Robert Downey Jr. in Vivienne Westwood

Posted on April 09, 2013

Now, before we get started – and oh, yes, we ARE going somewhere; make no mistake – we’re going to acknowledge all of the people who are about to tell us they don’t care how he looks and they love him and isn’t style all about being yourself (no, not really) and marching to your own drum and why don’t you leave him alone! Also, for some reason: Helena Bonham Carter!

And here we are acknowledging them: OH PLEASE, BITCHES.

Robert Downey Jr. attends the ‘Iron Man 3’ South Korea Premiere in Vivienne Westwood.

Vivienne Westwood Fall 2013 Menswear Collection

He’s in a very expensive Vivienne Westwood tuxedo that someone was paid to pick out and secure for him. It was lent out to him free of charge because Vivienne Westwood’s people would like a little publicity for their brand and because he needs to look good while he will be doing major publicity for his project, which cost half a billion dollars to produce and market and employed upwards of a thousand people.


Yes, he’s very charming and fun in most of his roles  – and we’re not even going to attempt to divine what his true personality is really like (although we’re going with: someone with whom we would not want to be stuck on an elevator) – but his public image and public style is embarrassingly juvenile to the point of being downright disrespectful to all those people who work hard to build him up for the public. As much as we can’t stand his style for similar reasons, we actually have more respect for someone like Johnny Depp, who actually does have a well-cultivated personal style (even if it is self-consciously quirky and makes him look like an elderly gay windchime). RDJ’s style always comes down to “Fuck it. I don’t care.” And while that’s always going to be an irresistible attitude to a lot of the public (and in this case, especially a lot of the LADY public, some small portion of whom will tear apart a starlet for not getting a pedicure but defend a hot guy who steps on the RC looking like a homeless person), we don’t find it remotely charming. Show up in jeans if you don’t want to dress like an adult, then. We’d respect it more and you wouldn’t look so tragic.


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  • RedRaven617

    I agree with every last word you wrote. His kids must be so embarrassed by him.

    • Imasewsure

      ALL kids are embarrassed by their parents. His kids are probably pissed that he keeps taking their stuff and wearing it on the RC. We can only hope it skips a generation and his kids with salvage the DJ name!

  • Anniebet

    Maybe Vivienne suggested the open fly?

  • Beardslee

    I’m with you. His personality does not make up for going out like mutton dressed as lamb. And badly dressed lamb. That is a weird tuxedo which does him no favors.

    • ConnieBV

      Yeah, I’m not sure a way to style this well exists. Fuggo.
      I hate this tux, this tux’s children, and everything it stands for.

  • If he wasn’t Iron Man, he’d be that one adult who still gets wedgies.

    • madge

      whenever i see him now, i always think of tina fey and amy poehler saying he’s such a versatile actor, he’s played iron man in THREE movies

      • I’d say 5 – he was pretty much Tony Stark as Sherlock Holmes too.

  • Robert, come over here right now. You and I need to have a serious chat. This is not working for you, no matter how much you think it might. We are going to sit down and go over this point by point, young man.
    Don’t try that sheepish “who me?” Look.
    Sit down.
    (Tapping foot)

    • Janet B

      This conversation can’t happen soon enough!

      • I will let you know how things go. Harrumph.

        • I love it when you harrumph.

        • Rand Ortega

          Never a more elegant & erudite harrumph than yours.

  • He’s looking very Phil Silvers all of a sudden.
    Yes, he’s degrading that tux.
    And how come you don’t have a picture of those Nikes in a separate frame, like you do for all the fancy girl shoes worn on the red carpet? 😛

    • formerlyAnon

      Phil Silvers! YES!

      I looked at his chin/neck here and for the first time thought “He’s going to be one of those older men whose salvation is to hold on to “dapper.” Which, to date, isn’t in his wheelhouse.”

  • PeggyOC

    I’m with you this time. I would want to be stuck in an elevator with him (with sexy results), but this is just schlubby looking. It doesn’t fit, he’s wearing the wrong shirt, and his hems make baby Jesus cry. This outfit only works (and even then I question it) with the black shirt to show the white extra collar and only when exquisitely and fairly tightly fitted. Sorry RJD. Take it off. And while you’re at it…

  • formerlyAnon

    I think that Westwood tuxedo is hard to wear (ETA: not flattering for many builds) – but he is, as noted, certainly not trying.

    • mhleta

      Hey, give the lad a break, he’s dropped his fly and is giving us jazz hands. What more do you want?

  • miagain

    I am so relieved to have you confirm that his fly is down… He looks ridiculous, and I am a big fan… so there!

    • drdarke

      So am I – and even before I saw his fly was down (and I have to admit, my first thought was “Is his fly really unzipped, or are those weird-ass ill-fitting trousers making it look that way?”), I’m going “WTF?”

      I know he claims to have been drug- and alcohol-free for about ten years now, so I have to ask – is his stylist (or wife, whoever dresses him) high? Every outfit he’s worn for IRON MAN 3 events in Korea are ill-fitting in ways that suggest somebody’s pranking him (too-tight jacket and too-long pants for the press event, this baggy outfit here) ….

    • Spreecord

      I think I fail at ogling, because I didn’t even notice the fly until I’d finished scrolling down and read the outfit recap.

  • Yep. I used to find him terribly sexy, but this is nonsense. He looks ridiculous and frankly, sad. You’re aging. Make it work for you, sweetie.

  • abish

    what i find astonishing about your writing is how you can sum up in a single phrase the thoughts i’ve been having for years but have never been able to put into words: “elderly gay windchime.” priceless.

    • You know, I’ve been looking for Halloween costume ideas…..hmmmmm. 🙂 Would they recognize me as Johnny Depp or an “elderly gay windchime”? Maybe that should be the name of my band!

    • bingo

      totally agree–perfect!

    • selianth

      I believe TLo first coined that phrase in this post, because that is exactly what he was:

    • Carly Warnock

      Every time I read it I just crack up. Today it’s hit me as being particularly funny and as I’m writing this I’m laughing hysterically. Elderly gay windchime, just so dead on.

    • makeityourself

      Yes. Dead-on. Nothing else in my life makes me laugh out loud, by myself, like the perfect TLo witticism.

  • crash1212

    Not charming. Not cute.

  • Indigo54

    Come on dude, get serious. Next time just stay home.

  • madge

    “elderly gay windchime” LOL TLo, I love you more than I can say!

  • Jessi03

    Un disastro enorme.

  • shanteUstay

    The man is gorgeous, and as far as the fly undone, it happens to the best of us darlings

  • Scimommy

    The open fly crosses the line. I like him, but… no.

  • Is anyone else surprised he didn’t wear the eye black like the model? C’mon, RDJ. If you’re going to look terrible, you may as well go balls to the wall.

  • …Is it possible he doesn’t know his fly is down? Then again, this is RDJ and so he probably knows and just…yeah. I love him but this is over the top.

    • Sobaika

      But don’t they have handlers for this sort of thing? An assistant whose job description includes ‘make sure the fly is up’ and ‘hiss at them to keep smiling’ over and over.

      • One would think so. Unless he slipped away and then had to jump in before the assistant could notice it. I am grasping at straws here, but I can see it being more of an oops than RDJ being more messy than usual.

  • In_Stitches

    Worse than the damn shoes is his pants! You can’t wear tuxedo pants slung over your hips. If they’re cut to wear at the waist, they need to be worn at the waist for the crotch and hem to hit in the right place. I guess he doesn’t want them to…I just can’t understand why he would want to look like Justin Bieber?

  • Speaking as one of the bitches that were Oh Please’d, sorry (not sorry), I have not been swayed by your argument – well reasoned as it was. XYZ, notwithstanding.

  • IMNAngryLiberal

    Agree with you 100%, TLo, but I do really love the shoes and socks on the model. I’d wear them my ownself.

    • Catherine Katz

      I love them, too! They would have stepped up this look many, many percentage points! Until you got to the fly and the fit and the shirt and the jazz hands… well. I love the shoes on the model!

  • AdrienneLeigh

    The issue with a different type of tux like this one is that you have to wear it perfectly or it is going to be difficult to understand. This isn’t the type of tux that translates well when worn sloppy (do tuxes like that exist? if they do, it is definitely not this one).

  • Meg0GayGuys6

    I’m all for dressing the way you want and not following typical style conventions, but I’ve just never really been a fan of his personal style. But I suppose that’s the point of a personal style- it’s his, not mine. It’s mainly the shoes for me. And in this instance, the fly haha

    • RebeccaKW

      I love him, but my personal opinion is he doesn’t really have a ‘style.’ He wears a suit, and puts sneakers on with it. That’s the extent of his style. That’s why he can’t be compared to HBC or even Johnny Depp.

  • nannypoo

    I like him and I want to defend him but really, he does look silly. I think he puts in some effort to look like he doesn’t care enough to put in any effort.

  • Sobaika

    YEESH. I don’t see it, whatever it is, about him that has all the public so damn enamored. He can be fun but… YEESH. And it’s no reason to dress like a Weird Al’s slightly less weird cousin.

  • teensmom99

    On the nose again but I want DH to have that shirt. Love it.

  • Eva_baby

    Thank you. I know he’s kewl and all. But he still looks like hot buttered mess on the RC a lot and that needs to be acknowledged.

  • ballerinawithagun

    His Fly Is Open!!!! Where is his wife, the executive who saved him? Love the tux on the model but Robert just looks dumpy. They’ve added too many contrasts with all of the weird collars, etc. My step son lives in that style of shoe and my husband lives in Van’s but neither of them would wear them with an expensive tux. As far as personal style is concerned, this is just a standard themed California wedding look, except it isn’t a generic rent-a-tux.

  • Tamara Hogan

    WTF, RDJ.

    That is all.

  • lucyloo222

    I am going to snort over “elderly gay wind chime” all day. Thank you.

  • mhleta

    I’m 52 years old, I’ve just come from Zumba, I stink, I’ve sweated off my makeup, my hair is stuck to my head and I’m pretty sure I’m wearing the same sneakers. I’m more prepared to hit the red carpet right this second that RDjr is here. How’s that for perspective?

  • Janet B

    So right.
    I don’t mind the ridiculous shoes when he’s dressed for a more casual event, but this, THIS is beyond.

  • SewingSiren

    I wouldn’t want to be stuck in an elevator with him either. I’m betting he couldn’t go five minutes without making pee pee.

  • decormaven

    I don’t get it. If one honestly does not care about “dressing up”, why bother wearing couture? Just wear a Marvel comics t-shirt and a pair of jeans with those kicks. That would be a lot more authentic/true to RJD’s spirit. This just screams “my contract says I have to be here. I’m here, but that’s it.”

    • flamingoNW

      That’s what I was going to say – go to Goodwill, then.

    • RebeccaKW

      I agree. I love RDJ, but this is getting to the point of Kristin Stewart territory. She’s too edgy and ‘over-it’ to be interested in the pole-dance. He’s too fun! Or something. He had to dress up, so he put on the tux, but by golly, he’s going to wear his sneakers with the rollerskates in the heel and he’s not going to steam anything.

      He could have easily stayed in his casual style by wearing this tux, fitted better, with those bright pink socks and funky slippers the model is wearing. And looked a hell of a lot better.

    • hyperionic

      It doesn’t seem like it’s about him “not caring”. He always shows up in a suit and sneakers that have been matched to his suit. He specifically chose these black and white sneakers to match his tux. Maybe he just thinks it looks good?

      • MarinaCat

        I was about to post a similar thought, that I believe he DOES care about his look. But, his look isn’t charming, cute or stylish. It’s just idiotic

        • girliecue

          Exactly! Idiosyncrasy is fine; straight up idiocy…frankly, it’s a bit painful to look at!

      • Martha Deutsch

        Yes, I was thinking the same thing. But then I saw he “dropped a sixpence,” as my dad would say. That makes me think he really is just ridiculing the whole thing and doesn’t care at all.

  • Kathy_Marlow

    He could have swapped out his shoes for those on the model and we’d all be running around singing Hallelujah’s…as it is I’m bored to tears with his “style”

  • Pants_are_a_must

    Hmmmm, the thing is, I’m pretty sure Robert Downey Jr is now constantly playing Tony Stark in these events, and that’s what people have now come to expect of him. I’m not saying it’s not a juvenile, dumbass decision to let him go through with it and provide the outfits, but there you go.

    But yeah, Downey. Zip up your goddamn trousers you idiot.

    • He dresses like this everywhere, all the time.

      • Pants_are_a_must

        ……I feel like I’m treading water here, but in all honesty? All the internet jokes about him thinking he is Tony Stark might have a grain of truth in them. Certainly he perceives this is how he should appear now.

        • He has dressed like this for years; since before the Iron Man movies.

          • Pants_are_a_must

            What, the expensive suits with the stupid sneakers that match somehow in color? Truly?

          • Yes.

          • Pants_are_a_must

            Damn. I stay corrected. He is an infantile ass.

          • MilaXX

            yep. RDJ has dressed like this since it was actually age appropriate for him to dress like this.

        • SewingSiren

          I believe “Less than Zero” came out in 1987 or there abouts. He’s still playing that tiresome role.

      • Rand Ortega

        Glancing at his style circa his relationship w/ SJP, you’re right, his “look” is exactly the same. Though, IMHO, he seemed to take more care w/ the eclecticism then than he does now. Interesting since in those days he was usually high.

  • It’s tragic, because that tuxedo is really cool, and his styling choices make it fall into the “I wouldn’t be caught dead in that getup” category for most menstars. I love it when men are willing to take chances (Alan Cumming, Ryan Gosling), but you have to do it with panache, or else the only other choice is Banker Realness.

  • He looks like an asshole. And “elderly gay windchime” might be the best thing I have ever read.

  • padma sallah

    Those shoes are a travesty. And the fly…I CANNOT DEAL.

  • PREACH, TLO. This man’s style and probably personality, is well, ugh.

  • Here’s where I disagree. Look at the shoes the model is wearing. Those shoes are FABULOUS because Vivian Westwood made them. I personally like them a lot, but then again I liked the sneakers RDJ was wearing in his last post. I think that when it comes to FASHION there’s a lot of hypocrisy because of the label. Some truly horrible things have been posted on this site, and they’ve been oooo-ed and aaaah-ed over because of the designer. I’ll back you up that sneakers should not be worn with a tux, and that he should pay a little more attention to himself, but this is a press tour for a comic book movie, not the academy awards.

    • Donna Tabor

      Valid points. But I hope you agree–he should have at least checked his zipper! Sheesh. That’s a true beginner mistake, and he’s no beginner.

    • He has been known to show up at the Academy Awards dressed like this.

    • Kenisha Hill Phillips

      Right, he is showing up to a comic book movie premiere. So why wear the tux at all? There is nothing quirky or endearing about this look. It wasn’t cute when Kristen Stewart did it, and it sure as hell isn’t cute when he is doing it.

  • TieDye64

    Also, the model’s shirt looks much better than that silly white whateverthehell that thing is he’s sporting. While I find him (mostly) charming and cute, this is ridiculous. I keep thinking his head needs to be switched out with Justin Bieber’s. Oy.

  • That’s an ugly tux on anyone. Another stylist proves they are worth their weight in S–T!

  • GorgeousThings

    First let me say, I love RJD as an actor.
    Second let me say, before I even started reading your text (word, BTW), my reaction to the first picture was “Whoa!”
    Third let me say, “Oh Bobby, XYZ PDQ dear.” Then I would bitch slap him into next week.

  • thundersnow528

    THANK YOU T-LO – I’ve never understood the fascination people have of him, but your critical and dead-on view of his fashion sense and impact it has just works for every (public I grant you) aspect of this guy. Annoying. So…. who to be judgmental about next?

  • qa5529

    Robert Downey always reminds me of someone I used to date. His personality basically boiled down to ‘I really enjoy pissing people off’. It got old, real quick.

    • RebeccaKW

      I had one of those. On a regular day, he dressed like a regular guy. But when I would ask him to do something (for example, “tomorrow is the dinner for my scholarship presentation. You don’t have to wear a tie, but could you please iron your white dress shirt?”), he would show up with black nail polish and that hair gel that turned your hair green (or blue or pink, but came out with a shampoo).

    • Rand Ortega

      Ugh! Sounds utterly exhausting.

  • flamingoNW

    Usually I don’t mind his goofy outfits, but this is ridiculous.

  • MitchellGilburne

    I don’t know, to me that’s the outfit of someone who does care

  • The shoes are horrendous! And I’m appalled about the fly being down. But I just love RDJ! Oh, and the description of Johnny Depp’s style is hilarious!

  • I disagree that his personal style is “fuck it, I don’t care,” but THIS look, does say exactly that. RDJ is a favorite of mine, and I love it when he “marches to the beat of his own drum,” but he can still do that in a outfit that has the fly zipped, fits him correctly, and is accessorized appropriately (not this one).

  • WhiteOprah

    I’ll confess to liking a lot of his red carpet looks, but this is indefensible.

  • Michael_Jones

    Much as I typically like a white shirt with a tuxedo, there’s something about this collar that just looks wrong with a white shirt. In the first pic (before I saw the runway shot), I wondered if he was wearing a white dinner vest that was sticking out over his lapels; it made so much more sense with the dark shirt on the runway. And while I know how easy it is to go out with your fly undone (although, honestly, don’t they have people who check things for them? — there’s a job for you, “celebrity fly-checker”), the shoes are unforgivable…

  • Just as there are some celebrities for whom I have an irrational dislike, there are others that I adore and yeah, they sometimes get a pass on the style front because of that. (See: Emma Stone.) But even though I like RDJ I cannot give him a pass; you have to actually TRY and fail to get a pass!

  • I just looked up the word “style” in my dictionary, and it says: “a mode of fashion, as in dress, especially good or approved fashion; elegance; smartness”. If RDJ’s look here is any kind of good, approved fashion, or displays any elegance or smartness, I’m sure missing it. You nailed it, TLo, when you used the word “attitude” to describe how he comes off in public. I think the studios are either making a huge mistake sending him out on these promotional tours, knowing how he will display and comport himself–OR–they are making a savvy decision, knowing that seemingly no matter what he does or how he looks, his fans won’t care.

    For a guy who has had a seriously checkered life you would think he would be a little more grateful for the second chance he was given. Hollywood executives could have easily consigned him to the character/supporting roles dustbin and not taken the not inconsiderable risk of placing multi-million dollar budgets on his professional shoulders. And this kind of look is the way he repays their faith? I don’t know, I suppose nowadays money is all that counts, but it still seems wrong.

    • filmcricket

      Oh please.

      I’m sorry, you’re absolutely right that this ‘look’ is terrible, but do you know who gives a damn about what he shows up in on the RC? His publicist, the designer, and folks like us. Clearly not him, clearly not his fans, and very definitely not the studio. The first Iron Man was a surprise hit, and everyone gave the credit to RDJ for that. Until they no longer make money or RDJ no longer wants to do them, those films will continue to be made, whether he shows up or not, dressed well or not. The revelation that money is all that counts is at least 30 years out of date for Hollywood. Hell, the vast majority of the audience for the Iron Man films dress as badly as he does – they probably find him relatable.

      I agree that he gets a pass that a lot of female stars don’t, and that’s unfair. But that goes for guys in general, I think – it’s systemic, not particular to him. Doesn’t have anything to do with how ‘grateful’ he is for his renewed career or anything else – or at least, not more so than Depp or Pitt, both of whom have the same attitude and, in Depp’s case at least, a similar reason to be grateful.

      • I guess I’m showing my age….imagine, caring about how someone who is representing you looks, how terribly passé and eye-rolling. Of course you’re right, film cricket. I just have trouble reining in my generational biases.

        • filmcricket

          I’m sorry I was so vehement, that was uncalled for. I get very, very defensive when people bring up the idea that he should be ‘grateful’ for his second career. Should Drew Barrymore be? Will we say the same thing about Lilo if she ever pulls out of this mess? On some level, shouldn’t all these folks be grateful that they get to play dress up and get paid millions for it? Do we talk about other actors’ gratitude when they show up places in ill-advised outfits?

          He makes the studios a lot of money. He attends not just red carpets but ComicCon and other fan gatherings. He, so far as we know, comes to work every day and does his job. And the reason people kept hiring him, even when he was in a bad way, is he is *really* talented and pops on the screen. If he weren’t, or if he remained box office poison, or if he were still leading the kind of life that made him impossible to insure, he wouldn’t get hired no matter what he wore.

          That said, he does look terrible here and I wish he would stop. I hate the suit anyway, but he’s making it worse.

          • As a matter of fact, yes, I think anyone who’s been given a second chance–or third, or fourth, etc.–should be grateful. It’s a lot easier to not give folks a break. I don’t think they need to do the ritual grovel at every event, but an occasional waft of gratitude would probably not hurt them any. I’m grateful for my job, even though I don’t care for it much any more, and have to wear ill-advised clothing (scrubs) while doing it. Probably goes without saying that I’m not making millions, either! I’d have an easier time expressing some gratitude if I did, LOL.

            Anyway, interesting conversation, and I’m glad we’ve had it. I’ll look for more of your TLo posts, Filmcricket! 🙂

    • Catiline

      The outfit is completely indefensible, and he deserves to be hammered for it. Make no mistake. At the same time, I wouldn’t go as far as saying the studios’ faith in him is misplaced. RDJ’s pretty vocally campaigned for a more substantial role for Gwyneth Paltrow’s character in the Iron Man movies, encouraged Chris Evans to take the role of Captain America, and talked Mark Ruffalo into playing the breakout role of the Avengers (and didn’t seem to have a problem being upstaged by him). Even if you don’t take into account the dumptrucks full of money Iron Man 1 and 2 earned, RDJ’s fingerprints are all over the Marvel movie universe in a fairly positive and proactive way.

      Mind you, I’m not saying that gives him a free pass to show up looking like he’s been in a sleeping bag for the last 12 hours.

  • carolynmo

    Wasn’t RuPaul wearing a Westwood suit last night on Drag Race? THAT’S how it’s done!

  • tereliz

    What has he done to that SUIT?! He looks like he’s wearing a wrinkled track-suit with a weird formal collar. And what is up with the gray stubble? Not attractive.

  • Donna Tabor

    I strongly suspect that RDJ is in deep, deep denial about his actual age. I’ve known a lot of people, mostly men, who forget all about the actual passage of time, all the while clinging to styles they long ago should have eschewed.

    But that zipper? Oy, oy, oy.

  • claudemtl777

    That whole attitude is even more galling when one remembers he used to be so chic and cutting-edge when he was young. I seem to remember him favoring japanese designers and Comme des Garcons.

  • MilaXX

    I am one of those who often give RDJ a pass. However I cannot cosign on this look at all. This is a suit that would be difficult to wear as is, and honestly I find it to be a little on the ugly side. Coupled with RDJ’s don’t give a darn smugness and it’s just bad all the way around. Honestly given his love of sneakers, I wouldn’t mind him wearing a pair of well fitted jeans with a serious of awesome jackets. This look is just bad.

  • Adrienn Keszei

    Damn right! As much as I enjoy his films, whenever I look at him wearing an otherwise great suit with those stupid shoes I could just punch him. Also, with all respect to his fans, being a fan does not mean that one needs to be blind; it is alright to admit that he looks like a crazy person every time he attends a public event. It might be “his thing” but it stopped being fun after the hundredth time he wore this exact same outfit.

  • janierainie

    I really like him, but you are so right brotha-men!

  • I’m going to give him a pass on the shoes since he always wears them. Maybe he has some horrible foot problem that makes dress shoes uncomfortable. And, from the neck up, he’s fine. But, the tux is just sloppy. It doesn’t fit him well and that white shirt was a mistake. I do notice that he tends to look worse at these types of events when his wife isn’t with him.

    • anotherkate

      I’d love to see a lady star get away with not wearing heels–ever–because they’re uncomfortable.

      • Oh, me too! I know it’s “part of their job” but there have to be lady stars out there who just can’t wear heels or don’t have the balance required to wear them. The only one I can think of who gets away with it is Ellen Degeneres.

        • anotherkate

          I know! But I bet the reason we don’t see very many ladies in sneakers is because the ones who “can’t” wear the heels/lose the weight/wear the clothes are quickly weeded out entirely, whereas RDJ (and many other men in Hollywood) aren’t held to the same standard. Sexism is such a bitch.

      • I’d love to see a lady star – an established one – come out as the champion of the flat ballerina shoe. Because it is not just a choice between not heels and sneakers – there are other options. Look how Michelle Obama has become the champion of the kitten heel?

        I’d love to see that then become a trend that everyone gets on board with. There are so many gorgeous ballerina flats out their in the world that deserve their moment in the sun, too. 🙂

  • Jecca2244

    somewhere a poor publicist is being lashed for not realizing his fly was down. or not being able to get him to fix it.

  • He’s such a handsome man, I get it that he’s got personality and he wants to express it, but couldn’t he just wear an attractive outfit to the black tie events and whatever he wants to the other events?

  • God, I love the shoes the model is wearing!

  • korilian

    In this case I think you’re missing one essential point: people LOVE this silly boy persona of his. When RDJ goes out looking ass like this, he’s just playing the part and pandering to his fans like any star.

  • Judy_S

    I like his championing of functional shoes, but it doesn’t really work if the rest of the outfit is this complicated. So complicated you can’t tell what he is actually wearing (I have a fancy that that zipper is actually applied to the outside as a fashion statement, but I hope I am wrong).

    • Adriana_Paula

      And it’s not as if men’s dress shoes are all that “non-functional,” unlike those for women.

      • formerlyAnon


  • another_laura

    Snaps to T Lo for telling it like it freaking is.

  • rajf

    If he’s always dressed this way, and designers are still giving him free clothes to wear, then they must be seeking exactly what they get with him.

    • filmcricket

      That’s kind of my feeling. This is the third Iron Man and he’s been doing this for all of them. Either he’s got the world’s most persuasive publicist/stylist, or the designers are willing to put up with this to get the word out there.

    • alice20c

      Yeah, if they’ve worked it out, why would I care? (I can’t imagine that anyone on a red carpet owes me anything.) The reasons I adore RDJ are his willingness to do the hard work to change his life. That blows me away. He was my teen movie star crush, who, as an adult, I’d steeled myself to hear that he’d died in some horrific situation, like so many others. But he actually got his shit together. When does that ever happen?! So yes, I’m happy to see pix of him in goofy dad sneakers, fly open, silly mugging. I’m happy to see HIM, not his clothes. It may be different for others, because I could care less whether they’re there or not, which makes their clothes important.

      I agree that it’s unfair that women are judged harsher. Personally, it would benefit my naturally slobbish self if women’s standards were LOWERED. Generally, I personally tend to leave my negative critiques based on perceived personality, and almost always defend the oddballs getting dogpiled, so I don’t feel bad about defending RDJ.

  • Zaftiguana

    What’s heartbreaking is that, as shown by the model, this suit works beautifully with a quirky pair of shoes if you put in even a hair of effort.

  • Sunraya

    I agree with you on this, and also brad Pitt’s disgraceful red carpet appearances. They show a total lack of respect for the people who buy the tickets that allow them to act like entitled assholes. Cate Blanchetts comments the other day were correct – this is the price actors pay for getting paid to make movies. If they don’t want to show up clean, at the very least, I wish they would just go away.

  • If Tom Cruise can get dress shoes with lifts in them, then so can you, RDJ. Enough with the fucking platform sneakers, you’re not fooling anyone.

  • But! But! Childishly charming! Helena Bonham Carter!

  • librarygrrl64

    As usual, you nailed it. This is disrespectful in the most juvenile of ways.

  • VicksieDo

    Sorry, you’re wrong! He’s awesome just the way he is.

  • Tatiana Luján

    my question is why do the designers continue to lend him clothes. This doesn’t come as a surprise look to anyone.

  • Carol

    He looks like a rumpled mess. The worst part is that he looks so pleased with himself! I will never understand what anyone sees in this man.

  • Roz

    So…his personal style is “look how douchy I can be and you will still love me”. Right?

  • Sadie-Ann

    He should have worn the warpaint.

  • poggi

    The least, the absolutely very least, he could do is zip his fly and he hasn’t even done that.

  • Robert. Girl. No.


  • BrooklynBomber

    When I saw “Robert Downey Jr. in Vivienne Westwood,” my first thought was that he was going to be in some kind of coresetty thing with a significant shoulder treatment and a skirt with an asymmetrical hem. If not for the brilliance of “elderly gay windchime,” I’d be utterly disappointed. But you’re right about all of it, TLo. While I do think he’s extremely talented and pretty sexy, his off screen troubles–from the satorial (most of all the sneaker addiction) to the rehabitous–do not endear.

  • Imasewsure

    Tragic is the word that describes him to me too. Cute at 30 maybe, but ridiculous at 50. And “Show up in jeans if you don’t want to dress like an adult” – THIS!! Stick to the screen if this is what you give us on the RC. He’s no HBC

  • ampg

    So first of all, I agree that this is a truly awful look for him. But I disagree with you on his personal style or lack thereof. I actually think he works pretty hard on his “look,” and that look falls somewhere on the spectrum from Peter Pan to “I’m a star, and so when I wear sneakers with a tux it’s cool instead of douchey.” I think he’s a great actor and totally hot, but comes off like kind of an asshole on the red carpet. But it’s a pretty deliberate choice, IMHO.

    • I think it’s deliberate but I don’t think he works very hard on it. How could he? It’s an ill-fitted borrowed suit and a pair of sneakers.

      • ampg

        Well, this is a particularly poor example. But if you look at previous red carpets, he often looks for suits that are eye-catching (but generally in a fashion-forward way), and then scruffs them up with odd shirts and shoes or ties that don’t go. I totally get why you guys don’t like it as a look, but I think a fair amount of thought goes into it. And I kind of appreciate that he refuses to just wear the standard male star RC uniform, even when the result makes him look like ass.

        • “he often looks for suits that are eye-catching (but generally in a fashion-forward way), and then scruffs them up with odd shirts and shoes or ties that don’t go”

          In other words, he wears wrinkled, poorly fitted, mismatched clothing.

  • Ummmm… NO, RDJ! Hilariously bad. I feel that he thinks this b.s. “quirky + sneakers look” is his “thing” – like Segal’s ponytail, it is NOT A GOOD LOOK NOR IS IT A VALID SIGNATURE STYLE (Sorry he’s making me all capsy). Misguided as he is, I actually do think that he “trys” and takes risks… that mostly they fail for him. Look at him in these pics – he is selling it hard and seems quite proud of it.

  • Catiline

    I don’t always mind RDJ’s style, but this is not good. I can forgive a questionable outfit if it at least looks like there was an attempt at thoughtfulness or originality, but this… Oof. I can’t.

    Is now the time to admit I’m not always on board with the “she plays by her own rules!!” thing with Helena Bonham Carter either? Not that I need her to suddenly start dressing like everybody else, but much like RDJ demonstrates here, sometimes even people who march to their own drum can just fuck it up spectacularly.

  • Sara__B

    T Lo, please come up with a perfect three word phrase for Robert. (“Elderly gay windchime” became part of my vocabulary from the first moment you coined the phrase.)

    • Imasewsure

      No that’s for the Deppster who loads up his outfits with more danglies than a 5th grade girl’s backpack. RDJ hasn’t earned a cute nickname for his RC crapstyle yet (and isn’t likely too either)

  • stephbellard

    I will go one step further than your brilliant critique of his “fashion” and say that I never got the appeal of his film persona either. He always comes across as hipster pandering, impossibly smug, and pathetically unaware of the fact that he’s not 19.

  • All of this could have been avoided if Robert Downey Jr. had a sassy gay friend. Look at your life, look at your choices, RDJr.

    • Robert Downey Junior is his own sassy gay friend. At least he was in the 80’s…something about a multi-year relationship with Ingo Rademacher (Of General Hospital fame)

      • Oooh this is gossip I did not know. Too bad his taste remained with that experience then.

  • unbornfawn

    I love RDJ’s work. His personal style not so much. He manages to show up on the red carpet looking like he woke up in his party clothes the next morning after partying a little too much. At his age, not so cute.

  • Wellworn

    Douchey homeless Peter Pan needs to grow up. And zip up.

  • muzan-e

    Under almost any other circumstances, I would be one hundred percent okay with him leaving his fly undone.

    The elevator you mentioned, for instance. Don’t worry about the zipper, man. There’s a time and a place for that, and this ain’t it.

    But he’s turned that tux into a tragedy. He’s mutilated it to the point that I didn’t actually realise at first that it’d ever been a tuxedo to begin with. The model, however. Well. About that elevator… ?


  • AnaRoW

    I’m going to disagree a bit because I’m pretty sure his style of dress fits his personality from what I’ve seen of it. If Vivienne Westwood’s people cared that much, they wouldn’t have loaned their clothes to him as he’s been dressing like this for decades. They should have known better. The shoes are the only part of the outfit I like. The fly being down is unfortunate but it happens. Someone should have told him.

  • larshine

    I admit to being one of those ladies who are charmed pants-less by RDJ.

    That being said. Oh HELL no. Not a chance. There’s not even a scrap of charm, self-deprecating or not, in this. This is horrible beyond the telling of it.

    Strip him down and have him sent to my room immediately.

  • lylas

    idc he could show up on the red carpet in a burlap sack and a pink cape and id still love him.. I hate this suit, however id blame the designer and stylist who forced him into it, i don’t even like it on the runway, but tbh Men fashions r so boring, i like those who dare to try something new, successful or unsuccessful. and plz i had a boob pop out a dress nothing is more embarrassing than that,.sh*t happens so yay RDJ and yay Westwood

  • Lisa M. (ReVoir) Kramp

    Open fly…no, Robert, no.

  • elderly gay windchime. Really, TLo you never ever have to write another word. EVER. Effing brilliant, that’s what.

  • Rand Ortega

    Nail on the head, TLo. But from a marketing perspective– Would there be this raging debate/attention if he didn’t dress this way?
    PS: Elderly Gay Windchime is going on my tombstone.

    • Adriana_Paula

      I would assume that the fanboys who ensure that Ironman XXXVII makes bladzillions of dollars aren’t the ones critiquing his fashion one way or the other. I mean, I’m looking forward to seeing the new movie, but PUF ticket sales aren’t what make these things juggernauts.

      • Rand Ortega

        Absolutely agree. But the studio execs are hoping PUF’s talking about him at all could get a few more tickets sold. +, it galvanizes his base to defend him. & all buzz is good buzz in the film franchise biz.

  • Qitkat

    This. This. This. THIS. THIS. THIS. THIS.
    Oh, pardon me, there must be an echo in this room.

  • snarkykitten

    There was some Russian Czar that, in his attempt to Westernize Russsia, would forceably shave men’s beards off. I want to do this to every celebrity who shows up anywhere with a neck beard.

    • Beardslee

      Peter the Great. And I’m with you about neck beards.

  • Ozski

    So Grandma Pauline of you, I LOVE it. Spot on.

  • I can’t stop looking at that suit on the runway, it’s amazing, even, or especially with those crazy shoes. Love, love, love it. It looks so awful on RDJ, that it’s actually making me sad. However, I’d offer to be stuck on an elevator with him. I’d even be happy to point out his open fly.

  • boldprint

    Yes, it is a phrase oft repeated in my household. Classic TLo.

  • i don’t care how many times i read it, “elderly gay windchime” makes me almost pee myself every time.

  • Phi phi! I love you!

  • He looks dreadful. Love the guy in terms of his acting and the roles he takes, and he’s definitely handsome, but UGH. Johnny I adore because he has so fully embraced his own style and he manages to make it look quirky but oddly tied together. RJD is just a refugee from Tragicstan.

  • e jerry powell

    The shawl collar is just not getting it for me. The shoes need to be set ablaze.

  • Picture 1: Hmmm, interesting suit, ugly shoes.
    Picture 2: Looks greater on the model
    Picture 3: Scrolling down, almost getting to picture 4 *needle scratch on a record* – is his zipper undone?! Is he pulling a Tony Stark? No, wouldn’t Tony Stark at least be a bit classier?
    Rest of the pictures: Yep, his fly is undone. Or, as we say in Denmark, ”Tivoli is open” (Tivoli: one of the biggest and oldest amusent parks in DK)

  • LaSylphide

    The suit collar would look better with a black shirt, like the model.

    And I know this is about RDJ, but I will NEVER be able to look at Johnny Depp the same: “elderly, gay windchime” should go in “Bartlett’s Book of T&L’s Unforgettable Quotations”.

  • (starting the slow clap. . . )

  • Le_Sigh

    THANK YOU TLo! Though RDJ can be charming on screen, I find all his press photos so so very off-putting. I mean dear GOD – its like he ran through the PR closet and dumped the clothes into the lap of his stylist grinning like he could pick his clothes out and dress himself like a big boy.

  • Trisha26

    Totally agree, TLo. Plus, that weird white trim on the collar is sort of interesting, but it demands a darker shirt to show it off. I blame the stylist for part of this.

  • Elderly Gay Windchime will forever be one of my favourite things seen on this blog. Love it!

    Interestingly 21 Jumpstreet is re-running here on one of our channels at the moment and I kinda wish Johnny had stuck with that Hanson style – but you know if he had, he would probably show up on a red carpet looking *exactly* like RDJ has done here. Except with a bandanna, somewhere. And likely with more denim.

  • Preach.

  • MoreShoes

    I used to adore him, now he repulses me. Get rid of the orthopedic shoes (I don’t care if they’re ‘hot’ among the kiddos), shave and for once get dressed like a real gentleman. Your hotness barometer will increase dramatically.

  • MissAmynae

    Zip your dang fly, and put on the dark shirt. Then its only a fashion misdemeanor.

  • Candigirl1968

    He has shown up in jeans. And it only made me angrier.

  • Jacqueline Wessel

    If he wanted to wear black and white shoes, the one’s on the model are fab.

  • lizlemonglasses

    That’s the best Elton John’s looked in a long time!

  • alyce1213

    Did anyone really think this would look good?
    I’d love to get inside those heads — just for a moment, not forever — to figure out what the hell is going on with these people. I shouldn’t get angry at nonsense like this, but you know, it IS about lack of respect. This guy is very generously compensated in his profession but shows nothing but contempt for his audience, his fans, the public at large.
    Unlike Maggie G’s frumpy choice in the earlier post (another very talented person who dresses badly), this is AGGRESSIVELY hostile. I’m beginning to really dislike him and I don’t want to.
    (elderly gay windchime is the funniest description I’ve ever heard)

  • Adriana_Paula

    Thank you for the comment on pedicures. I’m amazed at how harsh people can be sometimes about perfectly well groomed women, an d then write mash notes to this kind of nonsense.

  • jetpackdino

    I wonder how this happened.

    As TLo pointed out, there was money involved. Mr. Downey was paid to be on that red carpet, someone was paid to dress him…

    Crash and burn. From Robert Downey Jr.’s body posture in at least 4 of these photos, he seems self-conscious, almost defensive. I guess if I were his stylist I would try to start by finding clothes that RJD likes and is comfortable in, regardless of what that might be, and try to upgrade it from there. But for all I know, that may have been what his stylist was already trying to do.

    And his motherfornicating fly is down. Yeah. It’s beyond tragic, it’s hostile.

  • girliecue

    Preach, T and Lo! Unlike shoe choices, I am in complete agreement with you. Thank you for dressing down dressed-down celebrities. A much-needed public service you two so unstintingly provide. One day they’ll appreciate it. and if they don’t, well, that’s just more judging material for us. Bless you, Lorenzo and Tom!

  • Corsetmaker

    He clearly wears the trainers for the extra inch or two he gets out of the massive soles!
    Not his best look I have to say LOL!

  • CarolinLA

    He ranks just above Matthew Morrison on the douche scale.

  • bellafigura1

    “Elderly gay windchime” — spit my beer on to my keyboard. Thank you.

  • NoGovernmentName

    Yeah, the undone fly is just… well, what else can you do but shake your head? He’s a joke on the RC.

  • He’s just a sad attention seeker. Nobody dresses like this for any other reason.

  • conniemd

    Okay TLo, you win about Downey. That outfit is gross.

  • Just a guess — but I think the pants might have been too small and the zipper actually split, and did not just fall down. O.o

  • capybara_cafe

    I don’t even like the tux. And where are the people who ought to have been telling him his pants were undone? Ugh. I love him, but he has looked pretty bad recently.

  • Mariah J

    Amen, if my man dressed like this he would be in trouble

  • Get me a newspaper!



  • i wish he would have at least attempted the loafers.

  • carolie_king

    I am so very glad that he seems to have fought off his demons, but he is nonetheless a bit douchey.

  • demidaemon

    I also think he is one of those men who benefits from the employment of facial hair. He looks a little like Elton John here, which is not a compliment.

  • siriuslover

    Look, I have been one of RDJ’s most vocal supporters on this website for years, but even I can’t get behind this. I mean, when you get out of the car, put your hand over your stomach to make sure the freaking fly is zipped. Come on! I was on his case on the whiteboard a couple of weeks ago for the unironed hot mess he wore. This is right up there. Yes, I love and adore RDJ (and my husband met him once while shooting the golden globes and he is actually spectacularly nice…at least to my husband), but this is ridiculous.

  • BigWhiteGrannyPanties

    Why doesn’t he want to wear big boy shoes?

  • trixietru

    He’s been wearing shrunken jackets with very high top buttons since bragging about his iron man full body make over. This button is lower than his comfort zone so he’s crossing his arms awkwardly. Clinging so tight to his sneaker/tux signature; it’s now sad. The hair, glasses, jacket, sneakers..this isn’t someone who doesn’t care. Obvious case of trying too hard. *face is morphing into a weird Judd Nelson/Matthew Broderick mix. Robert needs some style guidance.

  • joe_tey83

    What you guys said has some truth to it, yet it’s also… obsessively over-analyzing things (almost entirely through a fashionish lens) and taking it all just way too seriously. Like, who cares?

    What has free clothes got to do with him having to dress up in a particular way? What’s the relationship there? What has a billion-dollar movie project got to do with him having to dress up in a particular way? What’s the relationship there? Why does it matter if he has a fuck-it style or not or any style at all? Why should he just “show up in jeans” or whatever if he wants to “dress like an adult” or not? Who make these rules anyway?

    If I am one of those so-called people who “build him up for the public” to be whatever he is, I won’t find it disrespectful. I won’t find it anything. I will just laugh and shrug it off. Whatever, the movie will get a bazillion dollars anyhoo. if you want to look like an idiot, look like an idiot. If you don’t want to look like an idiot, don’t look like an idiot. Who cares. It doesn’t matter.

    It’s just clothes, it really is. Nobody will remember it except for those fashion-obsessed people who reads too much into people they don’t know by the clothes they wear and only by the clothes they wear. They are like Freud in that they interpret everything in terms of clothes the way Freud sees sex in everything.

    The Kanye-West-Taylor-Swift thing is disrespectful. Justin Bieber showing up three hours late for a concert is disrespectful. Britney Spears having a nervous breakdown is tragic. Mindy McCready committing suicide is tragic. But, people dressing up to look like an idiot is disrespectful and tragic? Seriously? At best, it’s just a mildly interesting and hilarious nonevent. That is all.

    • What on earth are you doing on this site, then? It’s so obviously not the content for you if you’re taking the time to write “Who cares?” and “It’s just clothes.”

      • joe_tey83

        No, just let people be.

        Just because I am interested in looking at pretty clothes doesn’t mean I expect other people to. Or that I am going to judge them to be one way or another that seriously simply because they are not like me.

        And if they are not like me, I’m not going to be ‘Disrespectful!’ and ‘Tragic!’ just because I myself like what I like. Is it, really?

        • This is silly. Do you go to Star Trek fan sites and complain that they talk about Star Trek too much?

          I mean, complaining that we’re overanalyzing things “through a fashionish lens?” That’s 85% of the content on this site. We’re not going to “just let people be,” we’re going to talk about them. Specifically “through a fashionish lens.” That’s what we do here. That’s what our commenters do here. Disagree with what we say all you want, but … complaining that we’re judging people?


          • joe_tey83

            That’s not what I mean.

            It’s not about “too much”, it’s about talking about people who are clearly not into Star Trek and talking about them as if they are interested in Star Trek even though you already know they are not interested in Star Trek but you insist on wanting to talk about them as if they are interested in Star Trek anyway.

            And, you ARE judging people. By the clothes they wear. That’s like talking about people who are clearly not into Star Trek and talking about them as if they are interested in Star Trek and then feigning outrage when you realise they are not into Star Trek, which you already know right from the beginning they are not.

            Oh guys, I like the site for the most part. I sincerely do. I like the analysis of how to put clothes together. Like you said, I won’t be here if I don’t. But, with all due respect, it feels queasy to me when it goes beyond fashion analysis straight to psychology analysis. There’s more to people than the clothes they wear. There’s more to life than clothes. However interested you are (and I am) in it.

            Even (rational) Star Trek fans at a Star Trek convention can appreciate there’s a world outside Star Trek. And that you can overdose on Star Trek. Or at least that’s what I like to believe.

          • You have tortured the Star Trek analogy to death.

            This continues to be ridiculous. You are taking us to task for writing about exactly what this site was set up for and exactly what the majority of our readers come to read.

            Of course there’s more to life than clothes. What a ridiculous thing to say. But this is not a site about “life,” it’s a site where we talk about – and openly , gleefully judge – celebrities and what they’re wearing.

            Sorry if it feels “queasy” to you when we do it, but it’s what we do and it’s what we’ve always done. You’ve been coming here a long time and you know that. You just don’t like what we said this time. That’s fine. But your response is suddenly, “You shouldn’t be talking about this topic at all” rather than “I disagree.” It’s silly. Skip the red carpet posts if you don’t like judging celebrities by what they wear. Skip the Star Trek fan sites if you’re not a Star Trek fan.

          • joe_tey83

            But, I happened to have nothing to do today so I’m commenting and replying! It’s not sudden, it’s coincidental! Silly. And a substantial amount was said in your post to comment on.

            And can’t I just mean both “You shouldn’t be talking about this topic at all” and “I disagree” at the same time? Why does it have to be one or the other? Then again, I don’t mean the former. Not really. It’s not “You shouldn’t be talking about this topic at all,” it’s “You shouldn’t be talking about this topic in such a nnnnnnnnarrow-minded and sssssssssserious way.”

            And and why do you keep calling me ‘silly’? No, me no silly, you silly. I really do hope you say ‘silly’ in a sweet affectionate way – instead of a mean vindictive way – because that’s how I’m saying it to you guys.

            And and and let’s see if I can torture the Star Trek Analogy Even More. Star Trek Fans who are obsessed with Star Trek deserved (occasionally at least) a teeny tiny reminder that there’s an entire world outside Star Trek. They may all say ‘Of course, there is, silly!!! I know that, silly!!!’ Then a second later, it’s like nothing happened and they go all batshit crazy ‘Tragic! Disrespectful’ at people who are not interested in Star Trek whom they already know are not interested at Star Trek. So there. Especially if you have been following these silly Star Trek Fans since their silly ProjectStarTrekGay days and you care for them a little little little bit to see them acting all silly.

            You silly you.

          • You really should read what you just wrote out loud.

            Robert Downey Jr isn’t the Star Trek fan in this analogy. He’s Star Trek itself. He is the subject of this site: a celebrity on the red carpet in expensive borrowed clothes. You are, in effect, arguing with the writer of a Star Trek site as to whether Star Trek is interested in Star Trek.

            And you’re wondering why we keep using the word “silly?”

          • joe_tey83

            Silly you, I did read it out loud in fact.

            Ultimately, your whole argument is this:
            This is our site and we can write what we want. It does not matter if what we write is true or false or right or wrong. Anyone who disagrees with us is silly. Period.

            There’s no counter-argument to what I said. None whatsoever.

            From the start, it’s ‘This is our site and we can write what we want. It does not matter if what we write is true or false or right or wrong.’

            Now, you can read that out loud, silly.

          • When did this become about true or false?

            There’s no counter-argument being made because you’re not making an argument. You’re just complaining about the topic. As we said, disagreement is fine and welcome. Complaining to us that we’re writing about what we’ve always written about, in the same manner we’ve always written about it is … yes, silly.

          • joe_tey83

            Isn’t a complaint in essence also a disagreement, silly? Isn’t a disagreement in essence also a complaint, silly? And how does the timing of this particular complaint / disagreement matter, silly?

            My argument is – and you guys are willfully choosing to ignore it because you really can’t come up with a counter-argument – :

            A celebrity is not necessarily being ‘disrespectful’ or ‘tragic’ simply because he or she dresses like an idiot to an event supporting his / her project. There is more to it then the clothes one wears.

            Your reply is, ‘This is our site and we can write what we want. It does not matter if what we write is true or false or right or wrong.’

            When did this become about true or false, silly? Since you guys basically admit this-is-our-site-and-we-can-write-what-we-want-It-does-not-matter-if-what-we-write-is-true-or-false-or-right-or-wrong, I would say Never, silly.


          • What? No, a complaint is not a disagreement. There’s no point being made. There is nothing to debate when someone says “I don’t like this.” Oh well, then. You don’t like it.

            Second, this:

            “A celebrity is not necessarily being ‘disrespectful’ or ‘tragic’ simply because he or she dresses like an idiot to an event supporting his / her project. There is more to it then the clothes one wears.”

            Isn’t an argument. It’s simply stating that you don’t agree. Oh well, then. You don’t agree. There’s literally nothing for us to say in response to it because you only repeated what we wrote and said you didn’t agree.

            Now let’s end this, because you’re getting to be beyond silly and you’re not making any points. You don’t like it and you don’t agree. Got it. Moving on.

          • joe_tey83

            What you said makes zero sense.

            And you are distorting the meaning of ‘disagreement’ and ‘complaint’ to suit yourselves. And, are you guys really so dense as to not understand what an ‘argument’ is? Or does everything have to come dressed in fancy clothes for you to understand it?

            An argument consists of premise(s) and a conclusion drawn from the premises, that’s an argument. It’s not ‘I see that you don’t agree with us so you are not making an argument.’ What the what?! That’s just plain utter nonsense.


            Premise 1: One is more than the clothes one wears.
            Premise 2: It is not right to judge one solely by the clothes one wears.
            Conclusion: To judge a celebrity solely by the clothes he / she wears to a public event as being ‘tragic’ or ‘disrespectful’ is not right.

            That is an argument, silly. It’s not ‘you don’t agree with us, so that’s not an argument.’ That’s just ridiculous. Where do you get that kind of rubbish from?

            Your reply:
            1) Your timing sucks.
            2) You are repeating yourself and repeating us
            3) We have been doing this since forever so that makes it OK
            4) You don’t agree with us
            4) You are silly

            Which is completely nonsensical and irrelevant to the premises and the conclusion. Basically, you can’t come up with anything so you resorted to ad hominem attacks and flat-out denials.

            There’s nothing to debate? If you disagree with me, how about you try to refute ‘one is more than the clothes one wears’ or ‘it is not right to judge one solely by the clothes one wears’? I see nothing of that sort. There’s nothing to debate because you can’t do it. You can’t.

            And, where in your post did you actually said ‘one is more than the clothes one wears’? How am I repeating that from what you wrote when you didn’t even write it, silly?

            But your main thingy is:

            Premise 1: This is our site and we can do what we want
            Premise 2: What we do on our site is always right, silly.
            Conclusion: Therefore, if we judge a celebrity solely by the clothes he / she wears to a public event as being ‘tragic’ or ‘disrespectful’ on our site, it is always right.

            There’s all there is to it. I don’t understand why you guys can’t just bite the bullet, be honest with yourself, and admit that this whole ‘judging people solely by their clothes, getting totally carried away and then jumping to crazy wild conclusions’ thing is not always exactly right. That you know it, but you insist on doing it anyway for one reason or another.

            That is all.

            Do you have the slightest idea of any reality or perspective beyond this site or fashion or celebrities or tv? You said you do, you think you do, but everything you said thus far just proves otherwise.


            (Hey, you finish what you want to say and you move on. I finish what I want to say and I do my own moving on.)

          • “So,

            Premise 1: One is more than the clothes one wears.
            Premise 2: It is not right to judge one solely by the clothes one wears.
            Conclusion: To judge a celebrity solely by the clothes he / she wears to a public event as being ‘tragic’ or ‘disrespectful’ is not right.

            That is an argument, silly.”


            Did you really think I was going to debate what I do for a living with you just because you’ve stated you don’t like it?

            Will you PLEASE drop this idiotic conversation now? If you really want to have a discussion about this, I suggest you start your own blog. And I hope you get a huge audience. And then I hope your audience starts complaining to you that you’re doing what you’ve done all along. THEN you might understand why I went from calling this conversation “silly” to calling it “idiotic.”

  • I don’t think he dresses like a child. I think he has sore feet. However, this year, were I to buck red carpet style (or ever be anywhere near a red carpet, even less likely) I’d be rocking really nice loafers rather like the model instead of hightops. Which I no longer own or wear. And I’m RDJ’s age. However, he can get away with it, and the open fly was just a senior moment. Probably.

  • Aurumgirl

    Amen. To all of what you wrote.

  • ThaliaMenninger

    He is himself. And that self is a mess. He’s not an elderly gay windchime, so there’s that. More of an overgrown juvenile clown car.

  • Frank Lithium

    Even if one wants to wear sneakers with a suit, it has to be the right kind of sneakers. RDJ is just a clown.

  • Here here TLo!!

  • julnyes

    I do grade RDJ on a curve because (as another BK mentioned earlier) I adored him when I was a teenager and grew up worried that he would die prematurely of a drug overdose. When he got his act together I was legitimately happy for him and his family. So I tend to smile affectionately at some of his fashion quirks because he is alive and able to make fashion mistakes.

    Having said that – there is no excuse for unzipped pants and ill fitting clothes. He needs to clean that up.

  • CzarinaFlo

    I knew Robert. Oh, I’m so off his radar now I don’t show up as a speck of dust on the screen, but from 2001 – 2007 his sister was my roommate and I knew the man. He thinks he’s still the cute bad boy of 25 years ago and you know and i know he’s always dressed like this in high-profile public appearances. Well, not always with an open fly. But pretty bad, um…quirky. Doesn’t often work at 48.

    TLo, trust me, you ‘would’ want to be stuck in an elevator with him. He is really as funny and charming – and self-centered, but that doesn’t take too much from the charm – in private situations.
    However, no one can stop him from those lifts! He is of average height, not ‘that’ exceptionally short, yet he always wears them in public as if he were 5′ 2″. Not necessary, and not a good look.