Project Runway: The Runners-Up

Posted on April 26, 2013

Hit it, oh disappointed ones!




Stanley shocked the shit out of us. We might have predicted that his collection would skew dowdy and mature, but we never would have guessed that he’d be the flighty, scatterbrained, unprepared one. We’re going to say it: We got progressively more annoyed last night, as more than a half-dozen people, including the other two finalists, got to work helping him just finish the collection he was there to show and had five months to put together. “If he wins this,” we thought, “It’ll be Project Runway rewarding bad management, unprofessionalism, and relying on others to complete a task.”

Anyway, this was not a bad look. It was probably one of the more youthful looks in the collection – and that’s really saying something, since a 50-year-old could wear this with no problem. Hell, a 70-year-old could.


Oh, what are we saying? There are no youthful looks in Stanley’s collection. There are also no looks that evoke the urban working girl he claimed as his muse. When all he could say about her is that she works in the city and likes to shop, it became obvious that Stanley, unlike Patricia and Michelle, had absolutely no idea who he was designing for.


And we’re sorry if you were expecting analysis or breakdowns of his collection, but most of it really doesn’t warrant it. It’s all a combination of vintage looks and department store looks. Not a truly interesting look in the lot, as far as we’re concerned.


These were his two best pieces and, quite stupidly, he ignored Nina’s excellent suggestion that he break them up in the collection.


We thought this was awful.




A little pretty.

Interesting that textile design played such a part in this finale. The judges loved Michelle’s sweaters and Patricia’s various techniques, which only made Stanley’s (again, quite stupid) “I just paid some Russian ladies to embroider for me” response a huge mark against him.


This only looks good because of the model. This will only look good on dark-skinned size twos under 35.



An 80-year-old would put that back on a rack for being “too old lady.”




The worst look of the lot. It’s such an obvious Marchesa ripoff and the comparison only serves to make this dress all the worse, since it’s so drab and poorly made. Additionally, it’s totally out of left field, having nothing to do with the rest of the looks.



We were one hundred percent behind Nina in the debate last night regarding Patricia. And we think her long stretches of pursed-lip silence were merely a case of her refraining from reading off the script the other judges were. Because there’s no way in hell Michael Kors or Zac Posen ever thought these clothes were a good match for a Marie Claire editorial or a Lord & Taylor rack. NO. WAY.


Now, we absolutely agree with the arguments Kors, Posen and Klum (attorneys at law) made regarding the freshness of her vision and the high value of her skills and craft. She is absolutely an artisan and there is absolutely a market for what she’s doing. But every judge on that panel with the possible exception of Heidi knew good and damn well there was nothing but a very tiny niche market for these clothes and that they would never get much play in the worlds of department stores and fashion magazines. And despite what anyone involved with Project Runway may say, it revolves entirely around the worlds of department stores and fashion magazines, with a little bit of red carpet thrown in.


The Number One reason as to why she’s a textile designer and not a fashion designer? Shape. The Number Two reason? Technique.


Her fabrics and the way she has manipulated them are quite beautiful in most cases. However, her shapes are either simplistic, non-existent, or flattering to practically nobody. There is little to no thought put into how to shape the garment and what the shape of the garment will be.


Addtionally, she uses very little technique in the making of her garments, reserving all of her technique for the making of her textiles. The result is exactly what you get here; a lot of shapeless or simplistic garments rendered in really beautiful fabrics, none of which look stylish in a current sense, many of which look quite dated in a “that store that sells incense and crystals at the mall” sense.


And that’s our main issue with her attempt here. Aside from the shape or technique issues, we just don’t love the way she interpreted her heritage and culture into something that looks like a Halloween hippy costume in half the looks and Chico’s in another quarter of them. A little less Rhiannon and a lot more Taos is what her work needs.


There’s a reason why the judges liked these last two looks the most. It’s because the one with the horsehair referenced her culture more purely and in a new(ish) way. And the second one was the only piece in her collection that looked remotely modern. She’s very, very talented. In some ways, one of the most talented contestants the show’s ever had. But this collection demonstrates fine textile-making skills; not fine fashion design ones.



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  • Patricia could have a really great business designing textiles for other designers, more skilled in actual design, to use. I found those horsehair head pieces to be really distracting and weird. Seuss-like, I think they called them last week.

    Stanley was a big ol’ bowl of disappointment.

    • I wish she would have explained them. She called it the female roach headdress when she was unpacking so they must be A Thing.

      • Qitkat

        I thought that they were something that an established, quirky designer might get away with . That they were on only 2 of the 12 looks, with the horsehair jacket being the only other usage added to the lack of cohesion, and made them seem just plain weird, especially without knowing the context.

      • Anathema_Device

        I think she explained them the previous week, in the episode with the home visits and showing three looks to the judges. I don’t entirely remember, but they are a take on some specific Native American head dress.

  • hughman

    Stanley should have been deeply ashamed showing in front of Kors (after all, in theory Kors customer was who he aspired for) but Stanley’s clothes came off like the Forever 21 knock-off of a Kor’s collection. And they LIKED that gold trench? It was like a hazmat dress for a cocktail party on the sun.

    • SassieCassy

      embarassed but i dont hate the gold trench. he didnt deserve the win or anything but that looks like something samantha jones would wear on a night of debauchery

      • Agree – I don’t hate it, but it still wasn’t all that. And he certainly didn’t deserve to win.

    • That gold trench looked good to me when it was on the dress form. I was shocked how boxy it looks on the model.

    • BeeBeauNYC

      I flinched when I saw the gold trenchcoat, and I had to put down my margarita when Michael Kors started praising it.

      • Winter_White

        Ha! The judges highly praised the three looks I hated most: Michelle’s bleeding heart sweater, Stanley’s gold trench, and Patricia’s lumberjack shirt. Unlike you, those were the times I picked UP my drink.

      • Kate

        That gold trench was the worst thing I have seen all season.

      • Oh, it was a trenchcoat? I thought it was maybe a coat dress.

    • kirkyo

      Absolutely the worst thing on the runway last night. Looks cheap and highly flammable.

      • dickylarue

        If the intent of the gold trench was to make her look like chubby Betty Draper on her way to studio 54, Stanley crushed it.

        • BookieBookie

          That dress had “Mrs. Cleaver goes dressy” written all over it.

    • M312

      Stanley’s collection was Forever 51.

      • Wellworn

        Ba dum dum…good one!

      • CarolinLA


  • Stanley looked like he was totally lost. I think he fully expected to ride through the finale and be anointed the winner based on praise he got through the competition. I think the teams setup just let him get through on competency, where brilliance was dampened because teams really pushed that idea down.

  • Janet B

    Loved Patricia’s yellow fabric.
    Stanley disappointed.

  • alyce1213

    Patricia came farther in the competition than anyone expected. I’m happy for her.

    Stanley shot himself in the foot. Three-quarters of the way through, he’d won more challenges and made a reputation as meticulous and focused. The competition was his to lose.

    And Michelle fought all the way from the worst losing team, from elimination and ‘redemption’ — to victory. Because she earned it! She deserved it.

    • I think this season perfectly encapsulates the problem with PR: the best constructed, most commercial looks win each week, but the most exciting, fashion forward runway show wins overall. So you need to be a designer like Michelle who can execute good looks each week to not get eliminated, and still retain enough creativity and personal viewpoint to pull together an exciting show at the end. It’s a lose/lose game for anyone who can’t walk that line.

      • Nelliebelle1197

        And so how did Wretchen and Anya win?

        • Kimbolina

          Crack. Lots and lots of crack.

        • MilaXX

          Gretchen won because Mondo disobeyed Nina & Michael.
          Anya won because Heidi liked the soundbit of a former beauty queen who just learned to sew winning

          • Glammie

            Anya’s win is what did in PR for me. Blatant manipulation–just a total joke.

      • VanessaDK

        I don’t think that would be a problem–it is the definition of a good designer.

    • drdarke

      I agree with TLo that Patricia’s clothing designs are shapeless or dull, and looks belong in “that store that sells incense and crystals at the mall”.

      I never understood how she got to the Final Three, except for Heidi pushing hard for her “vision” – which still looks like Crafts Class to me….

      • Sarah

        This is not meant to be argumentative, but I went to school for Crafts & Material Studies with a concentration in fiber arts. What we did was learn how to professionally treat fabrics and fibers, incorporating weaving, felting, dying, knitting, spinning, and a host of other techniques. The other departments in my college were dedicated to glassblowing, jewelrymaking, woodworking, and ceramics. Some of the best artists in these fields in the country were my professors – people who hold master’s degrees in fine arts, and have spend hundreds of hours honing their skills. All by way of saying it is important to tread lightly when you call a trained artisan’s work “crafts class” productions. Of course, you don’t have to like it – to each their own 🙂

        • Qitkat

          Excellent and thoughtful.

        • drdarke

          Sorry, @ Sarah – I meant no offense to those who those who do crafts professionally.

          Patricia, OTOH, does what looks to me like Crafts Class at the Senior Center….

          • greyhoundgirl

            I disagree. I think her fabrics have beauty and genius in them. it’s the garments she made out of them that are the problem.

          • VictoriaDiNardo

            I also think her textiles are beautiful. I kept thinking I would love to see them used by someone like Consuelo Castiglioni at Marni who would know how to manipulate them. I somehow imagine that when Patricia does a textile that she loves she has a difficult time cutting it up into pieces, so she uses it in the biggest shapes she can – that she feels like it would diminish them in a way, because she sees the whole cloth, so to speak.

          • Ksagun13

            Last night I wondered what Uli would have done with some of Patricia’s textiles.

          • VictoriaDiNardo

            Very good! Okay – next season – Project Runway Teams All Stars with Patricia and Uli!

          • I agree that is my thought as well. Uli or Mondo could go to town with Patricia’s fabrics. She is, by far, the most talented person this season but the problem is her talent isn’t design, which is what the show wants.

          • All the votes for Uli and Patricia inc!

          • onetinkerbell

            Maybe she can parley her textile design skills into an exclusive line of fabrics. Jay McCarroll does quilting fabric and Suede and April have both designed fabric lines – Suede’s sells at Hobby Lobby and April’s PR line sells at JoAnn Fabrics. I think Patricia’s are much higher-end than those but maybe she can specialize for someone else. That or she needs to find a partner who can really design clothing to the advantage of those textiles.

          • drdarke

            I – can’t agree with any of this about Patricia, so I’m really wondering what I’m missing here.

            To me, her stuff (fabric art as well as clothing) looks gimmicky and obvious – which puts me in the uncomfortable position of agreeing with Nina Garcia about something! I not only don’t think it’s commercial, I don’t think it’s remotely wearable – well, the leather jacket with horsehair accents aside, that is. I also don’t think it’s “artistic” or speaks to her “heritage” except in the most embarrassingly surface way – like a student film about Native Americans done by some city kid who just discovered he’s one-sixteenth Pueblos, and wants to speak for “his brothers”.

            But a lot of people on here and the AV Club (and even on the show itself!) are defending her, so clearly I’m not getting what it is she’s doing….

          • greyhoundgirl

            Well, it may be that you just don’t like it, and that’s okay. A lot of people don’t. I was taken by those mica sequins and think that they probably look gorgeous in “person”. As far as her heritage–I don’t know enough to say, but I understand your comments. I appreciated that she was so moved by her ability to finally get her vision out there and to modernize what she saw as her tribe’s traditional looks. I do wish that she had been a little more specific about her own heritage, rather than usually referring to it broadly as Native. But that could have partly been editing. The different ways to look at a runway show are interesting–how much should the focus be on wearable and commercial as opposed to fabulous. and fantasy over the top runway only wear.

          • BeccaGo

            You’re not the only one. That’s exactly how I felt about her collection, but I wasn’t saying anything because I thought I just didn’t “get” it.

          • Sarah

            No need to apologize, but my point was that I feel personally that she is a true artisan. But, as I said, to each their own. There are a great many people that prefer less exuberant, more tailored looks, and that’s fine, too.

  • stayl

    The gold trench reminded me of something Wendy Pepper designed or would design. Also, Stanley places too much emphasis on the luxuriousness of the fabric.

    • flamingoNW

      exactly Wendy Pepper. And that model was HORRIBLY styled. Wrong model, wrong hair, just awful. Hated that coat.

      • Sarah

        And he said to Tim “it looks good with her yellow hair” as it walked. No, it did NOT.

    • RinPauler

      aka the Valentino problem.

  • ballerinawithagun

    I didn’t watch but from these photos Patricia’s look a little Rodarte to me. I’m always disappointed when I see Rodarte in person, great ideas but often poorly executed. The fashion world has designated them as the only artistic designers who will ever be accepted in the “real” fashion world. As many have pointed out, there is a huge group of women who wear the sort of artwear that Patricia produces.

    • Interesting comparison to Rodarte. I don’t like their aesthetic at all, but I think you’re right on the mark.

    • RinPauler

      I think it’s a good comparison about Patricia and Rodarte sisters. Loads of ideas in one look, but not good in the final results. The third look is unfortunate. The pants are downright ugly (especially the one on the second look)

    • I agree. And these are clothes that you do not need to be a size 2 to wear that are still art, which is part of the attraction of Rodarte too.

  • M312

    Patricia’s work looks much better walking then in still shots and like Heidi mentioned regarding the audience viewing her show, I did smile seeing her clothes come down the runway. I knew there was no way in hell she was going to win, especially with Nina, and I didin’t respond to some of her collection, but I have to say I enjoyed the whackadoodleness of it all. She does her thing and good for her. Stanley’s show was a snooze. No way to sugarcoat it. Michelle’s didn’t rock my world either but it was solid.

    • M312

      In the end, Patricia!

  • Funkykatt

    I was surprised that Stanley was able to outsource some of his work and not get in trouble for it. I remember Kara Saun got dinged because she had someone else make her shoes. What is the difference or have the rules changed?

    • flamingoNW

      seems like the rules changed. I think one of the other two did as well but I can’t remember…

      • OrigamiRose

        Yes – and Michelle using Joe for the sweaters would have been verboten in the past as well, right?

        • flamingoNW

          that’s what it was, yeah….

        • DinaSews

          I missed what she said about him. Did he make the sweater? Or just the knit?

          • OrigamiRose

            I thought it was that he made it.

          • He made both

          • RinPauler

            He has a computer technology that help her create the print on the sweater as she wanted.

          • DinaSews

            Thank you.

          • Just the knit, if the heart sweater was the same as the wolf one. Last week Michelle said Joe’s machine did the knitting and she sewed it into a sweater.

          • DinaSews

            Thank you very much.

        • Danielle

          No. Paying someone a fair amount for their work has always been allowed. It would have been a no-no if Joe did it for free.

          • OrigamiRose

            Ah, gracias!

          • Yeah, Kara Saun got designer shoes that she said cost 10 a pair to make……shady! And I loved her!

          • I actually think Joe did quite a lot with the knits. I would like to see those email exchanges. I don’t think Michelle showed any talent in graphic design, yet suddenly something as complex as the wolf pattern and bleeding heart issue forth? They look like Joe had a heck of a lot of design input, and I am pretty sure that’s not allowed.

          • ” I don’t think Michelle showed any talent in graphic design”

            Michelle won the print challenge this season and won the Duck Tape challenge, where she and Amanda designed a print.

          • Danielle

            She also painted that fabulous design on the train of the coat she made in the print challenge

          • She also has an academic background in printmaking…she didn’t need to “outsource” her design aesthetic, just the practical manifestation of it. Given what we know about her, does anyone really believe she would just hand the reins to Joe and tell him to “do something like the cats, but with wolves and a bleeding heart instead”? Not bloody (excuse the pun) likely!

          • SewingSiren

            When they visited her workroom she had pattern paper with the wolf circle on it. She said herself she was a math person back in the prom/Duck tape challenge in which she also created a patterned fabric.
            After the wolf circle is worked out mathematically it is then transferred to a grid called a chart to make the intarsia knitting pattern. This by the way would be textile design, which I happen to think Michelle excels at.

          • Textile design starts like graphic design like anything else with a graphic element, so no need to go all terminology on me. These were the best pieces in what was an uninspired show (the struggle she as lone wolf overcame was the show. Um, OK). Since someone who had no issues in that regard was involved in these two pieces, why not raise the question?

          • Is this you admitting you were wrong? Because you kind of suck at it.

          • SewingSiren

            Well yes, textile design starts like graph design as does fashion design. All branches of design have common skills. You were the one who weeded out the skill as separate and unrelated . As Tom and Lorenzo pointed out she used textile and surface design skills a remarkable number of times in in the challenges. She created fabric from using a tessellation in the tape challenge which was somethingMC Escher was know for. The wolf never ending circle also had a MC Escher quality to it. She was the one responsible for the representational face pattern in the Art/Print challenge, similarly the bleeding heart is a
            representational design. She “proved” drawing skills in the Art/ Print challenge by had painting the train (geometric). I would offer these as fairly sound reasons to not question whether Michelle had someone else design the patterns for the Wolf or Heart sweater, she most likely had Joe use his computer programs and machinery for knitting to make the charts for the sweaters as he is a sweater knit designer.

        • MoHub

          Not as long as she paid him out of her $10K and got a receipt.

      • MilaXX

        rules never changed. They could always outsource, but it had to fit in the allowed budget. and the majority if the collection still had to be done by the designer.

    • Kara Saun’s issue was that she didn’t pay for the shoes, and then when she was called on it, she tried to say they cost $5/pair. Jeffrey had a similar problem when he couldn’t find a receipt for some outsourced work (the sewing of some leather goods, as I recall). They are allowed to outsource the work, but they have to pay for it out of the $10k.

    • DinaSews

      I thought she got dinged for her shoes because they were not given a true retail value which would have put her over her allotted cost?

      • DinaSews

        I posted this hours ago. I have no idea why DISQUS is throwing it up now.

    • My husband had the same question.

    • Crow Winters

      Outsourceing is allowed when you pay for it and can produce a receipt for it. Kara Saun didn’t.

    • MilaXX

      They can outsource for fair market value. Kara got in trouble because her friends had gifted the boots, then when she was called on it she tried to price them at some crazy low amount when clearly they were worth hundreds. The reason the judges could not count them was because valuing them at fair market would have put her over budget.

      • Funkykatt

        ah, ok..thanks everyone

      • jetpackdino

        Ahkay. Those rules have always confuzzled me a bit. Remember the whole Laura Bennett/Jeffrey Sebelia situation? Laura thought Jeffrey may have used some odd outsourcing or… I can’t quite remember. I think the whole thing was resolved peacefully at the time, but were the rules changed over that?

        (regardless, THAT was a great runway show finale! Beautiful!)

        • MilaXX

          Laura was accusing Jeffrey of having his entire collection factory made. She felt his seams were too perfect or something. In other words she was accusing him of not having made his own collection.

          • BayTampaBay

            White leather pleated shorts that he cut but sent out (outsourced) for pleating.

          • MilaXX

            ah yes, thank you!

          • CozyCat

            I actually think that they could farm out ALL the sewing if they stayed reported it within their budget. However, the budget isn’t big enough to do that and buy high quality fabrics, so no one has tried it.

            Jeffrey owned his own business with a staff of sewers and professional sewing machines. Laura thought he might of used these resources without reporting them–which would have given him an unfair advantage. However, there was no way to prove anything, so when he denied it, they had to let it go.

          • jetpackdino

            Thanks MilaXX!

    • Danielle

      They can have other people make things, they just need to pay them fairly. For the same show, Jay paid someone to do crochet work on some of his designs. Kara Saun got in trouble because she got beautiful, custom shoes for free because her friend worked for a shoe company. Then she tried to pass them off with some BS of paying only like, $5 or $10 for each pair.

    • MoHub

      It’s perfectly legit to outsource work as long as it doesn’t blow the budget and the designer pays for the work and has receipts to present. Jay McCarroll outsourced the knitting on his final collection, and Jeffrey Sebelia had pleating done for him. On the other hand, Kara Saun got her custom designed shoes made at no cost and when called on it, she had phony receipts made at a ridiculous $5 a pair.

    • CheriCPat

      I question whether he paid fair market value, then. Didn’t he say last night the poor Russian bead-ladies put in 800 hours? At even $10 an hour, that’s $8000. Add to that the ruined fabric he mentioned before, and he only had $1000 to make his collection. Obviously, he didn’t pay fair market value for the beadwork, even if he was exaggerating the hours.

      • Yep, that was the math I did too. He either exaggerated the hours, or under exaggerated the cost. But really, come on man. “I hired all this dying and beading work to be done, and I still have crap to show for the time I was given!”

        • I totally misheard that. I thought he said $800.

    • Stanley and Michelle both designed the pattern, so no rules were broken. besides Kara Saun’s issue was that she bought those shoes for next to nothing– it was an unfair advantage

  • flamingoNW

    In Patricia’s collection, the only one I like is the one with that dotty scarf looking thing and the yellow and black design. Funny that I can’t even describe it but at any rate I like it for the layering of pattern 🙂 The rest I can appreciate to a degree but would never wear, nor can I see it in a magazine…. Stanley: Meh.

  • l_c_ann

    Two Patricia questions:
    What kind of leather did she paint for the woodmen of the world plaid shirt?
    I thought I heard her say she burned the red velvet herself. What should I have heard her say about which outfit? Burned just doesn’t make sense. Even with a tree theme.

    • Burn-out velvet? The pattern she made in the velvet pants, I believe, is the reference.

    • Qitkat

      The tree theme sounds like someone told her at the last minute that she needed to come up with an inspiration concept. Did not see it, at all.

    • Sarah

      I think Kors said it was painted suede.

  • MilaXX

    Stanley in a very odd way has taste issues. Not in the usual tacky way, but in the bland , old lady way. He thinks he’s the next Caroline Hererra, and he’s not. He had no reason to be so ill pre pared.

    I think Patricia would need a partner. She’s pretty stubborn in what she sees as her vision, but honestly she needs a partner to help hone and refine her designs so they better show case her textiles. As for Heidi’s defense of her, I think Heidi just likes the idea of having something new and different win PR. I really don’t think she cares about the best collection winning anymore.

    • Agree about both… Stanley’s work is boring and unoriginal – NOT classic and elegant – and he just doesn’t see it. Patricia needs someone else to do the design work with the textiles that she makes.

    • Lattis

      Totally agree with you about Stanley. My mom is 90 and (even with Alzheimer’s God bless her) she wears more current fashion.
      And you know, I love vintage. But, Stanley didn’t serve it up in a new way.

    • CozyCat

      Another route for Patricia would be to stick with scarves and very simple blouses/tunics. With those simple shapes she could allow the textile designs be the star and stop worrying about garment design. With that kind of garment, and the publicity she’s gotten from the show, she could sell her own boutique or market thru a limited number of stores nationwide

      It isn’t a “fashion” career, but it would allow her to make a decent living as an artisan, which would be quite the achievement.

      • MilaXX

        I agree she could do accessories very well, but I think she really wants to do clothing. On the few occasions when she gets it right, like her mini dresses, the results are cute. I think an accessories line is considered fashion. There are several designers that do just that.

    • UsedtobeEP

      Isn’t it funny that in the PR Team season, two of the three finalists should only have won if they were actually still part of a team who could polish their flaws?

  • While I still struggled to understand how far Patricia made it in the competition, considering her poor design and fitting skills, I am really impressed by her fabrics. I agree 100% that she should focus on designing fabrics, and send them off to a designer to make them sing. Most of these are just BEAUTIFUL – I love the 4th one down, in particular.

    And Stanley… he should be ashamed of himself. He feel into the trap of “this is how I’ve interpreted my vision, and screw you to anyone who tells me otherwise.” The over confidence, and the pooh-poohing of the critiques that the judges gave him indicates to me that he didn’t deserve to win.

    The thing is, I’m sure he’ll do just fine, as will Patricia, hopefully, but I’m also glad that he lost, because of his lack of preparation and attitude.

  • RinPauler

    How Stanley not take Nina’s advice about pairing the beaded top with black pants is beyond me. THAT IS GODDAMN GOOD ADVICE, RIGHT THERE! Pairing that beaded top with the same beaded skirt just makes the model look like rich depressed widow. Ain’t nobody got time for that. And that finale gown is horrendous. So poorly made, and the top makes the upper half of the model looks longer. Who wants that?

    Wow, looking back at Patricia’s collection now, some of the silhouettes are just not good at all.

    • Stanley fell into that familiar trap of ignoring the judges – the PROFESSIONALS’ – opinions in favor of his own. It’s one thing to stick to your gun and vision, but if the critique that you’re getting is the same thing over and over again, maybe it’s time to sit up and listen.

    • MilaXX

      and that beaded top looks like something Nina would wear with a pair of pants.

    • Courtney Zanetti

      I saw the top and skirt together and thought “That would be the most gorgeous Dalek costume ever!”and then realized he would probably be horrified if his clothes were used as Cosplay and laughed my ass off.

  • AnaRoW

    I could totally see Gloria Vanderbilt rocking some of Stanley’s looks. That’s only an insult in that I know that’s not the audience he’s targeting but someone needs to design for the Betty Whites of this world (Please?) and he could totally do it.

    • MilaXX

      well GV is 70 something

      • l_c_ann

        GV was 70 in 1994 (born Feb 20, 1924), we all need a bit of that something extender.

    • RebeccaKW

      Speaking of Betty White, that first look…when I saw it, I immediately thought it would be something Rose would wear on an episode of Golden Girls.

      • demidaemon

        I think I’ve seen her wear that yellow coat dress on an actual episode.

  • Stanley’s beaded two piece set makes me think of spider eggs and how they’re carried on the mother’s body.

    • Kimbolina

      I was thinking the creepy scarabs from The Mummy. Either way, ick.

  • Sarah

    So hungover. Got up so late! My opinion is so mixed – I was fair intoxicated, but I have to say, I was on that ride with Patricia. I had a certain sense of joy that I’ve never felt when I saw her looks walk – but bear in mind that I AM a textile artist and I DO shop at that crystal and incense store in the mall. SO, I may have a soft spot. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve purchased a weird, ill-fitting garment at a craft show/boutique/PHISH SHOW because I liked how it was handmade or what it was made of more than how I KNEW it would look on me. I felt her pride at showing, and I was proud of her. I loved how colorful and interesting her pieces were, and saw them, as a fellow artist, as a whole work of her trying to express a huge universe combining her life in the 20th and 21st centuries, her culture as she knows it, and her skills as she’s learned them. It was a huge needle scratch, however, when that lumberjack number came down the runway. Didn’t get that one – still don’t.

    Stanley – never liked him. Thought his boring designs were stodgy the whole season. Can’t say I’m not just a wee bit gratified that he choked, but it was sad to see as well. Like he didn’t live up to his own expectations, even. A bit depressing, really. Anyway, glad Michelle got what she deserved, but also glad to have seen Patricia’s offering. She was fun. Mark my words, though, we’re looking forward to a reality show in Taos Pueblo, coming soon.

    • I think the lumberjack shirt looked much better when it moved and you could see the cutouts. On the hanger it looked like a leather camp shirt, which baffled me as a concept.

      • Sarah

        Ya know, I did not see the cutouts. I had to scroll up and look after I read your comment, and I see them now. It makes it a little more interesting, but I didn’t see them on the runway. Still, for a collection called less than cohesive, it stuck out like a sore thumb, cutouts or not.

    • Qitkat

      I finally got on that ride with Patricia in the end, after often cringing at her output and methods for the latter part of the season. Sign me up as another one who loves to wander into weird little shops and buys or considers beautiful handmade textiles and crafts whether they would look flattering on me or not.

      PS. How was the cat circus?

      • Sarah

        Going tonight at 7 est. Will report!

        • l_c_ann

          Did you get the email from a pet medicine e place today gently reminding your cat (by name) that today in National Furball Awareness Day?

          • Sarah

            No! They are aware of furballs, though. They puke ’em up daily.

      • Sarah

        Qitkat! I went last night! It was SO AWESOME!!!! I wish I could post my pics of it here, but suffice to say that the show included cats on skateboards, KITTENS jumping through hoops, cats on balance beams, cats pushing and balancing on disco balls, a cat that pushed a little shopping cart, and a COMPLETE CAT BAND in which there was a cat on cowbell, one on chimes, one on drums, one on keys, and one on GUITAR. NO KIDDING. This blew my ever-lovin’ mind. AND – THE BEST PART!!! I am, in addition to being a huge fan of cats, a lover of the noble groundhog (I sport a tattoo of one on my back, such is my devotion.) When the show started, their big number involved several cats doing various things, a few rats running on tightropes, a CHICKEN named GREGORY PECK (!!! who also played tambourine and cymbals in the band) walking the tightrope also, and a GROUNDHOG who came out, pulled a rope, and dropped the American flag! I COULD HAVE DIED. What’s more, the lady let you come on stage and take your picture with the animals afterwards (no touching, except for one cat that was the group’s loverman) and I got a pic with the cat band and with the groundhog, Garfield. I bought my bf a T-shirt featuring the star cat playing his instrument with the phrase “MORE COWBELL” underneath. It was the best Friday night date EVER, and no drinks! Fancy that! I also saw some coworkers there, so I have excellent dirt on who is a cat weirdo now. Sigh. I can die happy.

        • Qitkat

          Sarah! I wish I could channel Bruno Tonioli (Dancing with the Stars judge) and jump up and down and hyperactively tell you how much I enjoyed this supremely awesome recap of the cat circus! Your excitement jumps right out of the computer screen. Wow! I have never imagined cats being able to do such things. And chickens and groundhogs and rats! It makes me miss having a kitty all the more 🙁 I plan to get 2 in the future (we shall refer to them as the bitter kitten twins).
          Thanks so much for starting off my day in such an entertaining fashion. I can’t wait to tell everyone I know about this, and hope that a troupe comes to Denver. THANK YOU!!!

          • Sarah

            Hehee! It was a super blast. I’m sure your future-cats will be well-loved. I can say, coming home to my four, they looked like a bunch of lazy losers after that performance! We immediately began demanding that they DO SOMETHING, but they continued laying around like loaves of bread and doing the occasional self-pet on the errant foot dangling in their region, as usual. Oh well, not everybody can be a star 😉

        • Qitkat

          PS. And of course I meant to add that I’m glad you had such a delightful time enjoying the scintillating performances.

    • UsedtobeEP

      Hello. Lumberjack? Trees? Someone has to cut them down! Lol.

      • Sarah

        Ha ha. At least that IS an explanation…

  • Coco Cornejo

    Stanley’s mother is his muse. She’s probably the only woman he’s had a conversation with that’s been more than three words long. ‘Nuf said.

    As for Patricia making shapeless outfits out of beautiful textiles, I have one thing to say to that: Anya.

    • drdarke

      Yes, but Anya’s clothes were beautiful in a beach/resort wear kind of way, @a6b2d8ff92962c4bd425d7165f1a1531:disqus – even if the concept of “a sleeve” seemed beyond her comprehension, it was obvious the show and judges gave her a lot of passes, and an outerwear challenge would have stopped her in her tracks.

    • RinPauler

      The difference is Patricia created the textile for it to look like that. Anya completely replied on the material she bought.

    • That’s a real insult to someone who makes their own fabulous textiles like Patricia. Anya took nice prints she found in the store and cut a head-hole in it.

      • Exactly. Patricia DOES have talent – as a textile designer. Anya couldn’t even do that.

        • Coco Cornejo

          The point I was trying to make was in response to the idea that Patricia had no place in the final three because what she makes is not for department stores or fashion magazines.

          I agree that Patricia has a tremendous talent.

          If someone as talent-less as Anya, but commercial in a beach/resort kind of way, can win the whole damn thing, then Patricia who has real talent, but is not very commercial has every right to make it to fashion week.

          • We never said she had no place in the final three or no “right” (if there is such a thing) to make it to Fashion Week.

          • Coco Cornejo

            Of course not TLo. But the idea has been expressed by others in the comments.

  • Coco Cornejo

    The realization that PR is all about department stores and fashion magazines saddens me. That paints this “competition” into a very tight, predictable, and uninteresting corner. No wonder they appear to be having trouble attracting designers. And no wonder the audience complains about how disinterested they’ve become.

    Nina’s face last night during the judging was priceless. It practically screamed, “But I can’t put 10 pages of that in Marie Claire!”

    • 3boysful

      I wouldn’t say it’s ALL about department stores and fashion mags. But here, you had “banal chic”/nothing really new or original/could get it anywhere (Stanley), and generally shapeless mounds of interesting textiles/treatments (Patricia) versus some well-thought out, well-executed actual designs, of which I cannot find the like in my city (Michelle).

      But I still would like to have Stanley’s dot ensemble and Patricia’s light blue dress with spangles.

  • tired_mommy

    So I didn’t see the part where they were assigned helpers–how did Michelle get Amanda? I think this was an advantage for her. Amanda was one of the best helpers/teammates with almost everyone she was paired with. I’m sure Stanley and Patricia would have both benefitted from different helpers.

    • drdarke

      Didn’t Michelle and Amanda get on like long-lost soulmates when they’d been paired before, @0cf5d46a0d04a870d6fa00a1180a8976:disqus?

    • Wellworn

      Yes, she got the best helper. Stanley didn’t like working with others, so maybe that’s why he got Richard, LOL. It was hard for me to tell how much help Layana was, but certainly not as good as Amanda. Amanda did a service to herself by being a good helper if she wants to make business connections based on the show. People will see how well she works with others. Contestants should realize that their behavior on the show will benefit or hurt them in future business dealings. Hear that Richard?

      • tired_mommy

        Yeah–I just don’t get it. The judges knew from Patricia’s experiences that Richard can’t sew/help well–seems unfair to Stanley if he couldn’t select someone else. I would think Kate or Daniel would have been a way better helper to anyone than Richard. I did miss the finale part 1, maybe Kate was paired with Daniel already and Stanley wanted Richard more than Tu????

    • Kgio

      It seemed like they chose their helpers. Patricia picked Layanna because they always got along well, Michelle and Amanda, too, and Stanely always liked working with Richard and wanted someone who would do what he was told and not give unwanted input. Otherwise, I think they would’ve kept them with their “helpers” from the previous episode.

      • demidaemon

        I don’t think they chose. Or at least it was edited in a way to make it appear that the helpers were assigned.

  • Andrew Schroeder

    I don’t watch PR but that red dress of Stanley’s looks like a cheap version of the dress Halle Berry wore when she won the Oscar…

  • dickylarue

    Not only did I not think Stanley should win 1/3rd of the way through last night’s finale, I thought Tim should’ve walked in and DQ’d him and let Daniel compete. The level of procrastination shown by Stanley was beyond infuriating when you know people would kill for that shot. What would he have done if they “surprised” the finalists and asked for a last minute look? He choked, plain and simple. Can’t blame this one on Richard. Stanley turned out to be more of a team manager like Ben than a designer in the end. Michelle wiped the floor with both of them.

    • BookieBookie

      I so wanted them to require Stanley to show first. Justice would have been served when half his models either walked down the runway half-dressed or didn’t walk at all. So unprofessional and selfish.

    • Wellworn

      You are right, they should have disqualified him when he was there sewing with several people backstage while other people were showing. I bet they let all the decoys show while they kept sewing and he got to show last. Not ready? Then you are out. Someone else who was ready should have competed instead. Richard didn’t seem to be of any help though. I don’t know why they kept letting him come back as a helper when he didn’t help. I do agree on the choke. We have seen others choke in the past, doing better during the competition than when they were on their own. But this is the worst I have seen with the lack of finished garments on actual runway day.

      • notoffred

        He showed 7th. Patricia was 8th.

      • dickylarue

        I honestly felt Tim was not comfortable with giving Stanley praise in the shot when they were admiring the collection walking on the runway backstage on the monitors.

      • MoHub

        Daniel Vosovic had the models sewing buttons on his collection while waiting backstage to hit the runway.

        • dickylarue

          Baffles the mind how finalists consistently do that. It’s like that nightmare where you show up to school unprepared come to life. I don’t get it.

          • Wellworn

            I keep thinking, what if they had done a last minute challenge? They usually do that. Maybe they decided not to when they realized Stanley was drowning, and they didn’t want him to embarrass them at NYFW.

        • Wellworn

          Sewing some buttons is different than making a skirt, setting in sleeves, ie. creating the garments minutes before walking them down the runway. Yes, you might have to finish something, hem something, embellish something. But sewing whole garments? That was disgraceful.

          • demidaemon

            I think what’s even more distasteful about it is the sheer amount of time they got to complete their collections. Five months is one of the longest timespans for the final collections ever, if not the longest.

    • CarolinLA

      Tag team runway. I love it!

  • kirkyo

    She was never going to win, but Patricia’s collection kind of blew me away. I think she could achieve more mainstream success if she can find the right collaboration partner, one that can add some structure and shape to her fabrics.

    • i quite like the pants in her second outfit…I’d wear them with a hip-length black top. They remind me of a pair of pants a friend got in Thailand.

      • They remind me of a pair of pants a friend got in Thailand.

        I think you’ve hit on the strength — and the weakness — of Patricia’s collection.

  • mjude

    so glad michelle own. i just was shocked at how stanley wasnt even done with his collection, wtf? even though i havent been a fan of partricia she got to me when she spoke in her native language. tim gunn never ceases to make me laugh, when he had a melt down about stanley not being done…LMFAO.

  • ixoki

    Loved Patricia’s fabrics. They were so beautiful!! I never expected her to win, but am really happy that she made it to the top 3. She seems like a kind, gracious person. Loved the dance she did with her kids! I hope she finds success in what she does best and that she’ll keep getting better at the fashion design part of it.

    Haven’t seen the decoys’ collections, but I wonder if any of them put up a collection that’s worthy of being in the top 3?

    • OrigamiRose

      TLo posted all eight collections back in February – just Google Tom Lorenzo Project Runway Season 11 Finale Collection.

      (Or you can also find it by searching posts tagged Project Runway – not sure what is quicker!)

  • Jakeyboo

    Am I the only one who saw Stanley’s gold dress and thought it looked like a costume for Cybill Shepherd in Moonlighting?

    • MilaXX

      I could see that. Yet another point that dates Stanley’s collection. It was the height of fashion in the 80’s.

    • Pennymac

      I didn’t think of it till you said it, but now that you have I can’t get the image out of my head! Spot on!

    • haha so true she was always up with the collars and all those button dresses that mildly looked like a doctor’s frock

    • BrooklynBomber

      oh, my God, that’s it!!

    • annrr

      thats it!!

    • Oh it soooo is!

  • rainwood1

    Stanley’s was so disappointing. I thought we’d see much better from him.

    I liked Patricia’s a lot more than I thought I would. So many think she’s a niche market while Michelle’s is highly saleable. I think it might actually be even truer of Michelle’s. Michelle did beautiful work but her most gorgeous looks like that first one would not work for anyone who wasn’t very tall and very thin. All those layers and breastplates dont work if you have actual hips and breasts. Same with the sweaters. They are great until you try them on and you look like a lump. It will be interesting to see if either of the women are able to breakthrough.

  • Wellworn

    I would wear most of Stanley’s clothes, but I am a 53 year old woman living in a small southern town that fashion has never reached. His clothes were boring department store clothes, and I too was shocked and appalled when he was making his final gown on the last day and having everyone help him sew just so his stuff wouldn’t fall apart on the runway. What disrespect he showed for the Fashion Week. I was a teacher for many years, and this seemed to me just like one of my third graders not doing his homework and expecting his parents to do it for him. He also didn’t seem to accept the responsibility that it was completely his fault for not doing the work ahead of time, blaming the workmanship of someone hand sewing backstage at the runway show. I was so pissed off at his deer caught in the headlights look on his face that I wanted to throw things at my TV. Did he get to show last because they were giving him extra time to finish? All this for boring clothes that relied too much on luxurious fabrics to carry them. As far as outsourcing his beaded bodice, Michelle did that as well with her sweaters, didn’t Joe make both of them? I think that is allowed now, so to me it’s a moot point.

    I see what you are saying about Patricia’s shapes. It’s true, the beautiful fabrics and the way they moved on the runway did distract me from the lack of interesting shapes and design on some of the pieces. Not all, but some. Patricia’s runway show remind me of what Jay McCarroll did in his final runway, with the textiles evocative of American quilts. She does need a partner to help with design if she wanted to have high style fashion magazine success, but I could see her pieces in one of those highly stylized Vogue Korea layouts. With Patricia, I did clearly see her point of view and heritage. It didn’t need to be horsehair in every piece, but every piece to me evoked the color, movement, and texture of nature that so inspires Native American art. I felt the calm and peace of the southwestern desert in her show. And it did make me smile.

    • l_c_ann

      I don’t see Patricia as a partner for anybody.

      Real lasting partnerships require both to be able to describe what they are thinking as well as a willingness to give in on dialogs. We didn’t see that from her.

      • guest2visits

        Yes, this. It’s something I noticed almost from the start… she didn’t work with her various teams which meant she
        offered no help to them either. So while she played off in the corner creating her art (which was never finished well)
        people wound up trying to incorporate her work into the theme. Somehow everyone worked around her need to
        make a fabric first, not use one. I think it was actually a way to hide some limited clothing making abilities.
        Also, Patricia’s mode of creating was to buy a pile of various materials and throw them together to see what inspired
        her. She would change her plans 3 or more times during the process, radically.
        Again she would not confide even to Tim until it was almost a done deal exactly what she was working on.
        Personally – I thought she was one of the most manipulative characters on the show. Unless it’s members of
        her immediately family, I don’t see her in collaborative partnership with anyone outside of her home town.
        That sounds mean; but I think she was the one everyone was waiting to bring it…the undeclared favorite of the show.
        So she could have swept it all, and almost did, except she didn’t have enough game: there has to be some really good
        clothes under the craft effects to make it a RW collection.

        • roble ridge

          You pretty much summed up Patricia to me. Her design process is too much of that of an artist and will never lend itself well to a good partnership. Some of the most successful fashion houses have been built through successful partnerships – Valentino & Giancarlo Giammetti, Yves Saint Laurent & Pierre Berge, Dolce & Gabbana, Viktor & Rolf, to name a few.

          Patricia never demonstrated the ability to adapt to a team environment and she bombed twice working with a partner. Personally, I didn’t care for Patricia, either. She has an incredibly self-absorbed personality. Her constant weeping, bug eyes, and her monotone voice made her a pretty unsympathetic character to me.

          • guest2visits

            I should have ended my rant with a few exceptions about really good clothes…this being PR, after all;
            (think Anya, Gretchen). And I have to admit, I can totally relate to the designers not wanting to work in teams –
            we saw how hard it was. But since they were required to, at least they all seemed to try except Patricia.

            I don’t know that she cried any more than Daniel, or Layana, or others.. and all the designers have their little
            idiosyncrasies; bad hair, bad clothes, bad make-up, bad attitude… the list is as long as you want it to be.
            But I don’t want you to think that matters – I don’t expect them to be walking perfection, God knows I’m not.
            It may be something to snark about occasionally (I do); but I don’t rate their work by what they look like.

            ….Just in case that’s the impression I gave. But yes, she irritated me, while others loved everything about her.

            So now I’m going back to rate the *stars* by what they look like… cheerio!

  • Tracy_Flick

    I liked the Dmitry Sholokov collection for L&T the best….

  • Lattis

    I loved watching Patricia this season. For me, she made this season worth watching. She has so many ideas!!! Every challenge she came up with interesting ways to manipulate fabric.

    Her organizational system (random piles of lots of stuff) reminded me of Edison saying, ” To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk.” I am full of admiration for her.

    • Great quote! I loved that scene and marvel that she ended up looking pretty much together.

  • Pennymac

    I was really shocked by how much Patricia’s collection appealed to me. Sue me, I’m an aging hippie. And there’s the proof that her clothes are not marketable in a Lord and Taylor-Marie Claire kind of way. One of the things that makes them unique is that they are, well, unique.

    Stanley? Not much to say there. If he was aiming for a conservative/wealthy/senior with taste issues, he hit that mark extremely well. Otherwise, YAWN.

  • Terrie_S

    I loved just as many of Patricia’s ideas as I did Michelle’s, but I think it is more rooted in the Southwest than most people realize. Much of New Mexico is full of exactly the type of person who loves incense and crystal shops. But I cam also see how , without that view point, a lot of it won’t work.

  • nannypoo

    Rich old ladies need clothes too, so I don’t accept that argument against Stanley’s clothes. I actually like some of them quite a lot. They aren’t innovative or particularly stylish, but many of them are wearable and, until now, seemed to be well made. His lack of professionalism in this final runway was appalling, though, and he definitely deserved the loss.

    It seemed unreasonable that he should be expected to do all that beadwork himself when Michelle was congratulated for farming out her knitting.

    • SugarSnap108

      I don’t care for that argument either. When designers create pieces that can only work for size 2’s under the age of 30, that’s considered A-OK, or even desirable. My own issue with Stanley’s looks is that most lack any kind of personality or uniqueness, for a woman of any age.

      • BayTampaBay

        I liked the idea behind Stanley’s collection and of the three his clothes are the clothes I would wear. All I need is a pair of scissors and an $800 gift certificate to my local Italian tailor. I work for an engineering company and I could never wear Michelle’s or Patricia’s clothes in my normal life. I agree with the judges decisions as far as the show goes. However when I buy clothes, what I purchase is closer to Stanley’s collection than the other two.

    • CozyCat

      No one expected Stanley to do his own beadwork, and I haven’t seen any criticism of him for hiring the russian ladies to do it. Many designers have hired other people to do speciality work and as long as they present receipts for the work done and include it in their budgets, it’s completely within the rules. Even the first winner Jay hired other people to do crochet and knitting for him. (In fact, the russian ladies beadwork looked quite lovely in closeups)

      What people are criticizing is that his garments weren’t sewn together, or in some cases even cut out, when he arrived in NY. They had 5 months to work and Stanley was completing much of his collection as if it were still 1 day challenges. It’s mystifying to most of us that he would risk a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that way.

      • nannypoo

        I understand what people are criticizing. I’m criticizing it too. When I refer to his lack of professionalism I mean his failure to be prepared for the runway. I am referring to Zac Posen inquiring of Stanley whether or not he did the beading himself, which to me implies that he thought he might have done it himself. When Stanley replied that he did not, Zac responded with a single syllable and a little sneer, which I took to mean he was unimpressed by Stanley farming out his beading the way Michelle farmed out her knitting.

        • demidaemon

          I think part of the problem is that, without the beading, Stanley’s collection really had no interest. Wheras Michelle had her shapes and fabric combinations beyond the knitwear (which she did herself) and Patricia had her fabrics (which she did herself), the one aspect going for Stanley’s collection was outsourced, which makes his design capapbilities look a bit weaker in comparison to the other two.

    • Rich old ladies are NOT an under-served market that needs someone like Stanley to come in and provide them the clothes they’ve been kept from for so long. Our point is exactly the opposite: all of Stanley’s dresses are already available to rich old ladies every time they walk into a department store.

      No one expected him to do the beadwork himself. The point was that he didn’t design it either. He just handed it off to employees to take care of. Michelle designed the pieces she then had made.

  • OhSayNow

    I was shocked at how unprepared Stanley was. This was such a huge opportunity, and everyone he may work for or with in the future is probably going to watch this. If he can’t be fussed to finish his own NYFW collection on time it would make me think twice about employing him. I don’t know, I am a great procrastinator, but I would like to think if given an opportunity of this magnitude I would pull my shit together and get it done.

    As for Patricia, one of my favorite parts of her collection were the scarves. I really like the scarf with the first look and I would love one of the feather patterned scarves.

    • jetpackdino

      I was shocked with Stanley too. He was the “control freak” who told everyone to stay on task, focus, not waste any time talking… I was impressed not only with the clothes he made but with his work ethic.

      Makes me wonder what happened.

  • BrooklynBomber

    In the first two challenges, Patricia married her textile skills with actual design, and made fresh, modern, and unique pieces. I wish she’d done that more. I was with Nina, too, and as another commenter said, the other judges were responding more to what they wanted this collection to be. Patricia’s truly wonderful at certain things, but there was some Emperor’s New Clothes going on here.

    I simply couldn’t believe when Kors picked out Stanley gold (leather??!) coat dress and silk bath towel dress as amont his favorites. I thought they were the worst! Stanley’s first look, the pant suit, is the only one that remotely fits into his urban working woman idea. He choked, I’m sure. I think he could have a successful business, though. ETA: I do love that two piecer, either as is, or broken up as per Nina’s suggestion.

    • 3boysful

      I have to say the two-piecer with the bubbles/dots on it is one of my favorite PR pieces ever. But the rest of Stanley’s? Snoooorzzzzz.

  • SewingSiren


    I can’t believe he showed up for fashion week with so much left to do. He does have two really nice pieces the two piece dress with large jewels and the white smock dress with gold embroidery. Most of the others look like they are held together with belts. The gold coat looks like it was supposed to have buttons and buttonholes. I hate the finale gown. But I still like Stanley. He has been working hard for a long time and you can tell. I hope he finds success in the industry because he is really talented.

    I don’t really see her as a textile designer per se . A lot of the time she is manipulating the fabric way beyond what is usually done by a fashion designer, but she isn’t actually creating the fabric. Possibly exception being the pink scarf worn on the first look which may have been created on a back strap loom. She also does original prints (which is technically surface design) but if a fashion designer is very reliant on prints I feel that they should be designing the print as well. Zandra Rhodes is a very artist and technically proficient designer who has had quite a successful career. Anyway I feel that textile design and surface design are part of fashion design, especially effective if the silhouette is kept simple.

    My favorite pieces are the pink, the light blues, and the horse hair. I need a horse hair skirt.

    • Lattis

      I find myself wondering and trying to make excuses for Stanley. (Like – every now and then a designer has to rip out seams etc. to fit the model at the last minute . . . maybe that is why he didn’t have stuff sewn together?) But, really I am with the consensus – he should have had his act together when he got to the big tent. And I feel bad about that. He has worked hard and it looks to me like he has a good support system in his family etc. I hope he will continue to do well, too.

      • SewingSiren

        Maybe he decided he didn’t want to compete. Because the unpreparedness was certainly not in keeping with the personality that he presented during the other episodes. It is so hard to say. Considering the editing. As T Lo stated in the previous post the designers did not walk or talk during the runway segment. And yet they did (on TV) you really can’t believe what you hear or see on the show.

        • Qitkat

          The show has become so over-produced that we are incredulous about most things that appear to happen. However, there is NO WAY that the producers could have influenced Stanley to be such a screw-up (and I know that is not what you are saying, sorry if it sounds that way). There may be many possible explanations/excuses for why he showed up in such a state of disarray, but many people would be so mortified that they might just actually withdraw from the competition. Something prevented him from having enough self-respect and self-awareness to know that he was in over his head, and was drowning.

        • Lattis

          SewingSiren, I hope I can believe what I saw about his support system. A good support system (friends, family, partners, loving animals) is worth as much as a big bank account when it comes to succeeding in business and life. Actually, more valuable.

          I have a soft spot in my heart for Stanley and I’m not even sure why.

          • stayl

            I don’t know if Stanley choked or what. By the eleventh season a reality show can become pretty predictable, but to see whole garments sewn together at the last minute was not what I expected to see.

        • SugarSnap108

          The unpreparedness was the exact opposite of Stanley’s persona throughout the competition. It’s mystifying.

  • MoHub

    So here’s my new conspiracy theory. Has anyone else noticed that—other than the All Stars compettions—no gay man or woman has won PR since the move to Lifetime? (Okay. No gay woman has won, period.) I really believe Lifetime thinks its demographic will only support straight men and women.

    • dickylarue

      I tend to disagree. Stanley and Daniel both weren’t up to the level of Michelle. There was no producer fuckery going on this season. Stanley could’ve won this if he put beautiful inspired clothes on the runway but he choked. Even Tim told him he was a front runner in the home visit. I don’t think Michelle was a judges favorite outside of Nina, but her clothes in the end were superior.

  • m0r0

    not even in the same league as the winning collection.

    • pylgrym

      No. But we don’t all play the same sport. Some of us remember crystals and incense more fondly than funeral at five or Blade Runner updated.

      • m0r0

        And some of us like all sports but have an opinion like everyone else. Just one persons opinion and we’ve all got one. And I wouldn’t call it Blade Runner updated I’d call it more a tribute to Bruegel’s Dulle Griet.

        • pylgrym

          Really? Cricket1?

  • fringebenefit

    While I agree with Michelle for the win, I don’t understand the critique that few people would wear Patricia’s clothes. I think as many would wear her flowing, diaphanous looks as would wear a sweater with a bleeding heart or a straight jacket with a compass attached.

    • demidaemon

      It’s true of any set of clothing, especially on fashion runways. However, Michelle’s work is much easier to dissect, simplify, and reproduce than Patricia’s clothing.

  • Winter_White

    Stanley gave me dark cringing shudders: reminded me of every nightmare I’ve ever had about exams I totally forgot to study for, term papers I forgot to write, important projects coming due while I procrastinate…

  • Who should have taken the 3rd spot in lieu of control-freak-disintegrating? I revisited the decoy collections, and all of them (even Daniel’s) are more accomplished than this.

    That crotch in look #1 is awful. These are the pants he made for the senior ladies challenge (ill-fitting, vay-jay-is-having-a hissy-fit crotch included). A woman in her 50s might find them desirable? Really? The women I know in that age bracket would pinch their noses at the smell of mothballs. That jacket is something my soon-to-be-95-years-old grandmother owns (only buttoned as opposed to “belted”– tied up, I should say). The only garment to which I responded was the two-piece netted beaded one. I acknowledge Nina’s suggestion of interchanging them with other pieces BUT NOT WITH THE PISSY CROTCH PANTS (whose length, too, is atrocious).

    Patricia– Love the fragmentary, embellished final dress. Like the painted leather-mesh top. In these cases, the simple silhouettes serve as canvases for showcasing the hand-crafting. I don’t respond to any of the long, loosely draped creations (looks #2, 3, 4, 6). Although the hand-painted/printed textiles have merit, the “garments”, in the aggregate, do not transcend bolts of fabric.

    • Theactualdiva

      Layana’s decoy was surprisingly tacky. I’ll bet they figured that into her auf.

      • demidaemon

        I don’t see how they could have, considering the five months between her elimination and her finale collection being shown, unless you are referring to her general taste level.

        • Theactualdiva

          I’m confused…does everyone make a decoy before the shooting of the show starts? If so, I meant that if the judges saw her decoy before final decision, that would have clued them in to her taste level.

          • No. The decoys are made after the major shooting of the show is completed. Depending upon how the tv broadcast schedule aligns with the show at fashion week, the auf’d designers who haven’t made it to the final but have yet to have their eliminations broadcast, will show decoy collections.

  • Winter_White

    I think every season should conclude with a short video clip from S1: Jay McCarroll hanging out the window of a cab, yelling back at Heidi, “Auf Wiedersehen, Wiener Schnitzel!!!”

    Yes, yes, it was a simpler, happier time.

  • It was frightening to watch the show and worry that Stanley was going to somehow win. Thank god his clothes were so boring. Just unimaginable that he could be so ill prepared and make such dowdy crap.
    I hope someone gives Patricia a contract for a textile line and/or that she opens up a shop. That’s the best fit for her. There are lots of ladies in my area (not me) who would love to wear her looks…with their clogs.

  • My god, Stanley’s collection was a matronly bore! I almost fell asleep just looking at it. It wasn’t a surprise his work was so dull (really if you look at the season, that’s him) but that it was so retro was. I still refuse to get on the Princess Waterlily train and huge props to Nina for keeping silent as they were all reading the script. Patricia is a good textile maker, not a designer and in a DESIGN competition, she should’ve been out a long time ago, let alone not in the final three. Her collection was shapeless, new age nonsense with cheap infusions of her heritage into the “garments.” Not to harp on it but it’s a little insulting seeing the judges try to justify having Patricia’s work there at FW, as though it would be anything but aufable if presented on a regular challenge.

    Considering how little time Season 10 designers had for a collection and what they did (to varying degrees of success), both designers should be a bit embarrassed at what they produced (for Fall, a season you can go to town on in terms of shape, texture, and style). Neither of them gave Michelle any competition and looked, frankly, poor in comparison.

    • Qitkat

      They had five months. The ten grand may not have been used as wisely as it could have been.

      • Lisa_Co

        According to an interview with Michelle, they only got the PR money 2 months before NYFW.

        • Qitkat

          Ok, I hadn’t heard that, but several other people have said that they had 5 months. I guess I should check out the facts for myself before repeating, but I really don’t care.

          • They still had five months, though.

          • Qitkat

            Thanks for the confirmation.

        • demidaemon

          They may have only gotten the money then, but you could still start doing sketches, mock-ups, and patterns.

  • Anna Maria Diamanti

    “a lot of shapeless or simplistic garments rendered in really beautiful fabrics”

    Well, Anya’s win proved that was good enough. At least Patricia created her prints.

    • We really don’t understand why people keep using Anya to defend Patricia’s work. Anya is generally considered the worst, least-deserving winner in the history of the show.

      • Anna Maria Diamanti

        I’m not defending Patricia so much (I think Michelle should have won) as pointing out how full of shit Nina is. Her scowling as if the mere existence of Patricia’s clothing offended her is a joke coming from the woman who anointed Anya and called those infamous Josh short “editorial.”

        • Well, we offer up this entire thread as proof that you can take a picture of Nina’s facial expression and make it mean practically anything you want it to.

          • Anna Maria Diamanti

            Ha, yes. Such is the beauty of the Ninacaps!

          • you two are hilarious when you get into La Garcia’s head.

  • YourBaloneyDontGotNoSecondName

    Here’s something — how about Patricia making fabrics for Jay McCarroll.

  • greyhoundgirl

    i am in the age 50 bracket and round–I could rock that first look of Stanley’s and feel god about it. And that is exactly the reason it doesn’t belong in a Project Runway Fashion Week show!

  • Bethany Fairbrother

    When the judges commented that the “audience was smiling” at Patricia’s collection, all I could think was, “No! They were laughing at her, not with her”. Let’s see Heidi ware one of those shapeless ponchos.

    • Angela

      I don’t know about that. I was smiling watching it last night. It was just fun, and so creative and new. I think it was right that Michelle won over Patricia, but Michelle’s clothes were a little more serious. People probably just got a kick out of the sea anemoe hats bouncing down the runway and a little bit of color. I did.

      • jetpackdino

        I had a fever and the only cure was MORE ANEMONE! 🙂

        (I would have *loved* a pink anemone hat with that first dress!)

      • Scoobydrew

        It didn’t seem like Kors was laughing at her … so I don’t think that the audience was either …

    • JosephLamour

      That hat was great. It of course was silly… but people who take fashion super seriously tend to be really drab people.

  • Take the blue headpiece from Patricia’s final look and pair it with Stanley’s gold-beaded white frock, and you’ll be serving Phyllis Diller Realness. Just add cigarette holder & spidery mascara.

  • Amanda Bauch

    Did anyone else look at Stanley’s dress that TLo aptly named “Boring” and think, “Poor man’s version of Laura Bennett’s FAB final dress in her season 3 collection”? [As modeled by the fabulous Camilla. Ah, Camilla! I don’t think I even remember any of the model’s names past season 4 or 5…]

    • Fordzo

      I was getting Laura Bennett vibes from the gold and black one that he shortened from a dress to a top.

    • demidaemon

      Exchange “Poor” with “Dull and humorless” and I think you would be a bit more correct. Laura’s clothes always had a bit of wit and fun to them; his do not.

  • Fordzo

    I wish that Patricia had slapped a horse hair mushroom on all the models. Seeing them on only a couple of the models made them look crazy. I know (I think?) there were bits of horse hair braided in all of their hair, but I still think they all needed the full monty.

  • I really love Patricia’s materials. All of them. Her shapes….not so much. I do think she deserved her second place standing over Stanley, however. I really can’t see anyone wearing what he came up with. Too clunky by far. But Patricia’s ideas kinda rock (mica chips? Really??). What she needs is a partner or manager to market those ideas and designs. Her materials are fabulous. Imagine what someone who appreciates unusual fabrics and/or techniques could make of it – someone like Anna Sui, for instance.

  • Stubenville

    Nancy Regan ladies-who-lunch outfits and moderately interesting fabrics sewn into basic shapes. Add cray-cray hats and shake. Results? A whole lotta meh.

  • NoGovernmentName

    I completely agree with your entire analysis of the finale!

  • Frank_821

    The BPR folks just posted an interview with Stanley. It was enlightening. He was asked about what happened with him being so ill-prepared come fashion week. It clearly was a combination of things. Part of it was procrastination and he cops to it. But it seems like he really was too busy to completely devote the needed time as well

    • nannypoo

      I like Stanley and I was disappointed that he wasn’t ready for the runway. I don’t know if he could have won, but I thought many of his pieces were things I would wear. It was just hard to watch him dithering around at the last minute. That said, I read the BPR interview. He sounds busy and I sympathize, but it bothers me that he blamed Richard for not helping, Tim for advising him not to finish everything and some unnamed person for ruining $1000 worth of material in a dyeing process. I find it hard to imagine that at no time in the history of Project Runway has there been a designer with a day job until now. I still don’t understand how an apparently well-organized man messed up so badly. I feel sad for him.

    • Winter_White

      Perfectionists procrastinate, and find ways to avoid. Fear of imperfection has that freezing effect! I’ll remember Stanley as dignified, and as a tense person…and as the one who jumped right up to warmly hug and comfort Patricia when she was upset.

    • He kind of blamed it on Tim. I think that was uncool.

  • BayTampaBay

    It really does not matter who wins PR because, with the exception of Christian Siriano, no previous winners have hit the big time. Last night was the first final I have watched since Seth Aaron Henderson won.

    • CozyCat

      Chistian hit it big because in addition to design talent he has business ability and a marketable TV personality. He used his TV personality to get Payless Shoe deal (amongst others). That deal gave him the cash flow to finance an expensive runway show at fashion week every season, which kept him in the “high fashion” eye, which allowed his brand to take hold.

      Many of the other winners are too introverted to be marketable in a commercial (eg, Lee Anne). And many contestants would view what Christian did as “selling out.” But it’s important to remember that fashion is both an art and a business.

  • CarolinLA

    Stanley shooting himself in the foot is just one more reason to support background checks.

  • CarolinLA

    If two women were walking down that street, one in a Patricia look and one in a Michelle look, a passer-by would say about Patricia’s “oh what lovely fabric” and about Michelle’s “aren’t you hot in that?!”.

    • demidaemon

      Depends on how cold it is. 😉

    • Or alternately, “What a lovely dress” and “Aren’t you cold in that?!?”

      This seems like a somewhat arbitrary point.

  • Theactualdiva

    I think the final decisions were fine. I really disliked that skirt effect of Michelle’s though. the center panels pooched out and looked graceless.

    Why was Layana of all people assisting Patricia?

    Stanley did arrive with a full collection, didn’t he? So he panicked into deconstructing things and couldn’t hack the pressure? Or did he arrive planning to make new things? What a waste of technical talent!

  • I wish Joe had made the final runway show! I’d love to see what he would have served up.

    • gurl boy

      Beautiful sweaters with wolves and hearts…..who knows what else?

    • He’s still designing. Go check out his Facebook page and see what’s up. Rainbow cat sweaters with googly eyes ftw!

      In all seriousness, I love Joe and Patricia for their uniqueness and bravado, but they have truly been Rorschach tests for viewers. Everyone sees in them what they want to see and not what is there.

      • BeccaGo

        Excellent analogy!

  • CarolinLA

    I really wanted Patricia to win but both of these collections show how important it is to be specific about your girl. Patricia was more interested in the fabric on the girl than where she was going. Stanley’s girl had nothing interesting about her except that she had a vagina and a checkbook.

  • CarolinLA

    Giving Patricia the win might’ve been the better business decision for the PR brand. She’s so different from any of the other winners that I think she would’ve generated more buzz than Michelle will, at least in the first few months after the competition, and that would’ve been much-needed PR for PR. It needs to break out of its staleness and I thought they might go the Patricia direction for that very reason.

  • CarolinLA

    Putting on Stanley’s clothes makes all your eggs dry up.

  • These collections are all JC Penny. So happy it was Portland designer for the win.

  • Amenaneri

    I think that red dress of Stanley’s is a lame rip-off of Halle Berry’s Elie Saab dress from the 2002 Oscars.

    Which fits right in with the derivative and dated theme of Stanley (although I think the Elie Saab dress is still gorgeous). So shocked that he didn’t have things organized and complete–I think all of the judges were shocked by this, which is why Nina was desperately looking for more in his collection. I think Stanley was scared, had no particularly original ideas or point of view, so he went crazy spending his money on expensive fabrics with no other idea than to use expensive fabrics. Then he hid behind his arrogance and pretended to have it together, instead of using Tim’s visit to spur him into action usefully (like Michelle did).

    I thought Patricia’s collection was much better than I would have expected from her–she did do a good job with more time to execute her textiles, but ran into her lack of real garment design flair. I loved Zac Posen’s “techno pow-wow” comment–if she had taken that idea further, it would have been amazing. And I’m also proud of her as a fellow New Mexican, and thought she did truly original things with her Pueblo heritage. I want to see more from her.

    But yeah, Michelle! I was totally rooting for her.

    • gurl boy

      It’s a lame rip-off of just about every drop waist , full skirted , sleeveless gown for any market price range EVER! SO LAME!

  • tripletmom96

    when i looked at several of stanley’s pieces and said “i would love to wear that” , you have to know that his collection is playing to an older crowd – i’m pushing 60 and have always dressed on the conservative & classic side. i also can’t afford high end designer clothing, so i usually gravitate towards nice, classic off-the-rack garments from nicer department stores, hence my attraction to stanley’s collection. they look like pieces i could get there and were pretty simple, basic designs. great for my wardrobe, but not what i expect the winner of project runway to produce. very disappointed in stanley.

    as for patricia – her textiles are fantastic, but TLo are right that her designs are pretty shapeless and boring. she tends to let the textiles do all the work. i also found that her collection was too artsy-craftsy looking for my taste. while extremely talented, she is not the next great fashion designer. she will find a niche, but not on a grand scale and certainly not in maire-claire or lord & taylor. for once i actually agree with the judges on the win here.

  • Scoobydrew

    I really really loved watching just about everything that Patricia did this season, and I loved seeing her final collection, and she was my favorite all season. Having said that, I knew she wasn’t going to win. Michelle clearly had a more urban collection that would look better on the pages of Marie Claire. ( although honestly, the heart sweater that everyone is raving about, I’m pretty sure you could get at any place the sad little emo kids shop… so I don’t get that love)

    For 99% of my life I am a t-shirt and jeans kinda girl. I live in the country, I write sweet little love stories/mysteries and freelance on the side to make ends meet. BUT should I ever head into the big city for another book launch, I would rather being decked out in Patricia wear rather than Michelle wear I think that Patricia “gets” gals like me, she knows where I’m coming from, in the same way that I “got” her. In fact I felt her to be quite inspirational — as a woman and an artist.

    I’m not one of those people that says ” I will never watch again” or “I’m out.” I know I will be watching every single season because I like seeing how other artists work. It helps me connect to my own process. PR, and even more so TLO, have taught me that fashion should be an extension of yourself – a way to express who you are. And from the pages of TLO I have learned about different designers and different looks and what will not only work for my body, but also for my heart and spirit. I have a favorite designer now, I didn’t before I started reading this blog — and it’s not one that TLO features often, so they influenced me to do actual research! ( thanks TLO! ) Not everyone fits in to a Nina Garcia / Marie Claire world …and designers for us should have a voice too … I am glad that Patricia made it all the way to the end of the season, so everyone, not just us arty fartys could hear her. I have found so often that the 2nd place winner, speaks to me more than the real winner.

    So congrats to Michelle and Patricia … as far as I am concerned you both deserved it

    • demidaemon

      So well said!

    • You are so right, so very very right

  • save_the_hobbit

    I was really confused where, besides the horsehair, Patricia’s culture came in. There are native americans in my family, and this wasn’t a reference to that culture at all. The only thing it referenced was acid-tripping hippies in a commune.

    • Terrie_S

      What tribe are your relatives from? If they’re not a Southwestern tribe, I wouldn’t expect there to be many references to that culture, any more than I would have expected Dmitry to have a lot to references to Norway — same continent, different culture. For instance, the velvet is a fairly common fabric with the Southwest tribes. And I thought the final blue dress owed a lot to the jingle dress. Plus the eagle feather design was a pretty direct reference.

  • I think that they pulled Kors from his cryogenic tanning bed AFTER seeing Stanley’s collection. I was very let down that he was only shown as saying “Mother of the Bride……” once. Did he act like a petulant ex-child star who refuses to say their “catchphrase” by doling “M.O.B” out once? He could have done 12 different riffs on that w/Stanley’s collection.

  • JLH

    I remember some comments here and on various other sites when JUST the collections were released, and I would have to say that if my memory serves me correctly, the majority of them kept pegging “Number 5” as the obvious winner or best collection. Fast forward to last night, and some of the same sites/commenters are disagreeing with a Michelle win. Overall, I’ve just been thinking “Okay, say so and so designed ‘Collection 8′”, is it still celebrated or does it suddenly become an atrocity? If Daniel/Layana/Samantha/etc. had designed “Collection 5”, would people be championing it or violently disagreeing with its win? Is an all jersey collection okay if it’s not coming from Richard? And so on.

    I’ve been musing about the separation of designer and designs, about whether you could even separate those things, of clothing vs. personality. What do legitimate names in the industry (who have never met the designers or seen their work) think of each collection?Rank them. Which one is the best? Maybe the winning collection would be determined in a much more honest way than we are currently treated to via PR. Then again, it wouldn’t make for very good TV…but I would be fascinated to find out all the same.

    Sorry you guys. My allergies are haywire and I’m hopped up on meds.

  • gurl boy

    You can rag all you want about Patricia…but just compare her to season 9’s winner Anya….OK? NONE of Patricia’s prints were store bought…and she showed a much more sophisticated and varied group of pieces.
    Stanley….bust darts ars supposed to go UNDER the bust….not on top…OK honey?


      Why do people keep bringing her up? Is it to support our point that Patricia didn’t deserve to win either?

      • CarolinLA

        I didn’t think she deserved to win but I certainly didn’t hate HER. I HATED that the judges rigged it for her to win so blatantly with that extra trip to Mood. I HATED that they took us, the audience, for rubes who wouldn’t notice.

        • Okay… and?

          Trust us: she was and is the most hated winner.

          • CarolinLA

            I disagree. I think that title belongs to Gretchen.

          • Not even close. The outcry over Anya made the outcry over Gretchen look like a minor tiff. The outcry over Anya was so great that even the press noticed and wrote about it.

    • CarolinLA

      And Patricia actually had some with sleeves.

  • guest2visits

    I was still really hoping Stanley would create some *wow* pieces; but finally I was just as shaken as he was, and only hoped
    he would send his models down the RW without anything falling apart.
    He had some pretty designs and nice fabrics. The 2-piece grey w/embellishments and the white shift with gold branches were
    standouts. I felt how frayed he was but it was not especially cool to blame the many people who helped him sew his collection
    together for any flaws in the finished product.
    I still think there were a few pieces that I liked in Patricia’s – the painted feathers, the prints. But a lot of the designs seemed
    neglected, too. The crafts aren’t bad, but there needed to be more clothes, and less art shop.
    And one thing is certain; the public is always hungry for native american art – in all it’s forms. And I’m on board with that.

  • TheAmericaness

    I think Stanley probably suffered from analysis paralysis. Too much time and too much money and can’t make a decision. It’s why I don’t go with my husband to the computer store after payday. I might as well bring along “War and Peace” and hope there is a playground nearby.

  • HA! My mom was going on about how much she liked Patricia’s collection and I finally just had to say “because it looks like the Chico’s catalog!”
    She begrudgingly agreed with me.

  • tallgirl1204

    Patricia’s collection caught me by surprise; that is, it made me cry. I live in a reservation “border town,” and work and share a neighborhood with Native Americans from a number of different tribes. The references in this show to ceremonial pieces (the roaches in particular) as well as her use of natural materials and dyed pieces, and especially her distressing of the leather pants to “make it work,” call out the practice of making beauty out of natural and found objects in what was to me a very fresh way. It was more than the remade Hudson bay blankets and hippie beads that pass for “southwest-inspired” in more insipid collections (witness Gretchen). There was so much PRIDE in her collection– it was way more than just “fry bread power”- it was the real deal: a truly talented artist working at a high level in the medium she has chosen. I hope that teenagers in the back roads of the Rez were watching and taking notes– not to become fashionistas, but to seize the remnants Of their culture and boldly represent. Like I said, tears.

    As for the monotone voice, that is a regional accent. the crazy eyes? To me, that is a woman who was raised not to stare at others, trying to get along in a belighana world by making ridiculously uncomfortable faces.

    All that said, I agree that Michelle was the clear winner given the parameters of the competition. But the world is going to beat a path to Patricia’s door.

    • Hear, hear! I really loved Tim’s home visit. It brought Patricia and her aesthetic into sharper focus.

    • I completely agree, Patricia is a designer much like Alabama Chanin, very much of a very specific place and culture that is deeply reflected in her work. When she greeted everyone in Navajo at Fashion Week I just loved it and it was the most natural thing in the world for her to do. And notice the fashion professionals doing hair and makeup, as well as the models, appreciated her unique view from episode 1 and they were *always* excited to style her designs. Granted she does need to develop more (can she even cut a sleeve? We really don’t know) but her work looks like no one else. And to label her as a mere a textile artist is like calling Ralph Rucci a designer who just does a lot of hand embellishment.

      • I’ve seen Ralph Rucci’s runway show and I saw Patricia’s. Any comparison is laughable. They’re not even on the same planet, design-wise or skill-wise.

        • Actually that’s not my point – rather it’s that she is more than a mere textile artist. I never compared her to Ralph Rucci in terms of design maturity. And I know something about Ralph Rucci as well because I’ve seen his garments up close, have sewn his patterns and have reproduced his techniques

          • SewingSiren

            Just to be clear they didn’t call her “just a ” or “a mere” textile designer. The term is not an insult. I myself do not see her as a textile designer as she does not usually create the textile, at least she didn’t on the show that would have been impossible.

    • guest2visits

      I’ve been looking for some examples of the roach style headdress Patricia created, but no luck.
      Any site that you could refer would be appreciated, if you have that kind of info.

    • OrigamiRose

      Nicely put. Thank you 🙂

  • Did no one else see Vintage Phyllis Diller in Patricia’s blue look? Joplin in the boho? Don’t get me wrong, love her next to Stanley but there was no cohesion to that collection. They got the winner right. The real question is were the final 3 the right final 3.

    • demidaemon

      I think I would have traded out Stanley for Samantha and Daniel for Joe. Otherwise, I was fine with the finalists. Still, someone like Stanley or Daniel always makes it to the end just because they don’t f*** up on construction or design. But their final show also reveals how riskless they are as well.

  • ccm800

    I totally disagree wit you guys on Patricia. Thank GOD someone was sending things down the runway that were not the same old jersey shifts with a half-assed detail and letting the patterns do all the work. I think some of her things would bode well with plus sizes and women who are over painted on bullshit. The right designer won, but I think she has merit as a designer. Hats off to Michelle for seeing in JOE what the judges failed to see and his work was integral to her win. I would have loved to see Patricia. Joe and Michelle in the finally. STANLEY has nothing to offer as a designer. there was nothing new. If you are just going to repeat the same old dull crap at least use an interesting print or something. 100 percent behind HEIDI on this one.

  • ixoki

    Just out of curiosity…did anyone think Heidi seemed beside herself while introducing the runway show? Usually she’d be really excited and talk at the top of her voice but she seemed really subdued. It was odd…

    • I noticed that too and wondered if it’s because of the near disaster happening backstage with Stanley

  • Patricia’s clothes would make great stagewear. She needs to find a singer to design for and dress.

    I can’t stand Michelle but she was the clear winner. There were a few pieces I stopped and really wanted to look at. Same with Patricia, but Michelle’s whole line was better sewn and felt compete. Mostly, I love that coat with the bags.

  • l_c_ann

    Blogging Project Runway has an excellent interview with Stanley that may explain a lot about him and his relationship with other contestants, especially with Michelle. It sounds as if this was good for him and his long term development.

  • Stanley is, a chracteristic Nina so routinely prioritizes in critique, all ‘taste level’. No risk. No effort. Safety. In fact when I think of it he is a game planner who thought he could sail through and win the top prize on not offending anyone.

  • sado

    Stanely what a huge huge disappointment he turned out to be…This was a great wake up call for him

  • sado

    love patricia and her humanity and integrity ……..Michele and her third rate valley girl act via the cliche that is portland and her victimhood is so hilarious… its a whole PORTLANDIA episode

    • Logo Girl

      I’m not quite so sour on Michele, but I did find her to be a bit like a Carrie Brownstein character.

  • Slowfish57

    Message to Stanley: my wardrobe of middlebrow separates is fine for my 55-year-old, working self. It is not fine for the Project Runway finals. And I LOVED the gold coat-dress back when I had it (in a different fabric) back in the 1980s. Stanley, that’s not a compliment.

  • Most of Patricia’s pieces, if hanging in a store, I’d walk by and not look at. Probably the aqua and silver dress would get noticed, but the other stuff?

    • DeTrop

      I’d bow before them.

  • davidjp2

    Tom commented earlier, designers were film in the studio, and “photoshop” in by computer. Were designer actually at fashion week location backstage during the show? Those backstage scenes really look odd to me, relatively closer shoot; there were not many people there when designers were in the shoot.

    • CarolinLA

      I think the backstage stuff was real because the designers were out of sight.

    • Yes, the designers were backstage (all of them from season 11).

  • Will TLo be ripping the decoy collections? I hope so.

  • Trisha26

    I loved Patricia’s dress with the black leather bodice & silvery/modern feather motif skirt. I don’t understand why that dress in particular was singled out as undesirable. It moved beautifully on the runway and wasn’t so literal. Really hope this exposure allows her to market her creativity!

    • Qitkat

      I agree, this seemed to be probably the most commercial of any of her looks (and I mean that in a good way). It was a favorite of mine too.

    • CarolinLA

      Oh my God, I was just about to post that I didn’t understand why the bodice was maligned. I loved that look and I don’t normally care for baby doll silhouettes.

  • Jon

    Stanley’s final dress is a knock-off of Halle Berry’s Oscar dress…from ten years ago.

  • Renaissance_Man_ATL

    I think, conceptually, Patricia had a great collection. I agree she needs help with converting her concept into lovely, wearable clothes. I sort of feel the same about Stanley, yet his work looked like a 1st year design student watched You Tube vids of Oscar de la Renta and Michael Kors and ran up what he saw for his gran. A pity really.

    I wish PR could find some really talented designers and, for a change, give them the proper time and budget to come up with something fun, entertaining, and interesting for EACH challenge! After so many seasons it’s time to mix it up!!!

  • DCSheehan

    I would love to see Patricia play to her strengths. I could see her with a range of scarves and neckties featuring her patterns. I’d buy the hell out of those.

    Also, how adorable was she with her kids. All in all there was some interesting stuff there. If she could focus and refine she could widen beyond a niche.

  • l_c_ann

    The Blogging Project Runway interview with Patricia Michaels is now up. (You will NOT be able to guess her son’s given name.) Also it has the name of the gallery in Santa Fe that has her creations.

  • Jitka Pavlíková

    I guess I’m gonna be the only one to say this, but I really hate Patricia’s prints and hand made designs. To me, they still look like something a 5th grader would do and I was generally surprised by the applause she got from the Internet people.

  • FloridaLlamaLover

    OMG. I can actually sign in to Disqus today! Have been locked out for about a month. Oh, and the clothes were ugly.

  • Random thing that bothered me during the judging – one of the judges, I think it was Zac Posen, but it might have been Kors, talked about how much he loved the “suede chambray” shirt, and all I could think was “SUEDE CHAMBRAY IS NOT A POSSIBLE THING.” I suppose it was a fine descriptor since I knew what he was talking about, but a woven and a skin aren’t really possible simultaneously. /endgrump

  • I’m over 50 and wouldn’t wear any of Stanley’s designs. Awful. Just awful. That first one is BARELY passable – and only because it’s all black and would be acceptable to a conservative function. Maybe with a bold statement necklace to pull focus. Hardly a ringing endorsement. Stanley’s were dowdy, dated and as stiff and uninteresting as his personality. And speaking of shape issues, I found Stanley’s stiff, one dimensional offerings to be very unflattering. As pointed out the tent dress would only look good on a tall rail thin woman, on anyone else it would look like… a tent. Most of the others made the models look like paper doll cut outs from 1962.

    Disagree on TLO’s take on Patricia – I think her big error was a lack of thematic cohesion – each piece was uniquely its own and, with only a few exceptions, disconnected from each other. “Trees”? Nope – clearly not her inspiration. That being said I covet the horsehair skirt and black top, the blue dress, the black leather pants and yellow print top (and by the way – talk about making it work – what a brilliant way to deal with finding your leather had a few tiny holes in it.) Also like the horsehair poncho. The only ones with shape issues were the two outfits with shorts. Also didn’t love that red top with the draped dress over it. Odd color combo.

    I am most assuredly not the hippy patchouli scented type. Nor do I shop at Chico’s. Yet I liked most of Patricia’s collection and find them beautiful and unique.

  • calbear97

    Glad Michelle won, I thought she was a good combination of interesting, good planning, and good execution. Plus I could see being friends with her.

    Patricia irritated me at first but grew on me. I don’t know that I ever totally understood her, but I grew able to appreciate her talents and artistry.

    Stanley made nice enough clothes but seemed so cold. He said “Just hold it up and it will be fine” to the model in the strapless bubble dress, and wanted to put his own mother to work when she visited the workroom (“I wish she could stay and sew”). Also the blaming of the model’s body for the way his dress looked, and the shoddy way he treated Tu. He was hard to root for.

  • Patricia is fine according to her latest interview in the Taos News.

  • Leev Design

    Guys help me out here. In this season I have heard a lot of comments like this is not that bad but its old. its not hip and cool. alright i get it , I’m a young girl and i want to be hip and edgy and cool but what about a 50 year old woman. Does she want to be cool and hip ? or she just want to be stylish and chic?
    When I hear Nina and Heidi always complain about this issue, I wonder so every designer should do something hip ? I mean I watch some beautiful Dolce & Gabbana runways and nothing is hip or edgy ! the dresses are not young the makeup and hair are not young the shoes and accessories are not young… so what?
    many major designers work on vintage styles more than cool ones. so why they always insist on being cool and hip . I really wonder

  • TLo: YES yes,yes, yes. To everything you said about Patricia. I kept yelling at the TV “it even makes that model look fat!” And its because of the *lack of* shape issue.
    Yes on your Stanley analysis, too. But he did show signs of brilliance earlier in the season. Maybe he got a bit depressed or had overwhelming life events, etc., during his 5 months when he was supposed to be designing his final runway look? OR, maybe he harassed and micromanaged the “Russian ladies he paid to embroider for him” as he once did with Tu.