roxxxy, where Ru saved them both, then she beat out Ivy last week, and now the loss to Coco this week.

      • Stubenville

        You’re probably right, but somehow I got the idea she had been in an earlier one.

        • MichaelStrangeways

          She was in the bottom HALF for two weeks as well in weeks 5 & 6 but not low enough to LSFYL. She only won ONE challenge, (Week 4) and was Safe for the first three weeks.

          Coco hasn’t done much better…that was also her third LSFYL.

    • StellaZafella

      I would love to see Ru get inspired to recreate one of her old true “GothGlam” looks from way back when (Rupaul was an original of the Morticia Addams/death-faced beauty looks for Halloween in the City)…with the crew she’s got now, it would really be memorable!

  • Let me just say I love you for that Santino shade! How he gets off criticizing these queens given his output on his own competition (which he lost) is beyond me, but at any rate…

    That lipsync was quite good but I would’ve kept Alyssa who has grown on me with her stage presence, performances, and cluelessness. She’s one of those great people who are hilarious without even knowing it but awful when they try. Coco can hit the road: sure she can perform and paint (sometimes) but does way too much reading for someone so consistently “poor to good.”

    That said, how are they not reading Alaska harder than they are? There’s no way she’d still be there with those looks in any other season (they read the hell out of Shangela for much less if memory serves) and while she’s funny, she lacks the polish to take it all the way. For me Detox and Roxxy are filler. This is Jinx’s to lose so here’s hoping she’s never in the bottom and has to go against Coco because I’m not sure on those merits she can beat her. Here’s hoping the show award the first funny queen.

    • True, Alaska’s looks come across very limited, but there is no comparison with Shangela who really was good only in the stand up challenge and whose face painting was abysmal. Alaska is consistently funny in a way I don’t think Shangela could ever be.

    • Naomi

      I actually had a dream the other day that Jinkx had to lipsynch against Coco and got sent home. I remember arguing that she should get a second chance because she’d done so well in all the previous challenges.

      I probably shouldn’t admit that in public, should I? It’s possible that I may have gotten a wee bit too invested in this season.

  • i think you guys kinda missed the point of the mini-challenge. it wasnt about drag, it was about reality telly.
    i do agree though that this episode was a step below the previous ones.

    • StellaZafella

      I felt (looking at the edits of Ru during the sequences) that these were great ideas on paper that didn’t go where Ru wanted them to…that the queens (aside from Alaska and Jinkx) just didn’t pick up on the cues as to how far to take the schtick.

      • GTFOBigGovt

        They had 2 directors for that. It’s up to them to either pull back the overacting ones or get more from the weaker ones. Like they did on the perfume ads. For me, the accents were distracting even though it was the whole point.

        • StellaZafella

          I understand that…but Alaska and Jinkx are the only ones who take direction well – as they both did in this challenge. Even Detox seems to resist input on her performance or look…I think she gets that from Willam.

  • Santino has lost it. What is wrong with that guy? Why is he getting psyched out about a charming harmless drag queen’s slightly awkward outfit? It’s not funny anymore. He is not nearly as eloquent as Rupaul, and he even makes Michelle Visage seem human and not as cartoon-like as she presents herself. And, he is not even remotely good looking. Sashay away. Bring back Mike Ruiz.

  • I so wish that Ru would ditch Santino and bring back Merle.

    • Bring back Billy B. Who actually knows about makeup and fashion.

      • They could just prop up Lil’ Poundcake in a chair, and it will still be an improvement.

        • Stubenville

          And no royalties – just think!

          • Can a doll be “Available on iTunes!”

          • StellaZafella

            Bratz Dolls all look like versions of Raven…it’s a start.
            I was thinking of a “DIY” for Lil’ Poundcake: Rip the coveralls off of an old Cabbage Patch Boy doll and take it to a Build-A Bear work shop for a drag make-over…you might get escorted from the Peoria mall, but it would sure as hell make a fun afternoon with your gay nephew!

          • Don’t give me ideas. You know what they say about the best thing to do about temptation.

        • Would somebody please, please, please make a Lil’ Poundcake doll?

  • I don’t know what to think of Detox pulling that story out – a room full of drag queens theatrically sobbing makes you think of your dead boyfriend? Really? :/

    • MichaelStrangeways

      Seemed VERY contrived. The “let’s turn RPDR into a tearjerker” bit needs to stop…

      • Yeah… it might have seemed less so if Roxxxy hadn’t of done the same thing a week or two ago? It’s annoying because you know as soon as the waterworks start, they’re going to win the challenge by default

        • StellaZafella

          Ru doesn’t really care so much about people crying…but she’s a sucker for runny mascara.

  • I don’t like any of them, or the idea that bar-clownery needs to be raised to a level where there are tears.

  • I had completely forgotten the sloppily “chantillied” chocolate lingerie! Perfect answer to Santino’s smug comment.

  • Linderella

    Much as I’m so over Coco I don’t even want to toss her a compliment…when she pointed at her lips during the LSFYL, that was pure genius.

  • As annoying as Coco’s been, bitch sure does know how pick a good lipsync outfit. Like how her “When I Grow Up” outfit was perfect for that LSFYL, this one’s sleeves made for an amazing visual spectacle. It’s what let her match Alyssa’s dancing in terms of LYFYL eyecandy. Annoying bitch, but smart as hell.

    • AnotherG

      Agree totally. Coco is amazing, but lacking in N-erve: the sulks she gets when given something that doesn’t play to her diva-ness is annoying as hell, and starts to lower her C-harisma too when she lets the world know it’s not kissing her ass enough.

  • I got a total Catalina Creel in Cuna de Lobos feeling from Alaska. All she was missing was the eye patch. And Casa de locas can be translated as House of F**s. Coco is annoying as hell, but when she started with those sleeves, it’s like she was in a black version of House of Daggers. Loved it in spite of myself.

  • I SO hope they bring back Alyssa in a few weeks, put her in the bottom against Coco again and makes her sashay away. It would be the ultimate payback.

    • demidaemon

      I’m really doubting there will be a returning queen, because they always bring her back for the makeover challenge. Next week is the makeover challenge and there is no returning queen.

      • Airkisses

        I vote for a Returning Queen followed by another Double Elimination! Now THAT would be unexpected DRAMAZ

    • MichaelStrangeways

      No returning queen this year…the double elimination followed by the double save negated the need to do so to fill the episode order. There’s only two episodes left (Make over then Fashion) before the Final Three.

  • Joseph Morris

    I’m surprised Roxxxy didn’t win the “cry on cue” mini challenge. She seemed like a pro at it a few weeks ago.

  • kentiesgirl

    Ugh, last week I was *hoping* for the C/A showdown. I never considered Alyssa would leave. I know it was all set up, but Coco makes Untucked Unbearable. 🙁 Oh well, I guess the Phi-effect gets more ratings? p.s. I haven’t read the comments so sorry if I’m repeating, lol.

    • Airkisses

      But Alyssa is so much more enjoyable to watch than Coco! If you want better ratings, keep her!

  • Sweetpea176

    Did anyone else catch this meta moment when two of the queens in Untucked said that the “America wants to see a Coco/Alyssa showdown”? As if they were already some weeks or months in the future experiencing the Coco/Alyssa feud in the “present” with us.

    • GTFOBigGovt

      Yeah that was weird. Producers too.

    • MichaelStrangeways

      Yeah, that was pretty spooky especially considering this was shot in June of 2012. But, not that surprising…looking at the weary faces of the queens as the “Feud” went on and on and on, week after week, you could tell that they were also very sick of the “drama”.

  • Donald Hite

    Alyssa is my life. I want her to have her own reality show. I was SO hoping she’d stay, but after watching their performances and their runway critiques (fair or not), I knew she was gone. As much as I hate Coco, her acting was much better and she was equally fierce in the lip synch (and I must admit pointing to her lips was pretty brilliant).

    This season’s runway looks have really disappointed. I think it’s a testament to how boring this season has been (fashion wise) that Jinkx wearing a little skeleton makeup was considered a huge risk by all the queens. Sharon Needles walked the runway as a bald zombie with blood gushing from her mouth for heaven’s sake, and WON!! It’s like the cleverness that we loved in queens from other season has become a source of ridicule amongst this season’s contestants. It’s completely obnoxious.

    I’m a little torn on who I think will win this year. Jinkx is clearly the best overall, but her runway is just so underwhelming. She often looks good, but even at her best she lacks the larger than life thing that the best queens have. Acting/personality wise, she’s stellar. This year could be an interesting turn for the show. I think Bebe and Sharon were both fierce on the runway and engaging as characters. Tyra and Raja (IMHO) were fierce on the runway but were mediocre at almost everything else. If Jinkx wins, she will be the first queen to be lackluster on the runway. Could this trigger a change in what Ru sees as the best qualities of a queen (or does everyone else just suck this season so Jinkx has no competition).

    Now after all that, I must also add that I’m a little worried for Jinkx next episode. Her fashion skills are questionable at best, and when trying to do a makeover, people’s personal fashion shortcomings seem to get magnified. I’m guessing that Jinkx will be in the bottom next week, but there will be a song perfectly suited to her style of performance (a lifeline from Ru, ala the aretha lip synchs for Latrice). I’m praying it’s a Jinkx v Coco lip-synch and that Jinkx sends the betch packing!

    • Sweetpea176

      As much as I want Coco to go already, Jinkx sending Roxxxy home would be sweeeet!

    • GTFOBigGovt

      Sharon did that zombie as part of the theme apocalypse.She’s had a remarkable place in herstory being accepted as a complete character queen by the panel, where anyone else wearing “costumes” is called out for it. This season hasn’t had any themes at all (“pink” week”)and yeah that’s been very boring but typical.

      • Donald Hite

        Overall, I think the judges have been pretty favorable to “costumey” queens even in the absence an obvious theme requirement. Manila was usually praised for her looks (Big Bird, the money dress, etc). Shanel was generally praised for her costume looks (though she failed in most other aspects in season 1). Chad’s inaugural gown and Florence Welch looks were praised despite being very costumey. Even Raja was frequently costumey (her Indian headress or tribal look), although she did it so chicly that it didn’t really come off as a costume. And let’s not forget Latrila’s Teletubby realness (lol). Santino is a moron so I don’t really care what he thinks, but the other judges usually love costumey (so long as it’s clever and actually works).

        There have been a few notable costumey flops (at least in the judges eyes). Milan’s Janelle Monae look, Jujubee’s Diva Award bollywood gown, India Ferrah’s spider crotch S&M disaster… I think that it really just depends on how successful the individual looks are and whether or not they match the challenge.

        That’s why this season is so annoying. Rather than looking at the merits of a particular look, the other queens just want to bash Jinkx for not being boring fish. It’s just a sign of their own insecurities most likely.

    • MichaelStrangeways

      I’m also VERY worried about JInkx…the next two episodes are fashion heavy. I’m also worried that Jinkx could go, just because Ru and World of Wonder like to be “controversial” with their picks. Jinkx is the obvious front runner from a talent perspective, and that doesn’t make for a very exciting finale. I’m also concerned the producers/Ru might think, “JInkx doesn’t need the title…she’s gonna have a big career regardless if she wins or not…”

      • AnotherG

        Jinkx has been taking critiques pretty well, and at least made Michelle happy. Don’t forget that the makeover challenges tripped up two previous winners — Raja and Sharon. Raja had to lip-synch, and Sharon was likely saved only by the mournful Kenya being worse (I never understood why they were so hard on Latrice on that one), and Phi-Phi (rightly) won that week, as I recall.
        This could also be a tough one for Alaska if she, like Sharon, gets saddled with a very different body type and has to make him look like her somehow.
        Who knows? They seem to like playing things closer this season, and it’s genuinely harder for me to read where the judges and Ru are than before. I think they want it that way, given that we only just had our first “second victory.”
        tl;dr – Yeah, I’m a little worried too 🙂

  • befuddled

    Every time I see Coco – I have this picture of in my mind that I can’t get rid of. Remember that comic with a puppet back a few decades …. I think it was Wayland and Madame? Every time Coco juts out her chin I picture the puppet Madame. And I have to say that Madame was more of a complete character than Coco seems to be.

    • StellaZafella

      Wayland had another puppet that was the Anti-Madam who also appeared in his Cabaret act (She was always too filthy for prime time)..she was a black hooker named “Jiffy” (“That’s not cause I’m an easy spread…it’s just the amayyyyzin’ and wunnerfull thangs I can do with Peanut Butter!”)…Jiffy is all I see when COCO gets going.

      Bless your soul, Wayland Flowers.

  • My only question…since when was Roxxxy cannon fodder this season? She hasn’t gotten an edit like that at all…the judges loved every little thing she did until about 2 weeks ago.

    • Melizmatic

      I dont think it was the editing that caused T&L to call her cannon-fodder.

      Before this season started, I heard so much over-the-top hype on various forums about 3 queens in particular;

      Detox Icunt, Alaska Thunderfuck, and Roxy Andrews.

      Too much hype perhaps; because IMO, all three have been rather underwhelming despite the high expectations.


      Detox is still smart, ribald and funny.

      Alaska is still very likeable, charming, and witty.

      But Roxy?

      All she seems to have to offer is ‘body’, and that’s often questionable.

      Her personality comes across as vapid, willfully ignorant and, at times, very malicious.

      In regards to overall talent level, she’s just not up to par.

  • I’m almost embarrassed to admit it, but Alyssa was actually in my fantasy top 3. Not because I think she should win by any stretch of the imagination, but because her awkwardness just made the show so entertaining. Without her I have a feeling that the workroom bits will just derail into pointless cattiness.

    And you know, she really is a fantastic lip sync performer and brings some pretty awesome (albeit pageant and overdone) looks, like the Alexis Carrington look a couple weeks ago. Those qualities shouldn’t give her the win, of course, but they’d make her a great candidate to be in the music video at the end.

    Not to mention, she really wasn’t as bitchy as I expected her to be or as most people labeled her. Aside from the snips at Coco about their pageant history, she didn’t really say very bitchy things to anyone unless they came for her first. I’d much sooner give Roxxxy or Coco the Awful Person of the Year Award. Sometimes, Alyssa actually seemed downright friendly, in her clueless sort of way. I’m going to miss her.

    • Not that I think she actually should have stayed over Coco. Although I think Alyssa would be a better performer live, Coco is more well-rounded in the RuPaul’s Drag Race vein of drag – that is to say, she can act (but just barely better than Alyssa), she has attitude, and she brings out a wider variety of looks.

  • kaydenpat

    Coco is just awful. Her attitude is ugly. She loves to confront people and then to act all shocked and bug-eyed when she’s called out.

    Can’t get over how she deliberately insulted Jinx last week and then acted surprised when Alaska told her she was wrong. Will not miss her at all.

    Bye, Girl!

  • Cannot wait to see Loco and Boxxy go!

  • Mariah J

    It was Alyssa’s time. You could tell Ru was torn about having to send such a ridiculously fierce queen home, but she just wasn’t up to snuff for this competition.

  • Chartreusite

    Fun fact RuPaul statistics time (because I feel like this show, as a whole, tends to favor certain traditions in determining its winners, though that might just be from the fact that they’ve only had 6 seasons and counting): No winner has ever won the makeover challenge, not even Tyra. Three of them had to lipsync, but miss thang from season 2 did pretty well for herself. Four out of the five seasons that have aired have had the winner win the final challenge (the combo look challenge) with Manila winning in s3 being the notable exception. Each winner besides Bebe has won three challenges at the very least going into the finale. This could very well be the first season in a while since s1 where everyone in the f3 has less than 3 wins (I’m leaning towards that way cause I don’t imagine Jinx pulling off a win in two heavy look-based challenges; she’s usually cute, but I don’t think she’s ever hit the drop-dead that the panel likes for these challenges. Additionally, I can’t imagine any one queen pulling off two wins in a row at this point considering how uneven most of them are in their runways; MAYBE Roxxxy if Tlo’s assessment is dead-on, or Detox if she gets her shit together, but it’s doubtful.)

    I agree with whoever said on this post that the judges factor in challenge wins a lot, but would also like to postulate that, in general, they tend to award the queen at the end with the most polished and “striking” look. We have had a quirky queen win, yes, but Sharon Needles also had the unique ability (or perhaps savvy and intelligence) to pair her character with some really strong looks that made people sit up in their seats. Although I’m not always a fan of this criteria, it does help me calm down a bit when thinking about the potential results this season, especially when considering the precedent held. If I were to go with my gut, I do think that Coco, Roxxxy, and Detox have all been the main look-strong contestants this season (Ivy too, but she’s long gone). I don’t imagine Coco’s gonna be around for much longer (she’s way too sour and three lipsyncs already? girl please). Detox has been pretty hit-or-miss, but if she can pull it together she’d have a great shot at the crown. Alaska’s looks are too similar/too low-key and that’s gonna be the biggest threat to her contention for the crown. Jinx could stand a shot and honestly this season could be headed towards a comedy queen coronation (although I’d have some major grievances with that from an entertainment standpoint), but I think in the end, if she’s up against the wrong people and doesn’t serve it in the finale, she has a strong chance of being “robbed”. Roxxxy has fluctuated between too similar looks and really poor looks (her spokesperson look in particular) and she isn’t the best performer by a long shot, but she does have the most impact in look out of the f5 (outside of Detox on a good day) when she’s on her game, which is more often than most people think. This, along with the first-third rule of winners (who have so far won the first and/or third main challenge), makes me think she has the best shot at becoming the next drag superstar if she pushes the right buttons with the judges.

    • Chartreusite

      To clarify, though, I have no problem with Jinx. She seems like a really competent performer and a drag queen who has proven herself to be largely successful and savvy at what she does. I’m just really getting swamped by the whole underdog schtick that’s being served to the audience. She stopped being the underdog a LONG time ago and it’s annoying to still hear her muttering “water off a duck’s back”. I feel like I’m being aggressively told to think that she’s a victim when at this point it’s been pretty much proven that the other contestants’ opinion of her has not affected her output at all (except perhaps make her better). The mindset that she’s a special little queen who needs to be comforted and coddled just feels totally unnecessary and emotionally manipulative to me, coming from the fandom and the way editing is shaping.

      On the other hand, I find myself coming around on Roxxxy. I’m not a huge fan of hers, and her confusion/doubt of Jinx has been annoying (although rarely ever aggressive or prodding enough for me to consider it as bullying), but she’s been game for pretty much every challenge putting on her best game face throughout each one and having fun with most of them. I might be doing some revisionist history, but I seem to recall her consistently being up for most anything. I think next week will be a big test for that. I think I remember her complaining about her veteran in the preview, so we’ll see.

  • loved Jinkx’s makeup. i was excited when she said she was going to do a dio de los muertos look, because i think they can be so beautiful, and she pulled it off wonderfully. i like her, even if she is a little whiny. a lot whiny. but i think she’s probably the winner, unless detox pulls something amazing out of her ass. alaska, bless her, i don’t think has a chance, just because the odds of them giving it to “sharon’s boyfriend” aren’t very good. comedy queens forever!