Robert Downey Jr. in Ferragamo

Posted on April 04, 2013

Robert Downey Jr. attends ‘Iron Man 3’ press conference in Seoul, South Korea in Salvatore Ferragamo.

Salvatore Ferragamo Spring 2013 Collection



[Photo Credit: WireImage,]

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  • Top half? 9.5
    Bottom half? .25

    • Jacqueline Wessel

      Agreed…I wish he had worn the orange pieces the model is wearing.

      • He could have looked great in the orange. But I would be well satisfied with two things. Pants that actually fit, and something other than sport shoes with this look.

        • MilaXX

          I thought the pants fit but were a bit long. What am I missing? I have to admit though, as much as I love RDJ I wish he would move onto at least a loafer style shoe.

          • First pic: take a good look at how crumpled and squashed down the pants are across his hips. It ain’t his man junk doing all that.
            Plus the inseam is too high and tight for the rest of the fit.

          • MilaXX

            I see it now. Thanks

          • Beardslee

            Let me say again how much I love it when you aim your technical eye at what someone is wearing. I thought the pants were bad but I could not have begun to say why with such precision.

          • You flatter me. Thank you.

    • StellaZafella

      I’d hit it…I’d be giggling but I’d still hit it.

      • Oh I’ve always thought he was sexy. So we will have to share.

      • Tracy_Flick

        Mmmm Hmmm. Yep.

      • sweet_potato

        Yup, ditto.

    • musicandmochi

      My reaction:

      “Ah! He was made for that blazer! Though I’m not quite sold on the black on b…
      *record scratch*
      What on God’s green earth is That doing here?!”

      • Rarely have I seen such s pair of ill fitting pants. And that fabric clearly wrinkles on sight. Then there’s the insane hem. Then we get to those SHOOZ. Ick.

        • Lisa M. (ReVoir) Kramp

          He should have worn the loafers the model had! Would have upped his sexy factor even higher! I actually find him yummier now than when we were younger.

        • WhiteOprah

          ITA about the pants- they must have linen in them? They’re just a mess. I can’t hate on the shoes, though. At some point you just have to surrender to the fact that they’re his thing.

    • AlexisPayne

      Very fair assessment, though I think he should get bonus points for color and wearing something interesting.

    • ThatPeterG

      yeah, a little wrinkled, but he probably unpacked it after a long flight to Seoul…and by “he,” I mean some underling…still, he looks good…

  • I bet Don Johnson is pretty proud that his psuedo-shave is still in after all these years!

  • Shades of “The Prisoner!”

    • drdarke

      LIKED for the Sixties Cult Television reacharound, @facebook-742569854:disqus !

  • snarkykitten

    oh good lord. normally I like RDJ’s style, but he looks like a manchild

  • Bless him.

  • That, sir, is not your jacket.

  • Evan Hart

    GET THE BIEBER SHOES OFF YOUR FEET. NOW. You are better than this RDJ.

    • Sara__B

      AND TIE YOUR TIE PROPERLY! (I feel better now.)

  • nannypoo

    Love this guy. I hate his outfit and I bet he wouldn’t care.

  • Sobaika


  • drdarke

    “I’m only thwee-and-a-half YEARS old!”

    ::Tweety Bird laugh!::

    • random_poster

      Seriously. He should have worn the clothes in bright yellow and then orange shoes.

      • drdarke

        OTOH, it’s Robert Downey, Jr. – he’s above such petty concerns like “fashion” and “style”, as he achieves his own Robert Downey, Jr. meta-megasexual fabulousness!

        Any day now, we’ll get a runway where he’s doing both John Barrowman and Gwyneth Paltrow in front of God and everybody – while having simultaneous cybersex with the entire population of Second Life….

        • capybara_cafe

          *buys tickets and signs up for Second Life*

  • kmk05

    Tony, you do much better when Pepper chooses your outfits.

    …Wait, I think I am getting confused.

  • decormaven

    That’s a lot of tone on tone. It would have been wonderful to have seen it as shown on the runway.

  • Dam_Angel

    Above the collar: 48 years old.
    Below the collar: 4-8 years old

  • NDC_IPCentral


  • Lattis

    That head shot? (4th pic) That is my 1970’s era prom date’s photo. Well, the the baby blue suit with white piping part. Just add a crappy ruffled shirt. Oh, and a smattering of acne. yeah well I was wearing a pink PINK (which I hate what was I thinking) gown and my hair was HUGE!!! so

    • rajf

      Ditto…although my prom date had blonde curls. Add a boutonniere of pink baby roses, along with the ruffled shirt (with blue topstitching on the ruffles) and we’re good. Me: gunne sax, empire waist, spaghetti strap, blue print with pink baby roses, little matching jacket with netting lace sleeves and yoke, self covered buttons with loop closures to high neck made of the dress fabric. Hair: Farrah wings with blonde highlights. Wristlet of pink baby roses. Shoes: crepe soled, sling back, bump toe, wedge in bone.

      • Beardslee

        Oh, were you at my prom?? My outfit was quite similar except my crepe soled shoes featured a strappy white patent.

        I am so glad boys get to wear black again. I told my son about the ruffled shirt with the colored topstitching (always matching the girl’s dress) and he was absolutely aghast. And rightly so.

        • Janet B

          I fondly remember the ruffled shirts, my date wore a burgundy tux.
          My teen’s date wants to match her dress with his tie & vest.

          • AmeliaEve

            My prom date wore a red crushed velvet jacket that turned out to be an exact match for the drapes at the hotel that hosted the dance. My polyester halter-neck dress with matching bolero was the perfect setting for my brand new puka shell choker. Gunne Saxe were never cut properly to fit me, though I did later sew a couple different versions of the knock-off Butterick pattern. Dreamy!

          • drdarke

            Terri, where have you been since we went to the prom? You LIKED my outfit then, as I recall…..

        • rajf

          If the theme of your prom was Chicago’s “Only the Beginning”, then probably yes. Do you remember Famolares? I think mine were a non-wavy soled Fam.

          • Janet B

            I remember Chicago’s “Color My World” playing. I don’t think that was the theme, but it sure sticks in my mind now.

    • Pennymac

      First marraige had the powder blues for my attendants. I’d fortunately forgotten that until your post reminded me….

    • drdarke

      Actually, except for the fit being better, that looks like the outfit we groomsmen outfit we wore when my college roommate got married for the first time….

  • Esz

    Oh dear – I actually LOL’d.
    He looks like a cartoon character.

    Discliamer: I do love Mr RDJ – he’s hilarious and I’m quite sure he is taking the piss with most of what he wears.

    But still…LOL

  • MilaXX

    I should hate this. RDJ is getting a bit long in tooth to rock sneakers on the RC, yet somehow this works for me. I like.

  • He’d look much better if I took off those pants.

  • Qitkat

    It is to laugh. Take away the tie and the head, and you’ve got a fifteen year old boy from the 1970s.

  • YourBaloneyDontGotNoSecondName

    RJD is pushing 50 and is dressed like Justin Bieber at the prom. And he still looks like the baddest, coolest, sexiest motherfucker on the planet.

    • NoGovernmentName

      But if it was Bieber the crotch of the pants would be down around his knees!

    • alice20c

      Yes, absolutely. Even at his age, in a hideous outfit that not even Matt Bomer could make presentable (Ferragamo: clinically insane), and his due-diligence-PR-campaign smile (poor puppy), RDJ is still WORLDS sexier than the usual pop-culture Borg that swamp the blogs. Love him. Love him forever.

  • Man-child.

  • capybara_cafe

    Oh, honey. No. I actually love the shirt and tie, but everything else has got to go.

    • Contralto

      off his body and onto my bedroom floor.

      • capybara_cafe

        I think we have to take numbers. I’m not sure if there ARE enough numbers, lol.

  • NoGovernmentName

    He is like Helena Bonham Carter at this point: he’s always going to do this, he is never going to change. I just shake my head and sigh. I can’t hate. He is RDJ. What can you do?

    • Pennymac

      Agreed. I search and search my bitter kitten heart to find the snarkiness within, but alas, I am defeated by the ridiculous boyishness cutsie-ism that is RDJ.

    • norseofcourse


  • crash1212

    Clown clothes.

  • kimmeister

    His feet look like trapezoids, blech!

  • Coco Cornejo

    Hem those damn pants!

  • CarolinLA

    One of my irrational hates. I find him to be a dick.

  • Jessi03

    Did you put tins in Whiteboard instead of In/Out because you’re tired of Bitter Kittens defending him? I love him to pieces, but this is seriously ridiculous, RDJ.

  • pepper76

    It’s his birthday – be nice!

  • Toto Maya

    I feel like he’s worn this before.

  • alyce1213

    He looks like absolute shit. (And I like him.)
    I DESPISE that jacket with the heat and fury of a million suns, and the shoes too.

  • Happy Birthday RDJ!!!


  • Contralto

    I don’t care. I’m crazy about him.

  • Anniebet

    WTF with the shoes. That jacket looks like it was made for a 13 year old boy.

  • sleepycat

    d-bag. I kinda want those day-glow orange pants, well because orange is my favorite color, although in reality i’m too much of a wallflower to pull them off, not to mention they would look super sloppy on me (which kinda happens when I wear clothes)

  • LaSylphide

    Top and bottom are too matchy; he’d have rocked the orange/gray. But blue or orange, he still da man.

  • formerlyAnon

    No. This intentionally-too-small-looking cut isn’t working for him. Combined with the not-quite matching pants and the sneakers, he’s dressed like a fast growing 13-yr-old going to a family wedding. His mother realized at the very last minute that he’d grown out of the pants to his suit, grown out of his dress shoes, that the jacket barely fit – ran out to Ross at the last minute to buy pants to nearly-match and grabbed a new shirt and tie (the kind that come together in one package) which she hoped was gonna save the ensemble.

    • Aurumgirl

      That wins as the most accurate description of this ensemble. Fast growing lanky teen in kiddy shoes.

    • TLJezebel


  • Airkisses

    Third whiteboard of the day? TLo, are you furiously scribbling the last of your book on napkins and the back of receipts?

  • siriuslover

    hahaha, you guys have relegated him to the white board. Like, you can’t even deal with his shit anymore! hahaha.
    And I say this as a RDJ lover, stupid sneakers and all, but come on, boy! You are IRON man! Iron those pants!

  • He’s way too “adult” to dress like this!

  • I’m disappointed. He can usually bring the crazy and I’m ok with it, but this look isn’t doing it for me. But he’s still SO hot, in a crazy charismatic way.

  • Imasewsure

    Aged hipster fool. Luckily the guy can act. Would prefer board shorts and a t to most of the stuff he puts on his body

  • I don’t think I would recognize him,if it weren’t for the robo-suit and the Tony Stark facial hair. I’m abysmal at remembering people and their names. So thank you for naming him; otherwise I’d have to furiously try to remember who he is.

  • JauntyJohn

    The jacket might look okay — even interesting — IF IT FIT RIGHT.
    The pants seem like they’re made from one of those impossible fabrics in which the runway model puts them on by lying on a board while two helpful assistants slide them up the legs and into place directly from a special hanger, then pull him to a vertical, standing position so that at no time does he bend or even move until he is walking down the runway, thus creating the illusion that you can actually wear this cool looking fabric in real life. Still, the pair on RDJ might have worked — IF IT FIT RIGHT.
    I don’t hate the sneakers.
    Incredibly bored by the matching tie-shirt thing.

  • guest2visits

    The blue pants don’t work as well as the orange could have – and they are a bit slouchy. Still love the look and the shoes.

  • korilian

    he should have worn high contrast pants with it. Not necessarily orange, but definitely not this light gray.

  • jetpackdino

    Ironman 3: Tony Stark loses his fortune and has to make ends meet as a bellhop.

  • Catiline

    All the different blues are kind of upsetting my eyes. Still, I’d rather see a man who dresses with personality than the banker suits on display with Eckhart and Butler recently (with all due respect to Harvey and Leonidas).

  • Alexandra Simons

    That is, top to bottom, one f__king horrible outfit. And he’s waaaay to old for it.

  • Diego!

    He is a genius and I love him. I love he dresses as if he doesn’t care. That’s cool! I love his hair too!

  • I just realized who he’s emulating here. Captain Kangaroo! Seriously, the white-piped jacket is exactly what the Captain wore.

  • librarygrrl64

    He needs to cut it out with the ridiculous footwear. Fifteen years ago even, it would have looked quirky and ironic. Now he just looks like someone’s dad, trying to be “hip.” It’s sad.

  • julnyes

    I love everything from the waist up. The pants are regrettable and the shoes are more appropriate for jeans.

  • melissaisasnob

    Peter Pans do nothing for me. I want a grown up man.

  • I never noticed before–he seems to have excellent natural turnout. Ah, well, the ballet world’s loss is the silly sneaker world’s gain.

  • Candigirl1968

    Clearly, RDJ is suffering from Johnny Depp syndrome (i.e., “I’m quirky, and I refuse to change a thing regardless of how tired my fashion shtick is”).

  • Crystal

    Well. He’s not wearing jeans. And he shaved and cut his damn hair. And his jacket fits. So it’s A MILLION times better than I expected when I saw his name in the headline.


    He has become such a douche since he quit drugs

  • plinkiedoodle

    Dear Mr. Downey: Grow up. You’ll feel so much better if you do!

  • Do I get voted off the island if I admit that I covet those sneakers?

  • kalisa

    I’m pretty sure he’s wearing the top half of my Brooks Brothers suit. But the bottom half’s a skirt, so…

  • Frank Lithium

    He is just full of himself isn’t he.

  • Meelah

    I love this man…

  • Thathoodwink

    Of course.

  • oh dear lord, no.

  • Classic Bobby!

  • warnerave

    he looks good

  • I still say he’s Phi phi from season 4 Ru paul’s drag race – he was doing research.

  • shanteUstay

    Oh this man is gorgeous hunny!